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Looking to rent/hire a metal detector? Why not find a metal detecting specialist who can help you find what you thought was lost forever. By contacting one of the metal detecting specialists on The Ring Finders Directory, you will have a much greater chance of success in finding your lost item.

We specialize in finding lost rings, watches, pendants (all jewelry) also cell phone & keys. Lost at beaches, parks, lakes and yards. Check your town & city for a metal detecting specialist near you.

Your Ring has a story attached to it… that story ends when you lose it! You now have a chance to continue that story by hiring a metal detecting specialist to find your lost ring!

Please Note: Beaches and public area jobs are high priority…(time is critical) the sooner a metal detecting specialist can search for your lost item the better your chances of recovery.

Our goal here at The Ring Finders is to offer you a second chance to find what you thought was lost forever.

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  • You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners.
    testimonial for Chris Turner (2013)


    I believe in angels and one knocked on my door on Saturday, August 3, 2013. For the 5 previous days, my family and I had frantically searched inside my house and in the garden for my cherished engagement ring.

    I received this beautiful ring from my husband on December 23, 1967 and have worn it for 45 and a half years.My beloved husband passed away 13 months ago and my wedding rings and 25th anniversary band became an enormous comfort to me. I started wearing the rings 24/7 and even had the diamonds checked for loose stones.

    My worst fear was that I would lose the solitaire diamond from the engagement ring. Imagine my horror when on Sunday evening, July 28th 2013, I discovered the engagement ring missing from my finger after watering my front and back garden. After searching and searching for my ring to no avail, I found Chris Turner and TheRingFinders on my computer. He came to my rescue on Saturday August 3, 2013 and located my precious ring in my back yard in less than 5 minutes.

    I was completely astounded as my son-in-law and I had searched the area where Chris found it. Apparently, I had stepped on the ring and it was embedded in the dirt under the grass. I would never have found it on my own. I was overwhelmed by Chris' professionalism, experience, kindness and caring. To me that ring was irreplaceable.

    Thank you so much, Chris. You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners. I highly recommend Chris as I thought my beautiful ring was gone forever. It meant the world to me and am so thankful for Chris' help. I will never forget the sight of my ring in his hand as he presented it to me.

    With my grateful thanks and highest regards,

    Wendy Porter

  • So if you have lost a ring and are in the Pensacola area, give Dave a call ASAP!
    testimonial for Dave Cartee (2017)

    Just want to say thanks to Dave for helping us out. We think my wife’s ring fell off in the ocean. At the time we combed the beach as best as we could.

    We left Perdido Key with out the ring. When we got back I did some searching online, found The Ring Finders, and decided to give Dave a call. He was friendly and very generous with his time. He took a detailed account of our story.

    That day he was out in search for it but unfortunately was unable to find it. We feel between the tides and storms, the ring was no longer remotely close to where we had been. I wish we would have called him sooner and likely would have had a different outcome. So if you have lost a ring and are in the Pensacola area, give Dave a call ASAP!

  • Simply amazing! We are forever grateful for Jeff's services."
    testimonial for Jeffrey Levy (2017)


    "I called Jeff on Thursday afternoon after I had lost my rings on Monday morning at Capistrano Beach. He and I discussed the location and his schedule.

    He called me back later that night and let me know that he had rearranged his schedule so he could meet me at 7am at Capistrano Beach.

    On Friday morning, he left Claremont at 4:30am to arrive at Capistrano Beach by 6:15am. When my husband and I, plus our 2 children arrived at 7am, he had already found the ring. Simply amazing! We are forever grateful for Jeff's services."

  • I wish I had known about Dave Mac Donald and Ringfinders
    testimonial for David Mac Donald (2017)

    I wish I had known about Dave Mac Donald and Ringfinders months ago. My engagement/wedding rings were lost on the beach just before Thanksgiving. Less than a week later sand was shifted by bulldozers and pipes were laid to begin dredging the harbor. We also have had the worst rain to hit the area in a decade. I tried several times on my own with a friend to go over the area with a metal detector, to no avail. I was feeling really disappointed and crushed that this cherished symbol of love and marriage that I intended to pass down to my granddaughter was lost forever. But I was having a hard time accepting the reality of that fact.

    More than six months later I thought I would make one more desperate attempt and posted an ad. While I was nervous about what kind of person might respond, I was blessed that Dave found my ad and offered to help. I am a firm believer that "God does not close a door without opening a window"'. Dave and his helper came down to the beach, made a huge grid of the area and set off to work. I was uplifted and hopeful that they were also Christians and we prayed for God's help. After they conducted a methodic and thorough search for hours, it was determined that maybe the ring was too deep in the sand and might require more sensitive equipment. Dave acquired the equipment and searched again. He put tremendous effort into finding my ring, but unfortunately, it has not been recovered. Yet. There is a possibility that the ring settled a few feet below where it was lost (which I understand is common), but due to the build up of several feet of sand during this time of year, it may still be hidden there. Dave has assured me that he will keep on the quest as conditions change. I hope it may yet be found. It may be a few months or a year, or maybe never. But I feel as though every effort was made, and will be made, on my behalf. It has lightened the load on my heart a little.

    There are other things in life and family that mean more. I am grateful that God brought Dave to me. He has been a blessing. I hope to hear from him again someday with the news that he has found my ring. But even if that never happens, at least I know we did all that we could. And I have a good man praying for my family and I.

    Thank you,

    Cathie Schmalholz

  • This guys a pretty amazing dude!! Thanks so much Jim!"
    testimonial for Jim Wren (2017)


    Seriously had pretty much given up hope of my tungsten wedding band being found! I found Jim though the Ring Finders website and he found it in less then 10 minutes of searching! This guys a pretty amazing dude!! Thanks so much Jim!"

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  • Found her cat but lost her ring in Grand Rapids, MI

    Gregg Larabel, my fellow ringfinder, got a call from Derek whose fiancee (Brooke) lost her engagement ring in the woods behind her apartment while looking for her cat.  She had put her ring in her jacket pocket before entering the woods, and after returning with the cat she found her pocket empty.  After Brooke gave […]

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  • Big ring , zero visibility

    I was contacted by Greg Larabel and Dave Boyer who were unable to find a lost ring in Fowlerville Mi. The husband estimated the depth of the lost ring to be 3-4 foot, but was actually 6-7 foot. Greg and Dave did their best in the zero visibility windy conditions, but were unable to locate […]

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  • Shallow water wedding band!

    I was contacted by a good friend about his uncles lost ring the other day, and scheduled a search for tonight. I arrived with my helpers, my 3 year old son Roman, and my 5 year old daughter Paige, who carried my equipment to the waters edge for me. After being briefed on the area […]

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  • Sentimental keys

    I returned to a lake where a ring had been lost several years earlier. This would be my 4th dive, the location of the ring could only be estimated, since it was lost from a boat. While walking to the water I was approached by a gentlemen who seemed very happy to see me. He […]

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  • Reservoir emerald

    I was contacted by Mr Hoyt who was upset and had told me his daughter lost her engagement ring while swimming near his dock.   On arrival, the long dock led into the reservoir and the water seemed very stained and deep. Mr Hoyt was hopeful but couldn’t imagine me finding the ring in such […]

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  • Ring lost in the marina

    I received a call from a friend of the family who lost his ring in a very silty weedy lake in the area. The ring had been lost while trying to cover his friends pontoon boat. I assured him I’d be out the following day, and to keep foot traffic in the area to a […]

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  • Lost ring in the Snow

    I was shown the area where the ring had been lost, before Leah had to leave for a mandatory work meeting. I could tell she wasn’t sure if she could trust me, being she had just met me. She pulled away and I began searching with my deus in my custom gold program. 2.5 hours […]

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  • Lost Platinum ring while flying kite in Willow Park, Glenview, Illinois

    While assembling a kite with his children, he lost his Platinum wedding band. He knew the area and had searched with a metal detector, and even went at night with a flashlight to search. I used my Minelab 3030 with a large coil. Found ring which had been stepped on and driven into ground in […]

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  • Lost ring while playing Volleyball at North Ave Beach Chicago

    Received call to go to a volleyball court to locate a mens wedding band. Married for only 3 weeks. While playing his ring came off. Used my XP Deus and located ring in about 1 minute.

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  • Lost Wedding Band… Found Near Oskaloosa Iowa

    Wow it’s been awhile, I had to relearn how to do the post and the pictures. I received a call Sunday June 25th from a very nice guy named Mark. He had lost his wedding band in a private pond near his house. He was trying to clean weeds off his swimming area and in […]

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