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Women’s Diamond Engagement Ring Lost for 2 Months…FOUND Spruce Pine, Alabama!

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I received a text message from Amee on Saturday night (March 27th, 2021).  Amee had lost her 14K white gold and platinum plated diamond engagement ring somewhere in her gravel driveway.  She tried using a metal detector, but Amee and her husband, Casey, were unfamiliar with how to use it properly.  They also tried sifting through the gravel with a garden tool and makeshift sifter, but that too was unsuccessful.  Amee and her family tried searching for many weeks, but still no engagement ring.  She went on Google and searched, “how to find a lost ring” and Chris Turner’s The Ring Finders website popped up.  This is a worldwide directory of independent metal detecting specialists ready to assist in the recovery of lost items for their local area.  Since nothing else had worked so far and they were basically out of options, Amee thought she’d give The Ring Finders a try.

I was able to meet Amee and Casey the following day (Sunday, March 28th, 2021) for the search.  They live in Spruce Pine, Alabama, which is between Haleyville and Russellville.  I didn’t mind the hour and a half drive from Huntsville, as it was a beautiful early Spring afternoon!  Amee told me that she had actually lost both her engagement ring and wedding band on February 1st.  She explained that she was in her car, pulling into her driveway and she had both rings in her hand.  She parked, got out and was walking around the car and accidentally dropped them in the gravel driveway.  She was able to find the wedding band, but the engagement ring was still missing after almost 2 months!

I thoroughly searched the area around where her car was normally parked.  I found the usual foil, pull-tabs, and bottle caps.  Amee then showed me the spot where she dumped the sifted piles.  I searched that as well, but still no ring.  I was confident that the ring was not in the area she initially identified.

I offered to search Amee’s car, because that seemed like the only place left.  Amee then told me that she needed to come clean…the engagement ring was not in her car, because she had made up the story of accidentally dropping the rings.  The rings were actually thrown from the front porch in a moment of stress and anger.  Please don’t judge.  We’re all human and we’ve all done things that we later wish we hadn’t.  Amee gave me permission to share this.  If she hadn’t been truthful with what actually occurred, her ring may have never been found.  This really makes me wonder how many other rings are still missing today, because a client didn’t feel comfortable with sharing the real story on how their ring was lost.

I reassured Amee to not feel bad.  Ring throws actually occur way more than people think, but some just don’t feel comfortable talking about it.  Amee and Casey then shared some very sad and unfortunate personal news that led up to the ring toss.  Out of respect for the family, I’ve decided to not share these details.

With this new information and based on my knowledge and experience with ring tosses, I felt very confident that Amee’s engagement ring would now be found!  When the rings were thrown, Amee said that she heard a ping.  This was her wedding band hitting the car and bouncing back.  I felt that the engagement ring went further than they thought and actually flew over the car instead of hitting it.  I started a new grid towards the direction of the toss in the front yard, just a few feet beyond the driveway and where I ended my other grid.

Within a matter of minutes (on my second gridline), my Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector rang up a solid 8.  Parting the grass, I uncovered Amee’s gorgeous 14K white gold with platinum plating diamond engagement ring!!!  Amee was in complete shock that her engagement ring had been found and couldn’t thank me enough!  Casey had asked Amee for her hand in marriage with this very ring in 2007 (about 14 years ago)!  The ring was now back on Amee’s finger where it belongs along with her wedding band!  I’m so glad that this ring search had a happy ending!  I give all glory to God, and I pray that He allows me to continue helping others for many years to come!

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

Lost Diamond Ring…Found at Butler’s Orchard in Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Liana’s Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring Posing Amongst the Blueberries!

Casey Holding His Fiance Liana’s Most Gorgeous Engagement Ring!


A young lady named Liana contacted me one morning with desperation in her voice. She explained to me that she and her fiancé, Casey, spent the afternoon at Butler’s Orchard, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. They were picking blueberries and enjoying their time together until Liana noticed that her lovely 14 karat yellow gold,1 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring was missing from her finger.

The couple was placing blueberries in their bucket somewhere in the blueberry bush field when Liana realized what had gone missing. Of course, the couple was very alarmed by this and immediately they began their search back at the car and then worked their way around the field, looking between each row of blueberry bushes, hoping to find one of their most cherished possessions. They tried desperately to retrace Liana’s steps in order to figure out where the ring may have fallen off of her finger. She knew that she had been wearing it to the orchard because Liana clearly remembered having it on her finger upon arriving at the blueberry bush field. Also, the couple shared with me that Liana had returned to the car sometime during their picking time in order to refresh her skin with a wet wipe. She in turn moisturized her fingers with another wipe and they believed that perhaps that is what caused the ring to easily slip off Liana’s finger somewhere in the orchard.

After searching long and hard, the couple had to call it quits for the day because the orchard was closing soon. They let the staff know that Liana’s ring was lost and inquired as to whether or not someone else had found it and reported it to the office. Sadly, no such claim was documented. Liana and Casey had to leave the orchard empty-handed and greatly hoped that the ring might be recovered the following day.

That evening, Liana and Casey looked online to see if there was a way they could rent a metal detector to assist in their search the next morning. While they were browsing the net, they stumbled across the elite international metal detecting service directory called THE RING FINDERS. It was at that moment that they thought to themselves that perhaps it would be best to have a professional do the work for them! They checked to see if there was a metal detecting service in Gaithersburg, Maryland that could help them and they found my name, Brian Rudolph. I was so very happy that they contacted me, and soon they would be extremely happy, as well!

I will never forget the sound of Liana’s voice, expressing how sad she was to have lost her diamond ring. It meant everything to her. The couple was already dealing with the huge disappointment of having to postpone their wedding due to the horrific Covid-19 pandemic. And then this had to happen! I asked Liana and Casey every question in the book so that I had the full story as to when she was wearing the ring last and what might have happened to that very special keepsake of hers.

Not only was I thrilled to help the couple out, but I also thought it would be fun to return to my most favorite orchard in Maryland! Every year since our children were very small, my wife and I took the family to pick blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, and of course pumpkins during the annual October festival. It was definitely a family affair every year! Now, I had the opportunity to help some people find one of their most cherished pieces of property that was lost out in the same field where I had picked blueberries with my own family so many years earlier! This was quite nostalgic indeed.

As soon as I got all the facts about what had happened, I recognized that we had a very small window of time to recover this ring before someone else might find it and perhaps keep it for their very own. I hate to think that people are like this, but from my personal experience with finding rings, this is more common than one might think. Because Liana and Casey were so desperate for my help, I decided to head out to the orchard immediately. I literally threw some clothes on, grabbed all of my gear for a scheduled search later that afternoon, loaded up my car with necessary equipment that I needed for the blueberry bushes and thunder bolted my way out to my favorite orchard in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

That summer morning was just perfect. Though it was quite hot outside, the day could not have been more picture-perfect. As I drove through the fields on the dirt road that took me to the blueberry bushes, I reflected back on all of those very special memories of being out there with my family and enjoying those days of wonder and amusement. I also thought to myself just how fast time marches on now that all three children are grown adults and a couple of them have children of their very own!

Once I got to the search site, a couple of staff members guided me over to the area where Liana and Casey had been searching for their lost ring the day before. They felt very bad for the couple as they described to me how long they searched and how emotional the whole ordeal was for Liana.

I contacted Casey to let him know that I had arrived and he said that he would be joining me shortly. In the meantime, I took out all of my metal detecting equipment and began the search along the grassy area beside the road (which was adjacent and parallel to where the blueberry bushes were lined up). My biggest obstacles were the visitor’s cars that were parked along the grassy shoulder. This was the same area where the couple parked the day before. Vehicle after vehicle started showing up and began parking on the grass, perhaps 4 to 5 feet from where the first row of blueberry bushes began. This made detecting very difficult for me because I was not able to effectively search the parking area. All of the alloy wheels and other metal parts on the cars would easily end up “masking” any small item made of precious metal that might be lying in the grass, near or below where the cars were parked. Therefore, I was only able to detect an isolated strip of territory before entering the blueberry field. If I didn’t find the ring in the blueberry bushes, I planned to search more of the grass once the cars would exit away from the field.

Though I picked up a few decent targets as I moved across the grassy section where the cars were parked, I was not able to find Liana’s yellow gold diamond ring. When I completed that section, I still was not convinced that the ring was not lying somewhere beneath one of the vehicles, but that would have to wait for the time being.

Next, I put down a few soccer cones on either end of the sections where the couple had been picking blueberries and I would use this measurement to grid back and forth down the rows of blueberry bushes. I searched in between each of the plants and I moved the detector coil around each of them, making certain that there were no rings underneath the berries and surrounding territories. Each row that I grid searched was probably about 50 yards in length and it took quite a while to complete one side of the row. When I made it to the other side of the bushes, I would then begin searching in between and around them as well until I reached the other end. I would then start a new row after that.

At some point, Casey arrived at the scene and he confirmed that I was searching the correct area and that he seemed pretty confident that my gridlines were long enough, so as not to miss any of the search zone. He also pointed out that he and Liana picked blueberries in the first five rows of bushes starting from those closest to the parking area. This was extremely helpful because we could narrow our focus quite a bit and not have to wonder if we were missing any important territories.

The two of us investigated the real estate row by row, diligently moving about, hoping to recover this most priceless and sentimental keepsake. I used my 15 inch coil at the end of my detector shaft which allowed me to cover more territory much quicker than any other metal detector coil. Though Casey didn’t have a machine to use to detect metal, he carefully moved about looking between and around each and every blueberry bush.

I remember how hot it was getting in that later part of the morning and then into the early afternoon hours. Every 45 minutes or so, I would take a short break to hydrate myself due to the conditions outside on that spectacular summer day. I thought to myself just how blessed I was to be out in that field helping this couple and enjoying the peaceful and most serene environment! I could not have had it any better! Well, with one exception…if I could recover the engagement ring!

Occasionally Casey and I would intersect with one another during our search endeavors and I encouraged him to not give up. Even though I was getting closer to the end of the fifth row of blueberry bushes, I told him that I find rings for people at the very last moment before I run out of property to search. He appreciated my encouragement and continued on with the hope that the jewel would be discovered. Just as we were talking, we realized that the time was approaching when most of the cars that had been parked along the grass line would be leaving and it would be a perfect opportunity for me to metal detect the grassy section adjacent to the paved road.

As I shared earlier, Liana and Casey had convey to me over the phone that Liana had returned to the vehicle at some point to cool off and wipe her brow with a couple of wipes. She remembered cleaning her fingers with a wipe and it was possible that the ring had slipped off of her finger just as she was getting out of the car to return to blueberry picking with her fiancé. I had asked if maybe she put her beloved treasure on her lap (as many people do when they are lathering their hands with lotion and then forget to put their rings back on their fingers before getting out of the vehicle). Liana believed that she did put the ring back on her finger, but it was possible that the wet wipe helped to lubricate the finger well enough that it might have slipped right off of her hand.

Once I was certain that Liana’s ring was nowhere to be found in and around the five rows of blueberry bushes where the couple had been the day before, I took my gear over to the roadside and began detecting as quickly as I could because new cars would be arriving shortly. Casey moved in the opposite direction and continued his search somewhere farther down the field, just in case he incorrectly estimated where they had been picking their blueberries.

I finished one long strip of grass, which was just overlapping where I had been searching earlier in the late morning hours when I first arrived. I still did not come up with any diamond ring. I then started my next grid line which would be very close to where the right wheels of all of the vehicles were once parked. Still, no ring turned up. I had two more long gridlines left to do before I had no other places to search.

I moved across the parking area and eventually was swinging the detector completely over the territory where the vehicles would have covered the grass below. I would not have been able to detect any of that territory earlier in the day due to all of the parked cars that were stationary at the time. I got to the end of that grid line and I knew at that point that I would be starting my final pass, leaving nothing unsearched. As I had been doing, I moved parallel with the blueberry bush field, carefully making my way across that last section. To make things even more complicated, a car drove by me and started to park in the area that I was about to detect! I was hoping that I could make it all the way to the end of my grid line before other cars would cover the only remaining territory that could have possibly concealed Liana’s cherished ring.

Casey and Liana’s Car Parked Close to the Same Area Where the Ring was Recovered.

Just as I was about 5 to 10 feet away from the car that had just parked in front of my grid line, I got a very promising signal below! I had been getting hits here and there but nothing panned out to being Liana’s lost ring. However, this signal was just exactly what I wanted to hear and what I wanted to read on my detector screen. ‘What would be the odds that I may have found the keepsake within feet of the end of my final grid line?’ I asked myself within. I knelt down and used my hand-held metal detector to search in between the blades of grass that were surrounded by patches of dirt here and there. Just as my fingers rummaged through that one area, I got a glimpse of the most beautiful sight of gold and a big bright sparkling diamond attached! I couldn’t believe what was happening! Yet, I could believe it because I have found numerous items at the very last second of my search attempts and this one would be added to that same ring recovery history book! I did it! I found Liana’s missing diamond ring! I couldn’t wait to surprise Casey with this absolutely fantastic discovery! Apparently, Liana’s ring had slipped off of her finger just as she was leaving her car after cleansing her hands. The jewel was found around the area where the couple’s car must have been parked. Earlier, the vehicle that was parked there would have been literally on top of the ring and I would have never been able to detect it in that location! I was so happy that I had returned to that grassy section to explore its possibilities of what may have been hiding below!

The worn out fellow started walking towards me as I stood beside the spot where I found the ring. It was shortly after his arrival that I revealed to Casey the most wonderful news! In turn, Liana would be pleasantly surprised upon her fiancé’s return home from the orchard! The bride-to-be would be receiving back her most beautiful sentimental engagement ring, found by the one whom they had entrusted with this so very important search! She was beyond surprised, thrilled at the recovery, and extremely grateful for my work!

Finding Liana’s beautiful diamond ring only added to the many sentimental pages of memories that I had been a part of making and had written about in my personal journals over the years. I must admit that this happy-ending-story would truly fit well with all of the other special times experienced and cherished at our beloved Butler’s Orchard in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

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Heirloom Woodgrain Gold Wedding Band Lost in Seattle Snow 2021

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Brandon’s lost gold wedding band in the snow.

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Brandon contacted me during our Seattle 2021 snow event about his 14k gold wedding band that got lost in his neighborhood. When I arrived he showed me a residential street that had a really good angle to it where they have been snow sledding two days prior. By this time most of the snow had melted away and the road was down to bare asphalt. I knew I had to act quickly if the ring was to be found before all the snow milted away. In high traffic areas there is always a high potential for some one to eyeball the item making the recovery process that more uncertain and added steps to take. 

After he described what took place and pointing out the key areas he went back to his home to tend to his work. I quickly got my gear and got to the mission at hand. As I have done so many times in the past I quickly divided the area up in to priorities and the roadway was my prime focus. Active traffic, and only a few small bits of snow quickly milting away I knew I had to clear this section without delay.

As I got just past half way down the hill in the middle of the street I made a statement of how amazing it would be to find his ring in one of the snow drifts. As I was detecting a very thin patch of snow in the middle of the road I let out a prayer that God’s hand of protection would be upon his ring and that it would be recovered and before I could get the words out of my mouth completely God answered my prayer! My detector rang out a strong solid signal, a quick swipe of my pin pointer and I had his ring in my hand! Thank you Jesus his ring was recovered less than an inch away from a tire tread that went straight through this very patch of snow of where the ring was recovered. God certainly did protect his ring as there was not even a scratch on it. Beautiful, clean and pristine 14k yellow gold with a wood grain pattern carved into this piece constructed of heirloom gold from his father’s wedding ring made this a very special recovery.

We are so happy for Brandon’s wedding ring recovery.  We trust in God that my prayer will continue on for the protection of this ring as its story continues on with Brandon’s life long adventures.

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SeattleRingHunter Reunites Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt with her Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt’s Texas A&M Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap!

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Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt connected during our 2021 snow event asking for some help. Sadly she told me she had just lost a gold diamond ring throwing a snow ball for a photo. I asked her if this was a wedding ring and she no and did not offer any further details of the ring. She had learned of my services from my local metal detection shop when calling to rent a machine. The weather was quite crazy as we don’t typically get that much snow so it generally catches us off guard in the Seattle area. Ally had been out near Point Defiance when she lost her ring. Due to the snow and all the was taking place I was not able to meet her that same day. However she lives very close to the area she lost her ring so I did all I could to help her over the phone until I could make the trip. She came out the next days and searched for her ring. At first she didn’t realize she had been over a parking lot of snow. A few days past her loss she had received a cheap metal detector purchased on line and it basically did not perform all that well for her only turning up a simple coin. She tried to detect her friends ring in the snow and said the machine didn’t even respond. Admittedly having no experience with the cheap metal detector it was no surprise she did not locate her ring with the detector. By the time I was able to meet her in the parking lot a few days after the loss I learned more of the story. This is when I learned it was a Texas A&M class ring and that she had just found the ring the day prior visually searching the slushy snow! She also informed me that there was still a missing God Diamond Ring Wrap that she could not find! By they time I arrived the parking lot pavement had been plowed clear of all snow. Having been in the snow the past few days recovering other rings I knew this snow to be soft and light when it first fell. With what she told me I suspected when the ring flew off her finger the ring and diamond wrap separated. The chunky gold Aggie ring sank in the snow as where the Diamond Ring Wrap quite a bit lighter in mass stayed up a little hither in the layers of snow. When the snow plow came thought the parking lot I was hoping the Diamond Ring Wrap got pushed to the edge of the parking lot in the piles of snow. She was very fortunate to have eyeballed her Aggie class ring and to have found it undamaged.

I had a decision to make as we often do, either go right or left. I chose the right side of the parking lot first as the snow bank was not a hight as the other side. Always do the easy low hanging fruit first! No ring wrap, so off to the left side and still no ring wrap. Determined I continued to work up the parking lot when I finally got my first real solid target. I was not sure but had a pretty good anticipation this was it. After a few quick swipes of my detector and pin pointer I had a snow ball in my hand and pulled her Gold Diamond Ring Wrap completely undamaged from its snow packed hiding place! Thank you Lord for protecting this precious diamond ring wrap. She was quite concerned that it could have gotten run over by a car but fortunately we are thankful to report it was recovered undamaged. She was extremely pleased with the results of our efforts. With big proud smiles she put her ring back on her finger ready to live through the next adventure life brings her way.

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Heirloom Rose Gold Diamond Ring Lost in Snow 2021 Graham WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Cassidy lost gold ring.

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Cassidy’s mother contacted me asking for help in searching for her daughter’s lost rings in the snow. Being that I was a bit delayed and that they already had rented a metal detector I happily provided a lot of tips over the phone on how to search their small neighborhood play park. Cassidy’s dad did all he could do with the rented machine through the cold snow but was not able to locate either of his daughter’s lost rings.

When her grandmother passed away these rings were handed down to Cassidy. It was obvious these heirloom rings hold a deep sentimental value by the whole family. She shared that she basically ran out into the fresh snow and threw one snowball bare handed then walked a few feet over to grab some more snow when she realize both rings were missing one from each hand! It’s quite possible she may have shook her hands a few times after that first throw to clear the cold snow from her bare fingers. These actions along with cold weather are notorious conditions for rings to get flung off the hand. Where rings land quite often can be quite a mystery and very difficult to locate without the proper recovery equipment and experience.  

It was a few days before I could arrive and the family did all they could with the rented metal detector with no success. It was now day number four and I’m quite sure each day up to this point the family continued to look nonstop. At this point the snow had pretty much melted away with a few patches here and there. Cassidy was rewarded for her efforts and did spot one of her lost rings a brilliant platinum diamond wedding band. It was found in the park grass where a snow man was previously. She had found it just a few hours before my arrival however the other ring a rose gold diamond wedding band was still missing in action. At this point the rented metal detector had been returned and the family was at a loss as to where the other ring hiding in the park.

After a short bit of time working the grass I got a hot signal that I had been looking for. Under a patch of snow I pulled Cassidy’s second ring, a rose gold diamond wedding band, from the ground. Undamaged and ready to be placed back safely on her finger. Cassidy and her whole family were relieved and very appreciative of the support they found through my services brought to them through TheRingFinders.com directory. 

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Gold Wedding Band…Found in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Yard

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Robert’s Handsome 14 Karat Gold Wedding Band Shining Brightly Once Again!

Michelle So Happily Enjoys the Exciting Reunion Between Robert and His Handsome Gold Wedding Band!


I received an email from a gentleman named Robert who was inquiring about my services in helping him find his lost wedding band. I was quite excited to help the man in his efforts to find the missing ring which he had hoped was still hidden somewhere on his property.

Almost a year earlier, Robert was working on a project around the outside of his place. He was removing a tremendous amount of ivy that had been growing along the outer brick walls of his Harrisburg, Pennsylvania house. The homeowner believed his yellow gold family heirloom wedding band must have slipped off his finger and got lost somewhere on the property. The other possibility was that the wood chip cutter that he was using during his outside project could have gotten the best of the poor piece of gold and perhaps was shredded into smithereens! He couldn’t be sure what exactly happened to the band.

Robert searched all around the bushes near the foundation of the house. He got a metal detector and searched over the grassy areas in his front yard and along the side yards. Eventually he took his search for the missing ring to the back of the house and looked heavily in the weeds and withered ivy that had been removed off the house and dragged with a tarp all the way to the farthest parts of the property. Unfortunately, all of his diligent efforts did not lead Robert to uncovering the lost wedding band that he so very much cherished.

This particular yellow gold keepsake was very special to the family because it was previously worn by Robert’s deceased father-in-law. Robert’s wife, Michelle, was gifted her mother’s wedding band which matched her father’s ring that was gifted to Robert. They loved the idea that they could wear their parent’s rings because not only did they have sentimental connections as family heirlooms, but the couple was also very happy that they were saving the environment by wearing gold that had already been manufactured 53-plus years earlier. They shared with me that they didn’t want to buy gold jewelry because they said it was harming the environment with today’s mining and production of gold throughout the world.

When Robert and Michelle couldn’t find the wedding band anywhere on their large property, they had to put aside the idea that they would ever see the ring again. However, almost a year later, hope would finally emerge from the depths of despair. As Robert was looking for a class to take online, he stumbled upon an ad that I had posted regarding my metal detecting service for people in need of finding lost items. He figured that he had nothing to lose because if I didn’t find the missing item, the client would not be responsible for paying me anything other than my travel expense. The two of us made arrangements to talk on the phone and by the time we were done, Robert scheduled a date for me to come out and help him find his missing wedding band.

I will never forget that particular Father’s Day as I drove two hours north from Maryland to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was definitely a hot one outside. I didn’t leave the house without packing a large cooler filled with drinks and plenty of ice. Each mile I drove, I got more excited about this mission to help this complete stranger who lived so far away solve the mystery as to where his wedding band ended up. Of course, there was no guarantee that I would find the ring, but at the least I could bring Robert some closure if I didn’t find the keepsake. He could then move on and not wonder if he should continue searching for something that was clearly gone forever.

I arrived at Robert and Michelle’s lovely 1800s estate sometime in the early afternoon. The moment that I got out of the car, I was shown around the property and Robert explained to me exactly what he was doing during that weekend when he was stripping all of that ivy off the side of the house. He explained to me how he transported the ivy on a tarp from the front lawn all the way to the far back of the house. Once I was completely oriented as to all of Robert’s whereabouts throughout his weekend project almost a year earlier, I knew exactly where I needed to search if there was a chance that the ring was hiding somewhere outside on his property.

Once we were finished with the tour around the house, I got busy pulling out all of my necessary search equipment that I needed for that Sunday’s adventure. I made sure that the ice cooler was near to me at all times because it was a real scorcher of a day. Being that it was Father’s Day, Robert and Michelle would be hanging out with the children and hosting a few close friends that would be coming over to celebrate the day together. Their little party would be in the backyard over to one side where I was not going to be detecting. From time to time I would have young visitors come near to watch what I was doing, as well as a couple of neighbors that were walking by who also wanted to see what I was doing.

There were so many areas around the house that I needed to search. I started metal detecting in the most logical place before tackling more of the questionable locations. With a 6 inch coil (which is the disc at the end of the metal detector’s shaft), I slowly and carefully metal detected in the bushes that were up against the front brick of the house. There was a good chance that the ring fell off of Robert’s finger when he was pulling the ivy down off the house. It could have gotten lost under or somewhere around the bushes that were up against the brick. I was using a smaller coil because it would help to eliminate any electrical interference that the detector might otherwise pick up. It also was perfect for searching the hard-to-get-to-places with this smaller disc. Another advantage of using the 6 inch coil is that when you are detecting near the foundation of the house, there are lots of nails and small pieces of aluminum scattered all about. Therefore, one needs to use equipment that can separate out multiple target signals and differentiate between one from another. I found that the smaller coil worked very effectively to help me identify what was a potential target and what was not. I found all sorts of pieces of metal in the bushes and around the foundation of the house. Plenty of roof nails, screws, bottle caps, pull tabs, coins, little pieces of aluminum, and much more. I was extremely happy that I was able to overcome quite a bit of electrical interference as I was metal detecting along the edge of the foundation. When I finished detecting under all of the bushes in the front of the house and up against the foundation, I was completely positive that the ring was not anywhere in that vicinity.

The next area that I metal detected was the front lawn. I chose that particular area because once Robert removed the ivy from the brick, he laid the ivy on the grass in the front yard and on the side yards before hauling loads of the plant onto a tarp where he dragged it to the backyard. I wanted to make sure that the ring didn’t get lost in the grass in front of the house. It was a fairly small front yard so it didn’t take long to complete all of my grid lines from east to west and then back again. Though I found a few coins (mostly nickels), there was no gold to be found. It was at that point for me to move to the sides of the house.

During the five or so hours of search time, I would take occasional breaks because of how scorched I was out there on that very hot summer afternoon. Though I knew this could be a very long search day, I did not waver at all regarding my confidence that if the ring was lost outside on the property that I would find it somehow…somewhere. It was therefore extremely important to keep my body hydrated throughout the recovery process.

I gathered up my equipment and moved over to the right side of the house and detected in and around the bushes, as well as all across the flowerbeds along the length of the house leading towards the backyard. I found some interesting pieces of metal here and there, but didn’t find what I was looking for. Then, when I finished my search throughout that area, I moved to the grassy section on the other side of the walkway that leads to the back of the house. This section was adjacent to the neighbor’s yard. I wondered if the ring slipped off of Robert’s finger while he was working on the side of the house and perhaps it landed on the grassy area just before transporting the dead ivy from that side of the house. I grid searched that whole section of the lawn, but still no ring was detected on my machine.

Now that the front and right side of the house was completed, I turned to the left side of the house and began to metal detect all along the foundation of the house, in the flowerbeds, and even in the window well as I did on the other side of the house. I continued to go back and forth between my 15 inch coil for larger, more open areas of detecting where there were less trashy conditions, and the 6 inch sniper coil to work around hard to get to places. I was so hoping that I would discover the piece of gold on that left side of the house, but once again, nothing turned up.

Sweat was pouring down my face and the smoldering temperatures outside forced me to take yet another break once I finished that final side of the house (Robert said that there was no ivy removed on the rear side of the house). I sat next to my cooler, which was near the sidewalk that led down the side of Robert and Michelle’s front walkway and cooled off with a couple of drinks. While everybody was celebrating Father’s Day in the backyard, I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to recover the gold ring for Robert on such a special day as this one. I knew that I only had the backyard remaining to check and I tried to not let any doubts creep into my mind regarding the possibility that the ring never ended up outside or that it may have gotten chewed up in the wood chip chopper last year.

At that point in the afternoon, I believe I had metal detected approximately 3.5 hours of search time. I recall Robert coming over to me, asking how things were going. He seemed like he was doubtful that the ring might still be recoverable with just the backyard to search, but I told him that I find rings in the very last minutes of searching. I shared that I was quite encouraged that there were plenty of places to search in the backyard and perhaps that’s where we would find the missing treasure.

Once I finished cooling off, I carried my gear to the backyard and began detecting on the right side of the property (if you are facing away from the house). Robert had showed me a section where he had dumped some of the ivy before carrying it off to another location later that same day when he was working on the project. The weeds were kind of tall so I needed to be really careful not to miss anything along the ground. I pulled up a very old children’s gardening tool, an old matchbox car and a few other miscellaneous pieces of metal. By the time I finished grid searching that right section of the yard, I was 100% confident that Robert’s wedding band was not lost in that area.

As I moved into the five hour mark of searching, the sections that I had left to metal detect were becoming more limited. For most item recovery specialists, we don’t give up until we know that we conquered all of the territory necessary to determine whether or not the lost object was actually dropped in the area(s) that was suspected. I made sure that there was no chance that I somehow missed a spot where the wedding band might have gotten lost. I moved towards the lower area of the backyard which steadily moved on a decline and then got a bit steeper towards the bottom of the hill. I made sure that I investigated all of the hillside going down towards a path where people walked by on a regular basis. Robert had told me that the shredder was down the hill in that region, so I was interested in knowing if I would pick up any of the gold pieces if the ring got placed with the ivy inside the wood chip cutter. More metal objects were discovered along that hillside, but still there was no gold to be found.

I slowly moved my way from the right side of the backyard over towards the left side (if you are facing away from the house). My gridlines were perfectly set as I moved towards the path at the edge of the property and then moved my way back up the hill and continued until I cleared all of that territory leading to the left side of the backyard. It was at that point that I knew we were running out of real estate and my chances of finding the ring were getting slimmer and slimmer.

As I shared earlier, Robert had taken me to all of the spots where he carried, dumped and or cut up the ivy. When he took me to the last area where he dumped some of the ivy (the load that never got cut by the wood chopper), he explained that that was the only other place where he had moved about when working on that particular project. I knew that this was the last part of this search from what he had indicated to me earlier when we took a tour around his property. My last remaining section to detect was probably an area that was 35 feet x 20 feet on the left side of the backyard (if you are facing away from the house). There was quite a bit of brush like in other spots that I had previously detected. In other areas there was just old leaves and overgrown plant life. Truly I was hoping for the best outcome. And yet I probably was having thoughts that this might end up being a “closure story” rather than a successful one. But I didn’t give up hope. I kept metal detecting along my gridlines and every time I got a target signal I checked it out to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything important.

I know it is a cliché to use the phrase “all of a sudden”. However, that’s exactly what happened in this particular story. All of a sudden I hit a fantastic signal that was close to the surface, but slightly below the ground. I had gotten similar target signals just a bit earlier when I uncovered a coin spill of pennies and nickels that must have fallen out of someone’s pocket many years earlier. I wasn’t going to rush to excitement knowing that I had a similar signal earlier all to find out that I had only found a whole bunch of coins that were in the same range as this particular hit. Yet, I stayed optimistic as I pulled out my pinpointer (a hand-held metal detector to examine the specific area where my machine was picking up the particular object). I knelt down on the ground and used my effective tool to zero-in on exactly where the object was buried. Then, when I became confident as to where the object was exactly buried, I move some of the leaves out of the way and there before my eyes I saw the most beautiful sight! It was a yellow gold wedding band that could partially be seen above the soil! I was ecstatic! Even though I have found many items in the very last few seconds of my searches, I have to admit that I was quite surprised that I pulled this ring so close to the end of this task! There were absolutely no other places left for me to search other than a few remaining feet on my gridline! This is why I love what I do so much because there are so many miracle stories that take place and I’m always getting surprised at the next one! I thanked the Lord profusely as I was still knelt down on the ground, staring at this amazing sight! What a moment that was! I couldn’t wait to reveal this precious piece of gold to Robert and his beloved wife!

Robert and Michelle’s Matching Wedding Bands that Were Previously Worn by Michelle’s Parents Since 1967!

The Excited Couple Shares Both Rings Finally Reunited Once More After Almost a Year Apart!

The family’s party had wrapped up perhaps 45 minutes before I had discovered the ring, so I had the pleasure of walking up to the house to call Robert out to give him a fun fake-out in unveiling this most wonderful surprise! He and Michelle were beyond shocked at what I uncovered far out in the backyard, close to the bottom of the hill! In a matter of minutes, this handsome wedding band that had been in the family since the 1960s, would finally be reunited alongside its matching counterpart (Michelle’s wedding ring that she had been wearing since her mother’s ring was passed on to her years earlier). It brought me so much joy to be able to preserve the sentimental journeys of both the couple’s parents and Robert and Michelle’s personal marital story through what was represented with those two matching rings that were handed down years ago!

I will never forget that adventure in which I embarked upon, driving 250 miles round-trip to another state far away, hoping to solve a mystery that had remained an open case for nearly a year. Robert was so happy that he made that first call to me! Even more so, that he eventually gave the “green light” to move forward with the recovery efforts in attempting to make what seemed as an impossible situation…actually ending up being possible!

If you would like to view the SEARCH VIDEO and the fantastic RING REVEAL pertaining to this search, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the search video is uploaded onto YouTube.


If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and the RING REVEAL pertaining to this story, the video will be uploaded soon. To receive a NOTIFICATION letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE: go to YOUTUBE by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW or OPEN your YOUTUBE APP on your device. In the SEARCH BAR, type: THE RING RETURNER, click SUBSCRIBE and lastly, CLICK ON THE “BELL” to receive NOTIFICATIONS when this latest search video is available to view! 








How to find a lost ring in the sand, Ormond Beach, Fl….Found and Returned to owner.

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike McInroe…Ring Finder Specialist…Call ASAP Anytime…321-363-6029

Have you ever wondered what happens to a ring that is lost at the beach in the sand? One might think it is next to impossible to find it again after the waves and sand move and wash with the daily tides. And many a poor soul has walked away from such a loss thinking that there is no hope. But I have some really good news! Because there actually is allot of hope and a great possibility of recovering your lost item.

Connor was faced with a potentially devastating situation just this past weekend. He and some friends were enjoying an unusually warm day at Ormond Beach and before getting wet he decided to wrap his phone and his cherished high school class ring in his shirt and laid it on his friends towel. After a while they returned to their towels to dry off and unfortunately when Connor grabbed his shirt his ring somehow slipped out and into the sand and as they climbed into their vehicles he noticed his ring was not with his phone. Quickly he retraced his steps but could not find his ring. They tried raking the sand and even borrowed a friends low end metal detector but it simply made way too much noise so they gave up the search.

Connors mom posted on Next Door and some kind soul suggested The Ring Finders, so Lindsey sent me a text and thankfully I was available to drop what I was doing and after packing up my van with all my necessary equipment I headed to Ormond Beach. An hour later I met Connor and he showed me exactly where thought he was when he lost his ring. I set four corner flags out and began grid searching the dry sand hoping to find his lost class ring and after 30 minutes no ring. I had my Whites TDI Beach Hunter, metal detector set to dig all signals and continued expanding my search area quite a ways beyond where Connor indicated. Finally I started down onto the packed wet sand and 20 minutes later I got a banging signal. I decided to dig with my hand ensuring that I would not scratch or damage the item rather than use my metal scoop. I dug down at least five inches and still nothing was showing in the hole so I took my pin pointer and it indicated the target was very close. Another inch and I could see a silver rim–and I thought I must have found someone else’s lost ring–until I tried to pull the ring from its hiding place. And oh my goodness and thank you Lord, were the exact words that came out of my mouth! I quickly snapped some photos and sent them to Connor! Within minutes he drove up to claim his lost and now found treasure!

Here is what Mrs. Lindsey had to say. “I am crying happy tears over here! You are amazing! Thank you thank you! I am such a sentimental person and even though the ring isn’t that valuable, it is priceless to me! All his senior memories have been made wearing that ring. I just cant’t thank you enough! You truly are an angle! I wish I could give you more $ but please know our family will never forget what you have done for us! Thank you thank you! I will keep your info saved for life!!! I seriously can’t stop screaming and smiling!!! Lindsey”

Lost something and need help? Call ASAP–Anytime!

Mike McInroe…thankful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost High School Class Ring…Found on Celebrity Figure Skater, Dorothy Hamill’s Former Estate in Cockeysville, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Lauren’s Lovely Private High School Class Ring Shines Happily Once More!

Lauren Smiling From Ear to Ear as She Holds Her Cherished 14 Karat Gold Class Ring!


A woman named Janice was referred to me by someone who knew that I was on the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She checked out my information and success stories regarding countless rings and other items that had been recovered throughout the last couple of years. That’s all it took to convince Janice that I was the one capable of finding her daughter’s lost 14 karat gold high school class ring.

Lauren had lost her class ring while hanging out with the family on a beautiful warm spring evening. They had a lovely picnic in the backyard of their gorgeous historical mansion located in Cockeysville, Maryland (17 miles from downtown Baltimore). The senior in high school, her sister, mother and father all sat at the picnic table overlooking the most perfect scenery of endless acres of grass, trees, streams and fields. The setting was simply paradise! Lauren asked her sister if she would hold onto her two rings (one of them was the gold class ring) while eating at the outside table. She obliged and put the jewelry in her short’s rear pocket.

After the family dinner picnic, the two girls went for a walk around the back of their estate, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. They even ran around a bit, having the best time of close sister fellowship with a bit of exercise attached to their fun! Upon their return inside the mansion, Lauren requested her rings back from her sister. When her sister reached back into her rear short’s pocket to retrieve the two rings, there was only one ring to be found. The class ring had come out of the shorts during their time outside earlier that evening.

The family immediately switched into sleuth mode! Everyone headed down the grassy hill and over to the picnic table area to see if the yellow gold high school class ring could be spotted through the grass. They also looked around the hill area because Lauren’s sister had been carrying some of the dinner items back and forth from the kitchen to the picnic spot and then back up the hill again. Still, nothing was found. Flashlights and phone lights were used to look all over the field, and yet they still could not find the missing ring anywhere. There was so much territory to cover, and frankly I don’t think they knew where to begin because the ring could have fell out of Lauren’s sister’s shorts just about anywhere. The family tried to retrace the girls’ steps, but all of their efforts led to no avail. Eventually, they had to surrender their search attempt that night and figure out what their next plan of action would have to be.

Lauren’s mother, Janice, was really upset about the missing ring because it meant just as much to her as it did to Lauren. It represented a great accomplishment for her daughter and there was a lot of sentimentality attached to this particular class ring. She wanted to do everything possible to recover this beloved keepsake for her daughter. Instead of buying a metal detector (which neither her husband or herself knew how to operate effectively), Janice decided to contact a professional metal detectorist. This is where I come into the story. I had the pleasure of talking with Janice about the situation and I told her that if she invited me to their property, I would guarantee the return of this ring to Lauren’s finger! I didn’t know how long it would take, but I told her that I would find the piece of gold jewelry and it would stay within the family storyline for years to come! Janice was extremely encouraged by my words. We scheduled a time for me to come out sometime later that evening and I looked forward to solving the mystery as to where Lauren’s elite private school class ring ended up.

Later that evening, I finished up with a previous client in Northern Virginia and I traveled towards Baltimore where the search site was located. I had no idea that I would be conducting the recovery operation at not only a very historical site, but also a very nostalgic one for me, as well. Let me explain. It turned out that the mansion and the land which it sat upon was owned by a very famous quarryman owner with the last name of Scott. He not only built the mansion back in the late 1700’s, but in addition to that, in the 1800’s, Scott provided the famous stones that were used to build the first Washington Monument located in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the same marble that was used to build Washington DC’s famous Washington Monument! Upon arriving at the estate, I also learned that the mansion had been previously owned by none other than Dorothy Hamill, the famous figure skater just seven years prior. This was the sentimental part of my search because I grew up watching Dorothy Hamill on television and in person when I was taken by my parents several times in the 1970’s to an ice-skating event called The Ice Capades. I thought it was so cool that I was searching for a missing ring on the very grounds where Dorothy and her family took their walks, enjoyed picnics and entertained guests over the years at this particular historical mansion.

(At the end of this story, I provided additional historical information regarding Scott’s Quarry and the two famous monuments that were constructed in honor of our first president of the United States.)

I will never forget how beautiful my surroundings were as I drove to the mansion. There were horse farms on every side of the country road. As I drove down the very long private lane, it opened up to a marvelous circular drive where the mansion sat, along with a lovely guest house located on the opposite side of the front property. The lawn was exquisite and the trees and streams that surrounded this perfectly painted creation of God simply took my breath away.

As soon as I parked alongside the house, I was greeted by Janice and her husband. At some point Lauren also came out to greet me and it was there that I was guided towards the back yard where I would be shown the vast acreage where they believed the class ring fell out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket. The family was quite kind to me and was very grateful that I could come to help them recover Lauren’s beloved class ring at such short notice. As we made our way from the back stone patio, down the hill to where the picnic table was located at the edge of the field, I was given more details about what took place the night before. Because the family had been looking all over the estate grounds, they explained to me that the picnic table had been moved from its original spot. I would remember this piece of information later on when I returned from the car with all of my metal detecting gear. Janice and Lauren walked took me across the field and guided me to all of the different places where the sisters walked, jogged and played around during that evening when the ring came out of the pocket.

Posing with Scott’s Mansion / Dorothy Hamill’s Former Home!

The scenery behind the house was absolutely exquisite. The most beautiful stream meandered around the 25 acres or so, approximately 75 yards away from the historical mansion’s rear hillside. I will never forget the stillness of the evening and the peace that I felt as I strolled across the grass with the two ladies. If there was any place on earth that I could choose to search for a lost item, this was the perfect environment! As I was walking around, occasionally I would glance up at the mansion at the top of the hill and thought to myself how cool it was that I was searching for a lost item where one of my favorite childhood celebrities once resided. Dorothy Hamill’s amazing ice skating abilities would simply take my breath away as she so beautifully danced about the ice arena during shows and competitions! She was definitely my all-time favorite figure skater!

Once I got all of the facts as to the many possibilities as to where Lauren’s sister may have dropped the ring, I returned to the car and gathered up all of my metal detecting gear. Because there was a lot of territory to conquer, I prepared myself that this could end up being a very long search. Nightfall was just starting to set in, so I made sure that I had all of the necessary night gear available at my fingertips. This included: my Minelab Equinox 800 detector, a high lumens headlamp, headphones, gloves, handheld pinpointer (small detector) and my detector harness vest.

The moment that I arrived back down at the search site, I immediately set up my detector to be able to locate the yellow gold ring that I was searching after. I am extremely experienced at finding lost class rings so I knew exactly how to adjust the settings for Lauren’s piece of jewelry. I utilized a large 15 inch coil (the large loop that is connected to the bottom of the detector shaft) which allowed me to cover a much larger area to detect in a much shorter period of time.

The first area that I searched was all around the picnic table. Once I made sure that there was no sign of the ring, I moved the table to a different place to detect the grass where it had been originally positioned. I covered the area a couple of more times just to make sure that the keepsake wasn’t lost close to the vicinity of where everybody was sitting the night before. It was definitely clear of the ring within a 25 to 30 foot radius around the table.

A Portion of the Field Where I Was Metal Detecting (The Stream was Located Behind the Tree Line)

The next few sections that I wanted to detect were located closer to the stream. The girls had made their way from the picnic table over towards the water on a diagonal path.  Therefore, I wanted to check the spots where they were hanging out before I started gridding across the field. When nothing turned up in those areas near the stream, I knew that it was time for me to start detecting from the picnic table over to the water on that diagonal course where they had walked. No one was quite sure exactly where Lauren and her sister had moved across the field, but they were certain that it was at a particular angle which took them towards the water. I started to make my gridlines across the field at that particular angle and then I returned the other way with a second grid line to see if maybe the ring came out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket when they walked from the table over towards the water.

I swung the metal detector coil back and forth as I moved across the field and then back again towards the picnic table. I carefully made sure that I didn’t miss a single potential target that could end up being Lauren’s gold class ring. It was probably 45 minutes or so into the search when I hit a particular signal on my second grid line moving towards the picnic table from the water’s edge. I believe I was approximately 40 feet away from where the picnic table originally was situated. Though I had detected a good amount of area around the picnic table, this particular target was just outside of the zone where I had been searching prior to starting the gridlines. With my headlamp blazing above me, I knelt down to the grass and pulled out my handheld metal detector to check the specific area where my Equinox 800 was picking up the target signal. At first, it appeared that the piece of metal that I had detected was somewhere below the dirt because I didn’t see anything other than the many blades of grass ascending from the earth.

My First Glance at Lauren’s Brilliant Gold Class Ring!

Until I was completely sure that this particular metal was below ground, I kept moving my pinpointer around that vicinity just to confirm that this was not the target that I was looking for. All of a sudden, to my greatest surprise, I saw a reflection of light that was bouncing off something that resembled a small piece of gold. My fingers moved through the blades of grass until I uncovered the very special treasure that I had been hoping to find for young Lauren! There it was peeking out from the jungle of green! It was Lauren’s high school class ring! Indeed, it was a very beautiful piece of jewelry! It was constructed with a 14 karat yellow gold band accompanied by a blue stone with Lauren’s private school crest engraved in the middle of the ring. I had solved the mystery as to where the ring had fallen out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket! I was beyond thrilled at what I had discovered and how quickly I found the keepsake in an area with so many acres of land that I potentially would have had to detect! It could have taken hours upon hours to find something this small. Yet, my methodical work paid off as I eliminated section by section, grid line by grid line until I eventually hit gold! Yes, I certainly did! I was so very happy to discover this gorgeous piece of precious metal!

After I marked the spot as to where the ring was found, I was hoping to surprise Lauren and her family with the wonderful discovery. However, Lauren’s father had coincidentally been looking through the house window as I was kneeling down in the grass while investigating my gold target signal. He thought to himself that perhaps I may have found what we were all looking for. So he started walking out of the rear door of the mansion as I approached the top of the hill. He asked me with an excited tone of voice, “Did you find it?” I then raised my hand in the air with the gold ring clutched between my fingers to show the gentleman my proud find of the evening! His face lit up with the most satisfied smile and proceeded to congratulate me on finding such a needle in a haystack! He was almost in complete disbelief that I was able to pull this ring from such a large territory! Within seconds, Lauren and her mother made their way across the stone patio to find out if perhaps all the excitement that we were experiencing had something to do with finding Lauren’s ring. They were happily surprised to see the class ring in my hand! Lauren was beyond thrilled to experience such a very special reunion with the ring that she cherished so very much! It was one class ring reunion that I will not easily forget! She was so taken back that I was able to find this extremely beautiful piece of craftsmanship that represented such an important accomplishment in Lauren’s life! Janice was equally excited and quite impressed that I was able to find the ring so quickly with so many acres of land out there to search!

Dorothy Hamill at Her Finest!

It was there that night, on that famous ice skater’s formally owned estate that the four of us celebrated our own special victory with the successful search and recovery of Lauren’s gold high school class ring! It was absolutely thrilling for me to be invited onto such a lovely estate to help this dear family find something so important as Lauren’s beloved keepsake!

Hamill was the Most Famous Skater During the 1970’s

Not only was it a very nostalgic time for me, knowing that Dorothy Hamill once lived on the property where I had conducted my search, but it was equally exciting to know that two of our most prominent monuments honoring our first president, George Washington, were constructed with the rock that was pulled from this very propert nearly two centuries ago!


Now, every time I pass the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital of Washington DC, I always think to myself how special it was to have found a lost ring on the same land where most of those blocks of marble were originally dug up from Scott’s quarry so many years earlier! And to think that this mansion was built and dwelled within by Mr. Scott himself dating all the way back to the late 1700s! It was truly a very special ring recovery adventure, filled with several sentimental and historical significances! I will never forget that magical night at Scott’s mansion in Cockeysville, Maryland! Never will I forget it!

More History About Scott’s Quarry

As shared above, Scott’s Quarry’s marble was used to build the very first monument (located in Baltimore, Maryland) honoring the life and legacy of America’s first president, George Washington.

Scott’s Quarry Historic Marker

Designed by architect Robert Mills and erected between 1815 and 1829, this was the first public monument erected to George Washington. The construction contract specified “the whole of the column is to be of the whitest and the best quality marble from Scott’s Quarry.”

Another great piece of construction honoring our great American leader is The Washington Monument in our nation’s capital. It too was made from the same marble limestone that Baltimore’s Washington Monument was made out of. It towers above the city that bears Washington’s name, serving as an awe-inspiring reminder of George Washington’s greatness. The monument, like the man, stands in no one’s shadow.

The Washington Monument, designed by Robert Mills and eventually completed by Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, honors and memorializes George Washington at the center of the nation’s capital. The structure was completed in two phases of construction: Phase 1: (1848-1854) and Phase 2: (1876-1884). Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, evoking the timelessness of ancient civilizations, the Washington Monument embodies the awe, respect, and gratitude the nation felt for its most essential Founding Father. When completed, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet, 5-1/8 inches.

The First Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland

In the beginning, the original idea for Washington’s statue was to have our first president sitting on a horse. Washington liked the concept. However, ultimately others didn’t favor the design when it came to deciding on the equestrian look. Then, in 1836, 37 years after Washington’s death, architect Robert Mills, who also designed Baltimore’s monument to Washington, came up with a new design for an obelisk (a pencil like structure) that appealed to planners. “It was modern in its concept,” said Baltimore County historian John McGrain. “It’s a very sleek, straightforward kind of design.”

Americans were urged to contribute $1.00 each for the stately structure. The cornerstone was laid in 1848, but construction was stopped as funding dried up and the Civil War was on the horizon. Work resumed and was completed in 1884, giving the monument two different shades of marble. According to park service research, the marble for the bottom section came from what is now Redland Genstar in Texas, Maryland near Interstate Route 83 outside the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The top 300 to 400 feet of the amazing 555 foot tall structure came from Scott’s Quarry in Cockeysville, Maryland only 18 minutes from Texas, Maryland.

In the early years of the marble business in the 1840s, the rock, dug from a string of canyonlike pits in the area, was used for such notable buildings as the Capitol in Washington, Baltimore’s City Hall and the Baltimore County Courthouse. Many of the city’s well-known white marble steps also came from the quarry. “They say this is the stone that built Baltimore,” Gease said.

In those days, marble was extracted tediously by hand, mostly by Irish immigrants who had fled their famine-stricken country for the $1.00 to $1.50-a-day wages at a quarry. The laborers chiseled the stone from beds that were formed millions of years ago as masses of mucky sediment were squeezed, melted and recrystallized. The cut marble slabs were heaved into carts and rolled about a half-mile to the Cockeysville railroad station for delivery to such destinations as Washington DC.

The Second Washington Monument in Washington DC

In 1998, during the more recent Washington Monument restoration project, fresh blocks of Scott’s Quarry limestone was discovered to replace old broken pieces from the weathered historical structure. This time, in the modern age, the stone was transported to DC in a more simpler fashion. A flatbed truck carried the designated marble to the Nation’s Capital where it was reunited with its 150 year old counterpart that originally helped to make up the world’s tallest free-standing masonry structure.

If you would like to view the SEARCH VIDEO and the fantastic RING REVEAL pertaining to this search, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the search video is uploaded onto YouTube.


If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and the RING REVEAL pertaining to this story, the video will be uploaded soon. To receive a NOTIFICATION letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE: go to YOUTUBE by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW or OPEN your YOUTUBE APP on your device. In the SEARCH BAR, type: THE RING RETURNER, click SUBSCRIBE and lastly, CLICK ON THE “BELL” to receive NOTIFICATIONS when this latest search video is available to view! 









Two lost rings found in New Brighton, MN

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Jason Roberge, an experienced ring finder, received a call from Jamie who was in Minnesota for a work convention. She and some co-workers were outside participating in some team-building activities in a field near the meeting site. She had removed her precious rings before the event and placed them in a pocket. But, she later realized that the rings had slipped out of her pocket. Unfortunately, she had already flown back home and had no way of searching for herself.

Jamie contacted Jason, and he was happy to help look for the lost  rings. Most of the snow had melted from the day before, and Jason was able to find both lost rings rather quickly. The rings were shipped back to Jamie, and she was overly relieved and happy to have them back!


If you lost a ring in Minnesota and need help finding it, call Jason Roberge at The Ring Finders.



  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Young couple was building a snowman ⛄️ in a school sports field yesterday and the young man took his gloves off at one point. He then realized after a while he lost his platinum wedding band in the snow. They purchased a metal detector but had no luck. They reached out to me late last night and I made arrangement to meet them at the area very early this morning with all respecting COVID-19

I started off by circular gridding the snowman. Then at one point I continued in a half moon grid as it was evident I wasn’t required to check down the slop. A half pass later, I heard the double tone with a 16 number on the Minelab Equinox 800! I cleared the snow away and saw the round ring shape in a portion of the snow I had just moved.

I then asked to do a video for the blog for good luck ….and here’s what happened!! Video link below

Another #PAYITFORWARD donation coming into the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! In turn the clients receive a tax receipt for their donation!!

Thank you Aman & Harman for calling upon my services!! I love using my detecting skills/passion to help other on lost sentimental/valuable items!!