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Lost Engagement ring, Holgate NJ (LBI) August 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call today from Justin. He was at the beach in Holgate NJ (LBI) with his fiancé, Samantha. After setting up their chairs and umbrella, Sam took off her shorts, placed them with her stuff, and took a walk down by the water. It was then she realized her beautiful platinum engagement ring was gone. She quickly went back and looked in her pocket where she had placed it when applying sun block, back by at the car, before heading to the beach. It was not there and she was devastated. They contacted me, and after a short conversation we decided to do the recovery. I cleared the area of a few bottle caps, then pow!!! the low platinum signal I was looking for. They were amazed I had found it. This one was SUPER special, they are getting married next month, and now have the ring back for the ceremony

Lost Apple Watches found in Lake Geneva

  • from Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, United States)

Treasure Hunters

Anyone can be a treasure hunter.  Treasure hunting does not require owning a metal detector.  It starts with simply getting outside and looking around.  Surface finds, items literally laying on the surface that anyone could see, are everywhere.  I found $30 walking into a Cracker Barrel restaurant, a $100 bill in a Walmart aisle, coins in parking lots, sunglasses, toys, and jewelry left on the beach.  And if you have some moderate swimming ability, and some goggles and snorkel, you too can find treasure patiently waiting on the bottom of every beach in your county. 

In June 2022 while snorkeling/detecting around Lake Geneva’s swim piers, I found two Apple watches sunk to the bottom.  I could see them from the surface as the water is calm and clear most mornings.  Both worked, although I did have to charge one up at my neighbor’s house before I could retrieve contact information.  I don’t own an Apple watch.  Claudia’s text read, “No way!! Thank you SO much for texting me!  Best text I have ever gotten. Ha ha.  You are the best for actually letting me know!  I am so thankful!! Thank you!”

Claudia’s watch was underwater for a week.  Kyelar’s was a more recent drop.  It’s exciting to find a lost and valuable item, but the real high is seeing the smiles and appreciation when it is returned.

Ring lost at Mission Bay Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Wei and his wife Bella were spending the day at Mission Bay, when during a volleyball game, Wei’s platinum wedding ring flew off his finger and landed in the soft sand. They search for the ring for quite a while, even used a metal detector, but, no luck. They got on the internet and found Bella gave me a call and we agreed to meet in a half hour at the site. Luckily, the volleyball court was empty, they showed me the area they thought the ring landed, and I was able to get set up and start my grid. First target was a nice solid 12 on my Equinox detector. I had high hopes, but, it turned out to be a partial pull tab. A couple more passes, and I got another nice solid 12. This time it was his ring, a bit outside the area they thought, but, that happens when rings fly! A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Silver Heart Pendant Saved in Leesburg Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

I received a text from by daughter-in-law about having misplaced her silver heart necklace and charm, along with a pair of earrings. I always cringe when someone asks me to do a house hunt for jewelry, just so many areas to cover and rooms to search through. Kendall stated she had put the necklace into an envelope and set it down on the stairs. She went about her business of cleaning the house and doing chores, then at some point remembered she had put the envelop down on the staircase, but now it was gone. It was late so we coordinated so I would arrive early in the morning, but in the meantime they had gone through every inch of the house trying to find the envelop, even checked all the trash cans, but no luck.

I arrived around 8:00 AM the next morning and upon arriving donned a pair of gloves, walked up to the driveway and immediately started  going though the trash can before the county did their pickup that day. Slowly going through every envelop I ripped each one open hoping I would get lucky…and I did!! In a folded white envelop there was the necklace, heart charm, and the earrings. My daughter-in-law was just so thrilled and immediately had it back on her neck, simply gorgeous!!

God Bless and happy hunting!


Ring lost at Mission Bay Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Sebastian took his ring off to apply some lotion, and forgot about it until later when it was time to leave. He had been paddle boarding that afternoon too, so, it could have been in the water or dry sand….he just couldn’t remember for sure if he put it back on at one point or not. He and his parents Ed and Karen sifted and raked through the dry sand for hours, all the way down to the water’s edge and couldn’t find it. In talking with some other folks there at the beach, a suggestion was made to find someone with a metal detector to help locate the ring. An online search brought them to site where they got my contact info. I received the call at about 8pm and made arrangements to meet Ed and Karen at 8:30pm. We found each other easily at the parking lot and made our way over to where they had been camped that day. When they told me it was a silver ring, that put a smile on my face as those are a lot easier to find on a trashy beach than a gold one. This wasn’t just any dime store silver ring though! It was custom made by Sebastian’s grandfather who has since passed away. Sebastian was devastated losing it, so this just had to be found. Ok, man’s silver ring…..that should be a nice high conductor sound… a quarter (30 reading on my Equinox). On the first pass, that’s what my first target was, a 30, Alright, found it right away….not! Just a quarter like my machine told me. Drat, or words to that effect when his ring wasn’t in the scoop! I continued all the way to the water,  made a return pass to the top of the slope, and started down the next pass only hearing low conductors, when I got a 19 on the display. Hmm, not likely it’s the ring, most likely a crusty zinc cent, but, it was high enough to scoop anyway. Well, no one was more surprised  than I was finding his beautiful silver ring in the basket. Ed and Karen were over the moon with appreciation for getting this family heirloom back. Karen put the ring on her finger, took a photo, and texted it to Sebastian. All he texted back was OMG over and over again. Just as we were all done and ready to leave, the fireworks started across the bay at SeaWorld. An appropriate celebration on a successful recovery! A pleasure to meet you, and thank you for the reward.

Craigville Beach, Cape Cod, MA Lost Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 27th, 2022

After a four-hour search for a lost ring, we returned to Leighton’s truck. We listened to a voice message about a lost wedding band. As the loss was on the opposite tide side of Cape Cod, we were on our way, hoping for a better search result; it was not yet time to call it a day. Leighton and I have teamed up for a few reasons: 1) companionship while traveling, 2) it increases the chances to find a lost item, and 3) we can cover twice the area in the time it would take one of us to search it alone.

We met up with Doug. After some fancy parking and a short synopsis of the previous day’s happening Doug led us to the area where he had lost his wedding band while teaching his 3-year-old daughter the thrill of the summertime beach. Feelings of a great beach day got a bit more intense when Doug lost his balance and braced himself with his left hand on the sandy bottom of Nantucket Sound. His daughter stayed high and dry, more than Doug could say about his wedding band. It had slipped from his ring finger and was to stay submerged for a day.

Several searchers using snorkels and goggles were unsuccessful in locating the ring just after it was “lost”. As usual our searching started with a grid search around the area Doug was standing at when he felt the ring slip from his finger. A crisscross search failed in locating the hiding ring. About 40 minutes into the search, I started a diagonal search pattern going well beyond the center of our previous search area. I am glad, as is Doug, that I went some 35 feet closer to the shoreline where I heard an all too familiar tone in my ears. About 10 inches down into the moving sand the wayward ring was in my scoop. It stayed there until Doug came to look into the scoop and identify the ring. Yes, it was his.

After a walk and talk going back to the parking lot, a few pictures, and many Thank You gestures from Doug he was on his way home. Wearing his wedding band and a smile from ear to ear he was anxious to get home and tell his wife the ring had been found and returned to his finger. I may be wrong but I think I heard Doug mention something about letting his wife wait a bit longer for the news so he could show and tell about the find in person.

Leighton and I both felt much better than about 2 hours before. Earlier we had not given up on searching for the other ring we were searching for. We just needed to rethink our search technique, change our detectors and their coil size and return another day to continue the search…We Never Give Up Hope!

Lost Ring on the 4th of July

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost Ring on the 4th of July

Kim contacted me on July 14th after receiving a referral for me on a local Facebook group. Over the 4th of July weekend, her son and family were playing soccer at our local high school. Her son put his ring on his gym bag during the game, but forget the ring was on there when he went to pick up the bag to leave.

Kim and her family tried searching for the ring themselves, even renting a metal detector and searching the field. Unfortunately, as the holiday weekend came to an end, her son and his wife had to travel back home, without his ring. As the search continued and the ring was nowhere to be found, Kim posted in a local group for help.

I met Kim and her husband at the soccer field where they showed me the area they believed the ring was lost 10 days earlier. I began my search and found the ring in 20 minutes.

I gave the ring to Kim and her husband and they couldn’t believe it was recovered. They  immediately Facetimed their son to give him the good news!

Thank you, Kim and family for entrusting me to locate the lost wedding band!


Lost ring on soccer field

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost Ring on Soccer Field

On June 18th, Josh contacted me regarding his lost wedding band. Josh was playing his weekly Wednesday soccer game with friends when he noticed his ring was no longer on his finger. Josh and his friends searched the field tirelessly, but had no luck. Josh googled “lost wedding ring” and found The Ring Finders website where he then contacted me.

I met him at the soccer field that day and he showed me where he believes he lost it. I then got to work, immediately searching the area where Josh believed he lost his ring. After about 15 minutes, I recovered the ring on the soccer field.

I called Josh to let him know that I found his ring and he was thrilled!

Thank you, Josh for entrusting me to locate your lost wedding band!

Lost White Gold Engagement Ring At Indian River Inlet Delaware Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 07/17/22, I was contacted by Victoria who was requesting my help in finding her White Gold Engagement ring that was lost on the beach at Indian River Inlet Delaware on 07/16/22. Victoria said that she took her ring off and placed it on her towel while she was putting sunscreen on her child. Victoria said that her ring fell off of the towel into the sand and that she was not able to find it. Victoria said that she was no longer at the beach and that she was at home in Newark, Delaware. I told Victoria that I would go to the beach later in the day and make an attempt to find her ring. Victoria was able to describe the area of the beach where she had lost the ring and she also provided me with a photo that I was able to use to put myself in the area of the lost ring. Upon arriving at the beach, I began a grid search for the ring with no luck in finding it. I then did another grid search crossing over my first search again with no luck in finding the ring. Two hours into the search I expanded the area of the search and the lost ring was found north of where it had been lost. It is my belief that the ring was moved by the tractor that is used to clean the beach sand. I sent Victoria a photo of her recovered ring and then returned it to her by mail the very next day.

Lost wedding band, Lavallette NJ. July 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call from Ashley yesterday (Saturday) about her husbands lost ring. She explained how Jeff was throwing a football around the tide line when the ring flew off his hand and dropped into the wet sand. After talking a bit, we decided low tide was so late we would wait till the AM low tide to do the recovery, the surf was fairly calm, so it wouldn’t move to much. Jeff did an outstanding job marking the exact location of the ring, which is paramount when doing recoveries. A few swings later the ring was in the scoop.