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White Diamond Ring Lost! Fort Saskatchewan AB, Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118


I received a call from Amanda requesting my assistance to locate a very special ring that she had lost on Saturday evening.  Amanda and her friends spent a good part of Sunday afternoon looking for her ring but with no luck. She then decided to goggle “Lost Ring” and my name popped up. She called me I agreed to meet her this evening.  Within five minutes of meeting we found her ring in the snow.   She could not believe that her ring was back on her finger in such a short time.

Another happy client!

Thank you Amanda for entrusting me and The Ring Finders to locate your Ring

Wedding Ring Lost in Sand at a Local City Park

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136












Nick called me early in the morning, asking my help finding his wedding band that he lost the last night. He was doing his daily workout after work. After he finishes his two mile run, he stops by a local park that has some workout bars that he uses to do some upper arm exercises.

While working out on the bars his wedding band slipped off his finger into deep sand. Nick went back to his house to get tools to sift trough the sand with no success finding his ring.

The next day Nick found my contact information on
He would be working till late that night, making it impossible to meet me at the site of the loss.

No problem for me as it was a neighborhood tot lot that would be find if he texted me the address. These public parks get hit hard by other people with metal detectors, especially sandy tot lot play areas.

I went to the park but could not locate the area Nick had described. I could not contact him but he did call me to check on my progress and he had sent me the wrong directions. A half hour later I was at the right park and within a few minutes I found Nick’s wedding ring.
I called him setting up a place we could meet to personally give him his wedding band back after he got off work. He was definitely grateful, thanking me several times.

Its always nice to return the ring directly to the owner, I know I’ll never get tired of doing this.


14kt Family Crest Ring Found in Lake – Returned! Litchfield Beach, SC.

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-333-4114

I received a phone call from David, from a local property management company in early December about a ring that was lost in a lake behind one of the homes in the gated community. The information given to me was third hand, but seemed pretty straight forward. Alex, in his eighties was throwing a crab trap into the salt water lake. As he did it stripped the ring from his finger and deposited it into the water. Alex had reserved himself to the thought that the ring was probably gone forever. Alex’s children contacted the property management company and asked if there was anything that might be done. David found Alex’s children were hoping that we might find the ring so they could present it back to him for Christmas.

I met David at the property. He gave me the information as he got it from the kids. After securing permission from the HOA I returned a few days later with waders and my CTX 30-30 and my Excalibur. Thinking this was going to be easy, I jumped off the seawall with the Excal to work 25′ by 40′ grid. Immediately I realized the bottom of the lake was full of trash. Since the water was only about knee deep I asked my wife to hand me the CTX so I had an idea what targets were sounding off. After setting some discrimination I worked the area pretty hard for an hour plus. I removed several larger targets that might have been causing interference, but I was not getting the type of signal that I wanted to see. I was also getting feedback from hot rocks and the seawall bolts any time I got the 17” coil next to the bulkhead. I expanded the grid, but after awhile I assumed I was getting bad info in this third hand translation. I gave up until more info, preferably from the source, was given to me.

Alex phoned earlier this week telling me who he was and asked if I was interested in giving it another try. I met him at the house the next day. Alex assured me he would put me in a 6 foot radius. I remembered all the trash in the lake and the seawall feedback, so I took along my Gold Bug Pro with the smaller coil. I knew that would help get between trash to see a good target. I had Alex rub his left earlobe for luck. After removing more trash and some hot rocks I worked a 15 by 15′ area. I was becoming annoyed that I was not finding this ring. Alex explained from land that he used a castnet to try and retrieve the ring the day he lost it. After hearing that, I knew he dragged the ring closer to the seawall. I came right up next to the bulkhead with Fisher Gold Bug and there it was. A 62 on the interface told me what I wanted to know. One scoop and a glint of gold confirmed the rest. At 82 Alex can still jump, as I witnessed “The Ring Dance”. With a great big smile, Alex explained to me that this ring had been given to him by his late wife Ginger on their 25th wedding anniversary. I could see him reminisce. Then he joyfully said “Hot Dog!”, or something like that. Although, not the timely Christmas gift that the kids had hoped for, the end result everybody wanted was achieved.

Alex, Thank You for the generous reward. Thanks to all for your trust in me to find this ring.


Ring lost on Grand Cayman, FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I was on vacation on Grand Cayman, and while enjoying myself metal detecting, I was flagged down by the beach attendant.  She said that a lady just up the beach had just lost a ring and would I help her find her ring. YES, as I’m a member of “The Ring Finders” that is what we do.

Anyway the attendant pointed out the young lady on the beach, I introduced myself and found the ring on the first scoop.  Because I did not have my Go Pro on my person, the “find” was not video taped, but I went back to my wife further down the beach, got my  Go Pro and returned to interview the young lady.

This video shows my interview of her, on the beach.

Great find, please enjoy.


Lost Wedding Ring at Strawbridge Lake Park Moorestown,NJ Found!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call from friend that I metal detect with regularly asking for some help recovering a woman’s wedding ring. A US Air Force friend of his and his wife were at a local park taking photos in the fall leaves with their baby and whiles tossing some leaves into the air her wedding ring flew off! Although they knew the ring was within a general area it was impossible to locate by eye among the leaves and grass. The following day (Veterans Day) we arrived at the park with our White’s V3i metal detectors and marked out an area where we believed the ring would be laying. After just a few minutes of searching I received a nice solid signal and as I brushed the leaves away I could see the ring laying on the ground! I casually said to Frank “That was easy enough” and he responded you got it already? Yep! He was excited to call his buddy with the great news and I was happy to have been able to help these respected military veterans out. Another great day and recovery.     Recovery#106

Tough Gold Wedding Band Recovery in Tall Grass on Alameda Island, CA

from San Francisco (California, United States)
Contact: 1-415-895-0334

On a recent evening, Bob attempted to cut across a planted area between parking rows, misjudged the step down and ended up tumbling into a bed of deep decorative cut grass. His glasses fell off into the deep grass, and after searching for over an hour in the semi darkness, he was miraculously able to recover them, but then noticed he was now missing his gold wedding band. So back into the grass  he went. Nackered after a hours of searching, his wife found me late that night and we made arrangemdnts to meet in the morning.

Previous experience searching through dense ivy and thick bushes has taught me that this can be very frustrating because you don’t know if the item has hung up in the top of the bushes or fallen all the way down to the ground. So you have to search vertically as well as horizontally. Visibility is also an issue through all the vegetation.

The search area was only about 6′ x 12′. The small coil on my AT-Pro was perfect for searching the ground between the dense clumps of tall grass, as well as for scanning the tall leaves. At first I searched the area where Bob had landed on his butt and lost his glasses. Frustrated after beating the bushes for over an hour, I guessed that maybe he lost his ring when he went over the wall (which was full of heavy rebar and sprinkler control wires in the gold range). Sure enough, the ring was buried deep in the middle of a large clump next to the short wall, which I first detected with the AT-Pro and then located with my Garrett pinpointer.

Bob re-united with his beautiful gold band!

Funny Note: Bob had previously lost his wedding rings in Yosemite National Park, the Kern River and the Pacific Ocean. He was very glad not to need to replace it again!

SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from sunny San Mateo, CA






Bonita Springs Big Hickory Island — Rings Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

This time of year, many people travel to southwest Florida from long distances to escape the snow and cold.

This was true of a family from Sweden who contacted us a few days ago requesting our metal detecting services.  At the end of a beautiful warm day at the Big Hickory Island private beach in Bonita Springs, the family gathered up their beach items and started to walk to the boat shuttle.  That’s when they remembered they had put two rings and a watch in the baby carrier upon arrival for safe keeping.  After looking in the baby carrier for the jewelry items, they were not to be found.  After they retraced their steps, they found the watch laying on top of the sand, but the two rings which had great sentimental value were nowhere to be found.

Research on the internet led them to the ring finder website and that’s when we received their call for help.   Arrangements were made to meet the following day.

Once on the private island, we made a short walk to the area in the sand where the watch was found.  Within 30 seconds of turning the metal detector on, the first gold ring was recovered.  A few seconds later, the next signal turned out to be the second lost gold ring!  


Lost Man’s Palladium Wedding Ring in Worthington, OH. “FOUND”

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-740-334-7293

I received an email about a lost man’s Palladium wedding ring. The ring was lost somewhere in the backyard. He notice the ring missing a short time after he cleaned the sand from his little boy clothes after he was done playing in the sand box. I started my search with some good hits but no ring. I continue my search to the sand box, and there was the ring hiding in sand. He was very happy to have the ring returned to him.


Lost Man’s Palladium Wedding Ring in Worthington, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Man’s Palladium Wedding Ring in Worthington, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Man’s Palladium Wedding Ring in Worthington, OH. “FOUND”



Dreams of Warmer Days, White Gold Mens Wedding Band Found.

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-333-4114

This blog story has been waiting for a few months to be written. As I write this, it is 32 degrees outside. Nobody, including me, is walking on the beaches of the Grand Strand. This morning I am dreaming of warmer days.

I got a phone call from Abraham the last week of August. Abraham had lost a 14kt white gold wedding band. Abraham and his lovely wife Rebecca were vacationing in Myrtle Beach. Abraham explained that they were riding jet skis launched from the beach at one of the rental areas along The Strand when he noticed his missing wedding band. My thoughts upon hearing this were, “Great! That ring could be anywhere, including a half mile out in the Atlantic Ocean”. Abraham went on to explain that as he was getting off of the jet ski he got tangle in the safety cut off switch lanyard. Abraham fell into the 2 feet of water. After righting himself he noticed that his wedding band was missing. He felt certain that that is where the ring came off. Abraham and Rebecca had returned home to the Philly area, but wondered if I could help.

After researching the tide cycles from the previous day, I felt like low tide at the waters edge was my best bet. I got to the beach of the jet ski rental and noticed that people were returning the skis in a 100 yard area. I asked one of the attendants if he was aware of the ring that was lost the day before. “Yea, somewhere out in that area” was not much help to me. I decided to work a smaller grid on the south end of this area to start, then expand the grid as needed. After working the grid for 20 minutes I got a great signal. It was actually the first signal I got. Abraham’s white gold wedding band shone brightly in the bottom of my sand scoop. As I was taking pictures of the ring on the back of one of the skis the attendant came to the realization that I had found the ring. Another attendant explained that he thought Abraham had left a reward at the rental office. I talked with the office to make sure Abraham did not leave any money on the table. What I found was a “promissory note” for a very handsome reward. I sent a text to Abraham, and a picture of his wedding band. His response came back after a few minutes, “I could just kiss you, and I don’t even know you”. I laughed and told him I would only accept a kiss from Rebecca. Abraham’s ring is now back on his finger in Philly, and all is right with the world.

Abraham, thank you for the reward. 15% has been donated the Shrine Children’s Hospital Road Runners.

Abraham and Rebecca Are Camera Shy.


from Kerrville (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-830-285-9935

Madi contacted me and said she lost her Texas Aggie ring at a Bachelorette party on the banks of the Guadalupe River (Kerrville, TX. area). She said she found my contact information on the member directory. Madi was able provide a good description of where the ring might have been lost and even sent me a photograph of the area the ring should be located in. Due to the property being a vacation home I had to wait for the owners to return for the Thanksgiving weekend in order to gain permission for access.

I made contact with the property owners and set up a time on the Friday after Thanksgiving that I could conduct a search. They told me they had already purchased a metal detector to try to find the ring themselves but quickly found that without experience it was not fruitful. I assured them with my skills and the right equipment I would find the ring if is was there.

Friday turned out to be a gorgeous West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce type of day. A light breeze and the temperature nearing 80 degrees meant a short sleeve shirt. I arrived at the property and quickly did a reconnaissance of the area Madi had described. Lush green grass topped the ground meant the perfect place for a ring to hide!

After ground balancing my Garrett AT Pro I began sweeping the detector at the edge of the target area. It was quickly evident that there were many underground objects that made my machine sing. One pass in my grid line.  Two passes in my grid line. In the middle of my third pass – Bingo! That unmistaken tone of gold in my earphones. I looked down at the detector screen and saw the target ID at 76 and the target depth of 2-4″. I parted the grass and viola! Hidden from the naked eye was a ladies Texas A&M Class ring.

Gold deep in the grass!



The return is worth a beautiful smile.  Gig’em!

Sounds easy, right? Not quite! It takes: Buckets of pull tabs, pounds of shredded aluminum cans and many hours of swinging the detector while learning the sound tones of different metals. Like a detective, asking the right questions to narrow the search area. And of course, lots of dollars spent in equipment.

So, if you lose your ring, jewelry, keys or even your cell phone don’t waste your time and money buying or renting a metal detector. Follow these simple steps to recover you lost items:

  1. Takes notes and pictures of the area you think you lost your item in.
  2. Contact a member of immediately – this will save you time, money and a whole lot of heartache!