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Lost Wedding Ring Duthie Hill Mt Bike Park Issaquah WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
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Michael contacted me after having found my RingFinders page seeking assistance in recovering his wedding band.  He had lost it the day prior just before all the parks got shut down due to the COVID-19 shut down orders. He and a few buddies went out to ride some mountain bike trails to get some fresh air. Before taking off from the parking lot he placed his black tungsten carbide wedding band of almost two years into his pants pocket. He said he typically uses a zippered fanny pack but didn’t bring it on this day. He then shoved his phone into the same pock and took off on his ride up the mountain with his buddies and dog. When he return to the parking lot he pulled his phone out to place into his car and noticed his pocket was turned inside out. At this point he then realized his wedding band was no longer in his pocket. He told me the parking lot was hard packed dirt and not much gravel at all so it was easy for him to visually clear area around his car. He noted that there was three key places on the hill that he stoped to take his phone out and he was quite sure the ring was still on the hill.

After hearing that his pocket turned inside out when he retrieved his phone at his car I ask him to check his car. I instructed him to look under his seats and floor mats carefully with a bright flashlight to be as sure as he could to rule his vehicle out. He later confirmed that the ring was not in his vehicle to the best of his knowledge and he was most assured it was still at the mountain bike park somewhere. He didn’t witness the ring falling out of his pocket so we weren’t exactly sure where it had landed.

He also told me he lives and works two and half hour up North of the park and would not be able to revisit the site until the weekend. I assured him I would be able to perform a search the next morning and we would be in contact. He started txting me plenty of maps and detailed pins of the locations he remembered taking his phone out of his pocket. The search plan was set. Because of my past experience and combined knowledge of TheRingFinder community I encouraged him to post a Craig’s List add simply stating that he lost a wedding ring a that park with zero details of the ring, to offer a reward and to leave his contact phone number for easiest contact. My concern was to make sure incase someone eyeballed the ring after he drove off they may only search Craig’s List post for a few days and quickly forget to look agin. I wanted to make sure we had this part of the equation covered. I agreed to head out the next morning to execute the field search.

It is so important to act quickly in calling an experienced Recovery Specialist and getting the initial over the phone conversation started! We can’t stress this enough and to those that do like Michael did it more than often pays dividends in a successful recovery. I often wonder why some people hesitate even after finding directory listing and all the successful stories we post why anyone would hesitate even a moment in making that initial phone call. So if you have lost and item of value and are reading this story considering if you will make that call simply stop reading this and pick up the phone. Even if your outside of my area and you need someone to chat with I will help you find some support in your local area and proved a few tips along the way. Even if you think a metal detector would be of no use that is of no matter. The detector is only one of may tools I use though the recovery process and it all start with a simple call and easy chat.

Again much credit got to Michael as this is exactly what he did. He was sharp and on his toes and a pleasure to work with assisting with information in every way possible. The next morning as I was heading out he informed me the night before he got a txt from his Craig’s List post about fining a lost ring but no details or call back. I informed him to expect a few bogus contacts and if anyone has really found your ring they will reach out to you with solid details. I also said this is normal and until they txt you an exact photo of your ring that I would continue with the search and that I did.

When I arrived fully aware of our social distancing mandate I cleared the parking lot to ensure the ring had not rolled into the grass. No ring found so up the hill I went. Through the course of the day it quickly became apparent the most efficient way to find the spots of interest was to FaceTime Michael who was two and half hours away and he directed me to each spot with precision detail and pointed out over the video chat what part of the trail he use his phone. This process went on for a few hours and finally at the last spot of interest I as able to recover his thin black tungsten carbide wedding band beneath some bits of nature partially covering the ring. It really was a team effort and not only the two of us. After asking how he found me he told me another key part of the story. After loosing his ring he went to a FaceBook group for Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Trail and made a post about his lost wedding ring. In that post he wrote, “I know I probably will never see it again, but it is very important to me.” With that cry for help he got quite a few concerned responses and ides. Then Jay Speidell wrote, “I just remembered reading a news story about people using metal detectors to find rings for hire. Tungsten should be detectable.

Thanks Jay for posting TheRingFinders link I know Michael is very appreciative of your help. It is always exciting being a part of these stories and seeing how they unfold. There is commonalities between these stories but no single story is exactly alike. Some times they don’t result in a recovery but many have found some peace and closure know that a specific area was thoroughly searched and they did all they could. Others stories turn up years later though the oddest of ways. However this story ends with a recovered wedding band and one happy dude ready for another day on the trail.

Watch the full featured story unfold scene by scene her:




Jeff Morgan


Lost Class Ring Recovered From Farm Pond

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-703-598-1435

November 19th, 2019
John, who recently returned from an overseas deployment, had lost a lot of weight. He was fishing on his farm pond with a young friend. While helping his friend remove a fish from his line, John’s Virginia Tech ring slipped off. As you can see from the photo, this is a treasured reminder of his beloved alma mater and he rarely took it off his finger. John had the foresight to immediately take note of where he was when the ring fell off.
Due to other obligations, it took a several weeks before Mrs. E and I could make the trip to Tappahannock. After a two hour drive we met John and his friend Billy. We immediately bonded with these awesome patriotic Virginians.
John decided to drain half the water out of the pond. He and his friends developed an ingenious method and spent many hours nursing the home-made pump. The depth was about 15 feet lower when we arrived. John and Billy placed a ladder so I could get safely get in and out of the water. John also launched his boat to give me a platform from which to work. I’m so grateful for his ingenuity and thoughtfulness.


Setting up in the woods


Half Drained & Boat

The pond had steep sides, zero visibility, and is over 25 feet deep. John and Billy helped me get my SCUBA gear into the boat and I snorkeled over to the opposite bank. As you can see from the photos, there were tangled branches interfering with the potential search site. I explored the area around, under, and through the tangle as best I could using my Excalibur detector.

To search in the water under the tangle I realized we would have to remove the branches. I decided to search the bank before undertaking the difficult task of removing the branches. It was a slippery, but there was little trash and the search went quickly. It felt wonderful to hear that beautiful tone when I located the ring and dug it up from the mud.

John’s help in draining the pond and putting me so close to the drop was extremely helpful. His generous reward was much appreciated and I donated a portion to Fisher House.

For help to recover your item, please text or call 703-598-1435

Diamond ring lost and found metal detecting on vacation in Florida

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)
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October 8th, 2019, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

I was on a family vacation trying out my Fisher Gold Bug 2 on the dry sand when Alma and Gene approached me. I removed my headphones and was asked “Does that thing really work? Do you think it could find a diamond ring?” I introduced myself, explained how I was a Ringfinder, and offered to help them recover their ring.


They told how they lost a brand new ring the day before. Alma felt the ring fly off while playing volleyball and that really narrowed down the area. They searched through the sand for several hours over two days, and were almost ready to give-up.

Within a few minutes, I located the ring under the net.
It was one of the highlights of my vacation!!

For help to recover your item, please text or call 703-598-1435



Lost Wedding ring found in the snow at the Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City Michigan with a metal detector

from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-499-7526

I received a call from Anthony’s wife that he had lost his Wedding ring at work. I met Anthony about an hour later and found out what had happened. He had children outside on a nature walk at the school he works at. He felt his ring slip off his finder but could not concentrate on looking for it due to the children he had to keep an eye on. He came back after work and walked the area but could not locate the ring. The snow was about 5 inches deep in the area Anthony took me to. I started a grid pattern and walked about 8 feet and found the ring. It was stuck in the side of one of the footprints from them walking in the area earlier. I always like the easy short hunts.

Recovered Heirloom Platinum Diamond Ring Toss Bellevue

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
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I received a call from Christi asking for my help in recovering a very special ring she had lost in the back yard. She explained that she had just removed a rock from her dog’s mouth. She then threw the rock towards the arborvitaes hedge line. The next thing she knew her multi generation family heirloom platinum diamond ring was no longer on her finger!  She was a hundred percent absolutely certain the ring flew off and was somewhere in the yard. I told her I would be happy to help her out and I was on my way.

When I arrived she retold the story informing me this time that she actually witnessed two items fly though the air after throwing the rock she had removed from her puppies mouth. She even showed me where the rock she threw had landed close to the hedge line. This was all very reassuring news to me lining this up to be a fairly straight forward recovery scenario. She also informed me that she had already received permission from the neighbor if we needed to search the yard behind the fence. As I investigated the fence I quickly realized it was a metal chain link fence and the neighbors back yard had a water feature under construction with large rocks with many deep cracks. I prepared myself mentally that this could be a challenging search if the ring landed close to a metal fence or worse went into the neighbors yard.



She also told me she had considered renting a metal detector from one of our local shops. However after seeing she figured it was the most efficient option to call upon an experienced recovery specialist. As many people report she had no idea TheRingFinders even existed and was very happy to have found us.

With my detector in hand I got under way with the search.  Fortunately the arborvitaes hedge line made a great back stop as it didn’t take more than a few quick minutes to locate her cherished heirloom diamond ring. My detector easily rang out a five VDI signal holding true to the platinum ring below. Her puppy even came over to check out what all the fuss was about as I recovered the ring from below the shrubs. Christi was extremely relieved and happy to have her precious ring back on her finger.


I was extremely happy to have recovered her ring and quite thankful it did’t fly past the fence into the neighbors yard. Another ring recovered, another smile earned making for a happy day during a time of global stress and health concerns.


Jeff Morgan


Metal detecting service…lost rings..

from Reidsville (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-336-682-2721
  • My name is Ben Gentry and I’m located in Reidsville NC. I have enjoyed the hobby of metal detecting for over a year now and I’d love to help you locate rings or valuables that you thought were lost forever. Pictured below is me and my son after a search at an old home site we came home with 3 axe heads!!!   Call me ASAP if you need my assistance. I’d love to help you out.  Thanks you!!!

Find lost Rings in Reidsville North Carolina or Danville or Martinsville Virginia

from Reidsville (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-336-682-2721

My name is Ben Gentry and I’m located in Reidsville NC. I have enjoyed the hobby of metal detecting for over a year now and I’d love to help you locate rings or valuables that you thought were lost forever.  Call me ASAP if you need my help!

How to Find a Lost Engagement Ring in Ocean City, Maryland

from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)
Contact: 1-301-466-8644

Kristie’s 14 Karat White Gold, 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring with Surrounding Diamonds Engagement Ring

Kristie’s Gorgeous Diamond Ring Discovered Under a Flower by The Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph. Call Brian at (301) 466-8644 to Help You With Your Recovery Efforts!

Brian Holding the Beautiful Engagement Ring that He Had Once Held While Proposing to His Bride-To-Be, Kristie! Now Back in His Care After a Long Night Gone Missing!


It was after midnight when I received a call from Brian who lived in Ocean City, Maryland. He was completely stressed out because his fiancé’s 2 carat diamond engagement ring went missing somewhere in front of The Bonfire Restaurant located at Coastal Highway and 70th Street in Ocean City, Maryland. The first question that I generally ask my clients is whether or not there was any tension at the time of the ring’s disappearance. I can’t tell you how many times that inquiry alone helps the other person relax and eventually open up about what actually took place when the ring went “MIA” (missing in action). They realize that I can identify with their intense situation based on other similar cases that involve arguments or outright fights. Many of my searches have to do with rings that are thrown in a state of frustration, anger and / or hurt. This story is no different. Brian appreciated what I asked him and he answered with complete honesty.


The story goes like this: Brian and his fiancé were driving down Coastal Highway (which is the main drag in Ocean City, Maryland), located a block inland from the ocean. The thoroughfare is parallel with the coastline. While at a traffic light, just out front of The Bonfire, the couple got into a heated argument which led to the launching of Kristie’s beautiful engagement ring (I won’t share who threw the ring) straight out of the front passenger seat window and onto the property of the restaurant adjacent to the street. Immediately, they came to their senses and Brian pulled the car around the corner and into the restaurant parking lot. Though the love birds were not reconciled at that point, they both realized that a very special, sentimental and extremely expensive ring was left unprotected in a high-traffic area. People of all ages were constantly walking along the sidewalk where the ring was thrown. Pedestrians were coming to and from the parking lot of the restaurant and to and from other surrounding shops nearby. The search for the disappearing ring immediately ensued.


The two of them believed that they saw the ring fly into a flower bed which was adjacent to the sidewalk in front of the parking lot of The Bonfire. However, they searched everywhere within that section of landscaping and they still could not find the classic white gold band surrounded by ice. A few other bystanders who watched the couple search around the street joined in to see if they could help find Kristie’s precious jewel. Unfortunately, they too could not recover the beautiful keepsake of promise.


A couple of hours had passed by, and at that point Brian and Kristie resolved to rent a metal detector and attempt to find the ring with a Garrett 150 machine. Unfortunately, using the metal detector was completely ineffective as they weren’t sure how to use the electronic device, and in the end they were still not able to recover the ring. More time marched on and it was getting later in the evening. The engaged couple started getting nervous that the ring could end up in someone else’s pocket if they didn’t figure out some other plan to find the engagement ring. This is where I fit into the story.


Brian and Kristie tried to take another approach by looking online to see if there were any other ideas of how to find their missing ring. The Ring Finders directory popped up on their Google search and that’s when they looked up the metal detectorist who covers the Ocean City, Maryland area. Brian and Kristie read my profile and immediately called me to seek my assistance.


I could hear the desperation in Brian’s voice when I answered the phone in bed at that midnight hour. Brian explained to me everything that had happened and I responded by asking him some additional questions about the disappearance of the ring. Once I got the entire story from the tired and worn out fiancé, Brian begged for my immediate help that night. He knew that I had already settled into bed for the night and that it would be a three-hour drive to the coast if I were to immediately take on this task. I gave it a quick thought, knowing within that it was a strong possibility that Kristie’s ring would never be recovered if they waited until daylight for me to search for the ring. I could not bear to think that such a precious object in their lives might end up in the wrong hands. I told Brian that I was on my way to the beach! I pulled the covers back, slowly got out of bed, put my clothes on, grabbed my gear and headed out into the middle of the night towards the coast.


Brian was so grateful that I was willing to drive the three hour journey through the night to the beach, well aware that it was possible that the ring had already been picked up by someone else. Though Brian was pretty confident that the two of them saw the ring fly into the flower bed, I explained to him that I have encountered plenty of situations where the ring was initially seen flying towards one place, however, it ended up bouncing into an area where it became visible to pedestrians walking by. Unfortunately, those rings are rarely ever recovered.


I agreed with Brian that we would stand on the theory that Kristie’s ring was still lost in the strip of landscaping along side Coastal Highway and that nobody yet had plucked it from the street! I was kind of surprised to find out that the couple was so confident that the ring was greatly hidden in the plant life in front of the restaurant that they both felt comfortable enough leaving the scene and returning back to their place until help arrived. That showed me their level of conviction in believing that nobody would be able to spot the diamond engagement ring so easily since none of them had found it either! At some point I prayed with Brian and asked the Lord for guidance and for His favor in this extremely vulnerable situation. He appreciated my team efforts through faith and prayer.


The 180 mile trip to the East Coast was not even close to being a burden for me. I love what I do, and I have such a passion for helping people in need, especially when it comes to situations like this one. There was enough tension between the couple before the disappearance of the ring, and then the unthinkable happened on top of their dispute in the car. Therefore, my wholehearted desire was to bring closure to at least one of Brian and Kristie’s tense situations by recovering their lost symbol of love.


On my way to the beach, I traditionally stop and fuel up not only the gas tank but also my body with a large cup of High’s Dairy Store coffee. It’s a tradition of mine and I love stopping by the childhood convenience store in Annapolis, Maryland as I drive towards the shore. I kept myself busy in the car by talking with fellow Ring Finders on the West Coast since their clock is three hours earlier than our eastern time zone. The hours quickly went by, and before I knew it, I saw the sign welcoming me to Ocean City, Maryland. At 3:30 a.m., I called Brian to let him know that I would be at 70th Street and Coastal Highway in just a few minutes. He got out of bed and headed for the restaurant. No more than a few minutes after I arrived at the The Bonfire, Brian pulled into the parking lot and we met out by my car.


From the moment we shook hands, Brian expressed his sincere thankfulness for having me come out at such an early hour in the middle of the night. I told him that I was delighted to help he and his fiancé resolve this mystery as to where Kristie’s engagement ring ended up.


Once I got my metal detecting gear out of my car, I calibrated the machine and asked Brian to show me where all of the events took place earlier in the evening. He walked me over to the long flower bed that stretched across the front of the parking lot that was facing out towards the highway. Pointing to all of the spots where all of the people were searching and where the couple had been metal detecting, Brian explained that he truly believed that the ring was still hidden within the landscaped areas. Yet, for some reason, nobody could find where it ended up. He also said that he didn’t think that the ring flew beyond the flower bed and into the parking lot. Nor did they see the ring bounce off of the curb or sidewalk and land towards the street.


The two of us stood on the sidewalk that was adjacent to Coastal Highway and I continued to set up my detector to search specifically for a lady’s white gold ring, discriminating out all other types of metals that I was not interested in searching for. Because of how much trash gets thrown into the bushes and flowerbeds near most streets, I did not want to have any distractions from various types of aluminum that rested on the surface of the flower bed. I then began swinging my detector from left to right over various portions of the landscaped hill, carefully trying not to step on the pretty flowers that were everywhere in that section of the flower bed. I continued to move the metal detector coil in all of the probable places where the ring may have ended up.


Brian and Brian Basking in the Excitment of Finding the Missing Engagement Ring!

For the first minute, I didn’t get any signals that would indicate that I hit a possible ring target. However, no more than a minute later, I did get the exact signal that I was looking for! The metal detector started sounding off a tone that was in the range of white gold! It was a very bouncy kind of signal, very sharp and definitely a target that was above the ground or at least close to it. I looked at the VDI numbers on my Equinox 800 detector screen and it was telling me that a piece of metal was coming in at a number: four, five, seven, nine, and eleven. In my experience, those numbers are exactly the numbers I look for in discovering a white gold engagement ring like the size and weight that Kristie possessed. I explained to Brian what was happening and what procedures I would take next. I immediately grabbed my pinpointer (a handheld detector) to isolate the particular area where the signal was coming from. I could then determine the exact location where that metal was resting. I placed it down on the wood chips and followed the signal until the handheld detector sounded off. It told me that the metal that I had detected was under one of the flowers that grew just inches away from the edge of the sidewalk. I then carefully moved part of the plant over to the side without breaking off its stem or tearing any of its pretty white pedals, and to my happy surprise, I saw one of the most beautiful engagement rings lying right beside the bottom of that flower! There it was, snuggled up against the stock of that precious little creation of God! The diamonds were sparkling like the reflection of the sun! It was breathtaking! I immediately leaned down and showed Brian what I had found! He could not have been more pleasantly shocked! I picked up the ring and presented it to the man who was beyond relieved that I had found Kristie’s beloved prize! He was beside himself! He could not have been happier and more grateful for what I was able to discover in mere minutes! I don’t think I could have counted the amount of hugs he gave me at that moment! Brian told me how happy I made him and how thankful his wife-to-be would be feeling shortly upon hearing the news that the ring was coming home!


While we were standing there on the sidewalk basking in all of the excitement, I shared with Brian that it was quite possible that this ring could have permanently disappeared by morning based on the location of where it was resting. Had one brief tropical rain storm travel through the area at any point in time during the night or morning hours, it could have potentially washed the ring onto the sidewalk and be exposed to any pedestrian walking by. The ring was only inches away from being lost forever! This made me feel so glad that I traveled through the night to help Brian and Kristie recover this gorgeous piece of jewelry!


What a fabulous time we had out on the sidewalk, celebrating the discovery of this ring! Just as we were about to start walking back to our cars, a police officer walked over to us and asked what was going on. He saw all of this equipment that I had in my hand and I’m sure he wondered what was taking place. Brian explained that I was a metal detectorist who had just found his fiancé’s 2 karat diamond white gold engagement ring! The officer immediately took interest in my abilities and then proceeded to ask me if I could assist the police with a case involving a couple that got into an argument on the beach just a few hours earlier. A young lady threw her rings into the sand and when the couple tried to find the rings, neither one of them could recover them. I looked at Brian with a smile and he looked back at me with an expression that said, “it all sounds way too familiar”!


The officer went on to share further that when the argument began to get heated, the police were called in and that’s when they took note of the need for a metal detectorist when the couple requested help in recovering their rings. The officer asked if I could check out the scene and see if I could find the missing rings for the couple. I told him I would be happy to give it a shot and he gave me the necessary information to start another search later that morning.


After the officer left us, Brian and I headed back to the parking lot where we took a couple of pictures, shared more words of excitement, thanked the Lord for helping me find Kristie’s ring, gave each other a couple more celebratory hugs, and then eventually called it a night and parted ways.


Brian was so grateful for what I had done for the couple that he invited me to his restaurant which he managed and bartended throughout the week. I told him that I would definitely take him up on his offer to have a meal and a drink “on the house” the next time that I would be coming in town. I couldn’t have felt more happiness for Brian and Kristie that night! It was a mission that ended up completely successful and I felt such gratification for driving so far into the early hours of the morning to help a desperate man find something so important as his fiancé’s engagement ring! It was truly a happily-ever-after story in recovering the ring that night! What an experience it was! I packed up the car with my gear and headed over to the beach where the other couple had lost their rings.


After an unsuccessful search on the beach for the two lost rings (I was convinced that they had already been discovered), I watched our magnificent sun rise over the ocean and then headed for home. During my journey westbound, I received a special phone call from Brian. He called just to tell me that he couldn’t stop thinking about what I had done for the couple in coming out in the middle the night to help them find their missing ring! He said he felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude every time he thought about the fact that the ring was back in their hands. Brian went on to share that he felt the need to call me and thank me once again. I told him how amazing that was for him to do that and that I would never forget his heart of gratitude! It was well worth all of the lack of sleep and long hours of driving just to help another person out! The whole rest of the way home I had the biggest smile on my face! Certainly finding Kristie’s lost ring was a huge help in patching things up between the couple. They could move forward and focus more on their relationship issues, plans to move into their new house just a few miles from where they were currently living, as well as get excited for the big day approaching when the love knot would finally be tied!


It was a fun ring search and recovery mission in helping to bring smiles back to the faces of those who needed it most that night! I was so glad that I could be there for Brian and Kristie!


If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and RING REVEAL pertaining to this story, the YOUTUBE link will be provided shortly. To receive the notification letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to BRIAN’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL by typing: THE RING RETURNER.












Valentine’s Day 2020 Gold Wedding Ring Recovery Puyallup WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch video linked below…

I received a simple one line email from Rudy, “Can you help me locate a ring I lost in my front yard please?” That’s all it took to get the process started. We had a quick phone chat and the story unfolded with all the necessary details. Rudy told me a few days prior he had his wife’s diamond wedding ring in his hand when his toddler ran up to him. They were on the front porch and he picked his daughter up into his arms to show the ring. In doing so her arm smacked the ring straight out of Rudy’s had. He put his daughter back into the house and immediately started searching the tall shrubs trying to find the lost ring.  Both Rudy and his wife, Andrea, spent the next several days searching inch by inch. They hand search the shrubs branch by branch and hand sifted the needles below and still no ring. Rudy even took out his own metal detector that he had stashed from a long while back. However not having ever used it before it just made a bunch of senseless noice and was of no use. The day before Valentine’s day Rudy was on the phone with Andrea and since she was deeply saddened that the ring was still missing. Rudy readied he had to find a way to get the ring back. After an internet search on how to find a lost ring he found and reached out to me for assistance.

I arrived on Valentine’s day and the search was on! The yard was small but the couple had become object fixated on a specific area in the bushes. They had spent hour over the previous days looking with no success. They did say they never heard the ring fall so there was a good change it never hit the concrete. I did a focused search from the initial target zone and slowly expanding out when I found the ring just beyond their search area. It had been tucked in the grass with some blown in leaves covering things up.

Watch this exciting story unfold as I search your common everyday front yard for a beautiful diamond white gold wedding ring:


Jeff Morgan



Naples, FL — Lowdermilk Park — Ring Lost in Sand Found and Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Mrs. Larson along with her husband and friends were enjoying a relaxing vacation beach day at Lowdermilk Park in beautiful Naples, Florida.  The joy subsided, though, when she realized her diamond and platinum wedding set had fallen into the loose sand.  Unable to locate the rings themselves, the Larson’s gave us a call asking for help.

Within just a few minutes of our arrival—equipped with our Minelab metal detectors—both rings were found and returned.  So glad we could be a part of another successful ring recovery!