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  • Engagement Ring Lost & Found in the Deep Depths of the Couch in Moreno Valley!

    If you lost your ring or other valuable in the Inland Empire of Southern California, call or text me ASAP! Ron Wilton 951-415-6007! I received a call from Alexandra (“Alex”) who told me she had lost her engagement ring in the living room of her house. Alex said she was on her recliner couch with […]

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  • Lost Ring Found…. AGAIN!!!!

    My first ring recovery of 2023 is also another kind of first. This is the first time I have been called on to find the same ring for a second time. A little over two years ago Brenda and Henry called me to come out and find Henry’s 1968 University of Alabama class ring that […]

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  • Tungsten Ring Lost in Sea at Tutukaka – Found!

    Bryans partner contacted me asking if I was able to assist with recovering his ring, lost while playing in the shallows at Kowharewa Bay near Tutukaka. He had been larking around, and had thrown a clump of seaweed…and his tungsten ring. Their efforts to find it visually were unsuccessful, and even as his partner messaged […]

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  • Missing Key Fob Found in Snow! – Brookfield, WI

    Brookfield resident, Kelly, texted me to ask if I might help find a set of keys and fob. Kelly and his wife had turned the house upside down looking for them, unsuccessfully. Now, he wondered if the keys might be in the snow in his backyard. He had moved some firewood and played with his […]

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  • Snowball Wedding Ring Found! – Greenfield, WI

    Greenfield, WI resident, Jessica, couldn’t resist the temptation to toss snowballs at her friends. A late January snowstorm provided ideal conditions for joining in the excitement. Sadly, afterwards when she got into her car, her wedding ring was gone! Jessica’s heart sank to her boots. Scouring the snow failed to turn up her precious ring. […]

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  • Lost Garmin Watch Found in Snow! – Wauwatosa, WI

    A late January snowstorm resulted in Wauwatosa, WI resident, Natalie Schneckloth, having an impromptu workout when she shoveled several inches of snow off her driveway and sidewalk. In the process and unbeknown to her, the stainless-steel clasp on Natalie’s Garmin watch let go. Only later did she discover her beloved watch missing. The next day […]

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  • Lost engagement ring on the beach, but found !!!

    If you lose a piece of jewelry, don’t panic, call me 305-608-1870.  I have a waterproof metal detector that can help you find your lost item. She was from out of town and was just purposed to the night before on Miami Beach!!…. I got the call at 3am.  I was able to come right […]

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  • Lost and found rings on Miami Beach after Hurricane.

    If your ring or any type of jewelry has slipped off and you can’t find it… GIVE ME A CALL 305-608-1870.  I have a water proof metal detector that can help you recovery your lost item. This ring was lost in rough surf in Miami Beach after a hurricane.  Luckily he put me on the […]

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  • Silver Chrome Hearts ring lost but found in Miami Beach

    If you lost any type of jewelry and need someone to come find it for you, give me a call.  305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting recovery service. This ring was lost on South Beach, in Miami Florida. Luckily one of the lifeguards had my number handy and was able to call me to come […]

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  • Lost and found Versace earring on Miami Beach

    If you lost any type of jewelry, give me a call 305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting recovery service. She lost one of her Versace earrings in the shallow waters on Miami Beach.  Was able to find it for her before they left. If you lose a ring or any type of jewelry, anywhere, call […]

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