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“He was a calming presence in my time of total despair”

  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I am writing to express my Gratitude to Lou Sarkas, a member of the local ring finders from Yarmouth, Ma. On Thursday 7/7/2022, While swimming at the local beach, I lost a treasured engagement ring that had once belonged to my beloved great aunt.  Needless to say, I was totally devastated.  My daughter who was with me at that time, encouraged me to reach out to the local community website, in hopes that someone possibly might have found it.  Lou Sarkas messaged me and offered his help.  I cannot say enough nice things about Lou.  He was a calming presence in my time of total despair over losing the ring. Lou generously gave of his time and offered to help locate my ring.  Lou Came to the beach where the ring was lost on 2 separate occasions. He worked tirelessly and very thoroughly on both combining the shoreline, as well as in the water.  Lou was able to find my ring on the second day he looked!  Words can not express how grateful I am to Lou for all that he did!  ~ Colleen M. Chartier


  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

As I walking outside of my house, My wife had yelled over to me that someone had made a post on a local website that she had lost a family heirloom ring on a beach in our town, she thought it was a long shot, but figured she would post the comment just incase anyone found the ring.  I contacted the woman through the apps messaging services and told her I would be able to meet her at the beach at low tide which was in a few hours. I arrived at the beach  here in Yarmouth and Colleen and her husband were sitting on beach chairs, they have been tirelessly searching the water for the 1899 14Kt gold diamond ring that was a family heirloom. Colleen explained she was on a raft,It was high tide and the water was very turbulent due to the wind. being on the raft a wave made her fall off the raft and the ring slipped off her finger into the ocean. she searched and searched but had no success in recovering it. We discussed the location where it was lost and all the details of how I would proceed.  The water was rough but it was low tide and I proceeded to search the water as well as the beach with no success. Due to the amount of time I spent in the rough water (2 hours) we decided I would return again and continue the search. Fast forward to the next day. (The beauty of the ring finders is that we can connect with other ring finders within the network, and here on cape cod there are several ring finders, two of which I highly respect Richard Brown & Leighton Harrington, I had called Richard to bounce a few ideas off of him and ask if I did not have success. on that second search if they would be willing to drive up and help out. without hesitation they decided it was Saturday and they would come up and participate). I returned to the beach, we determined the location was a little bit off, and I started my search. I started at the high tide mark and after a few targets were pulled out of the ground that were giving a signal like the ring, Success! down 1 1/2 inches in the sand was a beautiful diamond staring back at me, Almost exactly where we determined she fell off the raft in the waves. I recovered the ring and walked right over to where colleen and her husband were sitting and received a very emotional response as she was in disbelief that her ring was actually recovered. Just as I presented her ring to her the two other Ringfinders, Richard and Leighton, walked up and told me they saw me recover the ring. The three of us were very happy for colleen. Richard and Leighton did not waste an opportunity and headed into the water to Detect, why not it is what we do, and I celebrated with Colleen and her husband. The most rewarding part of being a ring finder is the moment a lost item is presented to whomever lost the item. Experiencing that will never get old in my book. (Tip for the beach for everyone – Secure your jewelry at home or in a vehicle, this way you will never have to experience what Colleen did but,  if you must wear them always remember there is a ring finder near you that is willing to assist you in recovering your lost items)

Fingers CROSS-ED Lost Cross,14K,Gold,Cape Cod,Mass Saltwater Beaches

Fingers CROSS-ED

On June 27th Rick Browne from the Ring Finders called and invited me to search for a silver cross that was lost the day before. I declined because of the high winds, rain, and BIG surf, and lots of heavy seaweed moved into the search area. Rick said he was going anyway to give it a quick scan. He called me later on that evening and said I made the correct decision that it was useless, he could just about move the detector because of waves and thick seaweed.
We touched base on the next morning and again he asked if I wanted to give it another try. I said I’m in. We met up, and went to the general area he was told it was possibly lost. Still lots of seaweed but less waves. We made our way out into water, Rick went his way, and I in the opposite direction. After about 45 minutes we both shrugged our shoulders, we still had no signals.  I made my way over to the outside of the grid area, and finally i got a lonely signal, but it was low, not high like silver, hmm? Low tone usually means Gold. As I dug it, Rick kept heading out into deeper water. As I looked deep into my scoop, sure enough it was the Silver CROSS that we were searching for. Puzzled a bit, when I motioned to Rick he looked surprised. He made his way over to see what I had found. He said “That’s It”  I flipped it over and it said 14K.  Makes sense it was White Gold. (Silver Color)
Rick & I went up to car and took a few pictures, then called Mary and Dave her husband… They couldn’t  believe we had found it. They took no time to get to us. Jennifer and Keith her husband bought the Cross for their son Colin. It was for his Confirmation in Jan of 2019. It has a very special meaning. Colin was devastated when he lost it. Rick and I are so glad that its back where it belongs. God Bless him and his family for believing in us. We never give up.
Sincerely Leighton
Leighton,Mary,& Rick


Dave & Mary with Cross recovered

14K White Gold Cross

14K Gold Confirmation Cross

Caledon, Ontario~Lost wedding band at a private retreat~still awaiting it’s owner to pick up

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

2017-09-04 Caledon, Ontario

I local girlfriend Sarah had read some of my ring recoveries & returns posted on my Facebook page from The Ring Finders clients.

She asked to see if I could find rings underwater and I advised that I am scuba certified (open water) and have all the gear.

Sarah discussed that a patron of the Private retreat location had lost his wedding band about 4 years ago. She advise that the water is a very cold because it was a spring fed pond.

I gathered up all my gear and scuba tanks. I really love my Minelab Excallibur2 water detector but also brought along a new piece of equipment called the “Scuba Tector”. It’s a small hand held unit for tight locations or rocky/hard to get to spots.

I started at the location of the lost ring and boy was Sarah right….water was freezing the deeper I got. With-in 15 minutes I had a great tone with the Excal2 but due to the low visibility with the sediment I couldn’t locate it. I turned on the Scuba Tector and pulled out the 14k white gold wedding band!! Sarah also mentioned missing Ray Ban sunglasses further over!! I tried for another hour but no luck.

They called the gentleman whom had left his phone # and left a message. The gentleman was now working in Hawaii but was coming back for Canadian Thanksgiving. Unfortunately no update if he’s picked up his ring!!

  Alison’s scuba water detecting

Sarah at the private pond

Lost/Recovered 14kt Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Delaware Seashore State Park Bethany Beach, Del.

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 07/31/11 @ 10:19 am, I received a phone call from a young lady who had lost her 14kt Gold Diamond Engagement Ring on the Beach at the Delaware Seashore State Park Bethany Beach, Delaware. The ring slipped off of her finger and fell into the dry sand while she was applying suntan oil. The sand had been searched for about one hour without any luck before I received the phone call. I arrived at the beach and found that the area of the lost ring had been marked with beach towels. I began my search and with three swings of the detector I received a familiar gold tone. I used my sand scoop to carefully recover the ring and as the sand filtered through my scoop the ring appeared. The young lady gave a cheerful yell as she said “He’s got it, I see it!”.  Another great recovery!