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  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, which means that you decide what it's worth for me to search for your lost item. You know more about what it's worth and what you can afford. If for whatever reason the item can't be found, I like to at least have my costs covered, which is typically $25 for local areas. Unusual and out of town searches may have additional costs. Just ask and I'll be happy to get you a quote.

Search Types

Anything made of metal, including but not limited to: jewelry, keys, watches, cameras, phones, hidden caches, property markers, etc. I have a detector to meet just about any need.

Search Locations

Just about anywhere in the world on land or shallow water. I don't currently dive or have a diver available.Certain areas such as private property, State and Federal Parks, Military bases, etc, you would need to obtain permission for me to search.

Mark Rubey's Bio

I have over 51 years of detecting experience on land and in shallow water and some of the latest equipment. I have found thousands of pieces of jewelry along with 100's of thousands of other items, here in the U.S. and other countries around the world. I've helped historical societies and law enforcement with their metal detecting needs too. I'd be happy to add your lost item to my "Found" list! Give me a call or text, day or night. One of the numbers listed above should alert me. Items lost in public areas (especially the dry sand at the beach) need to searched for immediately, so, the sooner I get the call, the more likelihood of success. If you've lost something on your own property years ago, those can be found too, so, don't let time stop you. I've found and returned items that were lost for decades.

Mark Rubey - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring lost in San Diego Bay found (2023)

    Scott was kayaking back in August, and while paddling close to shore, his dog decided to jump out of his kayak and into the water. In the process of getting his dog back inside, Scott’s wedding ring came off and into the drink. He tried to find it, but, with a mucky bottom and poor […]

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  • Ring lost at Fiesta Island found (2023)

    Bree contacted me saying that her husband Luis (they just got married in July) lost his wedding band while playing with their dog on Fiesta Island. She couldn’t meet me there to show me the search area, but, sent me a google map with a pin at ground zero, which was by a fire ring […]

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  • Pendant lost in Palm City found (2023)

    Tyler was playing ball at his schools soccer/football field when his necklace was snagged, broken, and his gold pendant fell into the turf. A search ensued, but, it wasn’t found. His mom Michelle talked with the groundskeeper who claimed to have a metal detector and would help them. This delayed a search for 3 weeks […]

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  • Ring lost in San Diego found (2023)

    While toweling off at the beach, one of  Gokul’s diamond stud gold earrings was snagged, popped off, and into the soft sand it went. Try as he might, he just couldn’t find it. He searched online for help, found, and called me the next morning asking if I was available to search. Sure, I […]

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  • Ring lost at Pacific Beach found (2023)

    Elise was enjoying Labor Day at the beach, but, after rubbing some lotion on her hands, her precious gold ring given to her by her sister, slipped right off and into the soft sand, turning the sweet day suddenly sour. The next day after an online search brought her to, she contacted me for […]

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Mark Rubey - Testimonials

  • Thank you so much Mark!!! (2023)


    Thank you so much Mark!!! My husband was very upset losing his ring. But glad you found it!! Can’t wait to surprise him. I truly appreciate it. It means a lot. Take care!

  • I came across TheRingFinders and found Mark... (2023)


    It was a pleasure to meet Mark and his wife Denise.

    The morning after I found out I lost 1 of 2 rings that I hid in that pocket, I did a search online hoping someone had found it and posted it online. I came across TheRingFinders and found Mark . I immediately called and in the afternoon Mark had already found the ring.

    Thank you Mark, for your prompt response! I don’t hope to lose a valuable item soon but at least I’ll find comfort that it can definitely be found by amazing people like you!

  • I appreciate the timely response and help upon arrival... (2023)


    I was really starting to think I wouldn’t find my ring and am very grateful my friend came across this page. Things took an unexpected turn yesterday and I appreciate the timely response and help upon arrival. Thank you again for everything!

  • don’t hesitate to contact mark... (2022)


    Thanks a ton to mark and his buddy for coming by so quickly and finding my ring even quicker!

    I was just going to buy a new ring, but the idea of losing the one I had was a real bummer so I took to the internet and found this guy. A real pro. Found my ring in around ten minutes at most.

    if you’ve lost something important, don’t hesitate to contact mark, he def has the skills/tools to get the job done

  • I would recommend mark night and day to anyone... (2022)


    Mark is an extremely knowledgeable individual that holds a calming demeanor while working hard during a stressful situation. My boyfriend lost his Dads ring and we looked for 75 minutes in the water and thought all hope was lost.

    I contacted Mark through a search on google and I could not be more thankful that my search lead me to him. He was professional, friendly, and calm. It was getting a little dark out so I didn’t think he would find it, but after about 30-45 min he came out (I was expecting bad news) he asked us to describe the ring. After he heard the description he said “well this might be it!” And blew my mind when he pulled Brandon’s fathers ring out. I would recommend mark night and day to anyone. Hope is not lost if you get this amazing man to search!

  • I highly recommend Mark to help you if you lost something…. (2022)


    We are so incredibly thankful that we found Mark Rubey to help us find an extremely important sentimental piece of jewelry that could never be replaced. When I spoke with Mark by phone, he was compassionate and sympathetic about what happened and was eager to help us. I never imagined that he would drop what he was doing at 8:30 at night and help us find a ring in the pitch black darkness without hesitation. In literally less than 5 minutes, my heart-break turned into heart being full! My son was over the moon and I was so happy and grateful I didn’t give Mark a chance to say it’s okay if I hugged him….I just did! (3 times:) He does his job very well and is a truly kind man. I highly recommend Mark to help you if you lost something….he has now been added to our personal address book under ring finder! Thank you again Mark, we are forever grateful ????!

  • We would recommend Mark to anyone in a similar situation because losing a ring is never fun... (2021)


    Mark was recommended to us after we lost two wedding rings during a game of volleyball by a lady jogging on the boardwalk. She said something along the lines of “You have to give Mark a call as he will find them within 5 minutes!” (Thank you whoever you are for the fantastic recommendation! We owe you one) At that point we had been searching for well over an hour and it was starting to get dark out. All hope was lost.

    I gave Mark a call and fortunately for us he was available and said he would be over within the hour. It was a pleasure to meeting Mark and he certainly lives up to his 51 years of detecting experience. He was kind, professional, and happy to help us out.

    Mark found the two rings what seemed like immediately! We were all so grateful and excited he was able to find the two rings so quickly. We would recommend Mark to anyone in a similar situation because losing a ring is never fun. He really saved the day! Thanks again!

  • Thank you again – words cannot express my gratitude! (2021)


    Mark – you and your wife are such wonderful people! Thank you for finding my ring in less than 5 mins. After searching until 10:30p Friday night and resuming at 7a on Saturday – while I was still hopeful I’d find it, I was beginning to have doubts. So happy we found you, and to only work on a reward basis was amazing to me. Not sure if you heard the cheers and clapping from the condos behind us and people near us. I didn’t hear it because I was too busy giving you a big hug – but was told everyone was rooting for me! Thank you again – words cannot express my gratitude!

  • Highly recommend this ring finder... (2021)


    Thank you so much Mark! Don’t know what I would do without you… Highly recommend this ring finder to anyone who lost something of value.

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!!! (2020)


    I was not sure I would ever see my rings again…..I thought maybe 1 might be recovered….never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get all 3 back and so fast! It really was a miracle….3 needles in a giant haystack! I am so overjoyed and to thankful for Mark! I know rings can be replaced but the sentiment behind them is what made me want them back. My husband and I will celebrate our 28th Anniversary in Feb and having our original wedding set is priceless. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  • Mark you are a life saver, thank you so much! (2020)


    I thought my ring was gone forever. I seriously could not believe he found my ring. Mark you are a life saver, thank you so much! My husband and I will forever be grateful!

  • Words cannot describe the joy you have provided us. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! (2020)


    What an incredible story to tell! I could not have imagined the way things played out. You have eternally changed our lives. Lesson learned: do not surf with an engagement ring on!!!!! San Diego will forever be engrained in our lives after this. We are so lucky to have been able to connect with you for this incident. It feels nothing short of a miracle, but that just means you do amazing work! We are blessed to have been able to meet you and your lovely wife that afternoon. Words cannot describe the joy you have provided us. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    Forever grateful,

    Bonnie & Will

  • you are a humble and honest man... (2020)


    Oh Mark what can I say!!!

    Firstly…when I search the ring finders and I clicked on your profile …you just gave me hope ..was something about you that is very difficult to explain..but you gave me HOPE !!

    I was devastated not because of the money value was the sentimental value that made me crazy...

    And yes, what makes you AMAZING is that I call you late the day after which it was a Saturday with hundreds of people at the beach...

    All I can tell you again is that you are a humble and honest man who when that night and gave me hope !!

    You are way much worth ….of the reward I gave you

    Thank you so so much ????

  • I would highly recommend Mark... (2019)


    Mark was amazing and extremely quick to respond when I contacted him about doing a search. After a little back and forth, Mark was at the park I lost my ring at the next morning. After telling him about where my son and I were playing and where I thought I may have lost it, he began his search. After cleaning up a few old rusty cans that he found he located my ring in roughly 30 minutes. Even after he located the ring it still took me a second to actually see it amongst the bark. I cant explain how grateful I am for Mark! Thanks so much and I would highly recommend Mark to find any items that you loose.

    Thank You!

  • Mark is awesome... (2018)


    Mark is awesome and I can not thank him enough for getting out to help us so fast! I am telling all my friends about the great work you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Mark was awesome! (2018)


    Mark was awesome! Came on a moment’s notice, professional, and was super nice! I cant thank him enough and although I hope a similar situation doesn’t happen to anyone I know, if it does, you better believe Mark will be the first person we call!

  • Mark is really good at what he does and is also a super nice guy! Give him a call! (2018)


    Mark was a veritable life saver! After my wife’s expensive ring literally disappeared into the sand we figured it was gone for good. Even though we had a good idea of where it was, searching by hand accomplished nothing. Mark arrived right on time with the most impressive looking metal detector I’ve ever seen. Within minutes he found the ring — in the exact area we had been searching so carefully by hand! Mark is really good at what he does and is also a super nice guy! Give him a call!

  • Mark is so great! (2018)


    Mark is so great! Calm and confident in the midst of stress, kind and friendly and good at what he does. He came at a moments notice. He and his wife came together and straight from a dinner out! She was calm and confident too. Can’t say enough! Thank you, both!

  • Thanks Mark!! :) You saved me a lot of money and hassle! (2017)

    Shoutout to Mark Rubey!

    I had buried my phone and keys in a plastic bag and marked the spot with my towel as I went swimming in the ocean. The hide tide was coming in, and someone moved my towel trying to be nice. When I came out of the water, the tide had already covered the spot where I buried my keys and phone. I was in a panic, since I didn't have any way of getting home without them!

    I spent an hour digging around in the sand in the area I thought I buried it, but with the water coming in and no exact idea of where I buried it, I couldn't find them. I gave them up for lost and went home.

    When I realized the price of rekeying my car, I knew I had to try again!! I found the next day via a google search ("how to find keys buried in the sand") and gave Mark a call.

    He braved the traffic to come out and help me search bright and early around 8am. I showed him the general area of where I thought I buried it and viola! He was able to do what I could not!

    He found my phone and keys in probably under thirty minutes, despite the fact that they had been lost overnight. My phone even still worked! Thanks Mark!! :) You saved me a lot of money and hassle!

    Thanks again!


  • thanks for saving our Honeymoon (2016)


    Kim and I can’t thank Mark enough! We were on the way back to the rental car after a walk on the beach at night when her wedding ring slid off her finger and fell into the sand. We knew the general area it landed in, and got on our hands and knees and searched for it, but nothing.

    Married less than a week earlier, she was obviously distraught and sobbing. A couple of passers by stopped and helped us search in the sand, but no luck. Kim did not want to leave the area, and as Mark mentioned, we stayed overnight in our rental car to make sure no one disturbed the area where we thought the ring fell.

    Out of state and not sure what to do, luckily I found Mark’s name and contact info through The Ring Finders website. Waited until the morning to call, and he was at our location within a half hour. Seemingly within minutes, he had found her ring! What a life saver! We cannot thank Mark enough for his help and are so grateful, and cannot recommend him enough if you run into a similar situation. It was great to meet you Mark and talk with you after, thanks for saving our Honeymoon and an irreplaceable ring!

  • Mark, Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have in my heart... (2015)


    Mark, Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have in my heart for the return of my wedding ring. I had nearly lost all hope but decided to give it a shot by contacting you. You were quick to return my call and by sharing your knowledge & experience of beach searches, I started to have a glimmer of hope. You made time for my search that day even though you had already spent most the day in the surf. Your professionalism & experience really showed in the time you spent to get as much detail as possible. I will forever be thankful God blessed me to find you & that through your patience and skill, you were able to return such a sentimental piece of me. Thank you!!!

  • I have no words to express my gratitude/There aren’t many honest people like you!!! (2015)


    Hiiii I’m Sara the girl of the ring! I didn’t have the time to say thank you!!!! I have no words to express my gratitude, I wish all the happiness and blessings of the world! I allready post the history in my facebook (Sara Eliza Robles) thank you thank you thank you! You are an Angel!!!!


    Mark all the family is more than happy!!!! We were very sad when we hear what happened to Sara and Angel because we were waiting for that big event to happen for months. We dont have words to thank you you are really an angel for us!!! There aren’t many honest people like you!!! Receive lots and lots of blessings!!!