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Ring lost in La Mesa found.

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Joe was cleaning out a clogged drain on his backyard deck, and when he slung the clog downhill onto a construction debris pile, his family heirloom family crest ring was launched with it. He searched in the mud and debris in vain and contemplated buying a metal detector to help him find it. Instead, he found online and my contact info. We made arrangements later that afternoon to meet and conduct a search. Not a huge area, but, there was a moderate amount of junk in the construction pile, along with some flora and broken up concrete on a steep muddy slope. After gridding that area with two different detectors and two different coils, the ring was still missing. Being a fairly heavy gold ring, maybe it slung farther than the area I was searching, so, I asked if we could check the neighbor’s yard as it was possible the ring made it that far. In looking over the fence, there wasn’t any place for the ring to bury, so, it should just be a visual surface find. There was a walkway down the side of the neighbor’s yard next to Joe’s fence, so, we slowly headed down and checked the ground and plants as we went. With Joe leading the way, we made it about 3/4 of the way down when Joe spotted the ring right on top of the ground in the dirt close to the fence. Joe was very happy to get it back, and as I learned, it was his grandfather’s ring that had been one of the few items he had taken with him out of Hungary right before the USSR took over the country back in the mid 1950’s, and then eventually got passed down to Joe. The ring story continues……..

Ring lost in Torrey Hills San Diego found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I received a call from Linda saying that her husband Terry had lost his wedding ring outside their apartment the night before. They had searched for it for hours without success, so, they needed help. An online search brought them to and my contact info. With a narrow weather opening between storms, I met them at their apartment and got the story behind the ring’s loss. Terry had just left their upper floor apartment and noticed some soap on his hand. As he reached the top of the stairway, He removed his ring to wipe his fingers and his ring decided to take a 3 story leap off the open stairwell to an unknown fate below. He heard a ping as the ring hit something on it’s way down through several flights and landings until it reached the concrete bottom level with surrounding landscaping. The landscaping consisted of bushes of various heights and densities, bark, leaves, grass, and the typical metal trash that you get around walks and stairways. To add to the challenge, the building and concrete areas  have rebar, flashing, and other metal items to work around. A quick search with the big coil failed to come up with the ring, so, I changed to the 6″ coil and my pin pointer to get into tighter areas that the big coil won’t reach. After a while and several junk targets giving us false hope, I got a another similar low signal with my Equinox 900 deep under a bush. The pin pointer was singing, but, I still couldn’t see the target until I started to remove some dead leaves and saw a flash of gold. Yes! Success! Linda was first to notice my triumphant response, gave me an emotional and appreciative hug, and went inside to tell a very happy Terry. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.


Heirloom Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


I received a call from a very distraught Simona who told me she dropped her Platinum Diamond Ring in the sand in Huntington Beach. She told me it was her Grandmother’s Ring from the 1940’s

I arrived in about twenty minutes and met her on the beach. Simona told me she was visiting from Texas and she showed me the area where the ring was dropped.

I turned on my metal detector and the very first target I heard was promising, I looked down and could see a small sliver of a shiny ring. I showed Simona and she reached down and plucked her ring out of the sand.

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Lost Ring Found in Warwick RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

In the summer, I received a call from Matthew, who lost his wedding ring while playing catch with his young daughter.  He threw the ball in the air, and his ring went with it.  After searching the entire backyard unsuccessfully, he decided to consult the internet for help and found the Ring Finders website. I searched for over 4 hours without any luck. I promised Matt that I would return the next day to continue the search, which was tough due to lots of rocks and brush.  After 2 hours, I located his ring.  I almost gave up, but I’m glad I didn’t.  As you can tell, Matt was very happy to get his ring back.

Ring lost in San Diego park found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Bon was playing volleyball at a local park and decided to put his wedding ring in his pocket instead of wearing it. At a certain point after jumping and chasing the ball during a typical game, he checked his pocket and found the ring missing. This wasn’t his first experience with losing this ring, so, he knew who to call…. a Ring Finder. I was out detecting myself, but, quite a ways away when he called. I got to the park just before sunset and started my search in some fairly tall, unmowed grass. Bon was uncertain as to what metal his ring was made of, but, that he thought it was silver. I ran a grid pattern looking for a shallow high conductor, but, nothing of that sort was found. After expanding the search area a bit and still no ring, I went back to the main volleyball court and started checking for ANY shallow target with a good solid sound.  It was getting dark and cold, but, after a couple of passes I got a nice low tone in the U.S. nickel range that was right on top of the ground, but, under a few inches of grass. A probe with the pin pointer and sure enough, it was his ring. We were both happy to leave the park and go home to a warm house and hot meal.

Lost ring found Clemson SC

  • from Clemson (South Carolina, United States)

Clemson SC metal detectorist Allen Carter, cell #(864)535-4347 call or text anytime. Great news after a week of bad. After the big SC rivalry game between Clemson and SC lead to the loss 30-31, another big loss came to. Walking home from the game my client crossed a field where he stumbled and felt his prized ring fly from his finger. He spent several hours searching and even recruited the help of his friends with no luck. With the help of a family member they located our services at Ring Finders and found me. I met him at the field where I searched for several hours myself. I made arrangements to come back soon with a great plan. I laid out a grid using surveying flags. 3 feet apart and 150 feet across from one another, I laid out the rest of my day with high visibility. Row by row and swung my coil stopping for every  beep I came across, heart pumping and jumping every time! After several hours I made my way to the very last row. I was staring at the last flag as I made my way swingin towards it. I could feel the disappointment starting creep across me when finally with only 20 feet left to go, the loudest signal rang out and screamed from my detector. There it was! Big gold and very shiny! My first recovery as a Ring Finder! It was a great feeling and even better when I made that call to let him know I had it in my hands. Some losses may be forever but with my help I was able to make this one just a temporary setback.                     

Ring Lost in Tulsa found in bushes

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)


I received a call from Kara around noon today…….  Didn’t answer the call at first because of scammers all the time….. The phone rang again so answered it and asked what do you need? Kara said she needed help finding her engagement ring from (1952) that was handed down thru her boyfriends family….. So the pressure was on everybody was watching….. I asked her what had happened, she said it was New Year’s Eve and there were some things that had happened, off came the ring and thrown…… I searched half the yard and went back over it twice…… I said to myself it has to be in the bushes……..  I came back around the bushes and it had dropped out of the bushes…….  I then asked her if she thought it would be anywhere else she turned away and (I pulled a Chris Turner) I held up her ring and when she turned around she instantly froze and said really!!!!!! A big hug followed and she said thank you so much…..thanks for calling so soon KARA……..  KARA DIDNT want her picture taken so I asked to take a picture of me holding her ring……

Pendants lost at South Mission Bay Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Danielle was playing with a puppy who came up to her on the beach, when the dog snagged her necklace breaking it. She had two pendants on that chain fall off into the dry sand. The next day I was contacted by Danielle after she found my phone number on The Ring Finders website. We made arrangements to meet that afternoon to define the search area and get the particulars on how they were lost and what I would be looking for. It sounded like a nice easy one for a change….wrong.  We met at the site, and as luck would have it, a group of people were camped in and on the edge of the search area. Since I was looking for both a small silver pendant and larger gold one (one that had belonged to her grandmother), every non-ferrous target would have to be scooped so nothing was missed. Good thing they weren’t made of steel, as the place is paved with nails and other ferrous fire ring debris. I gridded the entire area that I could without having to displace the folks that were camped there, but, couldn’t find either pendant. The people camped there were curious as to what I was looking for, and were nice enough to move some of their gear so I could expand the search area a bit into where they were set up. Still nothing.  We figured, as unlikely as it was, that someone must have spotted them and picked them up since the time they were lost. I asked Danielle to send me any photos she may have of the two pendants and I’d keep them on file in case I ran across someone who may have detected that area and found them. It was a nice day and I decided to stay and detect for a while. I went up the beach an eighth of a mile or so and worked my way back hoping by the end of the afternoon everyone would be gone and I’d have the whole area to myself. I made it back to the original search area just before sunset, everyone was gone, and I completely gridded the area where I couldn’t search earlier. Sure enough, just slightly out of the search area where the previous folks had parked their wagon (which we hadn’t moved), I got a signal that turned out to be the silver pendant. A careful search of the surrounding sand and the gold pendant’s weak low tone signal came through the nail and junk infested site and into my headphones. Danielle was very happy to get her family heirloom back again. A pleasure to meet you and thanks for the reward.


  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)
Mobile Metal Detecting Service ready and able to help you now.. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ … Call or Text Adam 714-785-5111
I received a call last night from a woman who just got married on the beach. You know the traditional old saying “Something new, something borrowed, something blue and a Sixpence in your shoe”. Things a bride should have on them during their wedding for good luck. It turns out the the Sixpence has been in her family for decades and several family members have been married with this exact Sixpence. Since the ceremony was on the beach she was wearing sandals so she places the heirloom sixpence in her dress. After the wedding she noticed the sixpence was missing. She did a google search for metal detector specialist and contacted me. I met her early the next morning and searched the wedding location. Heirloom sixpence recovered and returned to owner. Family crises averted. 🙌🏻 #LostRingFlorida #MetalDetecting #LostRingJacksonville #MetalDetectorRental #RingFinderJacksonville #RingfinderFlorida #RingFinderPonteVedraBeach

Urgent Search for Whangarei Ring Lost in Surf, Found!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Late yesterday afternoon, Vega contacted me for help to find her lost ring at the beach.
She had been boogie-boarding at Ocean Beach, a beautiful surf beach on the outer coast of Whangarei – and had lost her ring in the sea.
After some google searches, her daughter suggested that Vega contact me.

Shortly after I had been given the circumstances, I was asking my long-suffering boss for the day off, again.
He agreed (I could imagine the eyes rolling), and so I was able to call Vega back and tell her that I would travel down first thing in the morning.
Marine recoveries are always against the clock – Never more so than when the person is on the last day of their holiday, and the ring has been lost in the intertidal zone on a surf beach!

I met Vega and her husband onsite, and I was very pleased to see they had pushed a stick into the sand yesterday to give me their best guess as to where it might be.
The dry fluffy sand where they had been sitting was the first search. Five minutes into it I dug a loud tone in the headphones – A flash of gold emerged…only to be a ‘kiddy-bling’ butterfly ring.
With a big grin, I jokingly asked Vega’s husband if this was it.
Dry sand cleared, and the tide approaching low, I returned to the car to get kitted up to head out into the surf.

This is where ringfinding experience, dedication and discipline come into play – careful tracking of coil coverage is critical to avoid missing even a ring-sized patch of sand. Not an easy task with surf breaking on you.
I wanted to cover the difficult section in the deepest water first, as this would be the first to be out of reach after the tide turned. It’s physically demanding fighting the waves, currents and pushing the detector through the water for several thousand sweeps.
After clearing the deeper water, I was glad to be able to start moving into the shallows for some respite on the arms.

Some time later, I heard a distinctive quiet tone in the shallows.
It took three fast scoops of sand to get to it, the shelly sand was very light and mobile and flowed straight back in the hole as fast as I could remove it.
The hole was quiet after the third scoop, and I lifted it out confident that there was a ring inside.
After sluicing the sand through, I was left with a few shells – and a gold ring.

Vega was further up the beach, standing in the shallows watching the sea. She looked up as I approached, I held the ring up with a big smile.
Her eyes lit up as she put the ring straight onto her finger and vowed it wouldn’t come to the beach again.