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iPhone lost in the sand at Barefoot Country Music Fest Wildwood NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Amanda dropped her iPhone in the sand while at the Barefoot Country Music Fest this past weekend in Wildwood, New Jersey. She reached out to fellow-ringfinder Dave Milsted who referred her to me because he wasn’t available at the time. I met Amanda on the beach today to look for her phone that also has a card holder attached to the back with her ID and credit card inside. After approximately 30 minutes of searching, the phone and cards were found! Even though the phone was damaged, the SIM card and other cards are intact and safely back in her possession.

Lost Diamond Setting

  • from Melbourne Beach (Florida, United States)
  • Received a message about a recovery at the local dog park. It turned out that the setting (Rose gold flower and Diamond) was lost at the dog park. She reached into her back pocket and felt a snag so she looked at her ring and noticed it was missing.  After searching the known areas of the park, sidewalk, parking lot, we never recovered it. I asked her to follow her steps from when she knew that it was visible on her ring. I told her that she shouldn’t lose hope and if it’s in the park, I will find it. I asked her to go back trace her steps and look around the car, where she parks, etc. Her dog was large and the leash could have easily snagged the setting as she was entering her car.  She searched her car thoroughly. Her son was playing in the driveway the following day and noticed it on the driveway. Although I didn’t recover it, just wanted to share that although sometimes it feels hopeless, never give up. When we are helping others find their lost items, we are the detectives and we ask a lot of questions to save us time from searching areas that are not necessary. For example, if it’s a recent loss, I’m not digging up targets. I’m sweeping, looking, pinpointing in the grass and loose sand. Our job is about the recovery and to tell the story! Keep Hunting, never lose hope, but know when to determine that you know it’s not there. Stay safe everyone!!

Ring lost while sledding down hill Ithaca NY- FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Kate called me on Saturday, Feb 5th and stated the she had lost her ring while sledding down a hill on the Ithaca College Campus.  I had just returned for a search that I was not successful because all the snowfalls that we have had this year there was lot’s of layers of snow, ice, slush, back to snow and ice again, and that builds up many layers that the metal detectors can not shot through very well.  I was putting off the search for the first ring until the snow melted down and I told Kate that I would also put of her search until then also, but that I would keep in contact with her at least once every week. Finally on February 22th the weather was right for a successful search so I set up a met for Thursday Feb 23th.  This is a video of that search

Ring & Jewelry Recovery

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you lost something valuable and you think you can find it with a metal detector, give me a call or text at 305-608-1870 (Louis).  I can come out with my metal detector and find your lost item in the SAND, WATER or GRASS.  Below are a few of my latest receives and happy clients.  Don’t wait, call me now.

Lost wedding ring in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found and Returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a call from Scott asking if I could help find his lost wedding ring in his front yard! I asked him the usual questions like…When did he lose it? How did it happen? and Did he have a good idea of the exact area where he lost it? And all of the answers that Scott gave me indicated that his lost wedding ring should not be very difficult to find.

Armed with that information and my trusty Garrett, ATMax metal detector I headed for Orlando with high hopes. Made me think of how many people have lost rings, earrings and necklaces while playing with their favorite pet! Sometimes they are able to find their lost item and at other times the grass or sand swallows their personal treasure, never to be seen again.

Scott on the other hand was very sure of the exact spot where he was when he felt his ring come off. So I began my grid search just wide of the area he indicated and it took only 5 minutes to get the solid, shallow signal I was looking for. And Scott was thrilled to get his lost wedding ring back and I was honored and thankful to have been given the opportunity to help him!

Lost something recently or years ago…maybe I can help. Call, leave a message or text me ASAP! I would be honored to help you.

Mike McInroe…glad to be a part of theringfinders.com

Puzzle Ring Returned Mass

Today I was called to my home town to help relocate a lost ring, it had been on Mikes finger since 1971. He purchased the ring while in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  It was a beautiful 6 band 18 k Yellow Gold Puzzle Ring.  He was working in the yard, doing his annual Fall raking, when at the end of the day, he noticed it was missing.  Desperate to get it back, He googled Lost Ring and my name showed up, he gave me a call in hopes that I could somehow help find it in amongst multiple bags of leaves. I got his info and left immediately,  When I arrived at Mikes place, I had him dump each bag on top of the tarp one at a time.  Still no luck, moving into the yard I gridded the yard slowly, and again no luck.  Almost ready to call it a day, I asked one last question about the trash can and did he use it. Yes he replied, that he had removed his gloves and put them on top of it.  I walked over and swung once,  and that familiar low tone rang louder than ever, there it was staring up at me.  I had Mike come look at it, and he ran and tripped up the stairs yelling for his wife to come out and have a look.  She said I had that look on my face like I found it.  Lol.   I said yes I did.  After a few pictures and lots great stories, I was invited to take a ride in his private plane, and you bet I will take him up on it.  Congratulations Mike, on that special ring.

18 K Puzzle Ring

Mike (Pilot) sporting his puzzle ring

Ring lost at Colgate University, Hamilton NY, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

It’s mid October and my phone rings. On the other end is Sylvia, It seem as her daughter has lost her high school class ring at Colgate University in Hamilton NY. After some discussion we decide to have her daughter (Kate) call me to set up a date when I could search for her ring. Kate was quite busy as it’s mid term and there is lots going on, but we finally agree that Friday Oct 22 would be the best time to meet. Beside Kate’s mother and father would be there as it was “parents week end”. In the mean time Kate and myself communicate and I find out that Kate lost the ring at night as she and a few other classmates were running around the Rugby Field at Colgate. Kate send me a “screen shot” of the field A rugby field is quite large but Kate was sure that she on what side of the field she was when she lost her ring but she was not quite sure it was lost on the field or along side of the field. It could have been a very large search area, so I requested that Penny Shutts, another member of “The Ring Finders” to accompany me. Kate could not meet us until 4 pm but we met with Kate’s parents @ 3:30, set up our equipment and started searching some of the area just off the field. When Kate arrived I questioned her some more and got a better idea of the area. Kate’s parents had brought along with them some of Kate’s belonging and they asked me how long I would search for Kate’s ring and I stated until we find it. They and Kate hung around for a while and shortly decided to go back to Kate’s room and deliver the belongings and then return. The “ring gods” must have been watching as before they could get off the field I got the lovely lower tone of a ring, I bent over with me “pin pointer” and sure enogh there burred in the grass was Kate’s ring. I left the ring buried, called Kate and her parents over, and had them actually “recover” the ring. The video shows the wonderful smile of Kate and her parents

Found, wedding ring lost in Oneida Lake. New York State

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Greg lost his ring in Oneida Lake just north of Syracuse in New York State.  After trying to find his ring himself his wife called me and we set up a meeting to search for his ring.  This was a real “team effort” Greg had taken the time to triangulate exactly where he lost his ring so the search area was quite small.  The area was right on the edge of a large rocky area just of Phillips Point.  The rocks in this area are VERY large, none small enough to fit into a scoop and most weigh-in at well over 100#. Greg was also very involved in the search for his ring.  Although I located the ring in the rocks, Greg (being much younger) wanted to bend down and search for the ring with my “pin pointer”.  The pin pointer would vibrate and pin point within 1 inch of the ring, but Greg would have to “feel” the ring with his hand.  Here is the video of the recovery of his ring.

Rose Gold 14k Gold Band lost & Found in Eastham mass

Rick, Jim, & Myself we’re out searching for recent drops today in our local ponds. Rick’s wife Jayne called my phone and left an Urgent message for us to return a call that she had just received, saying that we were recommended, by a local Metal-Detecting shop on Cape Cod, to help find a Wedding Band that was lost about an hour earlier on a beach. I called back immediately and Jessica picked up the phone, she proceeded saying that they were all down on the beach earlier, and that a friend of hers named Louis, had dropped his wedding band in the dry sand, they were wondering if we could help find it. I said yes but no guarantees. They were not to familiar with the area, and wasn’t sure what parking lot they were in.  I told them to meet us there in an hour.  We all jumped in the truck and headed down 25 miles away an got there earlier than expected, we met Lewis and Anton after about a 15 wait. Glad we waited for them to show up, as we were walking down the path and got onto the beach, Louis had mentioned that he put a stick down into the sand, where he thought he had dropped it. I asked him to please stand exactly where he thought it fell and not to move, I then proceeded to turn on my machine and took less than five seconds to receive my first signal, that just happened to be his beautiful 14 karat Rose Gold Wedding Band.  We were all very happy to see it back on his finger that quickly.  That’s where it belongs. Louis actually said incredible, just incredible we were all looking for over an hour on our hands snd knees to no avail.   We were glad that Jessica called the Ring Finders.

14k Rose Gold Band

Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Toleen lost her wedding set in Ocean City, NJ yesterday while spending the day with her family on the beach.  The rings were placed in the pocket of the beach chair and fell in the sand when she folded it up. Her daughter, Alexa, searched and found my Ring Finders South Jersey page when the family realized the rings were lost. While getting some preliminary information before searching, I asked if anyone took any pictures when they sitting on the beach. Her daughter, Liana, had a TikTok video with houses in the background that helped give an approximate location. After roughly 35 minutes of gridding the area, the rings were found! Now Toleen and her family can enjoy the rest of their vacation in Ocean City, NJ.