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Small Gold Pendant Found in Surf 4 Months after Lost .. Balboa, Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** While metal detecting in the surf at Balboa Beach, I found a super small gold pendant that had two red garnet gem stones in settings. MIt was unique and for some reason it seemed familiar.

Later that night I went to my lost jewelry photo album, where I saw that this was lost 4 months ago along with 2 other items from a young lady’s necklace. I’m glad I keep photos given to me by people who have ask for help finding their lost items. I did find a small gold ring during the first search.

Next I had to find the contact information, so I could return it. Checked my texts and was able to contact WC who was shocked to get this unexpected good news. She lives quite a distance from me, so I mailed her the pendant. She agreed to send me a photo after receiving it.. This is not the first time I was able to find a keepsake lost months after the first search.. The ocean surf is unpredictable, moving sand and objects in and out with each tide change.

Types of searches .. Beaches, Parks, Yards and Water to 20ft …. I will try anywhere. If item is lost in a public place call or text  ASAP.. 24/7 ..Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136

Wedding Ring Lost In The Lagoon, Lavallette NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call from Derek about the possibilities of recovering his ring from a very wide lagoon. He explained exactly what had happened, and he knew right when the ring came off his finger. Water recoveries are extremely challenging to begin with, but add in the fact he and his buddies were racing to the other side and back, and this one becomes almost impossible. Well, as the conversation continues, I discover Derek had quite a bit of pertinent information which is needed to even consider this recovery. I asked him to supply me with everything he had, which included many pictures, and probably the deciding factor to move forward with this recovery,  was the video of them racing to the other side. That was the spot where the ring had come off. I asked him to give me a few days to review everything, which he agreed to, as the ring was not going anywhere . After looking at all the information given I called Derek and explained this would be extremely complicated, but as long as he was positive the ring came off right when he stopped swimming , we should definitely give it a try. We cleared it with the homeowner, and set up the date to do the recovery. Once there a bouy was dropped just past precise location, and a guide line was placed on the bottom and secured back at the dock. With near zero visibility, on the 3rd pass back, we got a promising hit just before the bouy. After fanning the target a bit, you could just make out the ring.  This all happened in roughly 55 min from start to finish.Had there not been the pictures and video his ring would still be on the bottom of the bay/lagoon. Huge shout out to Buzz, couldn’t have done this one without you.

Lost Wedding Band Found Margate NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
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Patrick was spending the week in Margate, NJ, with his family when he placed his wedding band on the seat of his chair. Without knowing, one of his children sat on the chair, causing the ring to fall somewhere in the sand. Despite his efforts to find it, Patrick wasn’t successful. Looking for help, he reached out to me, Ring Finders South Jersey.
Upon receiving the call, I quickly arrived at the scene. Gathering more details, I began my search. Using my metal detector, I was able to pick up the signal I was looking for, and ultimately found the ring in my scoop. Patrick was overjoyed to have his wedding band back on his finger. Now, he and his family can enjoy the remainder of their stay in Margate, New Jersey.

Lost Sentimental Gold Ring at Kualoa Regional Park Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on 11 March when I got a text from Chante asking my availability to hunt for her boy friend Joshua’s Sentimental Gold ring at Kualoa Regional Park Beach.  While seated at the water’s edge the ring slipped off and disappeared.  We agreed to go the next day.  They picked me up at home as it was along the way and we took one car to the beach.  When we arrived Joshua took me to the location and demonstrated what happened.  The surf was up and the water was murky.  I noticed right off there was plenty of coral and rubble so the hunt was going to be difficult.  I only dug shallow targets and there were many as the beach is rather trashy with pull tabs and aluminum metal pieces.  After about and hour and a half I didn’t find Joshua’s ring but popped out two others.  It was getting dark and I told told Joshua I’d return on a low tide with clearer water to see if some of the targets I couldn’t dig in the coral might be his ring.  I went this past Saturday morning but no luck.  Then I returned yesterday afternoon and the conditions were perfect.  I was detecting the low tide mark and got a nice hit on the Manticore.  The target was in the coral rubble and I was able to get a good bite with my Extreme scoop.  On the second dig the target was in my scoop and when I peered into the scoop I could see some shiny gold amongst the coral rubble.  I reached in and as I grabbed the ring and turned it over the black “K” came into view and I knew it was Joshua’s.  I went back to my car and texted Chante a pic with “Found it!” She agreed to meet me at home that evening and she would surprise Joshua with the ring he thought was lost to the “Aina”.  The video she sent me of the ring reunion was awesome.  The smile on Joshua’s face was ear to ear.  Much Aloha to Chante & Joshua!

Possible Buried Treasure in Backyard .. Cleared for Peace of Mind .. South Gate, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Many people don’t understand how a metal detector service works. Feel free to call so we can discuss the possibilities using a professional metal detectorist to help you find your important lost jewelry or any metal item. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ ..  Mobile Metal Detecting available to help you now … 949-500-2136

*** Marie’s father had dementia the last years of his life. There were rumors that he may have buried valuables in the backyard. Marie is living in the same property and was getting ready to have a cement patio installed over the area of the yard where the treasure may have been buried.

She called me telling me that they had checked the area with a rented metal detector. She was not sure how well the detector worked. They had difficulty operating the detector. She wanted a professional metal detector expert to check the area.

I came to check the area two days before the contractor was going to pour the concrete. Our agreement was, I would only scan the area with my equipment. They would dig the locations I marked up..

A few days later Marie sent me photos of the metal items that were buried in the yard. No treasure, but peace of mind, that they didn’t cover up a treasure with a cement slab.

If you have lost something that is important to you. Call or text me at 949-500-2136 … I can answer any questions you may have about my recovery service. Available to help you 24/7 .. Stan the Metal Detector Man

Lost 14K Diamond Wedding Band…Found at Baker Beach!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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Luis and I walked down the beach and into the tidal zone.  He stuck a stick in the sand and said, “I was standing right here.  I threw the football in that direction and felt the ring come off.  I saw it in my peripheral vision for a brief moment, then it was gone!” And so the search was on!

Three days earlier the event took place and he had made a number of attempts to find his 14K white gold ring with inset diamonds.  He even posted a Lost and Found ad on Craigslist to seek out help.  It was at this time I got involved by sending him a link to THERINGFINDERS.COM site and offering up assistance. Up until then, the only correspondence had been through an email and a few short text messages.  He later admitted to being a bit skeptical that the ring could be recovered.  I, however, was packed and ready for the hour long trip to the coast knowing that the next day a storm would hit the area decreasing the chances of a positive outcome.  Having a meeting for work and little confidence that the ring could be located, Luis text me to call off the search effort.  I text him back.  “Don’t give up just yet…unless someone else found it, it is still there!”

Those words changed the course of the search and breathed new energy into Luis.  We spoke for a few minutes on the phone and we were back on track to meet up an hour later that evening.

We set up a grid of the area just in front of the placed stick.  I worked East-West from the shore to the water first.  I armed Luis with a pin-pointer and he meticulously scanned the area directly in front of the stick. I had completed the grid and decided to turn and work North-South while also expanding the grid.  I was less than 12 feet to the right of the stick Luis had placed.  This was the area that the ring should have been, but had not been discovered on the East-West grid.  I got a perfect signal about 6 to 8 inches down.  A perfect 10 VDI for the Nox 800 in Beach 1.  Moments later Luis and I were giving each other a high-five…  We had MADE THE RECOVERY!

It was almost sunset, the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping.  The moments after the recovery were exciting and it was beautiful at the beach.  We talked and celebrated a bit before returning to the car to head home.

Luis had done a number of things that contributed to a successful recovery.  When the ring came off, he didn’t immediately panic.  He and his friend took notice of their surroundings and Luis, after 3 days, was able to put me less than 12 feet from the ring despite an enormous beach. The other thing that was critical was to seek help.  Luis has stated several times that the right equipment in the right hands was the recipe for success.  Thank you Luis for trusting in me and my process.  It was great to meet you and I wish you the very best in the future!

Luis moments after the recovery!

The ring back in it’s correct place.

The custom 14K white gold band with inset diamonds

A beautiful setting for the recovery!

Working the Grid in front of the placed stick!

A happy couple with both their custom matching rings!

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Lost Diamond Ring Off Balcony .. Big Canyon Estates, Newport Beach, CA… Found and Returned to Grateful Owner

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** Brenda had been sitting on her balcony patio having her morning coffee. She pulled her ring off her finger and it dropped onto the deck. She saw it fall through spaces in the wood deck into ivy 8ft. below.

Her son came with a metal detector, spending a whole afternoon searching for the ring. The next day they contacted me to do a search.

It was a small area which should have been an easy search and recovery. Now we have a chance that the rings were could have been moved because they had pulled up most of the ivy. I also found out that the soil was littered with nails left by the contractors that had recently replaced the building siding. ( nails large enough to mask a ring signal on my detector)

I did thoroughly remove a massive amount of of nails in a 10’x10’ section before going though the ivy remnants that were piled off to the side. “Boom” ring found in the ivy pile. I could have started there and impressed her with a quick recovery. What’s important is the ring was recovered.  Brenda told me it was given to her over 30 years ago and it meant so much to her. I could tell she was grateful for my services. It was a pleasure to help such a nice lady.

Many people don’t understand how a metal detector service works. Feel free to call so we can discuss the possibilities using a professional metal detectorist to help you find your important lost jewelry or any metal item. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ ..  Mobile Metal Detecting available to help you now … 949-500-2136

  • from Cape Girardeau (Missouri, United States)

Lost wedding band found after 30 years in Lake of the Ozarks
Rose contacted me about looking for her deceased husbands wedding band. It had slipped off his finger while he was swimming by their private dock at their summer home on Lake of the Ozarks. The loss occurred 30 years ago. They had wanted to have someone search for the ring but could think of no one until Rose heard about The Ringfinders.
We came up with a plan to get permission from the current owner of the property, then meet there to search for the ring. I was expecting mud and tree debris on the bottom but there was none. The water clarity and temperature was nice.
I want to commend Rose for thinking to bring pictures of what the search area looked like 30 years ago before the new boat dock was built. With planning and good diving conditions, I found the ring within 30 minutes!
Upon seeing the overwhelming emotion expressed by Rose at that point, I was extremely grateful that I was able to finally connect her with the ring that meant so much to her.

Lost Ring in Firepit .. O’Niell Park, Orange County, CA. .. Same Campsite as last Recovery

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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**** “Believe it or Not “  .. Taylor called me about a gold wedding lost while camping at O’Niell Park in Orange County, CA.  The location of the loss was the exact campsite that I found a motor cycle carburetor part two days before. Kind of spooky especially when I have never had an any searches at the park. ( there are 80 camp sites.)

The story goes, Taylor and his buddies were have large campfire that evening. They gathered some extra brush from the river bed to make a big fire. Sometime while the fire was still burning he discovered his gold wedding ring was missing.

After reviewing a video they had taken using their smart phones, it was on while throwing fuel in the fire. He came the next day with a metal detector and couldn’t find it.

He called me the next day. We met at the campsite, where I began to grid search the loose sand and wood chips. Taylor asked if he could help. I asked if he would use my beach sand scoop to remove the ashes from the metal lined fire pit. I had him spread the ashes far enough away from the metal fire pit so I could use my metal detector. He had told me that he had checked the ashes yesterday.. Guess where the ring was hiding ?? The ring showed up in the ashes. Taylor was a happy camper, telling me he might just leave it blacken wearing it like that for a while.

Many people don’t understand how a metal detector service works. Feel free to call so we can discuss the possibilities using a professional metal detectorist to help you find your important lost jewelry or any metal item. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ ..  Mobile Metal Detecting available to help you now … 949-500-2136

Lost White Gold Wedding Band at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Sunday March 24th when I got a text from Scott who was on vacation from British Columbia, Canada.  Two days prior, he lost his White Gold Wedding Band in Ulua Lagoon at Ko Olina Resort.  He was playing football in shallow water and building sand castles with his kids along the shoreline.  He sent me some pics of the event so I was able to triangulate the search area.  Initially splitting the beach in half I ended up on the wrong side and that hunt yielded very little and most importantly not Scott’s wedding ring.  On the second attempt there were many people in the water so I aborted the hunt until Easter Sunday morning when the lagoon was practically empty.  On about the third leg of the grid search in belly deep water I got a nice strong tone on the Manticore and in one scoop there was Scott’s ring glistening in my scoop.  I went to my car and sent Scott a picture of his ring with a “Happy Easter”.  Scott finally received his ring this afternoon in Canada and sent me the awesome pic above.  That blooming tree is really special.  Much Aloha to our Northern neighbor Scott!