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Wedding Ring Recovered

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

I recieved a call from Chad on Friday morning, asking if I could help him locate his wedding ring. Chad said he was doing some yard work and put his ring in his pocket, which then slipped out when he took out his phone. I told Chad I would be available after I got off work.

I arrived at Chad’s house at about 5:30 and spoke to Chad, who said he had dug a trench in his backyard and moved the dirt to the front yard to make flower beds. Chad said he believed he lost the ring in the back yard area when he took a break.

I scanned the dirt piles in the front just to cover all the areas and upon moving to the backyard, I recovered Chad’s ring in about twenty minutes hiding in deep grass near the trench. Chad was very happy to have his ring back.

Thank you for the reward Chad, very much appreciated.

Lost Gold Ring Underwater Found by Dowsing Rod at Argo Park Ann Arbor Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Rapid Eye Movement…

….Is a unique phase of sleep with humans, helping a person to dream. But what happened to Abe was no dream but rather a nightmare. While getting out of a raft Abe and his fiancée decided to body surf down a rock waterslide. When they reached the bottom, the rapids tossed them around. Arriving on shore the ring his father gave him was missing. A few searches last week brought no luck. With wedding plans in the near future, Abe began to wonder how he would explain the loss of the ring to his mom when he visits her soon, and his dad who he chats with regularly. Time is of the essence. On site today, as I observed the quickness and unsafe look of the slippery rocks and rapids, I thought that I’d try to see if my Dowsing Rod would reveal any information to help narrow down where to look. While I showed Abe how to prepare the snorkel masks from fogging, I took a few readings with the dowsing rod and got 2 targets close together. He said that was the general area where they got roughed up. Entering the turbulent water with pin pointers, snorkel masks and a metal detector, we slowly crept thru the sharp rocks. Abe started to search on the far side of the rapids, and I started to search the close side, avoiding the strong current of the main rapids. After a few minutes Abe came up with the clad half dollar coin that was in his pocket! So, we felt that we were close to where his ring may be, and now I hoped that this was one of the two objects that the dowsing rod picked up on. As I scanned the metal detector it gave out a few signals around some rocks, but the current was too strong to operate the detector. Taking it back to shore I returned with the pin pointer. Submerging below the surface the current was almost unbearable. I had to anchor my feet on some tall rocks and balance myself. At first all I saw was tons of bubbles racing past my snorkel mask, and while exhilarating, my thoughts wondered if this is what being inside a bottle of champaign would be like. Refocusing on the task at hand I noticed a lull in the clusters of bubbles. During these moments I was able to do a visual form of REM by rapidly moving my eyes to see the bottom and where the rocks were that the metal detector signaled near. And of course, they were a few feet away! Moving carefully, I was able to get within reach of the rocks. Poking around the base of one of them the pin pointer buzzed, but as I had seen lots of bottle caps under the water, I figured this was another. Letting go of the pin pointer the lanyard kept it from drifting as I felt around the rock, I felt the edge of a round object. As I pulled it up, another clear cycle of no bubbles appeared, I saw that it was Abe’s ring! Regaining my footing I yelled out to him as I held the ring towards the blue sky! He zoomed towards me and could not believe it. We got to shore as quick as we could so he could show his fiancée. They were both totally elated and thrilled with the rapid response.


Mother’s Ring Lost During Surf City Fishing Trip Found And Returned

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Lori & Herb were fishing in a favorite location on the Surf City beach.  This place was extra special to Lori as she had placed a few of her mother’s ashes in this location last year on her mother’s birthday July 13th.  Her mother had plans to visit Surf City but unfortunately, due to her health wasn’t able to travel to this very nice town.  Lori had always loved her mother’s ring growing up and when her mother passed away, Lori informed me it was the only item she wanted to hold onto as a keepsake of her mother and her parents 54 years of marriage.

While fishing the coastline just before sunset, Lori had went down to the water’s edge to wash her hands after baiting a hook.  The surf came in and her mother’s cherished ring slid off and buried into the sand.  Lori frantically tried to dig it back out of the beach sand.  Herb advised her it may not be a good idea as the movement could cause it to sink more or even be tossed to another location.  Herb followed a local Metal Detecting group on social media and immediately posted a plea for help.  My friend Justin saw this post just a couple of minutes afterwards and informed me to contact Herb ASAP.  Herb was amazed at how fast we contacted him and both Justin and I headed in their direction.  Fortunately, the tide was going out, so I knew we’d find the ring in the wet sand.  Upon arrival, Herb & Lori wisely marked the area with a glow in the dark stick since the sun had already set.  We began a search and my 1st target was a solid 12-07 on my Minelab CTX-3030.  One scoop into the sand and my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT sounded off on a golf ball size clump of sand. It was then, I noticed the white gold peeking out.  I grabbed the whole piece and placed into Lori’s hands.  She didn’t seem to believe what she was seeing as her mother’s ring was once more back in her possession.  Lori’s was filled with emotion and relief!  We had a very enjoyable conversation afterwards an as it was getting late, we parted ways.  I hope to see them on the beach again soon.

Ring Lost In Owasso, Oklahoma Found ?

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Reciced a call about a Lost wedding ring at work mid week… I talked with Nathan bout what had happened…… He said he was working on his daughters swing set group making it even….  He said at some point he looked on his hand  and his ring was gone…. He said it must have slipped off while doing the dirt work on the swing set…. I immediately started searching ( thinking it was gonna be a very short search nope it wasn’t)…. I asked Nathan what  is the probability it was in the small area he was working in he said 99.9 percent… I asked him what he was wearing while working he said a pair of shorts… Nathan went and looked in the shorts he didn’t find it.”….  I said ok let’s go….. unfortunately while I searching Nathan had to return to work…. Nathan’s wife came outside and I started to chat with her…. About about an hour and a half  said to Nathan’s wife I’m pretty sure it wasn’t here in the back yard as the back yard was small…. I was covering the dirt pile and asked his wife what he was wearing she said a pair of shorts….. I told her I asked him the same question… I asked her to go search his shorts again she said ok…. Im looking around again and I hear from the side of the house…. Nathan’s wife came around on the side and said I found it… I said no way…. She looked again in his shorts and there it was…. I texted Nathan and showed him my ring he said no that’s not it but that it was a good find …. So five minutes later I texted him his ring and he said yup that’s my ring…. He had lost it the previous day….. thank you Nathan for getting ahold of me so soon…….

Lost Apple Watch Scuba dive recovery Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

A young lady was jumping off a high dive platform at a local swimming beach. The pressure of hitting the water unsnapped her Apple watch that her grandfather gave to her. She was truly devastated at the loss and thought it was gone forever. Her boyfriend looked for help online and found theringfinders.com  – He called me, and I set up a day to scuba and detect for the lost watch. It was found in approx. 20 feet of water and though low on battery power, the watch was still working perfectly.

Congrats and glad I could help!!!



Lost Rose & White Gold Wedding Band at Sherwood’s Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text Tuesday from Kendra whose husband Nick lost his White & Rose Gold Wedding Band at Sherwood Beach along the shore break on Monday. Nick and Kendra live on Hickam AFB and while spending the day at Sherwood’s, Nick’s Wedding Ring flew off when he was throwing a football. When I checked the surf report besides uncooperating surface and a jellyfish invasion kept me away until this Friday morning. Kendra and I agreed to meet Friday morning low tide 6:45 at the gate to the beach park. Her husband Nick was meeting with his Commander so he couldn’t attend. Kendra brought two friends that were there the day of the loss to help show me the location. We walked down to the beach and they showed me the area. The tide was very low so I decided to quickly search parallel to the shoreline in hopes of getting lucky. Nope! That didn’t happen only two dimes. I started on the left side of the grid and on about the sixth leg I got a blaring #16 on the Nox and on the second scoop there was Nick’s ring glistening in the morning sunlight. I walked back to the car where Kendra & friends were waiting. I yelled over, Got it! Just let me wash off and I’ll bring it over. Everyone who detects the East Shore knows how lucky after 5 days of surf that I was able to find Nick’s ring. Kendra is planning a special reunion with Nick and his ring. Can’t wait to see a pic of that! Aloha to Kendra & Nick!

Vancouver Metal Detecting Service

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463


I received a text message early yesterday morning in regards to a half of a gold Cartier love bracelet that was lost somewhere on Karen’s property. The young lady I went to meet told me the story that she had no idea where she lost her bracelet, it wasn’t until her housekeeper found half of Karen’s bracelet in the garden. That’s when she remembered working in the garden all day in the front and the back, the chances are the bracelet will be close to where the other one was found but we also knew it was possible it could’ve got caught up in the sleeve of her jacket and walked away to another location.

Karen wasn’t there to show me the area but her housekeeper came out and showed me exactly where she found the half of the Cartier bracelet. In my mind I thought this would be a very quick search and recovery, unfortunately it was quite the opposite. After spending several hours in the front garden area I move my search to the backyard, Karen came home and we met while I was in the backyard and she show me all the areas to search. We talked a bit more about the day she was in the yard and the possibilities of where it could be and it wasn’t till halfway through the day I realized the bracelet had been missing for over a month.

I was under the assumption it was lost only a day or two ago that made me think a bit more out of the box and you’ll see why later. After exhausting the backyard I moved back to the front yard and found a green bin full of yard trimming that was from the housekeeper the day she found the bracelet. I felt confident I was going to find the bracelet in this bin, unfortunately no such luck. Getting close to 7 hours and on my hands and knees in the garden, pulling out the recently planted plants and checking underneath in case the bracelet had fallen into the hole, this took a very long time with a lot of nails being found.

Knowing I’ve done everything I could in the garden the last thing that needed to be done was the front yard and after Karen showed me she crossed the yard to the fence and walked along the fence line I knew I had to search the whole yard. My thought process was I would see it before I even went over it with my detector because their lawn was so perfect, short grass and easy to see if something had fallen in between the blades of the grass.

I started my grid in front of the area where the other one was found but on the grass and within a minute I got a great signal and looked down but did not see the bracelet, I move the grass and moved a bit of the dirt and I saw the beautiful gold colour of her amazing Cartier bracelet. I got to tell you I was so happy to be able to find it for her, and now to surprise her, I got to meet her son who is a great young man her husband early in the morning who was working out and the housekeeper everybody was so kind and so nice and everybody was so excited to see that bracelet back where it belonged!

What I learned about this search was the fact it was lost a month ago, we had a horrible spring with lots of rain which does make sense that it was stepped on and completely buried out of sight. My lesson do not assume you’re going to see it, in actual fact it was out of sight.





Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463


Wedding Rings Lost While Running, Recovered In Beavercreek, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text from a young lady who had lost her wedding set while running along some of the most excellent hike/bike trails in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Unfortunately she only just learned of the Ring Finders and she had lost her rings in May, and so they had been missing for over three weeks when she called.

“I was out for a run and lost my wedding rings near the end of May. I called my insurance agent who informed me “I didn’t have the rider/floater for MISPLACED rings, only for robberies and being destroyed in a disaster like a house fire” I couldn’t even make a claim. I cried. I posted for people to be on the lookout for my rings, I searched and searched the path I had been running, with no luck. Weeks later, I found The Ring Finders website and contacted Doug who searched for my ring for about 4.5 Hours! He found it and called me and I cried even more. I am so thankful for him! 💍”

It was a tough search, but had I started where she said she had first noticed the ring had gone missing, I believe I might have found it in 15 minutes… Not knowing what had happened, I decided to start where she last remembered the ring still being in her pocket and I searched the path up and back to where she first noticed hers rings had gone missing. Almost back to the spot where we had started searching, with less than about 100 yards to go, I heard the sound I had been hoping for. I sent her a picture and when we spoke, I said “What about that”.

It was getting late, the shadows were long, and when we spoke she said she could not believe that I was still hunting.

We were both very happy!

25th Wedding Anniversary Vacation Catastrophe Averted – Found and Returned Holden Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Wednesday at 1:24 pm I received a text from Kimberly saying, in part “Hello are you a metal detector service?  My husband’s ring just slipped off his finger in choppy ocean. Not sure if it’s even possible to find, Holden Beach.” I didn’t see the text until an hour later and responded that I was and to please call me. After a while and no response, I called her and she put her husband, Jeff on the phone. Jeff said he was in about waist deep water between 1 and 1:30 pm. Taking a quick look at the tide charts, high tide was going to be close to 3 pm and the next low tide was a little after 10 pm. I told Jeff I’d be there at 8 pm and got the address. As the afternoon progressed, I started thinking about the dropping tide, the time he lost his ring and what time sunset would be. Getting there at 8 would give me less than an hour to search before it was dark. I normally don’t have a problem searching at night, but this year there’s been terrible rip currents along the east coast. I didn’t want to become a statistic hunting at night because I couldn’t keep an eye on the ocean conditions. I also thought that since he lost his ring within 2 hours of high tide, that 4 hours after high tide the ring should be reachable. So, I text Jeff saying I’d be there by 6:45. I showed up on time and met Jeff. As we walked out on the beach is when I learned that he had been throwing a football. My first question was “are you left or right-handed?” He responded right-handed, which meant he didn’t throw the ring off. He said he actually saw the ring come off his finger and sink. He tried diving for it but to no avail. As I’m walking out to the surf I noticed the sea breeze really kicking up the waves – not good! Jeff pointed out the area and I started with a parallel grid search to the surf, and after 4 or 5 lines, I switched to a perpendicular grid search heading out in the ocean. I was having a horrible time trying to keep a straight grid line because of the waves and current. After 2 hours of searching with no luck, losing daylight, and just plain getting beat to death with the waves and current I called it a night. I knew the ring was there, but with the noise and interference I was getting in the headset from the detector, I was sure I walked right over the ring and didn’t hear a tone. I told Jeff I’d be back at 9 the next morning.

The next morning came quick, but I was ready for the task. I showed up a little early and hit the beach. This time I brought my White’s PI, a great machine but it doesn’t give any indication of depth or type target it hits, just a solid tone. So, there’s a lot more digging involved than with the Equinox 800 that I used the day before. I started a perpendicular grid search straight out from the beach as far as I could get out before hitting the last sand bar where the waves break hard. Probably about 35-40 minutes and half way through the search area, I got a solid steady tone. I was pretty sure this had to be Jeff’s ring; normally trash (bottle caps, pull tabs, and other junk) doesn’t make it out as far as I was away from the shoreline. Two scoops of sand and I had the target out of the hole and in the scoop. I shook the sand out in the water, looked in the scoop and BINGO, I had a gold ring in the scoop. I had seen a picture that Jeff’s son had posted on a FB page showing Jeff’s ring and I knew I had his ring. I packed up my stuff from the beach and headed up to their rental house to give Jeff the good news. About half way up the beach I looked up and saw Jeff walking my way, he didn’t say a word. I made the comment that it was starting to get rough, as I reached in my pocket, pulled out his ring and held it up for him to see. No doubt, he was more than excited. I handed him his ring and he turned around towards the house, held it in the air, and yelled “He found it!” His entire family had been watching me and saw when I stopped searching and started digging. Then everyone watched as I walked out of the water, picked up my stuff and started walking their way. My understanding is they thought I might have found it but no one wanted to say it. Within seconds, Kimberly came running down the beach to hug Jeff. There were a couple of tears being wiped away, but they were happy tears. I’m not sure if this was actually their 25th Anniversary vacation with family but they are celebrating 25 years of marriage in Oct.

Jeff/Kimberly – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. An early Very Happy Anniversary to you both and now you have one more chapter to add to your ring’s story. Best wishes to you both. And Thank You for Everything!

Grandma – Thank you for all your prayers, they helped.



Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered and Returned in Wilmington, DE!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

In her own words via text Valerie was desperate and distraught when she reached out to me to help find her missing diamond engagement ring. She lost it in the front yard of her Wilmington, DE home…she actually lost both her wedding band and engagement ring but was able to find the band after frantic hours of searching. She spent hours searching for the white gold, diamond engagement ring before finding me in the Ring Finder Directory. She texted me and I called her right away…told her I could be there that afternoon. She was stuck at work till 9 pm but said her daughter, Kylie, would be there and could assist me. When I got to her home I called Valerie and asked where she was in the yard when she lost her rings…she told me sort of in the middle…maybe to the left of the front door. The grass was a bit high and bushy so I could see how it would be difficult to find the ring without a metal detector. Anyway 60 seconds later and maybe 5-6 sweeps of my machine I got the all-to-familiar surface gold tone on my machine! Bent down…parted the grass…and there was her beautiful ring!  I had knocked on the door to introduce myself to Kylie when I first arrived….now I was knocking on the door again 3 minutes later to hand her her mom’s ring! She was very happy I was able to find and return her mom’s lost ring. I understand Valerie did some screaming at work when she heard the news! Always fun and rewarding when you can come through for nice people!