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Found My Mother’s Ring

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a call from Rose to say that she lost her mother’s wedding ring that she wore while gardening over the weekend.  My sidekick John and I were able to meet up with her to see where she may have lost the ring.  Rose told us that she had taken off her gloves to blow her nose and thought that was when she may have lost it.  After walking the nature trails with her for about 20 minutes I got the signal that I was looking for and low and behold it was right at my feet under some wood chips.   When I picked it up to show her, she was so ecstatic, tears of joy.  Finding the ring and seeing her face is what makes being a member of Ringfinders a very rewarding endeavor.

Lost Ring in Gulf Shores, AL – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

To show you what a nice guy Matt is, all I need to do is point out that he drove his whole family 18 hrs one way from Wisconsin for his daughter’s 13th birthday and to enjoy our beautiful beaches here in Gulf Shores. He was getting ready to make the return trip soon but still had a few days to snorkel out in the Gulf. That’s when fate struck and he felt his ring come off while swimming. When he called me he explained that he had looked for hours but even though he thought he knew where it was, he just couldn’t find it. He told me that it wasn’t an expensive ring but it was very sentimental to him and I knew that I had to help him. I knew it wasn’t what he wanted to hear when I explained that it would be a day and a half before I could come but he trusted me and said he would text me Sunday morning if he still hadn’t found it. He did just that even though he had looked all day Saturday and even bought a fishing magnet that didn’t work. My wife and I finally got there Sunday afternoon and Matt quickly showed us where he thought the ring had come off. Matt told us that he had been to 21 countries with this ring and really wanted it back. I started my grid search and there were older coins everywhere and they were slowing me down. I finally asked Matt to make sure I was where he wanted me and he came out and pointed “just a little bit left”. As I turned back to the left I took one swing and got another target. When I pulled it up I smiled and told Matt that he had great directions. He was shocked when I handed him his ring. I am so glad I could cap off your vacation with a win and you and your family will have an awesome story to take back to Wisconsin.

Gold Ring Lost Body Surfing At Surf City Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Jack sent me a text message early Saturday morning asking if I could help find his lost ring.  Jack explained to me he was body surfing Wednesday afternoon when the ring slid off of his finger.  He felt the tide was High during that time and the ring would be found in the wet sand.  Upon arrival, Jack led me to the beach and pointed out the boundaries he believed the ring was within and the search began parallel to the water from high to low.  After a few passes, only 1 dime was found.  I eventually made it to where the surf was rolling in over the beach.  This isn’t much of a problem, it just slows the search process.  Finally, I received a strong signal on my metal detector and my deep & wide scoop went to work and pulled out a large amount of sand containing Jack’s ring.  Jack was working on the other side of the home and didn’t understand why I returned so soon.  He and his family couldn’t believe his ring was found so quickly.

Honeymoon Celebration Produces All Rings Lost, Two Found – Sneads Ferry, NC

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Kaity & Zach were celebrating their recent marriage and honeymooning in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.  While they were at a friends house along Chadwick Bay, Kaity decided to take a running jump into the bay off of the boat dock.  Both of her wedding rings came off of her finger into the bay and it’s soft muddy bottom.  Along with friends, they both searched for the underwater rings and came across oyster shells along the way which were thrown out of the area.  During the search, Zach also lost his wedding band.  After hours of searching they finally gave up.  A friend found Crystal Coast Ring Finders and message was sent out.  Upon arrival, I was skeptical as I know these waters can sometimes be hard or soft bottoms.  This one was the latter.  I was searching around the boat dock in about 3 foot of water and pulling up various items from the bottom when within the first half hour Kaity’s engagement ring was brought up from the bottom.  Surprisingly, her very thin wedding band wasn’t found.  During the 1st attempted search, I was able to locate Zach’s missing wedding band just under the boat dock amongst other oyster shells.  A 2nd attempt was made on a different day and Kaity’s wedding band was not located.  I suspect it was either pressed deep into the soft black mud bottom or thrown out of the area attached to an oyster shell cluster.  Kaity & Zach were mostly concerned about getting the wedding ring back in their possession.

Lost Gold Medallion Found

  • from Middlesex County, (New Jersey, United States)
Beth's Charm Found!

Beth’s Charm Found!

Smiling Wesley Moore with found charm

Smiling Wesley Moore with found charm








On June 12, 2015 I received a call from Wesley Moore concerning his sister-in-law’s missing necklace charm that held great sentimental value. It was lost during a day at the beach playing with her three-year old son two weeks prior to his calling me. I met up with Wes and thankfully he had a very good idea where it was lost on the beach. After marking an area for me, I was able to retrieve the charm after a short 10 minute search. Smiles all around! Happy I was able to assist Wes with reuniting Beth with the charm bearing her son’s name. Great day on the beach!!!!!!!!

Long Branch NJ Lost Wedding Ring in the sand recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder September 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)
Anthony was at the beach in Long Branch NJ with his family. His wedding ring slipped off into the surf when his daughter was pulling on his fingers, while they were playing in the waves. He marked the location on his phone, and took some pictures of the exact spot their blanket was in. I went there and began the hunt, in little time I had the ring in my scoop. The waves had moved it about 10 yards from the location he gave me. I am mailing it back and he will forward some smiling pics when he is reunited with the ring. Another happy ending. .#njringfinder, #lostring,#lostcross,#lavallettenj,#ortleybeachnj,#lostringLBI,#lostringholgatenj,#lostringsurfcitynj,#lostringlongbranchnj,#lostringbradleybeachnj,

Ring lost in Mission Bay Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Brandon was playing volleyball in waist deep water, when his ring flew off his finger while hitting the ball. Everyone searched the area by feel and with mask and snorkeling gear, but, it had disappeared.  This ring was his Dad’s wedding ring (a large silver claddagh designed one) and was passed down to Brandon when his Dad passed away. An online search brought up TheRingFinders.com website and my contact info. The tide was still rising a bit when I got the call, so, since they were going to stay at the site for a while anyway, I told them I’d come a bit later when the tide was falling. I arrived just before dark and met everyone at their campsite on the beach. After getting the dimensions of the search area, I got to work gridding the bay bottom from the shore out to about waist deep water. A few pieces of junk came to light along with a coin or two, but, no ring. I decided to finish gridding the area by going the other way, so, I went out to waist deep water, working parallel to the shore, and working my way toward the beach. On my second pass, I got a rocking 31 signal on my Equinox and pulled up a big silver ring. It that point, I didn’t have a detailed description of the ring, and this ring was different than any of the other claddagh rings I  have found in the past, so, I continued on a bit so I wouldn’t lose my spot in my grid pattern. Once I got a bit closer to shore with the sunlight fading, I walked over to the group and announced that I found a big ring and needed a more detailed description of the one lost. Well, it was a spot on match to the one I found! Brandon was supper happy, and everyone else around their campsite and neighboring sites cheered when the word got out. A pleasure meeting you folks, and thank you for the reward.

Lost ring recovery Minnesota Lake metal detecting

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Chaz & Jill took their kids up to a cabin in northern Minnesota for the Labor Day weekend. Jill was in the water playing with the kids, when she got out, she noticed her diamond wedding ring was not on her finger. She wasn’t sure exactly when or where it came off, though with the colder water in Minnesota it’s a safe bet that it came off in the water. Chaz got on the internet and searched “how to recover a lost ring” and up popped theringfinders.com web site. He called me and we discussed the situation, the ring was most likely in shallow water and not to weedy or mucky. So, I drove up and hopped in the water. There was a lot of trash to remove, about an hour & half into the search I found that beautiful white gold diamond ring.

So glad I could help out :O)

Take Care,



Atlantic Beach: Newlywed’s Gold Wedding Band Lost In The Ocean Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Joe and his wife of two months were spending a few days with family and went swimming in the ocean.  Sitting on the beach with his wife, she asked him where is your ring?  It was then the shock of the loss started.  Joe did some research and found The Ring Finders and contacted me later that day.  He admitted, and I could tell, both him and his wife were very upset.  Joe said he was swimming in chest to shoulder deep water.   I informed him that tomorrow morning’s conditions would be best to perform a water recovery search and we agreed to meet at 6 a.m.

Less than 1 hour later Joe was able to grab his gold wedding band out of my sand scoop.  His wife was instantly in tears.  It is such a great feeling to be able to return property that holds so much value to others!

Brant Beach (LBI) NJ Wedding Band lost for 2 months recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder August 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)
Valentina called yesterday after I was tagged on her post about her beautiful wedding ring that was lost in Beach Haven N.J (LBI) almost 2 months ago, on July 4th. We talked for a while, and determined that where it was lost there was a good chance it could still be there. She wasn’t positive the ring was on the beach, but sure did know where her towel was, which is a good starting point for my search. We decided to begin early today before swimmers arrived. About 30 minutes later my machine gave a REAL nice solid tone, and sure enough, the ring was in the scoop. The ring will be reunited soon with Val as she is about 2 hours away.#njringfinder, #lostring,#lostcross,#lavallettenj,#ortleybeachnj,#lostringLBI,#lostringholgatenj,#lostringsurfcitynj