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Platinum 950 Wedding Ring Lost At Jackfish Lake! Village Of Meota, Saskatchewan.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Evrhetton called me on July 9th requesting my service to find his wedding band in Jackfish Lake!
After asking Evrhetton a few questions, he was certain of the location where his ring fell off in the water. He sent me a picture of the area with a marker of the approximate area where the ring could be.
The Village of Meota Saskatchewan is approximately 400km east of Edmonton and a 4 hour drive for me! Again after asking a few more questions I agreed to do a recovery search for his ring but unfortunately Evrhetton was not able to be there due to work commitments which made the search more difficult for me. I agreed to head out early on Monday morning, the 19th July.
Arriving in Meota around 9:30 am I found the lake calm and had a good feeling about this recovery search. Once the markers were set up I began my search. After 3.5 hours and reviewing the pictures Evrhetton sent me, I called Evrhetton and had him talk me through to the exact location. He said he was beside a sea doo and dove to catch a football and that’s where he was certain his ring came off, or 20 feet to the right of the sea doo. After taking a break and re-evaluating the situation I thought that the ring was possibly further out due to its size and weight. I also determined that by throwing the football with force it was quite possible that the ring had flown further out.
I again rearranged my markers further out into the lake. After a six hour search I received a sweet tone in my ears and said to myself “YES, this has to be the ring! I scooped it up and yes I had a ring! After checking the inscription on the ring 07/27/2019, it was indeed the ring that I was looking for. I met up with Evrhetton today in Edmonton and on his second anniversary 07/27/2021.  He was very grateful I that was able to find his ring and once again his ring is back where it belongs, on his finger. Thank you Evrhetton for giving me the challenge of finding your ring.

Another Happy Client!

Engagement Ring Lost In Surf Found On Topsail Beach

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)



Alison was out on a boogie board that had a break in the foam causing the nose to dive down.  This caused Alison’s hand to plunge hard into the sandy bottom.  She felt her engagement ring get pulled off of her finger.  About an hour after the loss, she found out about Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  After speaking to her I loaded my equipment and headed to the Topsail beach location.  A through grid search only provided 2 wires and a newer penny.  I extended the search area to the west and received a strong signal on the Minelab Equinox 800.  Before attempting to recover the item, I looked at Alison and her husband with my fingers crossed.  Before Alison’s husband could get to me, I had her lost engagement ring in my hand.


Lost wedding ring recovered at Inverness Beach, Cape Breton

  • from Whycocomagh (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Less than two weeks after I became a member of, I was able to make my first recovery at Inverness Beach today. Lost for over 24 hours in the sands, I was 37 minutes into the search when a loud signal chirped through the headphones. Two scoops later and I knew I had what I was looking for, a mens Tungsten Carbide wedding band. I quickly took a pic and sent it off to the anxious couple, who thought it surely was lost forever. Within minutes came the reply “oh that’s it! I can’t believe you found it!!”

Both Katie and Daniel were elated at the recovery. I later presented the ring to Daniels’ dad, who lived closer to me than the happy couple. Soon I should have a picture of a very happy pair with broad smiles. I will share the photo on the blog in the future.

.I was so pleased to be able to recover this ring. What a confidence boost it was to be able to locate it, given the time delay in searching, and how busy that particular beach was. Being able to make such recoveries, thanks to, adds such a delight to the hobby of metal detecting.

Ring Lost During Emerald Isle Vacation Found Before Metal Detector Purchase

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Josh’s wife and she seemed flustered that her husband’s very new ring was missing after a day at the beach.  I was told the ring was put away and during the transport of the beach equipment from the shores back to the vacation house the ring fell out.  Josh later mentioned to me he had already planned to purchase a metal detector to try is luck.  The path their wagon traveled was very well staked out and this was a huge help in finding Josh’s ring within seconds.  The small group that tried to find his ring was surprised how quickly the ring sank into the soft dry sand.  I was very happy to return Josh’s beautiful white gold wedding band and hope they can resume a joyful vacation at Emerald Isle, NC

Ring lost in Burke, Virginia found and returned!

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

Rob Ellis: Metal Detecting Expert… Call/text/email, (703)-598-1435,

July 23rd, 2021: Returned ring lost in shallow water, Fairfax County, VA

I was eating dinner when I got a text from Isabella. Earlier that day, she was playing fetch with her dogs in a local lake.  She lost the ring while throwing a stick. When I called, she explained the stainless-steel ring belonged to her recently deceased father and it was very important to her. I quickly grabbed my gear and we met at the lake.

Isabella led me through the woods to the spot she was exercising her dogs. While throwing, she felt the ring slip off, but didn’t see it or hear it hit the water. I asked her to throw a stick to observe her technique and how far she was throwing.

The water was about knee deep, and there were weeds and silt. There were so many potential stainless-steel targets, I focused only on shallow hits. I concentrated in potential areas in which the ring may have landed based on how Isabella threw the stick.  I expanded my search to the left. Within a few minutes I reached down into some weeds to pull out a beautiful, shiny ring with diamonds! I immediately texted Isabella “I found it!”. After hiking back to the parking lot, I handed Isabella her ring.

A special shout out to Isabella’s friend Danielle, who had heard about The Ring Finders. Thank you for telling Isabella about our international online directory of metal detecting specialists.

I am expert detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Please text or call as soon as possible: (703)-598-1435

Ring lost at Imperial Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

“Sam” and Gretchel were enjoying a day at Imperial Beach. Sam took his ring off and put it on their blanket. Later, Gretchel moved the blanket to a another location close by and the ring was swallowed up in the dry sand. Gretchel did an online search and found website and my contact information. I gathered my gear and headed to meet them. I actually found a parking spot right across the street from where they were camped! A minor miracle in itself for a Sunday afternoon in the dead of summer. After finding out the story and ring description, I found the ring after only 3 short passes and maybe 2 minutes or so. Gretchel was relieved that Sam’s sentimental ring was found. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Lost rings in Coronado found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Erika took her platinum wedding and engagement rings off and set them in her lap. Forgetting about the rings, she stood up. That’s all it takes for rings to hit the soft sand and disappear. After an online search, she found and my contact info. Erika called me around noon time asking for help and I quickly rounded up my gear and headed over to Coronado. Early afternoon, summertime, warm sunny day in Coronado, yeah, parking was going to be scarce. Sure enough, the place was jammed with beach goers. I managed to luck into a spot next to the beach, but, a good half mile south from where I was to meet Erika. A nice hike later,  I met Erika and she explained what happened and showed me where she was sitting and then standing. 20 seconds later, both rings were recovered from right in front of her chair and a happy Erika was reunited with her rings. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

18k Virgin Mary Pendant Lost! On a Football Field, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Joven called me the other day around 9:00 pm asking if it was possible for me to assist him to locate a pendant which was lost while he was playing rugby! while he was tackling the other player he felt his chain get snagged of his neck and the pendent flew off somewhere. Joven and his coach search for it with no luck.

I meet Joven around 9:30 pm on the field he showed me the area that he felt the chain fell off, within one hour his pendent was back in his hand.

As always where your client tells you he thinks and shows you the area which he lost it! its never there. I always look outside of the box and 90% of the time I’m correct!

Another happy client.


Lost Wedding Ring at family Beach Party

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

Out playing golf when I got a call from Lauren about her Brother-in-laws wedding ring. She was given the ring to hold along with his watch so that he could go for a swim. Taking all the precautions to not loss the ring. When he got out of the water Lauren hand him his watch and could not find the ring. It must have come out with the watch and no one could find it. She asked if I could come out the next day to help find the ring. II asked if they knew the are and the answer was yeas, they even has photo of the location with a flag pole in the distance.  I meet Janet, the mother of Lauren and we walked to the area where Laren meet the two of us.  They took the photo out and lined up the flag pole and the beach.  They had a beach fire the night before and once the area was determined . Now I had to search an area about 50 feet by 75 feet.  About half way into the search got a very strong signal.  Using the beach scoop I found the ring.  Mother and daughter  were both relived to get the ring for the brother-in-law.

Ray Johnson



Wedding Ring lost in Montauk Point

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

Received a text from Tevor that he lost his wedding ring the night before at a bond fire on the beach. He asked if I could come out first thing in the mourning as he had a flight back to California mid day and had to be at the airport to check in. He gave me the address of beach and I headed out.  When I got there he had mark the area that he was in, and asked how long did I think it would take I stated that since he had mark off the area it should not take long.  Started my search and within a few minutes I had the Ring.  He was amazed that I had found it so quick.  As I was leaving his wife came out of the house and asked, with a big smile Tevor held up his hand to show the ring. another happy couple.


Ray Johnson

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