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Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lake Ocoee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I was contacted by Phillip on November 29 about his ring that he lost at a park on Lake Ocoee in Eastern Tennessee.  He had lost his platinum wedding band on the Saturday before while at a roadside park. He was brushing the leaves off a tablecloth when his ring came off. He felt it come off, but wasn’t sure which direction it went.  They had been married for only about two years, so they were both just a little upset.  He and his wife searched the area until well after dark to no avail. He had even gone to a local sporting goods store and bought a low cost metal detector, and went back on Sunday morning.  He quickly found out there were a lot of targets in the ground there and was quite overwhelming! After that they did a Google search and www.theringfinders.com popped up. He works for the local Volkswagen plant here and couldn’t get off until the coming weekend, so I met him there the next Saturday morning on December 4th.  The leaves are all pretty much gone from the trees now and on the ground, so I knew the ring wouldn’t have been visible to someone walking by. The picnic table was at the bottom of a steep hill and the hill by the table was covered with leaves that were nearly a foot deep.  I searched that area first and found the usual pull tabs and foil that are common at parks. There is a paved walk right next to the table, so I searched the ground next to the walk, across from the table.  Just as I was about halfway past the table I got an interesting signal.  It was obviously trash, but mixed in there was a good strong signal.  I slowed down my sweep and used the short wiggle motion to help identify the target I was hearing.  It was the low tone that I was expecting for platinum, and I was getting a consistent 12:09 on my CTX.  I brushed away the layer of leaves with my foot and immediately saw it.  Phillip was a little distance away with his metal detector and didn’t notice that I had found it. So I started taking pictures of it right where it lay. I picked it up and pretended to continue my search for a little while.  After about another ten minutes I quit searching and walked over to where he was and started asking more questions. He assumed that I hadn’t found it yet, so he was quite surprised when I held up my hand and showed him the ring!  The ring was less than a foot from the walk directly adjacent the table.  The actual search time was about twenty minutes.

Puzzle Ring Returned Mass

Today I was called to my home town to help relocate a lost ring, it had been on Mikes finger since 1971. He purchased the ring while in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  It was a beautiful 6 band 18 k Yellow Gold Puzzle Ring.  He was working in the yard, doing his annual Fall raking, when at the end of the day, he noticed it was missing.  Desperate to get it back, He googled Lost Ring and my name showed up, he gave me a call in hopes that I could somehow help find it in amongst multiple bags of leaves. I got his info and left immediately,  When I arrived at Mikes place, I had him dump each bag on top of the tarp one at a time.  Still no luck, moving into the yard I gridded the yard slowly, and again no luck.  Almost ready to call it a day, I asked one last question about the trash can and did he use it. Yes he replied, that he had removed his gloves and put them on top of it.  I walked over and swung once,  and that familiar low tone rang louder than ever, there it was staring up at me.  I had Mike come look at it, and he ran and tripped up the stairs yelling for his wife to come out and have a look.  She said I had that look on my face like I found it.  Lol.   I said yes I did.  After a few pictures and lots great stories, I was invited to take a ride in his private plane, and you bet I will take him up on it.  Congratulations Mike, on that special ring.

18 K Puzzle Ring

Mike (Pilot) sporting his puzzle ring

Lost silver chain with wedding band and Masonic ring

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

I was contacted by Tim and Terri-Lynn last week due to Tim having lost a silver chain and pendant. On the same silver chain, he had his wedding band and an old Masonic ring which belonged to Terri-Lynn’s Great grand father. Tim is an arborist and for good reasons, avoids wearing any rings when doing his dangerous job. The major issue is that he wasn’t sure when or where he had lost his jewelry but narrowed it down to a four day period, which meant four possible locations when tracking back his activities and movements. First location was at his home/yard, where he was using his tractor to move/tidy stuff around. Couple hours of detecting later, no luck. Next day, we headed to his work place where the trucks he used in the past couple jobs were parked. No luck. Third location was on a side road near Cobourg, where they had taken a huge tree and brush away. Still no luck. We headed to final location, where they had taken a few trees down on a side road, and after a couple hours of detecting, I actually spotted the silver chain and pendant hanging off a twig, about two feet off the ground. I was then sure I would find the two rings close by but no luck yet again.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Normally Tim keeps the silver chain and rings tucked in his shirt and wears tight chainsaw pants. From looking at the chain, it was obvious that it had been broken at the clasp by the chain being stuck on the twig (most likely when he was down on the ground and cutting the tree trunk into manageable pieces). After that day’s work, Tim headed back to the work yard, parked the truck and went to a bush to have a quick pee. By undoing his tight pants, both rings had dropped through the pant leg and unto the ground. Rings were found the next day and the mystery was finally solved. The best part of the story is how Terri-Lynn explained that with all the jewelry lost, both of them were more excited about the chain and pendant (Saint Christopher) being found than the two rings. She had given it to him, to keep him safe, when he first started working as a firefighter in the early 90’s. Great folks and definitely great ending. I love what I do. 😊

Lost and found engagement and wedding rings Kingston Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Bill and Angela this morning about Angela loosing her engagement and wedding ring yesterday. She lost them while tossing a ball for her dog in her backyard. These rings are a heirloom from her grandmother and extremely important to her. So off to Kingston we went this afternoon to meet with them. Once on location, and getting further details, started detecting for her rings. Within 15 minutes, I was able to locate the rings for her. You can see her initial reaction in the video below. I always love folk’s reactions when you reunite them with their precious heirlooms. Also took this opportunity to meet up with our son Dominic for a lovely dinner at Red Lobster. Another great day, life is good. 😊


Lost Ring in backyard Canton, Connecticut. Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

“Keith was very professional and thorough in his process. After I spent 6+ hours of searching my backyard with a budget metal detector (and over 2 hours of visual searching), Keith was able to locate my platinum wedding band in 45 minutes. He documented the entire search and even took the time to teach me a few tricks to use with my budget metal detector. Hopefully, I won’t require Keith’s services in the future, but if I do, I would absolutely reach out to him again as he definitely is a pro!” – Jonh Blase

How to Find a Lost Ring

Lost ring in your backyard? Rings are lost in the grass all the time – Don’t waste your time renting, borrowing or purchasing a cheap metal detector. Stop and mark the area where you believe the ring was lost and call a professional. My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states.

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Wedding ring recovered from the Beach

  • from Sebastian (Florida, United States)

I received a frantic phone call from Natalia Sunday evening just before dark. Her husbands wedding ring slipped off his finger while in Vero Beach Florida and they were returning to Miami in the morning. I loaded my Equinox 800 and sand scoop then headed for the beach. Natalia met me at the entrance to the beach where her husband Tiago had stayed in the location of the lost ring, sifting the sand through his fingers in hopes of finding it. I surveyed the area and marked off an area where it could possibly be , after about 10 minutes doing a grid search it was located. The crowd on the beach watching me search broke into cheers and applause ! I’m pretty sure I was as happy as Tiago and Natalia!

Lost Ring Omaha Found!

  • from Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Heading back home from a unsuccessful ring recovery in central nebraska for a lady who lost her ring 47 years ago. I received a call from a nice young lay sounding very distress she had lost her wedding ring in her yard. And she didn’t think we were for real and ask if I actually could find a lost ring I assured her I would give it my best shot. So had to wait a whole night and half a day before she was ready for me to start looking. I went to her yard and it was very small and she said that she was swatting at a fly and she felt the ring leave her finger, Well it was a very heavy gold ring and the direction was unknown. So I started to sweep the yard thinking its got to be right on top ha! I looked and looked and looked and was getting all kinds of coin signals. finally a went back and ask exactly what has been done since you lost it, She replied that it rained twice they mowed once and and stomped all over the yard plus parked on top of the grass. Oh boy I said then this ring could be buried and after about 10 minutes of digging about 20 pennies and a couple of dimes and a nickel I received a 21 number signal on my equinox and digging down a inch bam there it was a big beautiful gold ring with diamonds. I started to walk up to the door and she came out and burst into tears. It made me feel so happy to make someone’s day like that just for finding a ring and returning it.

Lost and found gold diamond ring Buckhorn Lake.

Received a text from Dave and Lori yesterday evening from Buckhorn Lake, North of Peterborough. Dave was at the dock with his brother in law Marco, when he was wiping his hands and his diamond wedding ring fell off his finger, bounced once on the deck and then between two deck boards and into the water. The good part is that they both saw the ring fly off and go in between the boards into the water (under the deck). The bad part was that there was almost two feet of silt, branches and dead wood under the deck. Silt and weeds are the worst conditions to find any jewelry under water.

I met with them mid afternoon today and after getting all the facts, got into the water and dove under the deck. The worst part about silt bottoms is that as soon as you disturb any of it, visibility goes to 0%. From there, it’s all about your metal detector, pin pointer and feeling with your bare hands while laying on the bottom. First target up, an old pair of vise grips. Second target, an old pop can.  Then, I removed as much dead wood and debris as possible to hopefully hear the right target. After an hour or so, had to come out of the water to warm up and regroup. Lori fed me a nice hot cup of coffee and some Italian pastry and back in the water I went. This time I heard a very faint signal and again, with zero visibility, started digging into the silt with my fingers and pin pointer. About forty minutes later, I finally felt Dave’s ring, moved away from the deck until I had enough visibility to look and confirm that it was indeed his lost wedding ring. As I surfaced, I got Marco’s attention and signalled to him that I had found the ring and gestured for him to grab my IPhone and start recording as I wanted to get Dave’s reaction as I reunited him with his ring. Dave and Lori were ecstatic and it was great to witness the joy and happiness they felt as he slipped his ring back onto his finger. Another story that ends well. I even got treated to a glass of champagne, cold meat and cheese before heading back home. I love what I do.




Rose Gold 14k Gold Band lost & Found in Eastham mass

Rick, Jim, & Myself we’re out searching for recent drops today in our local ponds. Rick’s wife Jayne called my phone and left an Urgent message for us to return a call that she had just received, saying that we were recommended, by a local Metal-Detecting shop on Cape Cod, to help find a Wedding Band that was lost about an hour earlier on a beach. I called back immediately and Jessica picked up the phone, she proceeded saying that they were all down on the beach earlier, and that a friend of hers named Louis, had dropped his wedding band in the dry sand, they were wondering if we could help find it. I said yes but no guarantees. They were not to familiar with the area, and wasn’t sure what parking lot they were in.  I told them to meet us there in an hour.  We all jumped in the truck and headed down 25 miles away an got there earlier than expected, we met Lewis and Anton after about a 15 wait. Glad we waited for them to show up, as we were walking down the path and got onto the beach, Louis had mentioned that he put a stick down into the sand, where he thought he had dropped it. I asked him to please stand exactly where he thought it fell and not to move, I then proceeded to turn on my machine and took less than five seconds to receive my first signal, that just happened to be his beautiful 14 karat Rose Gold Wedding Band.  We were all very happy to see it back on his finger that quickly.  That’s where it belongs. Louis actually said incredible, just incredible we were all looking for over an hour on our hands snd knees to no avail.   We were glad that Jessica called the Ring Finders.

14k Rose Gold Band

  • from Avon (North Carolina, United States)

Kayla’s testimonial-
As we were coming to the end of our wonderful vacation in Frisco my now fiancé walks up to me and tells me he dropped the ring in the sand, we scattered and looked for it until we finally gave up and that’s when Nate came to the rescue. Nate and my fiancé and other friends spent over three hours looking for the ring and it was finally recovered because of Nate’s determination. If it wasn’t for ring finders I would not be engaged. After almost 8 years of my fiancé and I being together we wouldn’t officially be engaged without the help of Nate and his good heart. Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!

Michaels testimonial
I planned to propose to my girlfriend on the beach at sunset and when I went to pull the ring out I realize it had fallen in the sand. I was able to contact Nate and he came in a hurry determined to help me find this ring. Mind you this was almost 12 at night by this point. He was so positive about the whole situation even though I was freaking out, and found it three hours later. We cannot be more thankful enough for Nate’s kindness and determination in finding a ring that I’ve spent so much time on so it was perfect for my fiancé. I think he understood how important this ring was to us and if it wasn’t for him I would not of been able to ask my girlfriend to marry me. Thank you again for all of your help we can’t thank you enough!