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Harwich Port, Cape Cod, MA Lost Engagement Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 5, 2021

The end of summer was approaching as was the ending of another family tradition, a clambake on the fluffy sand that laid between the house and Nantucket Sound. The fun in the sand, the bake and meal were complete and the enjoyment of the waning sunlight were at hand. But panic set in when an ill fated hand movement let Rachel’s engagement ring slip from its resting place in front of the wedding band. The band stayed from Rachel’s hand and a search for the diamond was initiated. Raking the sand in a circle did not bring the ring into the twilight or beam of the flashlight.

It was time to request help from TheRingFinders. I unfortunately did not check my texts until about 3:30AM. At that time I sent a reply saying 9AM or 5PM would be a good time to meet and search, considering the tide and previous ring finding appointment that had been made the night before. 9AM came back to me as the time to shoot for. After contacting Leighton and urging him to meet me earlier than we had planned to so we could search for Rachel’s ring before meeting our noon contact. All was set and we were ready to start searching just before 9AM.

It was our fortune that the rake circle was still visible in the sand. Leighton went left and I stayed right of the shovel that was left to mark the previous night’s search. I had found a bottle cap and Leighton a piece of scrap aluminum. It was time to enlarge the search area. Leighton stayed seaward and I toward the soft sand. About four feet from the edge of the circle a familiar sound was in my ears and a ring that had brought forth the sound was in my scoop. It was time to let Rachel remove her ring and replace it on her finger where it belonged. Maybe three minutes elapsed since the start of the search to the ring return’s completion. Leighton and I just are so grateful for the precise markings made while a loss is fresh in the minds of those that have first hand information about the loss

As we always do, gather some information for the blog, photos, stories and passing of congratulations and Thank Yous. Then it was off to lost ring number two for the day. We all had big smiles for the TheRingFinders Book of Smiles.

Ring lost at La Jolla found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Charles and his wife Yolanda were spending the day at a small beach in La Jolla when a ball flew down from the cliff up above and landed close to where they were sitting. Charles grabbed the ball and while throwing it, his rose gold wedding band flew off and into the dry sand. He search for quite a while without success. An online search brought him to TheRingFinders.com website and my contact info. I gathered my gear and headed to their location. I was even lucky enough to find a parking spot fairly close to where they were. Charles met me up on the cliff and we proceeded to the search area. Maybe 2 minutes later, I get a solid 20 on my Equinox and I mentioned to Charles that it’s probably a zinc cent, or, it could possibly be his ring if it was big enough. Sure enough, it was plenty big! A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Lost Diamond Ring During Atlantic Beach Gathering Found With Good Timing

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Jo Ann was brought out to Atlantic Beach for a family photo shoot and to spend time with her family.   Her great grand kids had gathered sand & fiddler crabs in a bucket.  Jo Ann put her hand into the bucket of sand, water & crabs when one of her rings slipped off into the bucket.  It wasn’t until after the bucket was dumped back into the oncoming surf that it was discovered, one of her rings was missing.  A friend and I were just walking onto the beach to help remove some of the metal garbage laying under the sand when a family member approached us and told us of the situation.  After a few passes, the ring was found in the sand under the shallow water.  It took about 5 minutes.  We walked up to where they were sitting and none of them had realized we had found her ring.  They started to thank us for searching thinking were didn’t find the ring when we presented the ring.  They were very thankful but on a tight schedule so we made the return as brief as possible and we went back to cleaning the beach.


Lost wedding ring metal detecting search Minnesota lake scuba

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

A young couple had their wedding at a northern Minnesota cabin, everything went great until the wedding party decided to board a pontoon and all jump off into the water. The bride had her wedding ring on for only a few hours and now it was lost in the lake. Luckily they had the right idea and marked the spot with an anchor and a float.

The grooms grandfather found me on theringfinders.com and I made the 3 and half hour drive the next morning. They marked the spot well and the water was only 4 feet deep or so. I found the ring in just a few minutes. Congrats to the bride and groom and hopes for a long and happy marriage!

FYI – Bride wasn’t available for the PIC, so I got the grooms smile :O)

Darrin ~

Ring toss recovery

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call to look for a ring in the back yard. Person had purchased a metal detector but was unable to locate the ring. I got there and most of the back yard had pavers, so I knew it couldn’t be there. I searched all the grass in his yard, nothing! I was informed that he heard it hit something. The neighbors garage was also close, so I checked the neighbors yard. No Luck. I had previously asked him to check the roof of his garage, so I knew it wasn’t there. I went back to the yard and very carefully LOOKED at the crevice between the sidewalk and the grass. BINGO! As a note, I have had several other hunts where the ring was in a crevice next to a sidewalk and always as a last spot to concentrate on is that space.

Ring lost at a San Diego beach Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Corey and his family were spending a day at the beach. He put his wedding ring in his pocket for safe keeping, only to discover later that his pocket had a hole in it and the ring was gone! This wasn’t the first wedding ring he’s lost, so, he had to endure another tongue lashing from his wife. a couple of days later, Corey searched online, found TheRingFinders.com website, got my contact information, and gave me a call. We met at the beach about 45 minutes later where he showed me the search area in the dry sand where they were camped last Saturday. I started a grid in the most likely spot and expanded out from there. In about 15 minutes or so, Corey was going to head up to his car, but, at that moment, I got a nice “14” pull tab sound on my Equinox, and out came Corey’s ring from the sand. A happy Corey now gets to go home and move his belongings out of the dog’s house and back in the family’s house! A pleasure to meet you Corey and thank you for the reward.


Lost ring at Wind and Sea Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Skylar was visiting here from her desert home and was enjoying a relatively cool day at Wind and Sea beach here in La Jolla California At the end of the day, she packed up her gear and headed 60-70 yards across the dry sand to the stairs up to her vehicle. Once at the vehicle, she discovered her engagement ring was not on her finger anymore. She hadn’t taken it off and was at a loss as to what could have happened to it. Checking her possessions, and retracing her steps back to where she was camped didn’t result in finding the ring. She had a rather sad 2 hour drive back home. She and her mother managed to get my contact info and called me for help. Being she was a bit unfamiliar with that beach, all I could get was a general area where she had been, so, working with just a map would have been pretty tough. Skylar volunteered to drive back and show me the search area in person. Wonderful! That always makes thing easier. She and her mother drove to the beach, and met me the same day she called and at about the same time she had left the previous day., so, things should look very familiar. We proceeded to the spot she was camped and I started my search. Quite a few people were still there on the beach at 7pm, so, I had to be mindful of that and not encroach too close to anyone. After coming up empty searching the surrounding area where Skylar had been sitting and storing her gear, and as close as I wanted to get to a couple close by on their blanket, I asked Skylar to try and take the same path to the stairs so I could follow and check that section of beach. We got all the way to the base of the stairs without finding the ring. I mentioned that maybe they could look upstairs in case it fell out there and was maybe (but extremely unlikely) still up laying there in plain sight by where she had parked. I turned around and headed back to the camp site, taking an abutting path slightly closer to the water. I made it all the way back to ground zero, but, still no ring. I then expanded out a bit more around that area, even closer to the couple on their blanket, and got the signal I was waiting for, just 2 feet from where I had stopped when I first started the search! I turned around and headed back toward the stairs, but, didn’t see Skylar or her mother initially, so, I just slowly detected my way back thinking they must be upstairs. I dug a few junk targets along the way, and when I got close to the stairs, I realized they were waiting there. They thought I still hadn’t found the ring yet, seeing me lollygagging my way back but, I pulled out the ring and surprised them both. They were both very happy and will now have a much more joyful ride back home. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Ring Lost in Collinsville, Oklahoma Found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a text from Ray about  his wife’s lost wedding ring… I asked what happened when I got there and his wife TASHA said there was an argument and she threw her ring over the back fence into the field behind the house….. I had  Tasha throw my test ring, my ring landed a few yards from her’s  I scooped up her ring without her knowing…. I asked her if it could be over by the dirt mound behind her a few feet… When she turned around I held up her ring in my hand… It took her bout 30 seconds to turn around and finally she saw her Ring…. Needless to say she was very happy…. That evening she was in a downpour looking for it… Unfortunately she didn’t want her picture I said that’s fine…

Minnesota Lost Ring Metal Detecting River

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Patrick and his wife were getting ready to tube down the Cannon River in Minnesota, while getting on the tube, Patrick saw his wedding band come off his hand and he tried his best to grab it. The ring disappeared into the river, about waist deep with a very rocky bottom. He tried to find it, and just couldn’t get it. He searched for help on the internet and found theringfinders.com – I met him down by the river and decided that scuba would be the best as the bottom was full of huge rocks and there is no way I could use a scoop to try and recover any signals. I found a few coins and some garbage as usual, though it only took about 15 – 20 minutes and that nice tone rang in my ears. I knew it was the ring.

Congrats Patrick, truly glad I could help!




Lost ring at Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Nathan was body surfing at Mission beach when he realized that he was wearing his wedding ring, not something he normally does. In checking the ring to see how tight it was fitting, it came right off and dropped into waist deep surf. With our surf, it will disappear in a second, so, no way to spot it. A sad Nathan now had to go confess to the wife that his wedding band is gone.  His wife wasn’t satisfied with accepting that fate, so, she found TheRingFinders.com on a search and contacted me for help. The ring was lost at a +4 foot tide, so, a minus .7 tide at 5:14 am was just the ticket for this search. Nathan met me at 3:15 am and showed me the search area. He even came out in the surf and helped me keep on my grid pattern. This section of beach was real clean. An hour and half later, I had only found 3 non-ferrous targets, 2 pull tabs and a junk ring. At that point I had changed direction on my grid and now went north-south instead of my earlier east-west. Second pass doing this in ankle deep or less water, and another 16 pull tab reading on my Equinox. Only this time, it looked this was going to be Nathan’s ring. I called him over, and by the light of his flashlight, he saw it was indeed his ring. He now would have a much happier conversation with his wife when he got home. Next month is their 2nd wedding anniversary, so, this recovery will help the ring story continue into chapter 3. A pleasure to meet you Nathan, and thank you for the reward.