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Looking to rent/hire a metal detector? Why not find a metal detecting specialist who can help you find what you thought was lost forever. By contacting one of the metal detecting specialists on The Ring Finders Directory, you will have a much greater chance of success in finding your lost item.

We specialize in finding lost rings, watches, pendants (all jewelry) also cell phone & keys. Lost at beaches, parks, lakes and yards. Check your town & city for a metal detecting specialist near you.

Your Ring has a story attached to it… that story ends when you lose it! You now have a chance to continue that story by hiring a metal detecting specialist to find your lost ring!

Please Note: Beaches and public area jobs are high priority…(time is critical) the sooner a metal detecting specialist can search for your lost item the better your chances of recovery.

Our goal here at The Ring Finders is to offer you a second chance to find what you thought was lost forever.

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  • You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners.
    testimonial for Chris Turner (2013)


    I believe in angels and one knocked on my door on Saturday, August 3, 2013. For the 5 previous days, my family and I had frantically searched inside my house and in the garden for my cherished engagement ring.

    I received this beautiful ring from my husband on December 23, 1967 and have worn it for 45 and a half years.My beloved husband passed away 13 months ago and my wedding rings and 25th anniversary band became an enormous comfort to me. I started wearing the rings 24/7 and even had the diamonds checked for loose stones.

    My worst fear was that I would lose the solitaire diamond from the engagement ring. Imagine my horror when on Sunday evening, July 28th 2013, I discovered the engagement ring missing from my finger after watering my front and back garden. After searching and searching for my ring to no avail, I found Chris Turner and TheRingFinders on my computer. He came to my rescue on Saturday August 3, 2013 and located my precious ring in my back yard in less than 5 minutes.

    I was completely astounded as my son-in-law and I had searched the area where Chris found it. Apparently, I had stepped on the ring and it was embedded in the dirt under the grass. I would never have found it on my own. I was overwhelmed by Chris' professionalism, experience, kindness and caring. To me that ring was irreplaceable.

    Thank you so much, Chris. You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners. I highly recommend Chris as I thought my beautiful ring was gone forever. It meant the world to me and am so thankful for Chris' help. I will never forget the sight of my ring in his hand as he presented it to me.

    With my grateful thanks and highest regards,

    Wendy Porter

  • would not hesitate to call her or highly recommend her to others...
    testimonial for Kati Schmidt (2021)


    So glad I contacted Kati. She was prompt, responsive, and super diligent. I really appreciated her patience and inquisitiveness to understand where I had been and places to look. Really grateful for her help and I hope not to lose it again, but would not hesitate to call her or highly recommend her to others in the same predicament. Awesome!

  • I will always recommend your service and theringfinders.com
    testimonial for Glen Gothard (2021)


    Glen Gothard helped us in Vero Beach, yesterday Sunday . We were with my husband (Tiago) in Vero Beach hanging out in a beautiful sunset when Tiago realized that his wedding ring fell in the sand, at which point he bagan a desesperate search with no luck. Someone close to us gave us the idea to search in Google for help and this is how I find the "Treasure Coast Metal Detectors" who guided me to enter the theringfinders.com . I tried with two phones with no luck until Glen answered my call. He was very kind to us and in 30 min he was there and he quickly found where the ring was. Thanks Glen for your availability on a Sunday afternoon and for coming to where we were (13 miles from Sebastian-the area where Glen was) .

    I will always recommend your service and theringfinders.com

  • He assured me if we could wait, he could find it...
    testimonial for John Snyder (2021)


    On my birthday, my wife and I made a plan for a small vacation to Sarasota, Florida.

    We had a great time, but when coming back from beach, my wife realized she doesn’t have her ring.

    She had set it on her chair and forgot to put it back on.

    We looked, digging in sand for almost three hours.

    My wife was very upset; we gave up looking.

    I saw a Life Guard and asked if he could help.

    He gave me Mr. John’s phone number; I called him; he told me he was an hour away.

    He assured me if we could wait, he could find it, knowing we had dropped it in sand where we were sitting.

    He arrived within an hour; found the ring in five minutes.

    We greatly appreciate Mr. John; he made my wife very happy.

  • Steve is a very wonderful person and what he does is absolutely amazing!
    testimonial for Steven Ray (2021)


    On September 7th I took my children to the beach after work for just a relaxing evening. The waves were ruff but with kids they insisted we get in so I followed and ended up being knocked down by a wave, I quickly put my hand down to stop myself from taking my child down with me and I felt my ring slip off my finger. I was devastated! I found and gentleman who was detecting a little further down and asked for his help, he immediately told me about Steve at Crystal Coast Ring Finders. I looked it up on facebook and called. Steve was so very nice and told me he would be out shortly to start the search for my ring and he did as he said. He kept in touch and made sure I knew he was still looking. After a month I had given up hope on ever seeing my ring again. Steve reached out to me on the 9th and asked if I could fill his paperwork out so he could keep my information on file. Monday October 11th he walked into my work and I filled out tge paperwork and he handed me his card. To my surprise when I turned it over was my ring!! Tears of joy started streaming from my eyes! Steve is a very wonderful person and what he does is absolutely amazing! If you are ever in the area and lose a prized position I definitely recommend Steve with Crystal Coast Ring Finders!!

    Thanks again, you are absolutely amazing!

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