Jonathan Hamill

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

(Please call or text) My service is on a ''Reward Basis''... Pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

I have a call out fee starting at $30 maybe more or less depending on where you are located (call to discuss) this covers my fuel expenses whether the item is found or not.

Where required, all searches are performed with permission by property owners and/or proper authority. Typically, permission is obtained by you and assigned to me. Any difficulties with permission to search said area, please contact me by phone or text message for assistance rather than email.

Search Types

Homes, Commercial, Industrial, Residential property searches, parks, schools, beaches, shallow water & underwater searches up to 20' deep. Safety first and foremost, for underwater searches.

Storage units, farms, woods...

Private person and/or Insurance claim searches for lost jewelry, valuables, coins, paper currency, cell phones, keys and items made of precious gems/metals....Diamonds, Topaz, Platinum, Emerald, Gold & Silver Coins and Buried or Hidden Caches.

I can assist realtors and homeowners before selling their homes by searching the yards and inspecting homes-example- searching the attic's, basements and the hot & cold air duct for forgotten treasures and articles that would normally be left behind once a house is sold.

Search Locations

Detroit with a 70 mile radius...

Jonathan Hamill's Bio

Skilled metal detectorist/treasure hunter available for property searches.

Since the mid 1980's I've enjoyed the thrill and excitement of searching for lost treasure.

This excitement is further enhanced when I receive a personal search request that centers around the research and recovery of lost valuables.

Jonathan Hamill - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost White Gold Men’s Wedding Band in the Snow Found in Garden City Michigan (2024)

    A Ruff Day….. ..Actually began for Travis Tuesday night when he took his dogs into the back yard and started to play in the snow. Toys were thrown and fetched and then snowballs tossed for the hounds to catch. After the wonder-fur time and frosty paws, with tails wagging the dogs went back into the […]

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  • Lost Platinum Ring in the Snow Found in Grand Blanc Michigan (2024)

    Platinum Deposit….. …..When Adam called me asking if I wanted to go prospecting for platinum, I said sure but was not aware of any platinum deposits in Michigan. Further clarification determined that he lost his ring in the snow somewhere while cleaning the ice and snow off his car. Upon arrival I noticed chunks of […]

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  • Lost Gold Ring Found in the Snow in Ferndale Michigan (2024)

    PUSH IT….. …He pushed it real good and after the car was rockin’ a bit, it finally was unstuck from the snowbank. After Peter climbed back in and shook off the snow he and the wife continued with their errands. Upon arriving home with a sore shoulder, he settled in for the evening and enjoyed […]

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  • Hidden/Stray Nail Found Under Pool Liner in Southgate Michigan (2023)

    Pool of Thoughts…… ….Got a call from Deb with an unusual request asking if I could find the reason her pool water was lowering faster than normal. She wanted to put the cover on but didn’t want all the water to drain out over the winter. She mentioned seeing damp spots off and on over […]

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  • Lost Gold Ring w/ Tiger Eye Inlay Found in Ypsilanti Michigan (2023)

    Swinging Low, Swinging High…. ….was the rhythmic motion Tom observed as his daughter was having fun on the swing set. As he was tightening some bolts on the set, she soared high thru the air. Leaning a bit too far back gazing at the bright blue sky she started to slip off the swing backwards. […]

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Jonathan Hamill - Testimonials

  • If you lose your ring or any other metal valuables, I highly recommend you give Jonathan a call! (2024)


    I was cleaning snow off my car in the dark and later while picking up dinner I noticed I didn't have my wedding ring on my finger anymore. My wife and I spent a couple hours searching in the snow for it with no luck. After giving up hope finding it myself, I placed a call to Jonathan and he came out a couple hours later. He ended up finding it in under 5 minutes! I am so grateful for his ability to locate my ring so quickly. If you lose your ring or any other metal valuables, I highly recommend you give Jonathan a call!

  • If you’ve lost something and need help, I’d highly recommend Jonathan... (2023)


    Jonathan came and helped us in our hour of need. We’d lost our engagement ring in our yard and after the hours searching through the long grass we turned to desperation. A friend referred us to Jonathan and after reaching out he came the next day. He was responsive and understanding. He found our ring literally within an hour. If you’ve lost something and need help, I’d highly recommend Jonathan. We’re forever grateful. Thank you for finding the symbol of our engagement!!



  • Calling you was the best decision I could have made! (2023)


    I once again would like to thank you for finding my cross! It is a family heirloom that has been passed down through the generations. It was made in the 1830s and even blessed by the Pope! I was so worried when the chain broke and the cross fell into the lake. I tried searching for it and even borrowed a metal detector to no avail. Calling you was the best decision I could have made! You were quick to respond and come out to the lake. When you found the cross just off the dock I was so excited! I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. I would recommend anyone that needs something found to come to you. Thanks again and wish you all the best in your future treasure hunting!


    Brandon Burlage

  • 10/10 highly recommend... (2022)


    To say I’m grateful is a complete understatement. You were beyond friendly and so prompt in responding to the texts as well as getting out and searching. 10/10 highly recommend if you are ever in the same situation I found myself in.

  • It was such a relief and we can't thank Jonathan enough! (2022)


    I couldn't believe that after 44 years I had actually lost my wedding ring. I thought I lost it either somewhere outside my office or at the gas station. My wife and I searched everywhere with no success. I felt just terrible about it.

    As soon-to-be newlyweds with very little money in 1978, the ring was not particularly expensive, but the sentimental value was immeasurable.

    I asked Jonathan Hamill for his help. He brought his equipment and within a few minutes he had found my ring in the grass outside my office! We couldn't believe it. I know we looked in that area before, but the ring just blended right in and we had overlooked it.

    We were absolutely thrilled when Jonathan walked into the office holding my ring! There were a lot of hugs and some happy tears from everyone in the office, especially my wife!

    It was such a relief and we can't thank Jonathan enough!

    Paul J. Ovares, DC

  • His knowledge about this area of expertise is beyond anything I even knew existed... (2022)


    Newly engaged, moved into a new house under renovation, inevitably I had lost my ring. It means everything to me so I knew I had at least put it somewhere "safe" and didn't completely lose it, it had to be in the house.

    After spending an exhausting & discouraging amount of my free time searching high and low in bags and boxes and anywhere I could think of, I laid awake in bed one night with a pondering technology/metal detectors, there had to be something/someone who can "dial in" to this scenario and help me uncover this platinum diamond ring.

    I was previously under the impression that metal detectors were reserved specifically for your typical beach/grass/dirt environment (not a house full of other metal objects).

    I took a leap of faith and reached out and I think it's safe to say that was the second happiest day of my life (the first being the engagement itself).

    Jonathan called me right away and asked a variety of impressive & specific questions all the while offering his total support with confidence and compassion.

    We scheduled a time for him to come out to the house, he was punctual, professional, kind and seemingly just as determined as I was to find it.

    He made me feel incredibly comfortable. Without judgement, we inspected areas and sorted thru things I never would have imagined myself doing with a total stranger.

    His knowledge about this area of expertise is beyond anything I even knew existed, my fiance and I still joke about the "ghostbusters" style of him showing up with devices we'd never seen and promptly, but casually, accomplishing the mission!

    I honestly think we were just as happy that day as we were on the day that he proposed to me, all thanks to Jonathan.

    It was an unbelievably joyful experience working with you and we both absolutely love telling the story to anyone interested.

    Still not sure exactly how you did it because the physics is WAY over my head but I am forever in awe, truly eternally grateful for your genuine help that day.

  • I highly recommend giving Jonathan a call if you have lost something of immense value….he is your guy!! (2022)


    After days of looking on my own to no avail, I am beyond elated and grateful to Jonathan Hamill for finding my diamond stud earring. It was one of the first gifts my husband had surprised me with and something I held close to my heart.

    Ironically, it was lost in the snow on Valentine’s Day. Even more disheartening and puzzling was that I was not exactly certain where it fell out. We have quite a long driveway and I had been shoveling for more than an hour when I noticed the earring was missing.

    Was it in the driveway? The yard? The house? After scouring the driveway for hours on end, and even going as far as to melt and sift through mounds of snow (not to mention tearing apart the house), I had pretty much given up on the search.

    My step-daughter sent me the link to The Ring Finders, and, within minutes of texting Jonathan, he got back to me right away setting up a time to come out.

    Testing my other earring for a read on his magical metal detector, he got to work. Less than half an hour later he asks me to come outside…..he had located the stud frozen in a patch of ice!

    I was over the moon thrilled… immensely grateful to Jonathan and his savvy detective metal detector skills! I highly recommend giving Jonathan a call if you have lost something of immense value….he is your guy!!

  • I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan if you need someone to save the day! (2022)


    I received a panicked phone call from my husband yesterday morning telling me he lost his wedding ring in the snow covered parking lot getting his morning coffee. I packed up the baby, and headed out to the lot where we searched for what felt like hours, with no ring in sight! After returning home and trying to brainstorm on what to do, I desperately typed into Google “Michigan Ring Finders” and came across Jonathan Hamill. What luck! I had no idea this service existed! Jonathan’s response was immediate, and he showed up to the lot only a couple hours later. In a matter of minutes.. he found the ring!!! And my husbands life was saved! Thank you Jonathan!!! What an excellent service that truly helps people in the most desperate of times. I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan if you need someone to save the day!

  • I'm happy to have my watch back and would highly recommend Jonathan if you have a lost item you need found. Many blessings, (2021)


    Hello Ringfinders,

    I thought all hope was lost for my missing watch until I found your site and Jonathan Hamill. He came by quickly and was very professional. I had never seen or heard of the technique he used to locate the watch but it worked and that's all that matters. I'm happy to have my watch back and would highly recommend Jonathan if you have a lost item you need found.

    Many blessings,


  • I would recommend him to anyone... (2021)


    Thank you so much for your help! Jon is very prompt and professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for lost metal!

  • I didn't think I'd see the ring again but thanks to Jonathan and the ringfinders they proved me wrong. (2021)


    I called Jonathan and he came by the next day to search for my lost ring.

    I was impressed with his methodical search, sense of humor and positivity during this crisis. I didn't think I'd see the ring again but thanks to Jonathan and the ringfinders they proved me wrong. If you lose something in the Detroit area, don't give up hope, Call Jonathan with the ringfinders!

    Many Blessings,

    Terry Scott

  • I recommend him to anyone who needs to find their ring (2021)


    Jonathan is a hero. While brushing my dog's hair outside in the cold weather, my wedding ring fell off my finger. I can’t thank him enough for finding it in the snow. Jonathan is a true professional, highly skilled, and the nicest person on earth. I recommend him to anyone who needs to find their ring. – Michael Laske


    Mike Laske

  • We both just couldn’t be happier!!! (2020)


    Just wanted to send you a picture of me and Tina with the ring and say thank you again. We both just couldn’t be happier!!!

  • Highly recommend his services! (2020)


    After three attempts by me and my family and seeking the assistance of another expert treasure hunter, I was confident my earring was lost forever. Just when I was ready to order a replacement, an email arrived from Jonathan. My email, sent weeks earlier, went to his junk mail and thankfully he checks his junk mail! He agreed to try one more time. The search area was difficult, and it had been almost a month since I lost the earring. My confidence was low, but his skills were exceptional. Within 40 minutes, he found the back to my earring and the earring! I was amazed and thanked him with tears in my eyes. He truly has a gift for treasure hunting! Highly recommend his services!

  • I finally looked up TheRingFinders and made contact... (2020)


    On Thursday 5/7/2020 made phone contact with him and he advised he would be to my house on 5/9. He arrived on time.

    Three or for years ago I lost my wedding ring. A couple of years ago I met a guy with a metal detector while camping. After I told him of my loss he told me about As our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up I finally looked up TheRingFinders and made contact with Him.

    When he arrived at my house I gave him a pretty defined area I'm my yard. He searched for about an hour and was near the last part of the area.

    I went into the house for a couple of minutes. When I came back out. He called me over to look at something. He had his shovel in the ground with a small amount of dirt. He asked if I knew what the shiny white gold ring was. In perfect condition it was my wedding ring. He had found it three or four inches down in the dirt.

    I grabbed it and put it on my finger and ran into the house. I showed it to my wife. She had thought I was losing my mind when I told her I had called TheRingFinders. She started to cry when she saw the ring. Now she only thinks I hadn't entirely lost my mind.

    Jon was probably as excited as we were. My wife and I both thanked him and promised to tell the story and refer him to anyone with a similar situation.


  • Angels do exist! (2019)


    We just wanted to show our appreciation by sharing our testimony...while enjoying our family picnic at the beach, we started to play volleyball, and with all of the excitement, I had forgotten to put my jewelry away, prior to playing. During the game, I looked at my hand and noticed that my ring was missing! The game was immediately stopped, and everyone helped me search tirelessly. My husband started searching online, after going so long without locating the ring. He contacted Mr. Jonathan Hamill, and my wedding ring was found within 30 minutes! Angels do exist!


    The Ginyard's

  • I highly recommend Jon and The Ring Finder services. (2019)


    I cannot believe Jon found my ring. I am so over the moon! The ring is super sentimental to me, it's very rare and was purchased off the coast of Morocco. It was lost in a massive field covered in layers of short and tall, dry and wet grass. We thought it was darn near impossible to find. He didn't give up. He used several different devices to try and detect its whereabouts. I couldn't be more happier to reward someone. I highly recommend Jon and The Ring Finder services. Thank you so much for finding my precious ring!

    ~ Lizzy

    Detroit, MI

  • Thanks for your efforts Jonathan. You were very professional, responsive, and intelligent in your effort. (2019)


    I was playing basketball in my driveway one afternoon with my kids and after chasing down a loose ball, extended my arms to grab it. When my hand stopped its extension, my wedding ring kept going. As if in slow motion, I felt it slide completely off my finger, didn’t see where it went, and then all I heard was silence. No rustling of leaves as it hit the grass or flower bed and no ping sound of metal hitting concrete. Only silence, followed by that sinking feeling of something that’s gone horribly wrong. I proceeded to spend several hours over the next 2+ days performing the reenactment and sifting through leaves, grass, and street looking for my ring. While researching rentals and a potential purchase of a metal detector, I came across and Jonathan Hamill. Sent him a text and he was very responsive. Over the next half hour, we had discussed the story and coordinated a meeting time. He showed up at my residence and the search was on. About an hour later, I had news that he had found my ring, in a seemingly unlikely and impossible landing spot I might add. I was out of the doghouse and the world was right again! Thanks for your efforts Jonathan. You were very professional, responsive, and intelligent in your effort. You will be highly recommend to anybody I talk to with a similar situation.

  • Jonathan was truly a godsend! (2019)


    Jonathan was truly a godsend! I never thought we would see my husband's wedding ring again, but from the beginning, Jonathan was confident that he would find it. But, the odds were stacked against us: we were visiting downtown Detroit from out of town when my husband slipped and lost his ring at night, in a dark park, as it was snowing. To make matters worse, it snowed several inches overnight, making the search even more difficult. I randomly googled "Detroit ring finder" and am so glad it led me to Jonathan. It was truly a shot in the dark. I was desperate and not sure that it would work- but it did! Jonathan was quickly responsive and met us at the site to search within about an hour of our first contact. It was about 15 degrees outside, but he methodically searched the area, looking for the ring. Not only that, he went back later that day to search too! We left town, defeated. But Jonathan assured us that he would follow up and search the area once the weather broke. Imagine my surprise, when a week later, he text me that he was searching the site again and that he had found my husband's ring! I am beyond grateful for his service, and cannot recommend him highly enough! He was determined, professional and very courteous. He even helped coordinate a location to pick up that ring that was very accommodating too! It warms my heart that there are still truly good people in the world who are so willing to help others who are in need. Call him, you won’t regret it!

  • I would recommend him to anybody! Thanks Jonathan! (2018)

    I lost my keys somewhere in the snow and found Jonathan online while searching for a metal detector service.

    I texted him and he responded immediately and was out to meet me within a couple hours.

    He helped me search in very deep snow even when I was ready to give up he didn't let me!

    And guess what? He found my keys!! What a lifesaver!

    He was also extremely nice and helpful and I was so grateful that I was able to find someone to help me!

    I would recommend him to anybody!

    Thanks Jonathan!

  • Completely discouraged, I dropped to my knees and combed through the soggy clumps of freshly cut grass (2017)


    "My wife of six months and I left for my brother’s house, and a family barbecue, when we realized I had forgotten to put my wedding band on after showering. We ended up turning back for the ring. Fast-forward to several hours later, after the friend chicken and potato salad had been consumed, after my brother proposed to his girlfriend in front of our family and friends (she said yes), after the first brief thunderstorm, and before the second,

    I went into the fenced yard to supervise a water balloon fight with the kids. I hadn’t planned on getting wet, but my nephews attacked me and I ended up getting into the action. When we were all back on the patio, drying off as thunder boomed in the distance, I looked down and realized my ring was missing.

    Despite the downpour, the crew rushed back into the grass. A family member had videotaped the balloon fight, so my wife and a few others turned detective and looked through slide by slide trying to detect when the ring had come off. They managed to learn that I still had it on after getting hit by the balloons, but two minutes later, when I was up by the fence line, it wasn’t on my finger.

    Completely discouraged, I dropped to my knees and combed through the soggy clumps of freshly cut grass and raked my nails over dirt and god knows what else (they have a dog and we’d brought our puppy for the day).After an hour of searching, our shivering and drenched crew called it a night. It was getting dark and we were out of optimism.

    I drove the thirty minutes home, furious. By the time I got inside and changed, I hugged my wife and cried. That ring was the ring she gave me when we promised to love each other for all eternity. It was the single most precious item I owned, and it was gone.

    My wife immediately got to work. She researched ways to find rings in grass, or outside, and a number of other things when she found this website and zeroed in on Jon. Feeling guilty, she’d admit to me later, she dialed his number not caring that it was 10pm, or a holiday weekend. After they connected, Jon agreed—much to our delight—to come out the next day, on Memorial Day.

    We met with Jon back at my soon to be sister-in-laws and explained where we believed to have lost the ring. He spent thirty minutes going over the area, but didn’t turn up the ring. Figuring it must have come off during the action and traveled a ways, he went to look on the other side of the fence and found the ring within ten minutes.

    We really enjoyed hearing his stories afterward and getting to know him. This is his passion, and it’s an honorable one. The fact that he was willing, even eager, to take our late-night call and come out on a holiday speaks to his integrity. We kindly hope we never have a need for his service again, but if we do, we know we’re in good hands."



  • You did a very thorough search and we were rewarded with success. (2017)



    You did a great job today! I was very stressed after having lost this ring, and clearly was in the dog house at home. I deserved it (I guess).

    I appreciate your availability and willingness to come to my home on relatively short notice. Watching your search process was very interesting, and it was clear that you have strong discipline in your process. You did a very thorough search and we were rewarded with success.

    Great job, and thanks so much for helping me find the way out of the “dog house” after a week. I enjoyed talking with you afterward, and hope you continue to have great success in your future.

  • Jonathan. You’re the man! (2016)


    Jonathan. You’re the man!

    I’m the one who called to see if you’d be willing to come out. You went above and beyond driving out to assist us with the lost keys.


  • I cannot begin to thank Jon as well as let all of you know this is a real service and it is definitely a life saver (2016)


    Thank you Jon for finding my sentimental silver ring in the snow!

    I lost my ring, it flew off my hand and landed somewhere in a patch of snow. I googled ring finder Detroit and to my surprise Jon’s name came up.

    I thought why not call and see if he could help because the only way I’m going to find my ring in a couple feet of snow will be with a metal detector. He responded within 15 minutes.

    Very nice man, came over to where I was staying within the hour. Still didn’t know what to expect but was hoping for the best. Jon came and by the time I came back from my errand he found my ring that I had been searching all morning for.

    It was a very special ring to me and this incredible gentleman helped me reclaim a ring that belonged to my mother and when she passed I put it on.

    I cannot begin to thank Jon as well as let all of you know this is a real service and it is definitely a life saver if you are trying to find an item you really do not want to part with.

    I paid what I thought was appropriate and he concurred. Definitely grateful that he came so fast and was able to help me find something that continues to stay on my hand. Thanks again! He’s really great at what he does!!!