John Favano

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, only if your lost item is found. I do ask for a small call out fee to cover my gas and expenses if the item is not found.

Search Types

I am able to search beaches and shallow water or any place you lost your ring, jewelry, even your car keys!

Search Locations

My search area is All Southern New Jersey Beaches including Ocean City NJ, Stone Harbor NJ, Sea Isle City NJ & North Wildwood NJ, Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania.

John Favano's Bio

My name is John Favano and I enjoy metal detecting and treasure hunting. I have joined The Ring Finders because I enjoy returning sentimental items that were lost. Feel free to contact me at any time and I will search for lost ring, jewelry or other valuable items.

John Favano - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Wedding Band Found! Doylestown PA (2020)

    Mark lost his wedding band while splitting wood in his backyard this past weekend.  He removed his gloves a few times during the process and thought the ring must have come off that way.  He searched the area for a few hours and even went as far as to disassemble the cord of wood to […]

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    Last week Merle realized that her wedding band was missing after she gave her dog a bath on her deck. She searched through the leaves but did not find the ring. That’s when she found me.  After gathering some information from her daughter, Brooke, I started to search in the leaves and ivy near the […]

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  • Lost Gold Ring Found Wilmington DE (2019)

    The ring means a lot to Victor it was given to him by his grandmother.  It was lost after dark last night while he was walking his dog. The ring slipped off  his finger when the leash got caught around it.  With a quick search the ring was found in the grass. Thank you to […]

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  • FOUND! Lost Wedding Band Avalon NJ (2019)

    I received a call from Meg who told me she dropped her wedding band in the sand in Avalon, NJ. After speaking to her and asking several questions about where and how she lost it, I started my search. I detected for about 40 minutes without any luck. Since she knew exactly where she dropped […]

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    Kelley wrote on my facebook page:  THE RING FINDERS SOUTH JERSEY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Got to witness an amazing find today. A family was heartbroken over the loss of a woman’s engagement & wedding rings, which were not only monetarily valuable but more so sentimentally valuable. I couldn’t believe how quickly John recovered these items on the […]

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John Favano - Testimonials

  • appreciation of John’s kindness and services. (2019)


    John’s ring finding services are impeccable. He let me know when he was available, called the day before to confirm and gave me a half hour heads up arrival notice. He felt completely trustworthy to search for a precious lost ring. It’s his hobby but also a skill generously offered to help find a ring that has many levels of value for me. I lost a gold band while giving my dog a bath on our deck. It traveled somewhere covered in abundant fall leaves from our humongous beech trees. He warned us against racking since we could accidentally discard the ring with the leaves. So the ring was totally lost from view. This ring’s design replicates one my mother wore and my closest friend wears an identical ring. Within 15 minutes he successfully located my treasured ring making me truly happy. In deep appreciation of John’s kindness and services.

  • What an amazing work that John and The Ring Finders are doing for people everywhere! (2019)


    Yesterday while I was on the beach near the water, I took off my rings to put on sunscreen and placed them in the velcro pocket of my beach chair. I only placed them there thinking that I would just put them right back on again, but I forgot about them.

    Eventually we moved our chairs from near the water up to the dry sand and about an hour later I suddenly remembered my rings and checked the pocket but they were missing. I immediately had a meltdown and was sobbing because I knew that they must have been lost in the sand and that they could be anywhere.

    My family and I all started searching and other people joined in to help out. After searching for about an hour without any luck and with it getting later in the day we knew that we would have to leave the beach without the rings.

    Before we did, we searched the web and found John Favano’s number from The Ring Finders and gave him a call. It was so hard to leave the beach without the rings, but I was comforted knowing that there was still hope.

    I was praying and reading the many testimonials on the ring finders and gained more hope and confidence that John would be the answer to our prayers. We met John around 5:45 on the beach the next morning and he found both rings in less than an hour and a half about 6-10 inches below the surface of the sand.

    We never would have found my rings without John’s help and skills. He was so kind, humble, and professional! What an amazing work that John and The Ring Finders are doing for people everywhere! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart... (2018)


    Dear John,

    Today you made what seemed to me like the impossible happen. The little diamond moon charm that meant so much to me and my sister and was no bigger than my pinkie fingernail is in my hand.

    When my sister’s necklace broke and the charm fell into the sand yesterday, we hunted for over an hour with no luck. Then a wonderful 8-year-old girl we didn’t know saw us looking and offered her help. She and her brother and father used their metal detector and sieve for at least another hour before we all decided that we had to let it go.

    But I don’t let things go that easily, so when I got home, I went online and found your website. When I called, you were calm and confident. you said that if the charm was there, we would find it.

    The phrase “needle in a haystack” kept running through my mind on my way to meet you. The beach is so big and the sand can bury something that small so easily, never to be seen again.

    But once I was able to show you the area where the charm had fallen, it was only a matter of minutes before you turned up the spot of sand where the little charm lay, still partially buried, but sparkling in the sun. What a happy moment! I will never forget it.

    Your calm, confident patience were just what was needed for the job, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making what seemed like the impossible happen.


  • John was amazing, maticulate, professional and friendly (2018)


    I highly recommend The Ring Finders South Jersey! They found my 2 diamond eternity bands in 5 feet of lake water!! I thought I would NEVER see my rings again! John was amazing, maticulate, professional and friendly…and he found my lost rings in under an hour!! Thank you Ring Finders South Jersey!

  • This dude found my ring less than 4 hours after it fell off. That is unbelievable! (2017)


    I lost my wedding ring in the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon at 1:45pm.

    Unfortunately, Donna asked if I wanted her to hold it for me on the walk down and I said something to the effect of, “Nah. It’s not going to fall off.”

    So about 2 minutes in the water and it falls off. I never felt that attached to it other than it being my wedding ring. Until I lost it and I felt terrible. Maybe some of that was the feeling that Donna somehow knew that it was going to happen. We looked for awhile but there was no way we were finding it. Every bump on the floor turned out to be a rock or shell. I paced around for a little bit and then decided just to go home. Then I wondered if there was a site I could post a photo of my ring just in case someone ever found it.

    That’s when I stumbled on I sent a message on Facebook (2:45pm) and about 5 minutes later, John Favano sent me his phone number to give him a call. At 3:07pm (just checked my phone log) we briefly talked. So now, I was waiting on a guy that may or may not show up and may or may not find a wedding ring in THE Atlantic Ocean if and when he got here. Then, my phone rings, John says that he is at the beach and to come meet him. We are off to a good start all things considered.

    All week, we were talking about how small the beach has become over the years but walking over the dune I never remember it seeming so big. There was no chance we were finding it. At least when it is lost for good, I will have the satisfaction that I at least I tried everything I could think of. Donna and I are at the beach with John pointing out where I am pretty sure I lost it. Thanks to the dude that made sand dolphins btw.

    John is walking a grid from the beach all the way into the water about chest deep. From the beach into the water…back to the beach and then back into the water. He stopped to dig a few times but nothing. Then he looks up and asks me what my ring looks like. This dude found my ring less than 4 hours after it fell off.

    That is unbelievable! Call John Favano!