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Metal detector rental near me

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

Call or text me at 1-305-608-1870 (24 hrs)  if you need someone to come out and find your lost jewelry.  I can search in the SAND, WATER, and GRASS.  Hurry and call or text before they are lost for good.  Below you can see some of my latest recoveries from people who thought their beloved items were lost forever, but were found!!!

Ring & Jewelry Recovery

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you lost something valuable and you think you can find it with a metal detector, give me a call or text at 305-608-1870 (Louis).  I can come out with my metal detector and find your lost item in the SAND, WATER or GRASS.  Below are a few of my latest receives and happy clients.  Don’t wait, call me now.

How do I find a lost ring on the beach ?

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you have lost a ring or other valuables on the beach or in the shallow water (YES WATER), Call or text me at 1-305-608-1870. Let me use my years of experience in metal detecting search and find your item for you.  Please call or text as soon as possible before they are lost.  

Recovered, Gold and Ruby Pendant in Monroe, NJ

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)

Arguably one of the coldest days of the year. Avi called me late last week stating that his son, who is home from college for winter recess, had accidentally lost his Gold chain adorned with a beautiful “Ruby and Gold” Pendant birthstone inlay. While playing football with his younger brother in their yard, Avi’s son realized that his chain and pendant was missing. After a short conversation, we agreed to meet on Saturday to help with the search.

Having to push off the initial meeting time a few hours because of the extreme cold (11ºF), it was a chilling 18ºF when my wife and I arrived at their house. Avi explained that the chain was already found by the help of one of their delivery drivers who added another set of eyes to the search. However the Ruby pendant was still unaccounted for. Luckily, the charm was a matching set that was worn by his mother. The pendant holds a deeply religious meaning and it was paramount that we recover it for this wonderful and very blessed family.

After scanning the signal and VDI number specifically to the matching piece, I felt strongly that it was only a matter of time before we would get a hit on a good, shallow target. I was finally able to get a solid 12/13 VDI on the Equinox 800. It also showed it was most likely on or near the surface. Confirming this with my pin-pointer, I combed a few blades of grass out of my way, and there it lay. It was the beautiful Pendant just staring back at me. It laid in the grass about 5-7 yards away from where the chain was initially found.

It’s always such a good feeling to be able to find and return someone’s lost item. But this one in particular meant a bit more to me and my wife because of the significance of its meaning. There is a very special bond between a Mother and a child, and this Pendant meant much more to her and her son than just a piece of jewelry. It meant they were always with each other in mind, heart and soul, no matter how far apart they were. If not found, I have no doubt that this would have weighed heavily on mom like bad karma. I love doing this hobby and pray I can do it and help more people in the future for many years to come.



Lost Wedding Band Found Clermont NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring?

Don’t wait to call 215-850-0188

I received a message via my Facebook page Ring Finders South Jersey

from Austin asking if I can find a lost wedding band. His ring slipped off the finger

while playing with his dog. After he showed me where they were playing the ring was


Sentimental Ring lost in Kelowna.

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Deeanna contacted  me to say that her husband had lost their first Wedding Anniversary ring. He was in their driveway removing some furniture from his truck to take indoors, once finished he noticed his anniversary ring was missing in the snow. I emailed Deeanna and set up a time when my visit would be good for her. Once there I first noticed lots of power lines in her driveway, Interference from them was a big issue. I turned down my sensitivity as low as I could, after an hour and only finding bottle caps, I increased my search area and found the ring up the driveway banking in the flower bed. Another happy lady.



Lost Gold Wedding Ring In Spokane Valley Wa….FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sherry was finishing up her day and had gone outside to start feeding the squirrels and birds. After grabbing all of the bags of food that she needed she made her way around her snow covered yard to each of the feeders. After finishing up this last chore Sherry made her way to the couch. Sitting there enjoying the last hours of the day Sherry had a startling feeling. Her ring was not on her finger. The search for Sherry’s ring begun. The ring wasn’t found anywhere in the house so Sherry and her husband Steve headed outside to look. Neither one of them saw the ring outside. So to the internet Steve went. He had the idea to search for a metal detector. Steve quickly realized he had no idea how to use a metal detector. Not to worry the internet showed Steve some YouTube videos from Chris Turner. Steve thought the Ring Finders looked promising. So that’s where I enter. With a few texts and a phone call I was set up to go to Steve’s house after work. I knew the back story of how the ring was lost so all I needed was to see the possible locations. Turning on my metal detector was problematic. It started looping on and off over and over. Good thing I had a back up detector. Oh yeah, and the fact that as I searched my way back to where the bird feed was kept, I spotted the ring sitting on top of the bark. With a huge grin I swung my metal detector over the ring and looked up. Steve and Sherry could tell I had found something special. They both headed over to me and Sherry quickly saw the ring she had lost. It was a little confusing as to how we all walked over the ring twice but sometimes swinging a metal detector focuses the eyes and finds lost rings. The snow and cold were at it again but nothing stops the passion of a Ring Finder looking for a lost ring.

Warren PA Lost ring in snow

  • from Warren (Pennsylvania, United States)

If you have lost a ring or valuables like keys, phones, or other precious metal items, let me use my years of experience in metal detecting search and find your item. Call or text me at 1-814-730-7583 and we can get moving to reunite you with your valuables. Time is of the essence in the winter due to snow plows and snow blowers so don’t delay!

Thank you!

20k Gold Sapphire Ring Recovered King Edward Park Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Maddy called last Monday January 3, 2022 requesting my service to locate her ring that she had just lost in the back yard. I agreed to go out and do a search on Wednesday afternoon. I arrived at Maddy’s house and she explained what happened that day. She was walking down the stairs from her deck and slipped into the snow. When she got up and shook her hand she felt her ring fly off her finger.
Maddy told me the ring was given to her by her mother and was very sentimental to her.
I spent 2.5 hours in the extreme cold weather. It was -37 Celsius and my equipment started acting up in the cold! I decided to call it a day. I told Matty that Sunday would be a good day to continue the search since it was going to be -15. A balmy day compared to the past week.
I arrived at 1pm and within 5 minutes I found her ring in the snow bank! I have no idea how come I missed it on my first search. I believe it had to be the bitter cold weather affecting my equipment.
Thank you Maddy.

Silver ring recovery

Lost while having a paddle at 0045hrs on New Year’s Day, this ring was a gift from the lady’s grandmother and means a lot to her.
Found after a three hour search.