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Wedding Ring Lost in Portland OR Park – Found by The Ring Finders Portland

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

From teen internet pen pals to a newlywed couple in September 2017, Zach & Kat have a great love story!

See the enclosed video for the recovery & return!

Kat, thank you for initiating the call and I wish we could have met. Zach, it was a pleasure meeting you & returning your ring.
I wish you both all the best in your marriage.


The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge

Keys Lost in The Dalles, Oregon – Found by The Ring Finders Portland

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Saturday night laughs continued well into the night, including the walk home, when Wiley decided to launch his buddy into some dense shrubs. When all the laughter stopped, proving no hard feelings, payback came quicker than anticipated. Wiley’s keys happened to be in his friends hand and now they were gone. When a visual search the following day was unsuccessful Wiley gave me a call about noon but unfortunately I didn’t get the message until dark. With the help of truck lights, phone lights, the Makro Racer Golds small elliptical coil and a Garret Pro-pointer I was able to find the keys buried below 12+ inches of shrub limbs just as the snow was starting to fall.
Thanks for the call Wiley and cheers to many more fun evenings!

Portland & The Columbia River Gorge
Willing to Travel to Return your Lost Rings & Things

Unique Wedding Band Lost Damascus OR – Found by The Ring Finders Portland

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Every ring is precious, Doug & Pegs wedding bands are quite unique. They both lost their spouses, who were also friends, so when Doug & Peg decided to get married they had their spouses rings cut in half and melded together by a jeweler; see the two distinct colors of gold.
Doug explained how he lost his ring most likely while searching for his property corner stakes in some ground cover. He and Peg both looked, then rented a metal detector, which was followed by an internet search and discovery of The Ring Finders. It wasn’t a surprise that he wasn’t able to find it with the rented metal detector because his ring was within inches of nearby rebar. My Makro Gold Racer with elliptical coil was able to separate the two metals enough to investigate and the pro-pointer did the rest.
The Ring Finders has given me an opportunity to meet some great folks and witness, first hand, how special a returned memento is… Smiles, from ear-to-ear! Doug & Peg, thank you for your warmth and the opportunity to make this Valentine’s Day a little more special!

Portland to The Dalles & all areas in between

Metal Detecting Large Silver Coin Collection, Recovered in Coffey Park Neighborhood, after Santa Rosa, CA Wild Fires

from San Francisco (California, United States)
Contact: 1-415-895-0334

Their home burned to the ground, and their 2,00o silver coin collection buried somewhere in the ruble, these homeowners reached out to me for assistance.

The photos generally speak for themselves.

Setting: Aftermath of the Coffey Park neighborhood fire.

First silver coins located under about 18 inches of fire debris.

Husband and wife, in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), begin to excavate their silver coin collection from the toxic debris of their burned home.

First set of recovered coins and silver spoons in their old Weber BBQ bottom.

Burned tool box tray with more burned silver coins.

Home Depot bucket with more burned silver coins.

Toasted real Tiffany & Co lamp.

Homeowner with 2,000 recovered silver coin collection and remnants of Tiffany & Co lamp.

Most of the silver coins were damaged beyond recognition. He planned to have them refined and formed into silver bars.


SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from sunny San Mateo, CA

GIA Graduate Gemologist


Northern Virginia Ring Finder featured in local paper

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-571-217-5759



Check out the cover photo and story on page 6 of the Burke Connection…


Also on page 9 of the Springfield Connection…


And page 16 of the Mount Vernon Gazette…




Mens Wedding band lost while doing Fall Cleanup in Elmhurst, Illinois Recovered

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

While doing a fall cleanup in Elmhurst, Illinois a gentleman lost his wedding band which he had for34 years. Went in the backyard with him and found it in under 30 minutes. THANK YOU FALL CLEANUP!!

Lost mens ring in snow in Dekalb, Illinois recovered WITHOUT A METAL DETECTOR

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

While in transit to a ring hunt in Elgin, Illinois, I received a call from a woman asking me to come to Dekalb, Illinois after my search in Elgin, Illinois. Apparently her husband lost it while using the snowblower around Christmas. The snow had started to melt and they were still unable to locate the White Gold wedding band. I arrived at her home and went inside to have her fill out my search contract. She put on her coat so she could shoe me the area it was lost in. I stepped outside and looked down and picked up the ring. It was in plain view since the snow had just melted. No detector required. Probably my fastest hunt EVER!!

Lost ring in snow in Lombard, Illinois. Recovered.

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Man lost his wedding band in the snow in Lombard, Illinois. I did a quick search and recovered it for him on December 24th. Merry Christmas!!

Diamond engagement Ring lost in snow on Xmas Eve in Elgin, Illinois. It was recovered

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a text message about a lost ring in Elgin, Illinois. Apparently on Christmas Eve, his wife was outside cleaning crumbs off a tablecloth . In doing so, her large diamond engagement ring slipped off in the snow. The husband rented a detector but was unable to find the ring. I came out today, 1/10/2018 and did a 30 minute search. I found the ring which had apparently been stepped on by people searching for the ring. Needless to say he was very happy about finding the ring. I’m sure his wife was equally happy!!

8 year old throws 2 rings out second store window in Cicero, IL were Recovered

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a call to look for two rings in the snow. A diamond engagement ring and a wedding band. The 8 year old was playing with her friend and decided to throw the rings out the window. I never ask why!!

First found the wedding band. The owner never expected me to find the engagement ring. Found BOTH!!