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Lost wedding band, Lavallette NJ. July 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call from Ashley yesterday (Saturday) about her husbands lost ring. She explained how Jeff was throwing a football around the tide line when the ring flew off his hand and dropped into the wet sand. After talking a bit, we decided low tide was so late we would wait till the AM low tide to do the recovery, the surf was fairly calm, so it wouldn’t move to much. Jeff did an outstanding job marking the exact location of the ring, which is paramount when doing recoveries. A few swings later the ring was in the scoop.

Bike Key Missing on beach. Found on Cape Cod. One return leads to another.

The Key to Success.

A few days ago I was asked to help recover a ring that was possibly dropped as leaving the beach. Richard Browne a ring finder and myself grid the area to no avail. While searching for the ring I found a key with a tag that looked like it went to a bike lock of some sorts. I didn’t think much of it, till Rick waved me over. He was chatting with Pierre that was on his bike, and he was asking if we had found a key that he had been there searching for it the day before. I told him yes, that I had found a key and sure enough it fit perfectly into his bike lock. Great to save all objects when you can. Un expected return.

Sincerely Leighton

Lost Wedding Ring, Seaside Park, NJ July 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call from Jennifer about her lost ring in the sand. She took it off and put it on her chair, then got sidetracked. They searched for hours with no luck, even using a metal detector. Then she contacted me. With just a few passes I got a nice tone, sure enough it was her ring. Platinum rings give off a very low signal, that’s why you need a professional to find them.

Ring Lost in Coronado Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Zari spent the day at the beach in Coronado, and when she was ready to go home, noticed her wedding ring/engagement ring combo was missing off her finger. She wasn’t sure if it came off in the dry sand building sand castles, or, out in the water where she was tumbled by a wave after introducing her daughter to her first experience in the surf. After an online search and finding and my info, she contacted me Tuesday evening for help. Since there was a strong possibility that the ring could be in the water, I told Zari that it would be best if I conducted the search at the next low tide, which was at 4:38am the next morning. I had her send me some photos of her location on the beach along with a photo of the rings. Upon arrival the next morning at 2:30am, I triangulated the photos to get me on ground zero. Unfortunately, I discovered grid marks all over the sand in the area of where she had been camped the previous day and they lead down the slope toward the water. Not a good sign! Looks like someone has been there recently, but, that’s a very popular section of beach, so, not completely unexpected. I looked down the beach in both directions, and the grid marks are only 50 feet either way of ground zero. Nowhere else on the beach!  WTF? I’m thinking that someone somehow knew there must be a lost ring there. Well, I was already there, so, I may as well give it a try. I hit the dry sand first and didn’t get a single good target other than one zinc cent. Ok, off to the water. I made 4-5 passes into the surf without a single target. On the sixth pass just as I turned to head back up slope from shin deep water, I get a nice solid 10 on the Equinox, One scoop and I had the ring! I texted Zari with the good news, but, didn’t expect or get a response until later in the morning. After a bit of sleep, got up, and went off to another detecting adventure that morning, I arranged with Zari to meet later in the day and get the ring back on her finger. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

Lost Wedding Band Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring?

Don’t wait to call!


I received a call from Alissa this evening about her brother-in-law Charles’ lost platinum wedding band in Ocean City, NJ. Charles’ ring flew off his finger into the sand while he was pushing his child on the swing set at the beach. After a few minutes of metal detecting, the ring was found!

Engagement Ring Lost In Emerald Isle Waters Recovered By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

It was a beautiful Saturday for a swim along the Southern Outer Banks, also known as the Crystal Coast.  After Melanie was in water up to her waist, she thought it best to remove her rings before proceeding.  Her intention was to attach them to a hair band.  After removing her rings, her engagement ring slipped out of her hand into the Emerald Isle surf.  Her father recommended that she contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders after he posted a plea on a social media sight and received a recommendation to contact us.  Melanie called me shortly after loosing her ring and I made plans to meet her to begin the search.  I firmly believe her quick action to notify me as soon as possible definitely helped me locate her ring in the water.  Her and her husband knew the general area of where she was standing in the waist deep water at the time of the loss ring.  The beach in this area currently has very soft sand and heavy objects such as gold can sink below detection depth quickly.  She explained to me it had been a bad day with the loss of the ring and missing a flight but I am sure I helped ease her troubles with the thing that meant so much to her

Finding lost rings at the beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you just lost your ring on the beach…Call me (LOUIS) 305-608-1870, or text.   Wether you lost your jewelry on the beach, in the water, or in your backyard (DAY OR NIGHT) I can find it …Below you can see a couple of happy customers who both had their beloved rings found.  One of these rings was actually found at 3am by a friend of mine 2 days later and we were still able to return it.  The other ring was found and returned while he was on vacation at a restaurant. Please see my other posts for of successful recoveries.

Lost Wedding Band Dropped From Boat Dock Found In Cape Carteret, NC

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Mike was earlier doing some cleaning using various soaps.  Later that evening while relaxing on his boat dock with his wife he began to clean some of the soap residue from his figures.  It was a relaxing afternoon to sit, relax and enjoy the view and a beverage.  Mike started to clean his ring finger when the ring shot off of his finger, over his back and into the Intracoastal Waterway.

After getting the details, a through search began in the very soft muck bottom.  After 3 pieces of garbage were removed from the bottom a very good tone sounded off from my Minelab Excalibur II very close to the dock post.  My Garrett AT Pro-Pointer was used to search the shallow water for the tone.  A handful of muck with a shell and Mike’s wedding band was brought out of the water while Mike stood over his ring as it was lifted from the waterway.

Lost Gold Ear Ring found, Tulsa Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Recieved a message from Sylvia few weeks ago. She said she lost her very expensive ear ring in her flower bed or at her son’s house or at her neighbors house. I said ok if it’s here I will find it.  I was using my pin pointer at first around the bushes.  Nothing so I was then using my machine to try and find the earring. Sylvia was talking to me while I was looking. I couldn’t hear everything she was saying so I stepped out of the flower bed.. Right before I stepped out in the grass I spotted her earring smashed down in the mud – I said does your earring look like this and pointed to the ground and she said no way. I said yup there it is.. The back of the earring was faulty and it had come undone..


Lost diamond engagement ring in sand, Lake Buena Vista, Fl….Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike and his young family were spending an awesome time at one of the Disney Resorts and while enjoying one of the sandy beach areas with their two children Mike’s wife felt her diamond ring slip off of her finger! Normally one can find their ring when they know and feel it come off and it lands on a hard surface but when it drops into soft sand, well…that is another story! Mike immediately began to run his fingers through the sand thinking surely he would feel the ring and put his dear wife’s mind at ease, but again in soft, fluffy sand that can be a big problem. Gold rings have an uncanny way of just sinking further down into the sand and the more one rakes or runs their fingers through the soft sand the further the ring disappears! Engagement rings are usually very expensive and a pain to replace and loosing this ring was affecting their vacation time. Mike tried asking the resort management if there was anyone who could help and when that did not lead to the help they needed he went online and found He first called another Ring Finder named Steve Thomas who at the time was up in Texas welcoming a new grand baby to their family–so Mr. Steve gave Mike my number. After getting the proper permission I met Mike at the resort and we walked out onto the newly raked sand and Mike indicated the area where the ring was lost. I set out four corner flags and started my tight grid search. I found a few coins and some small aluminum foil pieces and of course each time I would dig and retrieve a target Mike’s hopes and adrenalin would go up! After 15 minutes I got a good solid repeatable gold signal and uncovered the lost diamond engagement ring! What an honor and privilege it was to help Mike and his family and to give them a wonderful reason to now enjoy the rest of their Florida vacation! It never gets old….helping reunite people with their lost treasures!

Mike McInroe…thankful to be a member of