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Lost ring in Natick, MA. found. Find of a life time.

from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-603-809-3622

Find of a life time is a common phrase heard in the metal detecting community. It has a different definition than what you will find in this story. Last Monday I got a text concerning a very special lost ring in Natick, MA. A very common story where the parents were playing with the children in the back yard when one action or another dislodged the women’s ring from her finger. The play immediately ceased and the family spent the rest of the daylight looking for the lost ring with no success.

When I arrived at the home the first thing I noticed was the landscaping. The ground in the back yard reminded me of a green and brown loop pile carpeting. In other words there was no real place for a ring to go, so I figured Id be out there in a few minutes flat. Well after 30 minutes of covering the entire back yard with a grid search I came up empty I expanded the search to around corners, under and in any yard toys, and on and in a small shed, but still a big nothing. At that point I made a joke about climbing over into the neighbors yard or checking the gutters. The next words out of my mouth were, “Do you have a ladder?” I am still not sure what that look on Jennifer’s face meant! I got the ladder to check the gutters, but as it turned out they were not going to need a handyman to come by later this fall to clean them out and the roof was pretty much debris free also except for a large platinum ring with 8 crazy diamonds.

Two people playing keep away, an air filled ball, a loose ring, and of course physics will send a ring flying every time. Hope I can attache video and be careful it’s a little loud, but pay attention to the wife and not me. She was very happy!


Video is loud so be careful!!





jennifer1 jennifer2

On October 16th I was outside playing ball with my family. I reached up with both my hands to catch the ball and I felt my wedding ring come off my finger. All of us immediately started looking for it. My husband
marked the spot where i was and we continued to search. After 1/2 hour my husband decided to go buy a metal detector. My kids went inside and I stayed outside walking back and forth through the yard. My husband returned
and he began to search with the metal detector, still no luck. After 3 hours of nonstop searching i had to come inside to cook dinner. I began to feel hopeless. I have had my wedding ring for 10 years and I felt I had lost a piece
of myself. My husband searched online and he came across ring finders. We contacted Guy and he asked if we wanted him to come out that night or the next day. We agreed that he would come out the next day. I anxiously waited for him
to arrive and was hopeful that he’d be able to find it. The morning I met Guy he asked were the action took place I took him to the backyard. He asked where we were playing and where I thought the ring would be. He began his search
walking up and down the yard. He said the ring might have went over the fence and we might need to search the neighbors yard also. I guess anything could have been a possibility because where I thought it was we weren’t having any
luck. He also had asked if I had a ladder so he could check the gutters/roof. I was thinking that there was no way that it could be in the gutters or on the roof with the way that it had came off my finger. I gave him the ladder from
the shed. He climbed up and was looking all the while I was thinking I should get ready to go ask the neighbors if he could search their yard then Guy pulled out his phone I didn’t realize it then but he was recording this moment
because he had found my ring. I would have never in a million years thought that it was up on the roof. I still get emotional thinking about the moment it was back on my finger. It must have hit the ball in mid air and that’s
how it ended up on the roof. I appreciate Guy so much for his patience and thinking outside the box. I am forever grateful.
Hello Guy this is Jennifer Edwards I apologize for the huge delay in this email but here it is.
Hope all is going well.  All the best, Jennifer

Lost Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring in Toronto Ontario…Found!

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 905-208-4440

DIAMOND RINGHad a great Toronto Ring Finders call last night from a husband explaining that his wife could not stop crying about her Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring she had just lost. Kim had been out walking the dog along a local path that night and when she got home noticed her beautiful ring was missing off her her hand. She looked throughout the house and finally realized she must have lost it outside along the 1/2 mile walk she was on. The weather in Toronto has been quite cold for April and the cold temperature must have made her hands shrink. With flashlight in hand Kim headed out in the pitch dark and went up and down the snow covered path with no luck. I can’t imagine how devastating this must have felt, the ring was an absolutely beautiful Platinum band with an exquisite Princess cut Diamond. Not to mention the sentimental value of loosing an engagement ring would be the worst feeling……. but they found me on the Ring Finders Toronto page and there was a glimmer of hope. I had told them that last year I returned over 50 rings to people in the same shoes, not to worry and I would be over first thing. I told my wife and 2 adult daughters the story and they were all pretty adamant that I get there first thing before a passer by finds it before me.

When I arrived I met Kim a very nice young Lady and her Dog Georgie an awesome bulldog (my favorite dog) and they took me to the path. OMG she walked 1/2 a mile along the path weaving on and off the trail as the dog did his business. I told Kim that it was a huge area to look and most people have a better idea of where the ring came off within a smaller area like a back yard. This was going to take all my know how and tactics to find this ring…. it literally was a needle in a haystack. Actually that would be easier to find.

Kim left me to do my work and said she was easily available by cell and not far if I needed her, so, I started walking the path up and down which was taking about 30 minutes a pass. The ground still had lots of snow covering it which in my mind, made me think the Ring was somewhat suspended over the solid ground. This is ideal because there are tonnes of metallic targets in the ground that make a detector go off like pull tabs and pop tops. These objects sound just like Rings and if Kim’s rings is a bit higher off the ground it will lessen the other bad signals. With enough experience and the right equipment ( my detector is a Pro series worth $2800.+) you can also identify which are good and bad signals and which ones are close to the coil.  I have found literally hundreds of rings and have one secret technique that helps me find some of the most beautiful rings you’ve ever seen. I have also found very deep old rings with this exceptional detector.Last year I found a Gold Ring dated 1882 on the inside and it made American Digger magazine in the states. However that was last year and here I was on a half mile long haystack and I wasn’t leaving without finding this one for Kim and her husband.

So I started off and had made about 3 passes up and down the 1/2 mile of path, I noticed that the snow was melting fast and there wasn’t time to loose. I remembered she had said she watched her dog poop in this one area and as a responsible dog owner gathered it up in a plastic bag for disposal. Usually you focus on an area like this because the hands are going in and out of pockets more creating a great opportunity for a Ring to pop off. After another hour as I must admit I was getting a little discouraged I heard a low grunting signal. A Very familiar signal! ………  I called Kim and as you can see on the following youtube video the rest is what all of us were waiting for…….



Diamond Platnium Ring


Cobalt Wedding Ring Recovered from the Snow in Oakville Ontario

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 905-208-4440

After being married for only 2 weeks he lost it in a friendly snowball fight.

After being married for only 2 weeks Bjorn lost his Cobalt Wedding Ring in a friendly family snowball fight. The family actually bought a cheap detector at a local Canadian tire and looked feverishly throughout the evening in the front yard. These types of detectors are very low grade and in about a foot of snow didn’t have any hope of hearing a signal. Along with lots of chatter and interference from the close by power lines to the house they put it back in the box. Know with shovels in hand they dug out the snow bank at the road from where the rally began and then combed the yard with no luck! Cold, wet, disappointed and frustrated they gave up went inside and looked online for an answer……… thats where they found me on the Ring Finders site. Fortunately we lived in the same town so he gave me a call and I replied straight away. I usually can get to a Ring Finder call within hrs or the latest by the next morning . After about 30 minutes of detecting the areas where Bjorn thought he lost the beautiful ring without any luck, I started an elevated peripheral grid search. Most times Rings are located almost the opposite direction from where people think they are. A few months earlier I located a ring using the same method 100 ft in the opposite direction that a client was sure it landed. Now as I was walking along the yard parallel to the garage in a small inconspicuous snow bank I heard that familiar low grunting sound on my detector.  As you can see on the following Youtube video the rest is what we were all waiting for….


Newlyweds Lost Ring Found at the Fairmont Orchid in Mauna Lani, Big Island Hawaii

from Big Island (Hawaii, United States)
Female detectorist recovers honeymooners ring in Hawaii

Found ring! After a two-hour in-water search, Sylvie Madison recovered the lost wedding ring!

I received an email on Thursday night from Keila saying her husband of five days had lost is his wedding band in Mauna Lani at the Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Normally my husband Brent and I work as a team metal detecting on the Big Island, Hawaii with Brent doing all the in water searching and me covering the sand. As he uses a more sophisticated Minelab he can also detect better around all the mineralized lava. My detector is my trusty pulse induction Garret Sea Hunter. I have successfully recovered a ring before with it and found gold but not while in waist deep water. (It’s great for SCUBA).

Unfortunately Brent was away on a job so I needed to make a judgment call as to weather I would be capable to search with a good chance of recovery. I looked at some pictures and the bay which was very protected and looked very sandy.

Keila and her new husband Matt assured me that it was very shllow and there was little water movement. I told them I would have to wait until Saturday and could go out then and please let me know if there had been any other detectorists.

I hired a friend to help me dig and we met Matt on Saturday morning. Unfortunately what I did not realize was that it is probably a man made lagoon and that there is a lot of lava rock underneath the sand which Is not very deep, maybe 3 inches before hitting lava. have heard not all detectorists in the area try to return the rings.

I set out on a search pattern in the small area and getting a lot of small and false signals. Also the water was more like 2-4 feet deep and I did not bring any scuba with me.
I looked for about 1.5 hours and then Matt and Keila had to go catch their plane. I assured them I would keep looking.

Found Gold Ring Fairmont Mauna LaniI got some strange signals near the rocks but mostly half a signal, only beeping on one swing of the detector and not two. I was getting distraught thinking Brent would need to come out with is Minelab if no one else found it first.

I decided to do one last sweep of the area and then I heard it, a proper signal, actually a double beep and on each swing of the Garrett! I asked my assistant to dig and there it was! A very nice 14k brushed white gold ring!!! Yay my first in water recovery! I immediately sent
a message to Matt and Keila who were already at the airport. What a great feeling knowing there honeymoon ends with happiness and I will soon be sending them the ring!!!

Matt and Keila on their wedding day in Kauai.

Matt and Keila on their wedding day in Kauai.

For lost rings on the Big Island of Hawaii contact us at (808) 430-5660 , email info@bigislandmetaldetecting.com or visit www.bigislandmetaldetecting.com

Hawaii Ring Recovery big island

Metal Detecting Equipment and Training

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Metal Detecting Equipment and Training

I just added the Garrett AT Gold to the equipment list. I was looking for a machine that would perform really well on small gold items like diamond earrings and very small diamond pendants. The Minelab CTX 3030 manages well, but the prospecting (AT GOLD) hits these small items really well.

I purchased two small gold items from a local jewelry store for field testing and training purposes. The AT GOLD works amazingly well and should increase my recovery rate for these types of items.












Test Items























The New Garrett AT Gold
















First test run with the AT Gold at a nearby park






















The AT Gold picked out this small earring on its first test run along with some of the smallest specs of aluminum and other debris I have ever recovered.

My first impressions, the machine is awesome,  and it has already proven itself capable of finding micro specs of Au, Ag, and Pt.

Au: Gold

Ag: Silver

Pt: Platinum


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common places are parks, lakes, beaches and even your own front yard…If you lost your “Ring” or other precious item…We can find it!

We train regularly and use the best Metal Detecting Equipment available insuring the greatest possibility of finding your lost possessions.




Don’t wait… Call now!

John Volek






Lost Class Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Lost Class Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

Received a call yesterday from Domingo who said he had lost his class ring 5 days ago while planting and transplanting plants in his backyard. Domingo said after spending several days searching for the ring with no success, he located “The Ring Finders” online.

I made the trip over to Domingo’s this morning, Domingo showed me his backyard and the possible areas where he thought the ring may have come off his finger. You can see from the pictures, Domingo was in the process of a backyard transformation with several areas needing to be searched.

Domingo mentioned something about coffee and went back into the house leaving me to conduct the search for his ring. I eliminated one of the flowers beds pretty quickly and moved on to the next flower bed near the center of the back yard. I was on about the forth swing in that flower bed when I hit a pretty good signal.

I knocked on Domingo’s back door and asked him to come on out back and show me the areas again needing to be searched. As Domingo was pointing out the areas again, I held out his class ring, Domingo was pleasantly surprised.

Domingo’s picture say’s the rest.
































Domingo 1












Dom 3













Minelab Pin Pointer Pro





Lost Ring Bellaire, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Lost Ring in Bellaire, Texas (Recovered)


I received a call yesterday from Eric a resident of Bellaire, Texas regarding his lost wedding ring. Eric reported he had lost his wedding ring in his backyard while playing water volleyball in his new pool. Eric said he remembered hitting a volleyball and his ring flying off his finger. Eric reported he searched his yard for several days trying to find his ring. Eric said after unsuccessfully finding his ring he located “The Ring Finders” on a Google a search.

I made the trip out to Eric’s home this morning and was given a walk through of how and where the ring was lost. The backyard was under renovations, a beautiful new pool, landscaping steps, and new and old landscaping underway. The backyard had little grass, so the remaining search area was going to be several areas of monkey grass, small hedges and a few flower beds.

Having the 6″ coil for the CTX3030 was a big factor in this recovery. Most of my work was pushing the small coil through the small tight hedges to work the ground below and around the hedges. It would have been nearly impossible to have accomplished this task with the stock 11′ coil.

I worked an area of the yard that seemed most probable for Eric’s ring to have landed based on the information of how it was lost. This area was relatively heavy with scrubs and money grass providing a great hiding place for a missing ring.. I thought for sure it would be the spot. After spending sometime working the hedges and monkey grass in this area with no results, I moved to the far side of the yard.

I started in on one of the flower beds, pushing the coil through the hedges blindly when I got a nice signal. I worked through the ground cover vegetation with a pin pointer and uncovered a series of intertwined gold loops. I ‘ll be honest, I initially thought maybe I had found an earring , I was thinking to myself what the heck is it. I knew it was gold, but did not register as a gold wedding band.

I hollered over to Eric who was working in the yard, and held out the dangling loops of gold, I saw a smile on his face, and rest is now history.

Eric explained that the odd configuration (the gold loops) was a Gold Arabic Puzzle Ring, and it had belonged to his grandfather original, passed to his father, and now to him. Thought to myself (priceless) and awesome, that is something you could never replace.

I have picked up a lot of rings, but this was my first ever puzzle ring and what a cool story. It didn’t take long to figure out why they call it a puzzle ring.

The video is a quick clip of Eric putting his ring back together.



Bellaire 2
































Nothing further,


John Volek






Lost Class Ring College Station, Texas

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Lost Texas A&M Class Ring Bryan College Station, Texas


Received the following e-mail 03-13-2014 Thursday

Hey John,

I got your contact info from the ring finder website. I recently

lost my Aggie ring. I believe it fell off in my neighbors yard, while I was

picking up some trash that had blown into his leaf piles. I’m 99% sure where it

fell. My neighbor gave me permission to look, but I have not been successful.

I’m a veterinary student in college station, tx. What would it cost to have you

drive out here and have a look? Do you know anyone in this area that would be

willing to assist? The ring is very important to me, and had a stone from my

grandmother in it.


Spoke with Kohl on Thursday and he explained the circumstances surrounding the loss of his class ring. Kohl explained the ring was important, but the diamond in his ring had been handed down to him from his grandmother, making it irreplaceable. Kohl and I , worked out some travel expenses issues, and arrangements were made from Sunday morning. I made the 1:45 minute trip out to Kohl’s today meeting him at his residence. Kohl walked the search area with me pointing out the areas he believed he may have lost his ring. The search area was relatively small with several sections of the lawn had exposed dirt surfaces.  I knew if the ring was in the remaining grass or leaves it would be a very fast recovery.


These are the difficult stories; the ring was not in the yard. I worked that lawn so hard I may have killed the remaining grass.

Having searched for A&M rings in the past, I knew the school had a lost and found specific to class rings. Even the local area police departments, having checked this for myself, contact the schools when a class ring is turned into them. I directed Kohl to notify the school, and to continue the search for his ring. Kohl advised he would notify me if he finds his missing ring.


John Volek





Lost Ring Pasadena, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

 Lost Ring Pasedena, Texas (Recovered)

 I received a call Wednesday from Jennifer who had located me on www.theringfinders.com she was looking for someone to help her find her mother’s lost wedding ring.

Jennifer reported her mother Barbara had lost her ring in the front yard of her residence while tending to the front lawn and flower beds. Jennifer said her mother was pretty sure she lost her wedding ring of 20 years while working in the yard today.

I asked Jennifer a few more questions about the area to be searched and recommended she tell her mom not to mow the front lawn.

Final arrangements were discussed and plans were made for Friday morning.

Jennifer called me back a few minutes after our conversation ended; reportin her mother’s lawn service had  cut the grass Wednesday afternoon. I told Jennifer we will hope for the best, and if the ring is in the yard I would find it.

I made the trip out to Pasadena this morning and meet with Barbara and was shown the areas in the yard where she believed she may have lost her ring.

Barbara returned inside of her residence while I searched the front yard and flower beds. About 15 minutes in, a good solid signal with a depth rate of one inch, I knew I was on the ring.

I packed up my gear and knocked on the front door a few minutes later. Barbara called out, come on in. As I made my way to the living area of the house I heard Barbara say “you couldn’t find it”?

I held out my hand and presented Barbara her missing wedding ring which resulted in some big hugs and smiles.









































John Volek



Equipment Used:

Minelab CTX3030

White’s TRX Pinpointer

 The TRX is looking really good performance wise and performed well on its first field use.

Metal Detecting Equipment

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

 Recent Discovery #3  Anderson Detector Shafts


Product Information:

Anderson Detector Shafts: http://andersondetectorshafts.com/

The fine folks at Anderson Detector Shafts sent out an Excalibur II travel shaft for long term testing and evaluation 🙂 The product looks and feels very well built and should be a nice upgrade for traveling with an Excalibur II.

Anderson Detector Shafts also builds some really nice looking Carbon Fiber shafts,  and a variety of other quaility detecting products.

Ryan at Andeson Detector Shafts will be your point of contact.































John Volek