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from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

With the beautiful weather and the long weekend, I thought I would post a PSA. If you are looking at my page and in need of someone to help you find your lost ring or item, please immediately remove any posts you have made on social media about where you lost it. I know you mean well but unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there that will go and try to find it that don’t have good intentions. The fact is that in all of the years I have been doing this, I have only been able to recover one expensive ring that was first shared extensively on social media. 😳. So take a deep breath and give me a call. I won’t ask you for any specific information on where your ring is until you and I are both comfortable and then I will go get it for you and put that ring back on your finger where it belongs. God bless and Happy Memorial Day!
p.s.- please share this post with your friends if you don’t mind
-Dave 850-346-1736

Rescue Gosling Wedding Ring Recovery Kenmore WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch video linked below…

This story started with a communication titled Ring Lost in the Sammamish River. My fist thought was that I would be working a flowing river bed but you just never know exactly what to expect until you get onsite to fully understand all the variables at hand.

When Jeff reached out to me he described his situation as follows. 

I work for a wildlife hospital and rehab center in Lynnwood. Yesterday afternoon I found a foster family for an orphan goose. Unfortunately, the only way to get to the family was to swim. I swam the young goose across the river and my ring fell of my finger. I forgot to take it off ahead of time. I think there is a decent chance to recover it since I was wearing a GoPro at the time and can pinpoint the area where my ring fell off. However, I don’t want to go back with my own snorkel equipment and risk disturbing the site and thought I would go right to the experts. Any chance I could get your help?

Jeff also sent me his video footage showing him reintroducing a baby gosling back to the wild. While watching the video I could see Jeff is very attached to his wildlife rescue work.

Of course I agreed to assist him as we continued discussing all the details over a phone conversation. Jeff was very responsive and provided great details. He sent screen shots with detailed maps marked up and was well organized in the retailing of events that took place. Being that he had used a GoPro to document the day’s events he was ver confident in the area he thought the ring was lost. After hearing what he had noticed from his video footage I agreed we had a pretty good change of recovery.  

Not fully sure of what to expect I arrived with a full kit of SCUBA detecting gear and was eager to get started on the search.  The narrow cut off of the rive was a docile waterway like that of an old dirty duck pond to be more exact. This description prove to me more accurate than initially expected. It is apparent the flowing river continues to dump river silty directly into this cut with no flowing outlet. 

At first I attempted to wade through the shallow water and scoop up found targets. However I quickly found this to be quite the challenge due to the enormous amount of silt. I found it much easier to put all my SCUBA gear on hand scoop the targets I found with my metal detector. Using my gloved hands and pin pointer made for a more efficient workflow.

After the fist day of searching and not finding the ring I quickly realized I would need to return and deploy my full size 10’ x 20’ PVC search grid. In this manner I could do a very tight grid search and not miss any critical areas. Having a hand on the PVC grid wile working blind in extremely silty waters has proven to very efficient in the past for this kind of work.  

I arrived the next week for my second search session and straight away constructed the PVC gird. After floating the grind to the search area and sinking it to the bottom I got straight to work. After very short time scanning the thick silty river bottom I pulled a few piece of junk metal up from the bottom. Then no more than eight feet or so from the shore I locked on to a hot signal and sure enough it was Jeff’s white gold platinum wedding ring! 

Later that evening after packing up all the gear I caught up with Jeff and his wife to return his ring. The both of them were so happy to see his ring being returned. Even though they have only been married for a year having made each other rings in a wedding ring work shop they have a great deal of segmental attachment to these rings.

With a rescued gosling reintroduced to the wild

and a man’s lost wedding ring returned to his finger 

all is well…

Watch the exciting video:


Jeff Morgan



Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Set Returned Golden Gardens Seattle

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194

SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch video linked below…

Lisa called me for help in locating her lost platinum diamond wedding ring set. Two rings not soldered together that she had cherished for the past seventeen years.

She explained to me over our phone conversation how she lost them. The day prior, Mother’s day, her family went out to Golden Gardens beach in Seattle. While on the way in her vehicle she took off her wedding rings, placed them in her lap and applied sunscreen lotion. As so many others have also done she forgot to put her rings back on her finger. As we know this is a very common situation and very difficult for individuals to process after such a loss. 

When she told me she lost them at the the Golden Gardens park in Seattle the day before I became very concerned. It was one of our warmer days in the mid 80’s and I knew there was a lot of people taking full advantage of the great weather.

My concerns were if her rings had fallen onto the sidewalk they would have quickly been discovered by someone passing by. It was my priority focus to ensure we got notice to the community of the lost rings as soon a possible.

I learned from our discussion that her husband was a quick thinker and had already placed a lost item report with the Seattle police department. However they hadn’t not posted any notices to Craig’s List, social media or posted any flyers in the area. Quite often its the other way around. The important part is that Lisa and her husband were very receptive in the suggestions and guidance I offered them.

I was able to coach Lisa on how to properly post to Craig’s List with out giving away any of the details of her precious rings and how to make some simple flyers. I also coached her on how to deal with bogus or difficult individuals that most likely are just out to waste peoples time or try to get money out of them.

I also informed her that one or both of her rings could still be hiding in her vehicle. I explained to her that as a recovery specialist the metal detector is only one of the many tools I use to help locate lost items. 

I offered to do an extensive search of her vehicle with my video endoscope to make absolute certain if they were tucked away under a seat or in a hard to see crack that we would find them.

She made her poste to Craig’s List and headed out to meet me with flyers in hand.

I had searched the whole area and completely searched her vehicle. In the process of checking her vehicle I found a kids ring that got misplaced by her son.

Yet after all the physical searching Lisa’s wedding rings were not to be found. Now we waited and prayed for their return.

Two days later I received this message from Lisa… 

Lisa’s two platinum wedding rings had landed on the sidewalk. 

The rings were returned by an amazing family that found the rings that day and later found Lisa’s Craig’a List posting.

As I always say its not how they get found, but as long as they get recovered…


Jeff Morgan


Lost Wedding Ring On The Beach At Pine Knoll Shores Found With Metal Detector, Returned

from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-614-354-6704


On Steven’s birthday (Friday), Steven’s family met up with two other sets of friends to celebrate the fact that all 3 families had children born last year and were planning to make this an annual family vacation.  Pine Knoll Shores, NC’s ocean beach was the site of the first celebration.  Steven did not want to chance losing his ring in the ocean so he placed it in a “secure” bag.  While packing up gear on the beach to head back to his car, he grabbed the ring bag and picked up his 8 month old and proceeded back to the car.  Once he arrived at the walkway over the dunes, he noticed the bag was empty.  Sunday morning, Steven had found TheRingFinders.com and contacted me.  I had the impression that Steven did not have much hope of finding his platinum ring now lost 2 days.  The search area was long and it took about 2 hours before the solid tone on my Minelab CTX-3030 metal detector warned me to stop and investigate.  Steven had just left to get his family something to eat but gladly returned to accept a link to his family!

Lost Gold Wedding Ring Re-recovered Vienna, VA

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-703-598-1435

March 30th, 2020. Matt again called to report he’s lost his ring. He was doing some habitual, unplanned weeding in the yard when he realized too late that he forgot to remove the ring. After searching for about 30 minutes I found the ring at the base of some liriope grass. It was barely visible in the dry mulch, but un-findable without a detector. Go ahead and enlarge the photo…you really can see it!

It’s Right There

Enlarge the Picture and You Will See









2nd Time Recovered









The whole time, Matt had a great sense of humor about the situation and vowed to put the ring on a necklace until he had it resized. No “smile” photo as requested.



Joy,happiness and a returned diamond engagement ring during Covid chaos in Media, PA

from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-484-433-6990

Kelsey found me in the online directory and contacted me to see if I could help her locate her beautiful white gold and diamond engagement ring. Her and her fiancee, Sasha’s, wedding plans are on hold due to this Covid chaos but they are so happy and looking forward to their future together. Understandably, Kelsey was quite upset about her lost ring. She had been beating a dirty mat over the edge of a 2nd story deck of her home when she felt her ring slip off and fall into a large flower bed underneath the deck. She spent several hours digging through the leaves and dirt before contacting me. When I arrived she walked through exactly what  happened by re-enacting the incident. The area where lost was a small area but overgrown with healthy rhododendron bushes and lots of leaves. As I always do…I demonstrated how my equipment works to both of them so they could have confidence in my competence and provide some optimism. I spent about 10-15 minutes working the area right below where she was standing on the deck as they stood behind me(social distance!) watching. After a few false signals due to trash and nails I got a good “gold” signal on my machine….my pinpointer zeroed right in on the lost ring. I live for the rush of watching the overwhelming joy and relief on the face of the people I am able to return rings to. Kelsey was no exception…I was so happy to reunite her with her ring and bring joy to her in this time of stress, anxiety and uncertainty.




Lost Ring Perdido Beach – FOUND!!!

from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

Well this is a ring return I won’t ever forget. Even Covid-19 couldn’t stop this nice lady from getting her ring back on her finger. Two days ago, Tyler and her family were in Perdido Beach and on the way back to the car she had her engagement ring on her child’s stroller. As you can imagine, she hit a bumpy patch and by the time she got back to the car her ring was gone on the beach. Yesterday she posted all over social media in hopes that someone may have found it. This is usually a really bad idea because with that much info, someone that is not interested in returning it can find it and move along. Luckily a few people recommended my services (thank you!) and she sent me an email. She didn’t provide any information and didn’t even give me a phone number. Even though I sent her a few emails back she didn’t reply or call. This is totally normal because she was so shocked, I know she was probably trying to make sure she didn’t get scammed with promises of help and she was overwhelmed with the prospect of losing her ring forever. I felt bad for her and I knew that the longer all of the information stayed on the internet, the higher the chance she would never get it back. My friend Charlie and I had the chance to get out today and I talked him into heading to the area. Once there we were very lucky to find it pretty quickly based on our experience with where she may have lost it. I finally posted on Explore Pensacola and she called within the hour. I invited Tyler and her husband to my home and did my first ever social distancing ring return. 😃. I think they were both shocked that a total stranger would just go get her ring for her. I’m very glad to be able to do it. Thanks for the assist today Charlie!  God bless you all!!! 💍

Lost Tiffany Diamond Ring Recovered in Mountain View, CA 94041

from San Francisco (California, United States)
Contact: 1-415-895-0334

Anna’s Tiffany diamond engagement band. lost in the bushes!

Anna was walking her dog on a leash one evening, when her dog recognized it’s best friend and bolted across the bushes. The leash slipped off Anna’s hand along with her ring!

Her fiancé had sold his car to purchase this ring. He was understanding, while Anna was panicked!

She searched into the night and again early the next morning.

Then she Googled “how to find a lost ring in the bushes”. An hour and a half later, Anna had her ring back!

Anna’s beautiful Tiffany diamond ring.


SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from sunny San Mateo, CA



Lost Ring Found…In Cedar Rapids, Iowa

from Iowa City (Iowa, United States)
Contact: 1-319-430-3606

The other day a man named Bryce contacted me about finding his Grandmother’s baby ring. He thought it was around 80 years old. It was handed down to him for his young daughter. She was wearing it while playing outside and lost it.

I had to make two trips to find it, the first time I was rained out. The second trip I found it in their backyard under the swing set. It was a small 10k with a green stone. They were relieved to have it back.

Here is a short video of the find. 


Lost Ring in Fort Worth,Tx or Mid-Cities Area

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447


Dallas Ring Finders

“When you want your jewelry to find you!”

IMG_1529    IMG_2122         IMG_1749  IMG_0681     

Don & Ellen Wilson




CONTACT: DON & ELLEN WILSON – 972-523-4447

Search Locations

We live in the North Dallas area, anywhere within reasonable driving distance is normally OK with us.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Flower Beds, and we can do underwater up to 30 feet in depth.

Check out our YouTube Channel at “Dallas Ring Finders” for 60+ Fun Videos of some of our recent recoveries.

2017 by Don Wilson

Hello, if you have lost a Ring, Watch or Bracelet we possibly can help you find it. My wife and I have been Metal Detector hobbyists for a long time. We have been members of the “The Ring Finders” group as a finder of rings/other metal items. We have multiple types of Metal Detectors and Pin Pointing devices, whether it’s lost in your yard, a park, field or even underwater (up to 25 feet in depth) we can help. We work on a Reward Basis, give us a call and let us see if we can find your missing valuable(s). We have had great success in recovering of some very special items10

Update: Man loses Platinum Ring 4 months ago while planting trees in yard.  Ft. Worth, Tx Found 04/20

UPDATE: Man loses Wedding Ring while exercising outside at night Farmers Branch,Tx Found 04/20

UPDATE: Man drops wife Wedding Ring into Lake Murray 17ft down Lake Murray ,OK Found 04/20

UPDATE:  Man lost Suppressor off AR15 rifle shooting into lake. Jacksonville,Tx Found 04/20    

UPDATE: Women lost family heirloom ring in garden. Down 3 inches in dirt.  Arlington,Tx Found 04/20

UPDATE: Women lost earring after getting caught in Volleyball Net .  Frisco,Tx Found 04/20

UPDATE: Man lost wedding ring while working out and we were called at 9pm at night… Farmers Branch,TX Found 04/20

UPDATE: We found at least 35+ Jewelry Items in 2019, just ran out of time to post all the update Found 2019

UPDATE: Man looses wedding ring while play catch with his kids. Ft Worth,Tx  Found 11/2019

UPDATE! Man looses Fraternity Ring in Cedar Creek Lake while swimming.  Tx Found 07/2018

UPDATE! Man married only 3 months looses Engagement Ring in Lake Ray Roberts, Tx  Found! 7/2018

UPDATE! Lady looses Engagement Ring in Lake Lavon,Tx at Party Cove,TX Found 07/2018

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring in Berry Bushes while gardening Weatherford, Tx Found! 06/2018

UPDATE! Lady looses Engagement Ring 9 myths ago  in field while playing with husband in field, Tyler,Tx Found! 05/2018

UPDATE! Student looses College Ring 6 months ago climbing Vine Wall in downtown Dallas “huh” Found! 05/2018

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady looses “Dallas Texans” ring while taking wedding photos, Waco, Tx Found! 01/2017

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UPDATE! Man loose Presidential Rolex while training cutting horse in arena Milsap, Tx Found! 10/2016

UPDATE! Lady looses antique Bracelet on City Construction site McKinney, Tx Found! 10/2016

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady throws 3 Watches out the car window on Freeway Milford, Tx Found! 10/2016

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring playing Sandpit Volleyball, Dallas, Tx Found! 09/2016

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady looses Engagement Ring 4-5 ft of water in Lake 24 days before her wedding, Ennis, Tx Found! 09/2016

(Video up on YouTube) UPDATE! Lady drops all her rings in the yard when she got out of the car, forgot they were in her lap, Denton, Tx Found! 09/2016

UPDATE! Lady looses ring with working in yard, Coppell, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Friend of mine lost his Wedding Ring during outdoor Family Reunion, Point, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Man looses Wedding Ring in field while setting up for Church carnival, Richardson, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Pastor wife looses Wedding Ring in Lake playing water volleyball with church group, Lake Ray Roberts, Tx Found! 08/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Young mom looses Engagement Ring while playing Volleyball after work, Plano, Tx Found! 07/2016

(Video up on YouTube) Update! Man looses Wedding Ring playing volleyball in pool,Ft Worth, Tx Found! 07/2016

UPDATE! Family selling Grandpa’s home ask us to look for Coffee Cans filled with cash, found no cash but found Gold 1952 Grand Prairie Class Ring lost 64 years ago by family member, Haltom City,Tx  Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while clearing property, Colleyville,Tx Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Man accidentally tosses 25th Year Gift ring in pond while feeding ducks, Winnsboro,Tx Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Lady looses Wedding for the 3rd time in her front yard, Ducanville,Tx Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Aggie Ring in leaves while having a snowball fight, Carrollton,Tx             Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Lady looses Wedding Ring playing fetch with her dog, Dalworthington,Tx                 Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring repairing sprinkler system 3 YEARS AGO, Fort Worth,Tx Found! 11/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring playing football with his kids, Corinth,Tx Found! 11/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while doing jump at Water Ski Park, Waco,Tx Found! 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while planting roses, Corinth,Tx – Found,Tx 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring in front yard playing with dog, Carrollton,Tx – Found 10/2015

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UPDATE! Pregnant lady leaves Wedding Ring on back of truck & drives off, Waxahachie,Tx – Found 10/2015

UPDATE! Young man lost a Good Luck Medallion on a soccer field, Roanoke,Tx -Found! 09/2015

IMG_2594UPDATE! Lost Grandfather’s Ring falling out of Kayak near Waco,Tx – Found! 08/2015 

UPDATE! Lost Initial Ring in Volleyball Club in Dallas,Tx – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Set while playing Water Volleyball in Alford, Tx – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Texas Aggie Ring while playing with dog in backyard in Denton,Tx –Found! 07/2015

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UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while playing Golf in Farmers Branch,Tx – Found on Hole 9 – 05/2015

UPDATE! Wedding Band disappears in couples home, cat is suspect in Dallas,Tx – Found! 04/2015

UPDATE! Lost Enggement Ring when thrown out the car window in anger, Greenville,Tx – Found! 04/2015


UPDATE! Lost Silver Ring while playing around in front yard, Grand Prairie,Tx – Found! 03/2015

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring in Field when thrown during argument in Aquilla,Tx – Found! 03/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while taking pictures in the snow in Addison,Tx – Found! 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring on Side of Highway after being thrown in Halton City,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring after full day of working in Backyard in Fort Worth,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Aggie ring in Lake after jumping in to save small child, Gun Barrel City,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring in garden after cleaning flower beds in Dallas,Tx – Found 02/2015      IMG_1495

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring in backyard after Sunday BarBQue with friends in Plano,Tx – Found 12/2014

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring in Front Yard after moving mulch in flower beds, Carrollton,Tx – Found 11/2014

UPDATE1 Lost Ring in Soccer Field after game with friends in Carrollton,Tx Found 10/2014

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Set in yard while playing with kids in Allen,Tx – Found 10/2014

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UPDATE ! Lost Silver Ring while playing Basketball in the Pool in Dallas,Tx – Found! 07/2014

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring out the car window on HWY 30 near Longview, TX – Found! 07/2014!

UPDATE! Lost 6 Carat/$30,000 Diamond Ring in my kitchen in Addison, TX – Found! 05/2014!

UPDATE! Lost High School Ring in Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill Park in Cedar Hill,TX – Found! 04/2014

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while digging a trench in his backyard Trophy Club,TX – Found! 03/2014

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring while Brushing Fire Ants off husband in Field in Frisco,TX – Found! 03/2014!


UPDATE! Lost 3 Ring Wedding Set while Raking Leaves in Backyard, Cedar Hill,TX – Found! 01/2014

*UPDATE! Doctors ring found at Lake Home in Lake Worth,Texas – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE! Man’s Wedding Ring found at Lake Lavon, Texas after Tube Fishing – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE! Key Fob found after daughter lost it in their yard – Found! 09/2013


UPDATE!   Lost 6 Carat/$30,000 Diamond Ring in my kitchen in Addison, TX  – Found! 05/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost High School Ring in Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park in Cedar Hill,TX  – Found! 04/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost Diamond Ring while Brushing Fire Ants off husband in Field in Frisco,TX  – Found! 03/2014!

*UPDATE!   Lost 3 Ring Wedding Set while Raking Leaves in Backyard, Cedar Hill,TX  – Found! 01/2014

*UPDATE!   Texas Aggie College Ring Lost while “Toilet Papering at Friend’s Home” – Found! 10/2013!

*UPDATE!   Wedding Ring lost while playing Volleyball in Dallas, Texas – Found! 10/2013


*UPDATE!  Texas A&M Ring found in Mineral Wells,Texas  – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Doctors ring found at Lake Home in Lake Worth,Texas – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring found at Lake Lavon,Texas after Tube Fishing – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Key Fob found after daughter lost it in their yard – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring thrown into backyard in anger – Found! 06/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring found in 6ft of lake water after owner falls out of fishing boat – Found! 07/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring thrown into backyard in anger – Found! 06/2013

IMG_2182*UPDATE!  Ladies Diamond Pendant Lost on 10 acres of land while tending Longhorns – Found! 04/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s Wedding lost while shaking wets hands off  in the backyard – Found! 04/2013

*UPDATE!   Fireman’s Grandfathers wedding band Lost while fighting Brush fire – Found! 03/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band found in ditch in front of his home – Found! 03/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band lost while playing in snow on Christmas Day – Found!  12/2012

*UPDATE!  Man’s pocket knife lost  by 10 yr old daughter while unloading Christmas Tree – Found! 12/2012

* UPDATE!  Dad’s Knife lost under thick grass & leaves — Found! 11/2012    IMG_1193

* UPDATE! 3 Caret Wedding Ring lost on ranch while building chicken coup — Found! 11/2012

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band found behind baseboard in bathroom  — Found! 09/2012

* UPDATE! Man’s wedding band lost in yard will working on home — Found! 08/2012

* UPDATE!   Child’s Gold Signet Ring lost on Country Club playground.  — Found! 06/2012

* UPDATE!  Heart shaped pendant and chain, lost while playing touch football — Found!  01/2012

* UPDATE! Diamond engagement Ring thrown in angry, lost in front yard — Found! 12/2011

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