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Lost Wedding Ring In The Surf At Paradise Cove Malibu Found And Returned

from Seal Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-217-5101

I got a call late Sunday afternoon from Lisa who had Just lost her wedding ring at the beach in Malibu. I had just come back over forty miles from another beach and was very tired. I tried to see if there was another Ringfinder available to help, but had no luck, Once I found out that the couple were on there honeymoon  I made it no problem to help the newlyweds .  I made plans with Lisa and her husband Mike To meet them on the beach early the next morning to catch The next low tide. When I arrived at the beach just before 5am the surf was calm and it was easy to search at the bottom of the slope in the water. Just after 6am the couple arrived and showed me the area that she lost the ring.  They looked around at the waters edge But I thought the ring would be higher up on the slope being that the ring was heavy gold and the surf  wasn’t very strong.  I did a grid pattern working my way down the slope and after about Fifteen minutes got a deep but solid signal .So I dug down two scoops deep and there was Lisa’s Ring glisening in the morning sun.  Lisa and Mike were very emotional and happy to have thier ring back.  I have to say that out of the many people i’v been fortunate enough to meet and help. They were one of the nicest couples i’v ever met.

Anniversary Search Finds Gold Nugget Necklace, South Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

On Easter Friday, one year to the day after finding a 78 diamond engagement ring (See post “Lost in the drink… “) in the surf at South Beach, I was back in the drink hoping to get lucky again! My sister and a good friend had travelled from New Zealand for a bit of R’n’R and a well overdue catchup. As they were soaking up the sun on the beach I found myself in the water searching the same area I had searched

The woopsee ring! Found Easter Fri 2017.

exactly one year before. An unplanned anniversary hunt if you like. I was hoping to find something interesting as neither my sister or friend had seen me or anyone else metal detecting.

So far I’d recovered some coins, a bracelet, an earing and two junk rings when I got talking to a woman in the water who’d asked me about metal detecting. When I told her I metal detect professionally for peoples lost jewellery she said “oh, did I read about you finding a ring at Rottnest Island last year”. Turns out she was talking about one of my favorite finds which happened to be the one immediately before the one pictured at left! (See post “Jaqui’s facebook… “)

A short while later I was approaching the exact area in the water where I had found the stunning, diamond engagement ring when a man called out to me from the beach. He said a woman had lost a gold nugget necklace a bit further along the beach and asked if I could use my detector to look for it. “Sure can” I said, “where is she?” We walked down the beach together but could not find her so the man showed me where she had been searching in the sand. I said I would make a start searching there while he went off and tried to find her.

The lost hierloom nugget..

Literally just five or six sweeps of the coil and I heard a very soft but “scratchy” signal from my headphones. It was the typical sort of response that you get from a chain or wire so I dragged a few inches of sand away with my foot. As I did so I thought I saw a golden glint come from the sand in the hole. Reaching down I picked up the end of a thin gold chain but when I pulled it out, I found it was broken and did not have a nugget attached.

Well thats a great start I thought, surely thats the chain and if so the nugget shouldn’t be too far away. I stood up and scanned the hole again, this time the signal was much cleaner and louder, there was something else in the same hole! I sank to my knees and moments later my hand held pin pointer began to sing as I moved it closer to the target in the sand.

Another lost smile… Found.

A bit more ferreting around and bingo, one gold nugget to go with the broken chain. Yehaa! Now to find the owner of said nugget.. I looked around and could not even see the chap who’d shown me where to detect for it either.

In the mean time my sister and friend had noticed something was up and had come for a look. While telling them what had happened a woman and child arrived on the scene and I could tell by the womans tears that she would be the owner. She told me that the nugget necklace had been passed down to her from her grandmother and it meant so much to her that I had been able to find it.

Unfortunately she had to leave right away, it all happened so fast I did not ask her name. It’s always heart warming when you can turn someones tears into happy tears. Happy Easter.. again!


Two Gold Wedding Rings Lost & Found In Studland Bay.

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

It was a few days after Chris from Bournemouth lost his wedding rings that I received his call. One afternoon after enjoying some time on a speed boat they decided to moor up for lunch. When one of the children jumped into the water he reached out & grabbed Chris’s gold chain where his parents wedding rings had hung for many years. The chain snapped instantly & with nothing to do but watch, the rings sunk down into the sandy waters.

Great care was taken to remember the location as best they could & when I received the call they had a pretty good idea where the rings would lie. About 3 days after the loss I tried in vain because the wind, waves & weed prevented any useful attempt so we decided to abandon the search & try at the next low tide.

On Saturday 16th July low tide came & I began my gridding out. Within half an hour Id found the first, minutes later the second. Chris was delighted to receive the rings back & has made a promise to smelt the two rings into one. Chris has made a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity for which I am most grateful .


Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Lost & Found On Swanage Beach

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Amber & fiance Dan from Fordingbridge had enjoyed a day on the beach in Swanage. Sensibly Amber took her ring off and securely attached it through the strap of her watch. Later when it was time to leave she picked up her watch and felt the ring slip from the strap & disappear into the soft sand.

Desperately they searched for an hour to no avail. I received a phone call from a very distraught Amber so I joined her at the beach immediately. Within minutes the distinctive hum of gold ran through my headphones and there it was. They were both very relieved to see the ring back and probably took Amber another hour to stop shaking.

A donation was gratefully received at the Margret Green Animal Sanctuary so thanks to Amber & Dan.

Mission beach Metal Detector Helps find lost rings

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-889-2751



The Ring Finders Metal Detector Service helped find a Lost wedding ring set in the sand at Mission beach. OPEN NOW! Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

Today,I received a call from Rosalyn who lost her wedding rings in the sand 2 days prior while vacationing from Georgia at Mission beach San Diego.After some questions & concerns we both had,I explained to her that there is a chance I could help though I do not have a charge for my service.Often times I do get rewards which is entirely up to you and what you can afford but timing is Keene.

We set up a time later with the place to meet that day.As soon as I met Rosalyn at this very secluded beach in mission bay,I felt it was going to be successful search because it’s rare for Local Metal Detector treasure seekers at a spot like this,Cause was they usually comb the main beaches for lost valuables but also the sand was fortunately fluffy which can preserve rings or lost metals for a short while.

Upon arriving to the scene of the lost rings,Rosalyn showed me a rough 10X15’ area she was sitting in a beach chair near fire pits where these precious metals were last seen.

So I began my search,digging bottle caps left/right,Nearly every step or sweep was a target,Melted aluminum pieces,Pennies,Soda can pull tabs,Corona caps and then a quarter I realized..No hobbyists Detector has been here recently.I safely told her that this is a good sign!.. Yet I had already searched the main area she described so I continued my protocol grid search pattern swinging a little out of the box closer to the fire pit digging a lot of trash is when I looked into the scoop for the 20-30th time and saw a Gold circle & Stunned,,I asked what kind of ring was lost ??? She said Yellow gold! That’s when I showed the first ring while electrifying smiles light up all around :):) There where also some young campers hanging out for party time that night just feet away who saw me dig up the first ring in a shell shock look Saying “Wow” ”Cool.”
I then swung my Metal Detector over the same hole getting a similar signal on my machine so I reached down with out a handheld Pinpointer & magically had the Main diamond ring in the hand with just 1 hand or palm scoop out of the sand requiring experience.

Rosalyn was very elated and appreciative that  these rings were back on the finger, Especially the day before she was headed back home After nearly 3 days of them being gone.Good karma has prevailed again in this search and I’m glad to of soaked in quite a bit of it.

What you may think is gone for ever could be easily reunited with you again. Don’t hesitate to call any member of TheRingFinders.Com

We are here to help.

Lost Longines Watch Rescued From Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

Geraldine had been enjoying some time with her family on Rottnest Island when sitting in the

How to un-loose a Longines watch!

sand she had lost her sentimental watch given to her by her husband Keith. On the phone she explained they would shortly be returning to Perth so I organised to meet them at their home so they could show me on google earth where they thought they had been on the beach and their movement routes to and from their accomodation as Geraldine was unsure just where she may have lost it.

After quizing Keith and Geraldine about the loss I booked the first ferry to Rottnest for the next day and set off home to prepare.

Up bright and early I drove the 45 mins to Fremantle and boarded the ferry to Rottnest Island. An hour or so later I arrived at the accomodation area where Geraldine and Keith had been staying. I found their chalet no. and walked down the beach access track they had used to and from the beach. When I got to the beach I found that someone was laying right on the spot I’d pre-determined as the most likely area for the watch to be. I had a little chuckle to myself and wondered if I would find it there after the person laying on top of it moved!

Geraldines precious.

The situation now required a change of plan so I decided to search either side of the lady sunbaking and work to a respectable distance from her. Not long after starting man approached me and gave me a card explaining that a woman had lost her watch here yesterday and if I found it could I call him to get it back to her. He thought it was just a coincidence that I was metal detecting. He was quite shocked when I said that was why I was here as she’d only lost it the prior afternoon. He wished me luck and I resumed with the search.

Despite working around the lady on the beach I felt a little bit funny about it, thinking she must be thinking what is this bloke doing, there’s a whole beach with no one on it, why does he have to do that right here etc.. Luckily she rolled over and asked what I was doing which gave me the chance to explain… she laughed when I told her I thought the watch was probably under her bum! She promptly stood up, shook her towel and invited me to search where she had been sitting. Sweep, sweep, sweep.. nothing. “Oh well” I said, “it’s not there but it can’t be too far away.” I continued another five or six meters untill I got to an area I had already done then turned to make another pass.

The lady had just sat back down when I got a nice fat signal about 4 m from her. Knealing down I pushed my pin pointer into the sand untill it began to beep indicating my target close by. I pushed my hand into the dry sand pretty confident it was the watch. As I felt it in the sand and knowing the lady was watching I paused a moment or two, and then as I looked up at her I slowly withdrew my hand and the watch from the sand! She didn’t say a word. Her jaw just dropped open and stayed there awhile as I felt a smile start beaming from ear to ear!

Returned to a very happy reception!

As usual on the island my phone had died so I took the chance before the next ferry left to report the find to the Island Police. After getting some charge into my phone on the ferry I called Geraldine to inform her that I was regretably on my way back…. with her watch! Rottnest Island is one of those beautiful places no one wants to leave, hence the regret.

And one for the outstanding rings file..

A little while later I was able to return the much loved watch to a rather teary Geraldine.

During the reunion (over a few beers) I learned that Keith was the one to loose something precious on their only other trip to Rottnest Island some 6 years prior.. his wedding ring! He had been snorkling when he lost it and when he described where and how he had lost it I knew there was a good chance that it is still there and I just might be able to find it as well, now that would be a story and a half wouldn’t it. The ring in the photo on the left is the replacement. Hopefully I get a chance soon to look for the original but for now I’ll have to add it to my oustanding rings file..


White Gold Anniversary Ring Lost in the Dry Sand, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I received a call from Joanna asking questions about The Ring Finders, i.e., cost, how it works, etc. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was upset. After we discussed the details, she said she had lost her Anniversary ring in the dry sand. Ok, I’m thinking this should be pretty easy, but like so many other ring hunts, they’re not always as easy as I’d like. This find, through my own fault, was going to be tougher than it should have been. First, she lost her ring in Myrtle Beach, which is Matt Fry’s area. So, I told Joanna I needed to call Matt, and one of us would call her back. When I called Matt, he was on his way to another ring search that he had been on for a while and told me to go ahead and take this one. I called Joanna back and told her I’d be there in less than 30 minutes. Actually, I thought this was going to work out pretty good. I’ve been searching for another ring myself that was lost in waist-deep water at low tide a few days ago, so I was waiting for the right tide. I thought I’ll go find Joanna’s ring, and then head straight to the second one, maybe I could have a double ring find in one day.

Since the second hunt was going to be a water search, I grabbed my White’s PI. This machine was more than I needed to find Joanna’s ring in the dry sand, but I didn’t want to take two machines and end up leaving one of them in the trunk with the heat. I just got this White’s PI, my second one, a couple of weeks ago as a backup for the one that’s in the shop for repairs right now. So, I grabbed the machine and was on my way.

When I got to the beach, I called Joanna and told her I was there and started walking down the beach looking for her. Her husband, Remi, saw me and we met up with Joanna. As we’re walking to the spot of her lost ring, I asked her the details of what happened. She explained that she was putting sunblock on her kids and a very short time later realized, at some point during the process,  her ring had come off. She showed me the suspected area, which had a huge hole in the sand where the kids had been digging. The area wasn’t very big, maybe 10 ft. X 10 ft., and then Remi pointed to another small area where the towels had been laid out. I turned my machine on and instantly realized I had made two very foolish mistakes. The first, I didn’t test the machine before I left the house, but why would I, it’s a brand new machine that I had used the day before, and it worked fine. The second, I didn’t bring a second machine, just in case. How embarrassing that I showed up to find a ring with a machine that didn’t work. I’m thinking, If I run back home for another machine it’ll be an hour. The second choice was to call Jim Brouwer who was maybe 20 minutes away if he wasn’t already on the beach. I explained what was going on to Joanna and Remi and called Jim. When he answered, I explained to him what was going on, and he was on his way.

When he showed up, I showed him the area, and he started his search. He quickly covered the small search area finding only a bottle cap and a penny. I then asked him to check the towel area, at the same time watching the disappointment on Joanna’s face. As Jim searched the towel area, I’m starting to wonder where else to look because we were running out of real estate fast. At this point, knowing full well that she probably already had, I asked Joanna if she had checked her bag. I got the answer I expected. Ok, Jim was just about done with the towel area and still no ring. There was one more spot to check. When I had originally gotten to the area, Joanna’s family had been sitting in a couple of the beach chairs underneath a beach umbrella. I moved the chairs back from under the umbrella, and asked Jim to check that area. Watching Joanna and Remi, I think they were trying to accept the fact that the ring wasn’t going to be found. As Jim was swinging his detector over the chair area, I was starting to have my own doubts. As I’m watching Jim work the back half of the area under the umbrella, I see his face get that ‘I’ve got a good signal’ expression. He made two or three passes over a small area and then moved some sand with his foot, a couple more passes with the detector, and then he reached down and picked something up. As he held Joanna’s ring out to her, Ba-Boom, she did a double take, said “My Ring!” and took it from his fingers. Then it indeed sunk in and some tears were shed. What a beautiful moment.

Joanna and Remi, so happy we could get your treasure back where it belongs. Now another chapter has been added to the beautiful story that goes with the ring. I apologize for not being better prepared to find it and having to make you wait an additional amount of time before you got it back. Best of Luck to both of you.

Jim – buddy, thanks so much for answering the call and helping me out.



Wedding band returned with help from Google Map of Cape Cod

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

July 12,2018

Contacted via E-mail for a lost ring at a small private beach. No parking available so a hike was in order from a town beach. The first night showed no sign of a ring. With Google Earth map in hand, Jim and I headed back the second night and expanded the area of our search. A bit of confusion on which Sunday and which “little” jetty and if the jetty could be seen at high tide kept us guessing. No need to make any more guesses; as I was was about to leave the original search area after 5 hours of searching the area the ring said it had had enough and reluctantly crawled into my scoop. YES, the search was over. Return was arranged via the USPS, delivered and waiting photos.

On to the next search and return adventure…

Lost Ring at Kits Beach Found and Fed Ex Home!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

I get a call from a young lady who was on her way to the airport and told me she lost her engagement ring at Kits beach that day. Nendless to say she was devastated!

She was sure she knew the location where she lost her engagement but couldn’t find it. She found me because she reached out to the lifeguards and the gave her my rack card about TheRingFinders.com

Well long story short I talked to the young lady got her story and told her not to worry I will find your ring! So I headed to Kits beach where I found her ring with 15 minutes of searching. I love seeing the ring in the scoop and how good it feels to be able to show her pictures of her ring!

There’s lots of people who metal detect the beach now a days so it’s important to search ASAP.




Found Lost wedding ring Waikiki

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-699-0521

I knew it wasn’t good when I got a call at 7:30am from Margaret and she was letting me know that the evening prior Matt went to take a swim in the beautiful pacific ocean and lost his wedding band! I was working and could’t get out there until 12:30pm. After talking to Margaret we agreeed to meet up after work! After work I headed out to the beach and met up with the couple. I felt confident that we would find the ring and asked the couple for more specifics concerning the time it was dropped, tide, and how far out! This search started around 1:00pm with high hopes and after I searched for awhile I asked Matt to come out and place himself in position as to where he believed the ring dropped. Well needless to say Margaret was on the beach signaling to us if we were in or out of position.  After an hour I look on the beach and see Margaret just frustrated when th her hands on her hips and I asked Matt to go back in and comfort his wife. Knowing very well that we are all on edge and would love nothing other than to get this lost ring found!  Knowing the importance of this ring I continued to grid. Well, when I started to feel like I need to let them know that let’s call it a day and I’ll come back on a low tide I hear a GREAT TONE! But it’s way away from the mark… like pushed almost to the very shore… so I dig it and there in the bottom of the xtreme scoop is Matt’s Gold wedding band! I’m so excited at this moment… I put the ring in my hand and head back to the couple as they are standing on the beach. I ask them if they have a picture of the ring and sure enough Margaret pulls out her phone and shows me the ring. They not knowing I found it I ask Margaret “would you like to replace your husbands wedding ring back on his finger?” They both looked surprised and yet have a bright smile on their faces. But said “ NO WAY!” And  They both stood there amazed and we all shed a few tears knowing that the ring is Found! Not to mention the beach was filled with tourist and local which all shared the JOY in Another happy couple and saved vacation / Anniversary!

Always Great to never give up hope… LIVE ALOHA 🤙🏽