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Wedding ring recovered from roadside. Greenville SC

from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-864-905-0297


I received a call this afternoon  from Spencer. Spencer explained that had lost his wedding band Cycling with a fellow rider. Both riders hit the same dip in the road and both riders went down hard.  (traveling nearly 40mph )

I was able to meet Spencer where the crash    occurred and started searching the roadside for at least an hour with no luck. I search up and down both sides of the roadway thinking the ring could’ve rolled down the road. Finally I Received a strong 45/47 on my whites mx sport and located Spencer’s lost ring close to were he had fallen.

I texted him a picture of it and could tell he was one happy guy since just getting Married several months ago.

If you have lost something important. Give your  local ring finder a call.


How to find a lost ring La Jolla Ocean

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-889-2751




















The Ring Finders Metal Detector Service helped find & return a Lost Gold ring at Blacks beach In La Jolla San Diego. Open Now; Call or text 760 889 2751

I received a text from Satya who was vacationing in San Diego but from Atlanta Georgia the day before when all of a sudden,,his Gold wedding ring fell off his hand disappearing into the Ocean at knee deep water! Uh oh!

Mother Nature can be a beast,Keep in mind that Gold weighs 19.3% more than water and will sink ⬇️ fast! The sooner we are called,The better the chance is of recovering it!

So I arranged for the best time to search which is at low tide later that day then we hiked down the steep staircase along the retreating cliff.

After many ring detective questions down the mountain to better help this search, I did feel confident in retrieving this lost ring cause he knew the general area where the ring flew off at. He also had used GPS to mark the spot plus took random scenic photos throughout that day.

I began scanning the first possible area when Satya later walked up saying he’s almost positive it was lost much further south near the trail head. So I began another methodical grid search pattern this time from north to south around 50’ swinging when after finding only just 1 nickel,I get a another similar (Beep) on my Garrett Metal Detector with indications of a nickel or possibly a Gold ring?? So I took 3 scoops which was roughly 12-14” down then magically his Gold wedding band appeared in my hand. What a relief it is when I get called to help with success.

Warning ⚠️ Renting or buying a metal detector can be risky. The sand in California is heavily mineralized & loaded with magnetite,Felspar,Iron Quartz and Hot rocks. It takes over 1,000 hours roughly to fully learn the functionality of most detector machines.

If you lose your ring,,Who ya gonna Call? Call or text for a FASTER Recovery
760 889 2751 ©️®️©️

Wedding band found in a corn pit at a Fun Park in Richland, MI

from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-808-9033

Brian, his wife and daughter were enjoying a fun day at Gull Meadow Farm.  His daughter was playing in the corn pit and asked her dad to join her.  Brian crawled in and let his daughter cover him up with shelled corn.  All good fathers do this!  After leaving the corn pit Brian noticed his ring was missing, and he contacted Ringfinder Chuck Raison from Baldwin for help in finding it.  Chuck gave me the lead on this one because he was too far away.  I contacted Gull Meadow Farm and they were very receptive to our coming to look for the ring.  We set up a time when the corn pit was closed to the public, and Gregg Larabel and I drove down there.  I had the ring in my scoop in about 15 minutes.  Brian took some time off from work and met us at the farm shortly after we found his ring.  Seeing the reaction on Brian’s face when we presented the ring back to him is what it is all about.


Graduation gift found on football field in Downers grove, Il

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-774-5445
Got a call last night, a Med Student lost a graduation gift from his grandmother.
Gift was give to him 20 years ago and his grandmother passed away a few weeks ago so this search had a lot of meaning.
He lost it while playing football on the campus field.
My long range locator got me within 10 feet of the target and the Minelab Equinox did the rest.
He was one happy camper and the satisfaction of hitting it for him can’t be described.
I love this work!!!

Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Ko Olina Lagoon 4…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began September 3rd when I got a text from Ruth who said she just lost her Platinum & Diamonds Engagement ring while snorkeling in Lagoon Four of Ko Olina Resort. I made my way to Ko Olina where I met Eric & Ruth (both from San Jose, California) to hunt for the ring. Ruth was sure she lost the ring in chest high water or deeper so that’s where I started my grid search. After over an hour with no luck I decided I better come back the next morning and try the deeper water on scuba. When I arrived the next morning the security guard had already picked up ten box jellyfish from the shoreline so I aborted the dive. It would be Friday before it would be jellyfish free. I started the dive and after an hour and a half under water with no luck I decided I’d try again Saturday AM. On Saturday I brought my friend Terry in case I needed some help. After another hour and a half dive and a complete search of the area I was definitely frustrated when the ring wasn’t found. I thought what if Ruth only discovered the ring missing when she was in the deeper water. I decided to do the shoreline out to chest deep water. BOOM it paid off! In no more then thigh deep water there was Ruth’s awesome ring in my scoop. My theory was correct and as you can see it brought smiles to Ruth & Eric in San Jose when they finally had the ring back on Ruth’s finger where it belonged. Aloha to Ruth & Eric.

Lost Man’s Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-740-334-7293

I received a call about a lost Man’s Titanium Wedding Ring in a sand volleyball court. While he was playing the next thing he knew was the ring went flying and disappeared into the sand. He friends helped him search and search for the ring with no luck. Once I started searching I received my first hit. I took my sand scoop to move the sand around and starting sifting through it. Then I heard a ting from the sand scoop and there was the ring. He was very happy to have the ring returned to him.

Lost Man’s Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Man’s Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Man’s Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Man’s Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”




Lost gold ring at Daytona Beach, Florida….Found and Returned!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

While out searching the rough surf for a large gold necklace, I was getting tired and thirsty and decided to take a short break. As I sat there relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, a man approached me and explained his dilemma. Two weeks earlier, Teddy had been walking on the beach and towards the end of his walk he noticed a bunch of garbage in an area of the soft sand and decided he would do the noble thing and pick up the trash and deposit it where it belonged…..in the garbage can! Earlier in his walk, he had been fiddling with his ring and for some “unknown” reason he slipped the ring onto his pinkie finger, where it was a tad loose.
He proceeded to pick up the garbage, bending over to retrieve each item and he put it all into a small plastic grocery bag, which was then thrown into the appropriate can. And when he walked up to his apartment he noticed his ring was no longer on his finger and immediately Teddy returned to the garbage can and pulled out the bag. But his ring was not in amongst the garbage so he retraced his steps and soon realized that the ring had probably slipped off and into the dry, soft sand.
For two weeks Teddy waited to ask someone with a metal detector to help him locate his lost gold ring and when he spotted me in the surf with my Whites Dual Field metal detector he boldly approached me with his story and I was more than willing to lend him a hand. It took a half hour to cover the small area where Teddy picked up the trash and there close to the concrete steps was Teddy’s lost ring, hiding under a couple inches of sand. Glad you asked for my help Teddy! And I know there are allot of other people out there who need my help as well! Call, text or email me, ASAP!
Mike McInroe….glad to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost ring in Daytona Beach surf, Florida….Found and Returned!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Daytona Beach, Florida is a great place to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. There are miles and miles of beaches, more sand than one can imagine and refreshing, warm salty water to play and swim in until your heart is very content! Unless of course you happen to lose your wedding ring. And that is exactly what happened to Bart on August 18th, 2018 while playing catch with a football in knee deep water with his young son. They immediately stopped playing and scoured the sandy bottom, desperate to find his lost ring. Unfortunately his ring had simply vanished.
Later that evening as they were searching online, they typed in “Lost Ring” and up popped a story on theringfinders.com website. They found my name in the directory and gave me a call. My wife and I were traveling in Wisconsin at the time and I referred them to other Ringfinder members….but sadly no one was available to help them.
Three weeks later I contacted Bart and he was able to describe quite accurately the exact area where he lost his ring. It took an hour to drive to south Daytona Beach and after setting up my flags in the wet sand, I proceeded to carefully grid search the targeted area. Signals were scarce and after an hour and a half I got a promising tone and there three inches down in the wet sand was Bart’s lost wedding ring! What a pleasure it was to meet you Bart and your dear wife Cindy and may your love story continue on for another 24 years! God bless and have a wonderful life!
Mike McInroe….blessed to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost Wedding Band Colchester CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Taking care of some yard work a gentleman realized his USMC ring and wedding band were both missing. After a scour of the yard, the family was able to locate one of the lost rings in the grass. In an effort to find the remaining lost ring, they borrowed a metal detector from a local hobbyist. After no luck with their search due to the electrical interference from the power lines above their yard, the family came across my profile on The Ring Finders. Only a few minutes after arriving, I came across the lost wedding band hiding deep in the grass. Another lost ring reunited with its owner!

“11 days ago Rich Smith lost his wedding band in our front yard. We looked and looked, I had someone in town come over, I borrowed a metal detector (thanks Mike), and we were starting to lose hope. But lucky for Rich I don’t ever give up.

I came across Keith Wille on the internet, and he came over yesterday. He was able to locate the ring literally in 10 mins. If you’ve ever lost anything, and think it’s gone forever- its not! He’s your guy to find it. We are forever grateful, and this is why you don’t ever give up! Thanks Keith!! 

– Sarena Maulucci

Lost a piece of jewelry in your yard? Even if it was lost decades ago, it’s not too late to find it! Jewelry is commonly lost doing yard work. Don’t waste your time with a metal detector rental or with a local hobbyist, have a professional member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. I serve Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a piece of jewelry, contact me now through www.TheRingFinders.com or www.metaldetectionkeithwille.com or call me at 252-775-1307

Lost Ring Found in Colchester CT




















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Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Found in Northern NY

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)
Contact: 1-802-461-8359

About a month ago I got an email from a lady who lost her engagement ring and wedding band. She and her husband had been enjoying some Summer recreation time in the cool waters of a northern New York river. At one point she was swimming in a stretch of fast water for some real fun! But the fun quickly ended when she realized her rings had fallen off. She and her husband tried for quite some time with no luck. The water was too fast and deep and the bottom was rough and rocky. They knew they needed someone with special euipment and experience in water searches.

I emailed back and told her that I would love to help, but there were other members of The Ring Finders that were closer to that area. She replied that she had contacted them, but they were unable to help her. One had recently opened a new business and the other wasn’t euipped for that kind of search. Unfortunately I couldn’t help her then either, because I had just lost my mother 2 nights earlier and I wouldn’t be able to come for awhile. She was very sweet and understanding and was willing to wait.

We stayed in contact and decided to meet at 8:00 Sunday morning. It was a very chilly 40 degrees, but we were willing to tough it out! I got my water equipment ready, put on the wet suit and got started. They put on hip boots and searched where they could. Pretty soon I got a good signal, scooped up a load of gravel and rocks and sorted through it to find a ring! Unfortunately it was someone else’s. During the next 5 hours I found 5 more rings, none were hers. She was feeling discouraged and had to leave to take care of their elderly mother back home.

I figured I had enough energy to search for a few more hours. Her husband, being a really decent guy, said he would stay with me because he didn’t want me to be searching alone in the rapids. He also helped me in many ways, whenever he could, to help make my job go easier. I searched for 2 more hours, pulling up lots of metal debris and “hot” rocks(rocks containg metal of some sort). Finally, I got a weak signal from between some rocks, and after a few tries, there in my scoop was her wedding band!! We were both very happy to say the least! Now we were both encouraged that the engagement ring might be closeby. About a foot from the wedding band’s location, I got another weak signal coming from deep between some larger rocks. It seemed like an eternity, but I finally got whatever was making the signal into my scoop. As I sorted through the stones in the scoop, I saw shiny metal, there it was, her engagement ring. I grabbed it, let out a shout and nearly fell down in the rapids I was so happy! He couldn’t believe it. For the next hour we kept repeating “I can’t believe we found them”! I couldn’t believe I had found 8 rings in one day!!! (I will be trying to reunite them with their owners)

So, we had a nice drive back to their house. When we handed the rings back to her, she was in shock and disbelief. Then the happiness kicked in and and the hugs got handed out!! I got to meet their kids and their dog and we all had a nice visit.

The BEST hobby in the world!

Note….Water searches can be extremely dangerous, especially in deep or fast water, never attempt it alone or without the proper gear and experience.

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