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Lost Silver Wedding Ring Recovered & Returned Wrightsville Beach NC

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

This lost silver wedding ring was recovered and returned at Wrightsville Beach NC.

I was out metal detecting on the beach on Sunday 9/24/2023 looking for a nice woman’s ring when I was approached by a gentleman about another  lost ring who explained he lost a wedding ring while in the water surfing. He explained the details of how he lost it. I handed him a business card and explained that I am a member of metal detecting  service and that we help people recover there lost jewelry and other items with the use of a metal detector. However I also explained that since the ring was lost in deep water that there was not much I could do but would keep a eye out. And if the ring turned up I would notify him. I also had him text me a picture of the ring. since it was Identical to his wife’s ring he sent me a picture of hers. I agreed to pass the info along to others detectorist I know in the area in case it washed up and was found. Several hours later I was able to recover the ring which was not easy but glad I was able to find it. I’m always happy when I can help someone. The next day I met with him on Monday 9/25/2023 to return the ring. As it turns out the ring was returned on his anniversary.

Lost Rose Gold w/Sapphire Ring Found Underwater in the Clinton River, Shelby Twp. Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Luv On the Rocks…..

….With just 2 months into their engagement, Derrick’s fiancée was excited to show her new ring to some lady friends. With all the stress of planning a wedding, she was excited to spend an evening with them over dinner, dancing and catching up. As the evening progressed, the ladies moved out to part of the dance floor deck that was adjoining the Clinton River. Sometime during a few fast tunes with arms flying wildly, high fiving and hugs she remembered her ring flying off and hitting something metal. The next day her and Derrick combed the ground area with no luck. When I arrived, the only place left to search was in the water. Lowering myself down onto some slippery rocks placed against a metal headwall, I was knee deep in the cloudy water. Searching with my metal detector I could only get so close to the headwall. The current was strong in this location, and I would not be able to venture out too much further without safety equipment. Scanning the metal detector out to almost waist deep water I got a good signal. Peering into the water with my snorkel mask revealed her ring resting on the edge of a flat rock with sticky muck just inches away! Derrick lowered a rope to me slacked out enough so I could go upstream a bit. Letting the current push my arm back I was able to reach down, see the ring thru my snorkel mask and grab it off the rock. A risky but successful recovery! Holding the ring up, Derrick was overpowered with energy and excitement! Upon reaching higher solid ground, we fist bumped, and both admired the ring! Not only was it a stunning rose gold band but the gemstone was a very pale yet beautifully cut Sapphire! Now with the symbol of their engagement off the rocks, they are ready to rock and roll into a beautiful life together!



Lost Gold Ring Found in Brighton Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Showing Off…..

….Was not the intention of Derek’s fiancée. However, after arriving home to a surprise engagement party the urge to brag was too overwhelming. As the evening progressed her ring was being passed around for friends and family to behold the beauty of it while the bride to be watching in close proximity. After dark she recalled it being returned to her but after getting into the house the ring was nowhere to be found. With family from out of state on their way to stay the weekend and all their friends present notified of the disappearance, what were they to do? Searching into the wee hours of the morning brought no luck. When I arrived, Derek went over the possible areas the ring could be. Using my MXT metal detector I started a grid search of the first area. Thankfully, this was the correct area from the signal and meter reading on the metal detector. Probing my pin-pointer thru the thick grass revealed this eye catching, stunningly beautiful ring! As I held it up Derek practically fell over into the grass in total disbelief that it was found. Reality set in quickly as he held it in his hand, cherishing the symbol and meaning of love for his fiancée and their future life together.



Men’s Platinum Wedding Band Lost in Whitestone Lake, Municipality of Whitestone, Parry Sound, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a call from Dan and Debbie of Toronto, as they were attending a Family gathering on Whitestone Lake, Municipality of Whitestone in the District of Parry Sound, Ontario.

Met up with Dan and Debbie and we headed up early on a beautiful Saturday morning!

Dan had jumped into the lake and realized his platinum wedding band was not on his finger! Brother-in-law Tony, had lost pliers off his dock four years ago!

I mentioned to Debbie and Dan that this will not take long and probably will be under five minutes!

I used my top underwater metal detector the Minelab ‘Excalibur2’ alongside my floating battery operated hooka system called the Dive BLU3 ‘Nemo’.

With-in 4 minutes I had an old ‘Lucky Strike’ fishing lure and Dan’s chunky platinum wedding band! I also explored a bit and pulled up a fishing rod, more lures, a titanium sinker and trash! Always like to leave the environment cleaner than when I arrived!

We also drove down the road to help the Deputy mayor Joe Lamb find a property marker in 5 minutes after he had been looking for it for six hours! Thank you for the boat ride Mr. Lamb.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is the video story. Please subscribe and like!

A very happy couple to receive back an  extremely sentimental wedding band! Tony was also happy to receive his pliers back!

Lost and found Seiko dive watch in Halliburton Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Ian last week about him having lost his dive watch at the cottage. While swimming, he felt the watch come off his wrist and watched it sink in about 20+ feet of water. Unable to snorkel that deep to find his watch, he asked if I could come and dive and find it for him. Headed out to long lake, near Haliburton with my diving partner Larry. Within minutes, the watch was located and even a pair of sunglasses he had previously lost. Sadly, Ian could not be there during recovery. Another great day and recovery.






Wedding ring recovered at Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Chris and Michelle and their two Daughters and a friend were dining out at a beach restaurant and bar Saturday evening. It’s was great weather and they had dinner under a tiki hut on the sand beach.  While wiping her hands, Michelle’s ring fell on the table,  bounced, slipped through a crack, dropped to the sand and disappeared. They searched and searched with no Luck. Their friend was familiar with Pensacola and looked up my contact information and Chris called to ask if I could help. It was about 9:00pm when we talked. I asked lots of questions and based the very public nature where the ring was lost, I thought it best to go out right away. I arrived about 10:15 while staff was shutting down. Michelle was very sentimental about this ring.  It was a gift from Chris on their tenth anniversary and had been on her finger every day for the past 10 years. Fortunately, the bartender agreed to stick around while I was doing a search and left the lights on. The area was small so it only took 10 minutes or so to find it. Both Michelle and Chris were very emotional and very thankful. Their Daughters smiled and cheered when Mom put her ring back on. The family was on vacation for the Labor Day weekend from Mississippi.  I’m glad I could help, everybody’s happy now and they  can continue their vacation with no worries.

Promise Ring Recovered at Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This is kind of an unusual but very sweet story that was about two months in the making. I metal detect with my son in law, Dave Cartee, we share things we find and the stories  all. The time. I was doing some random detecting in the Gulf at Pensacola Beach, testing out a detector, and just came across this silver ring. I got home and noted the ring was engraved with two names on the outside, Tori and Brock. On the inside was the engraving I love you. The first thing I thought was this is a promise ring and two young people are really missing this. That evening I was sharing what I found that day with Dave and described the promise ring. Immediately Dave asked me to sent a picture. I sent it and he called right back and told me that about two months prior Tori had reached out to him. That was late June. I asked Dave if he still had her contact information and he looked and found a phone number. I texted Tori with a picture of the ring and asked her to call. She was amazed, emotional and very grateful. We made plans to meet and return her ring a few days later. Both Tori and Brock were extremely grateful and told me they had given up hope on recovering that ring. But because of this was their original first ring, circumstance surrounding its return, the story of its lost, emotional let down and now return. That this promise ring had a very special meaning and story they would cherish and planned to pass this ring on one day as an heirloom. I assumed that meant there’s another yet to be written chapter to this story. Tori and Brock here’s wishing you the best and I am glad I could help and become apart or you story.

Lost and found gold diamond engagement ring at Sandbanks Provincial Park Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a phone call from Anna about having lost her diamond engagement ring while at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Luckily, they were still at the park and we met up within the hour. Anna had secured her ring on her gold chain, not wanting to loose it. She was in the water with friends, playing in the waves with her floaty and figured that is where the ring was lost. Once they returned to their beach chairs, she noticed that her chain clasp was open and her chain was just dangling around her neck with the diamond ring missing. I started gridding the large area before the sandbars would swallow her ring due to high winds and waves. After an hour or so, and in need of a break, I headed back to where they were sitting. She asked if she could try my machine around where they were sitting while I rested. Having put the headset over ears, I started to swing the coil a couple of times to show her how to do so. Right away, she said she could hear a loud signal. Brushed away a bit of sand and she saw the glitter of gold. It was her beautiful diamond ring. Her reaction was priceless as she was so upset about having lost her ring. Another great recovery on a beautiful day at the beach. Life is good.

Lost Diamond Earring Found Inside House, Grosse Ile Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Diamond & the Ruff….

… a call from Vinnie that said his wife lost one of her diamond earrings and felt it was somewhere in the house. Sometime around 2am their dog was fussing about something so Claire got up and first went into the bathroom then headed in the dark to let the dog out into the backyard. Claire laid down on the couch for a few minutes and the dog finally returned. Returning to bed all was well until awakening and realizing the earring was missing. After chatting a bit to get more details, I did a walkthrough of the route that was taken to let the dog out. Visually not seeing anything, I started to scan the couch area with my orange Garrett carrot pin-pointer metal detector. Between 2 cushions I got a signal. Separating the cushions, I saw the earring stuck between them! Yelling to Claire that I found one of her best friends she came running over to reunite! Even though diamonds are formed under great pressure, when my Orange Garrett “karat” is under pressure, it makes finds that are a cut above the rest!


Lost Ring in Chestnut Hill – Philadelphia…Found!

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

I reached out to Rick after losing my ring at a 4th of July party, back in my hometown of Philadelphia.  He was scheduled to come out the next day, yet the weather did not cooperate.  Since I no longer live in the Philly area, I unfortunately had to wait until Labor for a redo.  Rick came out to the spot on the property where I knew I lost my ring, and in 30 seconds the ring was found.  Thank you again for communicating with me and for locating my ring – very happy!