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Wedding Set Recovered in Ocean City NJ

from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-868--6988

A Sunday to remember

Recovery on the beach of New Jersey

I received a frantic call today from Danielle. While spending the beautiful day at the beach in New Jersey she lost her engagement ring and wedding band. 

She had taken her rings off to apply sunscreen and she put them in the pocket of her jump suit. While she was in the water, she took her jumpsuit off. Her husband David brought it to their towel up on the beach. 

It wasn’t until she got home an hour away did she realize they were missing. She went online and got my phone number. 

I told her I was not far away and would respond immediately. Her husband David was on his way also. 

I met with David on the beach. He pointed out where they had their towel and umbrella. I had guessed the rings to be in the water but started in the sand first. Using the Minelab Equinox 800 I located the engagement ring first. The look on David’s face was priceless. He was in shock. I said “well, at least we got the expensive one first”. Approximately 4 feet away I located the wedding band. David was ecstatic. He called his wife and gave her the good news. 

I was really happy to be able to reunite them with their heirlooms in their time of need. 

Lost ring. Nags Head, North Carolina

from Newport News (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-757-899-0118

Amy called me the weekend before Memorial Day and said she lost a Diamond ring that her Grandmother gave her while starting their vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I was the closest person on the Ring finders site and wasn’t sure about traveling the 110 miles to look for a ring. Since Memorial Day was coming up I told her my wife and I could come down on Saturday morning and look for it.  She was so happy we were coming. After we got there she told me she was feeding the birds on the 3rd floor deck and the ring had slipped off her finger into the bushes below. She showed us the area that they had been looking in all week for the ring. She had not told her Grandmother yet and was hopeful we could help. We got our gear out and started looking. The bushes were thorny and thick. It was hard to swing a detector in them. I put my detector aside and started using my pinpointer through the bushes and not even 5 minutes had gone by and I felt the vibration and saw the glint of gold and diamond. I picked it up and I walked around the corner of the house where Amy was standing and with a smile on my face handed her the ring she had lost. She was so happy and we were happy we decided to come down and look for it. I always love the look on peoples faces when we find what they lost.

Metal Detector Rental White Rock BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Most people will rent or buy a metal detector to find their lost ring. The only thing is if you’ve never used one you will have a slim chance in finding your ring. The members and myself from TheRingFinders.com have many years of experience and the know how…This search today didn’t need the use of the detector…How many people who would have rented a detector would have found this ring? One thing we all do is think out of the box. Lynn was shaking a towel over her balcony when her 2 rings flew off her finger…

She found one ring in the small rocks very quickly. No need for a metal detector for that ring…But where did the second ring go? Maybe into the garden/rhododendron bushes but it would have been an easy eye ball search. I asked Lynn if there was a chance the ring could have slipped off finger in the house? She question herself and went inside to look. I stood there and thought… one ring fell on the rocks and why not the second ring?

Just then I notice a dip alongside of the foundation of the house, the rocks  sunk into the ground in a very small area so I took a knee and had a look and BINGO there was the ring! I was so happy!










I was able to surprise Lynn, I have the greatest job in the world! I get to make people smile!


Lost a ring? contact a member from TheRingFinders.com

Call- Chris Turner 778-838-3463

Watch video of the search below…

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Bellows Air Force Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began last Monday when I got a text from Tyler who is a US Navy Commander living in Aiea on Oahu and is stationed at SUBPAC. While enjoying the day with his lovely wife Kristin and daughter Violet, Tyler held Violet’s hand as they walked along the beach. As the waves were coming up the sand slope pretty far, he didn’t want them to knock Violet down. At some point Violet adjusted her hand and accidentally pulled Tyler’s Gold Wedding Band off and it fell into the sand. As Tyler reached down to pick up the ring a wave washed in and erased the ring from his view. It was gone! Tyler immediately took note of his location and marked it with a stick. When I called him back he sent me photos of the location and asked when I would be able to look. I had other ring hunts lined up so I told him possibly Friday. The beach is off limits to metal detecting but my company All Island Treasure Detectors helped the Air Force clear the recreation area of unexploded ordnance (UXO) several years back and I’ve been given the opportunity to hunt for lost wedding rings on a few occasions without any drama. Thursday night we arranged to meet the next morning at Bellows Beach around 9AM. Tyler and his family arrived and we parked within a few yards from where Tyler lost the ring. Tyler gridded out the area he felt the ring was lost in. It wasn’t very large but the surf was up and pounding the shoreline. I started dry and worked through the wet sand and finally into the water. It got to the point I couldn’t swing my detector anymore because of the waves. To that point I only found a Lincoln Shield Cent and a ring from a pull tab. I told Tyler I did what I could but wanted to extend out the grid search just in case. I could tell Tyler & Kristin were looking as if this wasn’t going to end happily. Then on the second extended leg of the grid search the Excalibur got a screaming low tone. This had to be the ring and sure enough after a quick rinse there in the scoop was Tyler’s Gold Wedding Band. He and Kristin were on the other side of the grid so I yelled over to them, “I got it!” They both ran over and sure enough it was Tyler’s ring. With great elation and relief Tyler & Kristin were both so very thankful. Tyler told me this was actually the second time his ring was found. I’m praying their won’t be a third time. Remember to extend those grid searches! Aloha to Tyler, Kristin and Violet!

Lost wedding ring in Orlando, Fl…..Found and Returned!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Theringfinders metal detecting service helped me find a lost ring in the bushes in front of a restaurant in Orlando, Fl.! Open Now: call or text 321-363-6029

I received a call from Alex asking me if I could help him look for his lost wedding ring. I asked him a few important questions and decided this was a search that needed to be done right away. (For whenever someone looses a ring in a public place it is extremely important to get there and look ASAP….mainly for fear that someone else might find it!)
We made arrangements to meet and do a thorough search and the whole time I was praying no one else would walk off with his lost ring. An hour later I met Alex and his two friends in front of Rocco’s Tacos restaurant and he explained what exactly happened. Apparently as Alex was leaving the restaurant he felt a sneeze coming on and as the courteous custom is to cover one’s mouth, he let out a big sneeze and in the process he flung his hands down and to his sides and off came his ring! He heard it ping off of the sidewalk but did not see which direction it flew. It was dark out and he and his friends searched the best they could but could not find his lost ring. Alex figured his ring was gone forever! Later that evening he was talking to another friend and he suggested trying to locate someone with a metal detector and that led Alex to theringfinders.com!
So I began my search with my Garrett pro pointer in hand. The bushes directly behind where Alex was standing when his ring came off was the obvious place to start. It took 15 minutes on my hands and knees and I finally spotted Alex’s lost wedding ring along the edge of a side walk at least 20 feet from where I thought it would be. I put Alex’s ring on the end of my finger and walked up to Alex and his two friends. I explained that I had found a bunch of bottle caps, pull tabs and other junk…and then I held my finger up and said, “And then I found this!”. Alex could not believe his eyes and we all had us an awesome moment of high fives, fist bumps and man celebration!!
It was an honor and a real pleasure to help Alex find his lost wedding ring!
Lost something? Call, text or email me ASAP!
Mike McInroe, thankful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost pistol, not a ring found with metal detector

from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

I was contacted a couple days ago by a gentleman whose grandson accidentally dropped a pocket pistol in the Muskingum River about a month ago while running bank lines for catfish. We made arrangements to meet and we hopped into a John boat and up the river we went. I just took my powerful magnet hoping we could just pick it up with that. I didn’t want to get into the river with my metal detector because I knew it would be “mucky” and cold. After several minutes and attempts with the magnet, it was obvious that I was going to have to go into the river. We met the following day with my wetsuit and MD’ing gear. Up the river once again to the spot in the river where they was sure it would be. I can only detect in water that is around chest high. We spent about an hour and exhausted the area I could comfortably reach. In a last attempt, I walked in chin deep water holding the metal detector out as far as I could in deeper water and finally got a shallow strong signal I was hoping for but there was no way I could scoop it up out there. Thankfully I had brought my magnet back out with me and we was able to get the magnet on the pistol!

Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean at North Myrtle Beach SC, Found and Returned

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

On May 13th, I received an email from Cliff stating he had lost his wedding band the week before, on May 7th, while swimming in the ocean in North Myrtle Beach. I thought the resort he said he had stayed at was in Myrtle Beach, so I passed the email on to Matt Fry, the ring finder for Myrtle Beach. After a few more emails with Cliff, I realized the ring was actually lost in North Myrtle Beach so I took the search and called Matt to let him know.

I got all the details from Cliff, including the fact that he lost his ring just a little over an hour after high tide, which was good, but he also said he was roughly waist deep when he lost it, which puts it out in the ocean a little further. Cliff was back home, in Ohio, so I sent him a google map of the area with my anticipated search area outlined, he replied that he thought the area should shift a little to the north. Looking at the tide table, low tide was at 9:55 pm, so I hit the beach close to 8 pm expecting to work the outgoing tide. Once I got to the beach, I expanded my search area out, probably 15 yards on both ends. Working parallel to the surf, I started my grid search at about the mid tide line. After almost an hour, and maybe 15 grid lines of 60-70 yards each, I got a strong 15/16 on my Equinox 800. I dug a shallow scoop of sand and saw the gold wedding band staring up at me from the bottom of the scoop. After almost a week, I was surprised the ring wasn’t deeper than where I found it, but so happy to have it in my hand. I took a couple of pictures and sent them to Cliff with a text of “BA-BOOM!!! Look familiar? Call me!” I got his address and got his ring in the mail the next morning.

I received an email on Thursday, May 16th that he had just received his ring. In his email he told me that he hadn’t told his wife yet that he lost it. He said that they were enjoying their vacation so much that he didn’t want to ruin her time, although, both his sisters and daughter knew it was lost. Shortly after they got home, she left town on a work trip, and that’s when he searched the web and found one of my posts about finding another couple’s ring and contacted me. So Cliff was extremely happy that his ring was found and returned before he had to break the bad news to his wife. Another very happy ending!

Cliff, thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure.




lost gold wedding band lost at Sunny isles Florida… found..

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

Hi all ,



I got a call from the concierges office at a 5 star hotel. I was told that a guest lost a  ring . I proceeded to the hotel and meet the guest on the beach. He explained that he gave his son in law his ring to hold onto . The son in law then forgot that he had it . They were not sure if it was in the sand or water.   I searched for two days and found it on the second day. I will be shipping it back to them in New York.


Hanauma Bay – Lost White Gold Diamond Ring FOUND!

from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-282-6978

Like any day this ring save it started with a phone call.  Janine called to let me know that she had lost her wedding band at Hanauma Bay on the south east side of the island of Oahu.  Hanauma Bay is an access controlled State Park beach and closes in the early evening.  It doesn’t re-open until the following morning.  We made a plan to meet at the entrance to the park the next morning when it opened for business.

Janine was visiting from the mid-west and came to Hawaii to visit with family and enjoy the sites.  She knew the aprox. area they were sitting on the beach and it was extremely helpful in limiting the search area.  I was using a Minelab Equinox 800 which is an excellent machine for searching the sands of any beach.  I disconnected my headsets from the metal detector she she could hear what the detector was picking up.  I told her what sound I was listening for and being that it was a recently lost item it would be a shallow and strong signal.  15 minutes into the search all we had was a handful of aluminum pieces and one penny.  Then it happened, a solid and repeatable mid-tone signal.  The reading on the screen said two inches.  I gently slipped in the sand scoop and gave it a shake and there lying in the bottom of the scoop was a white gold with a black diamond wedding band.  Janine almost burst into tears, her ring was back where it belonged, on her hand.

Lost Tiffany 18K Gold Band Recovered in Dundalk, Maryland!

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

On May 7th, 2019  I received a call from Vi stating that she lost her ring in a back yard area directly behind her home. She stated she searched for it for hours in the grass/vegetation with no success and even borrowed a friend’s metal detector, but never using a detector before, all she said she heard was a bunch of noise! We immediately made plans to search for it the next afternoon.

Upon my arrival, Vi took me to the area she believed it was in. I could see she did a LOT of searching as the grass/vegetation was very disturbed. I immediately began to search and within 15 minutes…..

Vi could not believe it! She said, “I looked in that area for hours!” The ring is now back where it belongs. Vi kindly asked not to be pictured on my blog, but agreed to the picture of the ring in and on hand and of course I obliged.

If you ever find yourself in need of my service, don’t hesitate to contact me. The quicker you call me out, the better the odds of recovery. As far as doing it yourself and renting/buying a metal detector, keep this in mind. Anyone can buy an airplane if they can afford it, it does not mean they know how to fly it!