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Wedding band recovered in Hess Lake, Michigan

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I received an email from Dave Boyer, my Ring Finder partner, that he got a notice of a lost wedding ring in Hess Lake. Adam D. was visiting his friends cottage last week and took a boat ride to another part of the lake where the lake bottom is sandy and all the boaters park their boats to swim and party. While swimming in, what he remembered was, waist deep water Adam felt his ring come off. Several people searched for it but the sandy bottom absorbed the ring instantly.

Dave and I made the one hour drive North to look for the ring and found a very nice part of the lake to grid off an area where we thought the ring might be but only came up with a few coins, bottle caps and 1 random gold ring. I called Adam to get a better idea of the area of where he lost his ring because the sandbar is the size of a football field. From his directions we needed to go deeper out in the lake about chest deep water and parallel to a diving platform.

We took another 1 hour drive North and after about 10 minutes in the water I found the white gold wedding band with the inscription “Love always”. We searched for about 2 hours trying to find another lost ring but the guy wasn’t sure if that is where he lost it.

Adam and his family were camping for a week and when they got home I went over to Adam’s house and met his 2 boys and his wife Lani. Adam and Lani were very happy to have the ring back on his finger and thanked God for it’s return.

Lost watch in a private pond near Fairdealing and Poplar Bluff Mo

from Cape Girardeau (Missouri, United States)

My metal detecting friends Dale and Brian asked if I would help find a submerged watch for Preston. The watch was given to Preston 25 yrs. ago by his mother. It had fallen into his private pond about 2 yrs. ago.
On arrival Dale helped me set up the diving equipment and acted as my safety watch. Brian provided moral support while sitting in the shade and drinking a sports drink. The watch was found under the dock in about 10 minutes.
The dive was somewhat pleasant due to the 97 degree day, except for the pesky little bluegill that kept biting me.

Lost Wedding Band Found at 26th ave. Santa Cruz

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I was going off what I deemed to be solid, reliable information to locate the precise area of the loss on a large beach and … 3+ hours into the search I was questioning that wisdom. This particular beach is subject to heavy sand movement on south swells and since we had just had a solid south swell recently the sand was newly deposited and free of almost any trash. This made for relatively quick hunting but after scouring approx. 8,000 sq.ft. it was time to make the hard call and drive home. Although I had thoroughly searched what I believed to be the right area and then some, that intuitive, nagging doubt still lingered … what if? maybe? Possible wishful thinking aside I was hoping for another crack at it. After communicating the details that evening we agreed to meet in person the next morning to confirm I had been in the right spot or whether I should take another shot elsewhere. I was going early at sunrise to extend my search and meet the owner there later in the a.m. I decided to bring my friend and able digger G along for good luck and entertainment. I extended my search area only to the South, figuring the highest probability of the ring’s location would be in that direction if it was there at all. After almost absolutely no signals for 45 minutes I finally picked up a solid signal and 1-2″ down was the lost ring. Pretty excited about the turn of events I called over to G to show her the find but, being inedible, she was unimpressed. Personally I was a little impressed we had located it, the ring was easily 60′ from my calculated starting point .. that’s light years in detecting. More evidence to support always meeting in person at the loss site, it’s the best investment for a successful search that can be made.

Highlight of this recovery. The owner and her husbands 6th anniversary is this weekend !! 


Rose Gold Promise Ring Found and Returned in Myrtle Beach, Sc.

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call Wednesday night from a quietly distressed young lady named Hayley.  She told me about losing her rose gold promise ring in the water earlier that day.  This ring was presented to her by a young suitor named Luke.  It was around 8:00 in the evening and there were several thunderstorms in our area, so I told Hayley we would see her in the morning for her search.

I met Hayley and her best friend’s brother, Israel, at one of our local beachfront campgrounds. After following them to their site I got my gear ready for a golf cart ride to the beach. As I was getting ready I was asking about the loss. As it turns out, while swimming in the ocean the day before, Israel had asked to see the beautiful diamond rich testimony to young love. When he went to hand it back to Hayley in the chest deep calm water he dropped it.  Hearing the story I could feel both of their anxieties rising at the thought of it.  I explained that they lost the ring in a mid to high tide time frame, and that today’s low tide was going to be a negative tide. I told them we should find the ring around calf deep at low tide. Israel sure liked the sound of my confidence in the search as he was reliving the picture of the ring slipping from his fingers.  I had both of them rub their left earlobes for luck as we headed to the beach.

The water was very calm as I went waist deep sporting my recently returned CTX 3030. I was happy to have my trusted friend with me on this water search.  I worked a grid back to ankle deep water. It was a little frustrating  trying to deal with the beach goers who kept wading into the water and then stopping in front of me. I was also being stalked by two very curious little boys who just had to know what I was up to. Once I got into the shallow water it was easier to move. I got that familiar “gold tone” on the Minelab.  I sure love that sound. 12:28 at 6” was confirming what I was hearing.  One scoop later I was staring at an absolutely beautiful ring. I looked up the beach to see Israel watching me.  I took off the earphones and rubbed my left earlobe. This got him moving my direction from his beach chair.  Hayley had left the beach momentarily to get something back at the house.  When she returned to the beach I told her that I was going to suspend the search. Hayley seemed hurt by this fact until Israel pulled the ring from his shirt pocket.  Israel was very happy to give Hayley back the ring he dropped the day before. As it always happens, Hayley did “The Ring Dance”. A big smile turned into a quivering chin as she put the ring back on her finger. You know, “The Ring Dance”.  I thought that was going to take longer than the 45 minutes it took.  Darn! Now I have to go back to work.

Israel and Hayley, thanks for trusting me with this search. Thank you also for the reward.  Good luck to Hayley and Luke with the future. And lastly thanks to “Big Jim Wren” for sending this search my direction.

Lost Ring Seaside State Park, Waterford, CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A sterling spoon ring was lost while a young lady was throwing a ball in the water with family. The ring slipped off just as the ball hit her hand. This was an irreplaceable ring, handed down from her significant other’s grandmother!

Luckily, I’m good friends with the young lady and live nearby the beach where the ring was lost. That same evening, we were able to meet at the beach where the ring last lost. Unfortunately, the tide was much higher in the evening than it was earlier in the day. When waist deep water turns into neck deep water it makes for a difficult search! After a couple of hours of finding pull tabs and bottle caps, I retrieved my scoop from the neck deep water and saw a shiny spoon handle mixed in with the shells and rocks. It was the heirloom spoon ring! Another lost ring found in the ocean and reunited with its owner!


Sterling Spoon Ring


Ring Search

Group Photo!













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Lost Ring in Ocean, Carlsbad

from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Got a lost ring call in the middle of saying goodby to a dear friend. Can u come right now? No but I will be down in 1 1/2 hrs. One hr later, can u come now ?  So we were almost done so I said I would be there in 20 min.

I get to an over crowded beach and find parking, grab the PI and water scoop and head over.  I am met half way  by a very sad man. Its in the water, do you think there’s a chance of finding it ? Hell yes knee deep, no problem…

As I start my search there are a ton of people coming over to watch. He shows me where he was, or thinks he was.  After about 10 min Im looking at tide line and I start working into the ankle deep area and low and behold, bang..  I scoop it and walk outa the water, turn to him and ask, Whats it look like… he he. ( YEP ) here you go.

Cheers from the crowd make it really cool, as we walk thru to our cars  I hear, Great Job “RingFinder ”



Scott Juusola back in Minnesota for ring find

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

An old ring finder buddy of mine stopped back in town after moving to Texas for work. Scott & I headed out to Lake Minnetonka for a search of a family heirloom gold ring that was lost while swimming. Glad to have Scott along as he pulled the ring after a couple hour search. Suzy was so happy to have her ring back where it belongs. Congrats Suzy and a big Thanks to Scott for the help!




Lost Wedding Ring Found 1 Year later Minnesota

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Zack was working on his boat lift canopy, when his wedding ring popped off his finger (Zack recently lost weight) and into the lake. He could actually see the ring in the water. As he tried to retrieve it, the muck stirred up and the ring was gone. Zack figured it was gone forever. Approx. 1 year later, Zack’s wife Colleen was reading the paper and saw an article on the ring finders. She gave me a call and we set up a day for the scuba search. The lake had no visibility and the muck and weeds were thick. I searched the area for 15 minutes or so, pulling out cans and trash. It was a tough search because the boat lift and dock are made of metal and this was interfering with my detector. I was just about to give up when I got one more hit and to my relief, it was a Gold Band :).

So glad I could help you out Zack & Colleen, it was nice chatting with you and thanks for the homemade cookies. Very tasty after a tough dive!


Wedding ring lost at wedding.

from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

Julie called Sunday saying she lost her diamond wedding ring in the field where the ceremony was taking place. They had pretty much given up on ever seeing it again,  members of the wedding party searched for hours, using  rented metal detectors.  I met Julie’s mom at the site on Monday, we went over the layout and handing the mother my pin pointer and using a Fisher Z 20 found the ring in about 30 minutes. I love it when things end well.

Ring and Apple out the window

from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

Down called me and said she was travelling down the highway and decided to throw an apple core out the window. A large wedding band went out the window with it. They had looked for it and could not find the ring in the tall grass. It took awhile but I did find the ring. The ring had belonged to her mother. To say she was happy to get it back would be an understatement. Hugs all around.