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Lost Wedding Ring at Strawbridge Lake Park Moorestown,NJ Found!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call from friend that I metal detect with regularly asking for some help recovering a woman’s wedding ring. A US Air Force friend of his and his wife were at a local park taking photos in the fall leaves with their baby and whiles tossing some leaves into the air her wedding ring flew off! Although they knew the ring was within a general area it was impossible to locate by eye among the leaves and grass. The following day (Veterans Day) we arrived at the park with our White’s V3i metal detectors and marked out an area where we believed the ring would be laying. After just a few minutes of searching I received a nice solid signal and as I brushed the leaves away I could see the ring laying on the ground! I casually said to Frank “That was easy enough” and he responded you got it already? Yep! He was excited to call his buddy with the great news and I was happy to have been able to help these respected military veterans out. Another great day and recovery.     Recovery#106

Lost Class/Wedding Ring at Marina in Barnegat NJ Recovered by Ed Cropski/NJ Lost Ring Finder!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I have officially broken 100 Lost Ring Recoveries today!!!

Recovery #101 was an extremely sentimental school ring that belonged to the customer. It was his class ring who had passed away and it had also served as his present wedding ring! He was very upset when he lost it off the side of the dock at the marina. 10 minutes after I entered the water with my White’s MX Sport metal detector I got the signal I was looking for and the ring was in my scoop! The very happy family cheered from the dock as I handed back to an incredibly relieved man who was now just about in tears of joy. What a great feeling it was to do this recovery! #101 is in the scoop!

Lost Wedding Ring Found Ocean City, NJ

from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-215-850-0188

I received a message from Dave on my Ring Finders South Jersey page stating that he lost his wedding band.  I contacted him immediately and arrived at the beach shortly after.  After speaking with Dave about where the lost ring might be, the search was on!  The ring was found and returned after a quick grid search near the water’s edge!!!  The couple is now able to enjoy the rest of their vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey!


Father & Daughter help Recover Lost Wedding Ring in Ocean City NJ.

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a message from my daughter Macey who was on the beach with her boyfriend who is a lifeguard on the beach in Ocean City,NJ. A woman had approached they lifeguards stating that her husband had just lost his wedding ring in the ocean while swimming. Overhearing the woman my daughter stated that my dad can find it for you! She told her that I find rings for people all the time with my metal detector. getting information from the woman as to where the loss took place I arrived to the area a couple hours later  around 8pm as the tide was going out. After a few minutes of searching I found a bracelet and then a tungsten wedding band like the one described. I figured I got it and since the area was giving up targets I decided to continue hunting to see what else could be found? Well a few minutes later I found another tungsten wedding band lol! Ready to head out for the night and seeing a message from my daughter asking how I was making out? I sent a picture of the 2 rings asking which one lol? She replied that it was actually the second one that I had found so glad I decided to stay and keep looking for other items! We contacted the owners and arranged for my daughter to meet them on the beach the next day for the return. Another great return! Great team work Macey!!!                                           #96 Lost ring return!

Lost Engagement Ring in Lumberton,NJ Recovered by Ed Cropski

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I responded to a call from a fellow Ring finder Dave Milsted asking if I could help recover a lost ring as he was unable as he is recovering from surgery? Absolutely willing to help Dave and the owner of the ring out I then contacted Derek.

He explained that his fiance’ had lost her engagement ring on their front lawn the day before and although they had searched for it they had no luck.

I met Derek,staked out the area with flags and began my grid pattern and after just a few minutes I got a nice clean signal from my White’s V3i metal detector. Reaching down and moving the grass aside revealed the diamond ring! At that time he was talking with neighbors who wished him luck and said “Here you go!” They were amazed at the recovery and he was extremely happy and a couldn’t wait to call his fiance’ with the great news!

Another great recovery!


White Gold Wedding Ring Found, Industrial Park Leduc, Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118



Received a call last evening from Brad told me he lost his wedding band at work while hooking up to a trailer in the yard! And could I possibly help him find the ring. 

Meet Brad within one hour he showed me where his ring could possibly be? Brad explained to me how he lost his ring? he took his ring off and put the ring in his pocket while he was working also in his pocket was his truck keys and when he took the keys out to move the truck the ring must have fallen out? That narrowed the search to two possible areas approximately 20′ x 40′ each.  Since the temperature has been above Zero for the past week the yard was full of mud and a lot of metal pieces scattered all over the yard? This been said it was going to be a real challenge to locate the ring?  Brad did his best to try and find the ring with no luck at all.

Within 30 minutes of the search I found the ring buried in mud I called Brad over and asked him was that his ring in the mud he was over the moon to have his ring back on his finger Brad didn’t believe he would ever see his ring again, Another happy client!  Thank you Brad for entrusting me to finding your ring. 





Carlsbad Lost Ring

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-212-6588

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Two Rings One Search – Lost Ring in Sauble Beach Ontario Canada

from Sauble Beach (Ontario, Canada)

About a week ago we received a call from a pretty upset couple who had lost their wedding ring in Sauble Beach. We drove up that day to search and within a few minutes had a strong beep, we instantly dug the signal knowing it would be good and sure enough we pulled up a beautiful gold wedding band.

Excitedly we called back the owner and sent them a photo to hear them respond in a sad tone and say “That isnt my ring” Turns out in the same location we found another wedding band!! We continued the search that night and came out empty handed. We returned a few days later and searched another 6ish hours creating a grid and expanding the search as far as possible in the directions we were told they went. Again we came out without a ring.

At this point we were beginning to wonder where this ring could be, we knew the last chance to find this ring was to call them up and see if they would possibly drive 2 and a half hours to meet us at the location. They both kindly agreed to this and left there home town at 5:30am to meet us on the water at 8:00. My dad and myself new the ring wasnt in the location we had thought it was, the last hope was to have them redo their entire actions from that day and eliminate all the possibilities.

We met them at the beach and began right away by asking many questions,

when did you notice the ring was missing?

Where were you when it fell off?

Did you walk away from the area at any point?


After many questions we figured there was a few options, the ring was lost walking to get food, around their main on land location or it was out further than we had searched due to aggressive waves and a miss communication over the phone in terms of how deep he was actually out.

We gridded off the land with no luck and decided to move out much deeper than we searched previous days, the husband and wife both went out into the water with us (which was not super warm) and within five minutes of searching where he believed it was lost we found this amazing gold wedding band.

Moral of the story is never give up, continue to expand the grid and ask as many questions as possible!

IMG_0142 IMG_0132 IMG_0131

Lost Engagement Ring, Beacons Beach, Ca.

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-212-6588

Monday morning get a frantic phone call, I am at Becons beach and my girlfriend dropped her ring. I am only five min away so I’ll be right over.

When I get there I see a guy walking back and forth at the bottom of the cliff. Grab the detector and head down. I meet Scott and he tells me he’s been looking for two days with a rented detector.

It’s late morning and the beach is gettin more and more people coming down. I grid 100′ X 50′ for a couple hours but no ring, few coins and hand full of trash. I tell him I will come back at sunset and bring my partner Curtis Cox.

5:00 pm I go down onto the beach to meet up with Scott again, I tell him Curtis is on his way and I start on my grid again. I cover the whole area again but slower, Curtis shows up and starts working the area we believe it to be in.

After he works over close to me, I stop to tell Scott I need to shut down and let Curtis work over this area, cause he’ll find it. 15 seconds later Curtis breaks out laughing, shakeing his scoop with a ting ting ting. He couldn’t even speak. Two days of heart break is washed away with cheers from all the people on the cliff watching the sunset and us…

How to Find a lost ring in the snow in Sauble Beach & Walkerton Ontario Area

from Sauble Beach (Ontario, Canada)

Hello everyone,

My name is Mitchell Clark and am based in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada. I am a new member to the Ring finders and will search areas including Walkerton, Hanover, Sauble beach, Saugeen shores and surrounding areas. I have been finding rings for people for several years in the water,dirt, sand and snow!

Thanks for your time,

Mitchell Clark