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4 Lost Rings In One Night! – FOUND! – Pensacola Beach

from Pensacola (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

Last night was definitely a first for me. I got a call at 8:45 from Kerem telling me that his wife Kara had lost her ring on Pensacola Beach earlier in the afternoon. They are over here from Texas celebrating the week of Independence Day and this was definitely throwing a kink in the festivities. I started asking a few questions and quickly realized that this was not one ring but three separate rings and all they knew was they had been lost somewhere between the parking lot and the water. 😳I almost bowed out but I’m sentimental about wedding rings and when Kerem also explained that one of the rings was a silver and diamond band from Kara’s grandmother, I knew I had to go. An hour later I was at the beach meeting my new friends and listening as they excitedly tried to tell me where to start. I suggested that they let me ask them a few questions and moments later Kerem and I were headed down towards the water while Kara promised to follow after a quick  phone call home. Kerem had marked where they had been sitting and based on our talk, I thought that would be the best place to start. When I got to the mark I could see all the digging marks where they had been trying to find them earlier and I started to do a spiral pattern. I didn’t go five feet before I had a strong gold signal in my headphones and scooped up a small solid gold band. Kerem had turned to look at something else and didn’t see me do it in the dark so I got his attention and said, “is it ok to start with this one?” and I opened up my hand to show him the ring. Kerem absolutely freaked out and yelled “You just found my wife’s wedding band!” He literally picked me up hugging me. 😄  I quickly got back to it and didn’t even get a full swing in before I got the next signal. Kerem dropped down to his knees to watch as I unearthed a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. All that was left was the silver ring that belonged to Kara’s grandmother. I only had to make a few more passes and about 3 feet away I got another tone. In less than about 3 minutes a very happy Kerem and I were headed back to the parking lot with all 3 rings in my hand. When we got back to Kara we had a little fun with her saying we didn’t want to get started without her and she hurriedly started towards the beach. When I told her that I would save her the walk and opened my hand, the tears and the hugs started immediately. Kara put the rings on and when I told her that I still needed a picture, she took them off and immediately dropped one in the parking lot. I told them both to freeze so they wouldn’t step on it and got down on my knees with my light. I saw the little gold band underneath the car and handed it back to her. She exclaimed that she was still missing one and Kerem told her that she had all three. She quickly told us both that she had lost four and not three rings and Kerem had told me wrong. To make matters worse, it was still the Grandmother’s silver ring that was still missing and Kara promptly burst into tears again. I reassured her that I could find the spot on the beach again and we double-timed it back down to the beach. Luckily once we found the spot, it only took about another minute and I was able to hear a high tone indicating silver. I reached down and sifted through the sand and pulled out a beautiful little ring. In the light of my headlamp I could clearly see the 925 stamp for silver and Kerem and I were able to give back the fourth and final ring to Kara. Even though the actual search time wasn’t that long, I’ve never experienced the emotional roller coaster that this hunt was and I have certainly never found four different rings for someone in a night before. Kara and Kerem, y’all are awesome people and I’m so glad you gave me a call to come help. Keep those rings where they belong.  😃💍

Windy Emerald Isle Day Blows Gold Earring Away

from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-614-354-6704

Sheldon was heading from the beach house to the beach.  A burst of wind pulled her hat off and it’s chin strap grabbed one of her gold hoop earrings.  Within minutes of arriving,  I recovered the stray earring and Sheldon was a very happy woman!

Lost ring at Mission Beach found.

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Tim and his family were spending the day at Mission Beach on Thursday. He had set up a tent and was soon informed that camping tents were not allowed. In his haste to strike the tent and gather the gear, apparently, his ring came off. When he discovered it missing, naturally, they all looked in the bags, gear, tent, and sand, but. no ring. I get the call on Saturday in the early afternoon. They had returned to the beach at the same location hoping to find the ring. Knowing the traffic and parking nightmare that is Mission Beach on a Saturday afternoon, I was able to convince the wife to come along so she could drop me off and then look for the mythical parking spot. All worked as planned, and after meeting the wife and kids, getting the low down on how the ring was lost, and being shown the search area, I begun my search. Maybe 15 seconds later, I get my first target, a solid 21 on the Equinox, and scooped up his cobalt (only my second one of these) wedding ring. Tim got me right on the spot! Everyone was thrilled and better able to enjoy the rest of the day. My wife hadn’t found that theoretical parking spot yet, so, she circled around, came back, and picked me up. Drive time, over an hour, recovery time less than a minute! A pleasure meeting you all, and thank you for the reward.

Lost/Recovered Platinum Wedding Set At Cape Henlopen State Park In Lewes, Delaware

from Lewes (Delaware, United States)
Contact: 1-302-245-8795

On 06/29/19 at 11:58 am, I received an email from Carmel regarding the loss of her two Platinum Wedding Rings and a request for help in finding them. Carmel said that upon arriving at the beach she had removed the rings from her hand and placed them in her bag that was sitting on top of the sand. Carmel said that she had a “bad” feeling about putting the rings in the bag, but she did so anyway. Carmel said that one of her children had gone into her bag for something and that her rings must have fallen out of the bag into the sand because she had been unable to find the rings in her bag when she went to look for them. Carmel said that they searched the sand for the two rings and that they were unable to find them. Carmel said that she had planned on staying at the beach for a couple more hours so I asked her to secure the area where the rings had been lost and that I would come to the beach to search for the rings after I was able to get free from something that I was working on. I arrived at the beach about two hours later, made contact with Carmel and began the search for the lost rings. After three swings of the detector I located the engagement ring and then started the search for the wedding band which was promptly found several inches away from where the engagement ring was recovered. The rings belonging to Carmel were back on her finger where they belonged.

Lost Rings at the Beach – FOUND!!! – Pensacola

from Pensacola (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

I’m late on posting this one but a few weeks ago I got a call from Chris and Heather. They had been enjoying one of our local beaches here in Pensacola looking for shells the day before when Heather’s rings came off of her hand. Unfortunately, this was both her engagement ring and her band together and they fell off somewhere on the beach in all that sand.  When Heather told me where they were I immediately headed out because I knew that it was a popular beach and I had to find them quickly. Chris sent me a google pin and when I got there something didn’t look right based on my conversation earlier with Heather. A quick phone call and some telephone detective work got me to where I thought they had been and I started my search. It wasn’t very many passes laying out grid lines until I looked over just a little outside where they thought the rings might be. I remembered them saying that they were looking for shells and I saw a little pile of broken shells. These were the kind that you might pick up and then discard later when you realized they were broken. I decided to walk that way and sure enough, moments later I had the rings in my scoop. I love it when people trust me enough to have me look for their rings even when they can’t be there. When I send them that initial picture and talk to them on the phone you can hear the pure happiness coming through the line. Congratulations Chris and Heather and thank you so much for trusting me to help you out. 😃💍

Lost ring in Cape May, NJ FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Received a call for a gold / diamond wedding band that was flung off a beach towel into the sand. After speaking with the client and conducting a brief hunt, the ring was back in the clients possession. All smiles.

Clients review of service:    “Jeff was great in helping me find my lost wedding band in the sand. We weren’t exactly sure where it was and hours had past with lots of people treking through the area. In under 5 minutes, Jeff found it! I should have called earlier. 5 stars and would recommend Jeff to everyone!”


South Mission Beach ring recovery

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Neiva decided to play some volleyball and soon discovered that her ring was hurting her finger, so, she removed it. After the game she tried to put the ring back on, but, found her finger had swelled a bit and wouldn’t allow that. The ring was then thought to have been placed in her bag, but, apparently it was left on the blanket. Later when getting ready to leave, Neiva picked up the blanket and gave it a shake to remove the sand. When she searched for her ring, it wasn’t in the bag, and obviously now, wasn’t on the blanket either. She and her friends searched with their fingers sifting through the sand, but, could find the ring. Neiva Googled for help, and my name came up. Being a sunny Sunday afternoon during the summer, I knew the beach traffic and parking was going to be a nightmare, but, headed into the fray anyway. Sure enough, traffic was backed up, and once I got to the beach, dozens of cars were circling the lots waiting for an opening. I finally found a spot and headed to the volleyball court to meet Neiva. She showed me the area where she had her blanket and bag, and I began my search. First target read a nice solid 10 on my Equinox, but, turned out to be part of a pull tab. Next signal was a solid 6 and was her ring. A happy Neiva could now join me in the traffic and head home. A pleasure meeting you and thank you for the reward.

Lost ring found at Mission Bay

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Lindsey was guilty of the most common cause of lost rings at the beach. She took her rose gold ring off to apply lotion, set the ring in her lab, and then forgot about it until sometime after she had stood up. After realizing what had happened, she and others looked through the sand hoping to recover it. After that failed to locate the ring, she called a local detector rental shop and tried her hand at finding it that way. After 3 hours and nothing but scrap metal, she returned the detector and was advised by them to contact TheRingFinders.com. She initially got a hold of  Curtis Cox in Carlsbad. He was out of town and referred her to me. My wife and I headed to the site and met Lindsey who explained the situation and showed us the search area, which was mainly a reasonably small sized section of dry sand overlooking Mission Bay. Lindsey had to leave for a while and left me to do my best. After covering the dry sand section in one direction parallel to the water and coming up empty, I started at the beginning again at 90 degrees from the first. My first pass went closer to the water than previous passes and over some wet sand, but, it was on the return of that pass that I got the sound I wanted still in the wet sand. After some cheers from other folks on the beach who knew about the lost ring, I texted Lindsey with the good news. I went and rinsed the ring of sand and let everyone oooh and aaah over it while waiting for Lindsey to return. Needless to say, Lindsey was very happy to get this family heirloom back on her finger. A pleasure to met you Lindsey and thank you for the reward.


Cherished Engagement Ring Rescued From Rottnest Island, Perth, Western Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

Tori had been enjoying a relax at the beach, well two beaches to be exact after she and her fiancee had taken their small fishing boat across

Hello, I was told you could be found around here!

to Rottnest Island for a bit of R&R. When she checked her bag later in the evening Tori discovered that her precious was missing. Luckily they had asked for help at the information centre who have one of my cards and not long later I got a call from Tori to explain what had happened.

I organised to meet them on the island early the next day but as I was leaving Fremantle on the Rottnest ferry they had had to set sail for home due to a fresh northerly wind coming up.

After questioning Tori about the loss I felt the most likely of the two beaches to search would be at Pinky Beach so I set off from the wharf on my mountain bike for the north shore of the island. I’d had Tori send me a gps drop pin for both locations and soon found the Pinky Beach gps point. I began a methodical search of the area around this point untill I had covered the full width of the beach. After having no joy I marked out an extension of the serach area with my feet and as I was doing that right at the base of the stairs to the lighthouse I heard a sweet n soft double tone in my earphones. A quick check of my target i.d. numbers confirmed the likelyhood my ears hadn’t been lying!

Wharf reunion smiles…

Sure enough a quick feel in the dry sand at the nose of my coil revealed a lovely white gold and diamond engagement ring. As I’d gotten a little lucky on this ring search and I had not been there all that long, perhaps 40 mins, I thought how can I have a bit of fun with this?? I decided to put the ring on a rock in the background and then video called Tori to “ask a few more questions”. I cracked pretty quickly (as I couldn’t contain my excitement about finding it) and then said “does it look like this one?” and pointed to it as I moved my phones camera closer to the rock so she could see it!

Tori was so happy when she realised I had already managed to find her precious, when it had looked like it could take a long time to search both beaches with a chance she had not actually lost it at the beach but perhaps somewhere in between.

I met Tori and her fiancee at the wharf when I returned. It really was a rewarding experience to hand the ring back to her as it was easy to see that the ring really did mean a great deal to both of them. Their smile pic says it all.. and this is why I love what I do…

Next please..




Lost Ring, Pensacola Beach, FL – FOUND!

from Pensacola (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

Friday night I got a call from a man named Wes saying that his wife had lost her ring on Pensacola Beach. I talked to him for a bit and got some info. He told me that they had tried to look for it already and said that they might try again. I explained to him that searching for it can usually drive a gold ring deeper into the sand because of the differences in density. I also told him that I was going to be in the area the next morning dropping off my son at Lacrosse practice. Wes asked if I would head across the bridge after and we set a time to meet. When I walked down onto the beach I got a bit concerned because I could see the fresh tracks of the machine that drags the sand to pick up trash, etc.  However, when I found Wes and he pointed to the area where the ring was lost, I started to get the feeling that this nice couple was going to be lucky since the tracks stopped about 50 yards away. When Wes told me that they were sitting 37 steps away from a landmark and he had brought a 100ft measuring tape, I knew that there was a great chance of finding his wife’s ring. Sure enough, in less than 10 minutes on my third pass I got a nice tone and gently pulled up her ring in the first scoop. Thanks for calling me Wes and thanks for being so thorough. I’m very glad y’all got your ring back. 👍😃💍