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  • Lost Car Key @ Victoria Park, Edmonton Alberta

    Shad called me this afternoon requesting my assistance to help him find his only key to his car which he lost the other day while waking in the park. I meet Shad at the park and he showed me the area where his key could possibly be! Within three minutes I had the key back […]

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  • Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Set Lost in Sand at Newport Beach, CA… Found by members of The Ring Finders

                    Mobile Metal Detecting Service .. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136 … Karin and Cory were enjoying their vacation in Newport Beach, CA., their vacation was disrupted, when Karin lost her three ring wedding set. The three rings were soldiered together so all were thought […]

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  • Heirloom Pendant Found and returned In Kelowna

    Troy was devastated when he lost his pendant playing volleyball with a group of people. They all searched for it in the sand, with no success. He called me for assistance and I met him at 7am the next morning at the volleyball courts. I always go early to check out the location and got […]

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  • Lost cell phone in Gobles, MI recovered

    I received a call from Dimitriy P. yesterday. He was cutting grass between Blueberry bushes while on his tractor. His cell phone was in his pocket and with the bumpy ride it fell out and went under a clump of cut grass. After walking between the rows of bushes where he had been driving the […]

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  • Ring Saved from Lake Michigan.

    Ring was lost near New Era.  On Sunday Clayton was playing catch with a football in just about one foot of water when he felt his wedding ring slide off his finger.  Gregg Larabel and I headed out right away on Monday afternoon because the wave action of Lake Michigan has a way of burying […]

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    Got a text message from Bonnie on Saturday night June 5th at 20:50, that her husband Skip had lost his wedding ring in the water while wrestling around with his son. He was very upset and heartbroken that he had lost it. I reassured her that I would do my very best to find it […]

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  • Lost White Gold Ring Found In Davisburg Michigan

    FIND No. 100 ! Got a call from Ann saying her ring slipped off while working in the yard. On site she showed me the area between a small garden and the back of the lot where debris was thrown. Turning on My MXT metal detector I grid searched the area. Off to the side […]

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  • Lost Men’s Custom Gold Wedding Band – Southern Shores – Outer Banks, NC – Found

    I received a call from Fred who said he had lost his ring on the beach.  I asked him if he was in the water?  He replied maybe on the edge.  I asked if he know approximately where he lost it and he said that he had a good idea. Fred was in Southern Shores, […]

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  • New Era, Michigan ring recovered

    I got a call today from Clayton K. who lost his wedding ring. He explained that he was playing football  on the shore of Lake Michigan in about a foot or two of water when he notices his ring had fallen off. He immediately marked the area where he was when he discovered it was […]

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  • Lost Keys Long Branch NJ… Found

    I received a call from a father whose son Eugene had lost his keys in the sand on West End Beach in Long Branch, NJ.  Luckliy, Eugene had an extra set of keys and had already made it home by the time I was called.  And even better, Eugene had dropped a pin on Google […]

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