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Lost 2.1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Yellow Gold Ring at Kailua Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Krisgel which read “I lost my engagement ring on Friday. I dropped it near the shore of Kailua Beach. I really hope you can help me find it”. I immediately called but there was no answer or voicemail option. The area code was for Dallas, Texas so I knew they must be tourists. I tried a few minutes later and thankfully Stephen, Krisgel’s husband answered and confirmed the ring was still lost and they didn’t tell anyone else. I told Stephen I was heading home and would grab my gear and asked if we could meet at Kailua Beach. He agreed and off we went. Kailua Beach was packed when I arrived and after three laps through the parking lot I left to see if I could find street parking which is a major headache in Kailua and they are cracking down. To my amazement as I turned around a car was loading in front of me so I pulled over and waited. They were quick so I parked and called Stephen. He had to be dropped off because they couldn’t find parking either.
We met at the Kayak Rentals and he took me down to where the ring was lost. As you can see in the picture the conditions weren’t ideal to say the least and I was thinking I might have to return the next morning at the low tide. I entered the water to test the surf and surge and I was able to keep my position so I started a search. First I walked out to chest deep water to see what the bottom was like and it was solid sand. The ring was lost two days prior so I’m thinking it could be anywhere by now. I decided to search the shore break first to see if it got washed up. Only found a child’s small beach shovel and thankfully the beach was fairly sterile otherwise. I moved out to the deepest area Krisgel was and did a search parallel to the shore. First target a pull tab, then a nickel, then another pull tab. I was able to stay on grid so I continued on. Then on the second grid the Nox screamed a 12-13 and on the second scoop I saw the monster rock diamond in the scoop. I barely saw the ring! I yelled toward Stephen ” I think I got it!” By now Krisgel joined us after parking and we all met on the shoreline. They reached into the scoop and exclaimed, ” I can’t believe you found it.” Krisgel immediately put the stunning ring back on her finger and kept saying “Thank you so much!” We had a few hugs and handshakes and then parted ways. Vacation saved! Aloha to Krisgel & Stephen!

Gold Wedding Band Found Gresham OR – The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Steve had lost some weight and though his ring was loose it didn’t cross his mind to remove it before sprucing up the yard. While putting some tape in the trash he noticed his wedding band missing. He retraced his steps for the day including checking parking lots, walking trails, leaving notices, searching garbage contents, and using a metal detector he owned. When he came up empty handed he reached out to me since I had searched for his wife’s ring five years earlier. Steve had done all the right things and I’m convinced he would have found it with his metal detector if he would have remembered all aspects of the day; so hard to do given the stress of losing something meaningful. As I expanded the search and later held up his ring from the neighbors yard he immediately recalled tossing pine cones toward the tree and that, as they say, is the rest of the story! The glisten in his eyes, the hug, and our following conversation revealed just how much his wedding band of 30+yrs meant to him; every ring has a story and this one was precious to him.

‘The Ring Finders’ – Good folks doing great things to reunite people with their sentimental jewelry – give us a call today!

Old Silver Beach, Falmouth, MA – Fastest Ring Return

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

June 9, 2021; while I was out returning a watch that had been left at a swimming pool I had a call from Fernando about a lost Promissory Ring. It had been left on a beach chair while applying sun screen protection. It was the second time the ring had been removed and Fernanda had become very enthusiastic to be back at the beach in the sun and sand. The excitement was just enough to take her mind away from returning her ring to her finger before it fell from the chair into the soft warm sand. All the searching did not find the ring.

A metal detector was the answer, but not the one that was rented and used for quite some time. Only nip bottles, a tent peg and some aluminum pieces were found. The ring had been lost since Sunday, it was now Wednesday when I received the call. I knew there was one detectorist that frequents Old Silver Beach just about every morning. It worried me on my hour drive to the beach that he may have already found the ring.

At the beach; a review of where, when and how the ring was lost. Looking down at the area there was a new group of beach goers spreading their blankets, towels, chairs and cooler in the exact spot were the ring had been lost. While I got my gear ready, Fernanda politely asked the group if they could move about 15 feet down the beach. The group was glad to do it and cheered me on as I arrived at the area to search. The pile of found targets was in the sand marking a area that had been searched and a few broken search boundary lines were still visible.

I set myself to start my search close to the blanket that had been move and started westward away from the water. BANG! Second swing a solid indication from my detector that there was a target that needed to be removed from the sand. A shallow scoop and the ring was the only object in the scoop. I moved the scoop toward Fernanda so she could remove it and place it back on her finger. I could not believe it, less than 15 seconds had passed since I started to search. This was indeed the fastest search and return I have ever made. The following cheers, congratulations, Thank Yous lasted much, much longer. There was even talk about the Promissory Ring being replaced by a bigger diamond. Everyone wished Fernando the best and promised to remember The Ring Finders should they ever have a need for help in locating a “lost” metal object.

Lost White Gold Engagement Ring in Shenandoah River, Found Charles Town West Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray at MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217.

This call originally started off with a call from the customer’s best friend Laura. After the initial call with Laura I was not able to reach the customer back and found that she had contacted another specialist, Brian Rudolph. After an initial search Brian had referred the customer back to me and I arranged to meet the customer, Lacie, this past Sunday at Moulton Park in West Virginia along the Shenandoah River. Before arranging to go to the site I contacted a friend of mine, Rob Ellis, who is also a recovery specialist on theRingFinders network to see if he’d like to join me as I didn’t know how involved this water search was going to be. Rob is a great underwater gridding specialist and I knew I could use his help on this one.

The customer, Lacie had been wearing her late husband’s grandmother’s white gold engagement ring, so the monumental importance of locating and returning this ring to Lacie was not lost to Rob and I, we had to find this ring.

Lost ring in Shenandoah West Virginia river

On Sunday Rob and I arrived early at Moulton Park along the Shenandoah River and met the customer to gather more details of the lost ring. Lacie stated she had been in the water approximately 20-30 yards from the bank and was heading into towards the shoreline, as she got closer she got caught up on some underwater tree debris and tripped enough to where when she was trying to get her balance the ring slid off her finger, she could actually see the ring going down in the water and attempted to grab it while it sank, but no luck. This would have been about 10-20 feet from the shoreline, a small area so Rob and I suspected we should be able to locate it easily. Well….nothing is ever as easy as you think it’s going to be.

Originally we thought this might be a search that required dive gear so we both brought everything needed for a longer dive time, 2 tanks each. But since the water level was low we only had to search in 2-3′ of water level, snorkeling was the best option in this case. The river was not fast moving, almost no current at all since there was no recent rainfall. As soon as we entered the water you sank into the deep mud, in some areas up to 1-2 feet thick. Rob and I spent 7 hours on Sunday, pulled approx. 20-25 lbs of debris out of a 10′ x 10′ area of the search, so much trash!! Rob did an exhaustive solid circular grid within the area we believed Lacie and dropped the ring. But alas, no ring located on this trip.

I followed up with another short search the next day for about 2.5 hours, focusing again within the target area the customer believed she had lost the ring and while pulling out more trash than I care to think about…still no luck with locating the ring, very frustrating!

There was only going to be a day or so before the area was hit with some significant thunderstorms so I wanted to give it one more try before the week was out and the river became too challenging with the high waters. Rob was also planning on meeting me for this final trip of the week. I unloaded my gear, donned the wetsuit and gloves, turned on the Equinox 800 detector and entered the water to the left side of an old tree hugging the river bank, as the detector was on already I immediately started a sweep right at the bank’s edge………within 60 seconds of being in the water I got a hit within 1-2 feet from the bank, more trash??!! Or so I thought…I reached down with the pinpointer, located a target then as I have done 100 times already I slowly pulled up a large fist full of mud…the pinpointer was still pinging away at whatever was in my palm. As I slowly cleared away the mud, and in the bright morning sunshine, arose this sparkling white gold colored engagement ring, and I knew this was the ring Lacie had lost. Moral, never give up and always expect that a lost object may not be where you think it should be. How the ring went from 10-15 yards away to 1-2′ from the bank we’ll never know.

Out of muddy depths comes this beauty

I sent Lacie a photo of the ring from my phone and immediately got a response, OMG!! Within 5 minutes Lacie was at the site to greet me and see her ring returned. She was so joyfully excited with tears running down her face and shaking almost uncontrollably. Lacie was so ecstatic to have this memory back in her possession, it meant to so much to her. This is theRingFinders goal, to bring happiness and joy with a special object returned!

White Gold Engagement Ring Returned to Lacie

Lacie,… Rob and I were so very pleased to be able to help bring some small joy into your life during this difficult time.

God Bless

White gold engagement ring recovered from a Denver area park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Bethany was taking her two children to soccer within her development, she stopped and dropped off her eldest at one park. Having a few minutes before her youngest needed to be at another park she decided to put sun block on both of them and herself. In doing this she had taken off her rings (wedding band and engagement ring) and placed them in the pocket of her shorts.  Bethany  then spent a few minutes running around the soccer pitch with her oldest child and then she hopped back in the car to drop of her youngest at another park just a couple of blocks away. After dropping off her youngest she returned to the original park watched the match from the sidelines. She soon realized that her wedding band was in her pocket but her white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring was missing. She got several of the parents to help her do a visual search after the match but they had no luck. Later that afternoon Bethany and her husband Jeff did another visual search also with no luck. They thought about options and decided that purchasing their own detector wouldn’t be a feasible option. That is when Bethany found my profile on

Bethany sent me a text inquiring if I would be able to help in the search of her missing ring. After a couple of texts back and forth and then a phone call we had a location and a time to meet. Luckily I had a day off work and Bethany was working from home so within a couple of hours of our first communication we were meeting up and beginning the search. Bethany took me to the closest park and showed me the areas of the park she was in, then we went to the next park and did the same. This last park was the one that she removed the rings to apply the sunblock to her children so it seemed like the proper park to start my search in. Bethany returned home to continue working and left me to do my search. I started doing my systematic grid search of the park and within a half hour I noticed a flash of silver color as my metal detector’s coil passed over the target and sounded off. I reached down and pulled the ring from its grassy hiding spot, snapped a couple of photos and sent Bethany a picture text of her ring. She was at the park a few minutes later and she told me that the text I just sent her was the best text she had ever received.

Ring recovered 6/10/2021


Lost jewelry in York PA, Lancaster PA, Harrisburg PA or Northern part of MD?

  • from York (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost rings, bands , coins, keys, watches, relics or any metal items?

If they are there, I will find them using state-of-the-art metal detectors!

I work on the on the Reward Basis which means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford.

I search in York – Lancaster – Harrisburg, PA  and Northern Maryland area.

Call me as soon as you lost your item(s) – 410-980-2480.

Two Very Important Rings Lost At Emerald Isle, NC Found

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Emily’s words:  “I was visiting my friends beach house in Emerald Isle and had one of the beautiful days on the beach.  I was going in and out of the water and left two of my most special rings on a beach towel, as well as some bracelets.  The two rings were of great importance to me.  One was a gold band that I received for my 20th birthday, and the other was my high school class ring.  After taking a swim in the ocean, I went back to my towel to put my jewelry on but neglected to put my rings also back on.  I shook out my towel and continued about my day and met up with some friends shortly after.  When my friends arrived I realized what I had done and instantly began to panic.  I searched for almost an hour before giving up and deciding to hire someone to find my rings.  Within minutes, my rings were descovered with a metal detector just about a couple inches under the sand.  It was one of the most relieving moments to know that two of my most prized possessions were found safe and undamaged.”

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Steven Ray

Crystal Coast Ring Finders

Ring Lost During Relaxing Day At Emerald Isle Beach Found

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Raeven and her husband were at the beach and decided to shake the sand off of their tapestry.  They both forgot she had removed her wedding ring to apply sunscreen earlier.  Unfortunately, it was after the tapestry was clean they realized the ring was lost into the sand.  After searching for over 2 hours, with no luck and accepted that they were out all that money and her beautiful ring.  Raeven searched online for similiar stories to see if anyone had advice.  She was able to locate Steven Ray a member of The Ring Finders and called only to find out he was out of town.  Steven was able to contact a friend to aid in the recovery.  Carl arrived quickly and found her ring in a matter of minutes!  Raeven and her husband were so shocked and happy!  Raeven said Carl was a very kind man and they couldn’t be more grateful.  Both are in the military stationed in North Carolina but originally from the Midwest and Raeven confessed they didn’t realize how fast things get lost in the sand.  Without our help, she stated, many in their predicament would be lost.

Lost ring in York, PA

  • from York (Pennsylvania, United States)

Recently, I joined The Ring Finders Directory to use my metal detecting skills and help people find what they thought was lost forever!

My search and recovery of your lost item(s) is on the reward basis which means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford. If you lost your item(s) in a high traffic area, call me ASAP at 410-980-2480 to schedule an appointment! I have a call-out fee of $20.00 to cover my expenses.

I will try my best to find your lost item(s) but cannot guarantee it.

Wedding band & Pendant lost in Syracuse NY FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Just before noon Saturday June 5th 2021 and my home phone rings. I don’t recognize the number and I expect another one on those calls telling me my car is out of warranty, but something tells me to answer the call rather then allow it to go to the answering system. OK, I pick up the phone and on the other end is a young lady (Vicki) and she tells me that her husband has lost a gold chain that had a gold pendent and his gold and diamond wedding band on it.. I can tell by her voice that first – she is upset, and second – that she is not quite sure that she should be telling me where and what she has lost. She later told me that she was afraid that I would take the information and go and search for, find, and then sell her gold items. This can happen if you are NOT using a member of “The Ring Finders” and I commend her for her due dalliance.

She told me that two days ago she, her husband and their daughter were visiting a school play field on the west side of Syracuse. They had been there for a period of time with their blanket spread out and had been enjoying the day when a fight broke out near by in the park. It seems that the fight was a scuffle between some family members of another family, but Vicki and her husband decided to vacate the area ASAP so as to not get involved. As they were retreating, her husband, toting all the blankets etc., thinks he felt the chain fall off from around his neck as it was not there when they go to the car. They did not want to get back close to the skirmish so they went home and returned the next day to look for the chain, ring, and pendent. It was a small 15′ X 15′ area, but they did not find anything. Vicki then posted on a community Facebook page asking if anyone could loan her a metal detector or give her some information as to how to locate her ring, chain, and pendant, and someone told her about myself and “The Ring Finders”. I checked with my wife and our calendar and ask Vicki if she could meet me at the park a @ 2 pm.

At 2 pm we met and she showed me the small area. This area was full of clover and plantain and also was in need of being mowed. The ring and pendent would be totally invisible as they would have dropped down thru the grass clover and plantain, but still not be buried, just laying on top of the soil but under the grass etc. The chain might (should) be visible as the long chain would “droop” over the clover and plantain. I turned on the machine, adjusted for gold, and started to search. Well the park stood up to all parks around the country. The metal detector was giving me a target every few feet, but as 20 plus years of experience and a very expensive machine was telling me these were all pull tabs, coins, bottle caps, nails, and other associated junk. The pull tabs and copper wires have to be checked as they sound just like gold, but by using my pin-pointer, it told me if the target was buried below the soil or laying on top of it.

I checked the 15′ X 15′ area, nothing. I reworked the same area by working at 90 degrees, nothing. Time to expand the search area.

I talked to Vicki again and she said that before the fight broke out, her husband had been playing with their daughter in another little area just a few feet further to the north so I stared working this new area, and BINGO, up comes the pendant. Smiles, hugs, and tears. I put down a place marker where the pendant was and started to work out in a circle. 3 foot away, BINGO, up comes the ring. Now some really big smiles, hugs and tears. I expanded and work the rest of the area but could not find the gold chain.

I’m quite sure that the chain did droop over the top of the grass and clover and someone else could see it, picked it up and now has a gold chain. I explained that to Vicki and she is excepting that the chain is gone, but she is VERY HAPPY to have the ring and pendant back. I did tell her to check with the pawn shops close to the park as it very possible has been “Pawned”