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Lost Ring, Found in Back Yard and Returned – Rochester, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 20, 2023: While I was out doing yard work Leighton called with information on a ring search he was not able to help with. My wife was on her way to a luncheon, but took time to stop bye and tell me of the call. I finished up what I was doing, went home, and called Leighton. Information in hand I returned Mary’s call to get the specific information on the ring’s loss. It was the previous day that Reed’s wedding band was lost while playing football with his sons. I took down the pertinent information and I was on my way.

Reed had purchased a detector to search for the ring. His son had set up a well laid out grid over the possible area the ring had been lost in. But they were unsuccessful in locating the ring because of lack of familiarity with the detector and amount of non-precious metal in the yard. I was impressed when I saw what they had done, very professional. A point of last known and first realizing the loss were marked. Making my task of keeping a well defined grid search very easy.

Within several minutes I had verified several target signals as invalid. I made a few adjustments to my detector’s setting and bingo…a perfect signal. It was hard to see the ring as it had been stepped upon which embedded it into the soft soil. All that could be seen was one side of the ring.

I gave the ring to Mary and I listened to the problems encountered with the new metal detector while hunting for the ring. Well, I gave a few minutes of instructions on the detector’s use and I am sure there is a new young detectorist in the family. I could not have wished for a better hobby to pursue. I have met so many wonderful people and been there when they have needed a bit of help.

As this return was preceded with two members passing along information I just wanted to add my Thank You to both Leighton Harrington for passing the info to me and to Brian Rudolph in Maryland for helping Mary find the right “RingFinder” closer to her home and who would help her and her husband in the search for a lost Tantalum wedding band. This was my first Tantalum ring that I have found in my 41 years of detecting. Thanks to all, it has been my pleasure.





Accidental Ring Recovery

Class ring recovery

Ring lost in 2007 recovered

An Unfortunate failed recovery turns into a successful unexpected reunion! After spending about 6 hours looking for a pair of lost earrings for a Student at K-State, I found this class ring buried about 2 inches below the surface. The ring just so happened to have the owners name nicely engraved on the inside and was able to track her down. Even though I didn’t find the earrings, I was able to return a ring that had been lost in 2007 when the owner was still a Kstate student playing sports in a field. She was very grateful for the return!!

The Road to Tungsten Was Paved With Ankle Deep Muck and Chest High Weeds

  • from Mishawaka (Indiana, United States)

On August 21st of 2023, I had a call from a gentleman named Chad. Chas had lost his Tungsten wedding band while playing some water football, in a lake. To make matters worse, he hadn’t realized it until later, so this meant a fairly large search area, where it may have slipped off during a throw, and went in an odd direction. He agreed to my call-out fee and arrangements were made for me to come search on the 24th.

Prior to the trip, I did a bit of research on Tungsten in combination with my CTX 3030 Minelab detector, to see what kind of signals I would be looking for. Armed with that knowledge, I headed to the search site where my skill checks would begin.

The lake itself had some weed-free, sandy areas, but other areas were chest-high and with muck that was easily ankle-deep. Having an Xtreeme sand scoop for this particular job, was a huge benefit, as when I had a signal that I needed to retrieve, that ability for it to sharply cut through weeds was a huge boon. To be honest, I felt like this was a near-impossible find, except that each time I went to retrieve a target, I actually managed to do so on the first or second scoop!

Still though in the back of my mind, was the possibility, that this was a job that was going to beat me, and I would have to report I wasn’t able to find the ring. Not something I wanted to happen, so I was definitely determined. I had planned on spending 6-8 hours grid searching and just sticking with it, but to what always seems like part disbelief, I pulled the ring out of my scoop after only 2 hours.

Chad had gone to work, so I asked his brother-in-law if he was okay with giving me permission to use his photo as a stand-in, which he did, and I am happy to share it. Both gentlemen treated me with nothing but respect, and trust, so I was able to work without someone hovering over my shoulder, which was appreciated.

Truly a ring-finding job that I will be able to brag about for a long time! Hopefully, the next call won’t be far in the future.

Lost Ring found in Creek on 7/14/2023

  • from Mishawaka (Indiana, United States)

Ring found 3 inches deep in creek rocks.

The phone rang today (07/14/2023) as I was getting the dogs back in the house for a walk, at a time when I, of course, was unable to answer it. Thankfully Joe left a voicemail and I was able to call him back a few minutes later.

A few hours later found myself in a creek to an area we had kayaked, and with my CTX 3030 pulling a dazzling ring out of a pile of glistening wet rocks from my Xtreme scoop, asking one of the best questions in the world, “Is this it?”, only to see that smile that was all the answer I needed.

Happy to have found this ring for Joe and his significant other and hope to help many more people in the future!

Happy Ring Findee!

Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Toleen lost her wedding set in Ocean City, NJ yesterday while spending the day with her family on the beach.  The rings were placed in the pocket of the beach chair and fell in the sand when she folded it up. Her daughter, Alexa, searched and found my Ring Finders South Jersey page when the family realized the rings were lost. While getting some preliminary information before searching, I asked if anyone took any pictures when they sitting on the beach. Her daughter, Liana, had a TikTok video with houses in the background that helped give an approximate location. After roughly 35 minutes of gridding the area, the rings were found! Now Toleen and her family can enjoy the rest of their vacation in Ocean City, NJ.

A lost ring in the sand can be found with a  metal detector! Call Ocean City NJ Ring Finders, a professional now.

How to find a lost ring.

Lost Ring – Found in Marathon Park

  • from Marathon (New York, United States)

Just got back in from a cold and frozen day but was called out to help with a neighbor that lost their ring two years ago. While she had considered it lost she decided it couldn’t hurt to look. Happy to say that it only took about an hour to recover and I hope to post pictures soon!

Lost a Ring on the beach in North Wildwood NJ? I can find it!!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Everyone’s jewelry has a story attached to it and that story ends when its lost in the sand or ocean… The Ring Finders service will help bring their story to life again and continue that story by finding what people thought was lost forever. Rings, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, watches, gold pendants… People who have given up the search now have a second chance!

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iPhone lost in the sand at Barefoot Country Music Fest Wildwood NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Amanda dropped her iPhone in the sand while at the Barefoot Country Music Fest this past weekend in Wildwood, New Jersey. I met Amanda on the beach today to look for her phone that also has a card holder attached to the back with her ID and credit card inside. After approximately 30 minutes of searching, the phone and cards were found! Even though the phone was damaged, the SIM card and other cards are intact and safely back in her possession.

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Lost your ring? I can find your ring! Metal Detector Ocean City NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Everyone’s jewelry has a story attached to it and that story ends when its lost in the sand or ocean… The Ring Finders service will help bring their story to life again and continue that story by finding what people thought was lost forever. Rings, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, watches, gold pendants… People who have given up the search now have a second chance!

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Lost Gold Engagement Ring Recovered In Gambrills Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

I was initially contacted by Shenna well over a month ago. She left me a voicemail stating that she was certain she lost her ring in her back yard a few weeks prior and after visually searching for it several times, she was unable to locate it.  Unfortunately, I was in the hospital at the time recovering from an appendectomy with some complications. I replied to Shenna and informed her of my situation and long story short, she was willing to wait until I was fully recovered to make arrangements to locate her ring.

I’m happy to inform you that today was the day that we agreed upon for me to come out and attempt to locate her lost ring. Shenna showed me where she thought she might have lost it while working in her beautiful garden. Once our conversation was over, I quickly got to work and within less than 5 minutes! Can you see it there hiding in the grass/straw???

Needless to say, Shenna was both amazed and grateful that her engagement was finally back where it belongs! Look at that great smile! A perfect ending to the weekend before Thanksgiving.