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About Me (January 20, 2019)

from Lynnfield (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-781-325-8510

If you’ve lost your ring or some other metal object, give me a call or text.  I charge nothing to come out, this is just a part of how I enjoy the hobby of metal detecting.  If the area is large or I’m unable to make it to your area, I’ll bring or call other experienced detectorists as I’m in a club with 70+ members all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire who would love to help when possible.


I haven’t been good about keeping my blog posts up to date. Since joining RingFinders I’ve recovered 19 of 24 rings (as of Jan 20, 2019) I’ve gone out to search for. Beaches in the summers, leaf piles in the fall, snow piles in the winter, angry spouses throwing rings, and everything in between.


My most recent find was a man who lost his ring while disposing of his Christmas tree in a brush pile. I spent 45-60 minutes detecting a small flattened area where the tree was dumped without finding the ring.  It was disappointing as the area was a bit small to have not found the ring, and the ground was frozen solid so it couldn’t have been underground. The owner called off the search as we had covered the area three times over, so I headed down the path he took through his back yard to dump the tree. I was swinging my detector along the way in case he had dropped it sooner than he thought. Just as I was about to switch off, I heard a high tone in my headphones and looked down and there was the ring sitting on the surface along the path. The owner couldn’t have been happier to return it back to his finger.

Lost Keys Found In The Snow In Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Safe And Secure…..Again!


This pictured gentleman’s keys fell out of his pocket while operating a snow blower to clear the 6″ to 7″ snow that dropped in on the metro Detroit area Saturday afternoon. After a few passes in the backyard driveway he heard what he thought were sticks or something banging thru the machine. It wasn’t until he finished when he reached for his keys and they were gone. Now he was stranded and locked out as his wife was out of town. Before I got to the site today he managed to find the square portion of the car set on top of the snow in the neighbors yard. When I arrived I learned that there was a black vehicle key and his house keys still missing. Searching the drive area where he first heard the sounds in the machine my MXT said overload! and reaching down under the thin layer of snow produced the house keys and badly bent metal ring! Moving next in the trajectory where the square piece was on the snow took us into the yard next door. I knew from past searches for this type of key it produces a foil signal and a negative number on the meter depending on the key’s orientation. As my bigfoot coil sliced thru the sparkly layers of snow I got a foil/negative read about 4″ deep, cutting a deeper slice I pinpointed the key tipped slightly vertical in the snow and reaching into the snow produced the black car key! He said he was just about ready to jump up and down to warm up and as I held it up I said well this is a good reason too!
He was so thrilled that the keys were found, bringing that great feeling back to him that he and his family will be safe and secure again!

Lost Rose Gold Wedding Band at Aulani Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Kyle from Cincinnati, Ohio. While enjoying his honeymoon with his lovely wife Kim in the cool waters of the Disney Lagoon his ring came off in about five feet of water and disappeared. He rented a snorkel and searched but the ring succumbed to the soft sand. I told Kyle I would be at Aulani early the next morning to search for a phone and we coud meet up then for the hunt data. After showing me the area I told Kyle to enjoy his morning and that I would call him if/when I found his ring. Later that morning, on about the second leg of the grid search I found a Gold Men’s Wedding Band but it wasn’t the ring I was looking for. This happens quite often actually. On about the seventh leg I got another nice tone and there in the scoop was Kyle’s ring. I texted him a pic and we met in the pool area to return his ring. Honeymoon saved! Aloha to Kyle & Kim!

Engagement Ring Found Way Up North In Vermont

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)
Contact: 1-802-461-8359

A woman emailed me a couple days ago asking if there was any hope for her rings. From that I knew she was very down about losing them. She had been doing things out in her snowy yard and somehow lost both her engagement ring and her wedding band. She and her husband tried using his mother’s metal detector, but had no luck with it. I told her I could come today to search and that I was glad she lost them on her own property.
We are expecting a huge snowstorm tonight and tomorrow, so I got up early and headed out for a nice ride almost to the Canadian border. They always have tons of snow there, I used to like to go snowmobiling there.
I got there a little after 8:00 and she showed me the areas to look. It was 0 degrees out, so I was hoping for a quick search! I found her beautiful engagement ring in about 2 minutes and knocked on the door. She was surprised and relieved to have it back. It went very quickly back onto her finger! I figured I’d find the wedding band almost as quickly. Unfortunately that was not going to happen, searching hard for 3 hours with no luck.
I methodically moved a lot of snow, scanning every shovelful. There were many large steel objects that were frozen into the ground making it impossible to move them. I’m assuming the signal of her ring may have been masked by these things. I was very puzzled and disappointed, and have a hard time with failure. She was even wondering if her Husky might have carried it off somewhere. We made plans to do another search as soon as the snow and ice is gone. I’ll be scanning some doggy landmines too!

Please click on my name above for more information about this service, my contact information and to read other success stories.

Mother’s Ring Found in Snow For a Central VT Lady

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)
Contact: 1-802-461-8359

First search of 2019
I got an email yesterday from a lady who lost her ring in the snow. It wasn’t any ordinary ring, it was a ring that her mother had worn for years. So, naturally she was shook up.
She had been outside doing chores and just before going into her house, she stood on her porch brushing snow off herself and shaking snow off her hands. The extremely cold weather had shrunk her fingers and the ring flew right off. She looked, but it had disappeared into the snow.
She is a pet lover (the best people!) who has a cat, dog and a donkey. Her ferrier, a long time friend of mine, was trimming her donkey’s hooves and told her about me belonging to The Ring Finders.
Right after work today, I went to her house. She explained how she lost it and showed me the area. I got a good signal on the second swing, reached into the snow with my hand, accidentally pushed it under the porch, then picked it up and passed it to her. She was so happy to have it back!
I then got to meet her dog and cat, and see the inside of the beautiful house her carpenter husband had built. Now I want to build one just like it!

Please click on my name above for more information about this service, my contact information and to read other success stories.

Diamond engagement ring found in House in Glenview, Illinois

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-774-5445
I normally don’t like doing house or apartment searches, guess it’s just because of my hangup having to go through strangers personally stuff.
However after hearing her story it was pretty hard to say no.
Got engaged in January and future husband out of state and she did not have the heart to tell him she lost her ring a,
$15,000 diamond engagement ring , not insured.
Searched for a couple hours and was getting close to calling it when I tried one last thing, took off her pillow shams and found it there.
She cried all during the search and the picture tells the story when it was found.
No better feeling!!!

The Ring Finders In The Atlantic Magazine…

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Here’s a great story in The Atlantic magazine by Jessica Delfino about TheRingFinders. It’s writers/reporters like Jessica that help people find our directory. For TheRingFinders members…Her story helps us all, so we can help others! Please share with your friends/ social media/ publicity like this helps us all get more calls and helps us find more smiles.


Lost Ring Baton Rouge Area …. Did you loose a ring, keys, cell phone ? I can help

from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-225-328-5300

I’m new to the site but have been metal detecting for over 20 years. I recover items using a state of the art detector and am excited to be able to help so give me a call. Metal detecting takes years of experience to get good at so please give me a call before wasting money on buying or acquiring a rental detector. I can help !!

Rings, jewelry, relics, coins, caches, hidden family treasures. I can find it all.

Zero Visibility Underwater Recovery Of Lost Bracelet, Ascot Marina, Perth, Western Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

A call from Ryan informed me that he’d just lost a heavy silver bracelet in the water between his boat and the marina jetty it is tied alongside in the Ascot Waters Marina in Perth, Western Australia.

The bracelet was particularly sentimental to Ryan as he had had a quantity of 99.9% silver coins from the Perth mint melted down and made into the bracelet whilst in Bali and it had lived on him ever since.

Happy days!

Somehow the double latch system had unlatched itself and the bracelet went ‘plonk’ as he’d stepped off the boat onto the jetty.. Luckily Ryan is an accomplished gold prospector so he knew about underwater detectors and quickly thought “I wonder if there is an underwater metal detecting service in Perth”.

A quick google search found my profile page on The Ring Finders International Directory of Metal Detecting Specialist’s and from there to my local website www.RingRescues.com.au.

When Ryan rang and told me what had happened I knew instantly what would be required in order to find the bracelet.. diving in absolute zero visibility. Lovely, just what I need was my first thought but then the thrill of the hunt kicked in and my thoughts turned toward the extra elation I tend to feel when I can successfully retrieve items from extreme conditions like this.

Although there are no strong currents and it is not deep where the bracelet had sunk, at 2.5m down in the murk, there is absolutely no light below about 1.5m so this would be tough as these locations are also typically filled with all manner of metal items and rubbish.

I loaded my dive gear onto the ute and headed off to meet Ryan at the boat and set about finding and retrieving the bracelet for him. He had to leave again quickly but said he’d be back in ten minutes. I organised myself into my gear and decided to make a start without him as I was starting to get rather hot in the humid conditions. Descending to 2.5m I found I was correct in that it was so black down there that any normal kind of black would be jelous! I had to hold my pinpointers led light about 10′ infront of my mask to see any illumination.. I thought here we go again, groping around in the dark wondering what I’m going to bump into or become entangled in next!

I’d also guessed correctly about the amount of metal junk buried in the thick black mud bottom finding first an engine coil pack and then a frying pan, cans, sinkers, swivels, hooks, and so on! My finds bag was quickly filled with junk and a trip to the surface was required in just 5 mins or so. When I surfaced Ryan was just stepping back onto

Ryans custom made pure silver bracelet made for him in Bali.

the boat so I passed him the junk and returned to the bottom.. after removing more junk, I reached into the mud again and this time felt a heavy flexible weight in my hand which was about the right length for a bracelet but I couldn’t be sure until I saw what I’d found in the light. I surfaced and lifted the weight in my hand out of the water and there it was, Ryan’s bracelet shining brightly in the mid-day sun.

I looked up at Ryan as I passed it to him with my regulator still in my gob, unable to say anything but as usual words weren’t really neccessary and I could see the relief spread across his face as it sunk in that he actually did have it back!

It was a real pleasure retrieving it for you Ryan.. despite the filth! but please don’t drop it (or anything else for that matter) in there again, as you know, it’s flat out nasty down there…



Lost ring Cortland NY…found.

from Cortland (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-302-500-1607

Hi my name is Michael Stoker. I joined The Ring Finders to help people find their lost valuables. If you are located in or around Cortland County NY, give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cell#  302-500-1607