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Lost Set of Keys…FOUND in Time for Thanksgiving Day Family Gathering Starkville, Mississippi!

from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-610-504-6135

Christina McCree – Lost Item Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?…Call ASAP Anytime 24/7  610-504-6135

I received a call from a distraught Kayleigh on Thanksgiving Eve (Wednesday, November 25, 2020) for a lost set of keys.  Kayleigh explained that she was in the stressful process of moving and lost her only set of car and house keys on Tuesday afternoon.  Kayleigh was supposed to leave on Wednesday morning to travel to Tennessee for a Thanksgiving Day family gathering.  Instead, she spent all day Wednesday searching for her keys.  She wasn’t sure if she put the keys somewhere in the house or dropped them in the leaves outside, but she was unable to find them.

Running out of options, Kayleigh went online to rent a metal detector and discovered The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service.  She decided to try a Ring Finder from the directory first.  Starkville, Mississippi is almost a 3.5-hour drive (7-hour round trip) from where I’m located at in Huntsville, Alabama, but there were no other Ring Finders in her area.  Hearing her voice on the phone, I could tell I was her only hope in order for her to see her family on Thanksgiving.  I graciously agreed to drive out early on Thanksgiving morning for a search.

I left my house at 4am and arrived at Kayleigh’s house around 7:30.  She had a pot of coffee waiting on me and we enjoyed a quick cup before I got to work.  Kayleigh said she could’ve lost the keys in either the front of the house or in the backyard while cleaning up around the firepit.  She wasn’t sure which path she took to walk out there, but she felt the backyard was the most likely spot she would’ve dropped the keys.  The backyard also had a large amount of leaves that could easily hide a set of keys.  I thought this was the best place to start searching.  Due to the rebar in the concrete, I used my handheld Garrett pinpointer to clear around the leaves on the patio.  I then started scanning my Minelab Equinox 800 along the most direct path to the firepit.  The first signal I checked, I brushed a few leaves aside with my pinpointer and boom, there were Kayleigh’s keys!!!  5 minutes after starting the search and the first signal I checked, I had Kayleigh’s keys in hand!  I went back in the house to tell her the good news!

Kayleigh was so thankful and relived that she had her keys back!  She also couldn’t believe at how quickly I found them, because she spent a whole day searching!  Nonetheless, she had her keys back!  I had been praying the night before and during the drive to Mississippi for God to put me in the right spot.  I asked Him for a quick search in order for us both to be able to spend the rest of Thanksgiving with our families.  God surely delivered!  All glory to Him!

Kayleigh thanked me a few more times.  We said Happy Thanksgiving and I was back on the road home.  Kayleigh was leaving shortly after to see her family in Tennessee for the Holiday.  This was truly a Thanksgiving miracle!

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

Winter recovery of wedding ring

from Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)
Contact: 1-719-237-1488

We were called out today to search for a lost wedding ring. It had been lost the night before on a snow covered lawn. The owner had searched unsuccessfully. Took about 10 minutes for us to find it. Owner thankful on this Thanksgiving eve!

A Decade Lost Now Found

from Reno (Nevada, United States)
Contact: 1-316-200-4115

Lost Ring Reno Tahoe Michael Price Metal Detecting text ASAP to 316-200-4115 or email

While on vacation in Kansas and teaching a friend the in and out of detecting, I was approached by a woman holding a dog, asking if I ever detected on people’s properties.  I told her that, yes, given that we have permission, it is something we would do from time to time.   She then asked if I would be willing to look for a lost brooch.

Well of course I was willing.  I asked where and when it was lost and if she was available now.  Turns out it was lost a decade past and was in the back yard of her house but never could be located.  She had appts that day so we agreed to look for it in two days time.

Two days later I sent her a messaging letting her know I was back in town and was she ready to find her lost piece of jewelry.  After meeting up with her I gathered the particulars about the piece, where and how it was lost.

Setting up my equipment I immediately got busy detecting and soon found some decent signals.  Turns out she had another dog that loved chewing on metal objects so there were many of these ‘decent signals’.

Well, persistence pays off and in the end I was able to locate an object near the surface. Using a pinpointer I was able to determine that it was indeed a surface object and wiped the mud from what turned out to be her brooch.  Unfortunately time had not been kind and the clasp had broken off as well as having a stone fall out   Both were recovered as well and she intends to use it for something or get it repaired

She was delighted to say the least as, while not an expensive piece, it meant a lot to her.  I wasn’t expecting to help find a lost piece on vacation but being in the right place at the right time turned out great for everyone.  

Lost wedding ring found Carpinteria State Beach

from Ventura (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-290-5009
I got call from Heather this afternoon that she had lost her wedding ring in the sand at Carpinteria State beach. She had been tending to her 5 month old daughter and somehow her ring had slipped off and landed somewhere she thought behind her away from the wet sand. I immediately headed out to Carpinteria and due to the late afternoon was able to get free parking close to the beach on Linden Ave. She had an area marked off where she thought it would be and I began to work that area but other than a deep bottle cap and a penny there was nothing. I expanded the area and still we failed to find the ring so I asked her to describe for me again how and why she thought it had gone in the direction she said it had. As I was listening to her I began to look around the area in the front of her and out of the corner of my eye I saw the top of a ring embedded in the wet sand. Sure enough, I reached down and picked it up and it was Heather’s ring. Sometimes the best metal detector is the one between your ears. If you ever lose a ring call or text me at 805-290-5009 immediately

Recovered White Gold wedding band, Fanwood, NJ

from Rahway (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-406-0869

On a rare perfect November weather day we set out to locate a lost white gold wedding ring.  I received a call from Chris’s mother earlier in the week, in which she was looking for ways to help her son find his lost wedding band. After she she came across the Ringfinders website, she reached out to me. It was early last spring that Chris was weeding and trimming the hedges in the rear of his yard, when he noticed that his wedding band was missing off of his finger. He and others searched relentlessly for the ring but came up empty handed. We made arraignments to meet him this Saturday morning to try and locate it. After about a little over an hour, my Wife Karen yelled out that she had found it. Ironically, she found it in the very first spot that I had started the search, which was amazing in itself. My wife and I make a great tag team in locating lost items, and I would have to say, she’s got the better of me as of now. I guess this is turning more into a friendly game of “competition” and I will have to remember to slow down on our next recovery attempt. In the end, another happy and relieved client. The best part of this is knowing you could be remembered and brought up in a complete stranger’s conversation, for many year’s to come. We love what we do and can’t wait for the next adventure.


Lost Family Heirloom 14K Gold Ring Found!

from Tompkinsville (Kentucky, United States)
Contact: 1-270-495-0315

I received a call from a gentleman in my town last night that he has lost a 14K gold ring that once belonged to his father in a farm field. He was feeding animals in the field and threw the ring off. He fed in different parts of the field but had it narrowed down to three spots. I met him this morning and took my Garrett AT Pro with the stock coil and began gridding the first likely spot. Within minutes, there lay the ring hiding in the grass.

“This ring belonged to my dad, and the day after he passed away, my mother gave it to me,” he said. “That was 55 years ago, so you can only imagine how much this ring means to me.”

See the YouTube video


Lost Gold Wedding Band at Honu Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got an email from Justin from Mililani stating he’d lost his white gold wedding band in Honu Lagoon while enjoying some time with kids in the water. He actually saw the ring fall to the bottom in chest deep water and when he went under to retrieve it the waves pushed the sand and his wedding band disappeared. He spent an hour and a half hunting but the ring never reappeared. We agreed to meet this morning at 9AM during the low tide. When I arrived Justine and his father were using a makeshift sifter to try and recover the ring. Justine helped me draw my grid lines in the sand and I started the search. I walked out to neck deep water and then turned around towards the shore. After a few steps I got a loud #13 on the Equinox and in one scoop there was Justin’s ring. Elapsed time 2 minutes. I shouted over to Justin “Found it!” Luckily I started on that side of the grid otherwise it may have taken much longer. Justine and his father were shocked on how quick a recovery it was especially after searching with the sifter for quite some time. Aloha to Justin!

I-Phone Lost In Snow Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118



Ryan e-mailed me this morning asking if I could help him locate his I-phone which he lost yesterday while shovelings snow.  He said he knew the approximate location where his phone was but unfortunately the battery had died and was no longer sending out a signal to locate it on his app (Find My Phone).

I told Ryan I would come out to help him locate his phone.   I met Ryan and he explained to me what he was doing and that the phone could be in a couple of locations in a the snow bank.  After searching the known locations with no luck I searched another area where he said he been throwing snow into the bush.  Safely buried in the snow lay his phone which made Ryan very happy to have the phone back in his possession.

Thank you Ryan for entrusting me to find your I-Phone! Another happy client.

Lost Ring Pinewood Lake Trumbull CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Newlyweds Tyler and Chelsea were enjoying a day at Pinewood Lake in Trumbull Connecticut when disaster struck. Tyler’s wedding band slipped off his finger and three weeks of sporting his bling were undone in three seconds. Tyler dove underwater and searched the muddy bottom with a mask, snorkel, and even some neighborhood recruits. Hours later, he realized the ring was lost to the lake.

Tyler found me online and we set up a phone call to discuss the chances of finding his lost ring. Our biggest hurdle was the depth of the water where he was swimming. Tyler described his ability to touch the bottom with his toes but his head was not sticking out of the water by much. I knew Tyler was taller than me so this search would be on the edge of recoverability without the use of SCUBA gear. Tyler was confident of his location and we had some dry weather so it was worth a shot. I arrived and searched as deep as I could in the calm waters but I never came across the gold ring. As we sat on the edge of the lake discussing the next step, some of the local property owners began talking about the lake being drained every four years. This meant there could be a chance of recovering the ring from the deeper waters, but we would potentially have to wait years for the lake drain to occur. Only a couple of days later Tyler called me with good news. Draining was planned from the end of September through early November! We made a second appointment during late October just to make sure the lake level would be low enough to make a difference in how far out I would be able to search. The conditions were perfect. The only water remaining in the whole section was a single channel running through the center of the area. I arrived and began my second search. I heard a faint squeak about fifty feet away from the area I was searching during the summer. The signal came from the channel but I immediately thought there is no way this ring fell in the worst possible place. The chances were much better of the ring settling on a nice flat shallow surface, but I was wrong! I smeared a scoop of channel mud across the ground and saw the outline of a gold ring. I tried to surprise Tyler with the ring but I think he was on to my shenanigans. Or he is good at containing his emotional reactions because when I showed the ring, he calmly said, “that is it.” I didn’t give up on the surprise. I convinced him to surprise Chelsea. This time the surprise was a success – check out Chelsea’s reaction in the YouTube video below!

How to Find a Lost Ring

Lost your ring? Contact a professional to discuss the next steps of finding your lost ring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you have a lost ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 252-775-1307 |

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Many ring recovery over the last few years.

from Basehor (Kansas, United States)
Contact: 1-816-289-3961

I have a very high success rate at finding your item.  The main reason it is not found, would be that the info I received was incorrect.  I have found many very personal and costly items for all different types of people.