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Lost Ring, Found in Back Yard and Returned – Rochester, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 20, 2023: While I was out doing yard work Leighton called with information on a ring search he was not able to help with. My wife was on her way to a luncheon, but took time to stop bye and tell me of the call. I finished up what I was doing, went home, and called Leighton. Information in hand I returned Mary’s call to get the specific information on the ring’s loss. It was the previous day that Reed’s wedding band was lost while playing football with his sons. I took down the pertinent information and I was on my way.

Reed had purchased a detector to search for the ring. His son had set up a well laid out grid over the possible area the ring had been lost in. But they were unsuccessful in locating the ring because of lack of familiarity with the detector and amount of non-precious metal in the yard. I was impressed when I saw what they had done, very professional. A point of last known and first realizing the loss were marked. Making my task of keeping a well defined grid search very easy.

Within several minutes I had verified several target signals as invalid. I made a few adjustments to my detector’s setting and bingo…a perfect signal. It was hard to see the ring as it had been stepped upon which embedded it into the soft soil. All that could be seen was one side of the ring.

I gave the ring to Mary and I listened to the problems encountered with the new metal detector while hunting for the ring. Well, I gave a few minutes of instructions on the detector’s use and I am sure there is a new young detectorist in the family. I could not have wished for a better hobby to pursue. I have met so many wonderful people and been there when they have needed a bit of help.

As this return was preceded with two members passing along information I just wanted to add my Thank You to both Leighton Harrington for passing the info to me and to Brian Rudolph in Maryland for helping Mary find the right “RingFinder” closer to her home and who would help her and her husband in the search for a lost Tantalum wedding band. This was my first Tantalum ring that I have found in my 41 years of detecting. Thanks to all, it has been my pleasure.





Lost Wedding Band Recovered, West Falmouth, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I had a great start to the day today.  In a morning call, Sarah told me how her husband had lost his wedding band at the beach the previous evening and asked if I might be able to search for it.  I met her and her girl friend at the beach a half hour later, and she showed me the location of the loss from a GPS fix that she had taken.  I queried her about how the ring was lost (it fell off as her husband was reaching for their dog as it ran by) and it seemed that the ring could not have traveled far.  The loss was at low tide and we were again at low tide on the wet beach, so it seemed like it would be a straightforward matter to make the recovery.  After about 15 minutes of spiraling and gridding on wet sand and gravel with no result except a rusty bottle cap and a chunk of foil, we conferred again and Sarah suggested that the loss might have been higher up the slope in loose sand.  It took only a couple minutes before that magic gold tone was ringing in my ears — I took a scoop of sand, gave it a shake, and walked the scoop over to Sarah with the gold circlet shining at the bottom.  The look on her face was priceless as she and her friend hugged and shed a few tears of joy.  I learned that the ring had been her husband’s father’s ring, which made the recovery extra special.  Thanks Sarah, for giving me the opportunity to help you out and save a family heirloom!