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Lost Wedding Ring in Kansas City……..Found

  • from Kansas City (Missouri, United States)

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I received a text from a gentleman that had lost his wedding ring in his backyard while putting down straw. He showed me the area that he lost it in and in about 2 minutes, I handed him his wedding ring! He was ecstatic and   thanked me for providing a valuable service and said that I probably saved his marriage. Go Royals!

Lost 22k Gold Wedding Band in Park Scarborough, Toronto, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Raheela was exercising in a (Scarborough) City of Toronto park. After running around she sat down by the goal post and her 22k yellow gold wedding band fell out of her pocket into the grass.

They searched the area but could not locate the wedding band.

I met Raheela after work and grid searched the area she felt the ring had dropped.

I then noticed and mentioned to her it appears the grass had been cut. I then extended the grid search and found her beloved wedding band!

Here’s the video and nice surprise;

Raheela and her Husband were very happy for its return!

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Lost Ring in Calgary Recovered In the Lake Below the Dock

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

It took three tries and a little ingenuity, but we finally recovered his ring. I am expanding my abilities at every opportunity.

Gold Diamond Engagement Ring and Matching Band Lost, Recovered and Returned outside Wilmington, DE!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Thanks for the referral from fellow Ring Finder, John Favano. Judy and Tom got in touch with me to help them locate Judy’s lost diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band. This is one of those ring finding missions where you’re thinking you have a slim chance of being successful in finding. Judy and Tom went to a local winery the day before where they met some friends and relaxed in a grassy outdoor space….both the area where they parked and sat were basically grassy fields. Judy knew she left the house with her rings on….and when she got home later…they were both missing off her hand. Unfortunately she had no recollection of taking them off or noticing when they were missing while at the winery. She did say that sometimes while her husband was driving she would take her rings off to moisturize her hands. So i figured the best chance would be checking where they parked…assuming Judy took off the rings, put on her lap in car, forgot to put back on…then got out of car. If I didn’t find in parking area I would proceed to area where they sat in grassy fields…then continue to scan the entire area. I met Tom at the winery and he had a good idea of where they exactly parked …I set my machine to just target gold signals…and began to scan the parking area. Within 2 minutes I received a surface gold signal on my machine…looked down…there it was! The diamond engagement ring! I bent down picked it up…searched with my eyes for the band. No luck. Grabbed my machine and 6 inches from where I found the diamond ring I got another surface gold signal. After pushing the deep grass away….there it was…the band! How happy I am to come through for this very nice couple!


Amazing, Sentimental Huge Gold Cross Lost, Recovered and Returned in Media, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Shanna and Andrew were referred to me by fellow Ring Finder, John Favano. Shanna’s husband, Andrew, was playing soccer with some buddies when his necklace chain broke in the middle of the field. He stopped immediately and was able to catch the chain but somewhere in the commotion the huge gold cross slipped off. The way they described the cross over the phone I thought they would find on their own for sure without aid of a metal detector…but after several hours no luck. So off I went to assist…the cross was extremely large, ornate and sentimental. Andrew had acquired while in Navy and it meant the world to him. When i got there and saw the field…I was still surprised they didn’t find…yes it was a large area but they knew where the chain broke and the grass was cut short. I turned my machine on….and started a methodical grid search…even at that point I figured I would see with my eyes before my detector picked up. But NO….as I’m casually scanning i stop in my tracks when I get a booming mid tone signal. I look down and there is this huge, amazing, pirate treasure looking, gold cross! To see the joy on Andrew’s face when I handed his cross back to him is why I so much enjoy being part of the Ring Finders!

Gold Wedding Band Lost, Recovered & Returned in Yardley, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a Saturday afternoon text from Joel regarding his lost gold wedding band. We immediately got on the phone and he told me he was working with his garden hose in his backyard the day before when he felt the ring slip off is finger while pulling the hose from the storage wheel. He was convinced it fell right there in the 3-4 inch high grass….he searched for hours on hands/knees, raked the area and even bought a metal detector on amazon….but he could not find it! He mentioned his lost ring to a friend….and it turns out I had found that friends lost ring with my metal detector several years prior. So they tracked me down and I got the call. I met Joel at his house the same day he texted me…he was surprised at my confidence when I said I would find his ring in less than 5 minutes….turned out it took me 6 minutes! I was happy to be able to return his ring to him!

Engagement Ring Pulled From Emerald Isle Beach Bag Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Lilyanna was with her fiancé, family and friends on Emerald Isle beach.  She had placed her engagement ring in the beach bag before swimming.  During the stay, a phone was placed in the same pocket and shortly afterwards, removed from the bag.  It was then Lilyanna’s ring was pulled out also without anyone knowing it escaped.  After not finding the ring in the bag, panic set in and a few in the group started posting on social media and making phone calls to Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  I arrived as soon as possible and had a member make a circle in the sand where they all believed the ring would be found.  After the circle was cleared, I began my search and was not getting any report of metal in the sand.  This also intensified the worry of the lost ring.  As I almost completed the circle, I received a good tone on my Minelab Equinox 800.  I searched the sand with my pinpointer and raised the lost ring from the beach sand.

Wedding Ring Found for Owner, Old Silver Beach, Falmouth, MA

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Labor Day ended on a depressing note for John, who lost his year-old wedding ring in chest-deep water a couple of hundred feet offshore.  I received a call from him in early evening, asking if I was ‘the ring finder’ and if I could search for his ring.  I of course said that I would, but it would have to be the next day as we were entertaining holiday guests.  We met at the beach near low tide the following day and I did a 2-hour search in the area where John felt that he’d lost the ring.  I called a halt as it was getting dark but I told John I’d be back the next day to expand the search area.  On reflection, he thought maybe he’d been somewhat farther south when the ring slipped from his finger, so I planned to work that area when I returned.  After about an hour of searching that area the next day, I got a sweet booming signal that cried out ‘RING’ and soon had John’s hefty wedding band in my scoop.  With a call to John, we agreed to meet at the beach the next morning, and I had the great pleasure of being able to give John his beautiful ring and share in the joy of its return.  Another great day for The Ring Finders!


John’s buttery gold ring.


Definitely a lead contender in the book of smiles.


John’s ring, back where it belongs.

First Encounter Beach Wellfleet, MA Lost Wedding Band Lost, Found, and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 3, 2023: Not all returns can be accomplished within minutes. The one bit of information that has the most effect on the length of time it takes one to find the target is when the person that suffered the loss tells us were the loss took place. For example “I was in waist deep water, right here!” Well the loss took place three hours ago and the tide has risen or fallen. That being so, the “right here” could be 10 or more feet away. Likewise the time the loss happened. Also what the person was doing when the loss happened, i.e. throwing a football, riding on a lawn mower, swimming laps etc. As with losses in water can also be applied to losses on the land or sand of a beach.

Well whatever kept Luke from finding a man’s wedding band in salt water, he did not find the ring in 6 hours of searching. Sunburned, exhausted and prior engagements ended the search prematurely. Before leaving the beach he called me for a bit of assistance. I had just left from a ring return in which I was successful in finding the ring in under 5 minutes. That is another story. With the approval from my wife after promising a Fish and Chips dinner she said “Lets go get number 2 for the day”.

I was fortunate that the tide had gone out and the believed area of loss was on the set sand area of the beach. I started searching were I thought Waist Deep Water would have been 6 hours previously. I gridded the area in ever lengthening passes as I progressed toward the water and closer to were I was told was the likely area of loss. Some 90 minutes went by with only three other targets being retrieved I found the ring under an inch of sand.

The story of how the ring was “lost” was relayed to me and I have quoted here.

“We were enjoying our first visit to First Encounter(Beach) with a family-friends. We were passing the football with their son, Maximo.

Michael had no clue his ring fell off his finger until I passed (the football) to him and he looked down at his hand when he caught the ball and said “Uh oh…” That was at about 1 o’clock. At 1:08, I texted Luke asking for his help. Michael (and Luke) searched through the high tide for 6 hours, only getting out once. At 6:44, Slick Rick finally found (the ring) right around the area where Michael and I were playing catch!”

The sun was setting in a half an hour, just time for the tents to be taken down, packed into the car, watch the sunset and finally rinsing sand covered feet before driving out of the parking lot.

What would have helped would have been someone dropping a few coins, pull tabs, burring a couple of soda cans, anything metal so when a detectorist arrives they would be able to locate the correct area faster.

With all that happened on this day, nothing is more important than a lost sentimental belonging being found and returned to its owner. Stephanie and Michael had very kind words not only for me but Luke as well. Very big smiles were not only on their face but everyone’s face I passed on the way back to my car. And yes, my very patient wife did get the Fish and Chips dinner. This was a day I will remember forever.



  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
I received a text at 7:30 this morning from a lady that was heartbroken she had lost her wedding ring set in the grass. She couldn’t believe she couldn’t just see it in the grass. It’s platinum two rings soldered together with a big 4ct diamond!!
She had reached out to other people and couldn’t get anyone to respond or commit. She even borrowed a metal detector and tried finding it herself with no luck. She was up all night long on her hands and knees pulling grass and racking the grass trying to find it. I get there at about 12:30 and she was still searching for it!
I drove 2 hours and 15 mins, get out and talk to her for a few mins and get set up and begin. 20 secs or less later 1st signal and BOOM, I get a solid hit! I move the grass back and I can see the ring! I tell her I found it and I snap a quick photo in the grass then on the stairs and hand her, her ring!
She was so happy and relieved to have it back!
The feeling of finding and returning something like this ring NEVER gets old!
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