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Platinum Wedding Ring found in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

from Wellington (New Zealand)
Contact: 022 361 4990

Veronika called me to say that her husband, Sean, had lost his platinum wedding ring while digging out a small garden, next to a public footpath, at the front of their house.  She sounded very anxious so I managed to find he time to go straight to her house to start searching.  They had collected all the long grass and weeds in rubbish bags so it was quick and easy to run the detector over that to make sure it wasn’t there.

The area that was dug over was very small but very contaminated with trash and I was worried about a lot of power wires running directly overhead.  Luckily they did not cause any problem and it was just a matter of working through the trash.

I got to an area that was giving me multiple signals and would occasionally flash up a 45 which was the right number for platinum, but I just couldn’t pinpoint it.  I had to start eliminating the trash out of the ground and finally got a clear signal.

The ring was right underneath these roots

The ring was right underneath these roots

I dug down under the roots of one of the plants and it just popped up with the knife.  I don’t know how it managed to get so far down and under the roots.

There was great excitement and a lovely squeal of delight from Veronika when I told her I had found it, not to mention the big hug.  I just love it when I get these finds.

Thanks for the reward – always appreciated.

Veronica hold the ring

Veronica holding the ring

Diamond engagement ring lost in yard…Recovered!

from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-610-334-8505

It was noon on 12/06/13 when Kellie B. called me and asked if I was the guy with a metal detector who found rings for people.  I told her that I was and she proceeded to hesitantly tell me that she had lost her engagement in her yard the evening prior, had been on her hands and knees searching for it all morning, and was desperate.  She provided me her address, which was two counties area, and I told her that I would be there as soon as I could.  I arrived in her driveway at 1:45 PM. Kellie provided me with some details and I explained to her how I planned to search for her ring, which she described as an intricate silver ring (possibly white gold) with a large diamond.  I proceeded my east-west 20 ft x 50 ft grid and had begun my north-south grid when I asked Kellie if her pickup truck had been moved since yesterday, she said it had not been moved.  I asked her if she checked the truck bed which she had not, but immediately did but it wasn’t there.  I visually scanned around and under the truck with no luck either.  I asked her if she had been on the opposite of the truck and she said no.  I proceeded to check the side yard between the driveway and the road and at the end of the second pass received a good tone, but nothing showed on the surface with was more or less packed pine needles and dirt.  I checked with the Pro-Pointer and scraped away some of the needles and saw the ring.  I placed on my little finger and began walking toward when Kellie was on her elevated deck; looking very concerned except when I showed her what was on my finger, not believing what I was showing her, she came down the steps and looked long and hard, then she smiled the biggest smile at me and gave me a huge hug.  I one point she had asked me what all this was going to cost her…at that moment I told her that was what I do it for – the smiles!004 002 003  The huge smile that Kellie has on her face spoke volumns to me; as her untold story is of a Lady who carries a burden beyond what I could possibly bare.  I am truly blessed and feel fortunate to have met her as she is an inspiration to me!

Lost Wedding Ring West University-Houston, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758


I received a call today from Ryan and Jess regarding Ryan’s lost wedding ring.

Ryan and Jess reported Ryan was playing football in the front yard with family when

his ring flew off of his finger.

Ryan mentioned his wife Jess was not happy :), but after speaking to her she

insisted Ryan would be sleeping in-doors tonight regardless of the out-come.

Ryan reported one of his family members had located after

his failed attempts at finding his ring.

I think you can tell from the smiles, today was a good day

I was happy very happy for Ryan and Jess, you could see the relief and happiness

in both of them when the ring was recovered.














Ryan and Jess














Ryan’s Wedding Ring


Equipment used on this Recovery: CTX 3030 and Pinpointer Pro




Lost Wedding Band Found.! Toronto.

from North York (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-905-492-2133

A few days ago I had a call from Keri about her husband’s lost wedding band.

Keri’s husband Terry was doing some end of the season gardening on their front lawn and had also planted a few blueberry bushes.

After finishing all the gardening for the year, Terry had taken some yard waste to the backyard and dumped it.

After returning into the house, Terry noticed his yellow gold wedding band was missing.

Over the last few months of trying to find the ring, Keri found me online and called me.

I was able to make it down to their home in Toronto this morning, Saturday December 7,2013 and met with Keri and Terry.

After getting a few more details, I began to search the front lawn where the blueberry bushes were planted and wood chips had been spread around by hand.

After digging a few pieces of trash and no ring, we headed to the backyard and checked the pile of yard waste.
Again no luck.

I decided to try again at the front but to work a different search pattern.

Almost right away I got a strong hit in my headphones and thought this could definitely be the ring.

After digging down around five inches and pinpointing the target, I slipped my hand into the dirt and Terry’s ring slipped over the tip of my finger.

I left it exactly where it was so I could get Terry and show him where his ring had been hiding for the last few months.


After pulling his wedding band out of the dirt, I took a few photos and was on my way.


Great to meet you both today and I’m happy I was able to help out.

Enjoy the holidays..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Engagement Ring Recovered in Yard at Pukerua Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

from Wellington (New Zealand)
Contact: 022 361 4990

Wayne contacted me through another detectorist and explained that his daughter, Ursula had lost her engagement ring while putting her child in the car.  I was unavailable for a week and they had searched the area on their hands and knees each day in the hope of finding it.

Wayne had put a chalk mark  on the path where the car had been parked.  It started to rain just as I arrived.  It was a small area to search but heavily contaminated with junk metal.  I checked many signal but no sign of the ring so Wayne asked his daughter to come around and give us some more detail.

She was able to tell me that she was getting in the drivers seat when she felt something slip through her fingers and when she looked down her ring was gone, and this was a little bit further up the path.  So this gave me another area to search, but still heavily contaminated.

Ursula's engagement ring hiding at the bottom of the grass

Ursula’s engagement ring hiding at the bottom of the grass

Knowing they had searched the area thoroughly, there was the possibility they had stood on it so I started digging some of the shallow trash to make sure there was nothing masking the good signals.  I was digging up coins, pipes, bottle tops, nails – and there was pieces on top of each other.  A short time later I got a couple of signals very close.  The first one was trash but when I cleared that the other one gave a good signal.  I used the pro pointer and pushed down through the grass and right at the bottom was the small gold ring.  I called Ursula over to show her what I had found and she just burst into tears – tears of joy, of course.  Even when I had packed up and was leaving she was still sobbing and gave me a great big hug.

Wayne gave me a generous reward which was really appreciated, but knowing I had made a young lady very happy was priceless.

Ursula's ring

Ursula’s ring


Same ring lost twice and recovered twice Arlington Heights,IL

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

imageimagePerhaps this ring looks familiar! It should . I posted it about july 12th 2012 when I first found it in the garden for a customer. Well, today I received another call from the same customer. This time the ring came off while hanging Christmas lights. Ironically, it was found about 3 feet away from where I found it last year!
Maybe I should consider a package discount. 😉



Lost Texas A&M Class Ring Woodlands, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758


Hi John,

I work for The Woodlands Township in The Woodlands and I supervise the
boathouse next to the woodlands mall. Today at work, my worst nightmare
happened. I went to shake someone’s hand and they pulled my ring off and it
bounced off the dock into the lake. It is about 4.5 to 5 ft deep where it fell
in and it is in probably a 5 by 5 ft area next to the dock.

I found you online at when I was looking for metal

detector rentals. Is there ANY way you can help me with this. My ring is/was easily

my most prized possession.

Please, if you get a chance I would love to hear back from you with any help
you might be able to offer me.

Thanks in advance,















I met Kyle this morning at the Woodlands Boat House and  Kyle gave me a first hand

account of how the ring was lost and where he believed it landed in the water.

The job appeared easy from the top side, I was thinking, I’ll jump in this tropical warm

blue water, grab the ring and job complete.

Well the water wasn’t tropical or warm and the bottom of the dock was concrete with

apparently a lot of re-enforced re-bar. I found the ring, lots of luck on this job. I was

thinking to myself, Kyle you just witnessed an early Christmas Miracle 🙂

I was really happy for him, It was clear from the beginning the Ring was very important to him.














Kyle was nice enough to grab a shot of the recovery















Kyle with a big thumbs up.









Nice Ring


It was a good day



Equipment used on this Recovery:

Minelab Excalibur II


Jewelry cache in Clairemont Found!

from La Jolla (California, United States)

After seeing me on the news, Bob called me and asked if I could find a cache of jewelry at his home. After discussing the details and the problems of trying to use a detector in a house, I agreed to meet there and give it my best. Bob e-mailed me after my visit and wrote out the whole story so I’ll let him tell it in his own words……

I wanted to take a moment to express to you our sincere appreciation for your time and expert skills in locating some of my wife’s jewelry.   Many of the items were priceless to us as we had acquired them throughout our 30+ years of marriage.  Each piece was surrounded by precious moments in time marking the event that lead to securing the item. 
As I described to you my wife had hide the jewelry as all of my immediate family were going on a much anticipated trip to New England last November.  As we were all rushing around getting ready to leave my wife carefully hide the items and we departed for the airport.   
We have a great trip, made many memories, and took dozens of great pictures to remember it by.  The next day my wife went to get her jewelry and put if back in her jewel box and could not remember where it was.  For the next month we would take time at night and on the weekends tearing rooms apart to search for it.  She know she had hide it very well and as the months rolled on it certainly appeared that she had.  We concluded that in the haste and excitement of leaving for New England she had thought about so many great places to hide it she could not remember where she had.
Fast forward to November 2013.   I had decided to mount another attempt to find her sadly missed and memorable items.   I purchased a modest medal detector and planned to begin my search on the weekend.  During that week I was watching the local news and saw the piece of you finding the wedding ring for a man in Del Mar in 2 feet of water.  Within a few minutes I wrote down your name and the name on your hat.  I did some research on the web and obtained your number.  That night I called you and arranged an appointed the next day. 
Upon your arrival I took you though the house and you planned your attack.  You began your careful search challenging your skills and equipment with metal items such as zippers, cloth hangers, door handles, inter-walls nails, pipes and electrical wires.  Searching the attic first, then the master bedroom’s walk in closet and the laundry room.   
I was concluding a conference call in the other room when you calmly came walking in and said I think I found it!  I could not believe my eyes, items I had grown to love over the last thirty years, and not seen for more than a year had returned.  We talked for some time and you showed me how you had found them hidden the laundry room.   I thanked you profusely, gave you a small token of appreciation for your time and talent, which would not be expressed in any way, wished you a happy Thanksgiving and awaited my wife’s return. 
I can’t describe the smile I had on my face thinking about how happy she would be when she returned to find that you had found her long lost treasures.   I carefully placed them out, like on display, on the bed in the guestroom in anticipation of her return.  I was on the phone when she returned and told her you had to leave and she went on about her business until I had finished my call and called up upstairs.  I would have hung up as soon as she got home but I wanted to surprise her and give her my full attention and experience her profound joy.
I called her upstairs, just to talk, as I stood in the guestroom.  She, I think thought we were going to talk about what we were going to do this weekend in preparation of our family get-together this upcoming Thanksgiving week.   As she walked in her eyes got wide and began to cry.  Could not believe what she was seeing.  In her disbelief she asked me if this was really true.  We held each other in happiness for a long time.  She then went and picked up each piece examining them one at a time.  I expanded how you had found what we had been looking for for over a year in a little under an hour and a half!  She was stunned and very appreciative.
I am taking the time to write this as both of us wanted to express our sincere and heart felt appreciation for your time and talents.  I wanted to go into detail so you would know the importance and sheer joy my wife and I had when she walked into the room and saw her keepsakes.  Also the value to us of your time and experience.
Thank you again.  I have attached a picture of the pouch you found for us.  I wish you and your family a great trip to Las Vegas for you thanksgiving, and a wonderful Christmas.
Warmers regards,
Bob and Hilary.
The only other thing I would add is, inside searches are not easy, but, they they’re not impossible either. If you find you’re in this type of situation, sometimes a fresh set of eyes and ideas will help. Thank you Bob for allowing me full access to search and for the generous reward.

Keys Lost At Blackmud Creek Ravine Edmonton

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118

matt VW KeyVW Fob

Received a call from Matt last night around 7:30 to see if I was able to come out and try and find his key fob for his Volkswagen  that he lost on Saturday on a toboggan hill while he was sledding down the hill with his family. I told him if the keys are on the ground I will find them for him. I told Matt I would be there in 30 minutes I meet up with Matt at his house and walked over to the hill with my trusty V3i, Matt told me that he spent some time on Saturday evening looking for the keys but it was too dark to see also he was out early Sunday morning with no luck. Matt showed me where he was sledding on the hill and he had a spare set of keys on him, I tested his key fob and was getting a visual display of 37! Within 5 minutes I received a clear loud 37! on my unit Bingo!!! Key fob was located buried in about 4 inches of snow, another happy client Thanks Matt.

Wedding Band Found.!! Brampton, Ontario.

from North York (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-905-492-2133

Yesterday I received an email from Nancie about her husband Andy’s lost wedding band.


After exchanging a few emails, we agreed I’d head to their home today in Brampton to search for the lost ring.

Nancie told me that Andy had been wearing his wedding band in the backyard cleaning up leaves and playing with their children about eleven days ago.
As they played in the leaves, Nancie took a number of photos and after they all went into the house later on, Andy was now missing his ring.

After looking at the photos she had taken, Andy had been wearing his ring in all of them. Now the ring was missing, and they knew it had to be out in the backyard.

I made it to their home today around 1:30pm and met with Andy.
Andy came outside and gave me a few more details and then went back inside to take care of their children.

I started searching several piles of leaves around the yard hoping it was in one of the piles, and if not, I’d have to grid search the entire yard.

After eliminating all the piles, I returned to the first one and moved some of the deeper leaves around and scanned again. Right away I got a nice, loud signal in my headphones. I knew it was the ring right away. After pinpointing the area, Andy’s white gold wedding band came into view.


I left it where it had been sleeping under the stars for the last couple of weeks and went to go get Andy.

Andy followed me back out to the spot and I showed him where his ring had been hiding.
He was very relieved to see his ring again. I know it means a lot to him.


After getting a few photos I was on my way.

Thank you Andy and Nancie for the nice reward..!!

It really helps to keep me doing what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis