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Wedding Band recovered at Belmont Shore
















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John called me and asked me to meet him at the beach where he and his friends were playing volleyball to search for his wedding band. When I arrived John showed me the court he was playing on and I proceeded to search the court without success.

I started to search the area where he and his friends were hanging out and didn’t have any luck do to other beach goers in the area. I searched the court again and by that time most of the people were leaving the beach.

I went back to the area where they had been sitting and was able to locate the ring. This search took me about two hours but the outcome was good.

John had to leave while I was searching so he had one of his friends head back to the beach to pick up his ring so unfortunately I didn’t get his picture so I stood in for him.

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Thank you Mike!

My husband lost his wedding band during the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Huntington Beach as we were packing up to leave. We dug through the sand for an hour without any luck. We retuned the next day with a metal detector rental and searched for another 2 hours without any avail and chalked it up to someone must have already picked it up with how crowded the beach had been. We decided to google “lost wedding ring Huntington Beach” and that’s when we found some of Mikes success stories. We called him as a last ditch effort not expecting much. He was prompt to pick up, kind, informative, told us he does things on a reward basis if found, and that he was on his way. We called him around 6:30pm and he texted us less than an hour later that he had found it based on gps coordinates we had given him, a photo taken from the day, and a description. We were so shocked because the ring had been lost for over 24 hours! The ring itself isn’t worth very much but the sentimental value behind it means everything to us. I’m definitely going to save his number for the future! He’s the real deal! Thank you Mike!

White Gold Wedding Band recovered in Huntington Beach

















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Kenny called me the day after he lost his ring and explained he had taken off his ring and placed it in a pouch on their small tent to go in the water. When it was time to leave, his brother in law took down the tent and the ring fell out into the sand.

They searched and couldn’t find it, rented a detector and still couldn’t find the ring. Kenny gave me GPS coordinates to where they were on the beach. This was a great idea on Kenny’s part as it really helped to get me in the right location. I think I searched for about 15 minutes when I received a great sounding signal which turned out to be Kenny’s ring.

Kenny was very happy to get his ring back as it was very sentimental to him.

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Class ring recovered at Huntington Beach State Beach

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Diego was at the beach with his friends last night throwing a ball around when his ring came off his finger and ended up buried in the sand. They tried their best to find it but didn’t have any luck.

Diego met me at the beach this morning before the parking lot was full of 4th of July revelers and showed me the area of his loss. I was able to find his ring in about 10 minutes. Have a happy 4th Diego.

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Lost Wedding Ring Found in Huntington Beach

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Christine called me on her way home from the beach and wanted to know if I could find her White Gold and Diamond wedding ring. She had put her ring in her pants pocket only to have it fall out when she picked them up.

She was to far away to meet me so she sent me a google image with a pin drop of her location.

Once I arrived at the beach I gridded the area but couldn’t find the ring so I started to grid an area next to my original location and that’s where I found this beautiful ring.

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Platinum ring recovered at Bolsa Chica Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Jon and Priscilla were were enjoying their day at the beach until he lost his Platinum wedding band.

I was test driving a car with my Son when Jon called me and explained that he was brushing the sand off his hands after putting sunscreen on and that’s when his ring flew into the sand.

By the time I arrived Jon told me they had been searching  the sand for over an hour looking for the ring. I took me about 5-10 minutes of searching to find his ring. It was a little bit farther away from where he lost it then he thought.

Another successful ring recovery in the books.

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Gold Ring lost while celebrating Holi Festival

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Neha called me and asked if I could help find Abhi’s gold ring. They were celebrating Holi, a Hindu festival of colors when his gold ring came loose and fell into the sand. I told Neha I was 10 minutes away but the line to get in was more like 45 minutes. They waited patiently for my arrival and were very delighted when I arrived and found his ring in just a few minutes.

Wedding Ring lost in Huntington Beach sand

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Josh’s friend called me from the beach to ask if I could help find Josh’s ring which flew off his finger while he was playing football.

This was a very quick recovery, I located the ring on my second signal from my detector. It helped that they were able to narrow down the search area to a small piece of beach.

Lost white gold ring found in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Jackie contacted me to come out to the beach and help find her husband Jose’s white gold wedding band. Jose had placed his ring on a beach towel and not knowing Jackie picked up the towel and the ring went flying into the sand.

This was a very quick hunt since they knew the general area of the lost ring. After digging a couple of targets, I had his ring in my scoop.

Jackie and Jose were super happy with the ring finders service.

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Gold Bracelet Recovered from Ice Plant

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Alex was throwing a football when his gold bracelet came off his wrist and went flying into the ice  plant at the beach. The only problem was he didn’t see where it went.

When I arrived there was a guy with a rake and Alex had a cheap metal detector that the lifeguards let him borrow. I detected the sand around the area with no luck and then started to search the ice plant.

The area was rather large but after a while as I was swinging my detector I spotted the gold chain right before my detector went over it. It was all clumped together in a small pile.

Alex was super excited to get his bracelet back.

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