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Snowshoeing Tumble = Lost Ring near Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

While snow shoeing, he took a tumble and his ring vanished. It wasn’t until he was home that he realized it was gone. A lot of questions and detective work, narrowed it down completely. Watch the video for the results

Ring Lost in a Car, Recovered in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

She was the passenger in the car and dropped her ring. She looked three times and still no luck. Using an endoscope, I was able to look into the seat rails and sure enough, there it was tucked away and out of sight. Watch the video to see the end results.

Lost Gold Chain and Pendant Mullica Hill NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost ring in snowJersey shore ring finder Lost Chain in the snow

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The day prior, Carl had been clearing snow in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, when his treasured diamond and gold chain, with a pendant, vanished into the snowy expanse. The following morning, Carl reached out to me with a phone call. Upon my arrival, I asked for additional details and set out with my metal detector to start the search. Buried under the thick blanket of snow, I detected a signal—it was the missing chain! Shortly after, the pendant was also uncovered.


It was a happy ending on a snow-covered day in Mullica Hill, NJ.


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Engagement *AND* Wedding rings recovered!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from a woman in Chapel Hill about a lost ring. Nothing surprising there — that’s why we’re here! It took three days of trading texts and leaving voicemails before we were actually able to speak person-to-person. Turns out the wife was gardening and lost both her engagement and wedding rings at some point during her work out in the yard. I drove to the house and the husband explained the situation. After they realized the rings were gone, they rented a metal detector and had a run at trying to locate the rings…without success. He then showed me where she’d been working that day — multiple areas in the front yard, side yard, and back yard, plus some piles of weeds and other plant debris — a sizable amount of ground to cover. I decided to start in the backyard first and scanned the “gardened” areas first, then added in some of the surrounding area to be sure I didn’t miss it. At this point the husband mentioned that she had also thrown some of the pulled weeds over the fence (not into the neighbor’s yard, but onto a little additional strip of their property…), so I decided to check that debris as well. The rings were both in the debris and about 3 feet apart. Apparently when she threw the handfuls of weeds over the fence, her rings had come off and followed the weeds. The wife wasn’t at the house when I found the rings so I couldn’t get a picture of them back on her fingers, but the husband was VERY happy that she was going to get her rings back where they belonged.

Lost Wedding Ring Found with Metal Detector in Haitaitai, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

Nathan and Joanna have only been married for 3 weeks and Nathan’s ring was a little bit big for his finger. Although meaning to get it resized it was one of those things he hadn’t got around to doing.

Last night he was at a small park in Hataitai shooting some hoops with a basketball. He felt the ring come off his finger but in the failing light he was unable to find it in the grass.
Returning the next morning he could still not find it and a short time later I met him at the park.
The basketball hoop was mounted on very short grass but backed on to a bank covered in longer grass and weeds. There was a lot of metal trash in the ground and I wasn’t having any success. I got Nathan to show me, again, where he had been and to demonstrate the shot. I could see that there was a possibility that the ring could have flung off behind him.
It was only a few minutes later that I got a good signal in the longer grass. I used my handheld pinpointer and finally found the ring right down on the roots of the grass. Very satisfying as it would have been impossible to find this without a metal detector.



  • from Jacksonville (North Carolina, United States)

Back on November 12th 2023 a lady called me and said her niece had lost a very sentimental family heirloom gold ring in a patch of ivy while visiting from California for a wedding.

The niece had already left to go back to California. She was so heartbroken she had lost the ring. It was about a two hour drive, but I jumped in the truck and made my way out to try and find it. By the time I got there it was going to be dark in about an hour.

In just a few mins I had found the ring in the ivy and was able to return it to the aunt.

Fast forward three months later and I finally get a picture of the niece with her lost ring back on her finger again!

This gold ring was 1 of my 360 total rings I found in 2023!

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  • from Jacksonville (North Carolina, United States)

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Lost Mens Wedding Band Found Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth, TX

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Dennis reunited with his wedding band

I received a call from Dennis on Thursday February 1, 2024. He was working in his garden and lost his wedding band. I scheduled with him to come out on Monday to do a search of his two garden areas where he was working. I came out on Monday and started my search of the first area. I had no luck in the first search area. I moved to the second area and began my search, I had pretty much covered the area that he was sure he was working at, and it was looking like it wasn’t in that area when I got a really good signal. Looked down and there it was. He couldn’t believe it, the look in his face was priceless. I glad I made your day Dennis!!! Thank you for the reward!!!

Lost Hermes ring at the beach found with waterproof metal detector

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you lost a ring in the water, in the sand or in the backyard, call me, Louis 305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting service and can quickly come out and find your lost item.  In these photos above the young lady lost an expensive Hermes gold ring. It was just given to her and did not fit well.  The waves were rough this day and one knocked the ring right off her finger.  Once a ring comes off your finger in the water and falls down to your feet, it quickly buries itself with the motion of the waves and is out of sight in seconds.   The best thing you can do it mark a spot on dry sand and try to remember how far out you were.  That way when I get there I can easily find it for you, as I did here.

Necklace lost and found with metal detector on Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you’re on vacation and recently lost something and need a metal detecting professional to come out and find it, give me a call (Louis 305-608-1870).  This necklace was lost while while laying on the beach in Miami Beach.  It was placed on a towel and then disappeared.  After looking for it for a while the lifeguard noticed and came over and gave them my number.   I was able to get their pretty quick and find her lost necklace with ease.   If you want your lost item found, whether its in the water at the beach, sand, or backyard, give me a call.  Please check out my other successful posts.