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Sometimes it is just meant to be.

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)



 A couple of metal detecting buddies of mine called me up and asked if I wanted to join in on a search. While out hunting they were approached by a man whose son had lost a cross pendant with his wife’s ashes in it. I didn’t have my equipment with me but seeing that the site was just off my route home, I stopped to say “Hello” and see how it was going. What happened next was very unexpected.  Watch the video to see the ending.

Wedding Ring Found Along Road

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a text from Danielle saying she lost her wedding and engagement rings along a busy road near Scranton PA. She told me the rings could possibly be in very thick brush and high grass along the roads guardrail. I began searching which was made difficult because of the thick brush and lots of aluminum cans and trash along the road. After about 45min of searching, I decided to walk along the road to see if the rings could be on the roadway. I found the engagement ring along the curb which had obvious damage from getting run over by cars. I continued to search for the wedding band but could not find it. Danielle was beyond thrilled that I found the most valuable ring because of the diamonds. Her plans are to contact a jeweler to see if they can fix the ring or reset the diamonds in a new band. No matter where you may have lost jewelry, don’t hesitate to call me.

Ring lost at Mission Beach Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Trevor was throwing a football around at Mission Beach with a group of friends when his wedding ring flew off during one of his throws. Nobody saw it land in the dry sand, so, trying to find it was hopeless without the proper equipment and knowledge to use it. Trevor’s friend Matt found my contact information and gave me a call. I gathered my gear and hit the road with my wife so she could circle with the car in case we couldn’t find parking. I contacted Matt when I arrived and soon Trevor and some of his friends met me on the beach. I got the low down on how the ring was lost, the search area, and it’s approximate landing spot. This beach stays pretty clean with all the detectorists these days, so, targets were few and far between. After just a few pieces of foil, a couple of bottle caps and a half dozen passes later, I finally got a solid signal in the range I would expect Trevor’s ring to be in. A night in the dog house averted, and a happy Trevor has his precious back again. Thanks for the reward.


Lost Wedding Ring Found Just Outside Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Marco called me about the wedding ring he lost while cleaning up out back. We talked and it became pretty evident that the ring was there. I just needed to pass my metal detector coil above the ring. It wasn’t a question of “If” but instead a question of “How

long?”   Watch the video to see what happens


Happy tourists

  • from Fort Walton Beach (Florida, United States)

Just want to post a few photos from recoveries before I joined The Ringfinders. Also go to my website: to view other happy tourists when their lost items were recovered. Love metal detecting!!!

Might have saved this new marriage ;)

  • from Fort Walton Beach (Florida, United States)

Got a call from Jonathan at local beach area behind The Back Porch, asking me to come look for his ring lost in the Gulf. Abrainna & Jonathan are on their honeymoon. He was especially distraught because his father passed when he was 13 years old & this was his dad’s ring. After almost an hour in the water, we hit the jackpot!! So glad to be able to assist good people like Jonathan to recover something so special to them!!

Ring Lost On Popular Beach Location Found One Month Later By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Bogue Inlet Pier – Emerald Isle, NC

Lauren visited Bogue Inlet Pier on September 7th with her son as was wading in the surf when a larger wave knocked her over.  She told me her hands went into the sand and she felt her chocolate diamond ring slide off of her finger.  She was very upset but noticed a man out with his detector and went to him for help.  Bogue Inlet Pier (BIP) gets a lot of beach traffic and also many detectorist come there to search for “treasures”.   After being unable to find her ring, the gentleman suggested she contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  I made plans to hunt the very next low tide early in the morning and only a few hours after the loss of the ring.  The surf was still very strong and I too was unsuccessful.  Lauren was very upset when I talked with her and I felt terrible I could not make the recovery that morning.  I live near BIP and each time I went there to hunt the beach, I made it a point to search the area of Lauren’s lost ring.  Recently, we had some sand movement that allowed the replenished beach sand to move.  This created a low spot near the water’s edge.  To my surprise, after so many days lost and I’m sure, many other metal detectors hunting the same area, her ring was rescued on the evening of October 7th.  It was about 50 yards further West on the beach.  I had not met Lauren yet and messaged her to tell her I needed her to fill out my standard search contract.  We agreed to meet at her father’s business.  After we met and she completed the search contract without knowing I had her lost ring,.. I gave her one of my business cards.  When she turned the card over, her lost ring was taped to the back of the card.  She burst into tears.  I was very happy that something very good happened to Lauren this year as she explained it hadn’t been going well.

If You Put In The Effort, There Is Always A Chance For Success!

Ring lost at South Mission Beach Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Danny was playing volleyball at South Mission Beach Friday afternoon, took his wedding ring off before the game started, and put the ring in his shoe on the sideline for safe keeping. During the day, His gear was moved to a different court for another game. After all the games ended, he headed to his car where he proceeded to grab his ring and put his shoes on. Oh oh, no ring! He retraced his steps and searched both areas, but, no luck. He got online and found and my contact info. He called me Saturday afternoon and we made arrangements to meet the next morning at 7am to do the search. We met early Sunday morning and I searched both areas thoroughly, but, no ring. In fact, I only found one cent and a junk charm in the whole area. It was likely someone had already detected that area sometime between when he lost the ring Friday afternoon, and when I searched Sunday morning. I told Danny that I would keep his lost ring on file and contact fellow club members and other I know who detect that beach and let him know if I get any response. Sure enough, I emailed out his lost ring story to my local detecting club and our vice president Rick answered that he think he found it! Rick sent me a photo of the ring he found at that location on Friday night and it was a dead-on match. Rick and I met Danny Monday morning for the return. Sometimes it takes some teamwork for a successful recovery, but, the results are what counts. Thanks for your help Rick. Danny (on the left in the photo) appreciated that.


Diamond Platinum Ring Lost On Beach Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Emerald Isle, NC

JoEllen was spending time with her parents sitting on the Emerald Isle beach along the shoreline.  They were sitting down by the water so they could put their feet in the waves.  She had explained to me she had taken off her very special ring and placed it in her glasses case prior to going to the beach.  While on the beach, she decided to put on her glasses and forgot the ring was also in the case.  It wasn’t until the next morning she had realized the ring was missing and she called Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  The beach sand was very soft and very little items were found during the search.  Her ring was eventually found under about 12 inches of sand.  This was a very challenging search but when you can successfully return an important item to the owner, it makes it worth the effort!

Silver Necklace recovered in Black River Falls, WI

  • from Eau Claire (Wisconsin, United States)

Amber found me on the Ring Finders website after she lost a silver necklace of sentimental value, given to her by family.  She was helping with a wedding when she noticed the necklace was missing.  She was certain that she lost it while carrying a suitcase across a mowed field.  On a cloudy, misty day we discovered it hiding in the stubble after about an hour of searching.  Made us both smile!