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Ottawa Ring Found Trouvé Ottawa Bague

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Good Evening,
On a beautiful June 5th afternoon, Robin decided to pull the weeds from her front bed of flowers and plants. She was cautious, she removed the rings from her fingers and put them in her pant pocket. Later, her son Chris, stepped out to speak with her, and still being careful not to lose the rings she handed them to her son. While putting the rings in his pant pocket he felt a ring slip out and fall in the grass. The ring bumped from his knee. Robin and Chris searched frantically in the grass but to no avail. She thought about renting a metal detector, but the rental detector out there don’t seem to do a good job on finding lost jewelry. While googling she came across the web site The Ring Finders, and then found my blog page. On the 8th of June before the afternoon, she called me at home and needed my services. By hiring a professional ring searcher, she was in good hands. An appointment was given for the next morning (the 9th), This morning I drove to her home and met her son Chris, the area was shown where the ring was lost. Approximately 20 minutes later the ring was found, outside the grid I had worked. A beautiful family heirloom ring was lost but now found. A story is attached to jewelry, and that story ends when that piece of jewelry is lost…The Ring Finders make that story continue when we are there to search and find the ring. Robin was at work when I found the ring, I will call her later and get her reaction. Here are the pics. I love my job, and seeing the reaction of the people when their rings or other piece of jewelry are found is priceless. Have a great evening everyone !

Sur un beau 5 juin d’après-midi, Robin a décidé de tirer les mauvaises herbes de son parterre en avant e sa maison et des plantes. Prudente, elle a enlevé les anneaux de ses doigts et les a mis dans sa poche de pantalon. Plus tard, son fils Chris, est sorti pour parler avec elle et toujours prudent de ne pas perdre les anneaux elle donne a sont fils. En mettant les anneaux dans sa poche du pantalon il a eu l’impression qu’un anneau est sorti furtivement et est tombé dans l’herbe. L’anneau a buté son genou. Robin et Chris ont cherché frénétiquement dans l’herbe, mais vainement. Elle a pensé en louant un détecteur en métal, mais le détecteur en location ne semble pas faire un bon travail comparer a un detecteur de haute gamme. Elle decide de faire une recherche sur Google et par hasard elle tombe sur le site Internet les Chercheurs d’Anneau et par la suite elle trouve ma page blogue. Le 8 juin en avant midi, elle m’a appelé à la maison et c’est renseigné sur mes services. En engageant un Chercheur d’Anneau professionnel, elle est entre bonnes mains. Un rendez-vous a été donné pour le matin suivant (le 9 Juin), ce matin j’ai conduit ou j’ai rencontré son fils Chris, Il ma montrée l’endroit ou l’anneau a été perdu. Environ 20 minutes plus tard l’anneau a été trouvé, à l’extérieur de la grille de recherche que j’avais travaillé. Une bel bague passez de génération a un autre qui a été perdu a été retrouvé. Une histoire est attachée a un bijoux et cette d’histoire prends fin quand ce bijoux est perdu et avec mes service et mon detecteur de metal de haute gamme je retrouve le bijoux et le remet au propriotaire pour permettre cette histoire de continuer. Robin etait au travail quand j’ai trouvé l’anneau, je l’appellerai plus tard ce soir pour ecouter sa reaction ! Voici les photos. J’aime mon boulot et voir la réaction des gens quand leurs anneaux ou d’autre morceau de bijouterie sont trouvés et remis a eux leur reaction est inestimable. Passez une bel soirée tout le monde et merci pour lire mes blogue !Ayez un soir grand chacun!

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered, Fremont, NE

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Received a call Monday evening from Eric stating he lost his wedding ring over the weekend.  The ring came of his finger while playing volleyball in about 5 ft of water.    He and his friends searched for two hours without any luck…

We made arrangements to meet Tuesday evening after work.  He was headed to PA on Weds and then out of the country for several weeks.

It was a fairly small search, 15 x 15, in one corner of a roped off swimming area.  After going over that area pretty well, for about an hour, we started to expand the search.  Shortly after that, I had a good signal in roughly 4 feet of water.  Using a homemade digging tool with a mesh bag attached, I raked the bottom and pulled it up out of the water.  There in the bottom of the bag was a ring.  I swung it over to him and asked him “What does that look like to you?

He didn’t see it at first, but when he did, he gave me a look of disbelief with a side of grin.  He reached in, pulled it out, and promptly put it back on his finger.

I’m pretty sure he made a phone call to his wife shortly after we parted ways.

Eric, it was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for giving us a call.  Tony

Lost Wedding Ring Found on Stinson Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost Wedding Ring Found on Stinson Beach

Lost Wedding Ring Found on Stinson Beach

Last week we received a call from Ross in Atlanta, Georgia. His family had just returned from a visit to the Bay Area, including a day on Stinson Beach in Marin County. While there, his wife Kathia lost her wedding ring. After failing to find the ring and returning to Atlanta, Ross called The Ring Finders.


Ross sent us two important clues: a satellite map with a search area highlighted, and more important, a snapshot taken on the beach that happened to show the location where the family had been. While the satellite map was helpful, the photo gave us an even better fix on where the ring might have been lost.

Rain kept us from searching for four days, but we finally made it up Route 1 to Stinson Beach today. When we arrived, we mapped out the search zone based on the satellite map. This covered an area about half the size of a football field. However, by carefully locating a tree shown in the snapshot, we could identify a “sweet spot” that was about half that size.

Then the hard work began. We searched the sweet spot for almost three hours. After the first hour, a ranger told us we had to leave because we were on the Federal section of the beach. But when we told him Kathia’s story, he let us stay and search!

We assumed the ring would not be too deep, but you know what happens when you assume…At about 6:30pm, we got a deep signal in the last section of the sweet spot. Digging down eight inches, there was the lost wedding ring.

How did a ring sink to eight inches in five days? Our best guess is that rough weather had deposited more sand on the beach. Although the ring was located above the high tide line, there were indications that the water had risen much higher during the last couple of days. So a ring that might have started at a depth of two inches was now covered by six extra inches of sand. Fortunately, we had a metal detector that could find the ring that deep.

Wedding ring found at Stinson Beach

Lost Ring in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)
Contact: 1-918-724-4184

I FOUND THIS RING AT A LOCAL PLAY GROUND Lost ring   Broken Arrow,Oklahoma

Hi my name is Matt Boevers, I live in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, my passion is to help you find what you have lost and return it to you… That’s why I joined ”The Ring Finders Directory, Ive been metal detecting for about 10 years and I love what I do….If I can be of help, please call or e-mail me.

Lost Wedding Ring Found in San Francisco

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Kathleen lost her wedding ring in San Francisco

Kathleen lost her wedding ring in San Francisco, but we found it for her

Kathleen was gardening at home in San Francisco today when she pulled up a big pile of weeds and tossed them over the fence. Unfortunately, her ring disappeared at the same time. Since she’s been wearing it for 30 years, she definitely wanted to get it back.

We got to Kathleen’s house at about 7pm, hoping we’d be able to find the ring before sunset. But once we looked over the fence, we got worried: five foot tall brush and weeds so thick we wouldn’t be able to walk through them, let alone swing our metal detectors. We really hoped the ring was still on the inside of fence!

Good news: we found the ring within 15 minutes, and it was indeed inside the fence. It’s a beautiful ring, with a gold nugget design. I’m glad we were able to find it. Kathleen did everything right: she made careful note of exactly where the ring came off her finger, she searched very carefully , and when she couldn’t find it she called The Ring Finders!

Kathleen's wedding ring found



Lost Ring – Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA found and returned by Cape Cod team

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

A mother’s 18K wedding band with 45 diamonds was found within five minutes of arriving at the hunt area and returned to the owner that afternoon. A pleasant 30 minute drive home was enhanced by a wonderful ice cream cone.
That is the way all unfortunate situations should end…with Happy Smiles!

Found Ring Almonte Trouvé Bague Almonte

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Good Evening everyone,

It’s been a while since i’ve posted. Working evening shifts and having no searches in the last months, until last week on the 12th of May. Nemo was enjoying the beautiful day to do yard work on the 6th of May, he went to the garden to shake some trees to rid of dead leaves and needles. While going from tree to tree he noticed at the end he had lost his ring, he frantically searched but to know avail. While doing some searching on google he came across the ring finders and my blog, a phone call was made and an appointment was made. I searched the compost area where leaves and debris from the yard cleaning were thrown into some bushes. Nothing was found. I continued my search along the wall of the house where weeds were pulled and then made my way towards the trees which were shook. Going from tree to tree (around 6 in total), nothing beeped, I noticed I was on the wrong program, I immediately changed it, went to my first tree, and there it was that familiar ring tone in my ears, bent down pinpointed it and there she was that glimmer of gold. Nemo and Sarah were extremely happy, and so was I. If you know of anyone who lost a ring, bracelet, chain, give me a call The Ring Finder is there and will help you fing whatever that was lost. Call me at 819-332-3116 and ask for Stephane. Have a great evening everyone !  I use a White’s XLT for my ring searches please visit for great detectors and accessories.

Bonsoir à tous,

Il a déjà un moment que j’ai publié sur mon blogue du au fait que je n’ai pas des heures régulières à mon travail en plus du manque de demande de recherches dans les derniers mois. Ma dernière demande est venue le 6 mai dernier de la part de Nemo qui a profité de la belle journée pour faire du jardinage. C’est en secouant des arbres pour débarrasser des feuilles mortes et les aiguilles qu’il aurait perdu sa bague. Désespéré, il a cherché mais sans succès. En effectuant quelques recherches sur google, il est tombé sur mon blogue. Un appel et le rendez-vous était fixé. J’ai cherché là où les feuilles et les débris avaient été jetés. Sans succès. J’ai continué mes recherches le long du mur de la maison où les mauvaix herbes ont été retirés du sol, puis je me suis dirigé vers les arbres en question. En effectuant ma recherche, j’ai remarqué que j’étais sur le mauvais programme.  Une fois le bon programme entré, je suis allé à mon premier arbre, et c’est là que la sonnerie familiere à mes oreilles se fut entendre. En me penchant, je me suis apperçu de la lueur d’or. Nemo et Sarah étaient très heureux et soulagés.

Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu une bague, bracelet, chaîne, ou tous autres objets, contactez-moi Stéphane Philippe Le Finder Ring de la grande région de Gatineau-Ottawa. Gagnant du chercheur de l’année 2010 du site Internet The Ring Finders. Je suis là pour vous aider à retrouver votre objet sentimental. Appelez-moi au 819-332-3116 et demandez Stéphane.

Lost Ring in Ottawa…

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Words cannot express how happy I am to be back online. Working late shifts, and having slow weeks and months to  search for rings were in the schedule including having a hard drive completely damaged which took a very long time to retrieve all of my information, and personal files. So here I am up and running ! Looking forward to sharing my finds and searches. Have a great day everyone !

Kind Regards,


Lost platinum wedding ring recovered! Fort Meade, Maryland.

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

This is my 2nd recovery in 2011 so far….and I’m 2 for 2! I’ll let Jeff P. tell the story. Thanks for checking out my page!

In May 2011, my platinum wedding band came off during a soccer game. I knew I had it on at the beginning of the game and realized midway through the second half that it had come off. I thought back and suspected that it flew off during a throwin, but had no idea where on the field it had fallen. The field is a very large area, approx.100×75, so I thought it was a lost cause.
After the game, I went home and began researching metal detectors with the intention of renting one and searching for it myself. I was surprised to find the community and decided to contact Jim Wagner. Jim returned my email and within 2 hours, we were out on the field looking for the ring. After only 40 minutes of searching, Jim found my ring! What a feeling of relief! My wife was out there with us and she was thrilled. Thanks, Jim!

Jeff P.

Yours truly and a VERY happy Jeff P!


Lost Diamond Ring found in Salmon Arm

from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-707-0618

On a sunny day in Salmon Arm BC, Mike & Kelly Wilson were taking a stroll along the walkway next to the river. As they stopped and leaned on the rail to take in the scenery, Kelly was twisting the ring on her finger when suddenly it slipped off her finger falling onto the rocks and bush below. No problem said Mike, I saw it bounce & we will walk down and pick it up. Well after a few hours of searching they could not locate the ring.The next day Mike went to the local store and purchased a metal detector to assist them with the search, with no success they considered making an insurance claim. Mike thinking that someone more proficient with a metal detector may be able to help them, found me on the internet and asked if I would be willing to assist them. I told him I would be only too happy to help him out. After a two hour drive to Salmon Arm from Kelowna, Kelly showed me the location that she was standing on the walkway, I procceded to search the area and removed various pieces of foil and bottle caps., when after a few minutes I got a good signal around some roots in the long grass. Unable to visually see the target, I probed around with my finger, I felt the shank of the ring and said that I thought I had found something,  much to Kelly`s excitement. I removed the ring and was shocked to see a large 14 karat yellow gold ring with 15 large diamonds that Mike had valued at over $15,000.  Kelly was now so excited she gave hugs all around and dashed off to show all her friends. Mike was more than happy to give me a large reward. Plus a feather in the cap for the “Ringfinders”