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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Blayne & his Wife were vacationing with extended Family at the lovely rustic Colin S Farmer Cottages in Perth, Ontario. The cottages are located on the south west end of Otty Lake.

Blayne was swimming between the land dock and floating dock and noticed his 10k white gold wedding band was missing. He searched for 20 minutes but it was getting dark. The next day Blayne, his Wife and her Family took turns searching for 4-5 hours with no luck.

The cottages owner Kyla had seen a recent Facebook post on the Otty Lake Association page that I was heading down to Otty Lake to search for another recently lost wedding band and a pair of expensive reading glasses. Kyla reached out to me for more information. She contacted Blayne about my services and he was in touch with me immediately!

I was lucky enough to group all three searches together in one day and have three successful recoveries!

I geared up with my Minelab Excalibur2 underwater metal detector and my DIVE BLU3 NEMO portable battery operating hookah system! Blayne provided a Google Earth image and circled the area he thought his lost his wedding band. I went out from land to the dock. I came back around searching in and out of the weeds. I had a few signals finding a pop can pull tab, a stainless steal nut, a lead sinker, swim mask and then the golden tone of the day… Blayne’s wedding band!! WHAHOOOO!

Check out the video;

I contacted Blayne with a surprise phone call to give him the news. He was so happy of the news! I subsequently met up with his best man Andrew! Small world… Andrew and I both work for The City of Brampton! He for Transit and I for Works & Transportation. Andrew was thrilled to received Blayne’s wedding band for the return!!

I can’t thank Blayne enough for his very generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!! He recieves a tax receipt!

I also am grateful to Kyla & her Husband at Colin S Farmer Cottages for connecting me and giving us permission and also Patti Hamilton another cottage owner for posting on the Otty Lake Association page to help others while I was in the area if needed!! It was worth the four hour drive!

Otty Lake – ZERO
TheRingFinder – THREE

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Lost Ring near Philadelphia, PA…I can help you with your lost valuables!!!

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lose a valuable or important piece of jewelry? I will help you find it. I cover Philadelphia, Pa and surrounding areas, searching yards, fields, along with parks, schools and private property (with permission).

Lost wedding ring in LBI New Jersey found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery#16 for 2021
On September 15th I received a call from Fred. While in LBI visiting family with his wife, They spent the day at the beach and as Fred was body surfing he saw his ring come off from the force of the wave. Due to storms and dangerous surf conditions for 3-4 days I had to wait until the conditions were safer to do a search. On the 5th day I was able to get out there for the night time low tide and after an hour of searching I had his ring! Him and his wife were very happy that I had found it! Another happy ending!

Family Heirloom Gold Ring Lost, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text message from my son-in-law, Donnie Constransitch, saying that he was busy at the aqua park and to call Chandler for a lost ring in the soft sand. I called Chandler and she said she lost her ring last night in the dry sand and she knew the area where it was. I told her I’d be there in 10 minutes.

When I arrived, I called Chandler from the parking lot saying I was walking out on the beach. We met on the beach and she pointed out the area. She described the ring as a yellow gold ring with 5 diamonds. I turned my Equinox 800 on, took four steps and hit a solid 14/15 on the VDI (visual display indicator). That VDI was definitely in the range of a gold ring. I took a scoop of sand, gently shook the sand out and saw the gold ring.  I held the scoop out so Chandler could retrieve her ring. I could see the relief in her face and then she told me the story. The ring originally belonged to Chandler’s Great Uncle; it was passed to Chandler’s aunt and then passed to Chandler. I completely understood the sentimental value associated with this heirloom and so excited it was back where it belonged.

Chandler – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure.




  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)




Matt called me and explained that he was doing some landscaping in his back yard in July. He was laying landscape fabric before putting bark mulch on top and in the process took off his gloves several time that day! Late that evening while in the house he realized his ring was not on his finger, He Googled “how to find lost rings” and found me on the Ringfinders web site.
I agreed to meet up with Matt last night around 7:30. He showed me the area which he was working in and with all the nails and other metal object in the mulch it made for a tricky search. With persistence, I finally found his ring! Another happy Client.

Antique Chinese Sterling Silver Bangles Lost For Two Years In Rundle Park, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Gloria called me to ask if I could find her grandmother’s bangles which were approximately 120 years old and had been passed onto her. Gloria lost them two years ago in Rundle Park while attending a party. She explained she was among the trees in the park and the landscape was full of 4 inch deep wood chips. Gloria told me that she had been to the park several times looking for her grandmother’s bangles with no luck.
I agreed to meet up with Gloria at the park and she showed me the area. Within 20 minutes I had her bangles back in her hands and after two years without them, she was very Happy.

Lost White Gold Wedding Ring At Cape Henlopen State Park Lewes Delaware Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 06/20/2021, I received a call from Sharis girlfriend regarding the loss of her white gold wedding ring at the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes Delaware. I agreed to meet Sharis husband, Joseph at the beach so that I could attempt to locate her ring. Upon making contact with Joseph at the beach he told me that his wife had first thought that she had lost her ring in the trash at the hotel where they had been staying on vacation but that they were unable to find the ring in the trash so they felt that the ring had been lost somewhere on the beach. Joseph said that his wife had been out in the water and that she had also been sitting in a beach chair at the edge of the water. I decided to first search the area at the edge of the water where Shari had been sitting, I started a grid search and upon making a second pass I was able to locate the lost ring sitting in the wet sand at the edge of the water. The ring was recovered and returned to Joseph so that he could give it back to Shari. Joseph told me that the ring was very special because it was their original engagement ring that had two other rings soldered to it. Joseph said that the two rings that were soldered to the engagement ring had been given to his wife Shari by her mother six years ago and that Sharis mother had passed away in January of 2021.

Lost Diamond Ring in Apollo, PA – Found!

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – Ring Recovery Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA and Indiana, PA…Lost your ring?…Metal Detecting Specialist – Call/Text anytime 814-244-2300.

I received a call from a gentleman who wanted to inquire if I could help find his wife’s diamond ring that was believed to be lost in the side yard at their house. I arrived at the house and was shown the area to search. It was believed that the ring had fallen off of her finger while playing ball with the children in the yard. I was feeling quite confident as I normally do at the beginning of most of my searches, however once I turned on my machine and ground balanced there was an abnormally high amount of interference, so much so that it began to make me nervous as I have never encountered this much chatter before. I started to change my settings and had to turn the sensitivity down to the the lowest level to cut out all the interference, not how I normally search for sure. I started my grid search of the area and just after I started my second grid area I found the white gold diamond ring about an hour in to my search!

When I knocked on the door I showed Brittany’s husband the ring and asked him if he would like to give it back. He told me I could have the honor of returning it to Brittany. Then the moment every “ring finder” cherishes the BIG smile and the excitement that comes with returning that which was lost.




  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

In mid August Andrew was attending a weekend long pre-wedding celebration of a Friend which was hosted by AJ Janis.

The weekend was wonderful at the Janis cottage with golfing day, food and beverages and male Camaraderie!

Earlier in the day some grease had gotten on Andrew’s leg while he was cleaning the barbeque grate. He decided to go far a quick dip in the lake and tried to clean off the grease. Andrew then swan towards the other side of the dock, reached for a pool noodle and immediately noticed his ring was missing within 30 seconds of cleaning off his leg.

The Janis’s are scuba divers and subsequently completely two excursions with no success. The bottom was filled with zebra muscle shells along with the silty bottom it created poor visibility if disturbed.

During the golf game my former City of Brampton co-op student Charles was smoking the guests of the pre-wedding ceremonies and mentioned to Andrew he knew a “Ring Finder”. He provided Andrew my details.

Andrew called and sent incredible detailed information. As the depth of the ring was likely between 20’ to 30’ I had to dawn the scuba gear and therefore required a spotter or 2nd diver. I then reached out to my Facebook Friends with a wall post if anyone was available to back me up!

Friend Mike Hamilton had a Family cottage on Otty Lake and saw my post. Mike’s Wife Patti whom happened to be heading down to Otty Lake for a girls weekend called and offered her services!

Patti also happened to lose her reading glasses off the Hamilton dock as well she posted on the Otty Lake Association page and the owners of Colin Farmer Cottages just had a visitor from Toronto Blayne lose his wedding band.

Therefore, I had two more recoveries scheduled!

Patti and I were all set up and in I went! Andrew’s extreme details was the key to finding his 10k white gold wedding band in only 1 minute snd 30 seconds using my underwater Minelab Excalibur2 metal detector!! It was absolutely incredible and was my personal best/quickest scuba dive recovery!

Check out the VIDEO above and below the water!!

I tried FaceTiming Andrew to surprise him with the good news but he had taken his Wife to the Hospital as she was in labour!

A few days later knowing of the pending birth I sent a text with the good news and a photo! They were very grateful!!

I huge shout out to Patti my spotter/assistant/commentator, Charlie for the recommendation and to the Janis Family for permission to make the recovery attempt! I see a future training session on underwater metal detecting with the Janis Family!

Blessings to Andrew and his Wife on the birth of their Daughter… the real treasure ❤️

Also, thank you to Andrew for the donation coming into the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation. He will receive a tax receipt! I absolutely love using my passion for metal detecting, hookah detecting snd scuba dive detection to raise charity donations!

PLEASE SHARE THE RING FINDERS THIS STORY. many people do not know that this metal detecting service is GLOBAL! Thank you ~Aliso

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Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost, Found and Returned Sunset Beach, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Wednesday, Sept 22nd, I got the following text message, in part, from Ben saying, “Hi Jim. I found your site after I lost my gold ring. I lost the ring about an hour and a half ago in a wading pool near the ocean. Would you be able to come see if you can find it asap before the tide change? Thank you.” Knowing the tide table, he lost it right at low tide. I knew by the time I would have gotten there, his ring would be underwater, with an incoming tide and out of reach of me trying to find it. I called him and got some additional details. Luckily, other than losing his ring, he did everything right as far as knowing exactly where he lost it. Unfortunately, he had to leave town for a work meeting, but we agreed I’d meet his wife, Katie, on the beach today at 3 p.m. and she could show me the exact spot. The last thing I asked him to do was pace off the distance from a stationary object at the top of the beach to where he lost his ring and text me the steps. A short time later, he sent me the paces and the starting point.

Today, I text Katie saying that I was going to be there a little early. I also told her that with all the information Ben had given me that there was no need for her to meet me. Ben had mentioned that he and Katie had an 11 month old, so I didn’t want her to have to worry about the baby just to point something out to me. I paced off the distance Ben had given me and started a west to east perpendicular grid search from the beach to the surf. I met a couple of ladies that had been there to help Ben and Katie search for his ring the day before and thought that they were east of where I was searching. Within about 10 minutes, Katie, her baby, and her mother showed up. Katie also thought they were a little more east than I was searching. So I moved east and changed my west to east search to a east to west search. After about 45 minutes, I got the tone and numbers I was looking for on my Equinox 800 for a man’s gold wedding band. As soon as I got the signal I looked over at Katie, who was standing about 20 yards away with her mother and baby and gave her the “I got it” look. I think she froze where she stood and didn’t take her eyes off me. After 2 scoops, Ben’s ring was lying on top of the sand. I picked it up, washed off the sand and turned around to face Katie, holding the ring up for her to see. She was overwhelmed and her excitement alerted the entire beach that something was going on. She ran over to me, wiping the tears that were rolling down her cheeks. Being just a small part of that kind of excitement is exactly why I do this, there’s nothing better. I took the attached picture and sent it to Ben, with no text. He immediately responds saying, “Hey Jim, I am on a plane and get texts but no pics. Did you find it??” Katie and I agreed that I’d just send him “Wait till u land!” It was kind of mean, but he seeing his wife holding his ring would make it all worth it. It wasn’t long before he sent “Yesssss!”

Ben and Katie – Thank you so much for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find and return your precious treasure. Your ring now has one more chapter to add to its story. Best of luck to you two!