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  • Lost Key Found! Canmore, AB

    Feb 23/19 – I received an urgent call from someone who lost a very important key.  A quick search located the key in the parking lot.

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  • Lost Keys Found! Lake Louise, AB

    April 12/19 – We received an email from Eric who had lost his keys around a firepit (he thought). We met up with Eric’s friend – Iyad – who was able to direct us to the firepit area. The snow around the firepit was packed down but everywhere else, the snow was 2 feet deep! […]

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  • Lost Keys Found! Banff, AB

    Dec 21/19 – received a call from a young lady in Banff, AB. She’d lost her keys in her driveway and couldn’t find them in the deep snow. They were recovered in a snowbank on the side of the driveway.

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  • Lost wedding band

    Dec. 15/19 – I was called to help find a wedding band in Golden, BC.  His wife had his ring on one of her fingers and when they stopped at a roadside pullout, she got out, shook her hands and his ring flew off into the snow!!!  I searched a number of pullouts without success […]

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  • GoPro Found!

    Feb 24/21 – Eric contacted me to locate the GoPro that he lost while skiing at the Panorama Ski Resort in British Columbia. After a 500 metre hike up the ski hill, we locate the tree well where he thought he lost it. He was right! I found it over 1 foot below snow level!

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  • Gold Wedding Band Lost McMinnville, OR – Found by The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge

    Steve lost his wedding band while cleaning up yard debris from the recent ice storm. Over the phone the potential loss areas seemed reasonable for a search but unfortunately the exact location was mostly unknown. When we surveyed the 4 main work sites, the 20′ diameter x 4′ high brush pile, and accounted for transiting […]

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  • Lost Gold RIng In The Woodinville WA Woodpile

         SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194 Watch this recovery video of Dominic’s lost gold ring. Like, share and subscribe… Dominic contacted me asking for some help in locating a lost gold ring. Due to the cold weather front that had just arrived the night before he was gathering […]

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  • Lost Ring In New Glarus….FOUND

    As someone who enjoys the hobby of metal detecting on a recreational basis, I never really gave the idea of offering my services as a detectorist much thought. However, as I’ve found more and more lost rings over the years, I’ve come to realize that ALOT of people lose their rings! As one of the […]

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    Nitin from Brampton & Bhavna from Caledon were recently engaged to be married within the last week. They made a trip up to Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood, Ontario for some fresh air and a day out! Nitin decided to make a snow ball on the pathway between the parking lot and the village stores. […]

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  • Lost Gold Signet Ring in the Sea at Russell – Found After Three Years of Searching!

    Three years ago, Connor was swimming at Long Beach near Russell and he felt his gold signet ring slip off his finger. This was a one-off piece, well sort of, as each of the family had one made with the family crest embossed into it. Effectively irreplaceable. I met with Connor at the time and […]

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