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Quick recovery in Central Park NYC

from New York (New York, United States)

Aditya was tossing a football around when he felt his ring go flying from his finger. He frantically looked all over with no luck. That night his friends recommended buying a metal detector. But Aditya did a little research and found a better option, he found The Ring Finders!

I arrived early and spoke with the parks department to allow us to hunt for the ring, metal detectors are forbidden in the park.

We quickly got to the area where Aditya was playing football. Within half an hour it was back on his hand and he was heading back on the subway to Queens a very happy man.

Can you spot the ring? “Eyeballing” lost rings can be difficult. But our Metal Detectors can catch them with ease.

Another happy recovery! (trust me, that’s a really happy New Yorker)


No matter the price of the ring, the only true worth is the sentimental value. Was happy to have been able to get this back to Aditya.

Lost Wedding Ring in Little Compton Rhode Island

from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Andrew sent an e-mail to me on September 16th and asked for my help to find his wedding ring.  He works on an organic farm and had lost his wedding ring while picking potatoes a day earlier.  Andrew dug through the soil for over two hours with no luck.  His boss told him that he may find someone who could help on the internet.  Andrew found my information on The Ring Finders website.  I met him at the farm on September 17th and located his ring in about ten minutes.  Andrew was so excited to have his wedding ring back, particularly since he had only been married for two months.

Found and returned lost iphone at Misquamicut Beach Rhode Island .

from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

On July 3rd, while metal detecting on Misquamicut Beach, I discovered an iPhone 7  buried in the sand.  Once the iPhone was charged, it gave a phone number to call if the phone was found.  Its owner had used a special application, which allowed him to put a message on his iPhone when it was lost.  I called the number and connected with Anthony, the owner, who was very glad to hear from me.  Anthony had lost the phone two days earlier.  After searching the beach, he didn’t expect to get it back.  He was in Boston when I called, and it was late evening, but he was happy to drive to Rhode Island to claim his phone.


Lost Platinum Ring Found Underwater in Shelby Township Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Ending the Summer with a Smile!

With autumn arriving this Friday, many people were out enjoying the last bits of nice weather in southeast Michigan before the feel of “burnin’ daylight” overcomes us.
This nice lady and husband were out in the water throwing a frisbee around Sunday when his platinum band came off. She contacted me asking if an underwater search could be done to find the ring.
I met her and her friend without the husband at the lake and we discussed where they were when it came off. I’m glad I had my weight belt on as I started my grid search out in the rougher deep water and worked towards the shoreline with my detector pro headhunter and found a few junk items like bobby pins and junk metal earrings. In about 3.5 feet of water I got a sharp signal and pushed my long handled scoop right behind the coil and up came some shells, seaweed and as the sand drained away this gorgeous platinum band revealed itself! As you can see, she was elated that their last weekend of water fun wasn’t a disappointment!



Gold Signet Ring Lost & Found In Basingstoke Garden

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

David from a small village near Basingstoke, Hants was very upset upset when he discovered whilst gardening to have lost his ring. The ring dated back to the 1800’s & had been handed down by his Grandfather  & one day the same for HIS son too. The ring had obviously seen much history  & for it to have been lost so easily, was very sad.

When I received the call from David I asked the usual investigative questions ascertaining it couldn’t be far & was definitely one of the recoveries that would be extremely rewarding. The journey to his home took s nearly 2 hours & I got straight to work when I arrived. His newly laid lawn took half an hour to scan but revealed nothing but a small lead Victorian Cockerel! It looked as if the ring may have landed in the neighboring farmers field when he threw stones out from the lawn- the field was full of bushes & grass 6 inches tall.

After half an hour the CTX gave the reassuring hum of gold & there it was! The grass was so thick it almost held the ring up presenting it to me, resisting sinking, lost eventually to time. David was extremely relieved to have the ring back & has made a generous donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kailua Beach…FOUND!!!

from Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call this AM during the football game. It was Jamie from Kailua who had me recover his ring at Kaimana Beach last December. This time he was running and wrestling with his dog on Kailua Beach when he noticed his ring had come off. Jamie said Joe I need your services again. He had looked quite awhile for the ring himself but the sand as usual consumed it. We met at Jamie’s house and cruised down to Kailua Beach. Jamie took me to the spot he was wrestling with his dog and I started my grid search. After a few coins I got a great low tone and one scoop down there was Jamie’s ring. Elapsed time about 7 minutes. I told Jamie I never wanted to see him again. He just smiled and laughed that’s for sure. Aloha to Jamie!

A little help from your friends! eyeglass recovery-Dobbs Ferry,NY

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Gui had viewed the Ringfinder directory and contacted me to locate his lost Titanium framed glasses. He had been having fun with his son in the backyard and his glasses got wet,so he rested them on top of his head. In the excitement , they fell off and he tried to find them to no avail.The backyard slopes steeply and is covered in Pachysandra ground cover cover.

I arrived and set up to find his glasses. My wife, Susan had accompanied me as we planned on attending a local craft fair afterwards. After an hour of my searching through the ground cover, she decided to look herself. Within 5 minutes she found the glasses laying on the ground in an area I wasn’t even searching. Another satisfied customer for the Ringfinders. Gui was very happy to get his glasses returned and it was smiles all around. Thank you Sue!

Fred,Gui and glasses

Sue and Gui all smiles!

Wedding Ring Lost Throwing the football

from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a call from CHRIS he had said he had lost his wedding ring throwing the football with his son. I asked him how long has it been missing he said a few days. First thing I told him was don’t mow your yard. He said his son had weed eated were they thought ring had come off in the front yard. I found the ring a few feet away . CHRIS put me on a good spot. Thanks Chris for calling and for a nice reward…….

Lost Ring Recovered from Brush Pile

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

A couple days ago I got an email from a woman who’s husband had lost his ring while tree pruning in their yard. it was a very long drive, but I had the whole day and the weather was great. When I got there they showed me where he had been trimming a tree and throwing the branches over the back bank, into the woods. I learned that he and a friend had searched the year before, moving a lot of debris and using a basic metal detector, with no luck. He had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it again. But she hadn’t! She saw my ad and decided to give The Ring Finders a try.

Unfortunately there were many challenges involved with this hunt. At first I was discouraged, but decided to do an all day hunt if necessary. The people who had lived there before them had dumped all kinds of scrap metal, cable, wires and metal fencing right in the same area. Also, there was some poison ivy to watch out for. There was so much metal, my first detector I tried was having a tough time, lots of signals going off with no repeatable patterns. So, I got out one of my other machines, fine tuned it, and got to work. I found as much scrap metal as I could and put it off to the side and searched for about an hour and a half. I went back to the tree and detected there and down the path to the dumping site. No luck. They were very confident that it had to be over the bank and in the woods, so I went back there and started moving piles of branches and detecting under them. I got a nice signal, got out my pinpointer and pushed the leaves to the side. There it was! I was so happy for them!

Afterwards we visited for awhile, they showed me their dirt bikes, snowmobiles and a really cool old muscle car! I love motorheads! I used to be one, getting old now 🙂

Please click on my name above for more about this service, my contact information and to read other success stories.

Ring found (Elkhart Indiana)

from Hanover (Michigan, United States)

After finding Steph’s ring, Nick and I pointed toward Simonton Lake located in Elkhart Indiana in attempts to find two more lost rings.

Ryan Cole (ringfinder also) had given
me the information concerning this lost ring, and supplied the owners contact information. I contacted Dan and scheduled the search to coincide with the other lost rings in Indiana.

On arrival the boat launch was vacant, but as luck would have it, once zipped up inside my semi dry suit (internal temp 110 degrees) vehicles with empty trailers started showing up. Due to the close proximity of spinning props, I chose to drop some water weight and wait until the pontoon boats were removed from the water.

After what seemed like hours, I entered the water and began my search pattern. Many years of discarded metallic trash and other debris caused me to spend over an hour digging unrelated insignificant targets.

The bottom of the lake was covered in several inches of silt, causing visibility to reduce from 5″ to 0″. Working in zero visibility is pretty common in any freshwater lacking any kind of current.

After filling my pockets with tin cans, several coins, one wheat penny and a pair of sunglasses, I located what I came for. In approximately 8′ of water I dug and recovered a dark colored titanium ring with the date 1-15-16 inside and the words “I will love you always”. I returned to the surface and exited the water to contact Dan and tell him the news.

This ring was lost several months ago when Dan was pushing his boat away from the shoreline. In attempts to climb up the ladder of the boat, his ring slid off his finger and sunk out of sight. Ryan searched for the ring on the day if was lost, but his search was cut short by excessive boat traffic and unhappy shore fisherman.

Dan was extremely happy and asked to have the ring shipped back to him. He was unable to make the drive to Simonton Lake due to work obligations.

Dan, thank you for the opportunity and Ryan, thank you for the information!!!IMG_3346