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Lost iPhone in Baltimore, Maryland…Found by Diver in Middle River

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Tim’s iPhone 11 Once Again Back on Shore…And still works!

Tim and Chrissy Beyond Relieved that Tim’s Valuable Smartphone was Recovered by Diver Brian Rudolph


While I was diving for a lady’s engagement ring and wedding band in the Middle River at Maryland Marina, located in Middle River, Maryland, a gentleman named Tim had lost his iPhone 11 off his boat nearby.

Tim walked up to my dive spotter, Jason, while I was underwater and asked him if he could chat with me. Once I ascended to the surface, Tim explained to me that he was stepping onto his boat on the other side of the marina when his iPhone fell out of his pocket and dropped down into the water.

The distraught gentleman then asked if I was available sometime during the day to dive in his boat slip and attempt a search and recovery of Tim’s lost smartphone. I was happy to help the fellow out.

As it turned out, my dive time was cut short that day based on the quantity of boats that were coming into port that afternoon. So, after packing up my gear, Jason and I hauled my dive equipment over to Tim’s slip to setup for my next search.

When I got over to Tim’s boat, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was dating a woman named Chrissy whose family owned the marina. I had already connected with her very kind father because of needing permissions to dive at the marina. Chrissy’s family members have been extremely supportive and encouraging regarding my recovery operations off their docks.

Once I got all of my gear back on, I stepped onto the swim deck of Tim’s fantastic boat and descended down his boat ladder. Next, I grabbed my underwater metal detector from the deck and headed down below to seek out the gentleman’s smartphone.

Tim, Chrissy, Jason and two other friends of the couple waited above with anticipation as I searched the water below. The depth was less than 10 feet with zero visibility (very common in the Maryland and Virginia areas).

I used a down line that Tim supplied which we tied to one of his tie offs on his boat closest to where he dropped the phone. This helped me to remain oriented as to where I was positioned down below. After picking up a few random pieces of metal that I detected with my Excalibur 2 metal detector, I encountered an excellent signal that sounded similar to other cell phones that I had previously found in the deep.

Convinced that this particular signal could very well be Tim’s iPhone, I took out my pinpointer and detected the exact location of where the target signal was coming from. Then, I reached with my hands to grab the object and it was at that moment that I was confident I had found the missing phone! The shape of the target felt like a smartphone and it also had the weight of one as well! Carefully, I ascended towards the surface with the item in hand.

Before the others could even see my dive mask, they saw the phone in hand as I slowly emerged from the water! There was a resounding applause and a huge feeling of complete relief felt by Tim and Chrissy! They were extremely grateful for my successful recovery of the phone!

I was so happy to recover Tim’s very important piece of property! The best part of the story is that after the phone had been submerged underwater for 6 hours, it still worked perfectly! Once news of the recovery hit the ears of the owner of the marina (Chrissy’s dad), I was proud to have earned a few extra points with Chrissy’s dad, the owner of Maryland Marina!

What a wonderful afternoon it was to help out this very sweet couple!

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Lost Jewelry in the Auburn, Alexander City and Montgomery Alabama areas

  • from Auburn (Alabama, United States)

I have just moved to Alexander City, Alabama. For the past several years I have been living in and servicing the San Antonio, Texas area. My metal detecting services are now available to all areas in and around Alexander City, Auburn, Montgomery and all places in between. Please reach out to me if you have lost any kind of jewelry, keys or other items made of metal. By using my metal detector I will do everything in my power to locate your lost item.

Found, wedding ring lost in Oneida Lake. New York State

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Greg lost his ring in Oneida Lake just north of Syracuse in New York State.  After trying to find his ring himself his wife called me and we set up a meeting to search for his ring.  This was a real “team effort” Greg had taken the time to triangulate exactly where he lost his ring so the search area was quite small.  The area was right on the edge of a large rocky area just of Phillips Point.  The rocks in this area are VERY large, none small enough to fit into a scoop and most weigh-in at well over 100#. Greg was also very involved in the search for his ring.  Although I located the ring in the rocks, Greg (being much younger) wanted to bend down and search for the ring with my “pin pointer”.  The pin pointer would vibrate and pin point within 1 inch of the ring, but Greg would have to “feel” the ring with his hand.  Here is the video of the recovery of his ring.

Incline Village , Tahoe ..Dog Park

  • from Reno (Nevada, United States)

Was called by Chao who had lost her wedding ring at the dog park last night. After searching for it she called me this morning. So I called my partner Mike L and we headed to Incline Village. We arrived at 12:30 and proceeded to search a very large area in the grassy dog park where she thought she might have lost her ring. After an hour of searching in grids we were about ready to leave, I got a low 1. 2. So as I moved my Equinox to the side to check the signal, I placed my detector down on the grass, right on top of the ring…it was too funny. I walked over to Chao and told her we were done…and then I said but before we leave I think I’ll give you this…I handed her the ring and she was so excited she jumped 2 ft in the air and yelled….she was very happy.

Lost ring found at the Torch Lake sand bar with a metal detector in Torch Lake, Michigan

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Matt needing help finding his wedding ring. Matt was with family/friends enjoying the day drinking some adult beverages while throwing a football out at the Torch Lake sand bar. (I highly recommend people drinking adult beverage and throwing a football. Its very good for my business). On one of the throws, Matt noticed his ring flying through the air. He and his friends looked for the ring but could not find it. They did save a google location on Matt’s phone, making my job a lot easier. Matt sent me the google location they were anchored at. I reassured him, I was very familiar with the exact spot the ring was lost and finding it should not be that hard. I headed out to the Torch Lake sand bar right after work to start the search. I got to the spot and found 2 pontoon boats anchored on the spot.  It was just before dark when I arrived and they were packing up to leave for the night. I waited for them to leave, then went to the spot and found the ring in 10 minutes. Matt did a great job on saving his location.

Matt was already back home and wanted me to ship the ring back to him.

Matt thanks for trusting me to find your ring and the generous reward.

Lighthouse Wedding Ring Found! – Lakeshore State Park, Milwaukee, WI

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Sunbeam Kids, Inc. is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to projects that make it easier for kids and families to volunteer together. Its Lakeshore State Park Clean Up event September 19, 2021, on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, was a wonderful Daddy-daughter opportunity for Wauwatosa resident, David Jadin. The weather was picture-perfect also.

David and his family only recently moved to the area from Green Bay, Wisconsin, to start a pediatric dental practice in Elm Grove, PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry. Sunbeam Kids is their main charity partner. And so it was a most-appropriate outing for David and his little girl.

The volunteers first assembled together for a group photo not far from the historic 1872 Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse. After photos were taken, David knelt down in the grass with his 4-year old little girl and applied sunscreen lotion to her little arms and face. In the process he removed his 18-karat yellow gold wedding ring and tucked it lightly between his sock and shoe for safekeeping. It was his intent to retrieve the ring promptly, not to leave it there. The ring was precious, having been blessed by David’s childhood priest growing up and who was now passed. Shortly, they commenced a 3.5 mile walk together along the Lake Michigan shore, picking up trash along with the other Sunbeam Kids volunteers. It was a memory-making event. But it wasn’t until he and his daughter got back to the car that David realized, to his horror, his ring was missing!

I received a text message from David late Sunday afternoon and arranged to meet him on location by the Lighthouse. When I arrived, David was on his hands and knees combing the grass where the group photo had been taken earlier. We quickly traced his initial activities and the route he and his daughter had taken when they started out. Using my XP Deus wireless detector, I was immediately assaulted by an abundance of metal in the ground, evidence of nearly 150 years of visitors. Tuning my equipment for a recent loss close to the surface and for high-grade gold, I was able to filter the cacophony of signals and listen specifically for David’s ring. In my mind, I was preparing for a long evening; after all, three and a half miles is a long way!

Beginning in a low-laying area with longer grass, I proceeded to eliminate the spot where the group photo was taken. Barely 5 minutes had gone by when a distinct signal invited investigation. Parting the grass with my foot, there lay David’s ring! And the smile and relief on David’s face tell the rest of the story!

Thanks, David for the privilege of locating and returning your wedding ring! The story of your Sunbeam Kids outing with your precious daughter is one I’m sure will be told many times. I for one, will be reminded of your story every time I see the red Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse. And I wish PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry in Elm Grove, WI. every success in the years to come!

Ring lost in the bushes found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Dayanne was walking her dog in her apartment complex, when a simple body turn to look behind her, made her gold ring fly off her finger and into some thick bushes that line the walkway (as you can see in the photo). She actually saw the spot where the ring went into the bushes, but, even after clipping away some of the leaves and branches to get access it still couldn’t be located. I initially started with a large coil to hopefully get the depth I needed to locate the ring deep inside, but, it became apparent immediately that another method was needed. I instead put on the 6″ coil and rechecked the area where I could get deeper down inside the bush. I got a nice 15 signal on my Equinox, smiled, and pulled out my pin pointer to poke down into the bowels of this sticker bush. Carefully reaching inside and locating the signal with the pin pointer, I zeroed in on the target. Even so, it was still invisible and took 3 tries to grab it in the dead leaves at the base of the bush. A happy Dayanne put the ring back on her finger. A pleasure to meet you, and thank you for the reward.

Mens Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found in The Sea At Highcliffe, Dorset

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Tony & son from Hampshire were leisurely swimming in the sea at Highcliffe but unknown by Tony his wedding ring which he’d be wearing for 41 years had slipped from his finger! It wasn’t until returning to his car he realised making its possibly whereabouts more difficult. Upon reaching the beach with Tony I was not hopeful. The stoney beach often draws rings down & out of reach for most detectors but this was far less a daunting task than perhaps detecting the sea where it most probably lay. After 40 minutes detecting the beach the sea was our last chance.

With a steep stoney drop into the sea and a sea bed moving under my feet the search seemed almost pointless. The waves were piling down right where I searched giving false signals & constantly moving the bed. Suddenly a faint signal.. carefully I tried to remain over the spot & donned my goggles. With an almost clumsy scoop I collected a pile of stones from 4 feet of water & made my way to shore thinking it would be a aluminium fragment?

With Tony watching I caught a glimpse of his disbelieving eyes as from where the stones were spread  I removed the ring! This I feel was one of the luckiest recoveries I have ever made & thank my lucky stars. Tony was very grateful & still slightly amazed to have the ring back & has made a generous donation to the Margret Green Animal Rescue charity. 

Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found Shell Bay, Studland

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Nathan, wife, children & their friends travelled many miles from Yorkshire to enjoy a week away. One day whilst visiting the shallow clear waters of Shell Bay Nathan took his paddle board off for a little venture, fell off & only later returning to his car discovered his ring was missing!

The ring was steeped with history belonging to his great grandfather in 1915 having seen 2 world wars. Its loss would be obvious to anyone. The search area was huge- potentially 6 tennis court size areas but with spring tides due I was hopeful we would have clear mud flats in which to detect. They had searched in vain using just their eyes but proved fruitless hampered by many seashells resembling little rings too!

The first attempt  one evening took 2 hours & yielded nothing bar 1940’s pennies & lead weights. However, I knew that by the mornings low tide even more area near where he fell would be exposed.  The next morning, with the lower tide as I expected, about 15 meters from where we thought it was there it lay! Visibly & almost defiantly proud of the mud it shone! I posted the ring back to Nathan the next day as they had already returned home. He was amazed to have it back & made a generous donation to the Margret Green Animal Rescue.

Gold ring lost in Traverse City, Mi found in the water.

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Katrina who needed help finding a ring she lost in shoulder deep water. She was kayaking and fell out of the kayak, loosing her ring and a silver bracelet. She found the bracelet, but could not find the gold ring.

I met Katrina and her family at their cottage on Grand Traverse Bay. We had to kayak a couple hundred yards to the area they were kayaking in. It was raining pretty heavily, making it difficult to see the bottom of the lake. Katrina’s husband had put a marker buoy out making the spot from the day before. He used a bucket with a large black rock in the. When we got to the spot the buoy and the bucket were gone. Katrina and her husband searched around the area and could not find the rock due to the waves and rain. I searched the general area gridding for about an hour then the rain stopped and the water cleared up. Katrina’s husband found the black rock and called me over. I started a new grid search around the black rock and found the ring about 10  minutes later.

Katrina it was a pleasure helping you and meeting your family. Thank you very much for the generous reward.