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Lost engagement ring found at Tybee Island, Georgia

from Savannah (Georgia, United States)
Contact: 912-577-7227

I got a message from Kristi saying she lost her ring at Tybee Beach. Kristi and Andy were walking near the water and her ring slipped off in ankle deep water at low tide. The next day I was going to Virginia on a week long digging trip, and didn’t have time to go look for her ring. After returning from Virginia, the very next morning I went to Tybee to search for her ring, and found it in the surf. Messaged Kristi and Andy with the good news. They were excited and drove all the way from Ohio to Savannah Georgia to pick it up. Kristi is a school teacher in Ohio. Her students made thank you cards that she delivered to me in person. Those cards really mean a lot to me. I love this hobby and helping people when I can. Kristi and Andy are two beautiful people, and I’m glad I could help them out. I wish the best for both of them as a couple.

Gold wedding band lost in Florida, Ft. Myers tall grass – Found!

from Marco Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-239-500-7464

Received a call from a gentleman in Ft. Myers (12/8/2018) who reported having recently lost his gold wedding band while washing his dogs in the garden.  The soapy water had allowed the ring to slip off his finger.  For those of you unfamiliar with Florida grass, its “thick”, very thick.  I arrived to find a small 6′ – 8′ circular enclosure that had been staked off to mark the location, limit traffic, and prevent mowing, etc.  A quick search of this area with the Minelab CTX3030 running a 17″ coil revealed nothing, at which point the search area was expanded.  Within seconds, the audible signal of gold rang true.  With the assistance of a pin-pointer, the ring finally became visible having already worked its way through the thatch all the way to the dirt.  Well, pictures speak volumes and are often better than a thousand words, so let these and the smiles evidence the relief and happiness within…Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to you all!

If you’ve lost something metal, I’ll find it – call Mark (239)500-RING.

Florida “thick gras”

Happy customer – Steve

Lost Wedding Band at Beach, Found in Son-in-Law’s Back Yard. Centerville, MA.

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

November 11, 2018 Chris on left, Eric on right in the picture

Eric’s ring was not lost at a beach as he originally thought, but rather it was lost in his son-in-law’s back yard while cutting down a tree.

Yes it happens, the initial belief of having lost a ring or other object in one area is not always the actual area in which the item was actually lost. This is proof of one such lost wedding band.

I had receive a call from Chris about his lost wedding band in his yard. While searching I found a ring. When I gave the ring to Chris, to my surprise, he said “This is not my ring. It is too big”. There was no immediate connection to a ring lost by Eric’s ring as it was believed his ring had been lost at a beach some five miles away. Several minutes later and after a call to Vermont, a probable connection was made but not verified until a Thanksgiving Day visit. What a day it was to rejoice for Thanksgiving and having a lost item returned.

Please read the posting: Words I never thought I would hear “It’s Not My Ring”. It is about my search for a missing wedding band for Chris.

Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Hanauma Bay…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Logan who was on his Honeymoon in Hawaii. While relaxing at Hanauma Bay with his lovely wife Kristela he didn’t realize she had put her rings on a towel and when he shook it off they flew into the sand and disappeared. He assured me they were in dry sand because water hunting is currently not permitted. I told him I’d be there around noon during my lunch break. When I arrived I greeted each of the several checkpoints with a hello and that I was going down to the beach to hunt for a tourist’s Engagement & Wedding rings. Several folks recognized me and said good luck. Logan was waiting at the beach entrance with Kristela and they showed me where the incident had happened. A few tourists had moved into the area. I told Logan I would hunt in the open area first and if we had to expand the search we would politely ask people to move into the searched area. I was on about my 4th leg of the grid search when out of no where a Security Guard came over and asked me what I was doing. Very rudely I might add. She asked if I paid to enter and that I wasn’t allowed to detect the beach. Kristela immediately began crying. This Security guard was way over bearing and I wasn’t going to allow this to stand. I told her to call Kaipo the manager of the Bay and she said he was two managers ago. Everything she stated wasn’t accurate to my understanding so I asked her whose in charge and we need to talk. Logan engaged her and asked for the number. Long story short we were able to continue the hunt and I’d get the details later so as not to upset the myriad of workers at Hanauma Bay that each have a different view as to what is permitted and when. Unfortunately, this is all too often the case in Hawaii and if you stand your ground sanity usually shows up. As I restarted my 4th leg I approached a tourists towel in the sand when I got a nice solid #9 on the Equinox and was pretty sure this could be the target I wanted. On the second scoop I looked in and there glistening in the Hawaiian sun were two beautiful rings. Showing them to Kristela she burst into tears of joy and the tourists around us gave a round of applause. So ring finders don’t let those over zealous security folks stop you from doing good work. Keep moving up the chain until sanity wins. Aloha to Logan & Kristela!

14k Diamond Wedding Ring Lost Mt Hood, OR – Found by The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Lani & Matt were walking their dogs in the snow when she slipped and fell. When she vigorously brushed off she lost her wedding ring. Fortunately she noticed it missing after walking only 10-20 yards which greatly narrowed the search area. See the attached video for more details.

Lani & Matt, It was a pleasure meeting you today and I was very happy I could find and return your precious ring.


Portland & The Columbia River Gorge


Lost Hearing Aid after Being Attacked By Bees .. Sherman Oaks, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136



Mobile Metal Detecting Service by Stan Ross member of TheRingFinders .. Call Now 949-500-2136 .. Available.. 24/7 >>  

I received a call from James, who had lost a hearing aid in his yard when bees attacked him as he was doing yard work. He had rented metal detector and it was not able get signal from his other hearing aid. 

I was only a half hour from his home in Sherman Oaks which is part of the Los Angeles suburbs. We met and he was concerned that the bees may hamper my ability to search the hillside landscape. I was just happy that my high frequency metal detector could get a decent signal from an identical hearing aid.

The hillside was steep and was fairly free of vegetation. It was possible to search about 35 feet from the underground bees (wasps) nest without arousing them. After about a half hour with a few signals from pieces of wire and nails, I got a signal that turned out to be the missing hearing aid. 

I used a XP Deus metal detector with a 74 kHz high frequency coil that has been awesome for finding small gold and platinum stud earrings. It was a fun hunt and pleasure to help James find such an important item that he desperately missed after three days without his hearing aid.

If you lose a ring or other important metal item call ASAP .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE”

Lost Silver Ring While Brushing Snow Off Car, Allendale Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118


Received an e-mail from Montana this morning requesting my service to find her lost ring in the snow while she was clearing the snow off her car. The ring flew off her finger onto the boulevard somewhere and Montana could not find it.

The ring has a very emotional Value to her so it was imperative that the ring was found. I scheduled an appointment with her with in the hour, when I arrived there and after Montana showing me the location, I found the ring within two minute Montana was very grateful to have the ring back on her finger.

Thank you Montana for entrusting me to find and return your lost ring.


White Gold Engagement Ring Recovered in Carrboro, N.C. on 12/5/2018

from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-919-539-5048

I recovered and returned this beautiful white gold engagement ring on 12/5/2018 for a nice young lady who had lost it in a yard last February. She explained she had tried several times to look for it over the past months with no luck. After speaking with her about the ring I agreed to meet her there and try to find it for her. When I got there I started my search using my Electroscope long range locators to narrow down the search of the yard and find the strongest hot spot signals. I then got out my detector to start my search in the strongest signal area I felt my Electroscope was hitting on. After about 15 minutes of searching I found the ring in the area of interest my Electroscope locked onto. I was very happy to locate this beautiful ring for such a nice lady. Its always a good day when I can help someone recover what they lost.

Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Ko Olina Lagoon 4…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Cheyenne who was visiting the islands from Seattle Washington. Cheyenne told me her husband Brandon was tending to his toddler son on the beach when his ring fell off into the sand. Being distracted by his son he wasn’t exactly sure which way it went. I told Cheyenne I’d be there in 45 minutes to search. When I arrived Brandon reenacted what happened and then I began my search. I found a quarter and a Corona bottle cap and then I got a nice tone in the wet sand. I dug about 6 to 8 scoops then abandoned that target thinking it was a very deep can and how could the ring be 12 inches or more deep when it was just lost an hour earlier. After working parallel to shore I decided to go perpendicular as the waves were erasing my track. As I got to the spot I previously abandoned the awesome tone was still there and I decided I wanted to get that target. At least three more scoops and there in the scoop was Brandon’s ring. How in the world did it get that deep into the sand? We’ll never know but we now have Brandon’s ring back on his finger. Aloha to Cheyenne & Brandon!

Gold Earring Lost at Venice Beach, CA…Found and Happily Returned.

from Redondo Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-310-953-5268

If you lose your ring or other metal item of value, don’t wait, time will work against you, please call as soon as possible. 310-953-5268

I got a call from Nuna, she had been running on the beach, when a great dane dog came running full speed at her and collided with her knocking her down. When she got up she realized that the collision was so extreme, her earring was dislodged from her ear and lost somewhere in the sand. This earring was part of a set, that was originally her mother’s who had passed away a few years prior, so the recovery of this piece of jewelry was  very important to her. I left right away.

We met up at the beach after I arrived, and walked over to spot of the loss. The lifeguards had raked the area over real well, as the sand was smoothed out over a 30 by 30 foot patch of sand. I began my search, and began finding some odds and ends like bottle caps and foil, but no earring. I just continued my grid making sure I covered every inch of the area. I showed Nuna the items I had found, and continued the search. Then as she was coming back from talking with one of the lifeguards, I got a good gold sound in the headphones, scooped, and had her earring. I pulled it out of the scoop and held it up so she could see it, and she came over in disbelief. She thought as many do, that her sentimental item was lost forever, but we as members of The Ring Finders are here to do our best to make sure that isn’t the case. So glad to have made Nuna’s day, and give her reason to smile; GREAT DAY!


Don’t let the County beach cleaning machines take your lost valuable, call as soon as possible! I will work hard, using the most up to date metal detectors, to help you find what you thought might never be found again. I search, Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Northridge, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Venice Beach, Zuma Beach, and all parks, yards, gardens, and ponds (to 5 foot depths) in all of Orange County, all of Los Angeles County, and Ventura County.