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9/5/19 Lost Wedding band in Lbi NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-581-0285

One day ago I received a message late at night from Megan. While She and her husband Mike and their children were visiting Lbi and spending a day at the beach, Her husbands wedding ring slipped off his finger into the surf while he was swimming during high tide. Based on photos of where they were set up on the beach I went out there during low tide and I started gidding an area on the slope thinking it may have wound up there. After a few hours my hunch was right, I heard a nice tone loud and clear then bam! Sure enough it’s his ring! She was very happy when she saw the photo I sent. I will be meeting her husband on Saturday to return it. Another great ending!

Lost wedding ring in South Seaside Park NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-581-0285

My third successful recovery in less than 12hrs. A new personal best! While i was at the beach doing my second recovery, Chris called me and left me a message. While him and his wife were at the beach, Around 8:30pm he decided to go for a dip. As soon as he entered the water he felt his wedding ring slip off into the surf. He found me on the Ring Finders website. I called him back and made arrangements to meet him on the beach at 3am. He was in the water about 3-1/2hrs after peak low tide which is helpful. I met him and he showed me the area where they sat. I started my search towards the bottom of the slope as i felt it would be in that area and within 5mins Chris had his ring back! He was shocked and extremely happy and relieved. You see, His wife is pregnant and a week late with their first child!. At least now he had one less thing to worry about! Congratulations and best of luck to you both! Another wonderful ending!

Fast metal detecting service in Dennis MA, Lost Wedding Band found and returned

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

Jeff a family friend of Kate to whom we, Luke and I, found and returned a ring to last year needed our assistance this year. Jeff had taken his ring off to apply sun screen and “safely” placed it in a pocket from which it somehow found its way into the damp sand.

How did Jeff reach out for help? It was Jeff’s good fortune that he had taken a picture of Luke’s “TheRingFinders” shirt last year which has Luke’s phone number on it. Jeff called Luke who was in Rhode Island at the time. Luke in-turn called me for help. About 15 minutes later I was getting my gear ready for the search. Jeff met me at the car park and we walked to the beach. A quick reminisce of last year’s events and a quick overview of where his ring should be and I was on the hunt. The first signal was a fresh beer bottle cap, the second was Jeff’s ring. Total search distance searched was ten feet covered in less than one minute and in less than half an hour from the time I left home I was home again. This search resulted in one of the fastest returns, if not the fastest I have been involved in.

Once again all is well on the home front.

Two last bits; First, I must apologize for the out of focus photo. Second, I should have checked before leaving the beach, second… Until next year, enjoy!

Read Kate’s story at:

gold ring lost at Lauderdale by the sea , Florida… found and returned to the owner

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

Wedding ring found Crystral Lake Beulah, Michigan

from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-499-7526

This short adventure started with a call from Nate. He stated he lost his Wedding ring in the sand at a private beach. He was sitting in a chair and noticed his ring missing. Nate was not available to meet me at the location but his Wife Erica was able to.

I meet Erica at the location she took me to the spot on the beach that Nate was sitting. I turned on the CTX3030 started to scan a circle around the chairs. After walking about 3 feet I got a nice solid 12.30 on the CTx3030. Sifted through the sand with my pinpointer and found the ring. It took about 30 seconds.


Lost wedding band in Lbi, NJ found by Matt St.Germain

from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-581-0285

6/24/20 The night before i was contacted by Stephanie on behalf of her cousin Tyler. While at the beach in LBI yesterday he had lost his Heirloom wedding band from his Grandfather. He put it in his beach bag before swimming, Forgot it was in there and shook the sand off/out the bag along with the ring. He did not realise it until later that night after they already left the beach. I went out there this afternoon and spoke with Steph on the phone since they were no longer in town. She also sent me some photos to help me determine where they were sitting. After about 2 hours of gridding the area i had it in my scoop! I will be meeting them Friday to return it and get a photo! Another great day!

Lost Heirloom ring Found by Matt St.Germain/Dennis Burligame

from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-732-581-0285

6/9/20 I was contacted by Kate. While in Lbi visiting she went into the ocean for a quick dip and unfortunately lost her Heirloom ring from her Grandmother. She wasn’t sure where it came off as she did not realize it was missing until getting back to the house. I marked out a path from the dune down to where she was sitting and confirmed with her that it was a good place to start Along with the first 3-5ft into the surf. But the winds were not in my favor. The surf was high and rough for a week which is too dangerous for a guy with a metal detector and a heavy long handle scoop. I did all of the dry sand, The slope and as far into the water as i could safely. No luck. I went back a second time 3-4 days later and the surf calmed down a little so i could go a little further out. Still no luck. So on the third attempt i brought my Fellow Ringfinder and good friend Dennis Burligame with me after just finishing up with another recovery. We both got into the water even though it was a bit rough and started on opposite ends. Amazingly Dennis was able to recover it within about 15 mins! Teamwork for the win! Another great ending! I will be meeting her in a few weeks to return it and get a photo!

Lost rings Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Received a call yesterday late morning about a lost wedding ring set. Jess explained that she had taken her ring, which was actually three rings fused together, off and placed it in her wallet which was then placed in her beach bag. At some point during the day she thought one of her kids may have knocked it out of the purse while looking for money for the ice cream man, but neither she or her kids were sure. She had already returned home to PA before realizing that the ring was missing. Jess was able to provide some location details and given the time of day she called and it’s possible location I thought it would be best to try for it after the crowds had cleared. Took a ride over later in the afternoon and recovered the platinum diamond ring in about 20 minutes. 

Comments from Jess: “I can not explain my emotions after coming home and realizing that my wedding ring was gone. I kept trying to trace every step and thing I did and just kept searching thinking it would appear. I don’t like to wear my ring on the beach because it gets so dirty but this has been a big lesson for sure. I literally was so sick in my stomach all day yesterday and honestly thought it was gone for good as the chances of finding it were so slim. Thank goodness I found Jeff and his team. He was professional, asked the right questions, and got the job done! He was incredible and I could never thank him enough!”

Lost Ring and Shark Visit – Gulf Shores, AL – FOUND!

from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t even write up the story but the day was totally worth it. The night before I received a call from Angel who was down from Tennessee with her fiancé celebrating their engagement in Gulf Shores. She explained that she had been out in about thigh deep water throwing a football when her ring came off. At least she assumed it was in the Gulf, like most people, she wasn’t aware that it was gone until later that day. I agreed that I would come the next day but it would have to be at Sunrise because I was working that day and would have to find it before then. I pulled into the condo at 5:45am after an hour drive and Angel was already eagerly waiting for me in the parking lot. As we walked down to the beach and she explained where she thought it was, I quickly learned that she is just a lovely person and I said a quick prayer for help finding the ring. I got out in the Gulf and it was just awesome. The sun was beginning to peak over the horizon and the water was clear and calm. I was really enjoying myself and before long Angel’s fiancé joined her on the beach. I was explaining about the need to dig the occasional coin when I saw movement from my right. It was a small shark maybe a bit over 4ft long and he came right up to me about arms length. He just kind of eyeballed me and said hello and I thought that it was a great sign. I proceeded to do my first search pattern left to right with no luck. I then went into super detective mode and scoured the entire area again the other way going North and South. As I was wrapping up about an hour later I started to get worried. That ring was not where they thought it was. I walked up and suggested that we move some of the chairs around and let me grid off the beach. I could see Angel getting really worried so I tried to stay upbeat. When I was done with the beach, I told her that I wasn’t giving up yet so she couldn’t either. I told her to think about other areas it could be while I went back into the water and expanded my search west. I was on only my second pass when I got the unmistakable sound of gold. It was such a good signal that I got their attention and they watched eagerly as sure enough I had it in my scoop. There were so many shells it was hard to see until finally I saw a flash of diamond. I gave them a big smile and a thumbs up. It’s the first time I have had to fend off a couple with my metal detector and back away saying “Don’t hug me, don’t hug me”. 😃 Luckily, social distancing won out and as they hugged each other and cried a bit, I promised that one of these days I might make it up to Nashville post Covid and I would gladly take those hugs. Until then, Angel, I am so glad I was able to help you two out and I wish you all the very best! 💍

Lost rings in Wildwood Crest NJ, FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525


First recovery of 2020 is a success. Received a call from Jackie explaining that she believes she “may” have inadvertently dropped her FOUR rings yesterday while at the beach with her family. After gathering some details I met up with Jackie and her husband, at the beach, about 30 minutes later. This recovery took less than five minutes. Literally walked two steps into the search area and BAM all four popped out of the shallow sand. Jackie broke down immediately, understandably, as one of the four rings belonged to her mother. No hugs due to COVID but super happy to say the least. She is very fortunate that these rings survived in the area they were in for an entire day without being found by a free lance Detectorist.