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How to find gold with a metal detector

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I got a phone call from a young man who lost a special pendant with his name on it, he lost it at a picture and put golf course at Central Park in Burnaby. His gold chain got caught on his golf bag and broke the clasp and he lost a gold cross and his gold pendant. He remembered this happen at the 14th hole but didn’t realize it had broken until he got to the 16th hole when he felt his chain fall off his neck, he looked around and went back to the 15th hole where he teed off and found his gold cross by a bench but he couldn’t find the pendant with the name ”Marshall” on it.

He search for a while but it was getting too dark so he packed it up went home, he remembered seeing a story about John Cryer who lost his ring here in Vancouver and that’s how he found TheRingFinders. We talked about the chances of finding this pendent but he couldn’t meet me there in the morning to show me his movements because he had to work. I knew it was three holes 14,15 and 16 so I got out there first thing in the morning and walked around to see if I could eyeball the gold pendent, I felt it should’ve just set up somewhere and easily been spotted. However two hours grid searching and I could not find his pendant.

I packed it up reached out to Marshall and asked if we can meet the next day, he arranged to meet me after his work this way I was able to see exactly what he could remember and where he may have been off the course. That being said I was very curious to search the area with my Metal Detector where he found the gold cross, as it made sense to me if one fell the other one should be close bye. After a few minutes at the 15th hole I got a 4-5 in a bit of loose dirt and grass I moved it with my foot inside a beautiful colour of gold and his name. I was able to surprise marsha and so happy to get back that pendant that was a gift from his late grandmother. These are such sentimental items that can never be replaced and it was an honour to be able to help continue that story for the showman.






Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.





Lost Keys at Beach – Found and Returned

  • from Orange (California, United States)

Jake called me at 7:30AM as I was getting ready for work and asked if I could help find his lost car keys. I asked a bit about the location, not far from me, but I was just getting ready for work. (Yeah, some of still work, lol) Since I know a couple other RingFinders work the beaches pretty exclusively, I asked if he could contact one of them, and he said he did, but they were not available to help.
They keys were for an older truck he was restoring, and only had the one set. He had lost them earlier the previous evening and had been there all evening and even stayed the night with a rake, searching and raking the sand to find them!

Since it sounded like he knew the approximate location, I figured it was an easy find (Never is, so I should just take that out of my vocabulary!) and said “I’m not going to leave you hanging, be there shortly!”
Headed down, and met him 2o minutes later, and found it was a big area where he had been raking for hundreds of yards!  Basically, somewhere between the parking lot and the shore, in a 50-Yard-wide swath and also they were on a huge sand wall at the beach as well. He also had his truck towed out of the lot so had to pay for that!
I searched over an hour in grid formation with my Equinox 800 and 15″ coil. Found about $1:30 in change, but no keys, and it was getting hot!  Looking at it on Google Maps, it was about 24,000 Square Feet of area to search!
I decided to search the large sand wall which was steep, and searched the top of it then walking parallel to it several feet down the bank, I found them!
Jake was over on the beach further still raking away, so I headed over and said “Man, I just can’t do that sand wall, it’s so steep and I am beat!” he said well, I guess they must be somewhere further, I will keep raking, and then I said “Unless they look like these?”  He was so happy and amazed I found them!

So rewarding to have found them and was able to go into work a little late, but with a smile and sense of accomplishment to start my day and his!

Gold Pendent Lost in Nashville-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

Brooke contacted me even though she was in Nashville and I was in Chattanooga.  There are two ring finders in the Nashville area, but neither of them were available.  I agreed to go, even though it was about a two-and-a-half-hour drive for me.  She had lost a gold pendant while she was competing in a charity event at a local golf course.  The pendent was from her late grandfather, so it had a lot of sentimental value.  I left early enough from the Chattanooga area to get there by 6:00AM so we could get started before the course opened.  That event was a sack race. They were not on the fairways, but in the grass off to the side.  I’m not familiar with the course layout, but I think it was off to the side of tee box #10 where they had the sack race.  Brooke had previously gotten permission from the course manager.  The first thing I did was scan the edges of the cart paths, and it was not there, except for a square pull-tab.  Yep, those are everywhere we go.  Fortunately, someone had taken a video clip of the sack race, and I could clearly see she had the pendent on during the race.  But more importantly, I could use that to hone in on where the race took place. From the viewpoint of the video there were several small trees on the left background.  In the left foreground there was a grassy hill that had been scalped on the top by the mowers.  On the right very edge of the screen I saw a homeowner’s metal fence that was bordering his back yard.  So, using those landmarks I was able to pinpoint exactly where the sack race took place.  Most of the grass there was short enough to see the pendent if you walked close to it.  Some of the grass was tall enough to hide an object that small, so that’s where I focused my detecting first.  While I was scanning the taller grass, Brooke asked if there was anything she could do.  I said most of this grass is short enough that you could most likely see it if you walked right over it.  So, knowing exactly where the race had taken place, I had started scanning around halfway to the finish line where the taller grass was, and Brooke started walking ahead of me near the finish line where the shorter grass was.  After around twenty minutes or so, I saw Brooke lean over and pick something up, she said, “I found it!”  It was visible if you walked right over it, so someone else could have seen it before we got there.  Fortunately, it was still there.


Lost Diamond Ring, Wildwood, New Jersey, RECOVERED!

  • from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Last evening I received a call from Eric and Kristin. The couple explained that they believe that Kristin’s wedding ring had fallen out of her bag while they were at the beach yesterday. The couple wasn’t exactly sure as to when the ring fell out but the were fairly certain that it happened while they were on the beach and it may have tumbled out when they removed their cell phone from the bag that the ring was stored in. I met up with the couple this morning. After being shown the general area I managed to recover the ring in about 25 minutes. They were ecstatic as this ring had been passed down thru the family for several generations. #lostring, #wildwood, #lostringandjewelryrecoveryservice, #jerseyshore, #capemaynj, #capemaycounty, #lostandfound, #wildwoodcrest, #weddingrings, #theringfinders
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Lost Wedding Ring FOUND in Back Yard In Pleasant Grove, Alabama.

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

On August 3rd I received a text about a lost ring,  Ashley seemed distressed about losing her ring on Monday, while she gaving her pups a bath in the yard next to the house, the rings slung off her hand into the thick grass. She had one pup in her arms and seemed to think she knew where they went and the area they may have landed. She got down on hands and knees that first night looking for the wedding ring and bands that fell from her hand. Over the course of the next two days she went and bought a metal detector and tried her luck at finding the ring to no avail. She then searched the internet for help. She stumbled upon the Ring Finders site and was amazed that there was such a group.

 I returned the text and began asking about the ring and where she lost it. I called to get the address and let her know that I would be on my way. After about an hour drive I arrived, spoke to Ashley and she showed me the area where she believed the ring fell. There was a catch, the yard guy had just mowed the area and Ashley was depressed that she may never see her rings again. After listening to her about the rings and area, I retrieved my XP Deus 2 from my Jeep. I started my search near the area that she marked, after a swing or two, the deus 2 made the sound I was looking for. The grass was difficult to manage with the clippings still covering the ground. I used my pinpointer to narrow down the signal and found both the band and the wedding ring. I looked at Ashley and said to her “found them”, she looked amazed that I could find them so quickly. I told her that it helped that she knew about the area where the rings fell. She was all smiles after that and was a very happy person, Like always, it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone, see their big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.


Lost Gold West Point Class Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring?

Don’t wait to call!


I received a call on Wednesday night about Matt’s West Point class ring. His ring slipped off his finger while he was playing with his children in the ocean. I met him and his wife on the beach in Ocean City, NJ at low tide to start the search. I gridded the ocean, eventually gridding up to chest-deep water in an area with swimmers, Boogie Boarders and breaking waves. After almost an hour without a signal, I finally heard the tone I was waiting for…the tone of the gold ring. I dropped the scoop in the sand and was able to pull it up on the first attempt.

Thank you Matt for your service!

Check out the website for more stories and info

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Lost Ring on the 4th of July

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost Ring on the 4th of July

Kim contacted me on July 14th after receiving a referral for me on a local Facebook group. Over the 4th of July weekend, her son and family were playing soccer at our local high school. Her son put his ring on his gym bag during the game, but forget the ring was on there when he went to pick up the bag to leave.

Kim and her family tried searching for the ring themselves, even renting a metal detector and searching the field. Unfortunately, as the holiday weekend came to an end, her son and his wife had to travel back home, without his ring. As the search continued and the ring was nowhere to be found, Kim posted in a local group for help.

I met Kim and her husband at the soccer field where they showed me the area they believed the ring was lost 10 days earlier. I began my search and found the ring in 20 minutes.

I gave the ring to Kim and her husband and they couldn’t believe it was recovered. They  immediately Facetimed their son to give him the good news!

Thank you, Kim and family for entrusting me to locate the lost wedding band!


Lost ring on soccer field

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost Ring on Soccer Field

On June 18th, Josh contacted me regarding his lost wedding band. Josh was playing his weekly Wednesday soccer game with friends when he noticed his ring was no longer on his finger. Josh and his friends searched the field tirelessly, but had no luck. Josh googled “lost wedding ring” and found The Ring Finders website where he then contacted me.

I met him at the soccer field that day and he showed me where he believes he lost it. I then got to work, immediately searching the area where Josh believed he lost his ring. After about 15 minutes, I recovered the ring on the soccer field.

I called Josh to let him know that I found his ring and he was thrilled!

Thank you, Josh for entrusting me to locate your lost wedding band!

Lost communion cross and gold chain off a cottage country dock into Whitestone Lake, Dunchurch, Parry Sound, Muskoka’s, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Stephen was up visited a close friend for a weekend of fun, fishing and tubing at Whitestone Lake, Dunchurch, Parry Sound District of The Muskoka Lakes, Ontario.

The guys came back from tubing, sat in some dock chairs to relax. Stephen had taken off his very special communion cross and Greek anchor chain given to him by his Grandparents and put it on the dock chair. He forgot about it, picked up his tee shirt and watched the cross and chain fall through the dock boards into the water below.

They tried to locate the cross and chain in the murky waters below but had no luck. Stephen called upon my services to help the next day.

I had a three hour drive, we set up the DIVE BLU3 Nemo hookah system which has a lithium battery and 10’ hose and with an underwater pin pointer we were all set!

After 35 minutes of clearing all the metal objects I finally recovered Stephen’s cross and chain!

Check out the underwater video and the surprise recovery to Stephen!

His sentimental cross and chain meant the world to him and he was grateful to revive it back with TheRingFinders help!

Thank you Stephen for your donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!



Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Calhoun, GA-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a text this past Monday 11th from a wife.  She said her husband had lost his wedding band in the backyard about a month ago while cleaning out a pool skimmer trap.  She was searching the internet and came across www.theringfinders.com where she found my contact information.  I made the trip to Calhoun that afternoon and met up with her.  She said her husband was still at work, but should be there pretty soon.  She said they had actually purchased a metal detector for themselves, but no luck in finding the ring.  When Alfred got home he was showing me how he lost his ring cleaning the skimmer with his left hand and throwing the trash over the chain link fence with an underhand motion.  He said he felt the ring leave his hand but didn’t see where it went.  With that underhand throwing motion I immediately figured the ring had gone over and into the brushy area behind the fence.  I eliminated the grass and the plant bed first of course, but no luck.  With the chain link fence there I couldn’t get close to it at all without sending my detector into an overload condition.  So that part would have to be searched by hand if I didn’t find the ring back in the brush.  I started back behind the fence, (poison ivy there too), as well as a snake, but didn’t get a good look at it, it was leaving the area.  I started from the right side and went left directly at the back of the fence.  The second pass was from the left back to the right, on a steep slope.  Of course I was finding bits of metal trash, we all do.  On the third pass from right to left I got to right where I figured the ring could have gone with that underhanded throw.  The first thing I found there was a rusted bottle cap, then about three feet away I got two signals on my CTX.  A strong 12:40 showing four inches, but literally inches away from that signal was another one, a strong 12:28 showing one inch.  I hadn’t seen it yet, but that 12:28 at one inch brought a grin to my face.  I stooped over and under my coil I saw a faint hint of something shining back at me.  I snapped a picture of it before I moved it, and you can barely catch a glimpse of something out of place under the layer of leaves.  The 12:40 signal turned out to be a toy car.  The search took about 1.5 hours.

IMG_2089 IMG_2094 IMG_2095