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Avalon NJ Lost Card Wallet Found by John Favano Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)



Sandy had misplaced her card wallet on the beach in Avalon, New Jersey only a few days ago. Despite its absence for three long days, she remained hopeful. Upon meeting at the entrance, I began inquiring about the details surrounding the lost wallet. Soon after, I started my search with a metal detector in hand. Within 30 minutes, the lost card wallet was successfully located and returned to a relieved and overjoyed Sandy. A great day in Avalon, NJ!



Lost cross and chain in the sand, Lavallette NJ, OB3, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Ed called about his beautiful chain and cross that disappeared into the sand while they were at the beach. He had given it to his wife for safe keeping while he went in the water. Somehow during a fantastic beach day it went missing. Ed explained the only place it could be was in the area of their towels and chairs, and positively not in the water. I arranged to meet Ed and his family on the beach in Lavallette, later that evening when some of the traffic cleared. They had already marked out the area, which had some fixed landmarks close by, and are always a big plus. I boxed out the perimeter, and when I got to the original starting point, and turned in just a bit to take my second swipe, I got a nice low steady signal that had cross and chain singing in my  headphones. Bingo !!! just as I thought, it was in the scoop. The chain had snuck through the scoop, which his wife quickly spotted shining in the light.

Ocean City NJ Lost Wedding Ring Found in the Sand by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Julie lost her wedding ring during a weekend trip in Ocean City, NJ. She put the ring in the back pouch of her beach chair, but her husband Will wasn’t aware it was in there when he packed up their belongings. Julie didn’t realize the ring was missing until they got back to the house. They thought it may have fallen out when the chair was flipped over, so Will gave me a call. I met him and was able to find the ring!


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Lost Wedding Band Sea Isle City NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Jonny had lost his custom-made wedding band in the ocean just a day earlier, while spending time in Sea Isle City, NJ. He was wading in waist-deep water when he suddenly felt the ring slip off his finger. The following afternoon, Jonny contacted me for help, and we met up shortly after. Equipped with my waterproof metal detector, I began our search for the precious ring. About an hour later, out in the surf, the wedding band was finally found! Jonny and Michelle were overjoyed and could hardly believe their luck. The entire family was delighted and relieved to have the ring back, making it a fantastic end to the day in Sea Isle City, NJ.


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Cape May NJ Lost Wedding Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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David lost his wedding band during a day on the beach with his family in Cape May, NJ. He thought the ring slipped off and fell into the sand when he moved his family’s beach chairs to a new location. He called me the following day and I met him shortly afterward. I was able to find the ring quickly, and he was able to get back to enjoying Cape May!

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Margate NJ Engagement Ring, Wedding Band & Sentimental Gold Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Chelsea lost her engagement ring, wedding band and gold ring in the sand while in Margate, NJ. Before putting sunscreen on her child, she placed the rings on top of her cell phone. She forgot to put them back on and didn’t realize she didn’t have them until she got home. The wedding set was extra special because it was custom-made for her by her father’s friend who was a jeweler.


Her friend Katie reached out to me to help search and I was given the approximate location where the family sat. I had to circle out farther with the metal detector and eventually hit the targets. We were able to FaceTime with Chelsea to surprise her. She was elated they were found!

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Sea Isle City NJ Lost Wedding Band Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Nikki’s husband lost his wedding band shortly after he arrived at the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ. He started the day by sitting down to eat some lunch. After he was finished his sandwich, he stood up to dust off some crumbs. Unfortunately, his wedding band came off while he was cleaning his hands. What started as a relaxing day at the beach turned into an unexpected search for the lost ring. The family tried looking for the ring with no success, so his daughter searched for other options. She found Ring Finders South Jersey online and gave me a call. I met them and found out some more details. It wasn’t long after I started the search that I heard the tone of the platinum ring and dug it out of the sand. The family was excited to get back to their vacation in Sea Isle!
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Avalon NJ Lost Engagement Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call to search for a lost engagement ring in Avalon, NJ. After meeting up with the family on the beach. They gave me some details on how the ring might have been lost. I started the search with my metal detector and the ring wasn’t in the area. We then spoke again about where the ring could be and using my pinpointer (hand held mini metal detector) I was able to locate the ring in a pocket of a sweatshirt after searching everything that was in their beach cart!

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Ring Finders South Jersey Finds Lost Wedding Band in Red Bank, New Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Lost ring in leaves found!

Dana sent me an email regarding Todd’s lost wedding band. Todd had to secure a fence near the back of his yard in Red Bank, New Jersey because one of his dogs is a successful escape artist. Unfortunately, the ring came off in the process, but he had an idea on the direction it might be, and that’s where I started to search. The wedding band was found shortly after, buried under a thick pile of leaves.

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Wedding band that was lost is found in Red Bank, New Jersey by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

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iPhone lost in the sand at Barefoot Country Music Fest Wildwood NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Amanda dropped her iPhone in the sand while at the Barefoot Country Music Fest this past weekend in Wildwood, New Jersey. I met Amanda on the beach today to look for her phone that also has a card holder attached to the back with her ID and credit card inside. After approximately 30 minutes of searching, the phone and cards were found! Even though the phone was damaged, the SIM card and other cards are intact and safely back in her possession.

Find lost ring on the beach Ring Finder Wildwood NJ

How to find a lost ring in the sand New Jersey

Lost a ring on the beach in the sand? It can be found with a metal detector.