Mark Rubey

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I will work for the reward that you offer. Within a 30 mile radius of my location, there will be a $25.00 charge to cover my expenses if the item is not found. There will be an addition charge for searches beyond my local area including fuel, food, and/or lodging as the case my be. I'm happy to give you a free quote and discuss your exact needs. "Call any time" Everything will be in writing so there will be no surprises!

Search Types

"Lost jewelry, hidden caches, keys, pipes, property markers, etc. I should have a detector to meet just about any need you may have in locating metal objects" Scuba Diver Available...

Search Locations

I will travel just about anywhere in the world..., parks, schools, athletic fields, private property (with your gained permission), lakes, oceans, campgrounds, rivers, etc...."just about anywhere in the world on land or shallow water"

Mark Rubey's Bio

I have 44 years of metal detecting experience and have found many 1000's of coins and relics along with the recovery of lots of jewelry. Hopefully we can add yours to the growing list!

Mark Rubey - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring lost in La Jolla Found (2018)

    What I thought was going to be an easy search and return didn’t exactly work out that way. I’ll let Edie tell her story………. “We called Mark after hunting for 5 days for my ring.  One evening I was tossing out two old oranges into the ivy-covered hillside behind our house and above our back […]

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  • Necklace lost at North Island Breakers beach Found! (2018)

    Vanessa and her two children were spending the day at the beach on NAS North Island Breaker’s Beach. She had with her a necklace that was a recent gift. It was in a pouch, inside a box, then inside her bag. Should be safe there huh? Not with an active 1 1/2 year old toddler […]

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  • Ring lost in Paradise Hills found (2018)

    Elizabeth called and asked for help finding her husband Carl’s lost ring. After eating some cherries in the front yard, Carl tossed the remains, and felt his loose fitting gold ring come off his pinky finger. He and his family searched the grass, raked it several times, and even rented a metal detector, but, without […]

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  • Lost Rings found at Pacific Beach (2018)

    Last night I received a call from Jose asking for help finding his wife Deisy’s engagement and wedding rings. They were enjoying the beach with their two children yesterday and Deisy had removed her rings and put them in her pants pocket, and then put the pants in her beach bag. Good idea to keep […]

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  • Ring lost at Mission Beach found (2018)

    Eric realized he shouldn’t play around in the sand with his wedding ring on, so, he thought it wiser to take it off and let someone else hold on to it until he was done. Little did he know that the person he handed it to would be the one to lose it in the […]

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Mark Rubey - Testimonials

  • Mark was awesome! (2018)


    Mark was awesome! Came on a moment’s notice, professional, and was super nice! I cant thank him enough and although I hope a similar situation doesn’t happen to anyone I know, if it does, you better believe Mark will be the first person we call!

  • Mark is really good at what he does and is also a super nice guy! Give him a call! (2018)


    Mark was a veritable life saver! After my wife’s expensive ring literally disappeared into the sand we figured it was gone for good. Even though we had a good idea of where it was, searching by hand accomplished nothing. Mark arrived right on time with the most impressive looking metal detector I’ve ever seen. Within minutes he found the ring — in the exact area we had been searching so carefully by hand! Mark is really good at what he does and is also a super nice guy! Give him a call!

  • Mark is so great! (2018)


    Mark is so great! Calm and confident in the midst of stress, kind and friendly and good at what he does. He came at a moments notice. He and his wife came together and straight from a dinner out! She was calm and confident too. Can’t say enough! Thank you, both!

  • Thanks Mark!! :) You saved me a lot of money and hassle! (2017)

    Shoutout to Mark Rubey!

    I had buried my phone and keys in a plastic bag and marked the spot with my towel as I went swimming in the ocean. The hide tide was coming in, and someone moved my towel trying to be nice. When I came out of the water, the tide had already covered the spot where I buried my keys and phone. I was in a panic, since I didn't have any way of getting home without them!

    I spent an hour digging around in the sand in the area I thought I buried it, but with the water coming in and no exact idea of where I buried it, I couldn't find them. I gave them up for lost and went home.

    When I realized the price of rekeying my car, I knew I had to try again!! I found the next day via a google search ("how to find keys buried in the sand") and gave Mark a call.

    He braved the traffic to come out and help me search bright and early around 8am. I showed him the general area of where I thought I buried it and viola! He was able to do what I could not!

    He found my phone and keys in probably under thirty minutes, despite the fact that they had been lost overnight. My phone even still worked! Thanks Mark!! :) You saved me a lot of money and hassle!

    Thanks again!


  • thanks for saving our Honeymoon (2016)


    Kim and I can’t thank Mark enough! We were on the way back to the rental car after a walk on the beach at night when her wedding ring slid off her finger and fell into the sand. We knew the general area it landed in, and got on our hands and knees and searched for it, but nothing.

    Married less than a week earlier, she was obviously distraught and sobbing. A couple of passers by stopped and helped us search in the sand, but no luck. Kim did not want to leave the area, and as Mark mentioned, we stayed overnight in our rental car to make sure no one disturbed the area where we thought the ring fell.

    Out of state and not sure what to do, luckily I found Mark’s name and contact info through The Ring Finders website. Waited until the morning to call, and he was at our location within a half hour. Seemingly within minutes, he had found her ring! What a life saver! We cannot thank Mark enough for his help and are so grateful, and cannot recommend him enough if you run into a similar situation. It was great to meet you Mark and talk with you after, thanks for saving our Honeymoon and an irreplaceable ring!

  • Mark, Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have in my heart... (2015)


    Mark, Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have in my heart for the return of my wedding ring. I had nearly lost all hope but decided to give it a shot by contacting you. You were quick to return my call and by sharing your knowledge & experience of beach searches, I started to have a glimmer of hope. You made time for my search that day even though you had already spent most the day in the surf. Your professionalism & experience really showed in the time you spent to get as much detail as possible. I will forever be thankful God blessed me to find you & that through your patience and skill, you were able to return such a sentimental piece of me. Thank you!!!

  • I have no words to express my gratitude/There aren’t many honest people like you!!! (2015)


    Hiiii I’m Sara the girl of the ring! I didn’t have the time to say thank you!!!! I have no words to express my gratitude, I wish all the happiness and blessings of the world! I allready post the history in my facebook (Sara Eliza Robles) thank you thank you thank you! You are an Angel!!!!


    Mark all the family is more than happy!!!! We were very sad when we hear what happened to Sara and Angel because we were waiting for that big event to happen for months. We dont have words to thank you you are really an angel for us!!! There aren’t many honest people like you!!! Receive lots and lots of blessings!!!