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from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
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Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost on the beach and in the ocean, they can be recovered.

If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them!

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Gold ring recovered in Rochester, New York

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Hello readers,

I received a call from Steve last week about a lost ring. The ring flew off his hand while he was at a Fourth of July party last weekend during a little wrestling match between him and his friends in the sand after a few drinks. Pretty standard behavior as far as I’m concerned. He saw the ring come off and as you can imagine, they spent the rest of the day looking for it. He rented a metal detector and tried to find it himself, but had no luck. He found me online and explained what happened, and I agreed to come and take a look for him on the weekend.

I arrived Saturday morning and had Steve explain in further detail what had happened. I grabbed my detector and started combing the beach, using my grid lines. I was extra thorough as I didn’t want to miss the ring. After about two hours of searching, I finally got a great signal. There was the ring! And wow what a beautiful ring it was. It was his grandfathers ring from Italy and upon seeing it, I realized why it meant so much to him. What a great feeling to return a piece of history to its rightful owner. We were both thrilled. Thanks so much Steve for giving me the opportunity to get your ring back, and for the generous reward!

Lost EarRing Moonlight Beach

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Hit in the head playing volleyball at moonlight beach, Encinitas.  After looking for a time, they give up.

Later that day one of the Lady’s finds me on and gives me a call.  With area known I go down and dig , staples, small nails, one junk toe ring.  I call back and asked a bit more. Thinking how far could it have gone. She said she watched it fly off her left shoulder.  We meet the next day to discover NO DETECTOR will pick it up. Testing the one she brought.

What ?  Ok time to call the troops in. I call my partner, Curtis Cox and and friend Stan Ross from up north.  Stan and I come up with an idea, strianers.

Three RingFinders on their hands and knees sifting the volleyball court. 1 1/2 hrs and it comes up in Stan Ross’s sifter the othe way from what we had been told. As we try to figure out how it was there, when she got hit she turned to her right. It did fly off her left shoulder but to the right 6′.

This was a TEAM HUNT, 2 sifter $120.00.  We weren’t gona miss this.

Tiny White gold , open, not detectable.

Closed was detectable. Great lesson.