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Phone lost at Ocean Beach found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

This young lady was at Ocean beach last night with friends until after dark. She had her phone in her sweatshirt pocket until she was tackled to the sand and the phone popped out and was buried out of sight. She and her friends looked for it and even used the “find my phone” app last night and this morning to narrow the search area, but, to no avail. I got the call just as I was getting ready to leave La Jolla Shores after finding a lost ring there. 20 minutes later, I was at the location at Ocean Beach and met her and her mother. They ran the “find my phone” app again and showed me the search area. After wandering around a short time trying to zero in on the signal, I got a good hit on my Equinox and looked down to just see a tiny bit of phone case edge barely visible above the sand. I reached down and pulled her phone out and waved over to them walking ahead of me. Mother and daughter happy now and a lesson learned about loose fitting sweatshirt pockets! A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Lost iPhone Recovered in Snow – Airdrie

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

I received an email this morning from Sean, he had seen me on www.TheRingFinders.com he explained that he had lost his iPhone 5s in Airdrie just before the gas station lot had been plowed and would I be able to find iPhones.  To which I responded with an emphatic Yes!
However,being Christmas I may not be able to get out right away. He explained in his email that he was in Edmonton so wouldn’t be able to show me where at was lost.  I recommended that he use Google Maps or Earth and pinpoint the location and the send me an image of the map.
A few minutes later I received the map with a circle around the area he thought it  was lost in. Fortunately, my wife gave me the morning off Christmas preparations so I went out and started scanning the plowed up piles of snow.  I set my Garrett ATPRO in the following way, Sensitivity: 1 notch down from full (I needed depth in the 4 ft piles of snow), Iron Audio: On (Lots of Trash i the area)  Pro Mode, Coins setting Iron Discrim set to 35.  Then I tested my iPHONE which cam up at 82-85 VDI.   I scanned about 30 ft of snow piles getting lots of Iron and foil targets which I dug and threw in the trash later.  Then at the end of one of the piles I got a high tone 85 on the display scratched around it with my Garrett Retriever and at about 4 inches out popped the iPhone.  After snapping some photos, I went home and fired off an email to him with my address for pick up. He responded, with a jubilant GREAT, and said he would arrange for pick up.  Another happy customer of The Ring Finders.

Seans iPhone in Snow Recovered iPone 5S


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