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Lost Ring Pinewood Lake Trumbull CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Newlyweds Tyler and Chelsea were enjoying a day at Pinewood Lake in Trumbull Connecticut when disaster struck. Tyler’s wedding band slipped off his finger and three weeks of sporting his bling were undone in three seconds. Tyler dove underwater and searched the muddy bottom with a mask, snorkel, and even some neighborhood recruits. Hours later, he realized the ring was lost to the lake.

Tyler found me online and we set up a phone call to discuss the chances of finding his lost ring. Our biggest hurdle was the depth of the water where he was swimming. Tyler described his ability to touch the bottom with his toes but his head was not sticking out of the water by much. I knew Tyler was taller than me so this search would be on the edge of recoverability without the use of SCUBA gear. Tyler was confident of his location and we had some dry weather so it was worth a shot. I arrived and searched as deep as I could in the calm waters but I never came across the gold ring. As we sat on the edge of the lake discussing the next step, some of the local property owners began talking about the lake being drained every four years. This meant there could be a chance of recovering the ring from the deeper waters, but we would potentially have to wait years for the lake drain to occur. Only a couple of days later Tyler called me with good news. Draining was planned from the end of September through early November! We made a second appointment during late October just to make sure the lake level would be low enough to make a difference in how far out I would be able to search. The conditions were perfect. The only water remaining in the whole section was a single channel running through the center of the area. I arrived and began my second search. I heard a faint squeak about fifty feet away from the area I was searching during the summer. The signal came from the channel but I immediately thought there is no way this ring fell in the worst possible place. The chances were much better of the ring settling on a nice flat shallow surface, but I was wrong! I smeared a scoop of channel mud across the ground and saw the outline of a gold ring. I tried to surprise Tyler with the ring but I think he was on to my shenanigans. Or he is good at containing his emotional reactions because when I showed the ring, he calmly said, “that is it.” I didn’t give up on the surprise. I convinced him to surprise Chelsea. This time the surprise was a success – check out Chelsea’s reaction in the YouTube video below!

How to Find a Lost Ring

Lost your ring? Contact a professional to discuss the next steps of finding your lost ring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you have a lost ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 252-775-1307 |

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Lost wedding ring found by Matt St.Germain Farmingdale NJ

from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-581-0285
Successful recovery #20 for 2020!
Tonight i went to search for a wedding ring lost by Justin in his front yard while playing ball with his son. He saw it go flying when he threw the ball so he was able to show me the general area where he was standing. After i turned on the machine and tuned it a bit to remove the electrical interference i took 2 swings and got a tone. I then knelt down with my handheld pinpointer and moved it around in the grass until it gave me another signal and sure enough it was his ring! He was very happy and surprised i found it so quickly! They had searched for it with no luck. But sometimes while fanning grass you can wind up covering it more. Another happy ending!

Rich Hageney, local Ringfinder, in the News for Miracle Recovery

from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-484-433-6990

Gold Cross Lost in Storm, Then Found

This gold cross was lost in Bradley Beach during the tropical storm last week.


While swimming in the ocean recently off Bradley Beach, 15-year-old Nicky Schneider lost his grandmother’s chain and crucifix.

Nicky and his mother Terri were devastated. Terri’s father bought the chain while on a trip to Europe for Nicky’s grandmother, who died four years ago.

The next day, Tropical Storm Isaias hit.

“I decided to post the missing chain on the Bradley Beach Facebook page figuring it was a long shot, especially now that this crazy storm had come through,” said Terri’s friend AnnMarie Neary Bergwall of New York and Spring Lake.

Six days later, Bradley Beach resident Jane DeNoble was on the beach and spotted someone with a metal detector. DeNoble later learned it was Rich Hageney of Doylestown, Pa., a sales representative for Medtronic and a member of, a group of independent metal detecting specialists.

“I have been metal detecting since I was 10 years old,” Hageney said. “Having returned countless treasures over the years, I have found returning these items as thrilling as finding them.”

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“Jane went over to him and half jokingly asked if by chance he had found anything,” Bergwall said. “She then told him to go look on Fifth Avenue because someone lost a gold chain and crucifix six days ago.

Rich proceeded to go down two avenues to look. Within 10 minutes, he located a gold chain and crucifix under the wet sand.”

“I saw a man with a metal detector and mentioned it to him and to keep his eyes peeled,” DeNoble said. “And seriously, less than 10 minutes later, he’s back with it in his hand.”

DeNoble sent Bergwall a message through Facebook.

“I called Nicky’s mom, Terri, to tell her that there was a possibility that her mother’s chain was found,” Bergwall said. “I put Terri and Jane in touch with each other. They wanted to see a picture of the chain and crucifix before showing it to Terri to be sure it was hers. Terri could not find one, but swore if it was not the right one she would not say it was. Jane and Rich then sent a picture of the chain and crucifix for Terri to look at. She burst into tears because it was her mother’s crucifix.”

Bergwall drove to Bradley Beach with Terri and Nick from Spring Lake, where the Morristown residents had been staying.

“We jumped in the car to go meet these selfless and kind people to pick up the chain,” Bergwall said. “Our faith is restored. There are great people out there.”

“You can imagine how [Nick] felt when he lost it,” DeNoble said. “It’s amazing how the necklace survived the storm. People were watching us as she was overwhelmed with happiness. I’m just so happy to be a small part of the miracle that happened that day.”


Lost class ring recovered and returned after 15 years lost at Wrightsville Beach NC

from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-919-539-5048

Hello I was out detecting this past weekend at to beach and detecting in the surf and water at night. It was around 3:29 AM when I got a good signal in the water. I investigated and recovered the target. What i found was a class ring from 1981. Now most people would just scrap the ring for it’s gold weight. But I decided to try and find the owner since it’s the right thing to do. After much research I was able to locate the owner two days later to return it. When I got in touch with her she was very happy to here I located the ring and explained that her daughter was wearing the ring 15 years ago when it was lost. She explained she thought the ring was lost forever and was almost in tears when she learned it was found after so long. I agreed to bring it to her since she only lived 45 minutes away from me. When I got there she was extremely happy to see her ring again. She also explained her father bought the class ring for her which is why it meant so much. I was very happy to return it to her and see the smile on her face. It’s always a pleasure when I can help someone. I am including pictures of the ring and her.

Lost Ring found in St. Francis, Minnesota

from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-755-5905

Ring with shinny rim.

Dad with both rings and both Kids.

Following being contacted I went out to St. Francis MN. to help a young couple recover a lost wedding ring in tall marsh grass.  Doing some fall cleanup pulling weeds and cutting grass. It was during dumping the clippings in the into the compost pile that he noticed his ring was missing.  His ring fit a little loose and wanted to get to get it resized. After loosing the ring, not thinking it could be found he purchased a new smaller ring.  Meanwhile his wife contacted me and I mentioned that I could come out yet that night. I mentioned that I really don’t need much light, the detector will work just fine in the dark.  I have a headlight that is very bright that I use while working at night.  The area that the ring was last known was pointed out and the new identical ring was tested with the metal detector.  It took about 10-15 minutes to locate the ring. To tell you the truth the headlight played as much of a roll in locating the ring as the metal detector did.  I caught a good tone and the rim of the ring sparkled. I caught a glimmer at the same time the tone came over my headset.  It was nestled down under some tall bent- over grass.   If I were out during the day light I don’t know that I would have spotted it as well as I did.  I think it would have been hidden in the shadows. It was so nice to find it so quickly.  After some long searches its nice to get a couple that are quick.

When I went back up to the house I told them that the grass was a lot longer than I had anticipated. I could see his shoulders drop, you could see the disappointment. I then put my hand out with the ring and you could again see a complete turn of excitement and jubilation.  You found it… It never gets old showing the found rings. With his young kids in his arms he slipped it on a finger for a quick photo.  A story that will be able to be told with a happy ending.


Newlywed’s Ring found on Narragansett RI Town Beach

from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)
Contact: 1-401-225-5770

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, Matt and his wife were married on beautiful Narragansett town beach, followed by a celebration in the North Beach Club House.  At some point after the ceremony, they noticed that Matt’s wedding band had slipped off.  Friends and family  helped  search the beach and the Club House.  Guests even got a rake to search the sand and tried using a metal detector as well.  Unfortunately, these efforts only caused the ring to sink deeper in the sand.  They decided to search the internet for help and found website.  On Monday, Matt sent me a text message asking for my help.  As soon as I got his message, I contacted Matt to let him know that I was on my way to search for his lost wedding band.  That’s when Matt told me that the wedding band had been handed down to him by his late grandfather.  Matt and his wife live in Cambridge, MA, and were unable to meet me at the beach, so they provided photos of the two areas where they thought the ring might be.  I started my search closest to the water, and in ten minutes I found Matt’s ring about 8 inches deep in the sand.  I called him with the good news.  We met that evening, and he was thrilled to have his ring back.

White Gold mens diamond wedding band lost when on Honeymoon , Fort Lauderdale Beach Florida Found and returned to owner.

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

I got a call from a couple on their Honeymoon saying they lost their wedding ring. I said that I would be happy to help find it . I immediately got ready and left to the beach location they were at. The waves were 2-3 feet high. but I went into the water anyway to find their ring. but unfortunately the waves beat me the first day. I was rescheduling for Friday but they called Thursday wanting me to go out Thursday even though the waves were still high. I finally gave  in and agreed to make another attempt. I was not successful for about three hours . I was getting ready to give up. then at the last moment I got a target.. and it was their ring . I was so happy that I could help them find their ring. They now could completely relax and enjoy their honeymoon in peace.

Lost Pandora Charm reunited with owner

from Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact: 0275812660

3 weeks ago Vivienne leapt off the wharf at Maraetai, New Zealand on a hot spring day to cool down, but when she got out she noticed her bracelet had opened and her rose gold Pandora charm had fallen off.
She noticed someone metal detecting on the beach and asked if he could look out for it. Jack who is a regular on the beach explained that he couldn’t get out that far, but would ask his friend Ian to look out for it.
I did find it on another hot day on a very low tide, I was working near the stairs of the wharf, normally this is covered with 3 feet of water. The ground is sandy mud over rocks and shells, so you don’t need to dig too deep to get your target. The first two signals were rubbish,  but the next signal was a little gold heart charm that sort of resembled the description.

I was given an address only and decided to pop by after work to see if indeed it was hers.

Vivienne couldn’t believe someone had just brought it to her door,  she really believed it was not coming back.

Lost Gold Ring at San Diego Park Found!

from Murrieta (California, United States)
Contact: 1-702-287-1117

Richard and his wife spent some time at the park relaxing and throwing the Frisbee. Not long after they realized Richard’s ring was missing! After an exhaustive search they gave up and Richard figured he would never see the ring again.

After speaking to Richard and his wife, we got up for an early morning search with the metal detectors. After identifying a few areas the ring could be, within just a few minutes it was Richard who spotted the ring lying just a few feet away! Richard was THRILLED to find the ring and couldn’t believe it. I could feel the adrenaline and see the joy on his face. What a great feeling and love to be a part of the ring return.

While I can’t take credit for finding the ring, I can take credit for getting him out of bed to have another look!😄

Lost Gold Diamond Emerald Wedding Ring – Found Columbia River

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-748-4031

While swimming, Crystinia lost her gold engagement ring along with her Titanium wedding band.  Crystinia noticed her rings missing while sitting on a nearby log with a friend. They searched the water hoping to catch a glimpse of them but they most likely disappeared immediately in the sandy bottom. Her husband had thought it would be simpler to buy her a new one but she insisted on trying to locate her set, the ones she wore on her wedding day.  An email, followed by a phone conversation, prompted my drive to Sauvie Island along the Columbia River.  We established some search boundaries of the swim area and I got to work. A little over 2hrs later, in chest deep water, I had both rings in my scoop… mission complete!
A sigh of relief, smiles, and “thank you” is such a good moment to share. I love the opportunities & rewards this hobby provides.

The Ring Finders, good folks doing great things to reunite people with their sentimental jewelry… give us a call!