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Skier Loses Ring in the Vermont Mountains….Found!

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)
Contact: 1-802-461-8359

Got a distress email from a guy who had been out back country skiing and lost his wedding band in the snow. He had already gone to the Harbor Freight store, bought a metal detector and tried searching with it. Unfortunately, most of what they sell there is a waste of money and so was the detector.

It was already late afternoon, with just a couple hours of daylight left, and the location was over an hour away. So I beat feet, threw my equipment in the car, packed lights and warm clothes preparing for a long search if necessary, and braved the potholes and frost heaves driving as fast as possible!

He and his wife met me and we started hiking up the trail. It was a beautiful evening out and I found the ring right off when we got to the area he had stopped and taken his gloves off. We had a nice visit on the way out. Their dog will sleep good tonight!

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Lost but Found on Grayton Beach, Fl.

from Freeport (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-863-697-6622

Im Leeth and I’m located in Freeport Florida. I am available to help find your lost items in Freeport and all the surrounding areas and beaches. I am a Florida native and I’m currently serving in the Florida Army National Guard. I have been metal detecting this great state for about 12 years now, from the beaches to the inland woods I have swung a detector over it. If you have lost something important you want or need found reach out to me to make arrangements at 863-697-6622 call or text.

Lost Ring in Freeport, FL… Found!

from Freeport (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-863-697-6622
  1. Im Leeth and I’m located in Freeport Florida. I am available to help find your lost items in Freeport and all the surrounding areas and beaches. I am a Florida native and I’m currently serving in the Florida Army National Guard. I have been metal detecting this great state for about 12 years now, from the beaches to the inland woods I have swung a detector over it. If you have lost something important you want or need found reach out to me to make arrangements at 863-697-6622 call or text.

Returned….Lost Wedding Ring found in Vestavia Hills,, Alabama.

from Pinson (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-205-283-7292

I was contacted March 8 2019 by Karen. She came in from out of town on family business and had the unfortunate event of losing her college ring and her late fathers wedding ring wile in town helping her brother. I asked her a few questions about the rings and she gave me a generalized area of where they might have fallen off. I was able to make it out there on March 10, spoke with Karen and her brother Tom. She showed me the places where the rings could have fallen off while she was working in the yard. The area was from covered leaves and vines to waist high bushes in many different spots. Also she showed me the areas in and around a few flower beds where they could have fallen off, so I thanked her for the information and began my hunt for the rings. After about 3 hours I  had searched all the areas with no luck of finding the rings. I spoke with Karen again and she wasn’t sure if the rings even made the trip, but something in her head told her that she had them on while working outside in the yard. She thanked me and I was on my way. She was leaving to go back home to  the Washington D.C. area the next morning.

I received a text from Karen on the evening of March 17 that her bother happen upon her college ring in part of the yard that I didn’t search because she wasn’t sure about that area. She asked if I could come back by and research the area where her bother found her college ring, she said that her brother marked the area around where he found the ring.  I was able to make it out to the location and search for the ring again on March 19 and met with her brother. Tom showed me the area where the college ring was found.  I retrieved my detectors and began to search, within about 3 minutes I was able to located her late father’s ring about 3 feet from where her college ring was recovered by her brother. I went to the door after recovering the ring to ask Tom if this was the ring that Karen had lost. Tom
had the biggest smile on his face and said “Yes”. Gave me a firm hand shake and said “You just made Karen’s day.” It is always a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring and see the big smiles and what it means to the people who lost it.

Lost Wedding Ring Found on San Jose High School Soccer Field

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Lost wedding ring found in San JoseYesterday was the first sunny Spring day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jesse and his son were playing catch on a soccer field at a San Jose high school. When they were done, Jesse took off his baseball glove and they walked back to his car.

In the car he noticed that his wedding ring was missing. Fortunately, Jesse is very observant: he realized that the ring had probably been pulled off his sweaty hand by the baseball glove. So they ran back to the field and started searching the area around where they had been playing. No joy.

Jesse searched online for metal detector rentals and discovered TheRingFinders. So he contacted me and I met him at the field this afternoon to search for his missing wedding ring.

Jesse showed me where he had been standing. The soccer goal posts had been moved, but he pointed to other landmarks that he remembered clearly. So I marked out a 20 by 30 yard search area with flags and began a grid search.

The first loud, shallow tone turned out to be a pocket spill: 6 coins all near the surface. Then came some can slaw: an aluminum can shredded by a lawn mower.  After about 20 minutes, out popped Jessie’s ring, close to the center of the search zone.

Jesse, thank you for trusting me to find your ring!

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Lost Wedding Ring – FOUND!!!

from Pensacola (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

With all of this warm weather I knew it wouldn’t be long until someone called with a lost Ring. I thought it would be a spring breaker that dropped it on the beach though and not my new friend Freddy with a lost Ring in the front yard. Freddy is active duty military and is living in Navarre, FL.  He had dropped his wedding band while doing some landscaping in the yard a month ago. Freddy was concerned that after some heavy rain, the ring would have sunk too deep into the ground to find. I assured him that the machine I have would have no issue reading it if it was there. This was a pretty straightforward recovery and I was able to find it in only a few minutes. I’m so glad that I was able to return something so meaningful to Freddy and I am very thankful for his service to our country. 

Terre Haute couple loses wedding ring

from Greenwood (Indiana, United States)
Contact: 1-317-903-6459

I got a call the other day and Susan A. said that her wedding ring had been lost in their yard several days earlier. They even bought two metal detectors themselves and searched in vain. Then looking on line they came across The Ring Finders. Giving me a call, I was able to go out the next day. It had rained hard the day before and the couple were concerned the rain would make it had to find the ring. They showed me the area where they thought the ring might be. I searched over a hour with no luck. Michael A. came out and explained that the ring may be further out in the yard. Another twenty minutes hunting and I was able to find the ring in the grass! Susan was so happy she almost cried and could not tell me how thankful she was. Once again I was able to help a nice couple locate a lost ring

Silver ring found by Metal Detector on Naples Florida beach inscribed with priceless wisdom!

from Marco Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-239-500-7464

Silver ring lost and found in Naples Florida sand January 21, 2019

(January 21, 2019) While sunbathing on a Naples beach one afternoon, Michelle’s friend innocently straightened her towel, and unbeknownst to her, caused her favorite ring, the one given to a faithful daughter and timeless Proverbs 31 inscription thereon, to get lost in the sand.  A quick internet search on how to find a lost ring in the sand revealed “The Ring Finders” and after a quick call, the ring was soon back on her finger.

If you’ve lost your ring or jewelry on the beach, in the sand or water, don’t wait or hesitate to call as “time is of the essence”.  Call Mark Greul of Naples to locate and get your ring back. (239) 500-RING (7464)


Gold ring lost in sand found by Metal Detector on Naples Florida Beach

from Marco Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-239-500-7464

(March 11, 2019) While vacationing and spending the day at a beautiful sunny Naples Florida beach, Kelly noticed that her favorite gold ring was missing, possibly lost in the fine white sugar sand.  She’d had the ring since high school, and it being very special, even  irreplaceable with its sentimental value far exceedeeding any intrinsic value, the help of nearby friends and beach patrons was quickly solicited, all joining in on the search, each one on their hands and knees, carefully feeling and sifting the sand as it fell through their fingers, without result.  Luckily, Kelly called for help and found the right person for the job.  WITHIN THE HOUR the lost gold ring was back on Kelly’s finger.  The tearful now cheerful.  The hug and smiles tell more than words can express, simply priceless.  Thanks be to God for the happy ending.

If you’ve lost a ring or jewelry, something metal, regardless of value, whether in the sand or water, I can find it for you.  Call Mark Greul of Naples Florida (239) 500-7464 (RING).

Valuable Machine Part Lost Near New Bern Found

from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-614-354-6704


A drilling company from Charlotte, NC was using a directional boring drill to run permanent pipes under a residential road when the grinding bit front section broke off.  Steven Ray of Emerald Isle Metal Detecting headed to the location immediately after getting called.    Fortunately a large hole was made where the item was believed to have been lost.  A few passes in the hole was all that was needed to locate the bit that was about 3 feet under sand & water.  With use of a excavator the bit was pulled back to the surface.