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My trip to Whites Electronics in Sweet Home OR.

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

My son and I decided to take a trip down to Whites Electronics in Sweet Home Oregon to visit the birth place of my V3i.  About a 5 hour trip from Seattle due south and sunshine all the way.  We left at 6am hoping to get there by noon.  As we where driving down there from Seattle I wondered why they built 6 lane highways and over passes.  Coming back through the Seattle area around 6pm we hit traffic….hard!  Crawling through Seattle at 25km/hr, where is everyone going?  Besides that, it was a great trip and beautiful countryside.  Down at Whites Electronics I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Hudson.  Mary is the Customer Service manager there in Sweet Home.  She was very interested in hearing all about our organization and what we do.  While I was there, she had the tech guys in the back give my V3i a once over to check everything.  When I was handed back my MD, it had a brand new d2 coil, screen and button cover on the control, new clips and cable ties and new earfoam pads fro my headset.  Total cost of this royal service?  … nothing!  Mary felt that if we go and do the great stuff that we do in our ringfinders stories, we should have the best tuned and updated equipment that whites can provide.  Now that is what I call “Customer Service”.

Bellow are the links to the short vids I shot of the trip, enjoy.