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Testimonial From Anji G.

  • from Marble Falls (Texas, United States)

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Tom for his kindness and generosity in retrieving my iPhone 13 from a canal on Lake LBJ. My phone had been lost for 45 days, and I had already accepted that I would have to replace it. However, after finding Tom on Facebook, he offered to help me find it. He spent over 30 minutes searching for it with equipment and diving gear. He even had to add 30 pounds of weight to anchor himself down in the 4-5 feet of murky water to feel around in the algae and gunk to finally find my phone.

I am so grateful to Tom. The phone amazingly works perfectly after drying it out. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who has lost a valuable item in the water. He is a very kind and generous person, and he is truly dedicated to helping others.”

Accidental Ring Recovery

Class ring recovery

Ring lost in 2007 recovered

An Unfortunate failed recovery turns into a successful unexpected reunion! After spending about 6 hours looking for a pair of lost earrings for a Student at K-State, I found this class ring buried about 2 inches below the surface. The ring just so happened to have the owners name nicely engraved on the inside and was able to track her down. Even though I didn’t find the earrings, I was able to return a ring that had been lost in 2007 when the owner was still a Kstate student playing sports in a field. She was very grateful for the return!!

Lost and found Seiko dive watch in Halliburton Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Ian last week about him having lost his dive watch at the cottage. While swimming, he felt the watch come off his wrist and watched it sink in about 20+ feet of water. Unable to snorkel that deep to find his watch, he asked if I could come and dive and find it for him. Headed out to long lake, near Haliburton with my diving partner Larry. Within minutes, the watch was located and even a pair of sunglasses he had previously lost. Sadly, Ian could not be there during recovery. Another great day and recovery.






Lost and found gold diamond engagement ring at Sandbanks Provincial Park Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a phone call from Anna about having lost her diamond engagement ring while at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Luckily, they were still at the park and we met up within the hour. Anna had secured her ring on her gold chain, not wanting to loose it. She was in the water with friends, playing in the waves with her floaty and figured that is where the ring was lost. Once they returned to their beach chairs, she noticed that her chain clasp was open and her chain was just dangling around her neck with the diamond ring missing. I started gridding the large area before the sandbars would swallow her ring due to high winds and waves. After an hour or so, and in need of a break, I headed back to where they were sitting. She asked if she could try my machine around where they were sitting while I rested. Having put the headset over ears, I started to swing the coil a couple of times to show her how to do so. Right away, she said she could hear a loud signal. Brushed away a bit of sand and she saw the glitter of gold. It was her beautiful diamond ring. Her reaction was priceless as she was so upset about having lost her ring. Another great recovery on a beautiful day at the beach. Life is good.

Lost ring throwing football, Orange Beach – FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

The other day I got a late message from Randi asking for help over in Orange Beach. Her husband Brayden was throwing a ball out in the Gulf and when the ball hit his left hand he watched as his wedding band dropped into the Gulf. They enlisted the help of some friends to look for an hour but didn’t have any success. When I spoke to Randi on the phone I told her that was my specialty and I’d be glad to help. That afternoon I drove over to Orange Beach and realized that it was at Romar House. They are wonderful people there and sure enough when I went inside they remembered me helping some other guests and immediately gave me a temporary parking pass. When I came back out I met Brayden and he quickly filled me in and explained that he had only been married since October. I told him that we had to find his ring and it was so new it was still shiny. 😃 When we got to the beach, Randi and several of their friends were lined up in their chairs ready to watch “the show”. I waded out with Brayden and one of his buddies waved us a bit more East. I took about 4 more steps to the East and then based on the tide charts, I took three more steps to the South and yelled over to Brayden not to move so I had a reference point. I literally went about 5 feet and heard a great tone. I got it on the first scoop and yelled over to Brayden, “It’s that easy” with a big smile. I didn’t realize that Randi was videoing but it definitely shows the excitement better than I can explain it. Thanks Brayden and Randi for trusting me. Now you have an awesome story for the rest of your long and happy marriage.

Corrinne’s Testimonial

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Thank you so much Luke, you are our hero, you are good kind soul, words can’t express our appreciation. You helped us to retrieve something so special to our lives and our family. To anyone who has lost a ring don’t loose hope. Luke helped to keep me positive and keeping that hope and it worked, he found it for us! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Lost and found gold wedding band at Oak Lake in Ontario

My travels today took me to beautiful Oak lake near Havelock Ontario. Received a text from Sabrina and Carm about having lost a gold wedding band at the end of a dock, in the water. As Carm was standing in the water at the end of the dock, he removed his gold wedding band to secure it onto his chain because it was loose on his finger. Unfortunately, as he did so, the ring fell in the water. After an hour’s search, while using my hooka system and underwater metal detector, the ring was found. Another great happy ending for the newlyweds and a beautiful day to be in the water.

Lost and found gold diamond wedding band in Cobourg Ontario

Received a text from Amir yesterday about his wife having lost her diamond wedding band while at the beach in Cobourg Ontario. She had taken her ring off to apply sun tan lotion and placed it on their beach blanket. Seeing friends down the beach, they quickly picked up their belongings and relocated. A short while later, she realized that her ring was gone. They all tried to find the ring in the sand but were not successful. Normally, this would be a quick and fairly easy recovery. However, Amir did not find my information/services until a week had gone by since she’d lost her ring. My biggest fear was that there are a lot of metal detectorists that searches this beach every single day and the ring might of been picked up. Still, we had to try. After exchanging information and details via Google Earth, I headed out last evening to find it. Although the beach was still fairly busy with people and after careful gridding for two and a half hour, I was able to locate her ring. Thank god it was still there. Amir has requested not to have their picture posted due to privacy.  Beautiful evening, did not have to get wet Scuba diving and another happy ending. Life is good.

Wildwood Crest, NJ Lost gold chain and charm, FOUND! By: Jeffrey Laag

  • from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)

Carlos explained that he was holding his sons gold chain and charm while at the beach on July 4th. At some point he unknowingly dropped the chain / charm and did not realize it until later. His wife reached out and explained the situation and that her husband was beside himself for loosing it. On July 5th I headed out to search the area using aerial pics and face time meetings to get me into the suspected search area as the family was out of the area. Searched for about 2hrs with no luck. Several weeks later I wanted to recheck the area since i was already at the beach with family and BINGO I had the chain in about 15-20 minutes of searching. I suspect that either the beach rake may have dragged the chain some or people were sitting on top of it when I searched the first time. Carlos and his wife were in disbelief when I told them that I had their heirloom chain. They were reunited with their item this morning. Another happy family!

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2 lost rings in Orange Beach – Found!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan for the first time after finding her beautiful canary diamond engagement ring and her diamond wedding band a month ago in Orange Beach. I usually have lots to say but I think in this case, I will let Jordan’s comments speak for themselves. Great advice!  Im so happy that I could help. 😃👍💍

“Ben and I had a much needed weekend getaway! The main reason for our weekend trip though was to get my wedding rings back. About a month ago, we went to the beach with our family and friends. While I was in the ocean throwing the football with Ben, the football hit my left hand and my engagement ring and wedding band went flying through the air into the ocean. We looked for it forever. We had even random people from the beach trying to help us find it, but no luck. I had seen where someone with an underwater metal detector had found someone’s engagement ring in the water so I went back to where I had lost it and saved my coordinates hoping I could find someone with an underwater metal detector. One of our friends had sent us a website called the https://theringfinders.com. That’s where I contacted Dave. He went out there 4 days after I had lost my rings and didn’t find just one ring, but both! I was so excited and Ben was in disbelief because he said there wasn’t anyway that guy was going to be able to find it 😂.  So if you are ever in my situation, save your coordinates and contact Pensacola Ring Finders”