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  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)



Samantha along with her husband, daughter and two dogs were visiting Honeymoon Island State Park from the Gainesville area about three hours away where they had recently moved from New Hampshire. In the process of throwing a rock in the water for her dogs to chase after, both Samantha’s engagement ring and wedding band flew off of her finger into the water. Fortunately she was able to recover the engagement ring just a few feet ahead at the edge of the water but the white gold with diamonds band flew further out into almost knee deep water. After a frantic search in near dark conditions with the park ready to close, Samantha and her family could not find the band. Another person on the beach at the time suggested to Samantha to reach out to me and after finding me through the Ring Finders page she messaged me on the way home that night. She provided enough information about the location and tide time of loss that I was able to begin the search the next morning.  I sent Samantha photos of the beach area and she marked them up to help better define the location of loss so I began grid searching the water. I searched for a few hours in the morning and several in the afternoon until a storm ran me off but I found only a couple of pairs of sunglasses, a toy plane, fishing weights, several coins and some beach trash. Even though I knew I was looking for white gold, I dig every target that is just several inches deep. I messaged Samantha and told her I would be back out searching the next morning with Jim, a fellow detectorist who I had met on the beach during a previous search and recovery. After a 45 minute search the next morning with me on one end of the search area and Jim on the other, I hit a target that gave me a promising 5-6 on the VDI of my Equinox 600 in about knee deep water and after a couple of scoops I had recovered Samantha’s wedding band! I messaged Samantha with several photos and told her that her prayers had been answered. Samantha and her family made it back to Honeymoon Island a few days later and I met them there to return the wedding band. Samantha, thank you for contacting me and trusting me to recover your ring. And thank you for the beautiful reward! Good luck to you with your business ventures (www.woofensniffer.com) in Florida.



North Myrtle Beach Ear Ring Find Leads To Lost Washington, NC Ring Being Found

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

John found out about his friend’s lost ear ring being found by Ring-Finder Jim Wren in the North Myrtle Beach sand.  It was that moment John discovered the great service The Ring Finders provide.

John had lost his gold wedding band two month prior.  John was spending the day at a family member’s house playing with the kids all over the yard.  This is when the ring fell off without John realizing it was gone.  This ring had very special meaning as it belonged to his Grandfather.  John messaged Crystal Coast Ring Finders and a day was planned to search the whole yard.  Communication was very important to try to pinpoint the location of activity but the yard was full of various debris making this search difficult.  Persistence paid off as the ring was found near a buried metallic item in the backyard.  The sun was hot and the bugs were hungry.  I was very happy the search was a success.

Lost Ring In Richlands, NC Yard Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Lajuan texted Crystal Coast Ring Finders about his ring he recently lost while cutting grass.  He believed it would be near the road ditch where his mower had gotten stuck that day.  After an hour of searching he front yard scrupulously,  a short search in the backyard near the back privacy fence produced his wonderful ring.  The day was heating up quickly, so it was a perfect time to ring his doorbell and return his ring that had been lost for days.

Rose Gold 14k Gold Band lost & Found in Eastham mass

Rick, Jim, & Myself we’re out searching for recent drops today in our local ponds. Rick’s wife Jayne called my phone and left an Urgent message for us to return a call that she had just received, saying that we were recommended, by a local Metal-Detecting shop on Cape Cod, to help find a Wedding Band that was lost about an hour earlier on a beach. I called back immediately and Jessica picked up the phone, she proceeded saying that they were all down on the beach earlier, and that a friend of hers named Louis, had dropped his wedding band in the dry sand, they were wondering if we could help find it. I said yes but no guarantees. They were not to familiar with the area, and wasn’t sure what parking lot they were in.  I told them to meet us there in an hour.  We all jumped in the truck and headed down 25 miles away an got there earlier than expected, we met Lewis and Anton after about a 15 wait. Glad we waited for them to show up, as we were walking down the path and got onto the beach, Louis had mentioned that he put a stick down into the sand, where he thought he had dropped it. I asked him to please stand exactly where he thought it fell and not to move, I then proceeded to turn on my machine and took less than five seconds to receive my first signal, that just happened to be his beautiful 14 karat Rose Gold Wedding Band.  We were all very happy to see it back on his finger that quickly.  That’s where it belongs. Louis actually said incredible, just incredible we were all looking for over an hour on our hands snd knees to no avail.   We were glad that Jessica called the Ring Finders.

14k Rose Gold Band

Lost Wedding Ring – Pittsburgh, PA…Found

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – ring recovery specialist, Pittsburgh, PA – lost your ring? Metal detecting service – call or text 814-244-2300 anytime. I received a text from a client who lost his silver wedding ring in his backyard. With all the inclement weather his gutters were full and needed cleaned out. He was cleaning his gutters out from on the roof of the back porch and when he discarded some of the debris and his wedding ring fell off and landed on a steep hillside in the backyard. I arrived and started my search and a short time later I located the silver wedding band and Josh  had it back in no time.


Sand Volleyball Courts Swallow Rings

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Received a call from a young man on the volleyball courts. Everybody was looking, without success, for the ring he had just lost. Luck  had it that I was 10 minutes away with all my equipment already inside my vehicle. Outside of the pepper spray incident, we were able to, in a matter of minutes,  locate his grandmother’s ring after the clasp of the necklace he hung it on broke.   He was overjoyed to have the ring his grandmother gave him before he left for Canada back.

Garage Sale at the Golf Course

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Dave called me. His golf bag obeyed the law of gravity and headed downhill for the nearest pond. When he was able to fish it out, there were many items missing. Several of which would make his life miserable for a while if not found.

Watch the video below for the events that took place!!

Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Toleen lost her wedding set in Ocean City, NJ yesterday while spending the day with her family on the beach.  The rings were placed in the pocket of the beach chair and fell in the sand when she folded it up. Her daughter, Alexa, searched and found my Ring Finders South Jersey page when the family realized the rings were lost. While getting some preliminary information before searching, I asked if anyone took any pictures when they sitting on the beach. Her daughter, Liana, had a TikTok video with houses in the background that helped give an approximate location. After roughly 35 minutes of gridding the area, the rings were found! Now Toleen and her family can enjoy the rest of their vacation in Ocean City, NJ.


  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)




Lost a ring or other metal valuable in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside or swimming? Please call me ASAP at (843)995-4719. I offer a free metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated!

Kelly messaged me through my Dunedin Ring Finder page after someone referred me from a local discussion page called Palm Harbor Happenings. Earlier that day she and her husband were throwing a football at the beach  when Kelly’s large gold ring given to her by her grandmother flew off her hand into the water. I met Kelly on site the following day at approximately the same tide time and she showed me the area fairly close to a rock breakwater where she thought the ring may have landed. At the time the water was knee to waist deep. I grid searched for a couple of hours while Kelly looked on but only recovered a few coins and some beach trash. Kelly had to go to work so I searched an hour longer but  no luck. I left the beach and returned at low tide later in the day but only recovered a few more coins, fishing weights and a costume jewelry earring. After a long day of searching including around the breakwater, I told Kelly I would return the next day and retrace my steps in the area she had initially pointed out. Late the next afternoon I had been searching for about an hour when I got a steady 9 VDI on the Equinox 600. After a couple of scoops I pulled Kelly’s beautiful ring out of the water! She was ecstatic (followed by seven exclamation points)! I returned this beautiful ring to her the next morning. Kelly, thank you for contacting me and trusting the Dunedin Ring Finder to return your grandmother’s ring to you. And thank you for the generous reward!


  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)



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