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Young man loses sentimental 10k gold medallion on a local football field!

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I saw a post A Facebook post on my local area that a  Mothers teenage son lost a very sentimental gold scorpion medallion and was offering a reward for its return!

I sent Laura a private message to offer my assistance voluntarily and met up with her and her Son at 11:35PM that night!

Her son Daniel explained that he was playing football with his friends and soon after realizing that his gold chain around his neck was broken the gold medallion had fallen off! He panicked because the medallion had belonged to his late Grandfather Bill which was given to him last year by his grandmother.

It was an amazing warm night under a clear sky with an almost full moon on the 1st search night/morning. I decided to tackle the area (pun intended) where the kids first had their bikes set on the football field and then after a little while decided to go where the main area of football tackling took place.

Time was getting on and it was 2:40 AM in which I thought it was 1:40 AM. We decided to pack it in and that I would come back the following evening after work To continue grid searching!

In the meantime Daniel took a snapshot from Google Earth and highlighted the areas in red where he thought he was with his friends! I always try and get the clients to do that so I can complete a thorough grid search (expanding out by at least 10’) and sometimes a cross grid search!

The second day I continued gridding through on and off rain as well I went to 1245AM. The third day Friday after work I started back and went until 11:30 PM continuing the grid of the football field areas identified! The fourth day I finished off another section and decided to go back to the main area of tackling. I cross gridding in a different direction and on my third pass 4’ outside of Daniels highlighted (Cone placed) area I uncovered the precious heirloom gold pendant on the soil under a tuft of grass!!

When I arrive home I called Laura and proceeded with the surprise that I had recovered the medallion!! I dropped the medallion off after dinner!

Check out the video surprise!

I also advised Laura and Daniel that during the 2nd & 4th day searching… I uncovered three gold rings in the process!! I had already contacted one of the local teachers Mrs Reilly to see if somehow there were records at the school to assist in returning these rings to the rightful owners! Fingers are crossed!

The Family is so happy to have this precious heirloom gold medallion back and will be making a donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation In which they will receive a tax receipt!!



Beausoleil Island, Port Severn, Ontario~Lost late Grandmother’s 18k white gold engagement ring in waters of Georgian Bay

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

2017-09-04 Beausoleil Island, Honey Harbour, Port Severn, Ontario

Received a phone call from Zac that his girlfriend Lauren was washing her hair in the water when her dog jumped in and her late Grandmother’s recently gifted to her went flying off her finger. Lauren was devastated!!!

So I made arrangement to come flying up Hwy 400 that day and meet Zac at the boat launch as we were headed to an Island cottage.

Lauren explained the area and I was limited to half of a scuba tank. I started grinding and pulled up some crazy items….large nails, old brass table light switch, some coins and lots of metal. Zac had said to try further over. After an hour he jumped it and used the small Scuba Tector I had brought along while I continued with the Minelab Excallibur 2. I went back to the original location and within 20 minute….B-O-O-M….FOUND Lauren’s late Grand Mother’s engagement ring. WHAT A BEAUTY. 18k WHITE GOLD ….. PRICELESS XO

I secretly hinted to my Daughter to start filming….and then SURPRISED THEM. Lauren shrieked in sheer relief. She was very grateful.


One relieved client

Lauren’s Heirloom

“Hey, is that a metal detector? Cool!”

  • from Charleston (South Carolina, United States)

Hi everybody!

I get asked a lot of questions about metal detecting and how it came to be such a great part of my life ( next to my wife and family of course !) So, I thought I’d answer a few of those questions today. Here goes!

So what do you do? Well, I enjoy meeting people and helping people. People often lose jewelry or other sentimental items at various places such as the beach, a lake, a park, or even the backyard. Depending on the circumstances, it can difficult to locate that lost item. I help people find those personal treasures with a metal detector.

Do you just look for other peoples lost stuff? Gosh no! I’m a treasure hunter at heart and its my greatest passion. I’ll take any free moment where I can get away to metal detect, doesn’t matter if its the beach, lake, river, park or yard, I’m there!

Do you ever find anything good? I always chuckle a bit when I get asked this, because to me being a successful metal detectorist is a numbers game combined with skill. You want it to pay, well you gotta play! It takes time to recover items of value. Sadly, there’s a lot of trash under our feet. For every ring that is found, there could have been 50 or more soda can tabs that came before it. Its a skill that’s learned not by reading a book ( they do help and there’s lots out there including you tube videos, blogs and forums ) but instead by spending time using your machine and getting to know its personality. Each machine kind of has its own little personality and tone. If you take the time to get to know it can tell you a lot. BUT…. yes. I have found some great stuff. Some of which was valuable (jewelry) and some weren’t as valuable in the monetary sense but still important from a historical perspective (relics).

What’s the coolest thing you’ve found? That’s a tough one, there’s too many to choose from. Silver or Gold jewelry is always great, but there’ve been some pretty cool historical relics too. One of which, I’m not at liberty to disclose the details, but it was by far the most coolest thing I’ve ever found and I actually shared that find with my dad. Great memory! More recently, I found a 1910 UMC shotgun shell cap. It wasn’t worth too much dollar wise, but I recovered it underneath an old oak tree. So its pretty cool to imagine that 105 years ago someone was under that tree and dropped the casing there.

How did you get into metal detecting? My mom got me into it. When I was young , like 8 or 9, she ordered a Garrett GTA model and thought it would be fun to use for the family. I grew up on an old farm so there were plenty of places to start looking for buried treasure. When I got a bit older,  I remember her taking me a metal detector shop and we picked out a new to me but used machine. It was a Whites 5900 Di Pro. I still have it today. I don’t use it much, but it hangs on my wall and its the one machine I’m the most proud of and smile every time I look at it.

How many detectors do you own? Now, if you were to ask my wife that question, she’d said TOO MANY! I own several detectors, but they each have a specific purpose for specific conditions. Some for underwater and some for land.

Is this your fulltime job? No, not yet 😉 I would love for this to expand into a fulltime gig. But I’m thankful that I’m blessed with the opportunities that I have been given.

What’s the best thing you like about metal detecting? Hmmm, well that’s actually a two-parter for me. 1) I love the reactions and surprise when I find stuff that people had lost, that’s a pretty cool feeling. 2) I love putting on my headphones and just listening for the tones. When those headphones are on, I don’t think about anything else. Its a total break from everyday stresses. I could do this everyday, all day.

Is there any specific place you’d like to detect? YES everywhere!!! I would definitely love to travel to Europe and Japan to detect. Both of those area are so rich with history. It would be awesome to recover a roman coin or something similar.

That covers most of it. If you guys have other questions for me, just holler! Thanks for reading!





Calgary Ringfinder Kevin Niefer CTV News Lost Ring Stanley Park

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost Wedding Ring Stanley Park Calgary

CTV Calgary                                      Published Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 11:58AM MDT                            Last Updated Thursday, Oct. 11,  2012 7:37PM MDT

Losing a wedding ring is a sickening feeling for anyone that’s misplaced the  piece of sentimental jewelry.

A local metal detector specialist, known as ‘The Ringfinder’, is doing his  part to end the emotional pain.

Kevin Niefer has been metal detecting for the last 25 years.

In 2011, Niefer joined the Ring Finders Network, and is the group’s  representative here in Calgary.

Niefer says he’s been quite successful helping people find their lost  rings.

He’s currently helping Alicia Tropak locate her lost wedding ring.  She  misplaced her ring on September 23, 2012, somewhere near Stanley Park.

Tropak is expecting her first child at the end of the month, and says her  fingers swell sometimes.  She took her ring off, put it in her pocket, and  lost it somewhere along her walk.

Niefer is hopeful he can find the ring using his metal detector which has a  history of locating all kinds of hidden treasures.

“And that could be jewelry or old relics like pins or chauffeurs badges, or  coins,” says Niefer.  “You never know what you’re going to dig up, and when  you dig it up, it’s thrilling.”

“Or it might be a bottle cap.”

Niefer and Tropak were unable to find the ring on this day, but will return  to expand the search.

For more information about the Ring Finders, website


Read more: http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/reuniting-owners-with-their-keepsakes-1.991844/comments-7.333753#ixzz29I3rcpXf

Heirloom ring found in yard in Longmont, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Recently I was contacted by Sheila, who lives in Florida. In February, she came to Colorado to visit her friend Barri from Longmont. While Sheila was here in Colorado, we received several inches of new snow. Since she is from Florida and snow is a rarity, she went outside to play around in the snow, throwing some snow balls and such. Apparently while gathering snow the ring fell off her pinky finger (it is a small ring). When they noticed later that evening that her ring was missing they searched in earnest for it but without success. After that several other people had visually looked for the ring but they also ended their searches without success.

As background information, Sheila’s mother passed away in 1998 and her father then kept her ring for the next 10 years until he passed away in 2008. There was a small battle between the 10 children of the couple as to who would get their mother’s wedding band. Well, Sheila was the one who ended up with the cherished ring.

When I arrived at the house, Barri and I looked over pictures and watched a couple short videos that were taken the day the ring was lost. In one of the videos you can clearly see the ring on her figure. There was a short series of photos that were taken moments later and the ring was missing in the last photo.  Thus we knew exactly when the ring was lost.

I put my detector together and began my search. Within 10 minutes of starting I had found the ring. We called Sheila to tell her the good news. To say she was happy would be a HUGE understatement. She was crying, almost uncontrollably, for longer than it took to find the ring.

Sheila's ring

Lost Gold Pendent, Soccer Ball, Killarney High School, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Gold Saint Christopher

Today I had a search for a solid gold soccer ball pendent that a friend from work lost 5 years ago at a soccer field in South Vancouver.

The story was that it was given to him by his farther 30 years ago. Dean is a goal keeper and never takes his lucky pendent off. While training at Killarney High School 5 years ago, he was making a save and the chain broke and the pendent fell off into the grass but he felt the chain in his sweeter…

He was devastated! He searched for hours with a flash light as it was getting dark but couldn’t find his golden soccer ball. He gave up the search like most people do and tried to put it behind him.

It was Friday night and we were working on a film set and I saw his pendent and commented on the gold soccer ball. I used to play a bit back in the day, Dean told me the story about the one that he lost and how much it meant to him…

My first question was where did you lose it? He told me and I told him I’d take a look for it, today I spent 5 hours searching but couldn’t find it… However I found a Gold Saint Christopher pendent the size of a Canadian Quarter. Now I have to try and find the owner of that…

I believe that everyone’s jewellery has a story attached to it and what I do is try and find the owner and return it so that the story can continue…

I also met up with Dean at the end of the day and he showed me the area that he remembered losing the pendent. He drew me a map of the area at work, after 5 hours of searching I was in the wrong area! Oh well, I found the pendent and now I have a new search to see if I can find the owner. It was 4 inches deep in the ground so I believe this was there for many years.

I’ll be searching the new area for his golden soccer ball tomorrow. I hope I can find it so I can write a part 2!

I love my job!

If you have lost something and need it found please contact me!

Best in Treasure,

Chris Turner

Lost Gold Soccer Ball, Pendent, South Vancouver, killarney High School

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A friend of mine told me that he lost a gold soccer ball pendent that was given to him 30 years ago from his father…He lost it 5 years ago and just now told me the story…