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Diamond & Gold Rings Found at Naples, Florida beach New Years’ Day 2019

from Marco Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-239-500-7464

Happy New Year 2019! – I got a call just before Noon on New Years’ Day from a couple requesting help find 2 gold rings lost in the sand at the beach earlier that morning.  One was a gold wedding ring with diamonds all around and the a family heirloom, a gold ring with diamond from Grandma.  Praise God, the rest is history and the happy smiles speak volumes.  What was once lost has again been found, to which we all can rejoice!  Again, a Happy New Year 2019!

If you’ve lost something and need it found – Call Mark Greul (239) 500-RING (location services in greater South Florida)

Lost Engagement Ring on Babymoon in Cape May,New Jersey Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder/Ed Cropski

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

In celebration of her pregnancy Suzy & Kostek decided to go to Cape May,NJ for their babymoon. Enjoying beautiful scenery,beach and resorts they decided to treat themselves to a local day spa. They both removed their wedding rings and put them in a compartment in her pocketbook. While paying her husband retrieved his wedding band and seen her 2 rings (engagement & wedding band) in the compartment. Unfortunately it was pouring rain outside so they had to move quickly back to the car. Just a few minutes later they arrived at a restaurant a few blocks away. Again moving quickly from the car to the restaurant entrance. When they got to the counter Suzy decided to put on her rings but they diamond engagement ring was gone! They quickly began retracing their steps back to the car,searching the sidewalk and surrounding area but no ring? Unfortunately their relaxing time had changed for the worse to a panic and restless evening. That’s when they found out about The Ring Finders lost jewelry recovery services. They contacted a local metal detectorist in the Cape May area (Jeff Lagg) but unfortunately was out of town on vacation but directed them to me.

Arriving at the day spa the following morning we went over her steps one by one and began searching the area inside and out of the spa. No luck inside on floors,chairs or entrance way. moving outside I searched the stone/gravel parking lot and landscaping but no ring so we decided to move on to the restaurant around the block. Again we searched the areas but still no ring? I told her something just doesn’t seem right and I assured her that if it was there I would have found it. I asked about her pocketbook and the car? She stated they had searched them but we decided to search them again. Looking in the car with no luck we examined the pocketbook and discovered a tiny slot where the lining thread had come undone that I couldn’t even get my finger tip into but we could feel the ring between the lining lol! What a sense of relief came over her face as we all laughed about the situation lol! They were very thankful for my thoroughness and services. I was glad to see her smiling and enjoying her Babymoon again! Congratulation Suzy & Kostek!             Recovery #103  

Widower’s Missing Wedding Band Found at Waterford, CT Beach

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Finding this wedding band was no different than waking up on Christmas morning as a kid – This was going to be the ultimate gift to someone!

Prior to beginning my search, I had no identifying information on Mr. Hage’s ring so I was not completely sure if the ring I found was the ring that belonged to Mr. Hage (Although, deep down I had high hopes this ring was the ring I was there to find). After confirming the ring belonged to Mr. Hage, I knew the best part was coming next. Aside from the excitement of finding a gold ring lost to Mother Nature, there is no better feeling than reuniting someone with their story that began 56 years ago.

I do this because sometimes all people have is a token to remind them of the best parts of their lives and those memories do not belong lost in the ocean.


Check out the excitement at Waterford Recreation & Parks!



Check out the excitement in the local Media:





Look at those smiles!

Mr. Hage_Keith_Handshake









Mr. Hage reunited with his wedding band!

Mr. Hage Smiling










Waterford Recreation & Parks made this connection happen!

Waterford Rec & Park










Could not ask for a better ending!

Mr. Hage Ring



Lost Ring Cardiff California

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-212-6588


I got a call for Milo’s search and recovery, something I started back in 1996.  Got the location and headed down to meet them.  20 min drive and his Mother inlaw moves her car so I can park, as its on coast hwy. We head to area of loss as he tells me how it came off.  I laughed and said, most of the calls are off by 10 to 20′.  I ask kind of metal and turn on the MX Sport.

Im running a 6 X 10 coil on it.  I always start outside edges of area cause I’ve had really fast recoverys by doing this.(?)  3/4 way though first pass and display screams  “gold”

Ha what a great feeling, people from down the beach came over and the SMILES WERE FLOWING.

I Love being able to help these people as the Local member of ;


Lost Wedding Ring…New Symrna Beach, Florida…Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

I came across a post with a photo of a mans wedding ring. Apparently this young couple had just recently moved to the Central Florida area and were visiting the beach for the very first time. Wading into the water and just getting his legs wet and only dipping his hands in the cool, salty surf was enough to loosen his ring and off it slipped into the churning water. Craig tried desperately to find his ring as he ran his hands along the sandy bottom feeling for his ring. They spent a couple of hours looking and were very discouraged as they finally came to realize they would probably never see his ring again. Leaving the beach was very hard and Craig had even tied a twist tie around his finger to help bring some sort of comfort and ease the pain of loosing his ring.
I sent Craig an e-mail and explained about theringfinders.com and offered my services. He was thrilled to hear of my willingness to help him. That evening he texted me his info about where they had been at New Symrna Beach and what time of day they were in the water. He even drew a picture and sent me that as well—which was a huge help in putting me in close proximity to where his ring was last seen. I reassured Craig that I would do my best and would call him as soon as I had any good news. The next day I hit the beach, armed with my trusty Whites Dual Field metal detector, and began to grid search the vast expanse of water and sand. About 50 minutes into my search I got a good signal and there in the bottom of my Nutall scoop was Craig’s ring! I whispered a quiet “Thank you” to God for helping me find the ring and headed to the car to text Craig the good news!
Later that evening Craig and his wife stopped by the house to pick up his ring. It is hard to put into words the joy and relief and happiness that one experiences during these moments. Craig and his wife were expecting their first little one and their first year wedding anniversary was coming up as well–so getting his ring back was a huge blessing! What an awesome privilege it has been to help this young couple! Thanks for letting me help you!
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Lost EarRing Moonlight Beach

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-212-6588



Hit in the head playing volleyball at moonlight beach, Encinitas.  After looking for a time, they give up.

Later that day one of the Lady’s finds me on TheRingFinders.com and gives me a call.  With area known I go down and dig , staples, small nails, one junk toe ring.  I call back and asked a bit more. Thinking how far could it have gone. She said she watched it fly off her left shoulder.  We meet the next day to discover NO DETECTOR will pick it up. Testing the one she brought.

What ?  Ok time to call the troops in. I call my partner, Curtis Cox and and friend Stan Ross from up north.  Stan and I come up with an idea, strianers.

Three RingFinders on their hands and knees sifting the volleyball court. 1 1/2 hrs and it comes up in Stan Ross’s sifter the othe way from what we had been told. As we try to figure out how it was there, when she got hit she turned to her right. It did fly off her left shoulder but to the right 6′.

This was a TEAM HUNT, 2 sifter $120.00.  We weren’t gona miss this.

Tiny White gold , open, not detectable.

Closed was detectable. Great lesson.

Lost Wedding Ring Surfside Beach Surfside, Texas (Found) by John Volek

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Lost Wedding Ring in the Ocean at Surfside Beach in Surfside, Texas (Found)


I received the following email Sunday night from Christopher.

Hello John,

I have just come across your site.  My wife and I have lost her wedding ring and band at Surfside beach (main entrance).  We lost it around 11 am on 8/2 while playing with our son in the water.

I have attached an image of the area in the water where we were (shin deep at the time) and a picture of her wedding ring from our wedding.























I spoke with Christopher first thing Monday morning and was given an outline of how and where he believed the rings had been lost. Christopher said they were at the beach Sunday and when preparing to leave when they realized the rings had been lost. Christopher said he was pretty sure the rings were lost in ankle deep water in a specific spot of the beach. Christopher also mentioned they had built some sandcastles in the sand in the same general area.

Christopher said during the ride back to Austin, his wife was on Google trying to find HELP! when she came across “The Ring Finders” website.

I expressed a sense of urgency in any recovery effort, the Texas Coast can be brutal with heavy wave action, current, and shifting sands.

Christopher sent an aerial photograph of the area needing to be searched, and his detailed account of the location was re-assuring.

I packed up and headed for Surfside shortly after our phone conversation, making it to the beach around 9 am. The beach was amazing, little or no wave action, and nearly secluded outside of a few fisherman.

The attached YouTube video provides an accurate outline of the recovery and the steps involved.




























Equipment Used:

CTX 3030

Beach Scoop







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Lost Ring Carlsbad, Ca

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-212-6588

Got a call form a man at my local beach, Any chace you could help me find my ring today. Sure can I’m 7 mins away. See ya soon.
Pull up and he’s saved me a spot to park. Grab my Whites PI and head out with him.
He shows me a 15×15 ft area, so I walk to the far left side to start, he gestures in front of him. I just smile. I do one loop around the square and stop. His wife again shows me over here. I get eye contact with her to let her know I got it. I ask him one more time, he says I threw ball and it went right here. I smiled and with my scoop did one scoop and handed him the bucket to remove his ring. Damn. People sitting to the right all start clapping. Its a good feeling.

Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Belmont Shores, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

March 25, 2015

Eric called about 1pm asking to rent a metal detector. I explained to him about the cost of renting and how far away the nearest detector shop is located.
He told me that he was sure where the titanium ring was located. He was in Belmont Shores Penensula at the beach. After talking to him about how I could help him find his ring and show him how the metal detector works. I actually thought I would let him use my detector while I stood by. When I arrived he told me that he had been arguing with his wife of three months , Josselyn. In the heat of the moment he tossed his wedding band over the 4 ft. block wall into the sand on the other side. He said, as he was doing it he thought it would be easy to find. After three hours of searching the sand he went to his smart phone locating TheRingFinders.com .
When I got to the location he showed me an area of approximately 50×50 ft. where he thought it to be. Then he said they had to be somewhere by 3 pm. It was going to be a little more difficult than I expected. This was not a situation where we could do a detector demonstration. I decided not to waste time. So I set up close to the wall in the center, planning to do a spiral grid. I started swinging and within 3 ft. got a good signal 3 inches deep. I called Eric over to let him hear the signal before retrieving the metal under my search coil. When I dug into the sand with my scoop there was Eric’s ring.
Both Eric and Josselyn were elated and thankful. It was a pleasure to help them.


Lost Ladies Gold Wedding Ring, Ponce Inlet, Florida….Found!!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Margaret and her family were enjoying a beautiful warm summer day at the beach, playing in the sand and surf when all of a sudden a large wave caught her by surprise and sent her tumbling.  As she gathered herself together she realized that her precious diamond ring was missing from her finger.  In 3 feet of water and with 3 foot high waves washing in one after another she realized it would be next to impossible to find her ring.

Later that evening she found theringfinders.com on line and gave me a call.  We made arrangements to meet and Margaret was able to give me a fairly good description of where they were swimming when she got upended!  I marked out a 50 yard stretch on the beach and began my grid search in and out of the water.   I searched for about 2 hours and only got 3 signals—1 pull tab, 1 penny and 1 very nice ladies gold diamond ring!

Thank you Margaret for your generous reward and for giving me the honor and privilege to help you!

Need help?  Give me a call and let’s talk!

Mike McInroe, proud member of theringfinders.comDSCF2213DSCF2212