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Lost and Found in Washington DC House…Family Heirloom Engagement Ring

from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)
Contact: 1-301-466-8644

Kat’s Beautiful Family Heirloom Engagement Ring!

Excitement and Relief Written All Over Kat’s Smiling Face as She Displays Her Treasured Keepsake!


As a ring finder, I consider myself not only a metal detectorist, but also a “metal detective”. Many of the people that contact me are ones that need help solving the mystery as to what happened to their ring. They are not sure if the ring ended up in the grass, leaves, sand, water, or even snow. Yet, they sometimes don’t think outside the box by including the possibility that the ring never made it into nature’s elements all along. I searched houses and vehicles all the time and this story is an example of exactly that situation.

Kat was running late to get to her Washington DC gym for her regular workout class. She took her engagement ring off, placed it in a side pocket in her gym bag, threw some other things inside, placed the bag on the back of her bike and hurried to make her appointment.

When Kat arrived back home later that evening, she dropped her things at the door and forgot about retrieving her ring until sometime the following day or so. When she finally returned to the gym bag to recover the ring, Kat was shocked to find out that it was no longer inside. She started to panic and looked everywhere in the house as well as in her vehicle. She retraced her steps and started searching along the streets that she traveled on her way to the gym, looked everywhere at the workout center and still nothing turned up.

Eventually the distraught young lady filed a police report because she didn’t know if somebody may have stolen the ring while she was working out at the gym. The bag was left unlocked along with all the rest of the other gym members’ belongings. Kat called local pawn shops and checked eBay to see if somebody was already trying to sell her ring online. In addition to that, the young lady even printed “LOST” signs, hoping that if somebody did find it on the street, maybe that person would be honest enough to turn the cherished item in and receive a reward for their high ethical practices. Unfortunately, the phone never rang and no text was received about her beloved keepsake.

This ring meant the world to Kat in various ways. The large diamond was a family heirloom that was previously owned by Kat’s mother in law who had sadly passed away shortly before the ring went missing. Her fiancé Peter (now husband) custom designed the band specifically for Kat. There could never be a replacement of something so special and sentimental as this engagement ring. The two of them were devastated when nothing turned up.

Finally, when all of Kat’s other efforts failed to recover the ring, she thought that if it had fallen out of her bag while biking her way to the gym, perhaps it was still somewhere on the street, near the curb or even the sidewalk. Using a metal detector, she thought, might be a helpful tool in finding her lost family heirloom. The moment that she started Googling her particular need online, The Ring Finder’s website popped up. Kat found my profile page and promptly contacted me.

I love trying to solve mysteries for other people because I know how much these items mean to people. They are not simply material objects. These are stories that represent love, family and commitment. I kept Kat on the phone for over an hour and a half, asking her every question imaginable. I wanted to get an accurate picture of what took place and what were all of the possibilities that we were dealing with as to what could have happened to her precious keepsake.

When I am working with people that are not sure what happened to their item, it is so important that I look at all of the possibilities of the situation as if it’s a crime scene. Then, I come to the most likely conclusion based on my years of experience and I start the search at that point. Wisdom comes from the Lord according to the Bible, and so I heavily rely on my faith in God to help guide me along the investigative trail, using wisdom which is full of logic, common sense and reflecting on past successful experiences.

Once I acquired all of the facts on the phone with Kat, we set up a time later that night for me to come out with my metal detector and immediately search along the streets leading to the gym. If we did not find the ring outside, I highly recommended that I search inside their house. I conduct in-house searches all the time and I am highly successful in recovering lost rings inside houses.

In the meantime, before my arrival, I highly recommended that my client continue to search inside her home near the front entrance. From everything that Kat told me, I told her that I thought that the ring most likely ended up falling out of her bag when she dropped it by the front door. It could have ended up rolling across the hardwood floor and was hiding  behind something. I shared with Kat that shoes are generally the number one culprit where rings end up inside near the front door. Not only have I seen this happen before, but other Ring Finders that I’m associated with have shared similar stories with me, as well.

I shared with Kat that it was highly unlikely that her bag leaned over enough to spill the ring out on the street while she was biking to the gym. If that was the case, she probably would have lost something else along the way, as well. This left us with the possibility of theft or that the ring fell out of her bag when she placed it on the floor upon arriving home that particular evening from the gym.

I suggested that Kat take a a high lumen flashlight, turn off all the lights in her living room which was adjacent to the front hall next to the front door and search every crack, crevice and corner! I encouraged her to look inside anything that the ring could have fallen into (including shoes and other bags nearby). She agreed to take on this assignment during the hours before my arrival.

Well, just as I was texting my client to let her know that I was on my way to Washington DC for the evening search, Kat called me in a state of utter ecstasy to share the amazing news the she in fact recovered her missing ring! Though she had searched the first floor of her house several times during the days prior to contacting me, she listened to my advice and sure enough, she found the ring inside another item that was lying on the floor located behind a piece of furniture!

Apparently, the ring had fallen out of her gym bag, rolled along the hardwood floor behind a piece of furniture and then slipped inside another container! Using her phone’s flashlight in the dark, she was able to catch a glimpse of her precious jewel that was peeking out just enough to catch the light from her phone! Absolutely wonderful! My client was so happy and she couldn’t stop thanking me for all the help that I gave her earlier that afternoon! I was simply overjoyed for Kat that this most cherished family heirloom would remain in the family for many generations to come!

I was beyond excited for Kat and Peter! How fantastic was that moment when I heard the incredible news that the engagement ring was safe and sound in their home! And most importantly, that beautiful  diamond and yellow gold band was finally back on Kat’s finger… exactly where it belonged and nowhere else!




One evening I was hustling to the gym in downtown DC, running late for a workout class. I took off my engagement ring and tucked it into my bag, but when I got home it was nowhere to be found. The ring has huge sentimental value – the band was custom designed for me, and the diamond originally belonged to my mother in law, who recently passed away. My spouse and I were heartbroken. I searched the gym – nothing. We were terrified that it had slipped out of my bag on the street… what would be the odds of recovering it then? After filing a police report, calling local pawn shops, checking eBay, and printing “LOST” signs, I thought if there was any chance of finding the ring on the street, a metal detector would be necessary. I stumbled across TheRingFinders.com in a Google search and found Brian’s profile. When I called Brian, I was expecting a polite “please schedule an appointment” response. Instead he spent over an hour on the phone with me, talking me through every step I had taken since the last time I saw the ring. He was extremely considerate, reassuring, and positive, while digging for details to narrow down where the ring might be. He offered to come out that night, but after I got off the phone I decided to take one more look around our apartment. Brian had said that night time is actually a good time to look for a ring because it will reflect a bright light. So even though I had already scoured our place, I turned on my phone’s flashlight and looked again. Lo and behold the ring had fallen out of my gym bag, behind a piece of furniture and slipped down inside another container – but it was peeking out just enough to catch the light from my phone. If not for Brian, it would have been weeks, if not months, before I recovered my ring – time I would have spent grieving my most cherished possession. Brian’s thoughtful and thorough consultation put me at ease that I had an expert on the case, and gave me the clue that led me to find it. He has clearly seen it all and cares a ton about the people he is helping as much as solving the mystery of each misplaced item. If you’re in Maryland/DC/VA and you’ve lost something precious, call Brian! You won’t find a better partner to help locate it. Thank you, Brian!

Washington DC


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Lost Car Key… Found In Williamsburg, Iowa

from Iowa City (Iowa, United States)
Contact: 1-319-430-3606

I got a call today to search for a single lost car key. It was lost several days ago in a snowy yard. The lady had rented a detector but couldn’t find it. So she found my number today and gave me a call.

Luckily I wasn’t busy so I got my equipment together and drove over. I can see why she had trouble with a rental, there were all kinds of junk targets and interference even after turning my sensitivity down. After awhile I did come across a nice shallow target that was her key. She was very happy to have it back.

Rich Hageney, local Ringfinder, in the News for Miracle Recovery

from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-484-433-6990


Gold Cross Lost in Storm, Then Found

This gold cross was lost in Bradley Beach during the tropical storm last week.


While swimming in the ocean recently off Bradley Beach, 15-year-old Nicky Schneider lost his grandmother’s chain and crucifix.

Nicky and his mother Terri were devastated. Terri’s father bought the chain while on a trip to Europe for Nicky’s grandmother, who died four years ago.

The next day, Tropical Storm Isaias hit.

“I decided to post the missing chain on the Bradley Beach Facebook page figuring it was a long shot, especially now that this crazy storm had come through,” said Terri’s friend AnnMarie Neary Bergwall of New York and Spring Lake.

Six days later, Bradley Beach resident Jane DeNoble was on the beach and spotted someone with a metal detector. DeNoble later learned it was Rich Hageney of Doylestown, Pa., a sales representative for Medtronic and a member of theringfinders.com, a group of independent metal detecting specialists.

“I have been metal detecting since I was 10 years old,” Hageney said. “Having returned countless treasures over the years, I have found returning these items as thrilling as finding them.”

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“Jane went over to him and half jokingly asked if by chance he had found anything,” Bergwall said. “She then told him to go look on Fifth Avenue because someone lost a gold chain and crucifix six days ago.

Rich proceeded to go down two avenues to look. Within 10 minutes, he located a gold chain and crucifix under the wet sand.”

“I saw a man with a metal detector and mentioned it to him and to keep his eyes peeled,” DeNoble said. “And seriously, less than 10 minutes later, he’s back with it in his hand.”

DeNoble sent Bergwall a message through Facebook.

“I called Nicky’s mom, Terri, to tell her that there was a possibility that her mother’s chain was found,” Bergwall said. “I put Terri and Jane in touch with each other. They wanted to see a picture of the chain and crucifix before showing it to Terri to be sure it was hers. Terri could not find one, but swore if it was not the right one she would not say it was. Jane and Rich then sent a picture of the chain and crucifix for Terri to look at. She burst into tears because it was her mother’s crucifix.”

Bergwall drove to Bradley Beach with Terri and Nick from Spring Lake, where the Morristown residents had been staying.

“We jumped in the car to go meet these selfless and kind people to pick up the chain,” Bergwall said. “Our faith is restored. There are great people out there.”

“You can imagine how [Nick] felt when he lost it,” DeNoble said. “It’s amazing how the necklace survived the storm. People were watching us as she was overwhelmed with happiness. I’m just so happy to be a small part of the miracle that happened that day.”


Lost Platinum Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Chadds Ford, PA

from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-484-433-6990

Steve found me in the Ringfinders online directory after losing his platinum wedding band while doing yard work at his home in Chadds Ford, PA. He told me he was familiar with the Ringfinders because he lost this same ring 3 years prior on a beach in California…the local ringfinder saved the day back then. I arrived at his home and he showed me the area where he was working in the yard… it wasn’t a large area and he was quite confident that the ring fell off exactly in area he was working. I scanned it the first time with my Minelab Equinox 800 detector quite quickly. After not finding it on first pass we decided to dump bucket of yard waste he had picked up that day and see if it was mixed in….but no luck there either. I decided to extend my search area beyond the area he had originally pointed out. Sure enough within a minute I received a solid “13” signal on my detector. There, after pushing aside the high grass, was his beautiful platinum wedding band. I was very happy the Ringfinders came through for him again with this same ring!


Lost and Found Engagement Ring on Rockville, Maryland Lawn

from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)
Contact: 1-301-466-8644

Katie’s Beautiful Engagement Ring Recovered from the Lawn!

Katie Smiling After Her Beloved Engagement Ring was Recovered by Brian Rudolph!


It was a wintry morning with just a hint of a dusting of surface snow that took place overnight. In fact, the people of the city of Rockville, Maryland did not anticipate that the little manifestation of winter that day would be the only snowfall for the entire season! In fact, there weren’t even enough ice crystals on the ground to truly consider it a “fall of snow” – it was more like a tease!

I received an email that cold morning from a young lady named Katie who shared that she had lost her beloved 14 karat white gold diamond engagement ring somewhere near or upon her front lawn. She had walked out of her house in the chilly weather that morning, made her way down the front steps, all the way to the curb where she deposited a few pieces of plastic into the recycling bin which had already been wheeled out to the street the night before. Just as the items were dropped into the receptacle, Katie reacted to some water that fell on her cold hand and immediately jerked her left arm back to shake off the excess droplets. During that motion, her loose fitting diamond ring flew off her finger and she believed it headed towards the “sugar coated” grass. Immediately, Katie searched everywhere for the jewel which included the lawn, sidewalk, street, and even the recycling bin just to make sure that she wasn’t imagining things when she thought it went towards the lawn. Unfortunately, nothing turned up. It was at that point that Katie requested the additional assistance of her husband to join her in this bizarre investigation to help her solve the mystery as to where this stubborn guy ended up! The two of them looked over the lawn again and again and then searched the street, the recycling bin, and the sidewalk all to still come away with nothing.

Katie was still pretty certain the white gold “betrothal band” was somewhere on the front lawn, well camouflaged by the snow cover. However, she just couldn’t imagine where it ended up after searching every inch of the frosty front yard. At some point, Katie’s husband left for work and she decided to stay home and continue to search the area throughout the day, as well as keep an eye on any pedestrians walking by who might end up spotting the ring, pulling it from the ground and walking off with it.

After the frustrated woman went outside a few more times to search and then sadly return inside her house empty handed, Katie realized that she needed to find a professional to recover her most precious keepsake. That’s when she found THE RING FINDERS directory online, read up on me, Brian Rudolph, who was listed as one who provides a metal detecting service in Rockville, Maryland, and then immediately called me requesting my help.

Once I got all the details about the ring and how it disappeared on the front lawn, I made arrangements with Katie for me to visit her home sometime in the early afternoon. By the time I arrived, there wasn’t much evidence of any previous snowfall. I introduced myself to the distressed young lady and she took me to the exact spot where she dumped her recycling items and where the ring flew off her finger.

Next, I returned to my vehicle where I got all of my gear out and quickly began metal detecting the street, all along the curb, the sidewalk and the front lawn. Due to the fact that I operate some of the finest equipment on the market and possess much experience with recovering white gold diamond engagement rings, I was able to find Katie’s gorgeous keepsake in less than 3 minutes or so. A very clear target signal appeared on my machine and the object I was focusing on fell into the VDI number range (visual discrimination indicator) of what I was anticipating to appear on my detector screen. I knelt down to investigate the target, and as I used my pinpointer (handheld metal detector) to identify the exact location of the item, there it was, hiding deep within the grass, I saw the most loveliest solitaire diamond ring! It was absolutely breathtaking!

I was so happy to complete another successful recovery! Moreover, I was so relieved that the ring had not fallen into the street or on the sidewalk where someone could have picked it up! Such excitement filled my entire being! I love what I do in helping people recover their lost property and I was elated to have been able to find such a sentimental object of love for Katie!

I couldn’t wait to share the happy news with the proud owner of the ring! It’s hard to express with words just how joyful Katie was when I presented her engagement ring back into the hands of the one who had missed the cherished keepsake so badly! Her countenance not only gave off an expression of pure surprise upon seeing the diamond ring being delivered to her, but also the word “relief” could easily be read within both of her eyes as she took in the moment that her treasured jewel of love was safely back in her care once again! I could not have been any happier for Katie that afternoon!

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Lost cross at Pacific Beach found.

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Reuben called me saying that he had just lost a cross off his necklace while running on the beach in the wet sand, on the slope and in the shallow water.  It was right around high tide when he called, and I was just about to eat some dinner, so, I asked Reuben if he could hang around down there a while so I could gulp down some groceries and let the tide go out a bit. He agreed, and we met at a spot at the north end of the search area around 9:45pm. He explained to me that he headed south from there and was running in a zigzag pattern from the water’s edge to the top of the slope, kind of dodging the surf as it surged in and out. I then asked how far he ran until he noticed it was gone. Well, he had a selfie that he took, at the spot we were standing, showing that he had the cross at that point. He then said that he started running from there and headed south for a good 5 minutes! Whoa, that was going to be a HUGE search area. After more Q&A we decided the most likely area was toward the other end of his run when he discovered it gone after he had jumped over a pile of kelp, but, frankly, it could be anywhere along the way. Ok, let’s start walking to that spot. I figured I’d go ahead and turn on my detector and sweep a bit while we went. I just picked a straight line on the slope about half way between the water and the top of the slope. We walked, and we walked, and we walked some more. Found a few piles of kelp, search all around them, and continued on. I hadn’t gotten one signal thus far. I asked how much further he ran, and he pointed down the beach some more. I was about to say that this was going to be a waste of time as this search area was now almost 1/4 mile long and approaching the edge of Mission Beach (the next beach south), and that I was going to have to get a lot more help to cover all this sand, when we approached another pile of kelp. Searched all around it and continued on a little ways more, when I got my first signal of the entire way. A nice solid 11 on my Equinox. One scoop and Reuben spotted his gold cross (a family heirloom that he got from his father) in the pile of wet sand I just dumped. Talk about dumb luck! We both should have bought lottery tickets right then and there. I’m not sure who was more amazed, but, we both counted our blessings on this one! That potential search area was the largest one I had ever had and would have taken me over a week to completely cover it by myself. We found it in an incredible 20-25 minutes. A pleasure to meet you Reuben and thank you for the reward.

Lost engagement ring found

from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-912- 286-7733

I actually saw a post on Facebook and called the number.   I explained that I was with ringfinders and I would be happy to come look if they wanted me to.

They couldn’t believe I would drive 2 hours to search for the ring.

I was there for maybe 10 minutes and found a gold ring.   Then a hour later I found her engagement ring.  They did not tell me they had actually lost two rings.    The first ring was hers too.    If I had known that, I would have probably stayed in the water and found the second one close by.   They were shocked when they got the call that the ring had been found.   They were even more shocked when I told her I had found her other ring also.

They were very appreciative and I appreciate the reward.

Hopefully I can get the video of her getting her ring back up so everyone can see her reaction and hear her story.  Here is the link.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Ey5Qc9hlM&feature=share

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Lost Wedding ring found and returned Calgary

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

Adam gave me a call yesterday telling me that last winter while walking down the back alley by his work he slipped and fell and when brushing himself off he lost his wedding ring. He tried finding it but no luck. Rented a detector in the summer and still no luck. I’m pleased to say that after about 45 minutes I found his ring and returned it to him.

Lost ring at Ocean Beach dog beach found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Bryan just went down to the water to rinse sand off his hands. He returned to where has was camped in the dry sand and when he shook the remaining water off his hands his precious gold ring he got in Dubai flew off into the sand too. He sifted around with his fingers for a while without success. I got the call and told him I’d be right down. After battling the traffic to get there, I arrived just before sunset and walked out to  the search area where Bryan waved me over to where he was. He moved his blanket out of the way, 10 seconds and two swings later, I get a solid 17 signal on my Equinox just out of the area he had searched with his fingers. I asked if he would like to pick up his ring, or, would he like me to do it. I took one scoop and held it up for him to grab. He took a photo of it in the scoop, pulled it out, and put it back on his finger.  A happy Bryan can now head home. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

Ring Lost in Kitchen found in Jenks’ Oklahoma

from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)
Contact: 1-918-724-4184

I received a message from Michelle about her moms lost wedding ring…I messaged her back and asked what had happened. She told me her mom was doing something in the kitchen. I said ok it couldn’t have gone far. I asked her her mom Eleanor what had happened. I said I will find it. So the search begins by looking thru all the cabinets around the kitchen. I even asked her if I could search the scooter she rides on. Went thru the scooter and no ring. So I looked in the sink everywhere I could. So on to the base boards that weren’t all the way up to the cabinet. There was a one inch gap between the base board and the cabinet. I couldn’t see over the top so I asked Michelle if she had a hammer. She said yes and went to get it. I got the trim off and then she said keep going we want the ring. So I started on the base board part of it broke she said once again take it all out. Second base board I came to was in the corner not more than five inches wide. I broke it off pulled it back and guess what I had found for them. The ring was waiting to be found. (The ring bounced over the the one inch gap behind the baseboard were they couldn’t find it.) I pulled it out still on my knees held the ring up and said. Does it look like this the smiles were back on Eleanor’s and Michelle’s face. Thank you so much found finding my information.