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Tungsten wedding band found in yard in Reading, PA

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a text from Madi asking if I could be a hero and find her husbands wedding ring. He lost it on Christmas day while playing football with his brother at his parents house. Madi and Ryan live in Maryland and would not be able to meet me on the day of the search. They sent me great details on the area they think it came off. They were devastated after not finding it after several hours of searching. I arrived several days later because of my schedule and searched the area for about five minutes before getting a strong hit on my Garrett ATPro. I found the ring deep in the grass which was difficult to see because of the rings unique black and brown color.

I texted Madi and photo and told her i found it. She immediately called me and told me I was their hero. I went to the house to give the ring to Ryan’s mother who did not even realize I had searched for it. She was so excited I found it and would keep it safe until her son comes to visit her again.

Gold Wedding Band Recovered and Returned in West Chester, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Boyd reached out to me after losing his beautiful, large gold wedding band while landscaping his backyard in West Chester, PA. He had been looking for it for a week with no luck and was about to give up when a friend of his referred him to to me and the Ringfinder directory. I had helped his friend find a lost phone with my metal detector the year before. Anyway, I agreed to meet Boyd at his house and he walked me through the facts surrounding the lost ring. He was 100% sure he had it on while he was raking leaves and cleaning up brush around his backyard. After losing it he spent hours looking with his eyes and raking around in case it was hiding underneath remaining leaves. As I always do I started by demonstrating my machine to Boyd…I throw my wedding band on the ground and let him hear how clearly my detector picks it up. Basically I want him to feel confident that if I swing the detector over it…I’m not going to miss it!!! and miss it I did not! About 10 minutes into the search I heard that satisfying surface gold signal with my metal detector! It was underneath some leaves and brush in an area where Boyd said he had searched several times. Boyd was very happy to have his ring back in his possession! I told him being a ringfinder is always a lot more fun when you’re able to return the missing item!

Lost Ring Found Louisville Nebraska

  • from Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Received a call on A cold windy Saturday while I was digging in a corn field, A Young man said his fiancé lost their engagement ring out the window of their cart traveling at 60 miles per hour.
She was tossing something out the window and felt the ring take off. They looked and looked up and down the side of the road for hours and could not find it. So they called me, I got as much info as possible and a marked location as to where they thought it would land. There was still approximately half mile of roadside to search. I grab a buddy of mine Jeremy Suter who is a ring finder for Lincoln nebraska and we took off to look for the ring. We were told it was silver and were sent a picture of it, So im thinking high readings on our detectors. We started out going west from marked location and that proved to be the wrong way. I finally called her and got more detail she said it was east of the mark. ooohhhh thats better so east we went and it was along a bike path and very busy highway so i made my friend walk next to the road haha. After a few minutes we found the item that was tossed out so we no the ring had to be close. We turned around to go back and cover the ditch side of the path and I looked down and there it was shining like a beacon in the dark! I was so happy to beable to call her and say I found it cause she was at a funeral and was not having a very good day. This is my 17th recovery for people and it feels great everytime.

Ring lost at South Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Robyn was going to play some volleyball, so, she took off her wedding band and engagement ring and tied them to her pants. After the game, she discovered the tie had come loose and the rings missing. The search was on! She, and her husband of 6 months, Alex, and others combed through the sand of the volleyball court, but, all in vain. It just so happened that a former client of mine was walking by while they were searching, and recommended that they call me for help. Alex gave me a call about 5pm, explained the situation, and we made arrangements to meet right away. I arrived about 5 :45, met everyone, and they showed me the likely search area…..mainly the volleyball court, the area around it, and also the path they took to and from their nearby beachfront rental. After several passes on my grid search of one half of the volleyball court, I was just about at the far edge of that area, when I got a nice solid 6 on my Equinox. I stuck the pinpointer into the sand, found the target, and scooped up a handful of sand. Robyn came over to see what my first target was, and she was happy to see one ring in my hand. we then looked down to see the engagement ring sticking up out of the sand. 6pm and all is well! A pleasure to meet you, I hope you had a pleasant visit here in San Diego, and thank you for the reward.

Lost White 18K Gold Mens Wedding Band Found At Holts Landing State Park In Millville, Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 09/12/2021, I was contacted by Steven and he requested my help in locating his white 18K gold wedding band which he had lost in the water at Holts Landing State Park in Millville, Delaware. Steven said that he was in the water at low tide on his hands and knees digging up clams when he felt his wedding band slip off of his finger in the muddy bottom. I then agreed to meet Steven at the State Park to see if I could help him, but before I could attempt to help him I had to call the State Park Office to get permission to do the search. Upon contacting the state park office I was given permission to do the search. When I arrived at the state park I had Steven walk out into the water to give me an idea of how deep the water was in the area that he had lost his ring. At this point the tide had come in and the water was now up to Stevens chest. I told Steven that I would have the best chance of finding his ring at low tide and we agreed to meet at the state park on 09/13/2001 in the morning when it was low tide. I then re-contacted the state park office at which time they agreed to extend my permission to do the search on the following morning. On 09/13/2021 Steven and I met at the state park in order to look for his ring. Steven again walked out into the water in the area of where he had lost his ring and this time the tide was low and the water was just up to his knees. I had Steven remain out in the water so that I could use him as a reference point during the search. I began a grid search of the area working my way in towards the shore and after about ten minutes of searching I located the ring in about two feet of water. I then had Steven come over to the location of the ring at which time he reached down into the mud and did the honors of pulling his ring from the muddy bottom.

College Ring Lost 2 years ago, was Found and Returned – Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 15, 2021
This return was one that I had not been called to help find. It was what detectorists call a “Natural Find”. I found the Bentley College ring in the shallow waters of a Cape Cod beach.

The ring had what I and others thought to be two dates 85 and 99, and owner’s entire name inscribed on it. Searching the internet I located a Facebook page listing several possible relatives and friends name and one address for Rhonda. These were starting points which none of the messages I sent to listed Facebook names prompted a reply. In desperation I went to the address that had no sign of life. However a neighbor, Jeff, was home and said he would put a picture of the ring I found and owner’s name in the area newsletter.

At home I E-mail the information to Jeff and with in two hours I had Rhonda’s E-mail address. In another hour or so an E-mail from Rhonda with her phone number was in my In Box. I called Rhonda and we arranged for the return to take place the next day. I was also told the story of how the ring was lost and the meaning of the two dates. The first year, 85, is not a year but the letters BS which stands for Bachelor of Science. Unfortunately Rhonda’s work trumped the ring’s return as she had to “go off Cape” before we could meet. Fortunately, Fran her husband, would stand-in and the return was made.

Some Natural Finds are impossible to return. Some returns are easier to complete and some have a learning lesson to be had. In this return I learned several tips and tricks in locating a person on social media. In this return a personal contact, Jeff, was the main factor in reuniting Rhonda with her ring.

Lost Wedding Ring Found Just Outside Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Marco called me about the wedding ring he lost while cleaning up out back. We talked and it became pretty evident that the ring was there. I just needed to pass my metal detector coil above the ring. It wasn’t a question of “If” but instead a question of “How

long?”   Watch the video to see what happens


White Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Compost Bin! Bonnie Doon Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call late last evening from Linda requesting my service to locate her husband’s wedding band which he had lost in a compost bin earlier that evening! After asking Linda a few questions I agreed to search for the ring this morning.
I met with Linda & Keith and they showed me the bin that the ring was lost in. The bin size was approx. 4’x 5’x 3’ high. I asked Keith to show me what he was doing and he told me he was breaking clumps of dirt and that he heard his ring bounce off the side of the bin. I searched the bin, and no ring was to be found, we even pulled out some compost and placed it on a tarp and shifted through it and still no ring. I asked Keith again what he was doing and he said he was 98% sure he heard the ring bounce off the inside of the bin and that the ring had to be in there.
After exhausting all possible areas around the bin I was 100% sure the ring was not there.
I asked Keith what else he was doing before he went to the compost bin. He said he picked up some bedding plants out of the City Recycle Green Bin and put it in his compost bin. We head off to the other side of his yard to the green bin  I received a sweet sound from the inside of the green bin and there was Keith’s ring. Happy smiles from everyone. Thank you Linda & Keith for entrusting me to find your Lost Ring.
Another happy Client.

Might have saved this new marriage ;)

  • from Fort Walton Beach (Florida, United States)

Got a call from Jonathan at local beach area behind The Back Porch, asking me to come look for his ring lost in the Gulf. Abrainna & Jonathan are on their honeymoon. He was especially distraught because his father passed when he was 13 years old & this was his dad’s ring. After almost an hour in the water, we hit the jackpot!! So glad to be able to assist good people like Jonathan to recover something so special to them!!

Ring Lost On Popular Beach Location Found One Month Later By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Bogue Inlet Pier – Emerald Isle, NC

Lauren visited Bogue Inlet Pier on September 7th with her son as was wading in the surf when a larger wave knocked her over.  She told me her hands went into the sand and she felt her chocolate diamond ring slide off of her finger.  She was very upset but noticed a man out with his detector and went to him for help.  Bogue Inlet Pier (BIP) gets a lot of beach traffic and also many detectorist come there to search for “treasures”.   After being unable to find her ring, the gentleman suggested she contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  I made plans to hunt the very next low tide early in the morning and only a few hours after the loss of the ring.  The surf was still very strong and I too was unsuccessful.  Lauren was very upset when I talked with her and I felt terrible I could not make the recovery that morning.  I live near BIP and each time I went there to hunt the beach, I made it a point to search the area of Lauren’s lost ring.  Recently, we had some sand movement that allowed the replenished beach sand to move.  This created a low spot near the water’s edge.  To my surprise, after so many days lost and I’m sure, many other metal detectors hunting the same area, her ring was rescued on the evening of October 7th.  It was about 50 yards further West on the beach.  I had not met Lauren yet and messaged her to tell her I needed her to fill out my standard search contract.  We agreed to meet at her father’s business.  After we met and she completed the search contract without knowing I had her lost ring,.. I gave her one of my business cards.  When she turned the card over, her lost ring was taped to the back of the card.  She burst into tears.  I was very happy that something very good happened to Lauren this year as she explained it hadn’t been going well.

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