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Tungsten wedding band found in yard in Reading, PA

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a text from Madi asking if I could be a hero and find her husbands wedding ring. He lost it on Christmas day while playing football with his brother at his parents house. Madi and Ryan live in Maryland and would not be able to meet me on the day of the search. They sent me great details on the area they think it came off. They were devastated after not finding it after several hours of searching. I arrived several days later because of my schedule and searched the area for about five minutes before getting a strong hit on my Garrett ATPro. I found the ring deep in the grass which was difficult to see because of the rings unique black and brown color.

I texted Madi and photo and told her i found it. She immediately called me and told me I was their hero. I went to the house to give the ring to Ryan’s mother who did not even realize I had searched for it. She was so excited I found it and would keep it safe until her son comes to visit her again.

Wedding ring found in snow, and returned to owner.

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

Jackie called and told me she lost her wedding ring in the snow after an evening of sledding at her sisters house. I arrived the next day and began my search. Due to her schedule, Jackie was unable to be there with me. After searching for about 20 min., I gave her a call to obtain some more information on the exact area she was sledding. After I spoke to her, I received a great hit on my Garrett ATPro under some ice. I had to use my shovel to break up the ice and then I found her ring. I sent her a text with a photo and she immediately called me and was so excited.

We made arrangements for her to drive to my house to get the ring back. I met her a few hours later and she told me they had bought a metal detector and searched for hours with no luck. If you have lost a ring or piece of jewelry, don’t waste the time and money trying to search with a cheap detector but call me at 610-207-8677 and allow me to find your lost item with my professional equipment.


How to find a lost ring in the snow in Nashville Tennessee

  • from Nashville (Tennessee, United States)

I received a text from Simone today. She had lost her engagement ring in the snow. We had just gotten several inches of snow in Nashville. I told her I would be there as soon as I could dig my car out of the snow. When I arrived I was met by Simone and her husband. Seems they had bought a metal detector to look for the ring. They were not sure if it was working correctly so they tossed another ring into the snow to see if they could find it. I ask what the engagement ring was made of. Silver I was told. I found the test ring and that seemed to build their confidence that her ring could be found. I searched about 15 more minutes and hit a solid Gold signal. I recovered the 14K gold engagement ring. Everybody was HAPPY!

Gold Wedding Band Recovered and Returned in West Chester, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Boyd reached out to me after losing his beautiful, large gold wedding band while landscaping his backyard in West Chester, PA. He had been looking for it for a week with no luck and was about to give up when a friend of his referred him to to me and the Ringfinder directory. I had helped his friend find a lost phone with my metal detector the year before. Anyway, I agreed to meet Boyd at his house and he walked me through the facts surrounding the lost ring. He was 100% sure he had it on while he was raking leaves and cleaning up brush around his backyard. After losing it he spent hours looking with his eyes and raking around in case it was hiding underneath remaining leaves. As I always do I started by demonstrating my machine to Boyd…I throw my wedding band on the ground and let him hear how clearly my detector picks it up. Basically I want him to feel confident that if I swing the detector over it…I’m not going to miss it!!! and miss it I did not! About 10 minutes into the search I heard that satisfying surface gold signal with my metal detector! It was underneath some leaves and brush in an area where Boyd said he had searched several times. Boyd was very happy to have his ring back in his possession! I told him being a ringfinder is always a lot more fun when you’re able to return the missing item!

Ring lost at South Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Robyn was going to play some volleyball, so, she took off her wedding band and engagement ring and tied them to her pants. After the game, she discovered the tie had come loose and the rings missing. The search was on! She, and her husband of 6 months, Alex, and others combed through the sand of the volleyball court, but, all in vain. It just so happened that a former client of mine was walking by while they were searching, and recommended that they call me for help. Alex gave me a call about 5pm, explained the situation, and we made arrangements to meet right away. I arrived about 5 :45, met everyone, and they showed me the likely search area…..mainly the volleyball court, the area around it, and also the path they took to and from their nearby beachfront rental. After several passes on my grid search of one half of the volleyball court, I was just about at the far edge of that area, when I got a nice solid 6 on my Equinox. I stuck the pinpointer into the sand, found the target, and scooped up a handful of sand. Robyn came over to see what my first target was, and she was happy to see one ring in my hand. we then looked down to see the engagement ring sticking up out of the sand. 6pm and all is well! A pleasure to meet you, I hope you had a pleasant visit here in San Diego, and thank you for the reward.

Ring lost at Coronado found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I got a call yesterday evening from Lauren saying that her husband Craig lost his wedding ring in the sand in front of their bungalow at the Hotel Del Coronado. Just a simple thing as brush sand off his hands caused the ring to come off into the soft sand and disappear. He sifted the sand with his fingers for quite a while, but, came up empty. Being a Saturday night, I didn’t want to wait until the next day to search as that beach gets detected quite often and it might get found by someone who wouldn’t know who lost it, or, wouldn’t want to return it, so, I told them I would head over and search that night. We met up, Craig showed me the search area, and within a minute or so, I got the signal I was expecting. The whole family was happy Dad got his wedding ring back! A pleasure to meet you folks, and thank you for the reward.



Lost ring recovered from the Big Lake They Call Gitche Gumee

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

I received a call from another Ring Finder from Southeastern Wisconsin (Paul Humphrey) about a party that had lost a ring up in Lake Superior and was wondering if I would be able to go up and assist a couple with finding their ring.  Paul was about 4-5 hours away and thought I would be closer.  He said that he would go if I was unable to make it. Superior Wisconsin is east of Duluth Minnesota by about 5 miles. Its about 2 ½ hours North of the Twin cities.  I told him that indeed I would be able to help them out, and that they could get ahold of me to set up a time that would work.  A short time later I received a call from Grace stating that her husband was in the lake at Wisconsin Point playing with their Labrador and when he got out, he noticed that his ring was missing.  He was not very far out in the lake but was not sure where he lost it. Wisconsin Point has several beautiful sandy beaches and has some sand bars that that go out about 250’ only about 3-4’ deep.  Grace sent me overhead photos with the location somewhat marked out.

I went up on a weekday while they were at work. I had a pretty good idea from talking to them and the photos where they were at. One thing that was said was they were on a sand bar. So when I got up I called them and let them know I was up looking for the ring. I was unable to reach either one of them but did leave messages for them.  So I started working the beach and the edge of the lake with my metal detector.  I was working a long narrow stretch about 400’ long.  I noticed a sand bar and recalled something said about that, so I decided to work out a couple hundred feet. All places that would be a great place to play with a dog.  I spent around 5 hours working the sand bar.  Beautiful weather, sunny skies, surf was calm, and very few people to work around. Near the end of the day a gentleman walked up and introduced himself as the person that had lost the ring. He said that I was 250’ to far east.  So I moved over and started working the area that he said he was in.  A storm front moved in and was starting to lightning about 15 minutes after moving to the new location.  We were forced to pull out for safety and would have to come back another time.

About a week or two later I went back up and was looking in the area that was pointed out to me.  I started my day working the beach where they had set up for the afternoon.  I just wanted to rule out the sandy beach before going into the water.  It would not take long, and I could be reasonably certain that that area was cleared.  While searching the beach what appeared to be a mother, daughter and a toddler were out on the beach in the area around where I was searching. The toddler was so cute and was mesmerized by my swinging the detector back and forth. She would follow me just to see what I was doing.  It was added to the enjoyment of the search.  I briefly spoke to the adults about what I was doing and that I was on a mission rather than just scavenging looking for lost items.

After that I went back out into the water, another beautiful day. Surf was calm and a beautiful day to be out searching. I was working a 100’ wide area going back and forth along the beach working my way out further into the water. The beach had a drop off about 15’ out that dropped down about 2 feet.  It was difficult to cover the area that had the slope being sand. I worked it from the top side and then the bottom side.  I found a cell phone and some miscellaneous junk items.  After about hour I was out about 35 feet and I picked up a signal. It was not a signal that I was thinking would be the ring but scooped it up. I could not believe it, it was the ring.  A beautiful rose gold ring with black diamonds just as they described.  I kind of let out a little YES after I found it and the folks on the beach were excited that I had recovered it.  They came over and seen the ring and where amazed at being able to find that small ring in such a large body of water.

Being 2 hours north of home I called and again was unable to get ahold of Grace and left her a message I was hoping I could meet up with her to give the ring back.  She called me back about 10 minutes later.  “ Hey Grace are you working today? I have something that I would like to get back to you”– No she said she was taking her dog to the vet. But you could tell her excitement. She said she was thinking of going out and buying a new ring later that day. I told her I would meet up with her at her vets office and return the ring.  In the moment I forgot to get photos of the ring being returned to her but they did send back one of the ring back where it belonged.  I did capture a couple of photos on the beach.

What another wonderful recovery. It never gets old helping people recover lost items.



LOST WEDDING RING near Durham…….. FOUND!!!!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from a lady near Durham who had lost one of a set three rings. Story goes, she was delivering food to a sick neighbor down the road from her house. As she was getting back in the car, she waived back at them and two of her rings flew off into the landscaping. The center/heavy one stuck on a limb and the other one fell to the base of the same bush and went under the roots a little and was out of site. They tried a metal detector and looking for it with flashlights.

I started off with my metal detector. She had a duplicate ring that goes on the inside of the set that I was able to scan and use it to determine the VDI. I programed it to be in a certain range. I wasn’t getting any solid hits at first. I then got a glimmer of a hit near the base of the bush. I got down on my knees with my pin-pointer and I was picking up a signal. After a few mins, I see her ring ON EDGE! “This is why I wasn’t getting a solid hit” I quickly told her, “I GOT IT” snapped a few pics and returned the ring to her. She was extremely happy that I was able to find it. We walked back to her house to inform her husband that we had found it.









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Lost White 18K Gold Mens Wedding Band Found At Holts Landing State Park In Millville, Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 09/12/2021, I was contacted by Steven and he requested my help in locating his white 18K gold wedding band which he had lost in the water at Holts Landing State Park in Millville, Delaware. Steven said that he was in the water at low tide on his hands and knees digging up clams when he felt his wedding band slip off of his finger in the muddy bottom. I then agreed to meet Steven at the State Park to see if I could help him, but before I could attempt to help him I had to call the State Park Office to get permission to do the search. Upon contacting the state park office I was given permission to do the search. When I arrived at the state park I had Steven walk out into the water to give me an idea of how deep the water was in the area that he had lost his ring. At this point the tide had come in and the water was now up to Stevens chest. I told Steven that I would have the best chance of finding his ring at low tide and we agreed to meet at the state park on 09/13/2001 in the morning when it was low tide. I then re-contacted the state park office at which time they agreed to extend my permission to do the search on the following morning. On 09/13/2021 Steven and I met at the state park in order to look for his ring. Steven again walked out into the water in the area of where he had lost his ring and this time the tide was low and the water was just up to his knees. I had Steven remain out in the water so that I could use him as a reference point during the search. I began a grid search of the area working my way in towards the shore and after about ten minutes of searching I located the ring in about two feet of water. I then had Steven come over to the location of the ring at which time he reached down into the mud and did the honors of pulling his ring from the muddy bottom.

Diamond Earring and Wrap, Lost, Found and Returned – Bourne, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 22, 2021
Unfortunately it is that time of year again, one requiring the relocation of fallen leaves. Christine’s task for the beautiful day was to move the fallen leaves from the lawn and into the woods, Over the summer one tree branch grew over the path to the composting pile. Christine’s diamond earring snagged on the new branch and was dislodged from her ear. All her and her super sleuth son’s searching did not located the earring.

Help from the internet search brought up Leighton’s and my names in her local area. Leighton was in Connecticut so I headed out on a solo search with my small 4 inch coil and hand held pin-pointer. I used Christine’s matching earring to notch select only a response that the earring’s presence under the detector’s coil would produce. My first target was a piece of solder, the second a piece of tinfoil and the third was the two piece earring still together.

Pictures taken and stories exchanged completed the return as the earring was replaced in its normal resting place. On my way home I could not get my mind off the branch. I have to believe Christine will cut it back so does not overhang the path which I am sure will be used several more times this fall.\