Jonathan Hamill

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward basis...You pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford for me to find your lost item. I have a call out fee starting at $25 if the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. Where required, all searches are performed with permission by property owners and/or proper authority. Typically, permission is obtained by you and assigned to me. Any difficulties with permission to search said area, please contact me by phone or text message for assistance rather than email.

Search Types

Commercial, Industrial, Residential property searches, parks, schools, beaches, shallow water.

Private person and/or Insurance claim searches for lost jewelry, valuables, coins, paper currency, items made of precious gems/, topaz, emerald, gold, silver, platinum, ect.

Search Locations

Detroit with a 60 mile radius...

Jonathan Hamill's Bio

Skilled metal detectorist/treasure hunter available for property searches.

Since the mid 1980's I've enjoyed the thrill and excitement of searching for lost treasure.

This excitement is further enhanced when I receive a personal search request that centers around the research and recovery of lost valuables.

Jonathan Hamill - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Gold and Diamond Ring Found In Rochester Hills Michigan (2017)

    Diamonds are a man’s best friend too! This nice gentleman contacted me after a week had passed┬ásince his rings came off while cleaning his gutters on the house. He had 2 rings on the same finger, a larger one in front of the thin one. Both flew off his finger┬ábut he was able to find […]

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  • Lost Ring found in the snow Beverly Hills Michigan (2017)

    Ring-ing in the New Year…….. ….can be a very joyous time and a very stressful one too!, as what happened to this couple last night. He called me this morning saying he just bought this very pretty white gold and diamond ring for his significant other and when they were pulling into the driveway early […]

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  • Lost Ring in the snow Found in Detroit Michigan (2016)

    Sentimental Silver! I’ve had an interesting and busy late fall in the Detroit area this year. I received a call from the pictured young gentleman inquiring if I could find a lost ring in the snow. He is from Cali and was visiting a friend here and upon getting back to the friend’s place this […]

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  • Lost Ring in snow Found in Ann Arbor Michigan (2016)

    He doesn’t have to ask twice! Got a call from a very talented wedding photographer stating that during a surprise engagement photo shoot that the ring got lost near a pretty, snow covered pine tree used as a backdrop. Well with snow all over in the area, someone tried to help and decided to melt […]

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  • Lost Keys found in snow Sylvan Lake Michigan (2016)

    I got a referral call from the gentleman pictured with me that he dropped his keys in the snow drifts around his home which left him stranded. He had an extra aluminum ring that I took a read on that was the same as what was on the lost key. It did’nt take too long […]

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Jonathan Hamill - Testimonials

  • You did a very thorough search and we were rewarded with success. (2017)



    You did a great job today! I was very stressed after having lost this ring, and clearly was in the dog house at home. I deserved it (I guess).

    I appreciate your availability and willingness to come to my home on relatively short notice. Watching your search process was very interesting, and it was clear that you have strong discipline in your process. You did a very thorough search and we were rewarded with success.

    Great job, and thanks so much for helping me find the way out of the “dog house” after a week. I enjoyed talking with you afterward, and hope you continue to have great success in your future.

  • Jonathan. You’re the man! (2016)


    Jonathan. You’re the man!

    I’m the one who called to see if you’d be willing to come out. You went above and beyond driving out to assist us with the lost keys.


  • I cannot begin to thank Jon as well as let all of you know this is a real service and it is definitely a life saver (2016)


    Thank you Jon for finding my sentimental silver ring in the snow!

    I lost my ring, it flew off my hand and landed somewhere in a patch of snow. I googled ring finder Detroit and to my surprise Jon’s name came up.

    I thought why not call and see if he could help because the only way I’m going to find my ring in a couple feet of snow will be with a metal detector. He responded within 15 minutes.

    Very nice man, came over to where I was staying within the hour. Still didn’t know what to expect but was hoping for the best. Jon came and by the time I came back from my errand he found my ring that I had been searching all morning for.

    It was a very special ring to me and this incredible gentleman helped me reclaim a ring that belonged to my mother and when she passed I put it on.

    I cannot begin to thank Jon as well as let all of you know this is a real service and it is definitely a life saver if you are trying to find an item you really do not want to part with.

    I paid what I thought was appropriate and he concurred. Definitely grateful that he came so fast and was able to help me find something that continues to stay on my hand. Thanks again! He’s really great at what he does!!!