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Lost Wedding Band Found Ocean City NJ

from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-215-850-0188

I received a call from Abe after he lost his 14k white gold wedding band with diamonds on the first day of vacation in Ocean City NJ.  I met Abe at the beach and he said that the ring was in his pocket with his wallet.  When he went to meet the ice cream man he pulled out his wallet while walking and must have dropped the ring in the sand somewhere between where they were sitting and the ice cream man. Several people had been looking for the ring but there search was unsuccessful.  The search area was large and the ring was about 150 feet from where they were sitting. After a through grid and search of the area the ring came out of the sand! Abe came and gave me a huge hug and thanked me! Abe said the ring is very sentimental and was very happy that the ring was found!


Gold wedding Ring Lost & Found in Dorchester Garden

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

John stood in his Dorchester garden when along came his pet Husky dog seeking attention. He gave the dog a firm pat and felt his ring leave his finger landing somewhere in the garden. After spending many hours searching high and low he called me at the Ring Finders.

I noticed straight away the the ring could not have traveled too far for the fact there was a wire fence bordering the garden. This was both a help and a hindrance as any detectorist knows metal fences and detectors dont mix!

After searching for an hour I resorted to tackling the undergrowth by the wire fence on my hands and knees using just my hand held probe. At the base of the fence, under leaves out of reach of any coil there it was.

John was very relieved to get it back and made a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Gold Signet Ring Lost & Found In Basingstoke Garden

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

David from a small village near Basingstoke, Hants was very upset upset when he discovered whilst gardening to have lost his ring. The ring dated back to the 1800’s & had been handed down by his Grandfather  & one day the same for HIS son too. The ring had obviously seen much history  & for it to have been lost so easily, was very sad.

When I received the call from David I asked the usual investigative questions ascertaining it couldn’t be far & was definitely one of the recoveries that would be extremely rewarding. The journey to his home took s nearly 2 hours & I got straight to work when I arrived. His newly laid lawn took half an hour to scan but revealed nothing but a small lead Victorian Cockerel! It looked as if the ring may have landed in the neighboring farmers field when he threw stones out from the lawn- the field was full of bushes & grass 6 inches tall.

After half an hour the CTX gave the reassuring hum of gold & there it was! The grass was so thick it almost held the ring up presenting it to me, resisting sinking, lost eventually to time. David was extremely relieved to have the ring back & has made a generous donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Remote And Truck Keys Lost In N/E Edmonton, Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118


Danny called me this morning requesting my service to locate his keys and remote that he just lost while shoveling gravel in the basement of a new home and it was imperative that they where found before the cement truck came to pour the basement floor. I told Danny I would be there with in a half hour.

I met up with Danny at the house and he showed me the area that he was working in and that the keys could be six to eight inches down in the gravel. I told him no problem, I will find them after a few passes over the gravel.  I found his keys about four inches down. Danny was very happy that the keys where found as replacing them would have been very expensive,  along with a costly tow truck ride to the dealership.

Thank you Danny,  Another happy Client

Mens Wedding Ring Lost & Found On Studland Beach, Dorset

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Liam Russell & family from Frome, Somerset visited Studland Beach in June, attracted by the gentle sea & the almost white fine sand. The sand though, like many other ring losses proved yet again though – ‘drop it & its gone’!

In the past I have recovered rings whereby people have thoughtfully removed them, left them in a shoe or placed on a T Shirt only to be dropped later into the sand. This was such a case. These are easy recoveries as we know where they are but often sink deeper after people attempt to recover them themselves.

My worry was that it had been 24 hours since the loss & in an area often scoured by beach combers. Fortunately the ring had sunk sufficiently enough to lay undetected & recovered after about 10 minutes.

Liam was very eager to be reunited with the ring & drove all the way to my work to collect it. He was very grateful & kindly made a donation to Margret Green Animal Sanctuary.

Lost Engagement Ring in Lumberton,NJ Recovered by Ed Cropski

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I responded to a call from a fellow Ring finder Dave Milsted asking if I could help recover a lost ring as he was unable as he is recovering from surgery? Absolutely willing to help Dave and the owner of the ring out I then contacted Derek.

He explained that his fiance’ had lost her engagement ring on their front lawn the day before and although they had searched for it they had no luck.

I met Derek,staked out the area with flags and began my grid pattern and after just a few minutes I got a nice clean signal from my White’s V3i metal detector. Reaching down and moving the grass aside revealed the diamond ring! At that time he was talking with neighbors who wished him luck and said “Here you go!” They were amazed at the recovery and he was extremely happy and a couldn’t wait to call his fiance’ with the great news!

Another great recovery!


Mens White Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Studland Beach

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Studland Beach in Dorset is a popular destination for holiday makers and day visitors just like Richard Meredith from Hampton Court, London.

As with many people visiting beaches, the combination of Sand Castle making, throwing Frisbees and sun tan oiled fingers- the risk of losing a ring is rife. We all know how hard it is to find anything dropped in the sand and the more you search the deeper it falls.

This is just what happened to Richard when he felt his ring slip off. The more he dug, the deeper it sank. He waited patiently for me to arrive but was reunited with his ring in a matter of seconds.

Richard kindly made a donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Lost Ring Wausau, Wisconsin

from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)
Contact: 1-920-246-1252

Hi my name is Ryan Holubiw.  I recently joined theringfinder.com to help reunite lost rings and other precious jewelry with their owners in the Wausau, WI, central Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Instead of renting a metal detector you can rent a metal detectorist.  I can find lost rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, class rings, or any ring for that matter.

Sentimental Ring Found, (Hillview Neighborhood) Edmonton, Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118

Aron (2) 48badd79-c717-4171-985e-68f73287d138 Aron

I received a call from Marlene on Christmas Eve asking if it was possible for me to find her Dad’s ring. 10 days ago he had been brushing the snow off his car with his bare hands when his ring flew off. I told her that if the ring was on the ground I would find it. She described the ring as gold, very large, and having much sentimental valve as it was a 35 year’s of service award from the automotive industry when her dad retired.


Today, Boxing Day morning, I meet Marlene at her condo complex and she showed me where her dad’s car had been parked that evening and also mentioned that he had been out looking for the ring a couple of times and had piled a mound of snow on the front lawn and that the ring could be there. I started my search and had Marlene move her vehicle from her parking spot so I could search that area. I found the ring where her car had been in about two inches of hard packed snow. When Marlene’s father arrived, I walked him over to where the ring was laying in the snow. The smile on his face was proof that this ring was very sentimental for him. He and his daughter were extremely pleased to have the ring back.  Although Aron declined to have his picture taken with his ring for our “book of smiles”, he did give permission to have his ring published. Thank you for entrusting me and “The Ring Finders”. Happy New Year!

Lost On Southbourne Beach- Gold Signet Ring With Single Diamond

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

photo (2)Monday 12th August found a very sad holiday maker packing his clothes into his suitcase preparing for his long journey home to Liverpool. Everything was there, ready and packed…. all bar his beautiful single diamond signet ring which once belonged to his farther. Mr Bill Owens of Liverpool caught a glimpse of the BBC TV report of The Ring Finders as he was packing and decided to try his luck as all else had failed to recover the ring.

After being swamped by a large wave the ring slipped off into 3-4  feet of rough sea waters approximately a week before and I explained the recovery might prove difficult. After 3 visits totaling 5 hours with very choppy waters, ripping currents and sea weed banks I hit pot luck. Suddenly through my  headphones my machine gave out an almighty cry like the noise of stepping on a dogs tail! Its a particular noise to detectorists who after many hours of fruitless, noiseless searches relish to hear. The ring was found 7 meters away than where it had been lost and probably shifted due to the strong currents.

The BBC had asked me to keep them informed of any successful recoveries and this one seemed particularly interesting to them. I am awaiting a copy of the program to upload on to the internet. Mr Owens was extremely grateful &  made a very generous donation to the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. _69430807_69430806