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Lost Man’s Wedding Ring FOUND! in Spokane valley Wa

from Spokane (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-509-263-8995

After starting my work for the day I got a call from Judd. His wedding ring had gone missing. On the day that Judd was turning 50 he woke up sick. So because he had to attend his own birthday he went outside to do a little work out. After hearing this I knew the ring was in his yard and I could find it fast. So I got done done with my work and headed to Judd’s house. He told me that he started his work out on the hanging rings. Before he started the hanging, he took off his wedding band and placed it in his pocket. Like all deeds that are done to keep the ring safe this act made Judd lose his ring. I knew that if his wedding band fell off by his hanging rings where the grass was thin,Judd would have spotted it. So we moved to the spot where he stretched. I started searching there. And there is where I found his ring. Judd’s ring was just one pass over from where he did a back arch. The ring was hiding under a tuff of grass. Judd had been wearing that ring for 21 years and almost gave up on finding it.

14k keltic knot ring

Judd and his ring

Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Vancouver BC.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

A young lady lost her diamond engagement ring trying to keep it safe by putting it in her pocket…It happens a lot! It falls out of the pocket! After talking to her husband and him sending me a google earth map of the location I was able to do the search without him being there to show me the area. It didn’t take me long to see the grass that was flatten down in a couple of places which told me this was the area they were playing…I started my grid search and after 35 minutes I received a good high/low signal on my Garrett Infinium and after moving the grass there was a beautiful diamond ring! I have the greatest job in the world! I get to make people Smile!!! Thanks for reading and if you’ve lost your ring in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland…Call me ASAP 778-838-3463









Watch Video of The Search…








Lost Gold Ring With Diamonds Found In Royal Oak Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Where In The Deck Are The 4 Diamonds?

This pictured gentleman felt he had the cards stacked against him when his ring slipped off while working up on his deck brushing the dog and multitasking to various projects. He tried to climb underneath but kept bumping his head and after almost getting stuck decided he wasn’t playing with a full deck. After speaking with him he decided to play his cards right and have me come out to play the right hand. When I arrived I asked him to lay all his cards out on the table and let me know all the hands he played today. After shuffling I decided my ace in the hole was to go a few more cards down from the top of the deck. Sweeping my MXT
under the deck I got a nice +40 read and moving in closer I saw 4 pretty diamonds and a gold band trying to bluff me from behind some gravel and grass. As you can see, he is now holding all the cards and not feeling the situation is a house of cards.
Him and his wife’s hearts are reunited with the diamonds, and we all agreed that holding the right cards doesn’t ensure a win….but the right moves do!

Naples, Florida : Lost Ring Found at Clam Pass Seagate Beach

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

While playing football with friends at the beach along the water, this young man’s wedding ring flew off and disappeared in the sand.  With the help of his family and friends, they tried searching for it with no success.

After returning to their hotel and browsing the internet on how to find a lost ring, they discovered The RingFinders website and that’s when we received their plea for help as we offer our services to all the beaches in the the Naples area as well as Fort Myers and Sanibel.

To avoid the next morning’s traffic, we all agreed to meet that evening even though it was near midnight by the time we arrived at the beach.

My wife and I both began searching with our top-of-the-line Minelab metal detectors.  In less than 30 minutes, the lost ring had been found and returned!

We are happy that this most recent ring found and returned makes our 44th documented ring recovery for our book of smiles.

Between my wife and I, we have several years of professional metal detecting experience at South Florida area beaches–which include Vanderbilt Beach, Del-nor Wiggins Pass, Barefoot Beach, Naples Pier, Clam Pass, Bonita Springs, Lowdermilk Park, Lover’s Key, Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Captiva Beaches.




Lost gold ring found at Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, Florida

from Marco Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-239-500-7464

While swimming at Vanderbilt Beach on Sunday 4/22/18, Michele suddenly and unexpectedly felt one of her beautiful 14k gold rings come off her finger.  For nearly two hours dozens of people, some from her group and other swimmers nearby, frantically searched the crystal clear water with masks and snorkels, but could not find the lost ring.  Despite incoming tide and increasing wind and surf, Michele did the right thing, she made note of several reference points and calmly remained in place while others sought help and arranged for location services.  Upon my arrival Michele described the ring and we carefully reviewed reference points, both of which made for a quick and successful recovery.  Notwithstanding use of $3k+ in search equipment, I found the ring within seconds, mere inches from where she was and had remained standing.  A picture is worth a thousand words…

Found lost gold ring

14k gold ring

Search party

Lost engagement ring, Port Orange, Fl…..Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Jennifer was enjoying a cool afternoon walk along her favorite grassy back road and thinking about how loose her engagement ring felt on her finger. As she walked along she was thinking, I wonder if my ring would come off if I shook my hand a bit and sure enough, the motion was enough to send her ring off into the thick grass! Shocked at what just happened, she immediately stopped and tried searching through the grass, desperate to recovery her now, lost ring! After searching for several hours she realized she needed to at least mark the spot and by using her foot she scuffed a bare spot on the grassy road and then went to her truck to find something to better mark the area. All she could find was a machete and some red surveyors tape, so she returned to the mark and stuck the machete into the ground along side of the road directly across from the bare spot. She then called her fiancee and together they talked about renting or buying a cheap metal detector. Later they went on Google and typed in “Metal Detection Professionals” and up came theringfinders.com. Jennifer gave me a call and we met later on that afternoon and drove out to the unique machete marker along side of the road. I set out four flags and began my grid search and did not walk more than 5 steps before I got a really nice signal on my Whites DFX metal detector. Because the grass was so thick I decided to use my Garrett Pro Pointer and there was Jennifer’s lost engagement ring! I motioned for Jennifer to come pick up what I had located and you talk about one happy young lady! Here’s what Jennifer wrote two days later. “While out walking,my favorite ring fell off my finger and even though I knew the location where it fell off, I was unable to find the ring after several hours of looking through the tall grass. I contacted Mike after finding his information on the internet and he responded as soon as he was able. Mike asked a few questions, set up a boundary and started looking. And within minutes of him arriving at the site, my ring was found!! I am so grateful to Mike for his help and my fiancee and I would like to give him a big thanks! Again thanks so much!”
Lost your ring? Call ASAP! Mike McInroe…proud to be a member of theringfinders.com

Giant silver ring

from Brewer (Maine, United States)
Contact: 1-207-659-2860

In February, I believe, a young man contacted me about a lost ring.  He found my information on ringfinders. He lost the ring shoveling snow.  I told him we would have to wait until snow melt this spring.  Today I traveled the 80 miles to him. Once there I was worried that I was too soon. He lived in an apartment complex with lots of parking and parking lot.  There were still snow piles of three feet or more. I thought I might as well do everything I could now and may have to come back later. The young man “Will” stayed with me the whole time moving trash and debris out of the way as I uncovered it.  Will stated that his ring was large like two ounces of silver.  I mentioned that was like eight quarters worth of silver and he said yes that big….  I took eight quarters and put then on the ground and the deus would overload passing over them, raising it showed a 98 on the screen.    Two and a half hours into the hunt with 95 percent of the available ground covered ,I was planning my next trip. One more spot behind a dumpster. On my final pass I saw the round outline just as the coil passed over it . It overloaded . I scoped it into my hand and stopped ..I said that ‘s it I ‘m done.  I knelt down and started shutting the machine down. I said “Know why I am stopping?”  Will said “because your batteries are dead?” and I said “No because of this,” as I opened my hand. The surprise look is always great . It is a huge ring .  Here are the pics .   Bill

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Nai’a Lagoon Koolina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Gordon who resides in Anchorage Alaska and was vacationing and visting friends at the Marriott Ko Olina. While going for a snorkel in the lagoon his wedding band came off and he assumed it must have come off just as he was entering the water. Traffic was a mess and it took me nearly 2 hours to get to Ko Olina from town. When I arrived Gordon met me at the Tiki Bar and we walked down to the beach to hunt for the ring. It was sure to be easy if the ring came off early otherwise scuba tomorrow would have been the option. I started a grid search from the water’s edge to chest deep water. I just cleaned this lagoon out a few weeks back so the first two targets were shiney new pennies. On about the 4th leg I got a nice tone in knee deep water and one scoop down there was Gordon’s gold ring in the scoop. I picked the ring from the scoop and held it out so Gordon could see it where he was sitting on the shoreline. An eruption of applause roared through the beachgoers and Gordon came running down to get his ring. Comments of “Awesome” and “That is so cool” echoed through the crowd and all Gordon could say was “I’m out of the dog house now”. Another vacation saved. Aloha to Gordon!

Lost engagement and wedding rings in yard, St. Augustine, Fl…..Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Mrs. Connie called me Friday afternoon from St. Augustine with a very special request. Apparently on Wednesday Mrs. Connie had walked down their driveway to check the mail box and as she was walking back to the house she spotted some weeds and palm debris in one of her flower beds. She carefully set her mail and glasses on the edge of the concrete and proceeded to pull the weeds and pick up the debris. Then she said she walked over to the fence and with her left hand she threw the sticks and weeds. And as she swung her arm in a side ways motion, she felt her rings come off of her finger. (Usually when ever Mrs. Connie would do any type of yard work she would leave her rings inside the house but not this time!) Mr. Bill, Mrs. Connie’s husband, had this ring made special for their wedding and the rather large diamond was from his late mother’s wedding ring, so you can imagine the pain they felt in not being able to find the lost rings!
The next day they purchased a small metal detector from a local store and tried their best to locate the rings…but they turned up empty handed. Their search for help led them to theringfinders.com and a member in the St. Augustine area. That member was not able to help them so Mr. Bill clicked on one of my stories and they decided to give me a call—and thankfully they did.
After meeting this very special couple and getting more specific details on how and where the rings were lost, I started my search. Mr. Bill had cut down the thick brush and grass and I was confident the rings were there, but my first pass of the target area turned up zip, zilch, nada! Again I figured I needed to expand the search area and sure enough I got a nice platinum signal, 20 feet from where she tossed the debris. There hidden in the long grass was Mrs. Connie’s lost diamond engagement ring! And then no more than four feet away was her wedding ring, just waiting to be found. What an honor it was to help such a lovely couple and to see the huge smiles on their faces. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you and thank you for your generous reward! God Bless you both! Mike McInroe—grateful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost ring Sanford, Florida…..Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Shaunan called me on Friday and asked if I could possibly help her find a very special lost ring. She explained that Saturday night she was playing with her dog in the back yard and when she came back into the house, her ring was not on her finger. She said she was almost 100 percent positive that is where her ring came off. The lost ring was a gift from her parents when she started college and that was over 4 years ago!
When she realized her ring was not on her finger, she immediately went outside with a flashlight and began looking thru the thick grass. And after a couple of hours she gave up. The next day she looked again but still could not find her precious lost ring. Her father decided to help out and looked on the internet for someone to help and typed in “Metal Detecting Service in Sanford” and up came theringfinders.com web page and one of my recent stories.
Later that afternoon Shaunan showed me the area where she was playing with her dog and I set up four small flags and started grid searching. I was told the ring was silver so figured it would surely give me a good high tone and read in the silver range on my Whites DFX display. There were very few targets—some rather deep and one or two larger targets. After my first grid search of the 30 square foot area I decided to look the outer area over. Still no ring! I switched to my “Prospecting Mode” and researched the same area in a perpendicular direction. Soon I got a nice signal, really close to one of the deep large targets, and this one read like a pull tab/gold signal. Thinking it was probably a pull tab, I stuck my Garrett pro pointer down into the thick grass and there was Shaunan’s lost ring! You should have seen and heard Shaunan hooting and hollering for joy! It was a delight to behold the thrill and happiness in her voice and actions! Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of helping you get your special ring back….and thanks too for the generous reward.
Lost your ring? Call ASAP! Mike McInroe—proud member of theringfinders.com