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Vacaville Backyard Yields up Lost Neil Lane Diamond Ring after Missing for a Week!

from San Francisco (California, United States)


They were partying on Friday night and somehow she lost her wedding ring in the back yard. Reality set in the next morning, “OMG, where’s my ring?”. He vaguely remembered her tossing it out the back door, but that was it. Frantic, they searched and searched the 30×50′ backyard day after day. He even rented a metal detector for a day. No luck.

Fortunately, when she texted me a few days later asking about my recovery rate, I had a business meeting in nearby Fairfield that Friday, and agreed to search after my meeting.

I arrived about 3PM and it was still 110 degrees outside. It had been a week, and morale in the home was poor. She was feeling really lousy about losing her ring, he was at the end of his wits. I was their last hope.

She showed me the matching platinum engagement band. I scanned it, dialed in my trusty AT-Pro and began a careful grid search of the back yard with the husband. Then we searched the side neighbor’s yard, found a 14k gold angel pendant and returned it the neighbor, who was very grateful, searched the other neighbor’s back yard, found nothing, and then returned to his backyard for a cross grid search. When you are out of options, always cross grid search.

After three excruciating hours in the sun, the clients had completely given up and I was suffering mild heat exhaustion. But on my final cross grid pass, right outside their back door, I got the signal I had been searching for! Boom!!!

Her exquisite Neil Lane platinum nesting engagement band, and diamond wedding ring, turned out to be very expensive. She was “over the moon” to have it back together. It made their Labor Day Weekend all the more relaxing, and a smooth return their happy marriage.

My recovery rate is is about 95% if the object is still there in the area. Don’t wait a week to call a pro!

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Chain Lost in the Woods – Found in Oakton Virginia (Sept 2017)

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

An email came in earlier in the week describing the “chain of events”: Howard and his son were doing some work last weekend along the fence of his property; pulling old fence posts using Howard’s tractor and his 12′ long chain. After the work was complete, they threw the chain in the bucket of the tractor and Howard’s son headed for the garage. Along the way, his son decided to level off an area of dirt, leaves, and compost… once back at the garage – no chain anymore. Howard was pretty sure the chain was in a 25 sq ft area of a freshly leveled dirt mix, but had no idea how deep it could be. They searched for the chain, even used an old metal detector they had on hand, but could not locate it anywhere. So Howard emailed me through the RingFinders and we settled on a time to link up – Friday around 5pm. Once on site, Howard showed me the area, I got my machine ready for the search and off I went… 6 swings in and I heard the unmistakable tone through the headset… Howard’s chain has been found.




Sanibel Island — Ring Lost in Sand Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

My wife and I received a text message at 11:21 pm from Chris requesting help to locate his wedding ring he had lost earlier in the day at Bowman’s Beach at Sanibel / Captiva island.  (He had lost it when he took it off to apply sunscreen to the kids and had forgotten he had placed it in his lap when he stood up).

Chris and his family had spent quite a bit of time looking for the ring themselves with no success, so we were eager to help them out and we arranged to meet early the next morning when the park opened up.

After discussing the area of the beach where they thought the ring was lost in the sand, we began our search.  Within a few minutes, I got a solid gold tone on my metal detector.  There in the scoop was the missing white gold ring!



Location? Location? Luck! Lead to ring return from West Dennis beach, Cape Cod, MA

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

An E-mail requesting help finding a lost wedding band just needed a lot more information. First there are two Sea Street beaches in Dennis; which one? Then a Google map only shows one jetty, a second one was covered by sand in the display. Google’s visible jetty was highlighted as the area the ring was most likely lost at. Fortunately I asked the right questions, got good “clues” on where to look. But as I started walking to the jetty, I stumbled across the previously sand covered jetty and started searching in that area. I was lucky I did as about 15 feet from the jetty’s point I heard the sound of gold and retrieved Eric’s wedding band. Four days latter the US Postal Service delivered the ring to Eric who was kind enough to send me the attached photos…for this, my 50th posting on

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Lost wedding Ring Victoria B.C. Lost, Recovered and Returned

from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)

Colin placed an ad asking for help re: his lost wedding ring. After reading the ad I sent Colin an email saying I think I can help.

Colin’s ring developed a spur inside and he had taken it off to get it repaired. But before he got a chance to get to the jeweller he lost it out of his pocket.

Days later we arranged for a search, I came with my trusty Whites MXT and bingo found it. OMG was Colin ever happy to get this very special 18K ring back.

Class ring found after loosing over a year ago

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Got a call, she lost a small class ring about a year ago in a private volleyball court.

Found out the sand base was about 20″ deep so brought a large coil to punch down deep.

After being told it was lost a year ago I honestly did not have great hope of finding but still thought it was worth a try.  (never give up)

After only about 15min of searching I hit something very deep and found it.


Her smile says it all.

Volleyball court search turns up lost ring

Retirement gift ring found

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Got a call today from someone that lost his 30 year retirement gift ring, while playing basketball with his grandchildren.
After a couple hours of searching finally hit it, took a weird bounce and found it where it really should not have been, opposite side of the basketball net, must have hit the net and bounced back behind him.   Anyway very happy to get it back to him.

Wedding ring found Palatine, Illinois

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received frantic call, lost her wedding ring off her deck.

About an hour of searching it finally showed up, her smile says it all!

Lost Wedding ring found in Palatine, Illinois

Palladium wedding band

from Provo (Utah, United States)

Have you ever heard of palladium jewelry? Palladium is a precious metal similar to platinum. John and his wife both have palladium wedding rings, but after playing with his daughter in the Jordanelle Reservoir, John realized his wedding band was gone. He contacted me and we arranged to meet at the reservoir. It took me about an hour, but fortunately I found his ring in about three feet of water! I love it when I can reunite someone with their precious ring!

Lost ring at Ocean Beach found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Marcio was at Ocean Beach with his wife and child having a nice day in the sun when the outlook changed. He had been building sand castles, washed the sand off the toys in the surf, and went in for a short dip. After all this fun, he realized his wedding ring was missing. He does an online search and contacted me for help. Even though the tide was coming in and approaching the evening high, I agreed to meet them and get an idea of where the ring may have been lost, do a preliminary search, and maybe get lucky with a quick recovery. Oh well, that wasn’t to be. I searched all the dry sand around where they were camped out for the day and also hit the slope heading down to the water. The tide and surf was up on this steep section of beach and had a nasty shore break, so, a water search at this time would have been pointless. I told Marcio that I would return in the early morning hours to take advantage of the minus low tide at that time. Fast forward to 12:30am when I arrived at the beach. I started a grid from dry sand to knee deep water, and at 1:10am got the signal I was waiting for. I texted Marcio with the good news and connected with him later that day for the return. Great to meet you folks and thank you for the reward.