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Red Jacket Beach, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts: Lost Ring, Found Ring, Returned

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

An early evening call from a very distressed and emotional young lady, Krista, pushed me to the limits to find a lost combination ring of great sentimental value. So much so that I went out at dusk to look for it. I only had about 45 minutes of daylight left but did my best to no avail.

The next day I had plans to detect with another Ring Finder, Gary Bonin from Woonsocket RI. I had to change our plans and go looking for the lost ring. Nothing we would not have done, as long as were were enjoying our hobby, we would have a great day. With sunrise and permission to park at the resort Gary and I headed into the water to search for the ring. Hours past, the tide went out and came back in without either of us finding the ring. My mouth was drying out, I had used my last bottle of water the night before so it was time for me to call it a day. Gary on the other hand wanted to finish covering an area before leaving. OK, another 15 minutes I could survive. I was not paying any attention to holding a grid pattern and just wandered aimlessly when my detector’s audio signal brought me back to reality. I looked down to my coil, where to place my scoop and much to my surprise I saw THE ring! What a ring, it made my knees shaky, my heart rate went up, all was great. Had it not been for Gary wanting to stay just a bit longer, the recovery would not have been made without another search, another day.

Krista, a quite remarkable person, what an interesting life she has lead. Within the first hour of this vacation she with her two sons and husband were playing a bit of football in the cooling water of Nantucket Sound. Her ring had never slipped off in the water either salt, fresh or pool. This day was different for whatever reason it did followed by frantic searching over the next 5 days. Krista had to leave the Cape, the traumatic vacation was now a thing of the past. She had kept up her best spirits as to not spoil the vacation for all involved. But she was not to give up on finding her ring.

Social media came into play. A plead for help lead Krista to and to my name and contact information.

If you have read this far you know she was to have her ring returned. Many options were mulled over such as mail, a 4 hour drive to pick the ring up, seek help on social media… The last provided the perfect solution. Sandy and Larry, close friends of Krista, were leaving Cape Cod the next day and were to make a drive to my house, pick up the ring, and return it to Krista on Saturday.

Covid19 be danged, Krista asked Sandy to give me a “big, well deserved hug”. Somethings just have to be done. This return is one that will certainly be one of my top 5 of the 243 I have now made, almost half while a member of TheRingFinders.

Lost Gold Ring w/ 3 Carat Diamond… Found!

from Yokosuka (Japan)
Contact: 1-910-835-6350


Sunday, August 12, 2012:

I received a call from Matt who stated that his mother Joan lost her ring in the water off of the Outrigger Waikiki. I met Matt and Joan a couple hours later on the beach fronting Duke’s Waikiki, right around 3pm. I was planning on going diving for the ring since it was initially thought to be in 5’ of water. The water was very murky due to the turbulence from the rotor-wash of the catamarans that pull up to the beach. I wasn’t able to see a foot in front of me so I put my diving gear away and donned a weight belt to keep me stable in the rough surf. The ring was thought to be about 30’ offshore. I tried to mark a grid as best as possible but I was constantly getting pushed off a meter or so by the waves which were at some points over head high. The turbulence is really what made the search take so long. After searching an area about 200sqft, I moved towards the shoreline. Fast forward a few hours, just as Joan had lost all hope and motioned for us to come back in, I got a solid reading on my metal detector. I was in about 4’ of water and about 30’ from where Joan felt her ring leave her finger. After about 5 hours of searching, Joan’s 3-carat diamond solitaire was finally reunited to its owner. 

Ring lost while brushing snow from windshield, West Omaha, Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Ahhhh, nothing more vitalizing then fresh fallen snow, until you lose your wedding ring in it.  This ring was lost while clearing snow from a car without gloves.  The combination of cold wet fingers and a little shake was all it took to send it flying.  I assured the owner, that we (Rachel and I) would find her ring and it shouldn’t take us very long.   Shouldn’t was the key work there.

Once we got there, she showed us where her car was parked and went over how it lost.  We started searching, after about 30 minutes, I was a bit puzzled.   We went over the scenario again, the car hadn’t moved and the parking lot hadn’t been plowed. We scanned the most likely area two or three times and now it was time to start looking in the not so obvious places.  While looking under the car parked next to hers, I asked “was this car parked here when you lost your ring.”

She said “No” and pointed to a car a couple spots down.  I walked over to it and started looking at it for places where a ring might end up, when all of a sudden I heard a shriek.  I looked at her and all she could do was point.

Stuck between the back window and trunk was her ring.  Not only did it end up on another car, it also took a trip around town on a few errands.

Lesson learned – Never rule out anything.

Search time: 45 minutes.

Lost Ring in Falls Church, Virginia… FOUND! (May 2018)

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-571-217-5759

Over Memorial Day weekend, Conor and his wife were spending some time in their front yard when they realized that his wife’s ring was missing. They retraced their activities and knew it had to be in the yard. Conor spent the better part of the weekend combing through the grass on his hands and knees looking for the ring. On Monday, he found The Ring Finders online and gave me a call. Wednesday afternoon I arrive at Conor’s house and he walks me to the search area while explaining what, when, and where they believe the ring went missing. 15 minutes later my detector signals a strong hit, I move some grass, and I see the shine of the ring.  Smiles all around.

Ring Found!

Ring Returned!

Lost ring in sand at Daytona Beach, Fl……Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Jan. 1st, I received this comment on one of my ring search stories. Rich wrote, “I believe I lost my ring on the beach approximately 50 yards to the right–facing the ocean–from the end of the Oceanview parking lot wooden walkway. It may have slid off my finger when I shook out my wife’s towel. It is a simple gold Florentine wedding band with “Marla love Oli 1974″ engraved on the inside. By some stroke of luck if anyone finds it, please notify me. Thanks, Rich” So I sent Rich an e-mail and asked him my usual questions, like: “What day and what time of the day were you on the beach and shook out your towel?” And “When can you meet me and show me the exact place where you were on the beach?” And, “And it sounds like you are not exactly sure that you lost it on the beach!” Rich’s response was “I am sorry, but I forgot to mention that I am in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and was vacationing in Florida when I lost my ring.”
Thankfully Rich was able to give me precise details about where they were on the beach and what the area looked like. He even sent me a link to a google map with a pin of where they were when he shook out their towels. One of his descriptions of the beach indicated that there was soft sand and a long row of seaweed close to where they were sitting. That is what it looked like on Dec. 26th–the day after Christmas. But when I arrived at the beach, 9 days later, it was totally different looking. Sometime between Dec. 26th and Jan. 4th we had some really big waves with extra high surf. Enough to take a good 3 feet of sand off the upper beach area. There was literally no soft sand, except way up on the dunes. So I set up my 4 flags in the target area and looked for 4 hours and no ring. I did find lots of other targets–185 to be exact! Old crusty, green coins, fishing weights and all sorts of items. I sort of figured the ring would not be there after so much erosion and made plans to come back the following Sat. to look again. When I arrived on Saturday, the tide was a bit higher than I expected and I wound up searching higher up the beach and after digging more green coins and fishing weights—to my surprise up pops Rich’s lost gold wedding ring! I could hardly believe it was still in the same general area after all that erosion. I determined that a mans gold ring is quite different than a coin in that it does not slide and move around like a coin would. As the waves wash over it, back and forth, it tends to go down because of the hole in the center.
Rich was thrilled to hear that I found his ring and I was able to mail it to him the next week. All told, I searched 5 and a half hours and dug 185 targets, while looking for Rich’s ring. And it was so worth it!! Lost your ring? Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe, in sunny Florida

Lost Wedding Ring Canby, OR – Found! – Assisted by The Ring Finders Portland

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Maegan put her wedding ring in her shorts pocket Sunday late afternoon but when she woke on Monday it wasn’t on her finger, nightstand, nor in her pocket. A panicked search both inside and outside her home, all day Monday, was exhausting and depressing. On Tuesday, we talked, and I told Maegan I’d be happy to search and find her ring, and if not found, the search would eliminate the outside areas. Following my extensive search I assured her it was inside her home and offered some tips. Thursday morning I received a text with a very happy smile… ring found!

Megan stated our conversation and my search was comforting and refocused a more calming effort inside her home.
Maegan, thank you for the call & I’m so pleased I was able to assist.

The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge can locate your lost engagement ring, wedding ring,
favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 509-365-8010

Lost in Portland Handcrafted Gold Ring – Found – The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

An email, followed by a phone call, led me to SE Portland Oregon to meet Jimmy who lost his wedding band the evening before while jogging. The beauty of this search was he heard a distinct “ting”, which was likely the ring hitting the concrete sidewalk or rock wall, otherwise his ring could have been anywhere along his route. He had put his ring and keys in his shorts pocket earlier and while jogging the jingling was irritating so he grabbed them out of his pocket and heard the “ting”. Not knowing what it was he stopped and looked for a few minutes then continued his run. 20 minutes later, once home, he realized his ring was missing and he searched the likely area for 2 hours with no luck. The area on his right was a knee high stone wall with shrubbery and on his left was a large bed of roses 3-4′ tall with the ground mostly visible. I poked my specialized 4×7 coil and propointer in every bush and covered every square inch of ground in the likely areas, no ring. While I expanded the search, Jimmy jogged home to see if maybe he set his ring in the garage before the jog, nothing. After further discussion we determined the ring had to be there or someone picked it up. I hit the shrub area a second/third time and was about to hit the roses again when Jimmy pointed out his ring lying on the ground among the roses – Excellent!

We’re not sure if I dislodged the ring from the thorny roses onto ground I already searched or the fire hydrant and steel stake the ring laid between hid (masked) the ring from detection, regardless, it was a success and the smiles and happiness are always a pleasure to see.

Jimmy, thank you for the call and I’m glad our persistence ended in success!

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost engagement ring, wedding ring,
favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 509-365-8010

Lost ring in the water, St. Cloud, Florida…..Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Jared wrote, “Hello! I wanted to reach out to let you guys know how grateful I am for Mike McInroe! What a blessing he is. Our lost ring story begins 33 years ago when my mother was pregnant with me. Due to the swelling she wasn’t able to wear her wedding ring anymore and being from the poor midwest, she felt awful not having her ring on and being pregnant. Despite their financial situation my father came home one day with a new, larger ring so she would have something to wear while she was pregnant. It wasn’t much but it meant the world to my mother! She decided while she was pregnant with me that one day she would give it to me or my spouse to wear when we were expecting our own. 33 years later, that day finally came. While she was visiting us for our baby shower in Orlando from the cold of Minnesota she brought the ring to give to my wife and to share that story with her. Heartbreakingly she never got the chance. The day she decided to give it to my wife we were all fishing off our dock in the canal. My mother was wearing the ring on her pinky finger and when she went to cast the rod–she dropped her precious ring of 33 years into the muddy water. Needless to say my mother was heartbroken– as was I for her! I searched in the water for an hour or two, to no avail, bringing up bucket after bucket of mud in a hopeless search. Meanwhile my wife was laughing at me–having no idea why in the world I would be in the water and having no idea about the ring or the family story. We did not find the ring and my mother flew home to Minnesota heart broken. (A few weeks later she bought and mailed us a ring that looked similar, feeling it was all she could do.) I was determined to find that ring! In my search to figure out how to build a pump and dredge system to dredge and sift the mud, I found while searching for “How to find a ring underwater.” I emailed Mike on a Friday morning and by that evening we had a time set for the following day. The next morning I explained to Mike how the ring had been lost 4 weeks prior and showed him the dock and where we thought it might be. He said a little prayer as he climbed down the ladder into the canal and began his search. About 20 minutes later we heard the wonderful buzzing of his metal detector, picking up a strong signal. A couple of muddy scoops later and with a huge grin on his face, he pulled the ring out of his muddy sifter. Mike was an amazing spirit and a blessing to come and find our lost ring. We had our baby just a few short days after finding the ring and I can’t wait to surprise my mother when she comes down to meet the baby and to find out we found her ring–the ring she had been holding for 33 years!
Thank you theringfinders and thank you Mike — you are amazing! Sincerely, Jared”
So glad to help you Jared and congratulations on the birth of your precious little one!
Mike McInroe–willing and ready to help you find your lost item!! Call or e-mail me ASAP!

Lost Gold Wedding Band – Found in Portland by Del Witters

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Robert got a call from his son stating he had lost his wedding band and it was likely in their yard. Kevin had been helping his parents remove yard debris and spread mulch and recalled not wearing gloves for some of that time. Robert said to me that he knew they’d need a metal detector and an experienced user to find the ring so he consulted their neighborhood outreach web site…  ‘The Ring Finders’ and my services were mentioned more than once.

I got to work in the most likely areas, according to a father/son chat (Kevin is now home in CA), but it wasn’t showing much promise until I hit a solid tone with an associated gold ID. I poked my pinpointer into the mulch but there wasn’t a sound so I figured the target was deep and couldn’t be the recently dropped ring. I stood, was about to move on, but couldn’t, the tone and ID was to good! I swung the small 4×7 Makro Gold coil in the same spot and of course I got the same good tone. I dropped for a second look and did a little digging, but still no report from my pinpointer. The target had to be deep, out of the reach of a pinpointer, or… I caught a glimpse of gold that was nestled deep in the nearby fern about 2-3″ above the ground; a metal detector sounds off to objects above and below the search coil equally well so don’t forget to look both ways if there are adjacent plants!
Kevin’s beautiful custom made wedding band was now in the hands of his Mom & Dad with smiles all around!

Thank you Robert for the call and entrusting me to find and return your sons ring.
Melissa & Robert, I genuinely enjoyed our post-find chat in your lovely home, thank you, Del

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost engagement ring, wedding ring,
favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 509-365-8010

Heirloom star sapphire ring recovered in Hollywood Fl

from Hollywood (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-954-892-8993

Recently I helped Alexandra and her dad find her grandfather’s gold and star sapphire ring on Hollywood beach. After her grandfather passed away the ring was passed on to Alex’s brother who subsequently lost it in the ocean within 24 hours of getting it from his grandmother. He was standing in 3 feet of water, that was crystal clear and flat as glass, when he dropped it as he showed it to a friend. Instantly it disappeared in the soft sand. They searched for hours with snorkels and masks but to no avail. That was when Alexandra found me here and within 2 hours of the call, I recovered the ring for them. Needless to say, they were very happy! Another set of smiles thanks to theringfinders!image image Read the rest of this entry »