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Lost Wedding Ring Duthie Hill Mt Bike Park Issaquah WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
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Michael contacted me after having found my RingFinders page seeking assistance in recovering his wedding band.  He had lost it the day prior just before all the parks got shut down due to the COVID-19 shut down orders. He and a few buddies went out to ride some mountain bike trails to get some fresh air. Before taking off from the parking lot he placed his black tungsten carbide wedding band of almost two years into his pants pocket. He said he typically uses a zippered fanny pack but didn’t bring it on this day. He then shoved his phone into the same pock and took off on his ride up the mountain with his buddies and dog. When he return to the parking lot he pulled his phone out to place into his car and noticed his pocket was turned inside out. At this point he then realized his wedding band was no longer in his pocket. He told me the parking lot was hard packed dirt and not much gravel at all so it was easy for him to visually clear area around his car. He noted that there was three key places on the hill that he stoped to take his phone out and he was quite sure the ring was still on the hill.

After hearing that his pocket turned inside out when he retrieved his phone at his car I ask him to check his car. I instructed him to look under his seats and floor mats carefully with a bright flashlight to be as sure as he could to rule his vehicle out. He later confirmed that the ring was not in his vehicle to the best of his knowledge and he was most assured it was still at the mountain bike park somewhere. He didn’t witness the ring falling out of his pocket so we weren’t exactly sure where it had landed.

He also told me he lives and works two and half hour up North of the park and would not be able to revisit the site until the weekend. I assured him I would be able to perform a search the next morning and we would be in contact. He started txting me plenty of maps and detailed pins of the locations he remembered taking his phone out of his pocket. The search plan was set. Because of my past experience and combined knowledge of TheRingFinder community I encouraged him to post a Craig’s List add simply stating that he lost a wedding ring a that park with zero details of the ring, to offer a reward and to leave his contact phone number for easiest contact. My concern was to make sure incase someone eyeballed the ring after he drove off they may only search Craig’s List post for a few days and quickly forget to look agin. I wanted to make sure we had this part of the equation covered. I agreed to head out the next morning to execute the field search.

It is so important to act quickly in calling an experienced Recovery Specialist and getting the initial over the phone conversation started! We can’t stress this enough and to those that do like Michael did it more than often pays dividends in a successful recovery. I often wonder why some people hesitate even after finding TheRingFinder.com directory listing and all the successful stories we post why anyone would hesitate even a moment in making that initial phone call. So if you have lost and item of value and are reading this story considering if you will make that call simply stop reading this and pick up the phone. Even if your outside of my area and you need someone to chat with I will help you find some support in your local area and proved a few tips along the way. Even if you think a metal detector would be of no use that is of no matter. The detector is only one of may tools I use though the recovery process and it all start with a simple call and easy chat.

Again much credit got to Michael as this is exactly what he did. He was sharp and on his toes and a pleasure to work with assisting with information in every way possible. The next morning as I was heading out he informed me the night before he got a txt from his Craig’s List post about fining a lost ring but no details or call back. I informed him to expect a few bogus contacts and if anyone has really found your ring they will reach out to you with solid details. I also said this is normal and until they txt you an exact photo of your ring that I would continue with the search and that I did.

When I arrived fully aware of our social distancing mandate I cleared the parking lot to ensure the ring had not rolled into the grass. No ring found so up the hill I went. Through the course of the day it quickly became apparent the most efficient way to find the spots of interest was to FaceTime Michael who was two and half hours away and he directed me to each spot with precision detail and pointed out over the video chat what part of the trail he use his phone. This process went on for a few hours and finally at the last spot of interest I as able to recover his thin black tungsten carbide wedding band beneath some bits of nature partially covering the ring. It really was a team effort and not only the two of us. After asking how he found me he told me another key part of the story. After loosing his ring he went to a FaceBook group for Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Trail and made a post about his lost wedding ring. In that post he wrote, “I know I probably will never see it again, but it is very important to me.” With that cry for help he got quite a few concerned responses and ides. Then Jay Speidell wrote, “I just remembered reading a news story about people using metal detectors to find rings for hire. Tungsten should be detectable. https://theringfinders.com/

Thanks Jay for posting TheRingFinders link I know Michael is very appreciative of your help. It is always exciting being a part of these stories and seeing how they unfold. There is commonalities between these stories but no single story is exactly alike. Some times they don’t result in a recovery but many have found some peace and closure know that a specific area was thoroughly searched and they did all they could. Others stories turn up years later though the oddest of ways. However this story ends with a recovered wedding band and one happy dude ready for another day on the trail.

Watch the full featured story unfold scene by scene her:




Jeff Morgan


Recovered Heirloom Platinum Diamond Ring Toss Bellevue

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
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I received a call from Christi asking for my help in recovering a very special ring she had lost in the back yard. She explained that she had just removed a rock from her dog’s mouth. She then threw the rock towards the arborvitaes hedge line. The next thing she knew her multi generation family heirloom platinum diamond ring was no longer on her finger!  She was a hundred percent absolutely certain the ring flew off and was somewhere in the yard. I told her I would be happy to help her out and I was on my way.

When I arrived she retold the story informing me this time that she actually witnessed two items fly though the air after throwing the rock she had removed from her puppies mouth. She even showed me where the rock she threw had landed close to the hedge line. This was all very reassuring news to me lining this up to be a fairly straight forward recovery scenario. She also informed me that she had already received permission from the neighbor if we needed to search the yard behind the fence. As I investigated the fence I quickly realized it was a metal chain link fence and the neighbors back yard had a water feature under construction with large rocks with many deep cracks. I prepared myself mentally that this could be a challenging search if the ring landed close to a metal fence or worse went into the neighbors yard.



She also told me she had considered renting a metal detector from one of our local shops. However after seeing TheRingFinders.com she figured it was the most efficient option to call upon an experienced recovery specialist. As many people report she had no idea TheRingFinders even existed and was very happy to have found us.

With my detector in hand I got under way with the search.  Fortunately the arborvitaes hedge line made a great back stop as it didn’t take more than a few quick minutes to locate her cherished heirloom diamond ring. My detector easily rang out a five VDI signal holding true to the platinum ring below. Her puppy even came over to check out what all the fuss was about as I recovered the ring from below the shrubs. Christi was extremely relieved and happy to have her precious ring back on her finger.


I was extremely happy to have recovered her ring and quite thankful it did’t fly past the fence into the neighbors yard. Another ring recovered, another smile earned making for a happy day during a time of global stress and health concerns.


Jeff Morgan


Valentine’s Day 2020 Gold Wedding Ring Recovery Puyallup WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
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I received a simple one line email from Rudy, “Can you help me locate a ring I lost in my front yard please?” That’s all it took to get the process started. We had a quick phone chat and the story unfolded with all the necessary details. Rudy told me a few days prior he had his wife’s diamond wedding ring in his hand when his toddler ran up to him. They were on the front porch and he picked his daughter up into his arms to show the ring. In doing so her arm smacked the ring straight out of Rudy’s had. He put his daughter back into the house and immediately started searching the tall shrubs trying to find the lost ring.  Both Rudy and his wife, Andrea, spent the next several days searching inch by inch. They hand search the shrubs branch by branch and hand sifted the needles below and still no ring. Rudy even took out his own metal detector that he had stashed from a long while back. However not having ever used it before it just made a bunch of senseless noice and was of no use. The day before Valentine’s day Rudy was on the phone with Andrea and since she was deeply saddened that the ring was still missing. Rudy readied he had to find a way to get the ring back. After an internet search on how to find a lost ring he found TheRingFinders.com and reached out to me for assistance.

I arrived on Valentine’s day and the search was on! The yard was small but the couple had become object fixated on a specific area in the bushes. They had spent hour over the previous days looking with no success. They did say they never heard the ring fall so there was a good change it never hit the concrete. I did a focused search from the initial target zone and slowly expanding out when I found the ring just beyond their search area. It had been tucked in the grass with some blown in leaves covering things up.

Watch this exciting story unfold as I search your common everyday front yard for a beautiful diamond white gold wedding ring:


Jeff Morgan



Lost gold wedding ring in the snow covered parking lot, found and returned. Bedford, Nova Scotia

from Amherst (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Contact: 1-902-885-5593

January 2020 Kevin gave me a call to ask if I could find his gold wedding ring. The ring had fallen from his finger after shaking snow from his hand in the parking lot. We had a good chance of finding it except when we got there I was worried it might have fallen down through the drain grate that was a few feet away. We got the car moved and it wasn’t long before I picked up the nice sound of metal under my coil.  I pushed the snow around and could see gold glinting in the snow. The ring had landed over on the grassy part of the lawn a few feet from the parking lot. Kevin was happy to have his ring back on his finger.


Recovered 3 Ring Rose Gold Wedding set from a Horse Ranch Olympia WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194

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Watch video linked below…

I received an email from Chelsea asking if I would be interested in helping her search for a rose gold three ring wedding set she lost at the horse ranch. I gave her a call to gather more details. She told me that she arrive at work at the ranch and realized she still had her wedding ring on. She clearly remembered taking it off and placing it in her pocket. She remembered it was a bit cold and she took her gloves off a few times and placed them in the same coat pocket as the ring. We both had a strong idea that when she took the gloves out of her coat pocket it most likely dragged the ring out and fell some where on the ranch property. She realized quickly after getting home and checking her coat pocket that the ring was missing. Her husband even helped her by unbolting the passenger side car seat and searching the best they could with no ring found. She didn’t sound so confident being that the ring went missing two months prior. I reassured her that the details of her story were in her favor. You didn’t loose in an active river, out in the middle of a high traffic public area and you have a clear memory of the last pace you had the ring. We set a schedule to meet and she later asked me are you sure because we are in the middle of a huge rain storm. I reassured her I am prepared and ready to go find your ring!

I arrived at the ranch all geared up for the weather with plenty of equipment in hand. I also reminded her if after searching the whole property if the ring was not recovered not to worry.  I was fully prepared to search the rest of her vehicle with my video endoscope checking all possible cracks and under all seats to be absolutely sure.

After a three and a half hour search I recovered her ring buried under several inches of wood chips in the arena. I am very certain this ring would not have never been recovered without the aid of an experienced metal detecting recovery specialist. I am also very honored to have been trusted to assist in the recovery of Chelsea’s lost wedding ring. 

Watch this exciting story unfold as I search an entire horse ranch for Chelsea’s missing diamond ring set:


Jeff Morgan


White Gold Engagement Ring Lost at Petone Beach, Wellington, New Zealand

from Wellington (New Zealand)
Contact: 022 361 4990

Jane had been playing catch in waist deep water at Petone Beach, Wellington.  She fell, touched the bottom and as she came up a wave hit her and she felt her engagement ring slip off her finger.

Her partner helped her search but the ring had disappeared.

I arrived the following day and her partner put me in the area where they thought the the ring had come off.  I searched for about 3 hours as the tide went out.  I tried various detectors but couldn’t find the ring.  Surprisingly the sand was reasonably clean and I pulled every signal that I hit.

I returned a couple of days later and settled on my Garrett Sea Hunter PI.  I extended the area and grid searched as finely as I could.  Four hours later and the tide getting higher I rang Jane and gave her the bad news that I couldn’t find it.

I was gutted, knowing that it was out there somewhere and I had missed it.  A couple of days later I rang Jane and told her I would have another go at finding it.  Jane waded out in the cool water with me and showed me where she thought they were.  This was pretty much the same as where her partner put me on the first day.  I put a pole in the sand as a marker and did concentric circles until I was at a 10 metre radius.  With the time coming up to 3 hours in the water I decided to start searching parallel to the beach.  After 3 lines, and at the right depth, I got another good signal.  I couldn’t believe it when Jane’s beautiful white gold and diamond ring popped up from just under the surface.

I was able to return the ring to Jane at her work which was only a few minutes away.  Couldn’t get a photo of her at work but I can assure you the smile was worth all the hard work.

Jane sent me a photo. What a beautiful smile



from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-699-0521

This recovery started when i  got the text from Melissa about her lost diamond wedding rings in Ala Moana Waikiki area. She lost them the daybefore and so i gathered my gear and  I was able to head out and look the very next morning on a very well known and hunted beach. I had my fair share of concerns but needed to give a thorough search regardless. As i was searching the area in which Melissa gave I started to take notice that i looked in the area and nothing but loose change and bottle caps. So i decided to open up the search area because I’ve been looking for 2 hours and no rings. About a half hour in the search i get a great tone and there in the xtreme scoop is 1 of the 2 missing rings. I then start a circle grid which i started to overlap my previous grid and i get another good tone but very faint. i dug a good 5-6 inches before lo and behold there in the bottom of my scoop is Melissas 2nd ring. I was so happy i ran to my belongings on the beach and noticed that my phone had no battery life. As i’m standing there happy I could hear a voice that said ” Did you find it”? It was the life guard who i talked to earlier about these lost now found rings. His reaction was priceless… NO WAY! With a loud voice. We talked for a little while and then I left the beach with a grateful heart because I know I’ll get to return these beauties. What was thought to be a Gone forever changed! I charged my phone and later that evening my family met up with Melissa and we returned the wedding rings. Happy to help and return these beauties! Another successful recovery.

Biggest thing is to contact me as soon as possible because it increases the chances of me finding and returning your lost rings.

North Toronto Engagement Ring Recovered from Snow

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 905-208-4440

Wow a 1.5 carat Engagement Ring recovery shocks couple 😄👍

Toronto couple relieved to have 1.5 carat Diamond Engagement Ring back on her hand😍

The ring moments after being found in the snow right beside an electrical transformer box.



















A young couple who became engaged on Christmas were completely devastated after an evening walk in North Toronto went horribly bad . Snow had accumulated in their neighborhood to about 6 inches buy that evening. The couple explained while brushing snow off with her hand the young bride to be felt her diamond engagement ring fly off and into the surrounding snow banks which were about 1 foot deep. Hours of searching on hand and knee digging through the cold snow was all in vain and they couldn’t find the precious ring. The young lady could not hold back the tears and the couple were devastated knowing they had no insurance on the expensive ring.

A very common thing for newly engaged young couples! I will often encourage them to add these precious items to their home insurance and also have a jeweler inscribe a name and possibly contact info inside the valuable ring. Most jewelers can do this for a very nominal fee and it is well worth the cost if found by someone else.

After a couple of days the husband in desperation started googling lost Rings and of course came across The Ring Finders web site and my contact info.
Once the young man contacted me I immediately made my way there. Just coming off a successful under water ring find in the Niagara region of Ontario I felt time was of the essence for this recovery.

Once a ring has been lost in a public area especially along a city sidewalk, the clock is ticking down and its only a matter of time before someone else eventually finds it .

Unfortunately I have arrived to the same type of scenario where the person who out of desperation posted signs that a ring was lost in the area. I’ve also seen posted signs with a photo of the ring, detailed description of it and where it was lost! The sign had a diagram of almost the precise location to where the ring is laying. Basically advertising to the not so honest among us FREE RING CHECK HERE👇.

Not a good idea at all! Luckily this couple found Ring Finders onliner. Once I arrived we had one big problem, the electrical transformer box and it was not much more than 3 feet away from where the ring came off in the snow. When it comes to any metal detector if you’re too close to electronic interference you will hear it big time on your detector. However a neighborhood transformer is the worst kind of interference possible. Being so close to such a large amount of interference will cause multiple sounds even at the lowest set discrimination on the detector. Truthful the detector sounded like a Las Vegas slot machine hitting the jackpot on New Year’s eve. I was worried!

However myself and many other Ring Finders on this site are highly skilled and trained having experience with this type of situation. A trained ear and knowing the sound of gold amongst all those bad signals on a is key in this type of recovery.
I grid the area quickly and only after a few minutes in between all the chaotic chirps, beeps and tones a familiar tone coming from beneath snow. Jackpot!

The white flakes and tears kept falling for a few minutes after I pulled out the georgous ring. However this time they were tears of joy and the young couple were again reunited with their beautiful diamond ring.

Check out my YouTube channel for some more amazing live Ring Finder returns♥

For those interested check my book called of course “The Ring Finder” available on Amazon.


WW2 Gold Signet Ring Rescued From The Drink, Port Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

Eduardo had been cooling off in waist deep water at Port Beach recently when he felt his cherished signet ring slip from his finger. The ring with his initials on top had been made 75 years ago in a prison of war camp during World War 2. He had looked desperately around him in the water and then called out “I’ve lost my ring, I’ve lost my ring” to his wife Piera on the beach.

After calling me I arranged to meet Piera and Eduardo at the beach the next morning when the tide would be out making it wadeable where Eduardo had lost his ring. I took them down to the shoreline one at a time to show me where the loss had occured and noted that they both chose a place on the shore about six meters apart, so I halved this distance and put a peg in the beach to mark the centre and then paced out 10 meters either side of this and also placed a peg in the beach. I then set about working slowly in and out of the water with my metal detector until I had finished the 20 by 30 m grid and nothing, plenty of rubbish, a couple of coins, but no rings. I asked Eduardo if he thought I was going out far enough and he thought that I was. Next I said I was 99% sure I had not missed his ring so I asked if he felt that he could have been more to the north or south of the area I had searched. He felt more to the north was the go so I paced out another 10 m and placed a peg there. After finishing this and then another search extension grid and I’d still not found Eduardo’s ring they had said ok thanks so much for trying but it’s gone now and left the beach.

I was convinced the ring was there somewhere and detectable so with my usual never give in attitude I extended the search area yet another 10m, and still nothing. I thought ok if its not here it must be where I haven’t yet searched, so lets try 10 m to the south.

By this time the tide was a good way in again and the “Fremantle Doctor” was whipping up a few “white horses” and was clearly about to turn nasty for the afternoon so I resolved to come back the next day and resume the search on the southern end. In the morning I was about halfway through my first extension to the south when as I was approaching two women swimming in the water a great sounding signal penetrated my ears. As I raised what ever it was in my

scoop one of the woman had asked me “what are you looking for?” I looked in the bottom of the scoop and thought ‘no way’, there were Eduardo’s initials staring up at me! I turned towards the woman as I simultaniously lifted the ring from the scoop and said “Yes.. This! This is what I’ve been looking for for four and a half hours!

Piera was just amazed when I first sent a picture of the ring and then called to tell her the good news. She came straight back to the beach to collect it and was still a bit stunned but very thankful. I never did hear any of the stories this ring held but with 75 years of history and beginning it’s life in a prison of war camp I am so happy that it’s story can continue..

Love what I do.. Next??

Lost Men’s Wedding Ring Victoria B.C. Recovered

from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-361-8666


Duncan was at the Hospital with his 5 week old baby. About 3AM he was heading home and was cleaning the snow off his car and brushed his hands on his pants to get warm and to remove the snow from his hands. He felt and heard his ring come off. He searched and with no luck he contacted me. I arrived at 1 PM and by 2:00 he was wearing his ring once again. It was under a snow pile and was stuck to the pavement.

I love my Job