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Lost Diamond Earring Found and Returned in Nampa, Idaho!

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

Wow!!! Wow!!! Thank you so much website for directing me to Scott Robbins of . He is located in Nampa, Idaho. On October 18,2020 we had my grandsons wedding in the back yard. It is about an acre. During the festivities my granddaughter lost her diamond earring. Not just any diamond earring but the one she received for completing her Masters degree in Engineering, so it was very, very important.  I bought a metal detector, no luck, one of my  daughters friends came over, no luck. In desperation I started looking for a professional on the internet. My daughter said “mom no one looks for lost things like this, I said I will find someone!!”

Well Lo and behold I found Scott. He came out the next Saturday morning in the rain mind you, and within 1.5 hours he comes walking in with her earring.

I was so so happy and my granddaughter was beyond tears.

If you need something found this is the person to call.

Shannon Tharp



-Thanks for the kind words Shannon!  It was a pleasure getting to meet you, and I’m so glad we were able to get that earring back for your granddaughter!

5 minute hunt… 14k white gold wedding band lost, found, and returned! TRF Celina, Ohio

  • from Celina (Ohio, United States)

I received a call Wednesday (6/20/18) from Tim. While doing some yard work and planting some bushes at his home in Botkins Ohio the previous Friday he had realized that he had lost his wedding ring.

His 14k white gold wedding band had been a replacement for a wedding ring that he had lost a few years before. It had always fit a little loose and after planting the first bush he noticed it lying on the ground. He quickly picked it up and placed it back on his finger while thinking to himself that he really needed to get something done about the loose fit to avoid losing it. Minutes later after finishing his yard work he realized he had lost the ring yet again before he made it into the house. He related his story to me telling me that he was fairly confident that he knew a general area where it may have been lost. He was reviewing his options on what he should do. Should I buy a metal detector and try to locate it? Should I try to order a new ring? (Kind of pricey to keep doing that.)

After a few questions I told him that I was fairly confident that it could successfully be recovered and most likely in a very short amount of time. It had to most likely be in the area he thought and right on top of the ground. We made plans to get together Saturday (6/23/18).

Since the area was small and the target should be right on the surface of the ground I thought it might be fun to bring along a second metal detector so that he could try his hand at it as well. I set the detector up for him and after taking a few minutes to show him what a white gold ring would ring up like on the machine and explaining that it should be right on the surface of the ground we were off and looking for his missing ring.

Imagine the surprise when 5 minutes or so later I came back to where he was searching and asked his wife if she could take a picture for me. She kindly replied that she could take a picture for me and then I turned to Tim and asked him if a picture of this would be good.

I gladly held my hand out and handed him back his lost wedding ring!

5-minute hunt… 14k white gold wedding band recovered and returned…. Happy to see the ring returned and another happy ending! So glad to be a part of it!

Gold wedding band found at Denver, City Park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Sunday Tim was at his soccer match when he removed his wedding band, tied it with a slipknot on to his key lanyard and tossed it onto his gym bag. After his match he went to put his ring on that is when he realised that his ring was not on the lanyard. He spent an hour searching the area visually with no luck. He informed the league hoping someone might find his ring in the latter matches, no luck there either.
Tim found my profile on The Ring Finders and sent me an email. I noticed his email mid morning Monday and called him. We set up a search time a couple hours later.
When I arrived at the park the temperature was nearing 90. Tim led me to the search site, we discussed the events of the night prior, and set a search perimeter. After about a 20 minute search I found Tim’s ring on the very edge off our search perimeter. The XP Deus worked well for this search.

Ring recovered June 4, 2018


Local lady lost her mother’s Wedding ring and called me to find it. Strange location…..

  • from Orange (California, United States)

I got a call this evening from Linda, and she said she had lost her mother’s wedding ring and found me online on so called. I asked the usual question, where and when did you lose the ring? She said yesterday in her house!  I thought, ok, no way this is going to be where I can help, she just needs to keep looking and I offered helpful suggestions like re-trace your steps etc. and she said no, I know where I lost it, I just can’t find it!  She said it is in my closet! After more discussion, she was certain she needed my help, so I said I would come help her, and grabbed my AT-Pro, a powerful light, and my niece, Karlie, who was kind enough to hold the light.  for me and went along for the ride as an adventure!
The closet was a very small walk-in closet full of clothes hanging on all three sides, and Linda said she had her two rings in her hand when she was searching through the clothes, but then noticed she only had one of them. She searched and searched, tearing everything out of the closet but no luck.

I collapsed my AT-Pro shaft down as far as it would go and went in searching. It was dinging like crazy due to all the other metal in there, and even turning the sensitivity down all the way didn’t help, so I asked her what it was made of and she said white gold, so I knew I was looking for around a 50 VDI and could ignore the others. I started poking and brushing the coil IN MY HAND against all the clothes and got signals for every metal button, but narrowed it down to a 51 reading in a bunch of sweaters, then taking each one by the sleeve, I found it in the cuff of a green sweater!

I popped it onto my finger then stepped out the door and asked her if it had any special shape or anything, and she said it was heart shaped, so I said “kind of like this?” and she screamed and hugged me for what seemed like 5 minutes and jumped for joy. Her husband said I made her very happy.

This was the first time I used my detector to find something in a closet, but chalk it up to a Found and Returned for a very appreciative lady who is now reunited with her mother’s diamond and white gold ring!  Karlie and I were thrilled to be a part of it and I even rewarded her for helping me also!

Lost Wedding Ring in Sedalia MO. Found and Returned

  • from Warrensburg (Missouri, United States)

Platinum Tuesday Return

Received a Monday evening phone call from my Relic hunting Partner Jim Crain. Jim said he had a Gentleman call his Shop trying to get info on how to operate a Garrett GTI 2500 over the phone. Through the course of the conversation Jim learned that the gentleman had lost his Wedding Ring and was getting no where with his fathers GTI. Well long story short Jim informed him that he knew someone who finds Rings. I contacted Andy and met him Tuesday morning at the location he had lost the Platinum Ring. The location was a backyard where Andy and his friends meet weekly to play Volleyball and relax. The grass was very short and Andy said that he and his friends had searched the hole field and sides but with no luck. I gathered my equipment ( Garrett AT Pro/Anderson Shaft/ NEL Tornado) and started my grid search. The area was fairly clean and with short grass you couldn’t ask for better hunting conditions. At right about one hour into the search and of course on the opposite side of the court that I started on and about 20 feet away from the court… BINGO  at a steady 54 VDI  the ring had been stepped on and pressed down into the ground. it was only visible from directly above.  And there we have it sports fans one very Happy Andy Schultze of Bryant Motors in Sedalia MO reunited with his lost Treasure

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Marriage saved. Lost ring after being married 1 day returned on Michigan ave Chicago

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call at about 9:30 AM on Saturday from a friend of a person who had lost his new wedding band on Michigan Ave in Chicago. He had been walking on Michigan  Friday night and he had been flicking the ring with his thumb. Since he had just gotten married, he was still getting use to the ring. Married not even 1 day!!! I found it in about 10 minutes in the shrubs along Michigan Ave. Marriage Saved!