Michael Trollmann

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I will search for your lost items on a reward based system. You can pay me what you can afford or what you think it is worth depending on the item.

Search Types

Beach, shallow water and land.

Search Locations

Sunset Beach and surrounding areas including Bolsa Chica Beach, Huntington Beach and Huntington Harbor.

Michael Trollmann's Bio

I learned how to Metal Detect from my Father when I was 10 years old. The first time I recovered a ladies Wedding Ring it was such a wonderful feeling it inspired me to join the Ring Finders.

Michael Trollmann - Recent Blog Post

  • Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered (2020)

    Lose your Jewelry? Call Surf City Ring Finder  –  714-944-0555 Aaron lost his ring while tossing a nerf football with his friend down by the water. He was very distraught about his Platinum Ring falling into the ocean and had already called his wife to let her know. When I arrived he showed me the […]

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  • Car keys vanish into thin air (2020)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder 714-944-0555 Mike found me on Yelp and needed help searching for his keys and key fob. I drove to his place in Irvine and he explained to me that the night before his wife Pamela threw the keys to him. I started to search the thick bushes that were between […]

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  • Found iPhone and tracked down owner (2020)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder 714-944-0555                                    I was about to leave the beach when I got a loud signal and dug down over 12” in the wet sand when the iPhone appeared. It was wet but in very […]

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  • Engagement ring lost in Huntington Beach (2020)

    Call Surf City Ring Finder – Metal Detecting Service 714-944-0555  Brianna and Garret called me to ask if I could help find her engagement ring that was just lost at the beach. I could tell she was very upset and I told her I would meet them in about 10 minutes. When I arrived it was […]

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  • Key Fob and Bronco key returned. (2020)

    Surf City Ring Finder Metal Detecting Service 714-944-0555 Carly texted me and asked if I could help her find her key fob and Ford Bronco key. Her Sister borrowed her vehicle to go to the beach the night before and unfortunately dropped her keys in the sand, Carly was not to happy with her Sister. […]

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