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Lost Ring Found… After 35 Years

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Hello, my name is Mark Rubey and I’m an enthusiastic new member of The Ring Finders. I think recovering people’s lost treasures is a great way to make use of my 40 years of metal detecting experience.

I’ve already recovered untold numbers of items before joining this forum but The Ring Finders makes it more likely to reunite owners with what they’ve lost. If you have lost something in a public place, such as the beach, park, school ground, etc, call me as soon as you can to help assure we find the item before someone else does.

If you lost something on private property, there is usually much less urgency in it’s recovery (other than helping you sleep at night!) One important thing to remember is that the less that is done to change the terrain, the better.

If your item was just dropped, it will be within a couple of inches of the top of the ground. If you start digging or moving soil or sand around, you might accidentally bury the item deeper than most metal detectors can reach.

Also, if you lost something in grass or similar, DON’T MOW! Lawn mower blades can destroy your jewelry. The only exception to this is deep weeds or brush where a detector can’t be easily used. In this case, a string type “weed whacker” might be needed to make detecting easier. Call first to be sure however.Most items are not permanently lost but merely haven’t been found yet. To illustrate this is my first blog entry.

While visiting friends and new relatives in Minnesota (with my detector of course!) my wife’s uncle Bob related a story about a lost ring he had given his daughter Diane. He had personally made the ring out of a dime so it had special meaning to Diane. When Diane lost the ring in the front yard, she was heart broken but even though she searched and searched, she couldn’t find it.

After hearing my detector stories and successes, Bob asked if I thought I could find it and Oh, and by the way, it was lost 35 years ago! I told him I’d sure give it a good try and that as long as the ground hadn’t been rototilled or replaced, that it should still be there….just a little further down than if it had just been dropped.

He assured me that it hadn’t so I was off on the hunt and hoped to live up to my billing. Well, I searched that yard for hours and was just about to admit defeat (and have to eat all my words about how great a treasure finder I was) when I got a weak signal only 3 feet from the front door.

Sure enough after removing a plug of grass and some dirt, at about 4-5 inches down, out popped the ring! Smiles and hugs all around and my wife’s choice for a husband started looking better all the time! Here’s Diane and her ring…..

Diane's ring

Ring lost for 35 years found with metal detector!Another happy reunion!

Another happy reunion!

Lost Class Ring Minnesota

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-829-4438

While searching for another persons lost Wedding Ring in 10 feet of water under a diving platform, I found an Eden Prairie High School Class Ring. I called the school and gave the all the information on the ring and a couple weeks later I received a call from the young ladies Mother…….just a lucky find, she never heard of the Ring Finders…Let’s get the word out and get those lost rings back on the rightful owners fingers! Pictured is the young ladies Dad!

Lost Ring Minneapolis

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-829-4438

Peter was playing a game of Pick up Football with his buddies at a Minneapolis park. After the game and some dinner, he noticed his Platinum wedding band was missing. He called me and said he wasn’t sure if it was lost at the game or after? We agreed that it most likely was lost during the game, so we began the search. No luck the first day as this was huge area, no luck the second day either. We thought we would give it one more try and 15 minutes into the 3rd day we found it!!

Estate and Property Search for Gold and Silver…Florida!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the opportunity to search for hidden treasure? To know that gold and silver were stashed somewhere and you were the one to be asked to look for and recover it? How do you begin a search like that? Where do you start? What tools and detectors will you use? How much do you charge for your service? And who will help you put it all together?

Since joining Chris Turner’s directory of TheRingFinders I have received a variety of calls asking me to help locate things like rings, keys, knives, pulleys, coins, necklaces, pendants, and most recently–Gold Bars!! I expect calls to look for the usual lost items but this call caught me by surprise. Right away I knew that I needed to call Chris Turner and ask him a ton of questions and figure out what my next steps should be. After talking to Chris and getting his advice I felt allot more confident that if the gold was there then I would have a much better chance of locating it.

56 pounds of silver dimes!

And so began my first Estate Search. The deceased had died suddenly and left evidence that he was prepared for whatever crisis that the government or economy would send his way. There were dozens of guns and ammunition and also documentation that he had purchased gold and silver. He lived a very secluded life and had his own water source and a large garden. And even though someone broke into the house three days after the man had passed away and rummaged through all his belongings we still felt there was a good chance we could find the gold if it was still there.

The first day we began our search in the house. We checked all the usual places people hide things and even places that would have made great hiding places but we found nothing. On day two we decided to look the outside of the house over including the yard and some of the sheds. That is when we stumbled onto an old rusty bucket of silver dimes! The bucket was so heavy that when we tried to pick up the bucket it came apart and literally thousands of dimes went spilling over the ground. You can just imagine our excitement and the rush we felt as we stood there and stared at that pile of silver dimes! I grabbed a five gallon paint bucket to put the coins in and at the end of the day, when we weighed the bucket, we had 56 pounds of silver dimes!

We started day three with renewed energy and hope of finding more caches and valuables as there was a lot more of the property to look over yet. We spent most of the day searching the sheds and garden areas thinking that there had to be more buried somewhere. After hours of searching outdoors it was getting really hot and we needed to stop for lunch and a much needed break. As we sat eating our lunch I got to thinking that the downstairs needed to be gone over one more time. (The upstairs apartment had been cleaned out by a cleaning service the estate had hired and all that was left downstairs was a lot of old paint cans, tools, lumber and the kind of junk that people normally have in their garages or basements.) After lunch we headed downstairs to give it the “fine tooth comb” going over! Not 10 minutes into our search we came across an old paint can that looked every bit the part of just an “old can of paint.” We pried the lid off and opened it up to find–there staring up at us were the tops of three money bags tied off and four rolls of what looked like silver dollar coins. Once again you can just imagine the feelings and emotions as we carefully pulled out the contents and laid it all out to count and take pictures! That “old can of paint” held over 600 silver half dollars–Walking Libertys, Benjamin Franklins and Kennedys, plus 85–1 Troy oz. silver rounds!!

All of a sudden those old paint cans had our full attention! Stash number three was located not 10 minutes later only this time there was a large bar of some kind in the bottom of another can and it was wrapped in paper. We thought, “Could these be the gold bars we were originally looking for?”

As we slowly pulled out the contents and laid them gently on the floor we were stunned to see 60 more 1–Troy oz. coins and a 100 oz. bar of .999 pure silver!! And even though it was not the gold bars we were hired to find, our hearts were still pounding like we found the mother load! And all this was found in the “junk” that was left behind by the cleaning crew!

That evening I called Chris Turner and as we discussed the exciting events of the day we realized that there was definitely more places that needed looking into. Chris said he would love to fly out and help us finish up the search and that was all I needed to hear. We invited Chris to “Come on down to sunny Florida” and the next day I picked him up at the airport!

We spent three more day trying to figure out just where the old gentleman hid his treasures. In our search we even found a book that was titled “How to Hide Anything”! We found old letters and photos that helped us put together a bit of his life and gave us some clues. It was neat to uncover key facts and details that helped us confirm the old gentleman had indeed bought gold and silver! In the end we were exhausted but very content in what all we were able to find. Like 90 pounds of silver and an experience that will last a lifetime!

Thanks again to Chris Turner and TheRingFinders for giving us the amazing opportunity to search for that which was hidden and stashed away. We may never know just where the gold really went. Did the person who broke into the house before the cleaners take it? Did the cleaners throw it out with the rest of the trash? Questions we may never have the answers to.

Mike McInroe, Proud member of

Lost Platinum Ring Found in Los Gatos

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Campbell dad finds his ring in Los Gatos park

Campbell dad finds his ring in Los Gatos park

Today we got a call from a Campbell dad who had just lost his platinum wedding band at  a park in Los Gatos. He had already hunted for the ring on hands and knees for an hour when his wife found Ring Finders on the web. We headed over to the park with two metal detectors.

The owner showed us how the ring had flown off his finger when he threw a soccer ball over his head. We re-enacted the toss a few times with another ring to identify the search area. But after an hour, we still hadn’t found it.

Then we searched closer to where he had been standing, and found it very quickly. Unbelievably, the ring had fallen almost at his feet. Dad has decided to get his ring resized so that it doesn’t fall off again.

The wedding ring we found in Los Gatos using metal detectors

Val des Bois, Quebec engagement ring wedding band found / Val des Bois, Quebec bague de fiancialles et anneau de marriage trouvé

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Hello Everyone,
                        This is a late entry for a ring search I did in July. My laptop hard drive crashed, and was not able to retrieve the information until today, thank you Nadine for helping me. Here is the story..on July the 18th Caprice and her family had bought a cottage in Val des Bois, Quebec. During their very first weekend at cottage, the sun was hot, the family decided to go in the water to freshen up, then the unexpected happened, Caprice wearing a chain around her neck wearing her engagement ring and her late husbands wedding band both fell into the bottom of the lake.

     Frantically the family searched the lake bottom to look for the rings. The rings were not found. That night everyone was down but especially Caprice. Tova, Caprice sister in law did the first thing a person would do and looked for help. Help wasn’t that far  Stephane from the Ring Finders was there. The family found me on the web and on Monday July 19th the family contacted me asked if I can help them,I replied yes right away. The family was in good hands. We scheduled the next day to do the ring search. Arriving at the cottage on the 20th of July we met up and headed to the waters edge, going down a steep embankment, I was careful not to fall down. The rings had fallen into about 3 feet of water right beside a huge boulder. I walked into the water and started my seach right away. Tova and her family pointed to almost the exact spot where the rings were lost, a few seconds later, I got a hit in my headphones and scooped the bottom of the lake, clearing away weeds and pebbles, there at the bottom of my scoop lay both of the rings. My work was done, the family was extremely happy, tears in their eyes, and my heart beated out of my chest. I knew these rings were extremely important. I knew there was a beautiful story attached to the rings and that story ended when they thought the rings were lost forever….well that story will continue  now that Caprice is now cherishing the rings. I want to say Thank You to Tova, Caprice, and her family for trusting me to find the rings. Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading my post. If you know anyone who has lost a ring, bracelet, or anything of sentimental value. Don’t look further help is right there ! Call Stephane the Ring Finder ! 819 – 332- 3116

Bonjour à tous,
                        Il s’agit d’une entrée tardive pour une recherche de bague que j’ai fait en Juillet. Mon disque dur de portable a planté, et n’a pas été en mesure de récupérer les informations jusqu’à aujourd’hui, je remercie Nadine de m’avoir aidé. Voici l’histoire … le 18 Juillet Caprice et sa famille ont acheté un chalet à Val-des-Bois, Québec. Au cours de leur premier week-end au chalet, le soleil était chaud, la famille a décidé d’aller dans l’eau pour se rafraîchir, puis de l’imprévu, Caprice a perdu une chaîne autour de son cou avec sa bague de fiançailles et l’anneau de marriage de sont mari décedé il y a quelque mois tombé dans le fond du lac.

     Frénétiquement la famille a cherché le fond du lac pourtrouvé les anneaux. Les anneaux sont introuvables. Cette nuit tout le monde  diminué, mais surtout Caprice. Tova, la belle-soeur Caprice a fait la première chose que ferait une personne et a cherché de l’aide. Aide n’étais pas si loin la Stephane de Les Ring Finders était là. La famille m’a trouvé sur le web et le lundi le 19 Juillet  la famille m’a demandé si je peux les aider, j’ai répondu oui tout de suite. La famille était entre bonnes mains. Nous avons prévu le lendemain pour faire la recherche anneau. En arrivant au chalet le 20 Juillet, nous avons discuter et apres marcher vers le bord de l’eau, en descendant une pente abrupte, je faisais attention à ne pas tomber. Les anneaux étaient tombés dans environ 3 pieds d’eau juste à côté d’un énorme rocher. Je suis entré dans l’eau et commencé mes recherches tout de suite. Tova et sa famille apointé près  l’endroit exact où les anneaux ont été perdus, quelques secondes plus tard,  sa sonné dans mon casque et j’ai enfoncer mon scoop dans le fond du lac. Apres avoir enlever herbes et de cailloux, et la au fond de mon scoop les deux anneaux. Mon travail a été effectué, la famille a été très heureux, les larmes aux yeux, et mon cœur a battu de ma poitrine. Je savais que ces anneaux étaient extrêmement importants. Je savais qu’il y avait une belle histoire attachée aux bagues et que l’histoire a pris fin lorsque ils pensaient que les anneaux ont été perdus à jamais …. ainsi que l’histoire se poursuivra maintenant que Caprice a les anneaux. Je tiens à dire merci à Tova, Caprice, et sa famille pour m’avoir fait confiance pour trouver les anneaux. Passez une belle journée à tous et merci d’avoir lu mon post. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu une bague, bracelet, ou quelque chose de valeur sentimentale. Ne cherchez pas d’autres je suis là! Appel Stephane le Ring Finder au 819 – 332 à 3116


Lost Gold Ring at Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Well I’m off work for a while so this gives more time to work on The Ring Finders Directory and to get out and search the beaches of Vancouver.

I called a friend and we talked about doing a beach search but he was without a good PI beach detector.

He had a few detectors in mind that he wanted to buy and the Whites Dual Field was one of them, I have a couple of Whites water detectors so I let him try out my Whites Dual Field.

We hit English Bay Beach at around 8 pm, low tide was at 10:45 pm, this gave us time to work it as the tide was going out.

Well overall it was pretty slow and the bottle caps and pull tabs were winning, we’d been searching for a couple of hours and decided to hit another beach and I was leaning towards Kits Beach and my friend said what about Third Beach, Stanley Park?

So Third Beach it was, and off we went, when we got there the tide was out pretty far and we went our own ways in the dark.

I was finding the usual, pull tabs, bottle caps, nails and a little bit of change.

The garbage doesn’t bother much as I know that there’s always a chance of finding something good when your finding that much crap!

It was coming on to 1:30 am and I was getting ready to pull the plug, I saw my friend who was hunting in the distance, I moved up closer to the tide line and got a signal and dug up a nice gold ring!

You never know when or if the gold will find you…

That night I got lucky thanks to my friend who suggested Third Beach! The difference between The Ring Finders Service and just going out on a search for yourself is that when someone contacts me to find their ring, they know the approximant area the ring was lost.

Therefore I start my grid search until I find the ring, and in most cases I find the ring.

When you just go to the beach on your own time searching for lost items (gold rings) its like finding a needle in a haystack!

Unless you live in Hawaii where there are more gold rings lost then there are bottle caps…

Well if anyone reading this blog has lost a gold ring at Third Beach this year please contact me with a full description and I’d be happy to return it to you.

There are initials on the inside of the ring, if this is your ring I’m sure you know what the initials are…

Thanks for reading my blog!

Chris Turner

Lost Gold Ring in a Ditch in Chilliwack BC…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young man that told me that he lost his late fathers gold ring that was given to him two years ago.

He told me that he was parked by the side of the road and threw an apple out of the car window and his ring that was fitting him a bit lose went flying off his finger with the apple towards a ditch.

It was dark out and he searched as best he could but couldn’t find the ring. He came back in the morning and searched the area but still no ring!

He told me that he rented a metal detector and searched the area for hours but couldn’t find it. He was pretty sure that it went into the ditch that was muddy and full of water.

When I arrived to the area in Chilliwack where he lost the ring my first thoughts were… this was going to be a tough search! Due to the water and branches and mud in the ditch.

I started my search near the side of the road by the long grass near the ditch, I figured that I’d start with the easy part and make my way to the hard part(Muddy Water)

This was a good idea as less then 10 minutes I got a loud signal which turned out to be a flatten out beer can and right beside it was his late fathers gold ring!

It was very windy and I lost most of the interview because of the sound but I can tell you he was a very happy young man!

I love my job!

Lost something?

Call me ASAP!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Gatineau wedding ring found/ Gatineau anneau de marriage trouvé

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Good evening everyone,

                                         Today was a cold day, it snowed last night and the plows were clearing the snow off the roads and salting them too. On Thursday the 28th of October, it was a beautiful day to rake the leaves in the front yard. Yes it happened the ring came of the finger and went into one of the four bags. On saturday Jean Marc called me and needed my services. He wasnt sure how it worked so I offered to search for free. He agreed right away. This morning I went to search the area. I started the grid work in the front yard, and finally finished with the bags. Yes it happened again..I found the ring in the last bag. His face lit up was extremely happy I had found the ring. first he thanked me and put his ring in his wallet to have it downsized, then he gave me a huge bear hug. I wasnt cold anymore but felt warm inside after returning the ring. Seeing someone happy and making their day feels good. I love this hobby and being part of The Ring Finders. Have great day everyone, and if you know anyone who lost a piece of jewelry, call or send an email.

Bonsoir à tous,

                                         Aujourd’hui était une journee froide, il a neigé la nuit dernière et les charrues ont été  sur les routes. Le jeudi le 28 Octobre, c’était une belle journée pour ratisser les feuilles dans la cour avant. Oui c’est arrivé l’anneau du doigt esttomber  dans l’une des quatre sacs. Le samedi Jean Marc m’a appelé et avait besoin de mes services. Il nétait pas sûr de savoir comment ceci fonctionnait alors j’ai offert de chercher gratuitement. Il a accepté tout de suite. Ce matin je suis allé à la recherche de la bague. J’ai commencé par  la cour avant, et enfin fini avec les sacs. Oui c’est arrivé à nouveau .. j’ai trouvé la bague dans le dernier sac. Son visage s’éclaira a été extrêmement heureux que j’avais trouvé la bague. d’abord, il m’a remercié et mis sa bague dans son portefeuille pour le faire réduire, puis il m’a donné une étreinte d’ours énorme. Je n’étais  plus froid mais  chaud à l’intérieur après avoir trouver la bague. Voir quelqu’un heureux et de faire leur journéeca fait du bien. J’aime ce passe-temps, et faire partie des Ring Finders. Une belle journée à tous, et si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu un  bijoux, téléphoner ou envoyer un courriel.


Ottawa wedding ring found /Ottawa bague de marriage trouvé

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Hello ,

            The past 2 weeks have been quiete busy, and like I mentionned in my previous posting it is the season to pick up the leaves, and yes the snow is coming. On October the 27th Michael did just that, picking up the leaves and getting ready to put them at the curb, Micheal kept the bags…yes you guessed it, he lost his wedding ring in one of the 4 bags. Micheal found my services on Kijiji and contacted me. The next there I was to search for the ring. I decided to check the yard first and then proceed to check the bags, one by one I emptied them and scanned the ground. I dont know why this happens but you always find something in the last bag, or box, or dresser drawer. Well, the ring was found in the last bag. Karen, her wife was extremely happy to have  this beautiful and unique ring found. Pictured with the ring is Karen, Micheals was absent during the search. I am happy that the story attached to the ring will continue on. Have a great day everyone.


            Les 2 dernières semaines ont été occupées , et comme je l’ai mentionné dans mon message précédent, c’est la saison pour ramasser les feuilles, et oui la neige est à venir. Le 27 Octobre Michael a fait exactement cela, ramasser les feuilles et mettre les sacs  sur le bord du trottoir, Michael a gardé les sacs … oui vous l’aurez deviné, il a perdu son anneau de mariage dans l’une des 4 sacs. Michael trouvé mes services sur Kijiji et m’a contacté. La journee d apres j’étais là pour chercher l’anneau. J’ai décidé de vérifier en premier la cour, puis procéder à la vérification des sacs, un par un. Je ne sais pas pourquoi cela se produit, mais vous trouverez toujours quelque chose dans le dernier sac, ou une boîte, ou tiroir de la commode. Eh bien, l’anneau a été trouvé dans le dernier sac. Karen, sa femme a été très heureux d’avoir cette  bague belle et unique. Sur la photo,  Karen. Micheal était absent lors de la recherche. Je suis heureux que l’histoire de la bague se poursuivra. Passer une belle journée à tous.