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Gold ring found with metal detector in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Zhi was at the beach with her friends and when she removed her ring to go into the water she dropped it into the sand.

I arrived 15 minutes later and turned on my detector, my first pass with the coil I was able to find her ring.


Lost wedding ring in the sand, Lavallette NJ OB3, recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Carol, asking if I would be able to find her sons wedding ring. We went over some of the pertinent details, and I told her I would be happy to help. The ring was in a safe location on the beach, otherwise I would have stopped what I was doing and head right to their location.  Taking that into consideration, and the fact they were staying at the beach for the day, we agreed to meet a bit later in the day. When I arrived , she showed me the general area, and just a few moments later the ring was in my scoop. The beach was packed, and the audience was amazed at how quickly the ring was found. Phil had walked back to the house, we ran into each other on the dune walkover, talked a bit, and continued on. Phil, again, thank you for your service.

Gold Ring lost and found in Huntington Harbour

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Nathan decided to put his gold wedding band in his chairs cup holder but forgot about it when it was time to leave. His ring fell out when he packed up his beach chair.

I reached the beach before he did and was able to find his ring by using the info he gave me. Nathan was so happy he gave me a big bear hug.

Rings Recovered by the Ring Finders in Seal Beach

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Ken and Angela were visiting Seal Beach from Carson City Nevada when her rings somehow fell out of a bag and into the sand. They found me on Yelp and I was able to meet them in about 20 minutes.

I was able to find both rings in one scoop after only a few minutes. They were very appreciative that there was a service like The Ring Finders.



Anniversary Ring recovered in Newport Beach, CA


Anjali and Karan were enjoying a day at the beach until they realized her ring that was put in a bag for safe keeping had fallen out into the sand.

I arrived a short time later, turned on my detector and in about two minutes I found her ring, They couldn’t believe how fast I found it.


Lost Wedding Ring in the grass, Toms River NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Anita called and asked if I would be able to locate her sons wedding ring that was lost in her yard, while they were watching the fireworks last week. She explained that the yard was pretty big, and that they had already rented a metal detector, and had no luck finding the ring. I asked if she was positive the ring was lost in the yard, and she said yes, he  was swatting a bug with his left hand and felt it fly off. I told her I was confident I would find it, and ill head right over if she wanted.  When I got there she showed me where he was sitting, and how he swatted at the bug. I started looking in the direction he had swung, working my way down the slope, toward the water. After about 20′ or so I started getting discouraged, but continued about 15′ more. There were numerous signals in the area, but only a few that even remotely sounded like a large platinum ring. I walked back up to talk to Anita, and confirm what she had said prior.  This time she mentioned the chair was facing the river, which was 90* from the way it was facing, and that meant the ring was to the left!! I told her that makes a huge difference, and we  were not searching the right spot. About 8′ on the first pass and BOOM, there was the loud tone of a big ring.  Sure enough, that was the ring.

Wedding ring lost and recovered in Huntington Beach

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Juliet called me and said she lost her wedding ring 3 days earlier. She sent me a dropped pin on google maps where she lost the ring.
Amazingly she was pretty accurate with the coordinates, I found her ring about twenty feet from the pin drop.

We arranged for her to pick up the ring at my place as she didn’t feel comfortable sending it in the mail.

Trio of precious rings recovered by Surf City Ring Finder

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Mellisa contacted me for help to locate three of her rings which she lost in the sand at Huntington Beach’s Davenport Beach. She was very distraught and her husband was not to happy either.

Mellisa said the rings were on a towel and when she picked it up the rings were lost. I searched the immediate area of concern but couldn’t find them. I moved towards the water and found the one ring with the bigger diamond.

 Just about two feet to the right I located the other two rings one at a time. Every time I handed Mellisa a ring her spirts picked up immensely. They packed up and went home relieved that I was able to find her beautiful set of rings




Lost Sapphire Ring, Virginia Beach…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’m in Virginia Beach with the Gigmaster, Mr. Steven Andrews. Steven gets a call from frantic lady who lost her beautiful emerald ring at the beach, we race out to look at the location and unfortunately they had fenced off the area, getting ready for the BeachIt country music festival. Unfortunately, we had to call and tell her that the search area was out of bounds for the next 7-10 days.

There was another factor in this story… they had pushed up the sand from the area she’d lost the ring and made one long 4 feet mound about 100 yards long to separate the ocean from the concert area and the ring would’ve been buried most likely. Flash back seven days later at night around 12:30 AM. I went there just to search the concert grounds and was asked to leave due to liability reasons, as I was walking off the beach I noticed this with the area the lady had mentioned she lost her ring and within minutes, I found it.

This was truly a miracle, so much going against us and so lucky to be in that area and sweep my coil over it. I reached out to the local news station wavy 10 and they came out and did a story on the return… I of course set it up for the surprise factor!

It was such a fun time in Virginia Beach, I’m sad to go. I met a great member and friend Steven Andrews, who has helped me a lot on how to work my YouTube channels and get more content out there for people to watch. This whole trip has been amazing meeting great members and I appreciate everyone for what they do and also for being so kind to me along my journey.

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Gold ring lost in San Francisco Bay….RECOVERED!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Bay Area Ring Finders: Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590 

The sun had set 30 minutes earlier and the fog meant no moonlight would be available.  The tide was going out of the San Francisco Bay at a rapid clip.  The water temperature was approximately 53 degrees and the ambient air was about 55 degrees.  I dressed in my farmer john wetsuit and fired up the Equinox 800 knowing that this recovery was possible, but would likely be difficult.

Earlier in the  evening, Ben contacted me stating that he had lost his heirloom gold wedding band at a private beach club while performing a “plunge” in the bay.  He could narrow the search to a 10×10 foot area of water about waist deep.  The request was made for immediate mobilization for a recovery effort.

After meeting Ben at the Aquatic Park, he escorted me to the beach location… a beautiful little private section of the beach along docks housing historical ships for the maritime museum.  An aesthetically pleasing and adventurous treasure hunt was now under way.

I entered the water for a hasty search of the area and made 4 passes from the top of the beach to chin deep water.  The only light was provided by the headlamp I donned on my head.  The water was void of any targets.  I had to test the coil against the sand scoop to be sure it was functioning proper.

On the 5th pass I hit a jumpy 16-17-21 target in chest deep water, the only thing I had detected in 30 minutes of searching.  It would take several attempts to collect the object in the sand scoop, but upon inspection…a ring, a gold band…WE HAD MADE THE RECOVERY!!!

If I’m being honest, this was one of my proudest recoveries.  I felt the part of a true treasure hunter searching cold water, in the dark, beneath the tall ships of the maritime museum.  The owner of the ring, Ben was both astounded and grateful that the ring he once thought lost was back in its rightful place on his finger.

Thank you Ben for entrusting me with the recovery of your very precious ring.  It was a pleasure to assist you.

Ben was ecstatic to have his 10k heirloom wedding band back on his hand!


Bens 10k Gold Heirloom Wedding Band.


Night Shot of the search area.


Search Area without supplemental lighting.


As seen with headlamp.

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