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Gold & Diamond Ring Recovered at McMinnville Masonic Cemetery

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Civil War era Fighting 69th Irish Regiment marching in St. Pats Parade 2013. (Courtesy of Irish America Magazine)

The Masonic Cemetery in McMinnville is very historic, hauntingly beautiful in places and worth a visit.

Bill was performing in a veteran remembrance ceremony, reenacting as a Civil War soldier from the famous Fighting New York 69th Irish Regiment. He was wearing a blue uniform and short coat similar to those shown above and was armed with a .58 modern replica Civil War era musket.

During the ceremony Bill fired his musket 4 times in honor of our fallen and passed heros.

After the ceremony, Bill remembers putting away his uniform, his musket, his cap box, his white gloves in the back of his car. After removing his gloves he noticed his ring was missing, but where?

Rather than buying a metal detector, Bill coolly decided to call a professional.  He found me on TheRingFinders that very afternoon. We made an appointment to meet  the next day.

On the phone, Bill remembered changing out of his uniform “near a tree with two benches”.

The next day I arrived a few minutes before Bill and easily found the two benches by the tree.

Bill drove up a few minutes later and confirmed the suspect search area. In addition to his verbal description, his friend had made a map showing the tree and the two benches.

Thanks to Bill’s great memory, and his friend’s smart map, I was able to recover Bill’s ring about 10 steps from the back of my car, in about 5 minutes, .

Bill explained the ring was a gift from his wife 24 years ago. She has one just like it.

He’s very glad to have it back!

Metal Detecting: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 310-968-4860

Greater Portland Area TheRingFinders

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater Portland Area from Hillsboro, Oregon

Forensic Investigator & GIA Graduate Gemologist



Lost Gold Engagement Ring Found and Returned, in Old Orchard Beach, Maine with a Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Hello, my name is Dennis Boothby and this is my 1st blog a a member of The Ring Finders. I have been an avid Metal Detectorist since 2001, almost 22 years. I retired in July 2021 and now have more time to devote to the hobby that I love, Metal Detecting. I find extreme pleasure, joy and personal satisfaction from returning lost rings, jewelry, phones, key fobs or any other metallic objects, to their rightful owners.   I am now a member of the The Ring Finders, a World Wide metal detecting organization whose sole purpose is to return lost items to the owner. How wonderful is that?.  Over the years I have found many rings, phones, jewelry keys, key fobs, etc and have been so fortunate to have returned many of those items to the rightful owners. Most days I can be found metal detecting on the beaches, parks, woods and fields,  in Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Pine Point and Kennebunkport , Maine.  I would consider it an honor to look for lost jewelry or other items that you may have lost. I will hunt beaches, parks, farms, RV parks, yards and other places, as long as permission is granted and it is safe to detect. I can also metal detect in Saltwater and Fresh water, waist to chest deep, as long as I can safely detect the body of water.  If you lost your item where the use of metal detectors is restricted, you would have to gain permission for someone to look for your item with a metal detector and transfer that permission to me.  While I usually metal detect in the Southern Maine counties of York and Cumberland,  I occasionally will travel further.  You may call me to discuss your location.   I charge a $25.00 call out, trip fee to cover travel expenses (fuel, parking, tolls, etc.). Requesting I travel outside my local area would likely increase the trip fee, usually .50 cents per mile over 30 miles from my home,  but that will be discussed at our initial contact.  I work on a ”Reward Basis Only”… that means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item.  I am a member of The Ring Finders and you may find out more about this organization on their website.  You can also search  on YouTube for “The Ring Finders” to see many videos of successful recoveries of lost items.  If you have lost a treasured keepsake or other types of valuable items, please call or text me today, to see if I might be able to help recover it. Why rent a metal detector when a professional from The Ring Finders can help you ?

Thank you and I am looking forward to helping reunite you with  lost item.

Dennis L. Boothby

Cell Phone – 207-423-3027

Lost and found wedding ring in Carrying Place Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Morgan yesterday about her husband Matt having lost his wedding ring the previous day in their yard. Matt was putting things away for the winter when, afterwards, he noticed his ring was gone. To makes matters worst, their yard was full of metal items in the ground and had about 4 inches of fresh snow from the previous day. Headed out and met with Morgan. After the usual questions and orientation, I got metal detecting the yard and within fifteen minutes or so, found the ring. Both Morgan and Matt were very happy and relieved that he was reunited with his ring again. Another happy ending.

Lost Gold Ring in the Leaves Found in Clinton Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt…..

….Mark knew his ring came off somewhere in the yard. But as the low sun in the sky moving into autumn casted long shadows amongst the trees, he was having difficulty visually searching for his ring now that the crispy leaves had been bagged. Since he was all over the yard, he felt that his shadow didn’t even know where the ring was. Upon arriving I noticed several packed leaf bags that were ready to burst, which had been previously dumped and searched, so I grid searched the area of the yard where Mark thought the ring came off. I was enjoying the search with my MXT metal detector under the very pretty sky and calm weather here in the Detroit area today. The yard search presented no luck, so we decided to metal detect the leaf bags, scanning the metal detector coil all around each bag. After a few minutes a very faint whisper of a good signal came thru my headphones, so I said let’s dump this bag and search it. Scanning thru the pile the once faint signal suddenly became a YES, I’m the ring you are seeking!….type of signal. Brushing a few of the brown leaves aside revealed Mark’s ring! He came over in disbelief as this bag had been searched. Casting his own shadow while reflecting on the find, he realized that some things can only be seen in the shadows but was happy to move on and leave these shadows behind.



Lost Gold Ring Found in Saline Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Burnin’ Daylight……

… Thursday evening approached, Tom and his wife were hurrying to finish up raking and bagging leaves but somewhere in the yard his ring came off. Even though they were productive in getting their yardwork done, putting in a good effort to search for the ring brought no luck. With Tom leaving on a business trip today they didn’t want to keep wasting time looking around. We agreed to meet this morning until he had to go, which left us about an hour to search. Starting with the bags I scanned them all with my MXT metal detector to no avail. Next, I went to the back yard area where he thought the ring fell off. Nothing was detected so I started to search a larger area which still produced no results. Scanning the grass on the side of the house while walking to the front yard still brought no luck. At this point, Tom had to leave and told me to keep searching. Searching the grass area where he mentioned they were not raking I got a huge signal on the metal detector. Using my handheld pin-pointer I scanned thru the thick grass and there was his ring! I ran up to knock on the door and waved for his wife to come out to where his ring was, and we both wondered how it got there! With smiles on our faces, we both agreed that Tom’s next few text messages would be quite illuminating!



Lost and found diamond engagement ring Inverary Ontario

My ring recovery today took me to a horse farm in Inverary, just north of Kingston Ontario.  Received a text from Nick and Meaghan, about her having just lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while feeding the horses. She just had taken out a couple of bails of hay to their feeders when she realized that her ring was missing. The good news is that she knew for sure she had her ring on before feeding the horse. The bad news is she wasn’t exactly sure where and when she had lost the ring. Even worse, did one of the horses eat the ring while feeding on the freshly spread hay in the feeder. She moved the horses into another field for the night, while they tried to find the ring through the hay.
I met with them first thing this morning and started to spread and search through the hay, with no luck so far. While picking her brains, in the chain of events during last evening, she did mentioned that she had thrown old wet feed from the feeder onto the ground prior to putting in fresh Hay, Since we’ve had 3 days of solid rain this week, the ground near the feeders was a soup like wet mud. After a few minutes, I heard that distinct sweet sound of gold and while using my pin pointer, was able to fish out her ring from the mud. Very happy and appreciative young couple plus, I got to visit and pet some horses. Another happy ending!

Woman’s Platinum Wedding Band Lost on her 12th Wedding Anniversary, Found and Returned Sunset Beach, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call just before 4 pm today from Elizabeth, who was very upset about losing a wedding band on the beach. After getting a few details, including the fact the ring was lost in the dry sand, I told her I’d be there in 30-35 minutes. She seemed a little surprised in the fact that I’d be there so fast. We hung up and I grabbed my Deus II and Equinox 800 detectors.

As I’m pulling in the parking space next to the beach access she gave me, my phone rang, and it was Elizabeth. I thought she had found it and was calling to let me know. When I answered she said she was just checking to make sure I was still on my way. I told her I was just pulling in a parking spot and asked her if everything was ok. She said she was just worried.  I said, you told me you knew the area, and it’s in the soft sand. I then made a bold statement and told her I’d have it back on her finger within 2 minutes of getting in the area. That seemed to ease her concerns a little. As I’m walking over the boardwalk to the beach, I saw Elizabeth waving to me. I made my way to where she and another lady were sitting. That’s when I found out the other lady; Kelly was the one who lost her wedding band. Kelly was very upset as I asked what happened. Kelly said that today was her 12th wedding anniversary and she and Elizabeth were reminiscing about the events 12 years ago. When she took her wedding band off to relive the moment, it slipped from her fingers and disappeared in the soft sand. Elizabeth pointed out the area where they had been sitting and I went to work with my Deus II. After a couple of grid lines and not hitting the target, I had self-doubts about me and the Deus II. So I swapped detectors and used the Equinox 800 and took 2 steps outside my original grid line and hit a booming 8 VDI (visual display indicator). That number was exactly what I was expecting for a lady’s platinum wedding band. I glanced at Kelly with a big grin, which I’m not sure she saw. I took a scoop of sand, re-checked the hole and gently shook the sand out of the scoop. I glanced in the scoop and saw Kelly’s beautiful ring. I walked over to her and held the scoop out for her to retrieve her ring. Her tears started flowing and I could see the weight of the world get lifted off her shoulders. She couldn’t believe it and either could Elizabeth. Elizabeth reminded me I told her I’d have it back on her finger in less than 2 minutes, and that was less than 1 minute. This never gets old when you can return a special treasure back to someone who thought it was lost forever.

Elizabeth – Thank you for calling me.

Kelly – Thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure. I wish you all the best!!



Lost and found antique diamond engagement ring Kingston Ontario

Received a phone call from Dave about how is wife Johanne had lost her diamond engagement ring in the backyard while fall cleaning a couple days ago. This ring was gifted to Johanne from Dave’s mom many years ago. So off to Kingston I went on this beautiful sunny thanksgiving day to find her ring. This had to be the fastest recovery ever. Turn my detector on, did a couple swings of the coil and voila, her ring was found. Another very happy ending.

Pet Labradoodle Has Expensive Taste, The Proof was in the X-ray!!! Longs SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This adventure started Monday evening when I received a text from Suzanne saying, “I was just made aware of ring finders. I have a lost ring in my yard. It’s a big yard as we have a farm. My dog actually ate the ring then pooped it out, but we somehow missed finding it. We have grid searched as best we could with a borrowed metal detector but admit we didn’t know what we were doing. Interested? Suzanne.” I was intrigued so I called her to get more details. She informed me that their “big yard” was about 3 acres, and the incident took place about a year ago. I was a little perplexed and asked if the poop had been thrown out with the trash. She said they throw the waste in and around the bushes. I’m thinking, OK, the ring’s out there someplace and I love a good challenge, so I agreed to help. I told her I could be there at 10 am this morning, Sept 27th, and she agreed.

I think I was awake most of the night thinking of all the various scenarios I might run into. So, this morning, I packed up a small ladder and my Endoscope in case I had to check the tops and insides of bushes, and 3 metal detectors (Gold Bug II, Deus II, and my Equinox 800). Overkill I know, but I was prepared. When I got there and drove down the long driveway to the beautiful house with a manicured lawn, detached 2 car garage, a big barn with fenced in pastures, I was definitely intimidated! I met Suzanne in the driveway, and she showed me all the areas encompassed by an electric fence where the ring could be. She described the ring and said it was yellow gold with rubies and diamonds. She also explained the details of that faithful day. She said she was going out of town and was getting ready. She set her cell phone and beautiful Ruby and Diamond Ring, which her husband Terry had given her on their 16th Wedding Anniversary, on the Kitchen counter. When she came back to the kitchen the ring was gone and the cell phone had the unmistakable mark of a big wet tongue lick across the face of the phone. They took their loving pet to the vet for X-rays and guess what showed up just as clear as day. There was Suzanne’s beautiful ring nestled in the dog’s stomach. So, Terry was now assigned poop patrol while Suzanne was away. When she got back, Terry assured her that he checked every pile but there was still no sign of the ring.

Ok, I knew I was looking for a very sentimental ring that should alert in the low teen target numbers on the Equinox 800. I grabbed the 800 and started gridding the more likely areas first. I was almost 2 hours into the search, finding numerous targets in the 9-16 range but no ring. I took a quick break and Suzanne came out to see how things were going. She remembered that after she got home from her trip that she had picked up a few of the dog piles and had scattered it around 4 trees, which was not in the search area. I finished up my break and hit the newest area. After 10-15 minutes I got a booming 13 on the 800’s VDI (visual display indicator) about 2 inches deep. I carefully dug around the target and saw the bottom portion of a gold ring. I removed it from the hole, and I had Suzanne’s ring in my hand, I remember saying out loud, “Holy Sh__!” (No pun intended). I devised a plan on how I’d surprise Suzanne. I went around to the front of the house and knocked on the door. Evidently, she had been sitting on the back porch and came around the house. I told her, “I’m going to go grab some lunch, but I wanted to give you this before I go” as I held her ring up for her to see. She was overwhelmed to the point where she was shaking. She couldn’t believe she was seeing her ring again after 9 months and a wild end to end ride through her dog. Suzanne texted me, after I had left, that all this happened in the beginning of December 2021. She was so excited and said that she never thought she’d see her ring again. A very happy ending to a very wild story, which proves everything, always comes out good in the end!!

Suzanne – Thank you so much for trusting me to help find your very special treasure.



Yellow Gold Bracelet with Charms Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an early morning text message from Mary saying “I need help finding lost jewelry.” I tried calling her but didn’t receive an answer. So, I texted her saying “How can I help? Call me, it’s faster than texting. 843-655-5889. Jim” Mary called a short time later and said she had lost a gold bracelet with charms. She sent me a picture of the bracelet and where on the beach she lost it. Unfortunately, the resort her and her husband, Omar, were staying was in Myrtle Beach. She also stated they were getting ready to leave to go back home. I told her Myrtle Beach was TRF Matt Fry’s area and I’d give him a call and coordinate with him and that one of us would call her back. I called Matt on his cell, his work number and his wife’s phone and got no response. I called Mary back and told her I was on my way. Meanwhile I sent her a Google earth map with the resort and a line down the middle of the beach dividing north and south and asked her A or B side. She responded A, so I was on my way.

When I got there, I surprisingly found a parking spot and hit the beach. I started a perpendicular grid search on the north side of area A and worked south. Almost 2 hours into the search and shin deep in the ocean, I got a solid 6 on the Equinox 800. I wasn’t real sure what numbers I was looking for on the 800. I knew the thin gold bracelet wouldn’t show up, so I was hoping the small charms would ring up. I was as careful as possible trying to dig the target out of the sand. My second scoop I saw the bracelet hanging out of the packed sand in the scoop. I took a picture and sent it to Mary saying “BA BOOM,” then I called her. She was just pulling my text up and seemed very happy, and that’s when she shared that her mother had given her the bracelet. They were heading out of town but weren’t far enough that we couldn’t meet half way. When we met, Mary was extremely happy when I handed her bracelet back to her. Mary didn’t want her picture taken so I had Omar take a picture of me holding the bracelet.

Mary – thank you for trusting me to find your sentimental treasure.