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Diamond Wedding Band Recovered In Belmar New Jersey

I got a text from Ross asking for help to locate his wife’s missing wedding band. I called him and got the details and told him i’d head down to the Belmar beach immediately. Seems his wife was enjoying the day at the beach with their daughter, she took off her wedding band to put lotion on their daughter and put it in a side pocket on her beach chair not knowing there was a hole in it. She realized it was gone when returning back home to Pennsylvania and gave up hope of ever seeing it again. Ross did a google search and found me on RingFinders and thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to me. He told me, along with a few pictures of their daughter playing in the sand as to where they were sitting to help me with the search. I got down to the beach, they were on the top of the slope to the right of the lifeguard stand. I started to grid just off to the side of the lifeguard stand and picked up a few trash targets, then about 20 feet from the stand I got a nice signal and scooped a little sand up and there was her ring in the bottom of the scoop.  Went back to the car and gave Ross a call with the good news. He couldn’t believe it. I made arrangements to meet up with him the next morning to return her ring. I’m glad I was able to reunite her with her ring, another happy ending recovery.

Mother’s Ring Lost During Surf City Fishing Trip Found And Returned

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Lori & Herb were fishing in a favorite location on the Surf City beach.  This place was extra special to Lori as she had placed a few of her mother’s ashes in this location last year on her mother’s birthday July 13th.  Her mother had plans to visit Surf City but unfortunately, due to her health wasn’t able to travel to this very nice town.  Lori had always loved her mother’s ring growing up and when her mother passed away, Lori informed me it was the only item she wanted to hold onto as a keepsake of her mother and her parents 54 years of marriage.

While fishing the coastline just before sunset, Lori had went down to the water’s edge to wash her hands after baiting a hook.  The surf came in and her mother’s cherished ring slid off and buried into the sand.  Lori frantically tried to dig it back out of the beach sand.  Herb advised her it may not be a good idea as the movement could cause it to sink more or even be tossed to another location.  Herb followed a local Metal Detecting group on social media and immediately posted a plea for help.  My friend Justin saw this post just a couple of minutes afterwards and informed me to contact Herb ASAP.  Herb was amazed at how fast we contacted him and both Justin and I headed in their direction.  Fortunately, the tide was going out, so I knew we’d find the ring in the wet sand.  Upon arrival, Herb & Lori wisely marked the area with a glow in the dark stick since the sun had already set.  We began a search and my 1st target was a solid 12-07 on my Minelab CTX-3030.  One scoop into the sand and my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT sounded off on a golf ball size clump of sand. It was then, I noticed the white gold peeking out.  I grabbed the whole piece and placed into Lori’s hands.  She didn’t seem to believe what she was seeing as her mother’s ring was once more back in her possession.  Lori’s was filled with emotion and relief!  We had a very enjoyable conversation afterwards an as it was getting late, we parted ways.  I hope to see them on the beach again soon.

Ring Lost In Owasso, Oklahoma Found ?

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Reciced a call about a Lost wedding ring at work mid week… I talked with Nathan bout what had happened…… He said he was working on his daughters swing set group making it even….  He said at some point he looked on his hand  and his ring was gone…. He said it must have slipped off while doing the dirt work on the swing set…. I immediately started searching ( thinking it was gonna be a very short search nope it wasn’t)…. I asked Nathan what  is the probability it was in the small area he was working in he said 99.9 percent… I asked him what he was wearing while working he said a pair of shorts… Nathan went and looked in the shorts he didn’t find it.”….  I said ok let’s go….. unfortunately while I searching Nathan had to return to work…. Nathan’s wife came outside and I started to chat with her…. About about an hour and a half  said to Nathan’s wife I’m pretty sure it wasn’t here in the back yard as the back yard was small…. I was covering the dirt pile and asked his wife what he was wearing she said a pair of shorts….. I told her I asked him the same question… I asked her to go search his shorts again she said ok…. Im looking around again and I hear from the side of the house…. Nathan’s wife came around on the side and said I found it… I said no way…. She looked again in his shorts and there it was…. I texted Nathan and showed him my ring he said no that’s not it but that it was a good find …. So five minutes later I texted him his ring and he said yup that’s my ring…. He had lost it the previous day….. thank you Nathan for getting ahold of me so soon…….

Engagement Ring Lost In Emerald Isle Waters Recovered By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

It was a beautiful Saturday for a swim along the Southern Outer Banks, also known as the Crystal Coast.  After Melanie was in water up to her waist, she thought it best to remove her rings before proceeding.  Her intention was to attach them to a hair band.  After removing her rings, her engagement ring slipped out of her hand into the Emerald Isle surf.  Her father recommended that she contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders after he posted a plea on a social media sight and received a recommendation to contact us.  Melanie called me shortly after loosing her ring and I made plans to meet her to begin the search.  I firmly believe her quick action to notify me as soon as possible definitely helped me locate her ring in the water.  Her and her husband knew the general area of where she was standing in the waist deep water at the time of the loss ring.  The beach in this area currently has very soft sand and heavy objects such as gold can sink below detection depth quickly.  She explained to me it had been a bad day with the loss of the ring and missing a flight but I am sure I helped ease her troubles with the thing that meant so much to her

Lost Wedding Band Dropped From Boat Dock Found In Cape Carteret, NC

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Mike was earlier doing some cleaning using various soaps.  Later that evening while relaxing on his boat dock with his wife he began to clean some of the soap residue from his figures.  It was a relaxing afternoon to sit, relax and enjoy the view and a beverage.  Mike started to clean his ring finger when the ring shot off of his finger, over his back and into the Intracoastal Waterway.

After getting the details, a through search began in the very soft muck bottom.  After 3 pieces of garbage were removed from the bottom a very good tone sounded off from my Minelab Excalibur II very close to the dock post.  My Garrett AT Pro-Pointer was used to search the shallow water for the tone.  A handful of muck with a shell and Mike’s wedding band was brought out of the water while Mike stood over his ring as it was lifted from the waterway.

Husband’s And Wife’s Wedding Rings Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Have All Been Found

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)


Cailey’s husband Connor had placed his wife’s wedding ring with his band into a shirt pocket for safe keeping while they spent a gorgeous sunny day on Emerald Isle Beach.  Connor started to throw a football down by the water with family members and didn’t realize right away that the rings had come up missing.  The family searched in the waves and were able to locate Cailey’s wedding band.  A family member stated “You need to call The Ring Finders”

I received the call to action as the tide was coming in and headed to their location as soon as possible.  A quick detective work questioning gave me a good idea of where to search.  I was loosing the area quickly to the almost nonstop waves.  My 1st target in the water was Cailey’s engagement ring.  I tried a few more passes and realized with the current and the water depth, it would much better to return during the next low tide (4:36am).  I explained to the couple and they were very happy to just have Cailey’s rings.  We took some photographs that afternoon and I told them I would be in contact the next day.

2:30am Thursday

My alarm goes off and I begin to get ready to head back to Emerald Isle, NC.  I begin my search in the area I found the engagement ring with very little luck.  I expanded my search area and eventually received a steady signal about 30 yards away from the 1st found ring location the previous day.  Around 4:45am I had located Connor’s wedding band.

The couple had planned another beach trip later the same day and I was happy to meet with them to return his wedding band and once again get pictures.  Cailey posted on my company Facebook page “We’re extremely grateful and appreciative, we can’t even express it. We’re so happy to have our rings back and we definitely recommend Crystal Cost Ring Finders to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”


  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)

METAL DETECTING  FOR A LOST RING IN JACKSONVILLE, FL. FOUND AND RETURNED .. Call or Text Adam someone you can trust.  714-785-5111  

**I received a call from a young frantic man who had only been married 1 month. He told me he went to the beach with his family over the Memorial Day Weekend and while packing up noticed his gold & diamond wedding ring was missing. He said he searched the entire area of the beach where they were and even the next day went and bought a metal detector still unable to find his ring. He lived out of State and was on is way home. I asked if a family member could meet me at the beach and show me the area he believed he lost the ring.  I searched the entire area and was unable to find the ring. I asked if he had been in the water? He told me he only went into the water to wash his hands but he made sure the ring was still on his finger when he got out of the water. He was positive the ring was not lost in the water. I checked the tide charts and decided to return later in the day. After searching the water area I was able to find his wedding ring.  Happy Wife = Happy Life…..

Lost Gold Ear Ring found, Tulsa Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Recieved a message from Sylvia few weeks ago. She said she lost her very expensive ear ring in her flower bed or at her son’s house or at her neighbors house. I said ok if it’s here I will find it.  I was using my pin pointer at first around the bushes.  Nothing so I was then using my machine to try and find the earring. Sylvia was talking to me while I was looking. I couldn’t hear everything she was saying so I stepped out of the flower bed.. Right before I stepped out in the grass I spotted her earring smashed down in the mud – I said does your earring look like this and pointed to the ground and she said no way. I said yup there it is.. The back of the earring was faulty and it had come undone..


Lost Ring found in the sand. Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)

Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

TIMING IS IMPORTANT .. call or TEXT Adam ASAP .. 714-785-5111 .. With all the spam calls if I don’t answer please TEXT..

***I received a call from this young man you told me that several days prior to him calling me he was standing in about two feet of water skimming rocks into the water at which time he felt his ring fly off his hand.  He told me the next day he bought a metal detector and tried to find his ring but but did not have any luck at all.  I informed him that if he directed me to the right area where he was in the water when he lost his ring that I believed I had a good chance of finding it even thou it had been a few days.  He was very hesitant because my profile did not show any recoveries. I informed him that I have recovered hundreds of rings but those recoveries were from different States and I could not display them in my Florida TheRingfinders profile. I texted him photos of many of my recoveries and informed him he had nothing to lose by letting me try and find his ring as there was no charge, if found reward only.

After searching for about a little over 1 hour I was thrilled to see the look on his face when  returned his favorite ring.


How to Find a Ring on the Beach … Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. .. Call a Member of TheRingFinders ..       “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

                          .. Call and Text – Adam someone you can TRUST…                                                     714-785-5111

Lost 14K Gold Mens Wedding Band Found In Ocean City, Maryland

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 04/13/2022, I received a call from Rick’s wife asking if I could help with finding his lost 14k Gold Wedding Band that had been lost in the sand on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. I agreed to help find the lost ring and I responded to the location at which time I learned that Rick had been folding up a beach chair when his ring slipped off of his finger and fell into the sand where it disappeared. After a failed attempt to find his ring in the sand Rick and his wife marked the area that the ring was lost in with a stick and then contact me for help. I began a grid search and on my second pass of the area I located the lost ring just west of the stick that had been placed in the sand as a marker. The ring was recovered and return to its rightful owner.