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Lost my Ring while visiting my Cousin’s at the Jersey Shore

from Ocean County (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-221-0791

Diane from PA visiting her cousin’s at the Jersey shore, Lost he ring, after spending an hour looking for the ring without success she search’s for help on her phone she quickly finds my page o the ring finders , I’m about 20 minutes away and a half hour later she has her ring back , needless to say she was VERY HAPPY as where her cousins who made a lot of commotion after the ring was found. Another Happy entry into the appropriately named “Book of smiles”

It took more time leaving the beach then it did to get there and find the ring,  as  my son Luke and I became instant celebrities , answering question’s from 1/2 dozen people “do you do this for a living” “how much does it cost” “how did she find you” “what else have you found” etc. I told them about Ring Finder directory , and actually when I find rings and they ask how much, I say , you don’t have to give me anything I’m just glad we found it and I like Happy Endings and entries into the “Book of smiles” !  (most don’t listen 🙂

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