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Lost Ring Under Deck. Another find for the Calgary Ring Finder

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Haylee called me. Her great, great grandmother’s ring dropped between the boards of the deck. She looked immediately, looked later, had the boards pulled up and had several other people look as well. Two weeks passed and it was till not found.  She called me to help out. I followed along as she shared her story. Based on what she said and the conditions present, she should have already found it herself.  I picked up where she left off and couldn’t find it either. That is when we started questioning what actually happened. With a new approach it didn’t take long before I hit the sound I was looking for. Watch my video for the details and the beautiful reaction from Haylee. 

Engagement Ring Lost In Surf Found On Topsail Beach

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)



Alison was out on a boogie board that had a break in the foam causing the nose to dive down.  This caused Alison’s hand to plunge hard into the sandy bottom.  She felt her engagement ring get pulled off of her finger.  About an hour after the loss, she found out about Crystal Coast Ring Finders.  After speaking to her I loaded my equipment and headed to the Topsail beach location.  A through grid search only provided 2 wires and a newer penny.  I extended the search area to the west and received a strong signal on the Minelab Equinox 800.  Before attempting to recover the item, I looked at Alison and her husband with my fingers crossed.  Before Alison’s husband could get to me, I had her lost engagement ring in my hand.


Lost wedding ring recovered at Inverness Beach, Cape Breton

  • from Whycocomagh (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Less than two weeks after I became a member of TheRingFinders.com, I was able to make my first recovery at Inverness Beach today. Lost for over 24 hours in the sands, I was 37 minutes into the search when a loud signal chirped through the headphones. Two scoops later and I knew I had what I was looking for, a mens Tungsten Carbide wedding band. I quickly took a pic and sent it off to the anxious couple, who thought it surely was lost forever. Within minutes came the reply “oh that’s it! I can’t believe you found it!!”

Both Katie and Daniel were elated at the recovery. I later presented the ring to Daniels’ dad, who lived closer to me than the happy couple. Soon I should have a picture of a very happy pair with broad smiles. I will share the photo on the blog in the future.

.I was so pleased to be able to recover this ring. What a confidence boost it was to be able to locate it, given the time delay in searching, and how busy that particular beach was. Being able to make such recoveries, thanks to theringfinders.com, adds such a delight to the hobby of metal detecting.

Minnesota Lost Ring Metal Detecting River

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Patrick and his wife were getting ready to tube down the Cannon River in Minnesota, while getting on the tube, Patrick saw his wedding band come off his hand and he tried his best to grab it. The ring disappeared into the river, about waist deep with a very rocky bottom. He tried to find it, and just couldn’t get it. He searched for help on the internet and found theringfinders.com – I met him down by the river and decided that scuba would be the best as the bottom was full of huge rocks and there is no way I could use a scoop to try and recover any signals. I found a few coins and some garbage as usual, though it only took about 15 – 20 minutes and that nice tone rang in my ears. I knew it was the ring.

Congrats Patrick, truly glad I could help!




Ring lost at Imperial Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

“Sam” and Gretchel were enjoying a day at Imperial Beach. Sam took his ring off and put it on their blanket. Later, Gretchel moved the blanket to a another location close by and the ring was swallowed up in the dry sand. Gretchel did an online search and found TheRingFinders.com website and my contact information. I gathered my gear and headed to meet them. I actually found a parking spot right across the street from where they were camped! A minor miracle in itself for a Sunday afternoon in the dead of summer. After finding out the story and ring description, I found the ring after only 3 short passes and maybe 2 minutes or so. Gretchel was relieved that Sam’s sentimental ring was found. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Lost rings in Coronado found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Erika took her platinum wedding and engagement rings off and set them in her lap. Forgetting about the rings, she stood up. That’s all it takes for rings to hit the soft sand and disappear. After an online search, she found TheRingFinders.com and my contact info. Erika called me around noon time asking for help and I quickly rounded up my gear and headed over to Coronado. Early afternoon, summertime, warm sunny day in Coronado, yeah, parking was going to be scarce. Sure enough, the place was jammed with beach goers. I managed to luck into a spot next to the beach, but, a good half mile south from where I was to meet Erika. A nice hike later,  I met Erika and she explained what happened and showed me where she was sitting and then standing. 20 seconds later, both rings were recovered from right in front of her chair and a happy Erika was reunited with her rings. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

Wedding Ring Lost At Pine Knoll Shores Beach Found With Metal Detector

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Timing can be critical to locate a lost item.  Contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders after trying to pinpoint the area the item was lost.

Jesse was spending the day at the beach with his family and had taken off his ring because he didn’t want to lose it (ironically).  The ring was placed in a pouch of a beach chair.  Later that afternoon, they were packing up to leave and had forgot the ring was in the unzipped pouch. When the chair was folded and transported, the ring fell out into the sand without anyone noticing.  Jesse didn’t realize it was missing until later that night.  After searching all beach items and the vehicle, Jesse searched online and found TheRingFinders.com.

I was on the beach at the time I received his message and was about 8 miles away.  I headed to where Jesse lost his ring immediately.   After a few messages & calls, I had a good understanding of where Jesse’s family traveled on the beach.  My Minelab CTX-3030 hit a solid tone and Jesse’s ring was revealed.

Lost ring at Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Nathan was body surfing at Mission beach when he realized that he was wearing his wedding ring, not something he normally does. In checking the ring to see how tight it was fitting, it came right off and dropped into waist deep surf. With our surf, it will disappear in a second, so, no way to spot it. A sad Nathan now had to go confess to the wife that his wedding band is gone.  His wife wasn’t satisfied with accepting that fate, so, she found TheRingFinders.com on a search and contacted me for help. The ring was lost at a +4 foot tide, so, a minus .7 tide at 5:14 am was just the ticket for this search. Nathan met me at 3:15 am and showed me the search area. He even came out in the surf and helped me keep on my grid pattern. This section of beach was real clean. An hour and half later, I had only found 3 non-ferrous targets, 2 pull tabs and a junk ring. At that point I had changed direction on my grid and now went north-south instead of my earlier east-west. Second pass doing this in ankle deep or less water, and another 16 pull tab reading on my Equinox. Only this time, it looked this was going to be Nathan’s ring. I called him over, and by the light of his flashlight, he saw it was indeed his ring. He now would have a much happier conversation with his wife when he got home. Next month is their 2nd wedding anniversary, so, this recovery will help the ring story continue into chapter 3. A pleasure to meet you Nathan, and thank you for the reward.

Lost Ring Recovered in Northern Minnesota.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

On July 9th, 2021 I received a text message from a person that had lost a ring on a beach and wanted to know if I could come and locate it for her.  She told me it was up in Northern Minnesota at her Parents cabin. I could tell that she was somewhat panicked by the loss of a very sentimental ring.  I tried to reassure her that It’s not going anywhere, and I would love to come and find it for her.  She said they were going to give it another look in the morning and she would get back to me.  The next day I received another text that she could not find it and I was given the address of where they were at.  After looking up the address on Google maps I headed North.  It was about 180 miles from where I was at and I loved every minute of the drive.  What a beautiful day for a drive up north.  I asked if it was ok if I brought my dog with for the ride and I was told by all means bring the dog.

About 3 hours later I arrived and was met by her mother and several yellow labs and a golden retriever in the driveway. My dog is a yellow lab as well and boy did those dogs hit it off.  Running and playing. It was nice because my dog doesn’t get a chance very often to run with dogs her own size much.  Before you know it they were in the water have a blast.  I was shown the beach where the ring was lost and it was about a 30’ x 40’area.  The ring was lost tossing a toy to one of the dogs. So a real direction was not known. It could have taken off in any direction, and maybe even backwards into the lake. I started to looking in the sand for the ring.  On my 3rd pass back and forth I got a strong hit for something metallic just under the sand. I brought my sand scoop with to help make things easier. I took a couple of scoops and missed whatever it was.  Then I had it in my scoop. A beautiful gold ring.  It took less then 5 minutes to locate it.  While the party that lost the ring was not around during the hunt she was quickly notified about the recovery and you just knew that everything was going to be OK. It was a honor going up and helping put the pieces of life back in order for one more person.  To top it off, my dog was able to have a few playmates for a short time and we were back on the road.  It was so nice meeting such a wonderful family, perfect summer day, and an absolute beautiful scenic drive to boot.  It doesn’t get much better then tha



Gold anniversary ring lost, recovered and returned in Phoenixville, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a Wednesday morning text from Felix who found me in the Ring Finder directory. I broke away from work and gave him a quick call to allow him to fill me in on the details of his wife’s lost ring. Apparently his wife, Kim, was at a community farm in Phoenixville, PA with her daughter the day before picking up her weekly veggie share. Felix told me both his wife and daughter saw the ring fall off her finger while they were picking and bagging their veggies. He shared that the area where it dropped was 4-6 inch high farm field grass and that both his wife and daughter spent hours searching for it with no success. I conveyed to him that I was quite confident I could find it for them and we agreed to meet at that farm at 5 pm later that same day.

I met kim at the farm and she showed the exact area where she felt and saw it come off her finger.  The area consisted of  rows of raised vegetable laden mounds each separated by 6 feet of 4-6 inch farm field grass. Kim knew exactly where the ring came off…even showed me the basil plant she had picked just prior to seeing her ring slip off. It fell off when she was putting the basil in a bag and she tried to catch it before it hit the ground. Her daughter saw the falling ring as well. She was amazed/surprised/concerned about not finding her beautiful white gold anniversary ring…she just figured she can’t see it in tall grass. At this point I’m figuring 3 minutes max…I’m going to find this thing! Well after 15 minutes of searching both sides of the basil mound and the basil mound itself I was starting to question whether it was actually there. I took my own gold ring off several times to check my equipment and convince kim that if I’m over it I’m not going to miss it.

Well after several passes of the area she was convinced the ring was I figured its time to expand the search area. I moved over an entire row to the adjacent grassy lane….maybe 15- 20 feet from where she was convinced it dropped and finally hear the beautiful signal I had been looking for. I hadn’t even bent over yet and the ring still wasn’t visible beneath the grass but I knew what it was! I gave Kim a big smile and bent down to part the grass…there was her big gorgeous ring! We laughed and high fived…she couldn’t believe how far it was from where she thought it fell. I truly live for the joy I brought her by putting that ring back in her possession!