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Lost wedding ring set in Seaside Park NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #4 for 2021
Today I was referred to Anna by Fellow Ringfinders Ed Cropski and Dennis Burlingame. After speaking with her I made my way to Seaside Park to meet her and her Fiancée’ along with their friend. At some point she took off her rings and placed them on the arm of the beach chair and forgot to put them back on. It wasn’t until 2hrs after leaving the beach she realized they were gone so they went back to try and find them with no luck. Once I arrived and spoke to them a bit I began my search. Within about 5 mins I found all three of them! They were very happy and relieved since they just started their vacation. Another great ending!

Heirloom Pendant Found and returned In Kelowna

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Troy was devastated when he lost his pendant playing volleyball with a group of people. They all searched for it in the sand, with no success. He called me for assistance and I met him at 7am the next morning at the volleyball courts. I always go early to check out the location and got there at 6am. I searched around and within 30 minutes I had the St Christopher pendant in my pocket. When Troy showed up before his work at 7am, I asked him about the pendant and where he was during the game, he said it may be in the volleyball court, or where they stopped for drinks. He also told me that the pendant was given to him over 20 years ago by his now deceased foster parents and it meant a lot to him. I told him that I had got there early and had searched the whole volleyball court, then I reached in my pocket and asked him if that was the pendant. He jumped up and down and was so grateful, he said that I had made his day.

Gold Wedding Band Found Gresham OR – The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Steve had lost some weight and though his ring was loose it didn’t cross his mind to remove it before sprucing up the yard. While putting some tape in the trash he noticed his wedding band missing. He retraced his steps for the day including checking parking lots, walking trails, leaving notices, searching garbage contents, and using a metal detector he owned. When he came up empty handed he reached out to me since I had searched for his wife’s ring five years earlier. Steve had done all the right things and I’m convinced he would have found it with his metal detector if he would have remembered all aspects of the day; so hard to do given the stress of losing something meaningful. As I expanded the search and later held up his ring from the neighbors yard he immediately recalled tossing pine cones toward the tree and that, as they say, is the rest of the story! The glisten in his eyes, the hug, and our following conversation revealed just how much his wedding band of 30+yrs meant to him; every ring has a story and this one was precious to him.

‘The Ring Finders’ – Good folks doing great things to reunite people with their sentimental jewelry – give us a call today!

Lost ring in York, PA

  • from York (Pennsylvania, United States)

Recently, I joined The Ring Finders Directory to use my metal detecting skills and help people find what they thought was lost forever!

My search and recovery of your lost item(s) is on the reward basis which means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford. If you lost your item(s) in a high traffic area, call me ASAP at 410-980-2480 to schedule an appointment! I have a call-out fee of $20.00 to cover my expenses.

I will try my best to find your lost item(s) but cannot guarantee it.

Lost Diamond Engagement/Wedding Band Set-Trion GA-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I was contacted by a couple this past weekend that had lost their engagement/wedding band set in their front yard.  They had looked for it for several days themselves using a metal detector, but he admitted he didn’t know how to use it.  Although he did manage to find one part of the ring, but not the other half.  The ground there was literally saturated with metallic trash so I knew the search could be difficult.  I was initially told the ring was silver, so I concentrated on the high tone that silver makes.  I like to hear all the tones as well to make sure I don’t accidently discriminate out a good target that is close to junk.  After searching a fairly small area for around 40 minutes, no ring, and I was running out of options.  That’s when their jeweler called back, (he had the other half of the ring), and said the ring was not silver, it was white gold, (I had asked them to check).  During my search I was ignoring the low tones that white gold makes since that is the same tone that foil makes.  So I searched the same area again, and in around 5 minutes I got a 12.02 on my CTX.  The ring was hiding in a bowl shaped depression totally covered under the grass.


Lost class ring, Clemson South Carolina- found

  • from Greenville (South Carolina, United States)

I was contacted by a gentleman who had recently graduated from a college in the upstate. The gentleman advised he was at a dock swimming and upon exiting the water his ring slipped off.  Gathering more information about the search it sounded like a very good possibility of recovery, so I committed to the dive.

I met the client at the dock, geared up, jumped in and found this visibility to be approximately 5 feet total, the depth to be 15 feet with a very silty bottom. I started hunting with my metal detector and with this being a public dock there were tremendous amounts of metal trash. What made the hunt more difficult was to the fact that as soon as I moved the silt on the bottom- trying to find the metal object- my visibility went to zero and stayed that way. I very meticulously , “blindly” searched for approximate one hour and 45 minutes with the detector, picking up every metal object, feeling it in my hands and placing the trash in my collection bag to get it out of the search area.

At the 1:45 hour mark I surfaced and spoke with the client about what he wanted to do. I was down to 700 psi in my tank and 15 minutes left of a contracted two hour timeframe. We decided to give it one more shot…. I submerged, landed on the bottom, my metal detector signaled, I picked up the object and felt it…. Lo-and-Behold; there was the ring!! I surfaced, gave the client the ring and he was overjoyed!

Its always very satisfying being able to return a lost item to someone, especially working in conditions that are extremely difficult to search.



Gold Wedding Band Lost Lake Oswego, Oregon – Found & Returned by The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Paul was doing some yard work that involved demolition, moving a steel fire pit, and plantings all with a loose fitting wedding band and without gloves; perfect recipe for a lost ring and later in the day he noticed it missing. When I arrived we walked the very large yard as he explained his afternoon. We dug up plants, I searched the plausible areas with both my XP Deus & Equinox 800 w/6″ & 15″ coils and no ring. I continued to ask questions and expanded the search to the tractor driving areas. On my last pass of all known possibilities Paul got my attention and showed me two more plants he remembered planting that day. Sure enough, at the bottom of one of the plants was his wedding band that my pinppointer sniffed out. Paul mentioned it was my choice of questions that led him to remember the other two planting… mystery solved!

Paul’s engraved wedding band is back where it belongs thanks to our continuous dialogue, his memory and persistence… teamwork, well done.

‘The Ring Finders’ – good folks doing great things to reunite people with the priceless items, call us today!


White Gold Wedding Ring Found in Acworth.Ga.

  • from Cumming (Georgia, United States)

We got a call  from a nice young couple to recover an expensive white gold wedding ring today on a job about a hundred miles from us. We had to climb down a 30′ steep hill into a jungle of ivy and stickers. Three hours later we finally found it. I sweated off about 5 pounds in the process. Found with the Equinox 800 . We received a nice reward and they were thrilled to get their ring back and we were happy we could help them find it. 🙂

2 Lost Rings! -Gulf Shores, AL – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This weekend my family stayed at our condo in Orange Beach. We were joking on the way over that Murphy’s Law would kick in and I would get a call for a ring return back towards home or even farther the other way. Fate was with us though when sure enough a young lady named Madison called on the second night from only a few miles away. She explained that she had lost her wedding band and her engagement ring earlier in the day.  I got some info and we made plans to meet the next morning. Madison had been on the beach with her family but she was missing her husband who was in Texas making plans with his brand new job. She took me and my wife Jeannie to the area and Madison had been honest that they had walked in about a quarter mile in the sand. She had left their tent as a marker the evening before but unfortunately it had been removed since you’re not allowed to leave it overnight. Luckily the beach service had left the umbrella in the sand so we were able to see where they had been the day before. Madison had taken off both of her rings and put them in the cup holder of her beach chair. When they got ready to leave her Mom picked up the chair and shook it to get the sand off and then put it on their rolling beach cart. When they got all the way back, Madison remembered the rings and pulled out the chair only to find that they were gone. I told her not to worry and that they were probably close to where she had been sitting. I was wrong. 😳 I completely searched the area making a grid pattern both ways and I was positive that they weren’t there. I ended up slowly tracking back the fading lines of the beach cart from the day before. When I got about halfway back, sure enough I got a gold tone and reached down with my scoop to remove some sand. I was able to see a rose gold band barely peeking out and quickly dug a little deeper to find her engagement ring right near the band. It was a really big area and I was so proud to find them both. Madison had already returned to the condo but it was awesome when my wife and I walked the rest of the way and were able to give the rings back to Madison in person. Congratulations Madison and I hope you and your husband take some of this luck with you to your new home in Texas. 🍀👍😃

Lost wedding band in LBI Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #3 2021
I was contacted by fellow ring finders John Favano and Dennis Burlingame about a lost wedding band.
I then called Kayla and spoke to her about her cousin Brian that had lost his wedding band while at the beach with his wife Lauren and cousins playing catch with a baseball and mitts. He took the mitt of a few times to shake the sand out and his ring went with it. At first Brian was feeling reluctant to have me come do a search as he felt it likely wouldn’t be found. I talked Kayla into letting me give it a try. Once I got there and they showed me the different spots they were playing and sitting I began my search. After about 45mins I had the ring in my scoop! They were overjoyed and relieved! Another happy ending!