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  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

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TIKTOK video….

This was my #11th gold ring (12th – 1 silver – overall) recovery/returned for the year!

Got a call a day after Mother’s Day.

This lady had lost her mothers ring on Mother’s Day while kayaking with her grandson.

She was enjoying the weather and spending time with her grandson when they suddenly hit some fast moving water and it took them into some downed tree branches. Shen she hit she flipped over and while trying to pop back up and ensure her grandson was safe, she felt this priceless family heirloom slip off into the fast moving water! She just knew it was gone forever. She turned to the internet in search for help. By doing so she found me, 2.5 hours away, and reached out in hopes that I could help her out.

It wasn’t until May 17th before we could connect and plan an attempt to recover this ring out of the fast moving water.

I got up and drove the 2.5 hour journey in hopes it would be a successful trip….

This is what happened… I get there at about 10:30 am, we walked the 400 yards to get to the rivers edge. There was a 10-15 foot embankment we had to gingerly ease down to the water. Once down then I had to walk up current in freezing cold 3 foot, fast moving water with my detector and a scoop while climbing over logs in the river against the current.

I finally get to the spot and quickly realized, I can’t use the scoop with all the gravel and current. I placed it into the downed tree and kept scanning. About 30 mins later I get a 14-15 VDI on the MX SPORT and I knew that was her ring, problem was I couldn’t get to it. It was under a down branch and the water was moving too fast.

I had to clean up the area and make a way to the spot, use goggles to peer in the water and hopefully see it laying there. BOOM, I could see it and was able to reach down and grab it!

I showed the lady and hooked it on my D-ring for safe keeping while we made it back to the bank to climb back up the 10-15 foot embankment. Once up top we were able to cheer and celebrate the successful recovery!


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Lost Wedding Ring Returned in Calgary…..8 months later.

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

May 14,2022

Samuel called me. He lost his wedding ring……8 months earlier while closing the gate at an RV storage lot. When it happened, he searched, rented a metal detector twice and returned to rake. He did everything anyone who has lost something should do. When I was speaking to him, I really had my doubts about it. Time is the enemy. In the end I agreed to take a look. On a Saturday morning I met Samuel and we looked.  Based on his description it should have been right there and he should have found it right away. With snow on the ground when it happened, we guessed that maybe a vehicle drove over it and moved it or maybe it was plowed. So I expanded the search area and did the sides of the road. That is when I heard the sound I needed to hear. I picked up the ring and gave it to Samuel. He was totally overwhelmed in emotion and incredibly grateful. When I took a look at the ring, I could tell why.  I am glad it is back where it belongs.

LOST SILVER RING in Chapel Hill, NC…….. FOUND!!!!!!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Shawn “SGT Whitey” Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Call/Text ASAP  Anytime 24/7   918-313-2202!

TIKTOK video!

Went out for another ring recovery today after work. I didn’t find this ladies deceased mom’s gold ring, (they weren’t 100% sure it was lost in the yard) lost for about 15 years. The yard wasn’t that big. I dug EVERYTHING from VDI 40-90.

I got a sold 90 and decided to dig it. It sounded too good to pass up. I saw shinny and round! It was a thick silver ring! I immediately took it up to her and showed her. She thinks it might be her daughters ring.

This is #11 ring recovery this year!



The recovery that started it all: Lost diamond engagement ring lost in Milpitas, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

I had seen the call for help go out over one of my many metal detecting groups.  When I offered my assistance I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity and thus went about packing for my Mount Diablo overnight with my boys and some friends.

When another md’ing friend asked if I was still available and that another of our piers had searched but had no luck, I again offered my assistance, packed some gear, and off I went.

The client took me to the 5th floor balcony from which the ring was lost and we observed the location from above.  After moving back down to ground level it was revealed that two rings went over the edge and one had been recovered that night from the planter bed.  Now, knowing that a searcher had previously swung over the area, I knew that if we were going to find it, it was going to be found within one of the many plants and bushes in the planter bed.

I offered the client the opportunity to assist by using a Garret pin-pointer to start probing the area including the foliage.  I did the same, and within 20 minutes or so, an ecstatic client exclaimed, “I’ve found it!”  It was indeed within one of the plants of the planter bed.  The stoke was high on both our parts and he requested “Can I give you a hug?” To which I replied “of course.”

The successful search and recovery sparked really good vibes that carried me throughout the weekend. This would serve as my first search as a member of The Ring Finders team and…we made the recovery!!!



  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

We were packed and ready to head to one ring hunt when the client called and said it had been raining. Since the ring had been lost over a year ago and it was in a grassy field, we decided to delay the hunt. After unloading the equipment, we received a call from Nicole. She had lost her ring in the concrete parking lot in front of her apartment and yes it had rained but was clear now. Carrie and I reloaded the equipment (knowing we probably would not be able to use them) and left for Hammond, a 2 hour drive. Arriving we found a distraught Nicole walking over the parking lot, searching as she did the previous day. Having not felt the ring fall from her hand, the whole parking lot was the search area. With detectors useless we started a visual search. Two hours later Carrie let out a victory scream. Rejoining Nicole and her ring was a great end for our efforts.

Lost Engagement Ring In Fairfield, CA…Found!!!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Testimonial for Brendon Chapman via text message:

“I would recommend Brendon to anyone in the CA Bay Area who needs help finding lost precious jewelry such as wedding and engagement rings.  He is prompt in responding, empathetic, and sincere.”  “Thanks again. And g’luck in future findings.”


Lost Engagement Ring Recovered and Returned in Kennett Square, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Got a call from Dan from Kennett Square, PA after he found me in the Ring Finders Directory. He and his fiancee, Sarah, are engaged to be married in October of this year. Dan was seeking help in locating Sarah’s lost emerald and diamond engagement ring. Apparently the day before Sarah spent the afternoon planting flowers in a bed in their side and back yard…later that day when back in house she noticed her beautiful ring was not on her finger. After searching the dirt around the newly planted flowers without success they considered renting or buying a metal detector to look for the ring. But to quote Dan…”decided the job best left to a pro” and they reached out to me. I met them late afternoon on a Tuesday and they quickly gave me a detailed run down on where they think the ring must have come off. Of note is the fact that they both told me the ring was too big for her finger and had a tendency to slip off. Anyway, it wasn’t a large search area… basically 2 mulched flower beds somewhat crowded with flowers. I brought 3 machines with me…since the area was tight with plants I went with my Minelab Equinox 800 with a 6 inch coil…which would allow me to get in tight around the pants and close to the house. As always I first demonstrated my equipment on my own wedding ring to convey to Dan and Sarah that if I’m over the ring I’m not going to miss it! I searched the small back bed first with out success…Dan/Sarah anxiously watching nearby. I moved to the front bed and during my 1st pass my machine blasted out a beautiful 11 gold tone in my headphones. I’ve been detecting for 40 years…I knew  before even bending down and digging that this was the ring! I called Dan and Sarah over and smiled and said….I like this signal! I grabbed my pinpointer and jabbed it 2 inches down into mulch and it announced  a target. Grabbed a fistful of mulch and turned to Dan and Sarah….opened my hand…and there it was!!! Dan was crazy happy and Sarah’s face flooded with relief! Another successful recovery!

LOST WEDDING RING in Durham, NC…….. FOUND!!!!!!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Shawn “SGT Whitey” Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Call/Text ASAP  Anytime 24/7   918-313-2202!
I got a text from Drew, after his buddy had found me online, that had lost his ring a few weeks ago while spreading out some straw in his backyard. Told him I would be their first thing in the morning. I get there, get the details and after about 20 mins of searching… I see shiny!!! I placed all the sutff I His ring had been found and returned!
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Heirloom Confirmation Ring Lost in Pittsburg, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

It was a routine day at my office where I’m a Project Manager for a steel erection company.  In between writing up change order requests and preparing for an annual Quality and Safety Management Systems Audit I received a text message from the Dunmore Family in Pittsburg, CA.  The text was requesting someone to locate a children’s ring lost in the backyard.

I promptly contacted the family on the phone for more details and to schedule a time for the search.  I explained the service I could provide and the contract that would be required once I arrived to the site.  Once a time was decided upon, I requested the family to confirm the appointment and their address via text message.

Arriving at the location, I was greeted by the family and we discussed more details about the missing ring and how it was lost.  It was revealed that the ring was a gold heirloom “Confirmation” ring that was once a gift to the son who was preparing to pass it down to his son at an impending Confirmation Ceremony.  The child was wearing the ring while playing with a soccer ball in the backyard when it flung from the youngsters hand. The family searched and the ring was not recovered.

Before I searched, I explained my process to the family and we had the child duplicate his actions and the location to the best of his ability.  After approximately 15 minutes of being on site and maybe 6 minutes into the search…we made the recovery!!!


Lost Lexus Car Keys at Dewey Beach Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 04/16/2022, I received a call from Ben who requested my help in finding his Lexus car keys that had been lost in the sand on the beach at Dewey Beach, Delaware. Ben and his girlfriend had spent the day relaxing on the beach and when it was time for them to leave, he realized that his car keys were missing. Ben felt that his car keys had been lost in the sand on the beach in the area that they had been sitting. I responded to Dewey Beach, made contact with Ben and he showed me the area of the beach where they had been sitting during the day. Ben had marked the area with a pair of sandals. Upon searching the area I was able to locate the lost in the sand and returned them to Ben.