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Texas Aggie Ring returned to owner after Guadalupe River recovery in Hunt, Texas.

from Kerrville (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-830-285-9935

I received a call from a Texas Aggie that he lost his ring in the Guadalupe River near Hunt, Texas. Being that the Guadalupe is a spring-fed river and it nearing the end of September, I arranged a search before the water got too cold (no wetsuits). Shane (my son and searching partner) and I arrived at the location and met Rick. He explained that he was standing in the river and threw a stick across the river for his dog to fetch. When he did, his 1981 Aggie ring came off his finger at the same time! He pointed us to where he was standing and gave a pretty good idea of which direction he threw the stick. After searching the river (up to our necks at times) for about 1.5 hours with the Garrett AT Pro metal detector and eliminating several good target sounds, a great ring tone sounded in my Grey Ghost earphones. Shane dove down and when he came up the ring was in his hand! Whoop! Rick was excited and very appreciative of the return of his Aggie ring. If you lose your jewelry or valuables call a member of the as soon as possible! In the Kerrville or Fredericksburg area contact me.

Lost wedding ring set in Toms River NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-581-0285

A few days ago I was contacted by Tom, While he and his wife Sharon were out in the backyard doing some yard work Sharon’s Soldered ring set slipped off her finger into the grass. They searched for it for a few days with a metal detector they bought at a local store. Despite hearing different signals and fanning the grass on hands and knees they were not able to locate it. A friend of theirs did a google search and found my RingFinders profile so they decided to give me a call for some help. I went there a few days later and once they showed me the general area where they thought it might be I got to work. Within about 10 mins I found it deeply embedded in thick grass. They were so happy and relieved I had found it! This ring has a lot of history as they have been married for 30 years! They met and began dating at the age of 19! Amazing! Over the years the ring that began as an engagement ring was added onto with a wedding band, Baguettes, And an anniversary ring. A jeweler friend of theirs also re-did all of the etching on both of their rings for them! What a great story! I’m so happy I was able to help them reclaim it!

Wedding Ring lost Sag Harbor Long Beach

from Suffolk County (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-516-526-4888

I received a text about a lost wedding ring from John. He took off his wedding ring when he when swing. He put it in the pocket in the chair.  When leaving he fold up the chair and the ring fell out.  He didn’t see where it landed.  He mark the spot and when he got home, he looked on the internet and Found the Ring finder web site. When I got his text I made arrangements to meet him at the beach the next day. He showed me the area that they were sitting and I started my search.  It didn’t take long as the spot was well marked.  He was happy to get his wedding ring back on his finger

Ring lost at La Jolla Shores found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Annabelle was at La Jolla Shores surfing when, while ducking under an incoming wave, her hard earned graduation ring popped off her finger and plunged in the waist deep surf. After an online search, Annabelle’s mother Ginny, called me about an hour and half later to see if I could help. Do beaches eat rings? Sure I could! At least I would give it the old college try! Surf hunts are never easy, and with a storm southwest of us causing some bigger surf, this was going to be an extra challenge. I picked 11:30pm as a time to meet, as low tide was going to be coming up at 1:15am. Annabelle lost her ring about and hour and fifteen minutes from +5.9 high tide, so, with a -.01 low tide coming up, the ring should only be in very shallow water or wet sand. I met with Ginny, Annabelle, and her two brothers on time and we proceeded to the search area. As I suspected, the surf was not going to cooperate. Rouge waves kept blasting up the wet sand wiping out my grid marks, and after a half hour and a few tries going from beach to breakers, I gave up on that plan and tried running parallel to the shore where I was able to take some bearings from lights off in the distance to help keep me on a straight line. After another 15 minutes and not finding a single non-ferrous target all night, I got a nice solid 10 on my Equinox in ankle deep water. One scoop later, and I see a nice looking ring in the basket. I walked over to Annabelle and Ginny and asked if this was THE ONE. Annabelle picked up the ring in relief, joy, and disbelief. A pleasure to meet you all, and thank you for the reward.

Hampton Bays Tiana Beach Lost Diamond and Sapphire Ring

from Suffolk County (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-516-526-4888

I receive a text at 9 PM asking if I could help find a ring at the beach.  It was a Diamond, Sapphire and Platinum Ring.  I agreed to meet the next day at Tiana Beach In Hampton Bays.

When I got there they told me the area that they were sitting. I started a grid search, I always do a larger area so as not to miss the item I am searching for.

After a few passes I had a very strong signal. Using my beach scoop I found the ring.

I was told that he gave this ring to his wife on the birth of there baby. It had a lot of sentimental value to both of them.


Lost wedding ring in Surf City NJ found by Matt St.Germain

from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-581-0285


Earlier today I was tagged in a Facebook post about a lost wedding band. I promptly responded and was then messaged by Maggie. Her husband Danny was out on a kayak with one of their children and when they came back Danny and another family member went to flip the kayak over to carry it off the beach when Danny noticed something fall. At first he thought it was a shell but when they got back to the house he realized it must have been his wedding ring because it was no longer on his finger! I made arrangements to meet them this afternoon to conduct a search. They gave me an idea of where they entered the water and where they came out. There was a lot of people in the area but as they learned what had happened they very politely moved over as I searched. After about an hour and no luck I told them instead of continuing to ask people to move I would come back later after I finish this one last area that was open. During the 4th pass I got the sound I was waiting for. Sure enough I had it! I held it up in the air and yelled! They were so happy and surprised and everyone around us was amazed I had found it! Everyone was yelling and clapping with joy! Now they can continue enjoying the rest of the weekend with their children and family! I love this hobby!

Gold Heirloom Wedding Ring Lost at Sea 19 Days Westport WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch video link below…

Jonathan contacted me explaining a few weeks prior he and his wife were surfing at Westport WA. He told me that he stashed all of his gear on the big rocks near the shore line. However when he started walking in the surf he was concerned about his gold heirloom wedding ring. At this moment when he went to check his ring it got loose and fell off his finger. He watched it fall into the ocean water and was devastated. He then spent a lot of focused time and energy searching the sands hoping to find his ring. Even after purchasing a pair of swim goggles and returning the next day at low tide to no avail Jonathan was not able to locate his gold wedding band. After this experience he did an online search on metal detecting for a lost ring. He found website and started calling for help. A few other finders were unable to assist and Jonathan was told to give me a call. I answered the call and the hunt was on! I scheduled the hunt for an early morning tide with a two and a half hour drive with nothing more than a hope and a prayer that the cell service was good enough to support a face time video call. Jonathan stayed in Seattle as I headed out to the beach in the middle of the night. I reminded him to keep his phone on so I could call him once I arrived on the beach.

Fortunately the cell service was good for a FaceTime call. We spent forty-five minutes on video chat in the dark with my flashlight crawling all over the beach in search of that one specific patch of rocks where he stowed his gear. After much time we settled on one specific spot that grabbed his attention from his best memory. I keep Jonathan on the call as I walked out into the surf and this was one of the smartest decisions I made all night that truly paid off immensely.

We were amazed his gold heirloom wedding ring, having been lost at sea in the surf sands for a total of nineteen days, remained in place as if held by the very hand of God until the day of recovery. I was honored to have the oppertunity in recovering Jonathan’s ring. Now his cherished family heirloom wedding ring can live on as an example to all to never give up on hope and faith. A truly inspiring story and reminder to each of us that difficult situations can and do end with success!

Watch this full featured video:


Jeff Morgan



Lost Glasses found!!! Plattsmouth Nebraska

from Louisville (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-429-2163

Received a call from a distraught father of a young man named Charlie. They were out having some father son time at a Husker paintball facility
When they called times up and remove your helmets, As Charlie removed his and started walking back to the start gate he tripped and his helmet went flying with his glasses in it. Well this area was quite wooded with lots of undergrowth. They looked and looked and could not find his Glasses as they were black framed plastic. After hours of 10 to fifteen guys looking for them they admitted defeat and went home I was called on monday to see if i could find them for him with my metal detector. I said sure ill give it a try and I drove the 18 miles out to the spot with a friend of mine. after a phone conversation whilst there as to the exact area it was presumed lost in we began a extensive inch by inch search of the area. Well let me tell you just how many things in the woods that bite,sting, cling and just plain crawl all over you and slither away. Saw a four foot black racer
snake he gave me a start but he went his way I went mine! Well we found shotgun shells,arrows,nails paintball gun parts airsoft gun parts and etc.etc. but no glasses We finally ran out of energy and water as it was very humod and hot! We called the father back and said we needed to be shown exactly were he fell. So we set up for Wednesday morning to meet, Well wednesday came and I drove out there again by myself and Met Chris we then commence walking up to the spot were he said he was pretty sure this is were he fell. I started swinging my detector to which i had set to all metal propector mode as to not miss the tiny signal the eye glasses would give. Again it was look and look and look after a hour or so of no luck Chris said he had to go and I said ill stay and keep looking they have to be here somewhere. So i went back up to were he said charlie started and I decided to take path a little further then were he thought and low and behold about 50 feet from were he thought is was beep I looked and there they were laying in plain sight how anyone missed them is beyond me, I was just as giddy as heck to beable to holler at Chris and say found them!!!! Man was he happy as his son had just started school and really needed his glasses as new ones were three to four weeks out. So all ended well. The next day Charlie called me and thanked me for finding his Glasses, I would do it all again in a minute. So sometimes its not always rings that are found that mean something.


Ring lost in Mission Bay found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Cynthia and her husband Juan were cooling off in the waters of Mission Bay. Cynthia’s ring was bothering her finger, and when she adjusted it, it came off and sunk into waist deep water. Try as they might, they couldn’t find it. An online search brought them to website and my contact info. We arranged to meet an hour before the afternoon low tide at 1pm, which should be low enough to where the ring might be just in the wet sand instead of waist deep water. That makes searching much easier. I arrived a bit early and a short time later Cynthia and Juan arrived and found me down by the water. They directed me to the search area and I proceeded to start a grid pattern from lower slope out into thigh deep water. Some time, and lot’s of good sounding junk targets later, still no ring. Being a hot Sunday afternoon, there were lots of other people and children playing in that area too, so, it could be I may have missed it in dodging around them. I then started a grid 90 degrees from my last one. I started up on the slope and worked my way into the water. In ankle deep water, I got a sweet sounding 11 on my Equinox, sifted the sand out of the scoop, and saw Cynthia’s beautiful ring in the bottom. I looked over to where they were sitting, gave them thumbs up, and held up her ring in triumph. An emotional Cynthia fell into her husband’s arms, people on the beach were amazed, and I ended up answering many questions about our service. Cynthia and Juan were high school sweethearts, so, it was wonderful to help continue the ring’s story for them. A pleasure to meet you both, and thank you for the reward.

Ring lost in Ocean Beach found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Montague contacted me about a ring his wife lost in the water at Ocean Beach. She had been in waist deep water holding their daughter when her family heirloom rose gold ring slipped off and into the surf. In looking at the tide chart, Montague agreed to meet me there at 1am for the low tide and a better shot at finding the ring. Being Saturday night, there was still lots of people partying and parking was still a problem, but, we eventually met and proceeded to the search area. Running a grid pattern from lower slope into knee deep water didn’t produce the ring, so, after re-evaluating where she was probably standing, I moved higher up on the slope. After a few more passes, I got a much higher reading than a rose gold ring should produce, but, I like to remove all targets to reduce the chance of them masking the signal I expect to receive. I scooped down, and pulled up a ring, but, as I suspected, it was a silver ring. Well, it turns out that was a second ring that she dropped into the water! Another search of the immediate area produced the nice low tone that I was hoping to hear, and the rose gold ring was in my scoop. A happy Montague now got to head home and bring the good news with him. A pleasure to meet you Montague and thank you for the reward.