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  • Lost Necklace and Pendant Found in Sand Returned to Owner at Newport Beach, Calif.

          Stan the Metal Detector Man is available to help you now ..Call or Text ASAP .. 949-500-2136   ..  or stop me if you see me on the beach. *** I was detecting on a local Newport California beach the other day . A couple of girls ran up to me asking for […]

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  • Men’s Gold Pinky Ring Lost in the Front Yard…FOUND Harvest, Alabama!

    Christina McCree – Ring Finder for North Alabama and surrounding areas…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135 On Sunday afternoon (December 5th, 2021), I received a call from a distraught Kathy regarding her son, Cain’s, lost gold ring.  The 14K yellow gold pinky ring was a cherished, early Christmas gift for Cain.  He was only wearing […]

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  • Lots of hugs and crying after engagement ring is found in Allentown, PA

    I received a text from Danielle saying that she lost her engagement ring while playing outside with her children during the Thanksgiving weekend. She bought a cheap metal detector and searched for several days before deciding to contact me. We had several texts back and forth before she felt comfortable having me search for her ring. […]

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  • Lost Ring Estes Park, Colorado…Found

    Nothing is more stressful than losing something precious and valuable such as a ring or necklace.  But don’t worry, if you lost it in the snow, the rocks, or even  fishing in the river. I am ready at any hour of any day in Estes Park Colorado to come and help you to locate your […]

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  • Engagement Ring Found!

    Got a text from Cara. While working at a horse ranch she lost her diamond engagement ring.  The ring had more than monetary value.  It had belonged to her fiancee’s grandmother who passed away five years ago.  She wasn’t sure where she lost the ring so we retraced the route she took while watering and […]

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  • Custom engagement / wedding band lost in couch in Brampton, Ontario

    Manu lost her custom engagement / wedding band back in August 2021. She had a girlfriend over and while she was sitting on her couch she was fiddling with her ring. She saw the ring fall through in between the leather cushions. She and many others Family member try to find her ring but with […]

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  • Lost wedding rings in Long Branch NJ found by Matt St.Germain

    8/11/2019 3 Days ago Joana was referred to me by fellow Ring finder Ed Cropski. She reached out to me within a few hours and explained to me that while she was in town visiting family her necklace broke while body surfing with her kids and had lost her late husbands ring and her late […]

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  • Wedding band lost for 2 months in LBI NJ found by Matt St.Germain

    11/11/2018 On September 3rd i was contacted by Jennifer. While her and her husband were visiting and spending time at the beach in LBI, Her husband went down to the water to rinse his hands off during high tide and off came his ring. In seconds it was gone! After 2 months and 8 days […]

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  • Puzzle Ring Returned Mass

    Today I was called to my home town to help relocate a lost ring, it had been on Mikes finger since 1971. He purchased the ring while in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  It was a beautiful 6 band 18 k Yellow Gold Puzzle Ring.  He was working in the yard, doing his annual Fall raking, when […]

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  • Garmin Smart watch returned to owner

    A couple of days ago I was out on the beach using my metal detector when I pulled a Garmin smart watch out of the sand, it is not a common find and it was still working which was great because most items if not waterproof are ruined. I took it home and thought about […]

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