Toby St Louis

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis''… That means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

If the search requires a diver, fees will apply. ( Contact me to discuss).

I do have a call-out fee of $25.00 to cover my fuel expense. Maybe more or less depending on where you are located.

Search Types

Land and Water.

Search Locations

London and surrounding area.

Toby St Louis's Bio

For years now, metal detecting has become a great hobby of mine. With the latest detector technology, I have many finds under my belt. In addition, I have 25 years of traveling the globe as a commercial diver, so the underwater element is home for me.

Toby St Louis - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost wedding Ring found in Wortley Village, Ontario (2022)

    I had a call from an arborist who lost his gold wedding ring while cutting down a tree. I did a circle search around the stump until I came up with that beautiful tone!  

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  • Lost rings in Rodney, Ont found (2022)

    While gardening in her back yard, two very sentimental family rings came off her finger. After extensive searching, she had thought they’d be lost forever. Finding me on the ring finders turned out to be very successful! It was an hour search until the first ring was found in a pile of pulled weeds. knowing […]

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  • Lost wedding ring found in water at the Pinery (2022)

    After 2 weeks away from his lost wedding ring, this couple had found me on the ring finders site. He had been in waist water off the beach where his wedding ring slipped off. There had been a number of windy days and big waves so I told him not to get his hopes up […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Found in London Backyard (2022)

    I was so happy to have helped and find this women’s wedding ring! In her backyard while sitting on her patio, she raised her hand and the wedding ring slipped off into the grass. With some extensive searching and no finds, they contacted me for the final search!    

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  • Lost car keys in snow London, Ontario (2022)

    Slipping down a snowbank to check the ice for some good old pond hockey, car keys went missing from a coat pocket. A quick sweep of the bank with my metal detector gave up the keys in a few feet of snow!

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