Michael Trollmann

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I will search for your lost items on a reward based system. You can pay me what you can afford or what you think it is worth depending on the item.

Search Types

Beach, shallow water and land.

Search Locations

Sunset Beach and surrounding areas including Bolsa Chica Beach, Huntington Beach and Huntington Harbor.

Michael Trollmann's Bio

I learned how to Metal Detect from my Father when I was 10 years old. The first time I recovered a ladies Wedding Ring it was such a wonderful feeling it inspired me to join the Ring Finders.

Michael Trollmann - Recent Blog Post

  • Platinum ring recovered at Bolsa Chica Beach (2021)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder 714-944-0555 Jon and Priscilla were were enjoying their day at the beach until he lost his Platinum wedding band. I was test driving a car with my Son when Jon called me and explained that he was brushing the sand off his hands after putting sunscreen on and that’s when […]

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  • Gold Ring lost while celebrating Holi Festival (2021)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder 714-944-0555 Neha called me and asked if I could help find Abhi’s gold ring. They were celebrating Holi, a Hindu festival of colors when his gold ring came loose and fell into the sand. I told Neha I was 10 minutes away but the line to get in was more […]

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  • Wedding Ring lost in Huntington Beach sand (2021)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder 714-944-0555 Josh’s friend called me from the beach to ask if I could help find Josh’s ring which flew off his finger while he was playing football. This was a very quick recovery, I located the ring on my second signal from my detector. It helped that they were able […]

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  • Lost white gold ring found in Huntington Beach (2020)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder 714-944-0555 Jackie contacted me to come out to the beach and help find her husband Jose’s white gold wedding band. Jose had placed his ring on a beach towel and not knowing Jackie picked up the towel and the ring went flying into the sand. This was a very quick […]

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  • Gold Bracelet Recovered from Ice Plant (2020)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder 714-944-0555 Alex was throwing a football when his gold bracelet came off his wrist and went flying into the ice  plant at the beach. The only problem was he didn’t see where it went. When I arrived there was a guy with a rake and Alex had a cheap metal […]

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Michael Trollmann - Testimonials

  • Extremely thankful for you... (2020)


    Thank you soooo much for finding my husband bracelet !! You saved our beach trip. It’s our 5 month daughter first beach trip and losing that killed the start of what’s supposed to be one for the books. Extremely thankful for you and your daughter generosity and helping hand! Have a blessed day