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Gold Class Ring, Lost and Found, Fairfax, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

I am an expert metal detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Please text or call as soon as possible: (703) 598-1435

Area Marked with String of Lights

Jennifer’s Ring

Recent graduate Jennifer was home from college, putting up a string of outdoor holiday lights when she felt her class ring slip off. She immediately searched the tall grass but couldn’t find the ring. She took the string of lights and made a ten-foot circle around the area and called me.

Thanks to Jennifer’s quick thinking, the successful recovery took only moments!

Rob Ellis: Metal Detector Expert… Call/text ASAP, (703)-598-1435





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Don’t give up. Many of my clients have bought, borrowed, or rented a metal detector before calling me. Just because someone has a tool, it doesn’t mean they know how to use it. I use state of the art equipment, and I have thousands of hours of experience searching on land and underwater. If you have tried using a detector without success, please call to see if I can help.


  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
I received a text from a gentleman over in Durham, NC about his wedding ring being lost in the backyard.
The story goes, his 3 yr old daughter picked it up off a table and made a beeline to the backyard to give it to her mom. Only she didn’t make it before she dropped it in the grass.
After getting there and getting the story, it took me about 5 mins to locate and get it back to him! The 3 girls were watching and telling me where baby sister was when she lost the ring. Crazy enough the 3 yr old was pretty close to where she lost it!!
TIKTOK VIDEO: Captures her saying “HE DID IT”
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Lost White Gold Diamond Engagement Band in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call about a lost Women’s Gold Diamond Engagement Band in their back yard. We setup a good day and time to complete a search.

The ring was lost as she was shaking her hand and then flew off somewhere in the grass. I started my search through the grass then had a hit. As I pulled the grass back then was the ring laying at the bottom of the grass.

He was very Happy to have the ring return to them.

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Found a Lost Ring in Iowa City, Iowa


I found a lost ring today for Mike. He lost his ring a few days ago while doing some yard work in his backyard. It took about an hour to find it. He was very happy to get it back. He said he had the ring since the 1970’s.

Lost ring in car in Orlando, Florida….Found and returned to happy owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Got a call from Christine who asked if I could possible help her find her diamond engagement ring which fell in her car by the drivers seat and somehow just disappeared! Her husband tried looking for it with a flashlight and literally bruised and scraped up both hands while sticking his fingers into the small cracks and crevices trying his best to locate his dear wife’s lost ring. They even took it to the Mazda dealer and they removed the seat and searched for the ring as well but were unable to find her lost engagement ring. Christine was very distraught over the whole ordeal and went online to look for some help and stumbled onto She was fascinated that there actually existed a unique service of ring finding specialists who recover lost ring on land, in the water, in cars and most anyplace imaginable. She called me and I came the next day with my equipment and began my search. My main tool of choice for these types of searches is an endoscope that is ideal for looking in tiny, restricted areas. Under Christine’s car seat there was only one slit in the carpet where electrical wires go to control the seat adjustments. It took about 20 minutes and at one point I saw a penny that was in a small grooved area and further back behind the penny I saw a sparkling reflection that could only be Christine’s diamond ring. I then rigged up a thin cooper wire with a small hook on the end and carefully worked it along the cable of my endoscope and gently and very slowly pulled her ring out to where I could grab it with my fingers. I handed the ring to Christine’s husband and said, “How should we surprise Christine?”. Just then Christine came out of the house and asked how it was going. So I casually said, “Well I did find a penny…..and then I found this hiding behind the penny!”. Christine could not hold back the tears…only these were tears of JOY!!

Thanks Christine for calling me and allowing me to help you find your precious engagement ring!

Lost something recently? Call or text me ASAP! 321-363-6029

Mike McInroe….humbly at your service and thankful to be a member of

How to find a ring lost in a garden? Call the Kerikeri Ring Finder.

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)
After reading of my recent recovery of a lost earring in a garden near Kerikeri, Lucy contacted me to see if I could help locate her aquamarine engagement ring, lost in a lawn four months ago.
She had her jewellery out while getting ready for a trip out, and when she came to put it on noticed it had been moved, and her precious ring was missing.
It didn’t take long to discover her three year old had been playing with it, and taken it outside.
On careful questioning, her daughter admitted she had lost it “in the grass”.
After the inevitable immediate search, Lucy gave up hope of ever seeing it again, and more so after the lawn was inevitably mown.
Until yesterday, when I turned up to see what I could do.
Being a farm environment, the going was very slow with the many targets you find in this sort of ground, each needing to be verified before moving on.
I cleared the likely play area, and moved down to the orchard – after all, what three year old can resist fresh plums!
It wasn’t long before I got a low tone in the headphones, in amongst the trees.
As I lifted a small plug of soil, the edge of a ring was visible – I teased it out from the grass roots and gave it a quick rinse in a nearby puddle while Lucys son went to find her.
Her tears flowed freely as I handed it back to her, and she explained to a confused three year old that these were “tears of happiness”, and not like the “sad” tears when she realised it had been lost.
I waited a while for the teary red eyes to subside before the reunion photo 🙂

Lost engagement ring in the sand at Flagler Beach, Florida….Found with a metal detector and returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Lost a special ring or other sentimental piece of jewelry, cellphone, keys or other metal object? Call or Text Mike McInroe–ASAP at 321-363-6029!

John Jr. called me from Flagler Beach on Mothers Day to ask for my help! You see, his wife had wrapped her engagement ring in her shirt and left it on the beach towel as they swam and enjoyed the Florida sun, sand and ocean water. (This was their last day in Florida and they needed to return their rental car and catch a plane to Chicago later on in the day.). So when the time came to pack everything up they grabbed the beach chairs, umbrella, towels, coolers and their items of clothing like T-shirts, sandals and a certain shirt all neatly rolled up! Unfortunately they forgot that John’s wife’s engagement ring was tucked away inside and when they shook the sand out of the shirt, the ring went flying into the soft coquina sand! They frantically searched for some time by dragging their fingers through the sand hoping to catch a glimpse of the platinum ring and someone suggested looking online for some help and that is what led John Jr to give me a call. Here is what John’s father wrote…”I am so grateful for Mike McInroe and for his services today. He traveled more than 80 miles on Mothers Day to locate a precious engagement ring that my son and daughter in law misplaced in the sand at Flagler Beach. He quickly located the ring that we had desperately searched for, for over an hour. Mike is a master at his craft and is a true man of integrity. Thanks again Mike! John Davis”

How I thank God for allowing me the amazing opportunity and privilege to help John and many others like him!

Mike McInroe….blessed to be a member of

Newlyweds Wedding Ring Lost On Surf City Beach Found The Next Day

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

I woke up around 4:00 am and checked my business messages.  Just after 1:30, Caroline informed me her husband, of almost 6 months, Edson had lost his gold wedding band, the prior afternoon, somewhere on the beach.  I later discovered she also posted on a social media group in the area about the lost ring with a description of the ring but thankfully, not the precise location of the loss.  Later that morning, we made plans to search in the afternoon when the high tide was subsiding because she thought it may have come off while they were walking in the shallow water.  Edson was very good at remembering details that narrowed the search area and within 10 minutes, a very strong signal on a beach that wasn’t providing too many signals proved to be Edson’s lost ring.  The couple was in disbelief that it was found so quickly!

Lost wedding ring on a bike path in Ottawa Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

Robert and his wife were biking when his bicycle chain came loose. After repairing his chain, his hands were dirty and he rubbed them in the grass. That’s when he felt and saw his ring fly off. They searched and others stopped to help.. In desperation to find the ring, they even ripped out some of the grass out but still couldn’t see it. A passerby offered them a rake but still nothing. At least an hour had passed and even though he saw it fly and land, they couldn’t find it. His wife did a Google search and came across us on The Ring Finders. Within 25 minutes we were there. He explained to us where he was and Eric stood right on the spot and asks “who will find it first?”. I told him you as you’re starting right there lol. He moves over and says I’ll let you go first. I scan the immediate area, which was approximately 4’x 4’. I then turn and get a sweet double tap on the surface, spread the grass and there it was ha ha! I think we made it look way too easy as the first thing he asked was, “is it always that quick?” We smiled and said no, but when someone feels it come off, it’s that much easier to find. It made all of our day!


Important Keys Lost In Cape Carteret Poppy Field Found With Metal Detector

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Char wrote… “On a pretty May day I sat out to take some pictures of my sweet bulldog who was turning 11. We went to the field of poppies in Cape Carteret. Unfortunately while getting all the cute shots, I dropped my keys somewhere in the field. Talk about needle and haystack, after looking for an hour and the help of a very kind Good Samaritan it became clear I wasn’t going to find them. I had car keys, house keys, storage keys — everything on that key chain. I knew all I needed was a metal detector. That’s where Crystal Coast Ring Finders came in. I called Steve and he came straight over. We began searching and within 10 minutes he found them. Yay!!