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Lost Tiffany and Company Gold True Love Ring in Taneytown, Maryland…Found in Toyota RAV4 by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Christine’s Most Elegant 18 Karat Gold Tiffany & Company True Love Ring Shining its Brilliance Once Again After Being Recovered from a 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph!

Christine of Taneytown, Maryland Showing Off Her Excitement and Gratitude for the Work of Brian Rudolph Who Successfully Recovered Her Tiffany and Company Treasure Given to Her by Her Special Boyfriend Cal!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I was delighted to receive a call from a young lady named Christine who lived in Taneytown, Maryland. She went on to share how she lost her beautiful Tiffany and Company 18 karat yellow gold True Love Ring which was a gift from her boyfriend Cal. This ring meant everything to her and she was desperate to get it back. Christine shared with me that after she finished shopping with her mother, she returned to her vehicle which she was borrowing from her brother at the time. While sitting in the driver’s seat of the 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport, she took off the ring and placed it somewhere near or on the center console located between the driver seat and her mom’s passenger seat. She didn’t remember exactly where she placed it, but after she applied lotion to her hands, she went looking for the ring so that she could put it back on her finger. Yet mysteriously it was nowhere to be found. She and her mom looked everywhere in the vehicle and no matter how diligent the two of them searched, the ring didn’t turn up anywhere. It made absolutely no sense to Christine for this extremely sentimental keepsake to just simply disappear into thin air. Both she and her mother got out of the RAV4 and looked all over the parking lot asphalt just to make sure that the ring didn’t fall out of the vehicle. They were thinking that perhaps the jewel made its way out of the RAV4 when the two of them initially opened their doors to lean into the vehicle to search under the seats. Even after a long time of searching, all of their efforts led to no avail.

The two drove the Toyota back to their house and waited for Christine’s dad to give it a shot at trying to recover the love gift that was presented to Christine by her boyfriend who was currently serving in the military at the time. Even after all of the time and energy that Christine’s father invested in trying to find the ring, he too had to call it quits when nothing turned up. I believe my client’s brother also gave a swing at it and he as well struck out at locating the Tiffany band.

It was at this time that the young lady went online to search for an answer to her most frustrating problem. Christine wondered if there were specialists who are experienced at extracting jewelry from automobiles. Surprisingly, as she was doing her search on the internet, the elite international directory of metal detecting specialists popped up on the her screen and my contact information was provided by the directory for Christine to connect with me.

Immediately, the desperate one contacted me and I interviewed her to find out everything I needed to know about this particular mystery of the disappearing ring. Once we covered all of the details regarding this search, we set up a time for for me to travel up to Christine’s hometown later that evening. She was extremely grateful that I was able to squeeze her search in knowing that I would be arriving quite late that evening.

I looked forward to traveling to the small town of Taneytown, Maryland which is located very close to the Pennsylvania border. Even George Washington traveled through this quaint old historical city and this is what he happened to write about the city, “Tan-nee town is but a small place with only the Street through wch.(sic) the road passes, built on. The buildings are principally of wood.”

I had traveled up this way a year and a half earlier for another ring search that I did for a young man who lost his wedding band in a pond. Now, I had yet another opportunity to help this young lady preserve this extremely important keepsake in her life. I arrived at Christine’s house sometime around 8pm. And even though it was on the late side, I couldn’t wait to get started with this in-vehicle investigation! After meeting my client and her father, they took me out to the garage where the 2004 Toyota RAV4 Sport awaited my presence along with a heater that they set up to keep the garage as warm as possible while I conducted the search. I asked Christine if she would sit in the driver’s seat and reenact what took place several days earlier when she lost her beloved ring. Then, her father Dave shared with me all of the places that he checked and all of the complications that he experienced in regards to not being able to see into many of the crevices and corners that were under and on the sides of each of the front seats. Once I gathered all of the information necessary to start the in-vehicle search, father and daughter returned inside the house while I prepared my equipment to begin unraveling this brand-new ring mystery.

With my high lumens headlamp on and setting up my endoscope (which is a long cable with a video camera at the end of it) I began probing every crevice, corner and crack around the two front seats hoping that perhaps the ring was hiding in a more accessible location than anticipated. I looked everywhere with my equipment and that exclusive and elegant Tiffany and Company ring was nowhere in sight. I made sure that I went slowly and methodically so as to not miss a single square inch of the areas where I was investigating. When nothing turned up under and around the sides of the two front bucket seats, it was time to take my search to the next location inside the Toyota RAV4.

My next destination in probing the vehicle was to take my search to the center console area (the section between the two front seats). I looked in a variety of places in this particular region of the SUV. First, I searched all of the obvious places that were on the surface of the plastic decor. This included: any organizer trays, under and around the emergency brake lever, inside the armrest storage compartment, and any other miscellaneous spots where a piece of jewelry could have burrowed its way down into a slot or tiny compartment. All of those areas that I examined turned out to be completely clear of Christine’s “symbol of love”. Once again, I was so hoping that I might find the keepsake hidden in one of those places, but unfortunately that was not to be the case.

After searching the sections of the vehicle where the ring most likely had ended up and yet still came up with nothing, I had to reasonably deduct the current facts that were on the table. I had to conclude that the ring must have slipped into a space or crevice where the odds of it landing in such a place was highly unlikely. I concluded this because there were no other obvious spots for me to analyze and probe.

At that point in the search, I knew that this was not going to be as easy as one would hope for. I began looking around at every possible place where the Tiffany & Co. band might have slipped into. There was only one place left that could have swallowed up the precious piece of metal. That location happened to be below the emergency brake which was situated towards the middle of the center console. There was a very thin gap that the ring could have slipped down into even though the chances of it perfectly making its way into that slot was quite slim. It was my only possible hunch where the piece of jewelry had ended up. Furthermore, Christine had remembered that she placed the ring off to the side in the center console, so somehow the ring would have had to jump up a bit and then make its way down into that very narrow slot below the parking brake. Though it seemed quite unlikely that the ring slipped into that very tight space, it was the only place left that I could still check out and so that was my next targeted area for the evening.

I wasted no time to take my endoscope and begin probing below the center console’s emergency brake lever. Once I pulled back on it to give me some room to place my cable down inside the vehicle’s internal workings, I had much more room to manipulate the probe with my fingers. I have to admit that this was a very tedious process. As I have found it to be in many in vehicle searches that I have done before, one must not expect that they are going to instantly see the object that they are hunting for. Rather, one must keep moving the endoscope around to observe every nook and cranny to see if the item ended up in that particular spot. Most of the time there are multiple hiding places within the larger spaces to tuck away into. In this particular case, I found that same experience to be true.

As I placed the endoscope down into the console’s abyss, I observed all kinds of hardware bolted to the internal pieces of the vehicle. Slowly and methodically I searched for anything that looked like it didn’t belong – something small and that also resembled yellow gold in color. I probably probed inside that space for nearly 45 minutes and still I could find nothing of interest.

During the time that I searched inside the Toyota’s emergency brake location, I did come across a couple of parts that looked like a ring, but they were silver in color – not yellow gold. Sometimes the light of the scope can make something appear to be silver when it is a piece of brass. Yet, in this case I kept coming up empty handed.

At some point, I decided to guide the probe cable (which was still positioned inside the slot of the parking brake and pushed down into the console) farther back towards the rear of the vehicle. I wondered if maybe the Tiffany ring moved its way back towards the arm rest compartment. Well, after another 15 minutes or so went by, I caught something of interest on my monitor screen! I couldn’t really make out what it was specifically, but whatever it happened to be it was gold in appearance and it had unusual design to it. I genuinely thought the object was some kind of safety washer that was wide and had gaps between its metal make-up. I was not about to leave this particular target and so I began to take video and photos with my endoscope just so that I could analyze the object more carefully if I needed to come back to that exact location the next day to resume the search. No matter what angle I tried to adjust the camera, I could not clearly identify the target as truly being the very special keepsake that Christine yearned so much to recover.

Finally, the family requested that I wrap things up for the night. I was so hoping that I could solve the mystery once and for all that evening but I would have to wait until morning before I would have another shot at it. In the meantime, I grabbed a bite to eat from a local Wawa road stop and studied the images that I took with my endoscope. As I compared the photos and video taken of the unidentified object with commercial images of the actual ring that my client provided to me from the Tiffany & Company website, I got extremely excited! There in my car, I studied all of the characteristics that appeared to be identical between the pictures that I was looking at. I began to see more clearly the distinct features of Christine’s ring  which I could also match up with the curious target that I locked in on with my probe! The most apparent characteristic happened to be the gold ring’s “T” letters (for Tiffany and True (as in “True Love”) that were pronounced all the way around the band. It was like something magical was happening the way my eyes started to see the ring’s unique pattern recorded on the endoscope media files! I even believed I saw part of the Tiffany and Co. stamp along the rim of the circular object! It was at that moment of revelation that I was confident that I indeed discovered Christine’s lost treasure! I sent the images to two great ring finders: legendary ring finder and CEO of THE RING FINDERS, Chris Turner, and an incredible ring finder and member of the same directory, Jeff Morgan. Both of them unanimously agreed that I had truly found my client’s ring by looking at the pictures themselves! Jeff and I even stayed up late that night talking on the phone and hunting online for the blueprints for Christine’s brother’s exact vehicle model. We figured it would be helpful to analyze just in case I would have to unbolt the center console if I was not able to retrieve the ring with my other tools! I was then well prepared to handle any obstacle thrown my way! I couldn’t wait to share the news with my client the next day!

That evening I slept overnight in town close by to where the search vehicle was located. Then, the next morning, bright and early, I returned back to my client’s place to recover the ring. I was so excited! Unfortunately, because of some changes to Christine’s plans she canceled my second search attempt. I had already arrived at her residence, so while she was on the phone with me, I walked up to my client’s door and unveiled the awesome news! I explained on the phone that upon studying my probe images I could confidently conclude that I had in fact found the young lady’s special keepsake! She was ecstatic! The door immediately opened and I showed my client some of my media files that convinced me that I had successfully located the jewel! She too was swayed to believe that I had indeed identified her cherished ring! Christine called her dad at work to make sure that all was good for me to resume the search and within minutes I was back in the Toyota RAV4 with all of my equipment attempting to pull the ring from within the vehicle’s hidden chamber!

It took me a bit of time to maneuver the endoscope back to the location where I had first encountered that marvelous view of the unidentified golden object. But eventually I reached the narrow hiding place deep down below and approximately 12 inches back towards the rear of the center console! I spotted the object of interest once again! There on my monitor I was able to convincingly show my client that I truly found her Tiffany True Love Ring! More detail on the piece of 18 karat gold revealed itself as I viewed it from additional angles! Christine was beyond excited! She couldn’t believe it!

Now that I had clearly identified the object as being my client’s missing ring that disappeared days earlier without a trace, the mission was now all about trying to retrieve the little one from within the inner workings of the RAV4. I placed a hook on the end of my probe and sent it far back into the console once again to see if I could grab the ring with the connector. I am proud to share that within about 30 minutes or so, I was able to successfully recover Christine’s beautiful 18 karat yellow gold Tiffany and Company True Love Ring from the vehicle! The elated young lady was right there beside me to capture the amazing moment on video when the brilliant yellow gold prize showed its marvelous perfections to the world once again! I was beyond excited for Christine and Cal!

It really was an amazing experience to be a part of this incredible recovery story: Driving far up north in the evening, searching the vehicle all that time in the garage, identifying a possible positive target in the center console, studying my media files saved on the endoscope, reviewing my data with other professional ring finders, identifying the target as the actual ring that was sought after, staying in the local area overnight, returning the next day to attempt a recovery and then finally capturing and returning the precious piece of classic metal from the vehicle to its rightful owner! Wow! All of it was an absolute thrill for me!

Christine and I gave thanks to the Lord for all of God’s help in guiding me to her sentimental keepsake! She immediately called her father up on her smartphone and shared the exciting news! Dave was beyond happy with the final results of my search!

In the days that followed this successful recovery of the Tiffany and Company True Love Ring, my client continued to express her gratitude and thanks for what I was able to do for her in preserving such a special part of her life! I told Christine that I was more than honored to be the one to help keep this precious “symbol of love” a part of her ongoing love story between she and the love of her life…Cal!


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Women’s Lost Gold Ring…FOUND by Ring Finder in Muscle Shoals, Alabama!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

Christina McCree – Ring Finder for northern Alabama and southern/middle Tennessee…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

On Tuesday (February, 22nd, 2022), I received a text message from Amy stating that she had lost a very important family ring on her farm in Muscle Shoals, AL.  Amy had been filling a tractor with diesel fuel.  She got some of the fuel on her hand and it caused her ring to slide around.  She took her ring off and put it in her pocket.  Amy then used the tractor to move some dirt and debris around from point A to point B and C.  After she finished the yard work, her ring was no longer in her pocket.

Amy mentioned that she had actually lost her ring around the beginning of December.  She thoroughly searched the area she was working and even bought a metal detector, but was unable to find her ring.  After a couple of months had passed, Amy thought that she might never see her ring again, but she then she came across The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service!  Amy was reading a book that told a story of how a ring was lost during a wedding ceremony.  Someone mentioned that they should call a “Ring Finder”.  This prompted Amy to go on Google and was soon led to The Ring Finders website and discovered that I was listed nearby.  We scheduled a search for Sunday, February 27th, when we were both off from our regular day jobs.

I met Amy at her farm in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, early on Sunday morning.  Amy proceeded to show me where she was working and exactly what she was doing at each location.  I told Amy that she could go inside and warm up while I conducted my grid search of the area.  It had been raining almost nonstop for the past week.  Thankfully, the rain held up long enough for me to conduct a search.

I started my grid search with my Minelab Equinox 800 in front of the shed where Amy had been refueling her tractor.  Just a few minutes in and I received a solid tone in the women’s gold range.  As I moved my coil to the side, my eyes locked onto the gleam of a ring just barely sticking out from the grass.  What a beautiful sight!  I didn’t move the ring, because I wanted to show Amy just how easily rings hide.  Our eyes play tricks on us and it’s almost impossible to find a ring with just eyesight alone.  I snapped a few pictures and went to knock on the door and tell Amy the good news.

Amy couldn’t believe how fast I found the ring!  I took her to the spot and gave her the honor of picking up her gorgeous 10k gold ring from where it’s been hiding these past few months.  Amy was so happy and thankful that she had her ring back!  She gave me a big hug and I could feel the stress melt away.  These returns are really one of the best feelings in the world and one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done!  I thank God for another successful ring recovery!

After the search, Amy and I were chatting for a while.  She told me that she enjoyed reading my blog posts about my prior recoveries.  Amy then said that she really hoped that her story would turn out the same way…a happy ending.  Well, it sure did!

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

Lost Ring Minnesota Metal Detecting Service

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lost ring Eden Prairie Minnesota. Lost in the snow while out playing with the puppy. Found after a 5 minute search – Congrats!

Lost Wedding Ring Found Just Outside Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Marco called me about the wedding ring he lost while cleaning up out back. We talked and it became pretty evident that the ring was there. I just needed to pass my metal detector coil above the ring. It wasn’t a question of “If” but instead a question of “How

long?”   Watch the video to see what happens


Wedding Band Lost During Yard Work in Ellicott City, Maryland…Found by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Robert’s Huge Handsome Celtic Style Yellow and White Gold Wedding Band Safely Displayed Above the Fence that Previously Masked it.

Robert and Rida Proudly Celebrate the Return of One of Their Most Priceless Material Objects!


I received an email from a woman named Rida who was contacting me on behalf of her husband who lost his wedding band in the backyard of their house in Ellicott City, Maryland. Robert was diligently throwing branches and sticks over his split rail fence which was shielded with metal netting to keep the larger animals out of the yard and keep his own canine safe within it’s parameters.

While in motion of throwing a branch, Robert was pretty certain that he lost his extremely large yellow and white gold celtic wedding band. He remembered wearing the oh-so-very important keepsake on his finger when he went outside that day to do yard work. He swore at the time that he knew exactly when the band flew off across the fence during one particular throw that he had made during his after-storm clean-up.

Many hours of searching for the band turned into days of frustration, and actual tears began to flow from his eyes when nothing turned up. His brother-in-law who lived next door, came over to help, as well, but even his assistance didn’t pay off. Robert figured that he could recover the “sentimental story” if he just kept looking for it, but all of his efforts led to no avail. According to his words and his wife’s account, he was completely devastated as this ring meant everything to him.

Finally, Rida and Robert did some research online and they happened to come across THE RING FINDERS website. They learned of this international metal detectorist directory that provides specialized help in solving these type of ring mysteries. Once they looked up a metal detectorist near them, they found me, Brian Rudolph, who provides metal detecting services in Ellicott City, Maryland. In just a short time, we were on the phone covering all of the details regarding the missing ring.

Two days later, I arrived at Robert and Rida’s lovely estate. They took me to their backyard and showed me the area where Robert had been throwing tree limbs over the fence when the ring flew off. On the other side of the split rail, there was nothing but thick bramble, weeds, high grass and trees. Robert demonstrated how he tossed the pieces of wood over the fence and where he thought the ring traveled into the overgrowth. He was almost 100% sure that he saw the ring go over the fence. Once we were finished the initial investigational reporting, I returned to my car to gather up all of my metal detecting gear and then returned to the search site to begin metal detecting.

The two biggest obstacles that I was dealing with happened to be: 1, All of the metal mesh that covered the fence. 2, All of the high growth on the other side of the split rail sections of the fence.

Before detecting the outside area of the fence parameter, I metal detected along the fence line inside the yard. I knew that this was not a guarantee that I didn’t miss the ring because the metal mesh that was connected to the split rail fence could mask the ring, causing my detector to pick up the metal that was on the fence and not the target that I was looking for. The fence metal was the predominant metallic source so I would be competing against it as I was looking for Robert’s beloved keepsake. If I didn’t find the ring anywhere else on the property, I would have to return to the fence line and rake everything away from the metal mesh and split rail pieces to see if the ring was hiding somewhere in that vicinity. As it turned out, I finished the inside parameter along that fenced-in-area and I did not find the ring in that location.

Next, it was time for me to detect over on the other side of the fence in the midst of the bramble and overgrowth since that was the area that Robert believed the ring had ended up.

During my couple of hours of searching behind the fence line, I recovered a bunch of bottles that had caps on them, along with aluminum cans and other pieces of garbage. I found farm equipment that dated back to probably the 1950s along with old vintage yard decorations, as well. I had to be very careful where I positioned myself because there were quite a bit of thorns to contend with amongst the thick bramble surrounding all of the places that I wanted to search.

After it got dark outside, I continued my detecting by using my high lumens headlamp to light up the night. Robert kept me company for part of the time and he was a great source of information as I continued to ask him more questions about what ensued on the day that his most valued material possession went missing.

When I had no luck finding the ring on the other side of the fence, I laid out grid lines on the backyard lawn and metal detected that whole area. I wanted to cover that area just in case Robert lost the ring prior to him throwing the tree limbs over the fence. And the alternative theory was that when he launched one of the pieces of wood, the ring could have rocketed behind him instead of going forward towards the fence.  Sometimes we think something actually took place with our jewelry when we lose the precious items, but in reality, something quite different happens to our greatest surprise. It’s weird how the brain can play tricks on us.

Well, after spending several hours at the property, I was able to cover a significant amount of territory. However, the huge Celtic style wedding band was still at large. Though I did not find the ring that particular evening, my greatest discovery happened to be a cute box turtle that was hiding in the high grass right by the corner of the fence. I was so excited when I discovered it!

I talked with Robert and because it was getting late out there, we called it a night, knowing that my next plan of action would require a bit more time to implement my planned out strategy.

Two days later, I returned to the search site with the determination to find Robert’s lost ring. As soon as I arrived, I shared with the couple what my strategy would look like. Before heading to the outside area of the fence to begin trimming back much of the thorn bushes and high grass (I brought my Ryobi hedge trimmer), I planned to first rake along the fence line inside the parameter of the yard. My goal was to see if the ring never made it over the fence and that perhaps it was masked over by the metal mesh when I had detected along the fence line two days previous. If I didn’t discover the band that went MIA, I would head back over to the “wild side” of the property and start trimming back all of the bramble and overgrowth.

As soon as I wheeled my cooler and cart full of equipment over to the backyard’s section of fence where I would be concentrating the search, Robert and Rida returned to their house hoping for eventual good news. What they weren’t prepared for was how fast I would uncover the missing ring! Yes, within a minute or two of raking back some of the high grass and miscellaneous brush along the inside parameter of the fence, I found the ring! It took no more than a couple of minutes to find!

Apparently, because the band was located within 6 inches of the fence, the metal mesh on the fence had masked the metal of the ring when I first detected near the fence line two days earlier. That explained why I missed it. On this second search day, I pulled whatever growth I could as far away from the fence as possible so that there would in fact be the separation necessary to detect a missing piece of jewelry should it have landed so close to the fence. And it did! Once I cleared only a small section of fence from some of the grass and brush that was present, I used my eyes, pinpointer (a handheld detector), and my metal detector with a 6-inch coil to do the rest! And there it was, hidden below the grass that was still present! For a moment, I couldn’t even believe how quick I found the missing item! This type of search could a potentially gone on for days!

So, here’s what happened on the day Robert lost the ring. As he was tossing miscellaneous tree limbs over the fence, his wedding band slipped off and flew from his left hand and traveled across his body and fell approximately 25 feet to the right of where Robert was working. The ring settled on the same side of the fence where the perplexed and disheartened man had originally lost it. Though he thought it flew over the fence, in reality, it never made it over to the other side! In addition to that, the band radically flew on an extreme angle to the right of Robert, just inches from the fence!

It never ceases to amaze me where these little guys end up! In the case of Robert’s wedding band, this was no little guy! When I found his ring I thought I had found the band of a king! The yellow and white gold Celtic style keepsake was humongous and extremely heavy! One of the largest rings I had ever found! It was exquisite! The design of the ring was top quality in every way!

Once I recovered the lost ring, I gave Robert and Rida the sweetest surprise! They were both blown away to find out where the wedding band had ended up! I could not have been happier for them! Robert was so emotional he began to cry and gave a big hug to his lovely bride! The nightmare was over and Robert was able to get his ring back on his figure where it would never be lost again… hopefully!

Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph, Showing Off the Chocolate Chip Treats that Rida Baked for Him Upon Bran Finding Robert’s Most Sentimental Keepsake!

Just before I left, Rida “literally” gave me the sweetest surprise that I was not expecting! As I was packing up, she presented me an entire tin container of her homemade chocolate chip cookies! They were absolutely amazing! I constantly thanked the two of them for such kindness and thoughtfulness that they had bestowed upon me the entire time that I was working with them! It was such a special experience with such incredible human beings that Robert and Rida are!

As I drove away I waved back to that very happy couple until I could see them no more. It meant everything to me to get a glimpse of the two of them arm in arm without a care in the world now that Robert’s ring was back where it belonged!

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Lost Gold Ring Found In A Calgary Backyard

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

She was just throwing the dog a ball. Who knows how many times she threw Ollie the ball, but during one of those throws, her ring went flying. Watch as we return it where it belongs.

Fastest Find of a Lost Ring Using a Metal Detector near Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call out from a gentleman that lost his ring while planting the garden in the spring.  Four months later we begin a search. From what he told me on the phone, I suggested we start with his gut feeling. It was a good call.  We had 5000 sq. feet to search and we found it in the first one we searched. Watch the video if you enjoy happy endings.


Platinum Tiffany and Co. Ring Lost While Laying Mulch in Murfreesboro, TN…FOUND!

Christina McCree – Lost Item Recovery Specialist for North Alabama and surrounding areas…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

I received a text message on Tuesday afternoon (August 3, 2021) from a younger gentleman stating that his father, Michael, lost his ring while laying mulch near his house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  I was able to take off from work early and was on my way.  My nephew, Sean, came along for this adventure.  He graduated from High School in June and had recently moved down to Alabama about a week prior.  Sean was excited to come along as he’d been looking forward to helping me with my next ring search.

After we arrived at Michael’s home in Murfreesboro, we were shown the area where the mulch was freshly placed earlier in the day.  I noticed a large trash bag and trashcan full of clippings.  I was told that the landscaper had done all that work.  Michael only laid the mulch, and he knew for sure that he had the platinum Tiffany & Co. ring on his finger before he started.  The ring was given to him by his grandmother many years ago and had a special Steam America ship design that is no longer made.

I turned on my Minelab Equinox 800 and got to work.  The area where the mulch was placed wasn’t very large.  I carefully searched all spots around the trees and shrubs.  About 15 minutes into the search and ¾ of the way through, I received a shallow and very promising 7-8 on the Nox.  Using my Garrett “Carrot” pinpointer, I searched through the mulch and located Michael’s missing platinum Tiffany & Co. ring!

Michael wasn’t home at the time we found his ring.  He arrived a few minutes later and was told the great news!  Michael was overcome with joy and relief as he was handed back his very special ring!  I’m always happy to help and blessed to be a member of The Ring Finders!

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

White Gold Wedding Set Goes Flying in the Ocean While Playing Volleyball, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Just before 9 p.m. on the 4th of July,  I got a message from Carol stating “Good evening! I lost my ring today and just found out that you might be able to help me. Please let me know if this is possible.” I immediately replied saying “Call me” with my phone number. I didn’t hear anything from her and got to thinking maybe she was leery of calling some guy she didn’t know. So, I followed up with another message saying “I can help, need details and it’s easier if we talk than text.” I immediately got a call from her husband Steven. Low tide was at 11 p.m. so I figured if I had a good shot at finding it, now would be the time to go. Steven told me Carol lost her white gold wedding set this morning between 11-12 a.m. while playing volleyball around low tide. He also said that they were in the water between ankle and shin deep. Oh-oh, I was hoping she lost it closer to mid afternoon during high tide. Ok, a minor setback but no big deal. I asked Steven if he could meet me to show me the right spot. Then I remembered this was July 4th and the beaches would be packed with tourist watching fireworks and parking would be non-existent.  A minor setback #2. With the instructions he gave me, I knew exactly where to go except I didn’t know how far north of the beach access to go. On my way there he sent me a Google earth map with the area circled which was perfect. When I got to the beach, as I expected, there was no where to park. I finally found a spot to park about a block away, grabbed my gear and headed to the beach. As I’m walking out on the beach, in the pitch black, people were 3 to 4 rows deep sitting in the sand or on beach chairs. I made my way to the water’s edge and started a perpendicular grid search. Then the fireworks started!!!  I thought I was in a war zone and right in the line of fire, as everything was being shot off towards the ocean.

Ok, I focused on the mission at hand, which was to find Carol’s wedding set. What was ankle to shin deep water this morning for them was now a huge pool of water that was waist deep. The water was deep enough that I kept my headlamp off so I wouldn’t attract the baitfish, which in turn would attract bigger fish. Thankfully, the fireworks gave me enough light to see where I was going. I was probably a little more than an hour and a half into the search and about half way through the area Steven had circled when I got a great signal on the Nox 800. The VDI number was 13 and a little higher than what I thought it might be for a white gold set. I was waist deep and carefully dug the target out of the hole. I checked the hole and made sure it was clear. I then walked back up to the wet sand before I emptied the sand out of the scoop so I wouldn’t accidently shake the target out in the ocean. When I dumped the sand out on the beach, I turned on my headlamp and could see a little glimmer of something shiny. I reached down and picked up a beautiful lady’s wedding set. I didn’t have a complete description of Carol’s rings so I called Steven. He started explaining it and then said “here’s Carol, she can explain it better.” As she’s identifying the ring I’m holding to perfection, I took a picture and text it to her. I told her to check her text messages and I hear, with a lot of enthusiasm “Oh my gosh, you found my ring!” What a feeling finding someone’s treasure that they never thought they’d see again. With no way of knowing what the ocean, tides, and tons of sand will do between tide cycles, I’m not real sure her rings wouldn’t have been buried below a metal detectors capabilities by low tide the next morning.

Carol and Steven – Thank you so much for trusting me to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe drive back home to Ohio!



Women’s Diamond Engagement Ring Lost for 2 Months…FOUND Spruce Pine, Alabama!

Christina McCree – Lost Item Recovery Specialist for North Alabama and surrounding areas…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

I received a text message from Amee on Saturday night (March 27th, 2021).  Amee had lost her 14K white gold and platinum plated diamond engagement ring somewhere in her gravel driveway.  She tried using a metal detector, but Amee and her husband, Casey, were unfamiliar with how to use it properly.  They also tried sifting through the gravel with a garden tool and makeshift sifter, but that too was unsuccessful.  Amee and her family tried searching for many weeks, but still no engagement ring.  She went on Google and searched, “how to find a lost ring” and Chris Turner’s The Ring Finders website popped up.  This is a worldwide directory of independent metal detecting specialists ready to assist in the recovery of lost items for their local area.  Since nothing else had worked so far and they were basically out of options, Amee thought she’d give The Ring Finders a try.

I was able to meet Amee and Casey the following day (Sunday, March 28th, 2021) for the search.  They live in Spruce Pine, Alabama, which is between Haleyville and Russellville.  I didn’t mind the hour and a half drive from Huntsville, as it was a beautiful early Spring afternoon!  Amee told me that she had actually lost both her engagement ring and wedding band on February 1st.  She explained that she was in her car, pulling into her driveway and she had both rings in her hand.  She parked, got out and was walking around the car and accidentally dropped them in the gravel driveway.  She was able to find the wedding band, but the engagement ring was still missing after almost 2 months!

I thoroughly searched the area around where her car was normally parked.  I found the usual foil, pull-tabs, and bottle caps.  Amee then showed me the spot where she dumped the sifted piles.  I searched that as well, but still no ring.  I was confident that the ring was not in the area she initially identified.

I offered to search Amee’s car, because that seemed like the only place left.  Amee then told me that she needed to come clean…the engagement ring was not in her car, because she had made up the story of accidentally dropping the rings.  The rings were actually thrown from the front porch in a moment of stress and anger.  Please don’t judge.  We’re all human and we’ve all done things that we later wish we hadn’t.  Amee gave me permission to share this.  If she hadn’t been truthful with what actually occurred, her ring may have never been found.  This really makes me wonder how many other rings are still missing today, because a client didn’t feel comfortable with sharing the real story on how their ring was lost.

I reassured Amee to not feel bad.  Ring throws actually occur way more than people think, but some just don’t feel comfortable talking about it.  Amee and Casey then shared some very sad and unfortunate personal news that led up to the ring toss.  Out of respect for the family, I’ve decided to not share these details.

With this new information and based on my knowledge and experience with ring tosses, I felt very confident that Amee’s engagement ring would now be found!  When the rings were thrown, Amee said that she heard a ping.  This was her wedding band hitting the car and bouncing back.  I felt that the engagement ring went further than they thought and actually flew over the car instead of hitting it.  I started a new grid towards the direction of the toss in the front yard, just a few feet beyond the driveway and where I ended my other grid.

Within a matter of minutes (on my second gridline), my Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector rang up a solid 8.  Parting the grass, I uncovered Amee’s gorgeous 14K white gold with platinum plating diamond engagement ring!!!  Amee was in complete shock that her engagement ring had been found and couldn’t thank me enough!  Casey had asked Amee for her hand in marriage with this very ring in 2007 (about 14 years ago)!  The ring was now back on Amee’s finger where it belongs along with her wedding band!  I’m so glad that this ring search had a happy ending!  I give all glory to God, and I pray that He allows me to continue helping others for many years to come!

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.