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  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Shawn SGT Whitey Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist – Lost your ring?…. Call ASAP – 917-313-2202. After finding my previous ring that was lost for 15 years, a friend of that person’s saw his post and posted that they wanted me to try to find his. I reached out to them and found out his lost ring was lost for over 15 years. This time it was a NC STATE college class ring. Ed lost it while mowing and throwing limbs into the wooded areas. It took me four hours to find it after searching on the opposite side most of the morning. I finally got a VDI 68 range that wasn’t a piece of aluminum or a bullet casing. I had finally found it after an exhausting four hours of intense searching and dedication of moving leaves and limbs in one area. I was driven, persistent and determined to find his ring. He was 100% certain it was out there. I couldn’t give up, I just had to keep swinging, until it was found.


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Lost Engagement Ring Found Sea Isle City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Not all engagement rings are found using a metal detector! This engagement ring that was found in Sea Isle City New Jersey was a interesting story…

I received a message about a lost engagement ring on the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ. After speaking with the fiancé about how the ring was lost we met up and started the search for the lost ring.  After about an hour and half the ring was not found.  I asked some more questions trying to jog his memory as to the whereabouts of the engagement ring.  After a few more questions the search continued .. which led to a bag in the trash can! Sometimes you have to act like a detective to find the sentimental ring that went missing! The vacation could end on a happy note in Sea Isle City, NJ.



  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Shawn SGT Whitey Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist – Lost your ring?…. Call ASAP – 917-313-2202. Today was another happy story! I got a text message from Tim, who saw a post on a local buy sale trade site. He told me he had lost his ring 15 years ago while doing yard work. He normally puts it in his little pocket of his jeans when he does yard work. As he put it in his pocket, he either pulled it back out as his fingers slid out or it missed the pocket all together and just fell to the ground.

We set up a date/time for me to try to find his ring. I met up with him at his house and he gave me the lay of the land. He went over his movements from 15 years ago and gave me a general area of where he lost it. After about 35 mins, I get a VDI 55 on my Garrett AT MAX. I popped the plug and BOOM I saw round, gold & shiny!! Pulled it out, cleaned it off and drove it to where Tim worked. He was supper happy and excited, as he didn’t expect me to find it!


TIKTOK VIDEO: I said “15 Years” 10 times in my excitement!!! lol


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Custom Tooled Gold Wedding Band Lost Mount Hood – Found by The Ring Finders

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Taylor had been sledding with some friends for about 40 minutes on Mount Hood when he noticed his wedding band missing from his ungloved hand. He marked the logical boundaries (trees) with yellow rope and returned the following day with a rented metal detector but was unable to find it.  I arrived the following day and used his pictures and boundary markings for my search. While detecting I fell through the 2 feet plus deep snow multiple times; I too was unsuccessful. I noted the mountain snow base for that day and four days later it was 9″ less so I decided to give it another shot. Once more I used my Equinox 800 with 15″ coil and this time connected with the priceless 14k hand tooled band about 6″ under the snow.
This band, along with Taylor’s wife’s, was hand tooled by themselves in a jewelry shop, so this truly was a priceless symbol of love to one another, and I feel honored to have kept their ‘ring story’ alive.
Taylor, I wish you and your wife many years of love & happiness.

‘The Ring Finders’, good folks doing great things to reunite people with their treasured pieces of jewelry.
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Keys Recovered in the Snow

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

Recovered Keys

In the early morning hours, I received a text message from Sawn who had been desperately searching for her keys in the snow. She searched for them but with no luck, and knowing the expense to replace these keys, she turned to the internet and found me on the Ringfinders web site.


I met Sawn in the parking lot of her apartment complex. After a brief conversation and walkthrough of her path, I got started.

After detecting for just minutes, I popped her keys out of 8 inches snow. Sawn was amazed and delighted. Within minutes of my arrival, Sawn was in her car and about her day.


Thank you Sawn, for entrusting me to locate your lost keys!

Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band Lost in the Driveway…FOUND Bessemer, Alabama!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

On Tuesday afternoon (January 18th, 2022), I was driving on I-65 north traveling home to Huntsville, Alabama.  I had just finished a nice long weekend getaway at Panama City Beach, Florida.  I was visiting my parents at a condo they were renting and went metal detecting with my dad.

I was towards the end of my 6-hour trip back and had just passed the Birmingham area when I received a text message from Daniel.  I had my car read the message and discovered that Daniel had lost his Tungsten wedding band somewhere in his gravel driveway in Bessemer, AL.  Perfect timing!  I was literally 40 minutes from his location and had all of my metal detecting gear in my car.  Had I been in Huntsville, it would’ve added an extra hour to my travel time.  I immediately called Daniel, told him where I was, and asked if I could reroute to his location.  He said absolutely!  I got off at the next exit, back on I-65 (but now in the southbound lane), and was on my way to Bessemer!

I met Daniel at the end of his driveway.  I didn’t want to pull in too far depending on where he lost his wedding band.  Daniel had been working outside all morning.  He explained that his driveway floods a lot and he was adding gravel to stop some of the flow until a permanent fix could be put in.  He also cut up a tree.  He wore gloves the entire time and knew he had his ring on, because he felt it vibrating on his finger when he was running the chainsaw.  After finishing up that work, he took off his gloves while sitting in his truck.  He got out and soon after noticed that his wedding band was missing.  Daniel also mentioned that he recently lost a lot of weight, and the ring was fitting very loose.  Plus, it was cold outside and his hands were wet, so perfect scenario for a ring to slid off.

I started searching where Daniel was laying the gravel in his driveway.  I found a penny and some junk metal.  There were a couple of iffy signals in about 6-12 inches of water.  If necessary, I was going to come back at the very end of the search and check those targets with my sand scoop.  I moved to the next location where Daniel was cutting up the tree.  No ring.  I then asked to search Daniel’s gloves and truck, because taking off the gloves would’ve been the most likely time that his ring would’ve come off.  Still no ring.

I asked Daniel where he was parked when he took his gloves off and got out of his truck.  I thought his wedding band might have landed in his lap and then rolled onto the ground when he got out.  I started searching that area.  I checked one signal with my pinpointer, but the target was beneath the surface.  As I was standing up, I caught a glimpse of his silver Tungsten ring just a few inches away!  I think I uncovered it when I swung my coil and knocked away some wet grass and leaves.  I told Daniel that I had just spotted it.  He caught a glimpse as well and was overcome with joy and relief!  He was also very thankful for my assistance and quick response time.  I have to say that these recoveries never get old, and they are the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

Daniel showed me a video of how bad his driveway floods.  Based on that video, his ring could’ve easily washed away if it wasn’t found that day, making for an extremely difficult recovery.  But I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  God is so good!  I thank and praise Him for another successful ring recovery and safe trip home!  I’m always happy to help and very blessed to be a member of The Ring Finders!  Looking forward to the next adventure…

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

Lost White Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Ulua Lagoon Beach Ko Olina… FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I got a text from Emily from Ewa Beach last evening who earlier that day lost her Wedding & Engagement Rings at Ulua Lagoon Beach. Her Father In Law shook out a beach chair of the sand and unbeknownst to him the rings were in a cup holder on the chair. They found the Wedding Ring but not the Engagement Ring that was somewhere in the dry sand they hoped. Since it was late and I was going to Ko Olina the next morning we agreed to meet at 7AM. When I arrived Emily and her husband Dan were already on the beach. They showed me the approximate area to search and I fired up the Nox. I started on the high side of the beach and worked towards the water. There were a few coins and a pull tab. I was on the last leg of the grid and looked towards Dan & Emily thinking its not here when I got a strong #9 tone on the Nox. In one scoop I saw Emily’s beautiful ring in the scoop. I looked toward Emily and shook my head Yes and she burst into tears. Dan comforted her of course as she reached into the scoop for her ring. “Dramatic Return!” They both were so very grateful and I said, “Did you have to put me on the final leg of the search to find the ring.” We assumed when the beach chair was shaken to remove the sand the ring must have gotten flung out. No matter the recovery was successful. Aloha to Emily & Dan!

Lost White Gold and Diamonds Wedding Ring at Kaimana Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Talaya who lives in my neighborhood Kaimuki. While hanging out at Kaimana Beach Sunday with her husband and daughter, Talaya took off her ring to apply sunscreen and set it on a beach chair. She got distracted at the beach and didn’t discover her ring missing until later that day while teaching a work out class. While doing a push up and looking at her hand she gasped, “Where’s my ring?” They retraced her steps back to Kaimana Beach and her husband even sifted sand in hopes of finding the ring. Talaya’s friend told her about ring finders and that’s how she found me. My heart sunk when she told me the ring was lost two days ago. Kaimana Beach is a favorite among local detectorists and I feared the ring would have been found already. I told her I’d take a look after my Dentist appointment. When I arrived around 1PM I was able to find parking and thankfully the area Talaya marked out for me on Google maps was more or less void of sunbathers. I told the lifeguard what I was doing and fired up the Nox. The first target was a loud #10 on the Nox and in one scoop their was the glistening diamond ring in the scoop. Talaya told me the ring was Platinum in her text but this ring said 14K but had the Jewel on the inside she mentioned. I texted her a pic of the ring with the word, “Blessed”, and the response was, “Thank you so much. I am crying.” Suddenly my dental pains went away. Aloha to Talaya!

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Call or text me at 1-305-608-1870 (24 hrs)  if you need someone to come out and find your lost jewelry.  I can search in the SAND, WATER, and GRASS.  Hurry and call or text before they are lost for good.  Below you can see some of my latest recoveries from people who thought their beloved items were lost forever, but were found!!!

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If you lost something valuable and you think you can find it with a metal detector, give me a call or text at 305-608-1870 (Louis).  I can come out with my metal detector and find your lost item in the SAND, WATER or GRASS.  Below are a few of my latest receives and happy clients.  Don’t wait, call me now.