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A Decade Lost Now Found

from Reno (Nevada, United States)
Contact: 1-316-200-4115

Lost Ring Reno Tahoe Michael Price Metal Detecting text ASAP to 316-200-4115 or email miprice73@yahoo.com

While on vacation in Kansas and teaching a friend the in and out of detecting, I was approached by a woman holding a dog, asking if I ever detected on people’s properties.  I told her that, yes, given that we have permission, it is something we would do from time to time.   She then asked if I would be willing to look for a lost brooch.

Well of course I was willing.  I asked where and when it was lost and if she was available now.  Turns out it was lost a decade past and was in the back yard of her house but never could be located.  She had appts that day so we agreed to look for it in two days time.

Two days later I sent her a messaging letting her know I was back in town and was she ready to find her lost piece of jewelry.  After meeting up with her I gathered the particulars about the piece, where and how it was lost.

Setting up my equipment I immediately got busy detecting and soon found some decent signals.  Turns out she had another dog that loved chewing on metal objects so there were many of these ‘decent signals’.

Well, persistence pays off and in the end I was able to locate an object near the surface. Using a pinpointer I was able to determine that it was indeed a surface object and wiped the mud from what turned out to be her brooch.  Unfortunately time had not been kind and the clasp had broken off as well as having a stone fall out   Both were recovered as well and she intends to use it for something or get it repaired

She was delighted to say the least as, while not an expensive piece, it meant a lot to her.  I wasn’t expecting to help find a lost piece on vacation but being in the right place at the right time turned out great for everyone.  

Recovering Lost Keys From Ballard Locks Marina Seattle WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


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I received a txt in the middle of the night from a lady that was requesting help for a set of keys that fell into the marina. Early that next morning I put my magnet fishing kit in my vehicle before heading out for the day. I sent her an early response asking her to call me after getting her day started for a detailed chat. I learned from our conversation that her friend had lost his keys the night before in the early evening. Their dog was walking on the marina dock in a dimly lit area and fell into the water. Mike in his own words attempting to be the super hero tried to grab the dog, lost his balance and as his body went over as he heard a big splash as his feet hit the water. His first reaction was oh crap my cell phone must have gone in but instead it was his ring of keys he had in his hand. He was quick enough to catch the edge of the dock with both hands so only his feet were in the water. As he looked at the dock he remembered staring straight at the dock cleat marking his position precisely. His buddy lifted him safely out of the water, minus all of his important keys.

I agreed to meet up after work around four o’clock that evening for a first attempt with my magnet kit. Mike met me at the dock and we quickly got under way. I deployed my large magnet that was more than sufficient to nab the keys. I even confirmed before arriving on site that his keys had steel split rings. Knowing brass keys are not magnetic its a point of clarification that should always be considered before wasting time with a magnet. I also learned to our advantage he had a small padlock from his sail boat on the keyring as well. I knew the steel shank would be more than enough to stick to my large magnet. Mike was accurate over our phone conversation earlier that morning that the water was around nine to ten feet deep. Knowing this bit of information made since for an attempt to magnet fish the keys. Soon after starting with the magnet I quickly realized there was a lot of structure near this boat slip and it was not an easy flat bottom. Every bit or so I would have to lift the large magnet several feet over an obstacle and let it back down to try to fish is keys out. This was basically a blind search in the fact that we could not see the bottom and don’t know exactly where the keys fell into the water. Everyone heard the splash of the keys but no one eyeballed the exact entry point. Since Mike was not throwing any items from his hands so we felt fairly confident his keys most likely went straight down from where he was dangling from the side of the dock. Even with this drop zone being extensively search with the magnet I was unable to retrieve the keys.

With the darkness of the evening upon us, a bit of Seattle drizzle and cold wind after a full days work we knew we were done for the night. However I reassured Mike I would be out the next morning to do a full SCUBA recovery of his keys. The next morning I was blessed with great weather and calm waters. Watch my video to see all the efforts taken to get Mike’s keys recovered. The whole time wondering if after two days in the Ballard Locks waters will his car key fob function properly?


Jeff Morgan



Important keys lost, recovered and returned in Wilmington, DE!

from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-484-433-6990

Got an email from Dan in Wilmington, DE. Apparently his wife was making snow angels in a huge leaf pile in her parent’s backyard when her ring of important keys came up missing.  They had been raking leaves and had created a massive pile on top of a tarp…after playing in the leaf pile they dragged the leaves to a secluded part of the backyard. Not a 100% certain the keys were lost among the leaves they spent several hours over several days searching for the keys inside and outside of house. Dan came to the realization that his only hope might be a metal detector to search the huge pile of leaves. He said he briefly considered buying a metal detector but after a quick google search came across the Ringfinder directory. I got his email around 1 pm on a Wednesday and arrived at the house by 330 that same day. I met Dan and his mother-in-law in the backyard and was shown three possible areas where they thought the keys might have been mixed in with all the leaves. Like I always do,  I took a minute and demonstrated how my equipment works so they can have confidence that if the keys are there…I’ll find them. I had a few options as far as where to start the search…I decided to start in the very middle of the largest pile. Within 30 seconds I had a very strong signal deep in the pile…I broke out my pinpointer which immediately confirmed a good target. After a quick pushing aside of leaves…there they were! Its always fun to see the amazement on peoples faces when you are able to find something so quickly that they thought was gone forever. Dan was extremely happy and immediately called his wife to share  the news of her recovered keys!

Lost Wedding ring found in the leaves in Frankfort, Mi

from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-499-7526

I received a call from Christine that her sister had lost her Wedding ring at her parents house while getting the flower beds ready for winter. We agreed to meet the next day at noon.

We met at noon and I got the story. She was cleaning leaves out of some beds in front of the house. She had bagged up about 10 bags of leaves. She also dumped other plants/grass in the back of the property in 3 different piles. She had me check 2 of the bags of leaves and the area in front of the house. We had no luck so off we went to the piles at the back of the property. I searched the area twice with no luck. Her father had walked out to talk to me and watch the process. He stated she was in all 10 bags of leaves they had in the garage. So, off we went back to the bags in the garage. We had to bring them out into the driveway because the detector way picking up the tracks on the garage doors and the car. I searched through about 5 of the bags and finally got a signal in one of the bags. We took the bag out in the side yard and dumped it out to search further. Just as I was zeroing in on the ring they spotted it in the leaves I has moving around.

Lost Ring Found in Bloomington Minnesota

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-763-670-5544

Garrett was working on installing some de-icing equipment on his roof when he shook his hand and felt his ring fly off his hand. “I could hear it bounce off the roof and hit the ground below, said Garrett, a resident of Bloomington, MN. He frantically searched the immediate area below. He even cut down a large shrub to better his efforts. Furthermore, after borrowing a metal detector from a friend, he was unsuccessful in finding the lost ring.

He contacted The Ring Finders, and Jason Roberge agreed to come out and help him with his search. Roberge was quickly able to find the ring in the snow and leaves below, and Garrett was thrilled to get his ring back. Garrett commented, “I spent the majority of the afternoon talking about how efficient and fast you were with locating the ring.”

If you have lost something valuable and you are located in Minnesota’s twin cities metro area, contact Ring Finder Jason Roberge to help you find your lost ring!

Lost Family Heirloom 14K Gold Ring Found!

from Tompkinsville (Kentucky, United States)
Contact: 1-270-495-0315

I received a call from a gentleman in my town last night that he has lost a 14K gold ring that once belonged to his father in a farm field. He was feeding animals in the field and threw the ring off. He fed in different parts of the field but had it narrowed down to three spots. I met him this morning and took my Garrett AT Pro with the stock coil and began gridding the first likely spot. Within minutes, there lay the ring hiding in the grass.

“This ring belonged to my dad, and the day after he passed away, my mother gave it to me,” he said. “That was 55 years ago, so you can only imagine how much this ring means to me.”

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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Honu Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got an email from Justin from Mililani stating he’d lost his white gold wedding band in Honu Lagoon while enjoying some time with kids in the water. He actually saw the ring fall to the bottom in chest deep water and when he went under to retrieve it the waves pushed the sand and his wedding band disappeared. He spent an hour and a half hunting but the ring never reappeared. We agreed to meet this morning at 9AM during the low tide. When I arrived Justine and his father were using a makeshift sifter to try and recover the ring. Justine helped me draw my grid lines in the sand and I started the search. I walked out to neck deep water and then turned around towards the shore. After a few steps I got a loud #13 on the Equinox and in one scoop there was Justin’s ring. Elapsed time 2 minutes. I shouted over to Justin “Found it!” Luckily I started on that side of the grid otherwise it may have taken much longer. Justine and his father were shocked on how quick a recovery it was especially after searching with the sifter for quite some time. Aloha to Justin!

I-Phone Lost In Snow Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118



Ryan e-mailed me this morning asking if I could help him locate his I-phone which he lost yesterday while shovelings snow.  He said he knew the approximate location where his phone was but unfortunately the battery had died and was no longer sending out a signal to locate it on his app (Find My Phone).

I told Ryan I would come out to help him locate his phone.   I met Ryan and he explained to me what he was doing and that the phone could be in a couple of locations in a the snow bank.  After searching the known locations with no luck I searched another area where he said he been throwing snow into the bush.  Safely buried in the snow lay his phone which made Ryan very happy to have the phone back in his possession.

Thank you Ryan for entrusting me to find your I-Phone! Another happy client.

Lost Ring Pinewood Lake Trumbull CT… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

Newlyweds Tyler and Chelsea were enjoying a day at Pinewood Lake in Trumbull Connecticut when disaster struck. Tyler’s wedding band slipped off his finger and three weeks of sporting his bling were undone in three seconds. Tyler dove underwater and searched the muddy bottom with a mask, snorkel, and even some neighborhood recruits. Hours later, he realized the ring was lost to the lake.

Tyler found me online and we set up a phone call to discuss the chances of finding his lost ring. Our biggest hurdle was the depth of the water where he was swimming. Tyler described his ability to touch the bottom with his toes but his head was not sticking out of the water by much. I knew Tyler was taller than me so this search would be on the edge of recoverability without the use of SCUBA gear. Tyler was confident of his location and we had some dry weather so it was worth a shot. I arrived and searched as deep as I could in the calm waters but I never came across the gold ring. As we sat on the edge of the lake discussing the next step, some of the local property owners began talking about the lake being drained every four years. This meant there could be a chance of recovering the ring from the deeper waters, but we would potentially have to wait years for the lake drain to occur. Only a couple of days later Tyler called me with good news. Draining was planned from the end of September through early November! We made a second appointment during late October just to make sure the lake level would be low enough to make a difference in how far out I would be able to search. The conditions were perfect. The only water remaining in the whole section was a single channel running through the center of the area. I arrived and began my second search. I heard a faint squeak about fifty feet away from the area I was searching during the summer. The signal came from the channel but I immediately thought there is no way this ring fell in the worst possible place. The chances were much better of the ring settling on a nice flat shallow surface, but I was wrong! I smeared a scoop of channel mud across the ground and saw the outline of a gold ring. I tried to surprise Tyler with the ring but I think he was on to my shenanigans. Or he is good at containing his emotional reactions because when I showed the ring, he calmly said, “that is it.” I didn’t give up on the surprise. I convinced him to surprise Chelsea. This time the surprise was a success – check out Chelsea’s reaction in the YouTube video below!

How to Find a Lost Ring

Lost your ring? Contact a professional to discuss the next steps of finding your lost ring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you have a lost ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now uncoverthings@yahoo.com | Call or text 252-775-1307 | www.metaldetectionkeithwille.com

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Stolen Wedding Ring in Rathdrum Idaho, FOUND!!

from Spokane (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-509-263-8995

Life steals away lots of things, memories, happiness, and loved ones. However when an item is stolen from your possession by another human it leaves a sting that never fully goes away. Likewise when the item is stolen by a family member you are left with a hurting heart and the feeling of a hopeless loss. For Ric and Ronda the latter came true while the snow began to fall in Idaho. The full story of the how the ring went missing was validated by a lie detection test and a trip to the pawn shop. Both tests proved that the ring that was stolen, was pawned, bought back and then thrown into Ric and Ronda’s front yard. A metal detector was rented and use but the ring still remained lost. Ric was using google to find a better metal detector but found instead The Ring Finders directory. I called Ric as fast as my fingers could dial the number he left in his email. We discussed “the story” behind the stolen ring, then made a plan for me to come over the next day. I arrived to the snowy front yard of Ric and Ronda’s and began to ask my standard questions of what kind of ring was it and what kind of gold was it made of. Ric’s reply was let me go get a picture of it. Ric came back out of the house with the insurance pictures of a stunning yellow and white gold marquise diamond wedding ring. I knew if the ring was there I was going to hear a loud signal under the two inches of snow. I could see the path where the person with a metal detector was looking but knew my 18 years of detecting was going to find it even if a coil had already passed over the ring. So back and forth I weaved talking and keeping the mood light. I had just asked a question to Ric while kicking away the snow that was over a 53 vdi signal, I remember that I had said “her ring” in the question. However I can’t recall the question because when I looked back down at the snow I saw the top half of a large gold ring. I said “hey Ric Her Ring” and I kept repeating her ring until he came over to look. Meanwhile Ronda was quickly exiting the front screen door exclaiming did he find it? With the pure excitement of the whole ordeal Ric’s wide eyes could not see the ring laying in the grass and snow. My hand met his and pointed out the location of his Wife’s wedding ring. Tears, screams of joy, clutched hands shaking with relief, my big smile , all erupted and all happened in less time then it took for the ring to fly out of a car window and land at the edge of Ric and Ronda’s snowy front yard. The story of life has many twists and turns, some leading to a hurting heart but leading to the joy only a Ring Finders Recovery can bring. Ric told me he had set the stones in Ronda’s ring 20 some years ago. I could see the happy moment when he gave her that ring for the first time, return to his smiling face. Blessed are those to hold on till the end knowing that at the end true peace will be delivered.

Rhonda hold her ring