Michael Trollmann

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I will search for your lost items on a reward based system. You can pay me what you can afford or what you think it is worth depending on the item.

Search Types

Beach, shallow water and land.

Search Locations

Sunset Beach and surrounding areas including Bolsa Chica Beach, Huntington Beach and Huntington Harbor.

Michael Trollmann's Bio

I learned how to Metal Detect from my Father when I was 10 years old. The first time I recovered a ladies Wedding Ring it was such a wonderful feeling it inspired me to join the Ring Finders.

Michael Trollmann - Recent Blog Post

  • iPhone with credit card recovered in Huntington Beach (2019)

    I received a call from Shelly who told me her Daughter lost her iPhone near the fire pits the night before. She asked me how much it would cost and I told her it was no cost for me to search, she thought that was great. I could tell she wasn’t to happy with her […]

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  • Wedding ring lost while body surfing in Huntington Beach (2018)

    I made contact with Amy after I heard that her husband John had lost his ring while body surfing. I met them at the beach around 8pm so John could show me the location. Unfortunately the tide was at it’s high for the day and I could not find it. I told them I would […]

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  • Lost wedding ring found under stove in Huntington Beach home (2018)

    Mary called me and asked if I could help her find her wedding/engagement ring in her house. She said she had been shopping at three different stores prior to noticing her ring was missing. This was her last resort, because her ring could be anywhere at this point. I started by searching both cars in […]

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  • Sentimental Ring Recovered Huntington Beach , CA (2018)

    I was metal detecting with my brand new detector for the very first time, looking for some treasure. I found a 1958 Wheat Penny and soon after I was approached by Karen who asked if I could help find her lost ring. I explained to her that I belong to The Ring Finders and would […]

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  • Ring recovery in Sunset Beach (2017)

    A long time friend of mine called me to say her Mom lost a ring when they took her to visit the beach. She knew exactly where they walked to look at the ocean. It was starting to get dark so I grabbed my headlamp and was on my way. The city builds a large […]

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