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Looking to rent/hire a metal detector? Why not find a metal detecting specialist who can help you find what you thought was lost forever. By contacting one of the metal detecting specialists on The Ring Finders Directory, you will have a much greater chance of success in finding your lost item.

We specialize in finding lost rings, watches, pendants (all jewelry) also cell phone & keys. Lost at beaches, parks, lakes and yards. Check your town & city for a metal detecting specialist near you.

Your Ring has a story attached to it… that story ends when you lose it! You now have a chance to continue that story by hiring a metal detecting specialist to find your lost ring!

Please Note: Beaches and public area jobs are high priority…(time is critical) the sooner a metal detecting specialist can search for your lost item the better your chances of recovery.

Our goal here at The Ring Finders is to offer you a second chance to find what you thought was lost forever.

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  • You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners.
    testimonial for Chris Turner (2013)


    I believe in angels and one knocked on my door on Saturday, August 3, 2013. For the 5 previous days, my family and I had frantically searched inside my house and in the garden for my cherished engagement ring.

    I received this beautiful ring from my husband on December 23, 1967 and have worn it for 45 and a half years.My beloved husband passed away 13 months ago and my wedding rings and 25th anniversary band became an enormous comfort to me. I started wearing the rings 24/7 and even had the diamonds checked for loose stones.

    My worst fear was that I would lose the solitaire diamond from the engagement ring. Imagine my horror when on Sunday evening, July 28th 2013, I discovered the engagement ring missing from my finger after watering my front and back garden. After searching and searching for my ring to no avail, I found Chris Turner and TheRingFinders on my computer. He came to my rescue on Saturday August 3, 2013 and located my precious ring in my back yard in less than 5 minutes.

    I was completely astounded as my son-in-law and I had searched the area where Chris found it. Apparently, I had stepped on the ring and it was embedded in the dirt under the grass. I would never have found it on my own. I was overwhelmed by Chris' professionalism, experience, kindness and caring. To me that ring was irreplaceable.

    Thank you so much, Chris. You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners. I highly recommend Chris as I thought my beautiful ring was gone forever. It meant the world to me and am so thankful for Chris' help. I will never forget the sight of my ring in his hand as he presented it to me.

    With my grateful thanks and highest regards,

    Wendy Porter

  • If you lose your ring I would highly recommend you call Jeff Morgan...
    testimonial for Jeff Morgan (2021)


    If you lose your ring I would highly recommend you call Jeff Morgan with

    He rushed out to my house just hours before the big snow and found my ring that I thought was gone for good.

    He’s a super friendly funny guy and is really good at what he does.

    Dominic Legg - Woodinville, WA

  • We are so grateful and would definitely recommend his services to anyone.
    testimonial for Kevin Whitson (2021)

    Kevin Whitson is a lifesaver! I lost my engagement ring and heirloom wedding band out in the snow with my dog. My husband and I searched for an hour and knew we’d never be able to find it. Thankfully he found TheRingFinders website and texted Kevin. He came out the next day and was able to find both rings in less than 20 minutes! We are so grateful and would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

    -Amanda and Eric Harris

  • We are so so grateful for your expertise and kindness!
    testimonial for Woodrow Engle (2021)


    We appreciate you coming out to see if you could help find the ring. We connected and the next day you came out to search. We are so so grateful for your expertise and kindness! So thrilled to have my husbands wedding ring back in our hands. Thank you!

  • If you've lost something cherished, Keith is the guy to go to!
    testimonial for Keith Wille (2021)


    "Keith is responsive, super-nice, knowledgeable, and found my heirloom engagement ring I lost in the snow! If you're in for a bit of a story, please keep reading. Otherwise, all you need to know is that Keith is the real deal. My fiancé Greg and I were on our way to watch the Super Bowl when I took my engagement ring off to put some hand cream on. No big deal, right? Well, I never ended up putting the ring back on. With my hands full, I hopped out of his truck and onto the driveway of our friend's house. The ring was unknowingly flung off my lap and into the driveway. It wasn't until we had gotten settled down inside that I noticed the ring was gone. What could have been an easy and routine find became nearly impossible due to a fresh coat of snow on top of about a foot of snow from a recent storm. In addition to this, our friend shoveled the remaining snow from the driveway into his yard after we had arrived, which further complicated the finding of the ring. Our entire group of great friends sprang into action in the search for the ring. We even used a metal detector! Yet still no luck. I was absolutely devastated. Any engagement ring is sentimental, but this is also an heirloom ring, which added even more feelings of guilt and helplessness. Greg began googling "how to find a lost ring in the snow." Google knows everything! He came across a site called The Ring Finders, where he found Keith. He sent Keith an email, and within hours, Keith got in contact with us, and we arranged a search. Despite nearly a 2-hour drive (each way!) and even more inclement weather, Keith made the trip to help us that evening. He assured us that if the ring was, in fact, there, he would find it. He was right! After an hour and a half or so of continued shoveling, chiseling, and searching through the snow and ice, Keith located the ring! We couldn't believe it! We were SO ECSTATIC! It almost felt like we got engaged all over again! If you've lost something cherished, Keith is the guy to go to! Thank you, Keith!!!

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  • Engagement ring recovered in Kalamazoo, Michigan

    I was in Florida a week ago when I got a call from Isabella M. asking for help finding her ring. I was coming home the next day and told her I could come down to help her find her ring. After a few questions as to what happened, she said she shook her hands […]

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  • Henry’s wedding ring – Golden, BC

    Feb 26, 2021 – I received a call from Henry who lost his wedding ring as it had fallen thru a hole in his pant pocket.  Henry noticed his ring was missing after he had cleared a pathway to the chicken coop with his snow blower.  I detected the cleared pathways without success then moved […]

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  • Custom Gold and Jeweled Ring Lost in Yard…Found and Joyously Returned

    Steve’s Emergency Metal Detecting Service For You if you lost a ring or something precious to you. Please don’t wait until tomorrow, time will work against you, please CALL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 310-953-5268 I was contacted by Adam concerned about the loss of his father Jerry’s ring. This turned out to be a ring […]

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  • Heirloom Rose Gold Diamond Ring Lost in Snow 2021 Graham WA

       SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194 Watch this recovery video of Cassidy lost gold ring. Like, share and subscribe… Cassidy’s mother contacted me asking for help in searching for her daughter’s lost rings in the snow. Being that I was a bit delayed and that they already had rented […]

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  • Lost Key Found! Canmore, AB

    Feb 23/19 – I received an urgent call from someone who lost a very important key.  A quick search located the key in the parking lot.

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  • Lost Keys Found! Lake Louise, AB

    April 12/19 – We received an email from Eric who had lost his keys around a firepit (he thought). We met up with Eric’s friend – Iyad – who was able to direct us to the firepit area. The snow around the firepit was packed down but everywhere else, the snow was 2 feet deep! […]

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  • Lost Keys Found! Banff, AB

    Dec 21/19 – received a call from a young lady in Banff, AB. She’d lost her keys in her driveway and couldn’t find them in the deep snow. They were recovered in a snowbank on the side of the driveway.

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  • Lost wedding band found! Golden, BC

    Dec. 15/19 – I was called to help find a wedding band in Golden, BC.  His wife had his ring on one of her fingers and when they stopped at a roadside pullout, she got out, shook her hands and his ring flew off into the snow!!!  I searched a number of pullouts without success […]

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  • GoPro Found!

    Feb 24/21 – Eric contacted me to locate the GoPro that he lost while skiing at the Panorama Ski Resort in British Columbia. After a 500 metre hike up the ski hill, we locate the tree well where he thought he lost it. He was right! I found it over 1 foot below snow level!

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  • Gold Wedding Band Lost McMinnville, OR – Found by The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge

    Steve lost his wedding band while cleaning up yard debris from the recent ice storm. Over the phone the potential loss areas seemed reasonable for a search but unfortunately the exact location was mostly unknown. When we surveyed the 4 main work sites, the 20′ diameter x 4′ high brush pile, and accounted for transiting […]

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