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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a phone call from Patrick and Tanya who were driving home through a snow storm in Minnesota. Tanya was on the phone while Patrick was driving. Tanya told me they had just received my contact number from Aulani Disney Resort where I’m the Metal Detectorist for the 4 lagoons on the property. Tanya described a ring that I thought I may have found the weekend before along with 3 others when they were enjoying their vacation at Aulani. I already posted my finds on my facebook page “Metal Detecting Oahu” and I told Tanya to text me a pic of Patrick’s ring. Sure enough it was a perfect match to the right front ring in the facebook photo. I Fedexed the ring back to Patrick in Minnesota and from the above photo you can see it safely arrived. Much Aloha to Patrick & Tanya!

Unique Wedding Ring Found – Greendale, WI

from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Greendale, Wisconsin resident, Nick Galante, was moving furniture with his son on February 10, 2018 when his one-of-a-kind wedding ring went missing. There was a lot of snow covering the ground as well as on the rented U-Haul truck. Nick was putting his gloves on and taking them off as he worked to clear the vehicle and so was concerned that his ring may have slipped off his finger in the process.

I received an email from Nick late that same evening but since I was away on business in Canada I was not able to conduct a search until nearly two weeks later on February 22nd. The ring could have been lost at any one of three locations where the truck had been loaded and unloaded. There was little hope it could be found.

Nick’s loss was acute. The heavy 14k yellow gold wedding ring encapsulated a ½ Real Spanish silver coin dated 1783. The coin was one of many retrieved from the wrecked Spanish ship, El Cazador, which sank in the Gulf of Mexico in January 1784 after it was overcome by a winter storm. The ring’s uniqueness coupled with its sentimental value made the ring irreplaceable.

I intended to follow Nick’s truck route and eliminate each location beginning with the U-Haul pick up center. Amazingly, it was there that the ring, obviously flattened by a vehicle’s tire, came to light where it had been crushed into a crack in the pavement.

Still, Nick was thrilled to have his cherished wedding token back again. He hopes an experienced jeweler might be able to restore the heirloom; if so, the coin will have yet another chapter to add to its illustrious history. I’m so glad to have found your ring, Nick, even in its damaged state. Here’s hoping it can be fully restored. If so, I look forward to posting a follow up photo.

Lost Ring Recovered at Popular Snorkeling Reef on Hawaii’s Big Island

from Big Island (Hawaii, United States)

“One Step, Two Step…Gone…”

Scott and Sue are visiting from the mainland and called to say Scott had lost his ring at Two Step, the popular snorkelling and diving spot in Captain Cook. It gets its name from literally two steps going off the lava flow into a bay with a beautiful reef and almost daily, dolphins swimming as they rest from the night’s hunt.
Two-Step is also full of coral and large rocks – and is actually quite a large place – so a lost ring could have fallen in one of a million holes never to be seen again.

Detectors aren’t great at finding rings over coral – first of all, the coil can bang into and damage corals so one has to be very careful when detecting around them, greatly slowing a search. Secondly, it’s hard for a metal detector to find objects over about 16 inches deep and most of the natural holes and spaces in coral goes deeper than that.
Scott and Sue arrived early in the morning and told me that the ring was lost two days earlier. Thankfully, he’d gone down the first step, down the second step and then dove in the water. As he turned to swim back to help his wife, the ring went flying. He and his friends had then spent the next three hours looking for it to no avail.
I geared up with a scuba tank and slipped into the water. The fresh water seeping out of the rocks made it hard to actually see – almost like looking through a clear kaleidoscope at times. Big rocks and piles of broken shell are immediately around the entrance area and I looked in about 8 feet of water – peering into crevasses and crannies, detecting the tiny pukas (holes) made by sea urchins, and the big rocks that had piled up from the recent, large surf. Glimmering from under one rock pile was a large, gold men’s ring hiding among the stones.

Scott helped me out and they couldn’t believe I’d found it having had searched so long in the same place. Scott had the ring for 38 years and said he was going to buy a silicone ring and put this one in a safety deposit box!
Glad to have helped out!

If you’re on the Big Island of Hawaii and have lost something valuable – call us immediatelyat (808) 430 5660!


Lost wedding ring Hanauma bay FOUND

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-699-0521

On 2/13/2018 I receive an email from Matthew who contacted me through Ring Finders that he had lost his ring at the beach. He and his wife were on vacation in Hawaii for their anniversary.  On 2/12/2018 they were at Hanauma Bay snorkeling and enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. The scenery at the bay was beautiful and they positioned themselves right next to the shoreline. While getting ready to jump into the water Matthew took off his wedding ring and put it into his pants pocket. They went to  pick up snorkeling gear and headed back to their place in the sand. Once they returned Matthew removed his jeans and his keys fell out of his pants pocket. He then remembered that his ring was in the same pocket. He looked for it and it was gone. He searched the beach where the keys fell and he came up empty handed. The white gold 14k wedding ring that had and inscription inside which says ” I LOVE YOU MATTHEW 2/14/2014″ was gone.  Matthew and his wife got married on Valentine’s Day and now fast forward 4 years later they are in Hawaii enjoying the beach and sun and his wedding ring has disappeared into the sand. “It’s lost”  was his first thoughts.  The next day Matthew and his wife were at the airport and he decided to see if there is anyone would be able to find his ring. He reached out to me through Ring Finders and when I spoke with him I reassured him that I would make my way out early when the park opened and start to look for his ring. I started the search started at 6:10am and despite the rain and wind I was determined to find Matthews wedding ring. After a couple hours of searching and making grids I get the tone of GOLD. Surely after the initial sound I start to dig through the target. There in the bottom of the scoop is Matthews wedding ring. IT’S FOUND and I give a little THANK YOU GOD DANCE on the shoreline. The tourist walk by asked if I found anything good? I respond YES! I found Mathews ring. The tourists were so happy to hear the story as to why this Hawaiian is dancing in the rain on the shoreline. I called Mathew and let him know that his ring was found and will be in the mail soon. Matthew was very happy as he and his wife had just arrived home! Here is Matthew now with his ring.  Another precious ring found!


10K Clemson College Ring Lost in a Golf Course Pond – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach, SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

On February 13th, I received a phone call from Ryan asking if I could help retrieve his Clemson ring he lost, the day before, in a pond on a private golf course. My first question was, “are there any alligators?” He assured me there wasn’t, and went on to say that he lost it throwing a ball in the pond for his dog to fetch. He also said the ring was in about 6 to 8 foot of water. I told him I was up for the challenge, but I wasn’t a diver. However, my son-in-law, Donnie was, and I’m sure he’d help if I needed him. After all was said and done, I agreed to search but had to wait for a waiver of liability from the golf course. In the meantime, I called Donnie and told him what was going on, and I was going to attempt to recover the ring, and I’d call him if I needed his help.

Ryan sent me a text two days later saying his boss finished the waivers, and I could search as soon as I signed it. I had them make two waivers, in case I needed Donnie to help. We set it up that I’d meet him at 2 p.m. in his office, sign the waiver, and start the search. When I got to his office, I learned he was the Assist. Superintendent, which explained why he was able to have his dog with him on the course. He drove me out to the pond in one of the maintenance carts, and when we pulled up, I thought it didn’t look too bad. Well, looks were deceiving!
As I took my first few steps into the pond, I was sinking at least seven to eight inches in the extremely soft mud. I immediately started picking up great signals, but they were long and narrow. There’s only one thing those could be, yep – Golf clubs! Total, there was two putters, one fairway wood, two club shafts, one grip with a shaft, one tee marker, and two clubs I didn’t pull up.

So as I made my way out to the area Ryan said he saw his ring hit the water; the water was getting colder and deeper. The water temp had to be in the low 50s, my wetsuit helped, but it was still cold! I got out as deep as I could on tiptoes until I was chin deep and still wasn’t in the right spot. I searched as well as I could but wasn’t getting anything close to a small solid signal. I made my way back out of the water, picked up my cell phone and called Donnie.
When Donnie showed up, he had his scuba gear and went right to work. He made his way out and searched with no luck. By then it was almost dark, so we called it a day and made plans to go back.

We decided and planned on going back, today, February 20th. Donnie came up with a plan that he’d run a rope anchored on shore to an anchor buried in the mud past the suspected area. The rope gave him a track line that he could follow while submerged since any movement stirred the mud up and made visibility zero. Close to 30 minutes later, Donnie popped up holding the ring in his hand. Ryan drove up to check on us just as Donnie handed me the ring. Ryan was definitely excited he had his ring back.

Donnie, thanks again for all your help, couldn’t have done this one without you.

Ryan, Thanks for trusting us to find your ring. Good luck in all your future endeavors!


Lost iPhone 7 in the snow

from Provo (Utah, United States)
Contact: 1-801-420-8485

Rings aren’t the only precious lost items that can be found with a metal detector. I got a call from Matt this morning telling me about an iPhone that was lost in the snow in a driveway near Sundance Resort. I was able to meet Matt and some of his friends. We searched for about a half hour, and fortunately we were able to find the phone. Unfortunately, it had been mashed by a snow plow. 🙁 At least we know that the phone wasn’t stolen, and now the data and pictures on it can be recovered.

Lost Silver Ring with Diamonds In The Snow Found In Southgate Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

A Family Tradition

This pictured gentleman lost his beautiful ring in the snow playing with the kids last week when enroute to his brothers birthday party…..
The story began when over the years a family member would do something for everyone when an important event happened in the family, whether it was something joyful or sad they always came together to help cope or celebrate. Last November their sister became ill and passed away.
Since she loved jewelry, the other brother bought everyone a piece of jewelry in remembrance.
Because of the heavy snow last week we did search last Friday, until we called it off, deciding to let the 2 foot drifts thaw a bit.
Even tho my bigfoot coil can cut thru the snow very effortlessly, the weight of the snow kept it from using it in that way at full potential.
When we met up this morning quite a bit of snow had melted down enough to do a better search. He remembered throwing snow with both hands in a forward motion and thought it was in that direction. Being that it was dark at the time it flew off, a true trajectory wasn’t for sure. He thought also that it had come off in another spot they were playing. I set up my MXT and started gridding the most likely areas he thought it was. He was nervously pacing around….with thoughts of having to move on March 1st hoping he wouldn’t have to leave it behind or that someone else may have found it. Knowing it was a silver ring I was looking for MXT meter reads in that area. When nothing came up I searched the areas behind where he was. My Nessie toy that hangs off my MXT has always brought me luck on these searches and after a few more sweeps I got a nice loud +77 and a depth of 4 inches. Getting a feeling this was it, I scraped the snow away with my garrett carrot and spotted the top portion of the ring, a nice onyx and diamonds reflecting back at me! I yelled over to him and the wife and son also came running! Encased in ice, I carefully removed the gorgeous ring and handed it to him who was still in shock that it was found! We took it into the house to thaw and examine for any damage. All looked good and now him and the family can move on, not just to a new home, but with their family tradition!

Quick recovery at Spanish River Park

from Palm Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-561-214-2470

Got a call today from Simon.  He had just lost his platinum ring about 30 minutes earlier at Spanish River Park in Boca Raton.  He was playing catch, and when he caught the ball it knock the ring off his finger.  He was smart to take a shovel he had with him and immediately mark the spot of where he was when the ring fell off.  After a Google search he found ringfinders and got ahold of me.  I got down there in about an hour.  Spanish River is a beautiful park, and costs about $20 to park!  If you are a resident of Boca you can get a pass for like $50 a year, but I am not a resident.

I always bring multiple detectors just in case.  I grabbed my Excalibur, as it is my goto detector at the beach, because you never know if your search will lead you into the water.  When I got there, the Excel died almost immediately after turning it on, the battery was drained!  Back to the car and grabbed the CTX3030.  Fired it up, and started gridding the area.  I immediately found a penny, which I knew was not the target based on its ID, and it was like 6″ down, but I didn’t want to have it masking my target, and its always nice to pull out something when I first get to a recovery because it puts the person who lost their ring at ease…..oftentimes they are amazed that I can pinpoint a penny 6″ down and immediately pull it out.  In quick work, less than 4min, I got a nice smooth low tone……I knew it was the ring.  I went in with the pinpointer and out it popped.

Simon, a happy person, thanked me and gave me a nice reward for my time and effort.  It was a beautiful day at the beach, and a nice happy ending.  A smiling pic of Simon below with his fine specimen!

20180207 Oakville, Ontario Lost 14k gold wedding band in snow FOUND

from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-647-383-6891

2018-02-07 Oakville, Ontario

I received a text message from a fellow sled head Mark B to let me know his neighbour lost his 14k gold wedding band somewhere in the snow and to call him right away.

I call Tony H immediately. He advised that he was shovelling the snow and also walked down the road. He advised that the snow plow had just gone by. It was -7C and within 20 minutes of speaking to Tony H and headed down to Oakville.

As the story goes, Tony took off his gloves and within 5 minutes realized his wedding band came off. I started to grid search the driveway. Tony felt it could have been on the roadway so I continued onto the roadway. After 40 minutes I was drawn back to the driveway as the more questions I asked I felt he lost it when he took off his gloves. Within 5 minutes and 2′ off the driveway in 1′ of snow….BAM! Had a great tone on my Minelab Excalibur 2!! Tony was a great sport and very happy not to sleep outside in the dog house in the frigid temperatures!

Here’s a little video


Lost wedding ring at Bethune Beach, Fl……Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

February 12th, 2018 Kyle wrote, “This is less of a review and more of a testimony. After an evening with my wife and some friends on the beach, tossing the football around, I realized after we had left that my wedding ring was no longer on my finger. To say panic set in, would be an understatement as this was the ring my wife and I had picked out together just over a year ago and she had put it on my finger at our wedding shortly after. After searching as thoroughly as possible, all hope was lost. How could I replace something that was irreplaceable? Turns out I wouldn’t have to! Thanks to some quick searching online by my wife, we found Mike’s information and I quickly contacted him. You would have thought his services would cost more than the ring I lost by the amount of detailed questions he asked, trying his best to narrow down the most likely location of my ring. After a few emails back and forth late in the evening, Mike put my mind at ease and said he was on the job. I thought, surely this was a lost cause, a ring lost on the beach….good luck with that! But Mike didn’t need luck, he’s a skilled veteran and within an hour of setting foot on the beach, he recovered my lost ring and saved my wife and I both heartache and money. There is no way I can thank him enough for his services. He’s living proof that miracles happen and sometimes you have to lose something to find them. As I told him before I left, I’d hoped I’d never need his services again, but you can bet that if the occasion ever arises, I’ll be calling Mike, The Lord of the Rings, to bring my precious back home to me!”
Thank you Kyle for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to help you get your “precious” ring back where it belongs.
Mike McInroe…..proud member of theringfinders.com